Out of the Blood

Author: D.C. Banacek <dcb30825[at]hotmail.com>

Rating: PG if that

Feedback: Sure, why not.

Distribution: Take it if you want

Spoilers: Maybe season 7 stuff

Pairing: X/well you'll get the idea

Disclaimer: I have no legal claim to any of the characters I use. Such is life.

Note: If anyone ever came up with this idea before me, I never saw it.

I came upon this mortal fool, in this town the Slayer doth rule When I chanced upon a creature, with crimson flowing over his features For he was being trounced, as he hit a wall and bounced.

Then I turned to my right, clearly not liking this sight.

Clearly this clown was in danger, as I looked upon the Stranger.

"You and he are to be bound, to a White Knight this time round."

"Surely thou doth lie, me be bound to THAT mortal guy?"

"You know I have no use for knavery, even as I enforce this slavery."

"You say this be a White Knight? Why then is he in my sight?"

"For you to know why I can not say, this being more a world of gray."

"Say why I must put this mortal into great danger?" "I say no more, for I am a Stranger."

"When is this deed to be done?" "Before the rising of the sun."

"Intone the curse upon this man, so he may be forever damned."


The Stranger did intone, the curse upon that pile of flesh and bone So then I was bound once more, to a mortal as before.

I realized this was going to be fun, as I watched those leeches run.

For they could see my ire, as I destroyed them with hellfire That I could gain such joy, in using flame as a toy.

Let me know that my jailor, did not consider this curse a failure For he seemed to know the rules to the letter, and as such it is all the better.

To be released to destroy without constraints, I will not have many complaints.

Even though they have the spirits of my brothers, they will be slaughtered like the others.

For if I am to be bound to a man, then what better sport than to obliterate the damned.


The Stranger walked up with a sigh, sometimes I can really hate that guy.

As he looked me in the face, "Will you now protect the human race?" "I have given to you my word" as I growled and showed him the bird.

"Then take again the form of man, so I can..."

"Command me not you lackey of the Host, I will not stand here and boast.

"Of all the slaughter I could have done, before the rising of the sun "But know before your vessels do burst, I will help defeat the First "For an upstart such as that, is not more than but a prat.

"To one who is amongst the greatest of the vile, not to mention the son of Belial

"And so I will join this war, as I have so often before.

"Using all my skills, the better to get increase my kills."


"Change back to the form of man, I will not say this again"

"Fine if that is what you wish, although stranger you are an odd fish

"Listen well and don't get in a dander, I take again the form of Xander"

I watched the Stranger chat with the mortal, before he left into a portal.


But I know the words the Stranger spoke, which changed his life in but a stroke.

His face was set in a glower, as he realized the great power.

That had been placed into the hands of this glorified bricklayer, he could finally help the Slayer.


And the whisper would ring through his head, as he looked on the ashes of the undead.

"Change, change, the form of man! Free the Prince forever damned! Release the might from fleshy mire! Boil the blood in heart of fire! Gone, gone, the form of man! Arise the demon*** ETRIGAN!"