Masks and Lies

Author: DanBlank20 <danblank20[at]>

Disclamer: I do not own either Buffy or NGE. This fic has been rattling around in my mind. Its also my first. I'm also a college student so I will get out updates when I can.


The dreams had suddenly begun again after a lapse of eight years. Images flashed before his eyes. The major piece of his past that he had never told to his friends. This was the lie that he had been living. The screaming just started. Primal roars that shattered glass, that shook the ground and that shook people to the core. The creatures battle creating horrible destruction in his wake. Again he felt the pain return. The pain was not only physical but mental as well. He could hear their taunts and accusation as clear as ever. He saw the face change through many different people as he killed the creature. But the last image he saw was the hideous skull looking down at him before all Hell broke loose on Earth. Then he suddenly woke up with a scream.

It took him a few seconds to gather his bearings. After that he fell back against the bed in relief and stared at the ceiling. After a quick shower he made preparations to put on the mask that he wore. After placing the contacts in his eyes, he made his face contort into the usually mask of cheerfulness. Then Alexander Harris left the room.