A reason to be Atheist


Author: John "hatten" Carlsson <hatten_jc[at]hotmail.com>

Story No

Needles theories and explanation that I have in my head.

This is not a story just a explanation ABOVE the world in my fan fiction story 'A reason to be Atheist.'

Table of contents :

Part 1 :

- 1.1 The Nine world

- 1.2 Travling the realms

- 1.3 Magick

- 1.4 Tooles and cars

Part 2 :

- 2.1 Slayer origins

- 2.2 Watcher

- 2.3 Were-animals

Part 3 :

- 3.1 Odin and the Creator = The same or diffrent ?

- 3.2 Metalurgy.

- 3.3 Buffys Axe.

- 3.4 The Mobile phones.

Part 4 :

- 4.1 The Physical abilty of the diffrent races.

Part 5 :

- 5.1 The weapons of our heros.

Part 1

1.1: The Nine world

First of all The Nine world are MORE Then nine.

They are called the Nine world because nine of them are more easy to travel between and they all have gates leading from one to the other.

Then their are worlds that are only accessible from one of the nine world. Example travel to The Fey world is ONLY possible from Earth.

The Gates are normal doors between dimensions they are created by the universe it self and strong magic can close or open a Gate even destroy it but that would create a new one.

Each of this worlds are a HOLE world think PLANET SUN SOLAR SYSTEM.

1 Asgard, world of the Aesir;

In their gods walk freely and dead heroes are living among them serving and enjoying the just rewards.

2 Vanaheim, land of the Vanir;

Also a realm of Gods friendly Gods even if the Asgard and the Vanaheim have had war they are allied.

2 Alfheim, land of the light elves.

A large beautiful land of wild forest and sea. Their live the Elves several type powerful in magic and mystery.

3 Midgard, Land of humans

But we call it Earth.

4 Nidavellir, Land of the dwarfs;

Above ground the temperature is hot or to cold dangerous monster roam freely on the barren world. But underneath Thermo instead of Photosynthesis have evolve a driving eco system that the Dwarfs evolved in.

Metallic armor weapon they are the master in any craft, Except wood.

5 Jotenheim, Land of the giants (Jotuns);

Loots of kings and rulers the Giants are firm believer in Strength make right.

6 Svartalfheim, Land of the dark elves.

Dark Elves are not evil. Understand that first. But they are NOT NICE soon to anger and hard to forgive. They still can be friendly and trust worthy allied.

Just watch your back.

They have a large number of Dwarf living in Svartalfheim and cross marriage have created a clan of dwarfen elfs that are true master of making magic arms.

7 Hel, Realm of the dead;

Now that a BAAD place to go to. Guys and girls that died and been bad boys will end up here force to work for Hela the ruler of HEL.

Some lost soul end up here two but its not completely hopeless you might escape and be reborn IF you manage to get by the giant Dog name Garm. -yea Garm the hero IS named AFTER Garm the dog of Hel-

8 Niflheim, World of the ice giants.

Cool place to live if you have antifreeze in you blood. If not you will freeze.

8 Muspelheim (Muspell), the land of the fire giants.

Even the god avoid this place the realm is literally a burning hot pit of fire.

Then their are other worlds like the Fey world. The hell dimensions and Olympus witch you can enter from earth and Asgard.

1.2: Traveling the realms

Traveling between the realms.

They are laws about them and about 2 km around a gate NO permanent military defense building may exist.

And no permanent posting of military troops may be allowed.

Temporary posting some month are allowed and often happen during war times.

Normally they put the Guard outside the zone defending against any army trying to sneak through.

Trade between Earth and the other 8 worlds.

Did exist but during the late -60th a military attempt by USA to control the enter point on earth from Nidavellir by military guarding the entry point and the zone.

Thus braking an old rule. Then a military from a black ops tried to steal Dwarfen secret creating an incident.

The Dwarfs fuming in anger was hoping for a war against Earth punish them.

Odin intervened and close the gate.

During the -70s their was a crisis involving the Fey and a crazy king overtaking Oberon's throne.

