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Xander was incensed. Willow was in the hospital and Jenny Calendar was dead and Buffy was still on her let's save Angel kick. According to Buffy Angel was not responsible for the centuries of death that Angelus had caused, but Angelus was not to be killed because Angel was innocent. Buffy did not care that to hurt her Angelus would kill all of them one by one saving her for last. As long as Buffy got Angel back they could all die.

"What do you mean we can't kill Angelus? Willow is in the hospital and Jenny is dead. If we, no I had not told Giles to stay inside his house he would be Angeles's next victim, or did you forget he needs to find out how to open Aclatha CAUSE HE WANTS TO DESTROY THE WORLD! As it stands we don't have much time before he figures out how to open Aclatha."

Angry and shocked at Buffy's shortsightedness Xander could not wrap his mind around how the slayer could be acting so selfish.

"Xander, Angel is an innocent and I will get him back. He deserves a second chance." Buffy stated as if her words were set in stone.

Xander finally realized why Buffy refused to act. She wanted her undead fucktoy back and the rest of us be dammed. Angry Xander finally decided that the Slayer needs to be taken down a few pegs.

"Well Slayer you can't have it both ways, Angel may not be accountable for Angelus crimes I give you that, but ANGELUS IS NOT ANGEL. You lost Angel the moment you decided to get horizontal with the undead bastard. Oh and here's a clue that was his second chance. You would let all of us die just to get you precious fucktoy back."

Buffy at this point was so pissed that even the master would have fled in terror.

"You BASTARD!!! You're just jealous that I chose Angel over you, and think that with him gone you would have another shot at me well think again. I will NEVER like a loser like you. You're only good enough to follow me around and fetch donuts. You're not even good for the group; all you ever do is get hurt."

Cold as an arctic wind Xander spoke to the woman he had thought of as his friend.

"Well buffy at least I'm not some self-centered slut only concerned with herself. Oh and yes I did love you but any feelings I had died that night of the dance where you almost fucked me on the dance floor just to make Angel jealous. If you can't kill Angel Slayer fine then I guess I'll have to do your job. Cause it seems all your good for now is laying the vamps not slaying them."

Enraged Buffy gave Xander an uppercut to the jaw that raised him a foot of the ground and threw him back. Surging forward before the dazed body of Xander could hit the floor Buffy delivered a roundhouse kick to the chest that sent Xander through a bookcase and sent him off to dream land. Walking to the body of the man she had once called friend Buffy spat upon the body and walked out.

Xander found himself on the edge of a jungle. The last thing he remembered was the fight with Buffy confused he did not know how he got here. When out of the jungle he was shocked to find two versions of himself appear out of the thick foliage and approach him. The first figure he knew was the solider that had possessed him on Halloween. He was more muscular than himself and walked with a deadly grace. He wore cammo fatigues and carried an M-16 slung over his shoulder. The second figure had to be the Hyena Xander was trying so hard to forget. He approached on all fours and had wild hair, glowing yellow eyes, and a feral feel to him.

"What are the two of you doing here? Where am I? I thought the both of you were gone?"

"Well Xander since my companion here is not much for words I'm going to do the talking for the both of us. I have no idea why we are still here. The both of us were locked away in the back of your mind. As near as I can figure when the spells were over you regained control over us and locked us away instead of destroying us outright. Thank you by the way. Now as to where we are, well we are currently within your mind. After you little argument with Buffy she beat the living shit out of you. Currently you are being rushed to the hospital. You have two broken arms, 6 broken ribs, a bruised kidney, and a dislocated jaw."

Before Army Xander could continue Xander raged about what he had just been told.

"You mean that bitch beat the hell out of me for disagreeing with her. You two" Xander said pointing at the Solider and The Hyena "can I use you, can you make me like I was when you were in control but with me in charge?

"No Xander I am afraid not the way you think. You see I am merly the collected memories of a solider and the sparkey here can not retain control over your body without the magic used to invoke him. There is a way though, but it is dangerous. You would retain control and have all of the advantages of both of us, but you run the risk of going insane if your will is not strong enough."

"What is this way?" Xander knew that he was treading into dangerous waters but Buffy could no longer be counted upon to keep the ones he loved safe. He was the only one available to do anything and he knew as it stood he could not do anything to save anyone.

Army Xander then told Xander about his idea of merging his and the hyena's essences into Xander's soul. "But Xander from what I can figure and from what little the Hyena knows about the process a merging is very painful and if you are not strong enough in spirit then the process will fail and you will go insane.

Xander knowing that it was risky but also knowing that there was know other solution decided then and there. "Do it."

