New Guy on the Job

Author: Lucinda <lucindasiverling[at]>

rating: pg

main character: Xander

disclaimer: I hold no legal rights to Xander (property of Joss Whedon & the Buffy the Vampire Slayer writing staff) or to Sweetums (property of Jim Henson & anyone else with legal rights to the Muppets).

distribution: Twisting, Paula, INeedAParrot, XanderZone anyone else ask first.

note: this is set AU post season 6. The wedding took place, Xander's still at the construction company, season 7 never happened.

"Umm... Harris? We've got... umm... there's someone here about the help wanted ad." Carl looked nervous, which wasn't a normal look for the construction worker. "Since you're the foreman now, you get to talk to him."

"Right." Xander nodded, trying to figure out just what could possibly be so unsettling about this applicant. "We need some more decent workers, there's been that rebuilding boom, and that new housing development that's going in on the edge of town."

"Yeah, but... I just wasn't expecting anything like... well, go see him." Carl swallowed again, and scurried off to check some of the tools.

Shaking his head, Xander walked over towards the area for the paperwork, wondering just what could be so odd about the applicant. They needed more people, especially since one of the other construction crews had been slaughtered by a nest of snake demons. He just hoped it would be someone useful.

"Right, so somebody wants to join the company. Let's start with a..." His jaw dropped and his words faded as he stared at the applicant. He didn't even know what this guy was. Towering close to ten feet tall, broad shoulders and body covered with shaggy brown hair, a set of darker thick eyebrows over big yellow eyes, and a mouth full of big sharp teeth, it was easy now to see why Carl was a bit wigged. One huge fist clutched a bit of newspaper.

In a deep, booming voice, the thing spoke. "I want a job."

Xander swallowed, trying to remain calm. If this... guy was here asking for a job, wasn't that a lot better than running into him out on patrol? Maybe he was a non-threatening... well, not an active danger? "Well... you look pretty strong, so that wouldn't be a problem. Why don't we try you out for a few things... have you ever done any construction before? And umm... what's your name?"

"Sweetums." There was a faint lifting of the chin, as if daring anyone to comment on the name. "I used to help with sets for a theater company."

Despite the fact that the name didn't seem even remotely suitable for the face, Xander decided not to say anything about it. Ever. "Previous experience, that's great. We can always use some experienced hands..."

He also had the sinking feeling that Sweetums would not only be a nightmare for paperwork, but a permanent member of his crew. Maybe he'd best just hope that Sweetums wasn't something that would need slain.