The war was silently a war of dagger magic and mystery and it ended with a Nuclear strike in the land of Fey four years later.

But Earth nearly lost the war and if so Human would have come up on the endanger species lists.

1.3: Magic

Their are many different type of magic they all consist of accessing the energy of the universe called Mana.

Either by focusing the power of nature or by channeling a energy from a god.

Druidic magic

The power of nature finding the right plant by sensing WHAT it might do. Talking to animal and even becoming an animalistic by merging a spirit. Like what happened to Xander and the Hyena.

Druidic magic is also capable of curing sickness in theory ANY disease could be cured except Cancer.

BUT the price of doing that is risking that nature kills you. Curing to many being would upset the balance for the druid is borrowing energy from OTHER healthy living things and do that TO much Nature WILL strike back. Druids often end up vegetarians because its hard to eat meat after you talk to the animal and it spoke back.

Druids are common on all the Nine worlds except Hel.

Of course Its rare on earth except areas in Asia and Africa.

Druids are in tune with nature IF nature is hurt THEY get hurts so a druid would most likely become an eco terrorist in some area of earth.

Elemental magic.

This magic is the power of using the Elements, Earth, Fire, water, ice, Wind, Elemental magi is strong in creating fireballs and magic wind make Gun-powder explode on huge distant.

Elemental magic is extremely good at shielding some one from a missile made purely of artificial metallic.

Missile of stone is harder but possible.

But missile made of wood is impossible unless you use a wind spell and that take time to prepare.

Things like Finding a person by magic is harder.

Its also quite easy to create illusion with this magic.

Jotenheim is Strong in this kind of magic.

This magic is extremely weak on Earth.

Mistake in Elemental magic is dangerous using fire you would get burned small burns or deadly burns depending on the energy you used. Mistake with Water may fill your lungs with water even in a dessert.


Channeling the power of gods and goddess to lend you power. Most of the energy come from the overflow of energy a god or goddess have.

They don't even notice it gone and don't care that it is gone.

But they have a rule "Anything you do to other will come back tree folded. Meaning do good and you get tree times as good back do bad and"

This magic is week in Jotenheim but strong in earth.

Rune Magic.

Singing or writing the runes.

This is the real power of the gods only a rare number of mortal know about it.

Writing runes or singing you could can use the power of realty doing about ANYTHING they like. Luckily that's in Theory.

Rune magic take IQ high amount as you must find and remove any problem as your writing or singing the runes 'program' the magic shaping reality around the effect you like to happen.

If you forget ONE detail the spell will fail.

Its also temporarily draining of your mental energy, Do to much and you end up a vegetable for month or permanent.

Gods don't risk the permanent draining but temporary lost of IQ will happen.


The power of death channeling and focusing and creating undead.

This power is great to corrupt poisoned and destroy.

It is also capable of curing Cancer, A Necromancer that know the right magic spell would find it a child play to cure a cancer patient. The cancer don't have a chance.

Sadly study Necromancy most magic end up longing for their own death and envy those that suffer a long suffering end.

Strong in Hel week in earth except some parts like Sunnydale and Hiroshima and Nagasaki where the massive number of death have supercharge the place.

Blood magic

By using your own blood and or others you could Boost your magic spell this is more a add one to the rest of the magic's :)

Spiritism / shamanism.

talking and controlling spirits.

Similar to Druid but still so different that It IS a unique way of magic.


A transmorf is a magic that totally internal a magician train in this rare school can transform him self to almost any type of animal the transformation is body and part of the mind making him less smart in a animal form.

Most elven is train some what in this.

This is hard magic to learn most humans are unable to even learn the any thing from it.

1.4: Tools and cars

Do the giant use cars ?

yes they do.

Mostly Trucks and railroad to move things long distant.

Personal cars are frown upon as a physical weakness a REAL giant walk or run, If longer he drive a motorbike or ride a horse.

Only weak lazy humans and elven or dwarfs would drive a car.