Midnight-Sunnydale General- Room 227

The Doctors and Nurses tore through the hospital as if they were on fire. The young man found earlier that day beaten and bloody in the High school library had begun thrashing and screaming in his bed and had already subdued 3 orderlies trying to restrain him. After about 5 minutes of his pain filled screams the Doctors along with 4 orderlies and 2 nurses finally managed to strap young Alexander to his bed and sedate him. All of the hospital staff used to the strange occurrences of Sunnydale ignored the fact that The broken body was now healed and muscles that were not there an hour ago had broken the casts and bandages on the boy leaving no evidence on the body as to why they were even needed. Later that night Lisa Donnaly the nurse that had been assigned the night shift found the young man dressed and headed for the door, not wanting anything to do with Sunnydale's night life having been here for over 2 years simply checked the young man out and when on as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred.

Xander home about an hour later

Xander stood before the full length mirror attached to the back of his bedroom door and stared at himself. The pain of the merger was unlike anything he had ever felt before. It was as if his very soul was on fire. Yet Xander now knew that it was worth it. The spirit of the Solider and the Hyena had merged with his own and Xander had been forever changed. He looked at himself and saw that his body once out of shape was now covered in the thick corded muscles of a warrior. He was not bulky by any means it was as if all the fat that had once been on his body had been burned away. He could feel the power of the Hyena, but unlike the possession it was not foreign anymore. The strength, speed, and enhanced sight and senses were now his. The soldier was a surprise though. In life he had bee Lt. Jack Marcum. Born in La he had moved in with his grandparents in Tokyo when he was 5 after the death of his mother and father in a car accident. His grandparents were apart of an old family that followed the old ways. So until he was 19 Jack had been trained in Aikido, Ninjutisu, Kendo, Tie Kwan Do, and Karate. He was a master swordsman, knife fighter, auto mechanic, metal worker, carpenter, and gun smith. At 19 his grandparents moved him back to LA for college. He got a BA in Electrical Engenering from UCLA and then joined the Marines. Soon he was sent to Vietnam after having received a 6 month crash course in black ops training. He had been trained by the Seals, Rangers, and even spent a month at the CIA Farm being trained in espionage. He had been killed behind enemy lines near the end of the war after being caught in the middle of an air raid. And now all that knowledge was now his. At first he thought he would have changed but he had not. He was still Xander Harris but He now had the Skills, Knowledge, and Attributes of both possessions. He finally tore himself away from the mirror and crawled into bed and went to sleep. He knew that he could not tell the others yet they would try and reverse the process and Buffy... well knowing Buffy she would slay first and ask questions later.

About a month later

Using the 3 thousand from his Camping/Road trip fund Xander set out to arm himself for his coming out party as a demon hunter. Using his knowledge of metal working Xander had made a pair of Gloved Bracers. On the underside of both bracers was a place of a pair of Silenced SOCOM USP .45 automatic pistols that Xander had liberated a few weeks before along with the rocket launcher that Buffy had used on the judge. The Bracers would automatically eject the guns into his hands if he flexed a certain way and when released they would retract back into place. His left bracer had a 3 curved titanium carbon black claws with acid etched runes of Strength. His Right Bracer had a retractable 3 foot titanium carbon black sword with the same blood red acid etched runes. He then had paid an enchanter he had found by way of Willy the snitch activate the runes to make his bracers unbreakable. He had the enchanter magically sharpen the blades down to the molecule, and place a spell on the gloves so that whenever he punched his fists together the gloves would catch fire. He had also purchased from the enchanter a balaclava to protect his neck, a leather duster lined with magically enhanced spider silk, and enchanted to be resistant to all forms of magic. The pockets lining the inside of the jacket were also magically expanded, and well the spiders silk made the jacket bullet proof, puncture proof, and slash proof. He bought Black jeans with enchantments similar to the coat, and a pair of black air force steel toed jump boots. The boots were water proof, quick lacing, and enchanted to not only absorb all sounds his feet might make but would also not leave any tracks behind. Xander had then rented a workshop and set to converting the ammo he had for his pistols. Using a supply of Magnesium Thermite Gel he had stolen he mixed it with Nitro and filled the bullets. After testing he now had bullets that after entering a body would set off a small explosion and spread the gel. The explosion also ignited the gel so instant flambé.

While Xander had spent the last month preparing had had also dropped out of school and gotten his GED. Buffy had told Willow what had happened and when Xander had visited her in the Hospital she had slapped him and told him to stop being jealous and apologize to Buffy. Furious Xander had told Willow that if she wanted to side with that bitch over him then their friendship was over. Since that day he had avoided the Scooby's at all costs.

He did however need to keep tabs on them so he had gone to LA and robbed an upscale Spy shop. He had taken phone taps, listening devices, and a few wireless video cameras, as well as a briefcase command unit capable of controlling all devices. He then proceeded to bug the Library, Giles home, Buffy's Home, and Willow's Home. After about two weeks of Hunting Xander had all of his newfound skills mastered and the Vamps and Demons of Sunnydale began referring to him as The Ninja. One night Xander as Ninja was squeezing Willy for info when he found out that Giles had been taken and Angel was now ready to open Aclatha. Using his taps he discovered that Willow had phoned Buffy on her cell and told her she would try the soul restoration spell again, but having failed once when she was healthy, had had no hopes of her succeeding now that she was in the hospital.


