One night in the sidekicks chatroom...

Author: Michael Wilson <wyrdradio[at]>

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Joss, Mutant Enemy, and a lot of other people own the characters from Buffy. I think that Disney owns the characters from Kim Possible. I get nothing by writing this except maybe some kind words of encouragement and a few cheers... at least I hope.

Spoilers: Post Season 7 of Buffy, no clue when in Kim Possible.

Summary: A conversation one night in the sidekicks chatroom.

Author's Notes: " ... " as always means talking while * ... * means thoughts.

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Chapter 1

The familiar series of tones and he was in. It was rare to get enough free time these days to even get online, let alone do what he was going to do tonight.

*Where is it... come on... damn all you porn rooms... ah... here it is.*

He clicked on the banner that read Sidekick Supernova and smiled as the chat window opened. Looking to the box on the right of the screen, he scanned for names he recognized.

*No... nope... no.... yeah, but he's an idiot... no... no... ah, you're new.*

With a click of the mouse, he opened up a private message to the name he didn't recognize... his personal way of saying hello. He was sort of the greeter for the room, what with having been there since it was formed over six years earlier.

*What kind of name is Boojah! anyway?*


Cyclops: Hi and welcome to the room. I've been here so long, I tend to greet all newcomers to the room.

Boojah!: Wow.. thanks. I was bored and figured, hey... this sounds cool. So... what goes on in here?

Cyclops: Well... we pretty much chat about what's going on in our lives. At first it was borderline RPG in here... then it thinned out to those of us who play second fiddle to someone in our lives. We become their sidekick, in one form or another.

Boojah!: I can relate to that. I'm my best friend's sidekick. I've become someone she always just assumes will be there... and I am.

Cyclops: *eyebrow*

Cyclops: You sound like you maybe wish this person paid more attention to you being there?

Boojah!: *blink*

Boojah!: How'd you know?

Cyclops: :) I've gotten good at these things... seeing as how I've wished the same thing for close to five or six years now.

Boojah!: Wow... that's a long time. Are we talking about a girl here? Not that I don't like the idea of a guy feeling like that for another guy... I mean, you are a guy, right?

Cyclops: LOL

Cyclops: Yes... I'm a guy, and yes... she's a woman. Same with you?

Boojah!: Yeah... she's a girl. I've known her since I was like in kindergarten.

Cyclops: Me too. She's been with me for as long as I can remember. For a while, she liked me the way I like her... but now, now she's changed and I see no chance for anything to happen for me.

Boojah!: I don't think she's ever liked me like that. I think she knows how I feel... I mean, how can she not know with how I hate... him. Mankey! *spits*

Cyclops: The guy she likes?

Boojah!: *nods*

Boojah!: She's obsessed with him... or so it seems sometimes. I've talked to a friend of ours about it and Wade agrees with me... course he's only just recently 12... but he's super smart.

Cyclops: 12? How old are you?

Boojah!: I'm 16... we both are.

Cyclops: Damn... same age I was when I started all this. Small world or what.

Boojah!: How old are you?

Cyclops: Just turned 23. Lived longer than I ever thought I would. Lived longer than most of my friends...

Boojah!: Sorry man. It's hard losing someone.

Boojah!: So what you do is dangerous?

Cyclops: Yeah... it's a life or death experience every night.

Boojah!: Been in a few close calls myself... some even she doesn't know about.

Cyclops: Me too. We have a lot in common, it seems.

Boojah!: Yeah. Any advice on how I should handle my feelings?

Cyclops: Have you told her?

Boojah! *looks down* Uh... no.

Cyclops: Then you should... at least once. It might hurt, but at least you'd know for certain. I did it once and yeah, it hurt... but we're still friends.

Boojah!: Yeah... thanks. I'll... I'll think about it.

Cyclops: You do that.

Boojah!: Um.. hey, I have to go. If you're here again.. want to talk again? Compare notes?

Cyclops: Sure. It's nice helping out someone who's like me. I'll check in when I have time and if you're on, I'll say hi.

Boojah!: Thanks. Later. :)

Cyclops: Later.

<Boojah! has left the room>

<Cyclops has left the room>


He closed the room and hopped to his feet.

"Hey Rufus... you won't believe what just happened to me. I met the coolest guy online and we're both sidekicks. He helped me understand a few things. Come on... let's go see what Kim's up to."

Rufus nodded and scampered across the room and up Ron Stopable's leg... up his shirt.. to perch on his shoulder before they headed out the door...


He closed the chat room and sat back smiling.

*Hope she doesn't hurt his feelings.*

He got to his feet and turned off the computer, catching the reflection of his eyepatch in the mirror.

"Maybe I should take my own advice."

As he smiled at his reflection, her heard the door open.


Xander Harris smiled and turned to the door.

"Hey Wills... how's it going? You have no idea how happy I am to see you..."

He moved to the door and the hallway beyond as a playful grin crossed his face, ready to take his own advice for once... hoping things would work out ok...

The End