But the Giants use of Elemental magic have made airplane to unsafe to use in military matter.

Almost every city defense have a mage capable of exploding a missile or a fuel tank of an air plane from the ground.

So airplane is pure sport in Jotenheim.

The Dwarf have Cars but they live mostly underground so they look like small electrical golf cars. And they go really really slow.

They have battle tanks digger tanks and surprisingly They are master of airplanes combining the power of magic and technology.

The elven like the nature TO much to build road.

But they created Crawlers and walkers small personal that you can drive anywhere but they are slow.

Military they have tanks and airplane but its not to evolved as they prefer shape shifting magic.

Sword and blade weapon.

Magic use have made armor that easy survive most small arms and even some huge missile.

Elemental magic have made sword and Crossbow a essential part even if they have battle tanks.

On the other hand magic can easy make a sword that can cut a battle tank to ribbon with out problem.

PS On earth remember Elemental magic is weak anyone using that magic would loss about 90% of his abilities. And elemental-magic armor would not work and so one.

Part 2

2.1: Slayer the one girl in the world origins

Most Watcher today say its a mystery where she come from or tell you after reading old books that the Slayer spirit has the essence of a demon and that's give the slayer their powers. Making the slayer a low power but deadly demon.

This is wrong the truth is lost by time.

During the last part of the War kicking out the demons from earth.

Humans needed a champion and one group realized that.

A tribe of Amazons and their of Magician and witches the Shadows one of a rare number of work where male and female was equal in the Amazon nation.

As the Shadows gather the information on what monster was left and how strong they where they realized that ONE champion was not good. They needed a Champion that would be their four generations.

So they research way to do that.

In the end they found a method.

In a large ritual they summon 3 Primary sprits.

They was the Child Sprit protector of HUMANITY.

DOG friend and protector of Humanity.

CAT Friend and companion of Humanity.

And they told them of their need of a champion of humans from the danger of demons.

The Child helps them find empower a young girl with the duty and the burden to become an eternal sprit the slayer spirit.

Dog and Cat gave her the instincts and power of nature.

The empowerment gave the slayer strength superior to a vampire and night vision and lots more.

It also gave her the need to protect humans and hunt and kill enemies of humans and even find pleasure in hunting monster.

As Dog and Cat charge the slayer with the power of NATURE the slayer ability are not based on cats or dog in them self.

But by making the Slayer an Alpha predator.

The slayers instinct are that of a lone hunter. The slayer like a huge family and friends around her but barely tolerate a partner in the hunt of demons.

At first the spirit empower a huge number of slayer going from one to the other making all of them more powerful and then resting inside ONE specific slayer THE alpha. ( Alpha Slayer would have FULL slayer power while the rest would be slightly above human BETA Slayer ) When the Alpha died the slayer spirit drifted in to a new Slayer.

This made the tribe powerful BUT slayer made a lot of enemies to save them they looked the spirit inside ONE slayer making it one girl in the whole world.

Alpha Slayer = Super strength, Prophetic dreams and ability to sense demons. Accelerated healing. Night vision

Beta slayers = almost super strength but with hard physical training they could regain 90% of her former Slayer ability in strength.

No prophetic dreams or ability to sense demons. Night vision.

2.2: The Watchers

Original the watcher consist of member of the Shadows the Magic using cast of Amazons.

But soon as the Hellmouth drifted from Vesuvius in under Egypt the priest of RA would start to help and the Watchers was born their HQ was inside Alexandria.

With the birth of Christianity the Watcher suffered when Alexandria was burn by roman solider order by their Christians fanatic leaders.

But they manage to find help from the current Pope.

Investigating they soon started to fight side by side with church soldier.

Generation later the church distant it self from the Watcher allowing them a moor free reign the Watcher have long ago lost knowledge from where the Slayer gain their power.

Investigation discover that the slayer spirit seem to be protective around human but blood thirsty and savage against demon even Feeling Joy with killing demons.

The Christian mages of the Watcher felt uneasy with the non human feeling spirit and declared that it must be a demonic entity that IS the slayer.

