One of these Days

Author: Alex DarkFire <eternitynchaos[at]>

I honestly can't believe I'm doing this >.< blame this on Alan P. its all his fault. *hopefully I've posted this correctly ^_^;;*

Summary: Once more Buffy proves what to do, by doing the exact opposite.

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Chapter 1

It was nighttime on the mouth of hell. All peaceful for most of the denizens here, the demons and vampires were for the most part staying out of site and this place had never really had much in the way of crime 'the vampires tended to deal with any foolish enough to wander after dark be they out on a stroll or preparing to mug the first sort', the people were safe at home asleep, pointedly ignoring anything odd or unnatural in much the same way as the guardians of one hero of the wizarding world would have liked to be able.

This was just one of several things that had come together on this night to create the scene happening. Stomping down the street towards her watchers home was one short blond tower of rage and destructive potential... well ok maybe a two story building of rage and destructive potential, its rather hard to call someone that short a tower of anything to be honest.

Said blond was muttering to herself as she stormed towards her destination.

"Damn Vampires, Damn Demons, nothing to kill, have to ask Giles about any prophecy or anything, just so long as I can pound on it."

Today had not been the best for our beloved slayer. First there was nothing to kill tonight, Second Angel was having a bad hair night and was even more angst ridden and broody, Third there was nothing to kill tonight, Forth someone had switched Angels hair gel with a mix of lard and something else she didn't even want to remember 'he hadn't used it as the smell had clued him in, but no hair gel had just caused him to sulk as well as angst and brood' Fifth there was nothing to kill tonight, Sixth Xander had the gal to go to the Bronze with Faith and had stoped looking in her direction when he thought she wasn't looking, I mean sure, she wouldn't even give him the time of day but it was a nice ego boost to have someone lusting after her all the time like that, not that she would admit that to anyone of course, and Finally she had nothing to Kill.

Is anyone else noticing a trend here?

As Buffy neared Giles home she noticed someone was play music load, very load now that she listened, she grinning in a happy evil way that Giles must be in as bad a mood as her, what with some jerk playing music so load, after all he always complained whenever they even mentioned the Bronze.

Just as Buffy was about to knock on Giles door a Demonic voice roared from behind the door, "One of these days I'm going to cut you into little pieces", running on instinct Buffy pulled a stake from somewhere on her person kicked in the door and blurred into action she didn't think she just moved one moment she was coming through the door the next she stood triumphant with her stake imbedded in the.. Evil.. stereo system

"err would it help if I said I'm sorry?"

"Buffy" Giles growled his eyes gleaming from behind he glasses. "just... out"

"But" "No, NOW, LEAVE" Snarled the British Watcher his hands clenching and unclenching.

Buffy stood for a moment mouth agape before she wisely turned tail and ran, as fast as she could home.

Chapter 2

Giles reclined him his old overstuffed chair. 'Hmm let see' he eyed his surroundings 'Door locked' eyes flick to the door noting the engaged lock and chain across the door, 'check, now then phone off the hook?' eyes rove across the distance and rest on the battered old phone, that was indeed off the hook, 'check as well, now then good beer? Not that piss water these yanks call beer' eyeing the froth toped glass resting beside him on a small table with some satisfaction he smiled, 'thank god, check, good book?' hefting his worn and battered copy of Lord Foul's Bane, by Stephen Donaldson 'check once more, finally I can have some time to myself, no more dealing with Buffy and Faith sniping at each other, no Xander to egg them on from the sideline no stupid annoying American Teens for the rest of the night, finally I can relax.'

Giles took a deep soothing breath, raised his glass and said "heres to a good beer, a good book, great music and no damn teenagers anywhere in sight." He was just about to drink when he remembered something. 'Oh, right, music. How foolish of me.' He set his book down and with a flick of his hand and a small exercise of will a vinyl record floated free from its cover to settle feather light on the turn table across the room, another flick and a switch was flipped and the turntable started to move, a twist and the volume was raised to the point where if it was anyone else playing there music at said point Giles would have been looking through his contact booklet to see a man about a curse, and finally with an ever so gentle motion the arm raised and settled at the edge of the record.

Giles smirked 'hah, still got it, even after all these years, nice to see I've still got that magic touch' laughing to himself at his play on words he once again took book in hand settled himself into his chair and raised his glass. "Cheers."

Just as he was about to take a drink a feeling of foreboding came over him. 'Oh please, gods don't let some demon have came to the conclusion that I would make a good meal or bait to lure in Buffy, please let me have some small happiness.'

The sound of wind started, easing his frayed nerves, followed by guitars, then more as the music played he sagged into his chair and gazed into nothing, remembering the past, and trying to forget the present. As nothing had happened he took his drink and set it beside him and started to read, a minute past an nothing had happened, he grumbled about his nerves and living on the hell-mouth to long. "I mean really what could go wrong?" as the words left his mouth the hairs on the back of his neck rose to attention and he silently curse himself a fool, suddenly the speaker bellowed out.

"One of these Day I'm going to cut you into little piece."

As the words faded into nothing there was a sudden crash as his door went hurtling across the room and a short blond blur streaked towards his record player. 'Oh no, not that, ANYTHING BUT THAT!' flashed across his mind as Buffy brought her stake crashing down, impaling the record player, and the record on it.


The little brat was mouthing empty apologies... again "Buffy" he growled as he glared at the stupid little child. "Just... out" Her mouth gaped making her look much like a landed fish "But" 'Damn bint, maybe her mother dropped her when she was young... it would explain a great deal.' "No, NOW, LEAVE!" he clenched and unclenched his hands, gleefully imagining them around the blonds neck at this moment as she scurried out the door like a whipped cur.

Five minutes after she had left he was still glaring at the space she had been in, he finally seemed to shake himself before he trudged towards the ruins of his record player. With a sigh he looked down at the shattered remains of one of his prized possessions and felt a lone tear leak from his eye as he stroked the broken fragments 'I'm sorry Jenny...'