Angelus stood before the statue of Aclatha grinning. On his left was Dru mad as a hatter mumbling about her Bad puppy coming to teach them a lesson. On his right stood a fuming wheelchair bound Spike. Angel had sent all of his minions out earlier so as to have Buffy all to himself. Spike and Dru never even saw who had killed them when they burst into flames. Angelus however did.

Xander had discreetly entered the Angelus' mansion through one of the upper windows and was now crouched in the shadows watching Angelus, Spike, and Dru. Sniffing the air he knew that there were no other vamps about guarding the place. Without a sound and sticking to the shadows Xander Got behind the trio and in the space of a second had ejected his USP's fired off a pair of vamp killing rounds into the backs of Dru and Spike and had retracted the guns safely.

Spinning Angelus saw the flaming and screaming bodies of his Childe and Grandchilde begin to dust. Snarling and screaming in rage Angelus called out a challenge. "Come out and face me Buffy!"

"Oh sorry to disappoint Dead Boy but of friendly neighborhood Vampire Layer could not make it this evening."

Angelus watched as a figure materialized out of the shadows He has on a Black Duster, Black Jeans, Black Boots, and had his head covered in a Ninja Style cloth. "Ninja" angel whispered. Then what The Ninja, a hunter that even Angelus had been told to fear for his brutal efficiency said struck him. In a disbelieving voice Angelus said "Harris?"

Xander reached up and removed the ninja mask he wore and Angelus was confronted with the face of the grinning Zeppo.

"Harris?" Angelus asked again. He could not wrap his mind around how a person he remembered as a useless clown could have dusted Spike and Dru. Yet it did not take long for shock to turn to anger.

"I don't know what you are up to boy, but it'll be you final mistake." With a roar Angelus leapt forward.

With a sense of feral satisfaction Xander dropped into a fighting stance and when Angelus got with in range ducked under his punch and delivered two hard finger jabs to the kidneys, followed by a palm strike to the nose which sent the nose bone into Angelus's brain. Staggering back Angelus grabbed his face in pain he could not believe that Harris was showing this kind of speed and strength.

"Ok Harris play times over."

Taking a scene from his favorite movie Xander dropped into a fighting stance extended his hand palm up and bade come hither with his hand.

"Bring it on Dead Boy."

And the fight was joined, Angelus went at Xander at full Vampiric speed. He through a flurry of kicks and punches, yet no matter what he did Xander seemed unaffected.

Buffy finally had hope. Angelus was going to open Aclatha but Willow was going to try to restore his soul again. She knew that this time she would succeed. All she needed to do was Hold Angelus off for a while and then she would have her Angel back, her love, her heart. As she neared the mansion though her slayer hearing picked up the sounds of fighting. She broke into a run and barreled through the front door of Angel's mansion. What she saw though made her stop short.

Out of the corner of his eye Xander saw that Buffy had arrived. 'Dam' he thought to himself. 'I thought I had more time. Guess its time to finish this.' Delivering a powerful left handed uppercut to Angelus's jaw Xander flexed and with a metallic sknit activated his claws. Pulling his claws out of Angelus perforated scull Xander made a final swipe at his neck and Angelus was now dust in the wind.

Buffy was in shock. She had arrived just in time to witness Xander dust Angel. Her Angel was dead. Suddenly her shock was replaced by a boiling anger. Xander had murdered her love and Xander had to pay.

Xander slowly stood and retracted his claws. He turned and saw Buffy staring at him in shock. Then he saw her shock turn to anger and knew she would try and face him. Oh well he thought I guess it was inevitable this would happen. Yet even though Xander no longer considered Buffy as a friend he knew he could not fight her. So before she decided to pummel him he had leapt for the window and disappeared into the night.

Buffy saw Xander leap for a window and run. Running after him howling in rage she gave chase. She did not even make it out of the mansions yard. She could hear no sounds of his passing and there were no tracks that might tell her which direction he might have gone.

Xander knew that Sunnydale was not a safe place at the moment. From his time with the Scooby's he knew that Buffy would gather the gang and try and capture him. He would never cow down to her again. Buffy already had a warped sense of morality. I mean she stabbed her fellow slayer and put her into a coma. She was willing to kill a human to save Angel who had been dead for 200+ years. So he had no doubt that Buffy wanted to kill him in retaliation.

Xander made his way to the storage unit he had rented for the month. Opening the door to the unit, Xander stared at the 1969 Convertible Corvette Sting Ray that he had obtained after dusting its previous owner. It had taken some doing but after paying Willy the snitch a thousand dollars the car was now his free and clear. Hopping into the drivers seat Xander started the classic car and listened to the roar of the engine before driving out of the storage lot and out of Sunnydale.