Specially a FEMALE sprit that made the slayer a dominant person specially in a time when a girl would be consider barely human. But they could not destroy their one and only weapon against demons. Reminded of the fact that even a sword IS a weapon purely designed to murder they started to think of the slayer more like a tool less of a human.

Isolation from normal humans slowly began to become tradition as the Watchers move their HQ from Rome when the hell mouth closed and a new open in England.

As the Dark ages came the slayer was believed to be a demonic entity that was forged in to a tool of humans protection.

The Watcher actively stopped the slayer from human contact so that she would not corrupt other with her lust of fighting and other probably evil urges.

This drew the slayer to an early grave and the watcher could see that after only 2-5 years the slayer often become reckless and endanger herself and others life.

So they designed a test to weed out the week and the dangerous one. A test on the slayers 18 year old day, The cruciamentum where she must fight a vampire using only human strength.

A strong slayer a reckless or depress slayer would die and a new one would be called strong and full of fighting spirit.

The watchers have know that IF the slayer die and is resurrected by medical help. The Slayer spirit leaves them making the slayer 'week and useless for fighting demons.

Normally they clear her from her duty and use the new slayer.

What most don't understand is that the former slayer is now slightly stronger then a human normal are. And the slayer spirit that was inside of her has open the possibility to train her strength in to a almost slayer level of strength. She is what could be called A Beta class Slayer.

2.3: Were-animals

Their are plenty of different TYPE of Were and CLASS of were.

First distinction. TYPE = sort of Animal.

Class = sort of transformation magic.

Classes of were.

Lunar class = OZ. Human and hybrid shape. Have accelerated healing in wolf shape. Any wound in human form will heal in normal tack until the full moon then the wound will heal in were speed. Even death wound.

If Oz would be shot dead in human form by NON silver bullet. His wound would heal and he would start living again during the full moon. Extremely confuse hurt and weak and the wolf in him would probably make him Crazy until he is 100% well.

Silver = deadly heal in normal human speed.

Fire = Deadly heal in normal human speed but continue healing until even the scars are gone.

Acid = Non deadly but extremely painful extremely. Unless the Lunar is in human form then acid can kill them permanent.

Decapitation work also to kill a Lunar class. And you don't have to use silver to shop of the head.

Lunar class transformation are bound by the moon and ONLY during the moon. A lunar can get control over the transformation but it take time most don't care or know that they could.

Coron Class = Xander, Garm, This class have 3 shape full animal, Hybrid and human shape.

Healing ability is faster and stronger then the lunars. BUT in human shape and Animal shape they are limited to normal healing not magic.

A coron class are almost always in control of their abilities.

Newly turned often go crazy during the early days.

In the beginning they also lack the control over the transformation and it happen during full moon.

Turning a human in to a Corona-were is hard and unlike the Lunar the process is reverse the human have to bite the Corona.

If that happen the human will become a Corona class were and a temporary thrall bond (= slave) of the Corona class.

The Thrall is bounded to the master Corona until he gain control over his animal side when that happen the Thrall bond fade away this may take years.

Children is valued among the Corona as they don't get children so often its hard to make their female pregnant and almost extremely hard to get a NON Corona female pregnant.

Type of weres.

Wolf, Dogs, house cats, Tigers, are some of the 'normal' they are all rare but they do exist. In some area like Alfheim 90% of the humans living with the elfs ARE were creature mostly Coronas but some Lunars are exist sadly as a second class citizen.

More rare types involve Raven, Hawks and Dolphins.

Part 3

3.1: Odin and the Creator

I have in one of the story stated that the Creator and Odin was two different guys and then just a rare number later said they were the same now I did NOT make a mistake That time. This is the explanation.

The nature of Odin as the Creator and Odin as the god is a difficult one.

For a Human or even a god to describe the Creator is like the story of king and the elephant. In case you haven't heard it its something like this.


The king had never seen an elephant and he was not capable of moving outside the castle so he send his 3 wisest men out to find a Elephant and tell him how it looked. But the 3 wise men was all blind as a bat.

