One of the good ones

Author: Michael Wilson <wyrdradio[at]>

Rating: G

Setting: Post Ending

Spoilers: Season 7 ending

Summary: While away getting something for Giles in New York City, Xander meets someone few people meet..

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns all things Buffy along with the Mutant Enemy company. "What if God was one of us..." is owned by Joan Osbourne.

Author's notes: " " as always means talking while * * means thoughts.

The airport terminal was packed, filled to the brim with busy people... busy angry people... busy angry rude people, as Xander could attest from the number of shoves, rude gestures, and comments from those around him.

*I knew this place was bad... but this is just crazy. I'd been yelled at over a dozen times, got the bird four times, and my feet have been stepped on at least seven times already in the past hour... and I still have another hour and a half to wait before my plane leaves. I am so going to yell at Giles when I get back to Cleveland.*

He looked down at his backpack and frowned at the large book-shaped bundle inside. Giles had needed a couple of very rare books, books that could only be found in New York. To make these books even more rare, they were too fragile and too expensive to be shipped in the mail... so it came down to someone going to pick them up in person... and it fell to Xander to be said person.

*I had to do it because I'm the only one they all see as... unnecessary. Let Xander do it...he's not doing anything anyway. It seems to happen often these days. I don't really do anything for them anymore. The potentials don't need to be protected, because they're already Slayers now. Dawn's on her way to getting into college. Willow and Kennedy are living together in the next house over. Giles is setting up the council with Buffy, Faith and Robin. Even Andrew has a job. Me... I'm just the guy who used to help sometimes... until Caleb...*

A squeal of feedback filled the room and Xander winced. The airport's sound system had been acting up for half an hour and had been causing massive feedback each time they tried to use it. Xander had seen airport personnel walking around with bullhorns, announcing the arriving and departing flights, and he really hoped they fixed it soon.

*... sound cuts right through you.*

Just as the feedback faded away, Xander heard someone crying softly next to him. He turned his head to the left, his blind side, and saw a young girl sitting a few seats over. She looked to be about 9 or 10 years old and reminded him a little of a young version of Willow... only with blond hair. He frowned and tilted his head... then looked around for anyone who might be her parent or guardian... but say no one. It was weird, actually, it was as if everyone was ignoring her.

*That's rude... she's just a little girl... and they're all ignoring her... well, not me.*

Xander cleared his throat. The girl jerked in her seat and turned to stare at Xander.

"Are you ok?"

The girl looked afraid for a moment... but Xander smiled and a smaller smile tried to appear on her face.

"I want to go home."

Xander nodded.

"I know how you feel, I want to go home too. I'm actually going home, hopefully, in an hour or so. When is your flight?"

The girl began to cry then. Scared, Xander pulled out a hanky and handed it to her.

"Hey now... don't cry... what is it?"

The girl sniffled a few times and took in a shuddering breath.

"I don't have enough money to get home. They said my ticket isn't here and that to get one I need 200 more dollars than what I have... and I don't have 200 dollars so I can't go home..."

Xander frowned and nodded.

"Have you tried calling your mommy or daddy?"

The girl nodded and blew her nose.

"They're not home. Only nana's home but she's old and doesn't understand. I called back when she hung up but it was busy and has been ever since and my flight is supposed to leave in 10 minutes."

Xander nodded and looked down at his pants pocket. He had been given more money than he needed to buy the books. Strangely enough... 200 dollars more... exactly what she needed.

*She's all alone... and sad.. and crying. I know what that's like... only there was no one to help me. I can't just leave her here like this.*

He looked at her and knew what he had to do. He knew it was the right thing to do... and Giles would understand, hopefully.

"Well... why don't we walk over to the ticket counter and get you your ticket. I happen to have 200 dollars that you can have."

The girl's eyes widened in shock and she began to shake her head.

"I.. I can't..."

Xander smiled.

"I know what it's like to be alone and unable to get home. No one was there for me... let me be here for you... please."

Xander got to his feet and grabbed his backpack. He slung it over his shoulder then offered his hand to the little girl. She smiled at him and jumped to her feet. She took his hand and together they walked to the counter.

"Can I help you?"

Xander nudged the girl and smiled.

"Go on."

The girl nodded and looked up at the ticket salesman.

"I have money for my ticket now."

The man nodded and typed into his computer.

"Let's see.. that was... 375 for the ticket."

The little girl opened her small purse and pulled out an envelope. Inside she had 175 dollars in small bills. She carefully handed them over to the man then looked up at Xander expectantly. Xander smiled and handed over the other 200. The man nodded and printed out the ticket.

"Here you go. You had better hurry though, you leave in a few minutes."

The girl nodded and took the ticket. They walked over to the waiting personnel and the girl stopped.

"Thank you for this."

Xander nodded and smiled.

"It's ok. I know what it's like... like I said. You just get on the plane so you can go home."

The girl smiled, nodded, and hugged Xander gently before she moved into the hallway leading to the plane. As the door began to close, she stopped, turned around, and smiled.

"Thank you... Xander."

The door closed and Xander blinked in shock. Just then, the loudspeaker came to life and the room was filled with...

"... what if God was one of us... just a slob like one of us... just a stranger on a bus, trying to make his way home..."

Xander turned slowly toward the nearest speaker, his eyes wide with shock, and slowly shook his head.

"How... she... how... no way..."

Xander shivered and walked back to his seat, not noticing the two figures watching him from the other side of the wide windows that lined the far side of the room.

"He's special... isn't he?"

The one who spoke was a woman in her 30's with dark black hair and warm eyes. She turned to her side and looked down at a little girl... the same girl from before.

"Yes... he's one of the good ones. I just hope he can survive what is to come..."

The woman nodded and they turned their attention back to the young man inside the airport... and hoped that things would go well for him.