Soon they return after "seeing" the elephant The first Wise man having gotten a hold on the elephant trunk said "It look like a Thin tree waving in the wind"

The one that manage to hold the body of the elephant shook his head "NO you are wrong a elephant looks like a big Beer barrel"

the last one that held the tail of the elephant then said "A elephant looks like a snake thin but hairy"


You see Describing Odin and the Creator they are the same but at the same time they are not.

Odin, Wille and Ve his brothers. In MY version Its Odin, Wille and Ve his brother and sister created the world doing that they where Tools that the creator use to make the world.

The real nature of the Creator is in this story the very fabric of Space it self. The UNIVERS IS THE Creator OF the UNIVERS.

The universe needed to be born and so it created Odin and family to Create The universe.

Now the creator powers are far to much for Odin to hold or even use. Except when the universe it self so will it.

But Odin and Wille and Ve all can access part of the power of the creator But doing that they become IT for a short or long time and in doing so simply ARE THE ONE AND ONLY CREATOR.

Now most gods and most humans don't really understand this and trying to understand something like this is impossible after all how can something give birth to it self.

After all if you don't exist then you cant create your self.

Still the Universe = Creator manage to do that.

What about Wille and VE ?

In the original myth they fade away in the background making Odin da boss.

I Don't think like that i have created my own story about them SO THEIR.

Wille became the ruler and mother of the Vanheirs a friendly race of Gods. Even if Odin and boys have had wars between the two they ended shortly.

Ve on the other hand move outside of the Nine worlds (i told you their are more worlds its just that the nine are closes and most easy to travel between.)

Ve slowly become the funding father of the Olympus Gods and even helped create alien life forms that looks extremely strange compare to the normal types living on Earth and the other nine worlds.

What Ve do know is unknown but he rarely stay put but rumor has that if ANY one knows its Zeus his oldest child.

Story say that Jesus might also know were his dad is but he was last seen dating a Valkyrie. And they have yet to leave the honeymoon room.

Odin, Wille and Ve are THE CREATOR da ONE and ONLY.

3.2: Metallurgy


Color slightly blue if you let light shine on it but reflective otherwise.

Urus have many different ability that make it hard to craft tool/weapons from but once you manage they are the best and most useful in existence of the universe.

First Urus absorbed magic making and neutralize it. SO casting a spell and expecting it to be enchanted don't work. You have to slowly weave in runes of magic bit by bit. That is a skill that demand extreme skills and artistic ability as the look of the material will change the way you cast the magic.

The Dwarfs are the true master in this area and only Odin himself could do it better.

IF you manage to cast the magic and the Urus did NOT absorbed the energy then you have a powerful magic weapon that can absorve OTHER magic fields to empower it self and other magic spells inside of it.

So attacking a magic sword user with magic bolts is a mistake if the sword is Urus.

You can use magic to destroy a weapon it just take time and skill to adapt the magic to harm an Urus tool.

And in a fight you don't have the time.

Any one can paint but to make something impressive you have to find a Picasso. The same with Urus.

Dwarfs have a natural connection with anything non organic making more craft men being born among them.

Second ability.

Physical blunt force hitting a Urus is absorbed and the energy is use to hold the Urus tool together on an atomic level.

The more energy that hits it the stronger it become.

This of course stops any smith from using hammers during the forging. IT just will not work.

To form a Urus weapon you have to use forms and poor in the liquid metallic inside them.

OR skilled Dwarfen rune magician knows way to stop the Urus from absorbing the impact energy their by making it possible to forge a sword, Axe, knife or shield and armor.

Things like armors are extremely hard to make unless you use melting and shaping in forms and that's NOT good if you making an armor.

Combine that with the fact that Urus only exist on four of the nine worlds the price of gold is actually less then the price of Urus.

Luckily It looks on distant like steel so most don't go around robbing you from your Urus things.

The best way to destroy a Urus is letting it hang on the wall sooner or later its energy will be drained and it will start to rust and fall apart.

Constant use will keep it in perfect form eternally.

Just carry it around and lifting slamming it down and throwing it inside while dressing is a perfect way to keep it working.

3.3: Buffy's Axe

Now that is a cute thing.

Its made of Urus and have a return if thrown spell works like a boomerang.

And a Cut all things spell making it able to cut thru just about anything with extremely little physical force.

Last is a Power channeling spell that helps the user focus his/hers powers then as the users powers evolve so will this spell. It make is easy to learn and find his/her own power and to focus it by the axe. It also enhance the power you can use by focusing the energy making less energy being lost during spell casting.

Its like focusing the suns rays thru a magnifier glass.

As the user continue to learn and evolve her powers so do this spell sooner or later it will stop. But by then its permanent locked and now only work for ONE person as a power enhancer and focusing tool.

The last spell one that Buffy don't know about is a shrinking spell making the axe so small that Buffy will be able to use is as a necklace.

Buffy axe is similar to Thor's hammer except that the spell on Thor's hammers were made by Odin.

Thor's hammer do NOT give Thor the ability to create storms. It only make it more easy to do it.

3.4: The Mobile phones

Now these are the types only immortals would buy.

A Urus body the inside easy to replace or repair with more modern things.

An Atomic battery totally isolated with magic and lead. Give it energy for about +500 years.

It have all option of a normal earth phone including Photo and communication.

The real deference is that it can brink the barrier of the dimensions by the help of magic.

This is a simple spell that the dwarfs have made its based on rune magic allowing an electrical signal from a phone go between the dimensions.

Reilly mother is an untrained rune witch cable of casting this and some other spells with out knowing it.

Mrs. Finn don't know that. And she don't even know that she IS a magician.

All she and the neighbors know is that she never ever burns her food and that she like to sing nonsense words to calm her self or just relax.

(Those nonsense words are rune magic convincing the food not to burn or to warn her in time so she can stop it from burning) This is of course extremely dangerous Rune magic is not something you fail in. One failure and that's often it your dead.

In the case of the communication spell you call the wrong number.

"O I'm sorry Mr. President I was trying to reach my son"

Spontaneous rune user are valued as you can learn new spells from them but totally impossible to train. They already have so many bad habits in the way they cast their spells that training them would probably make them end up dead by a rune spell mistake.

Part 4

4.1: The Physical ability of the different races

I will use the Human as the 'norm' in describing how strong they are.


Strength 100%
--This is the how much you can lift pure and simple.

endurance 100%
--This is how long you can run walk before you collapse.

Dexterity 100%
--How flexible you are.

Speed 100%
--How fast your body moves are.

Healing 100%
--The speed witch the body heals.


Human Vampire.

Strength 400%
Endurance 150%
Dexterity 100%
Speed 400%
Healing 50% to 500%
The Vampire need Blood to properly heal if not it literally stand still. Even a newly fed vampire that got hurt need to eat again IF to heal.



Strength 200%
Endurance 300%
-- A Dwarf is extremely high Endurance and can walk and run days with out resting.

Dexterity 120%
--They also are quite flexible.

Speed 70%
--But not the fastest guys on the block.

healing 100%


The ONE Slayer.

Strength 450% With temporary boost up to 600%
Endurance 400%
Dexterity 300%
Speed 450 With Temporary Boost up to 600%
Healing 300%

During times of desperation the Slayer spirit may boost the body far above the 'normal' performance this comes with pain and need of rest after wards.

A former slayer don't have this ability her.

Strength 120% but with potential to reach 400%.

Endurance 110%
Dexterity 250%
Speed 150%
Healing 120%



Strength 300%
Endurance 150%
Dexterity 50%
Speed 60%
Healing 70%
-- Giants heal slower then normal humans.


Elfs The main sort of elfs are different types.

Strength 80%
--They are not as strong as humans.

Endurance 80%
Dexterity 250%
Speed 300%
Healing 250%

Elfs often use light weapons like small guns and knifes in battle they are prone to hide and sniper then out in the open and fight.


Lunar Were-animal. OZ

Strength 350%
Endurance 300%
Dexterity 100 --If they are cat type it might be more.

Speed 100%
Healing 200%
--If the damage is made by Silver only 5%
--if the damage is made by Magic, Fire only 100%

Corona Class Were-Animal Xander, Garm, Reilly.

Strength 200%
Endurance 200%
Dexterity 100%
--If cat type it might be more.

Speed 100%
Healing 700%
--as long as it not fire, Magic damage then only 100%.

If its damage is made by Silver the healing is only 5%



Now that is a secret :)

Normally its about 200% in most ability with certain bonuses some gods are knows four Extreme strength Thor would be about 700% Strength. Bragi about 100%


Strength 600%
Endurance 450%
Dexterity 350%
Speed 500%
Healing 400%

Xander human shape. -- Xander Were-Hyena shape.

Strength 200% -- 400%
Endurance 300% -- 600%
Dexterity 200% -- 200%
Speed 400% -- 400%
-- Loki is the Fastest on the food table and he is quite Xander half god power make him fast.

Healing 200% -- 600%

Part 5

5.1: The wepons of our heros

Buffy Axe.

Its a small singel sided throwing axe with a pike head on the other side.

Its decordeded with small pink hearts and its toned in a pink blue. Looking cind of cute in a murdering axe trowhing way.


Its made of urus so its almost indextrectible.

Magik Cuting abilty cable of cuting almost anything exept other Urus and magikal things. When Buffy learns how to channal her magikal powers the Axe abilty to cut thing will improov.

Trorhwing abilty.

If you trow the axe it will return like a bomerang after hitting its target.

a channeling power spell.

Making the axe a foucus for buffy magik powers what ever they might be.

Last but in Buffy personal opinion the most important one.

It can chance size becomeing small as a dime and hunge arund her neck like a neckles. or put in her purs.


The Sword GRAM.

Xander sword.

Gram is old it made of Urus.

Its have a cut anything spell inside of it. thats power by the user the more magik he have the more dangerus it become.

It have a channeling power spell inside of it thats will help Xander focus his magik eventuly.

It have a spell making it possible for Xander to put it and its sheet inside his jeans pocket or a small bag.


Reily Glave.

It a basic glave of a iron titanium steel.

It can fold down to the size of a short sword and have a small 10 years guaranti. with a magik spell that helps keep it in working order during that time.

That kind of preserv magik is sheep and any magik weapon would probly destroy it but the guaranti warns you about that.


Grayham sword.

This is a wonderfull state of the art non magik weapon given to him by Orin.

The sheet on the other hand have a small 'dont notice me' spell making it hard for other to see that he have a large sword on him.


Garm sword.. Wolf blood.

Its a huge sword two handed dubble bladed urus blade.

Its magik is channeling Garm power.

And a shrink spell making it small as a knife and esy to hide.

Its handle is made of a fang that Fenrir lost in a battle and carved and henhanced. With a hunting magik of Shamanist type making it posible for Gram to see spirituel tracks of others.


Sniper Crossbow.

This is state of the art and the military that got their hand on it are drooling its a sweet weapon perfect for assasinations with a maximum range of almost 3.5 Km.

Magik NO magik pure techology. Its bow are more like Magnetic accelerators then string based. Exept it use small but powerfull forcefield that make it possible to fire non magnetic arrows.

It will take long time before they manage to copy this type of bow as its build on totely new and strange ideas.


Automatic Crosbow

Small with pump action that you can pump up. Fully pumpt the Crossbow reload it self automatic five times.

It design are impresiv and revulutionare and extremly esy to copy.

After the military got one the Special forces will probly have a new assasin weapon to use with in a month.

As the gigant and even dwarfs have distrust of kemical guns they created alternat weapons like crosbow and even steamcannons.

The pistols and rifle of the gigants are erly 1900 in designe.

The Dwarf more or les copy human desing then invent their own.