Payback of Vampires

Author: John "Hatten" Carlsson <hatten_jc[at]>

Song Fic : Just A Gigolo by David Lee Roth

A scream echoed in the Magic box "Giles, Giles hurry up" as Buffy with a frown on her face.

Giles cleaned his glasses "I'm coming" he said. "Do you know what going on"

Buffy chock her head "No just that Angel said it's about him, Xander and Spike"

"I see, and he wanted us all to come ?" Giles asked

Willow nodded "yeah, they said somthing about having a soul or playing with soul"

"What blues" Dawn said

Giles "I really don't think so"

The group entered the gravyard, it was a dark place. Suddenly three shapes with glowing golden eyes stod up on a large shrine.

Buffy "It's Spike and Angel.. And Xander, he is a vampire" her voice where filled with sadness.

Then suddenly spotlights turned on and Angel started to play his guitar and Spike the drum.

Dawn had only time to say one thing before Xander started to sing. "What? are they possesed?"


Just a Vampire
everywhere I go
people fear the part
I'm playing


Faith blinked then blinked again "If they have a soul it must be evil"

Giles nodded "Quite"

"That soo cool" piped in

Everybody stared at Dawn.

Willow "That music is so 80'es"


Paid for dropps of blood
dodging slayers stakes
every night some heart
is dusted


Suddenly Spike stands up and start to dance to the music.

Giles "Oh no Spike has started to dance, Eeeeee"

Buffy starts do drool. "Shake them Baby"

Faith "----------- No i think my eyes hurts"


There will come a time
the Soul will pass away
then what will they say
about me


Xander feeling the music starts to strip as he sings.

Faith starts do drool "hubbauba lagaga"

Dawn "Look at the size of that thing"

Giles cleans his glasses "He certainly don't need a Stake"

Willow faints in fear or lust.


When the end comes I know
they'll say just a Vampire
as life goes on without me


Oz "Hmmm, Is that Dru"

On the side Dru and other female Vampires come forward dress in harem dresses and start to dance to the music.

Giles smiles as he look at the dancing half nude vamp girls "Well if this is a trap it's a bloody fun way to go"


'Cause I aint got nobody
nobody nobody cares for me
I'm so sad and lonely
sad and lonely sad and lonely
Won't some sweet Slayer
come and take a chance with me
cause I aint so bad


Faith "Oh yeah, evil or not they make a good substitute for a vibrator"

Jocye noddes "I aggree and you can always dust off them afterwards"


Get along with me babe,
been hunting lovly girls
All of the time
Even only be, honey only, only be
Bop bozadee bozadee bop zitty bop


Dawn starts to take photos "Remember boys, I be of legal age soon. Or I can move somewhere else, where I'm legal now"


I ain't got nobody 'cept love of blood
Hummala bebhuhla zeebuhla boobuhla
hummala bebhuhla zeebuhla bop


Buffy "Dawn, don't steal my boys"

Faith "Your boys ? No way, Dawn like to share one or two"

Jocye "Buffy don't be greedy"


I ain't got nobody, nobody,
nobody cares for me
Nobody , nobody
I'm so sad and lonely,
sad and lonely,
sad and lonely,
Won't some sweet Slayer come
and take a chance with me
cause I aint so bad


Giles "I don't think that" he stops and forget what he was about to say as Dru start to caress his body.


Get along with me babe,
been singin love songs
All of the time
Even only be, honey only, only be


Faith and Dawn jumps and grab Xander "I'm keeping him" they say as they run away.

Angel and Spike just smile as Buffy carry them away "Damit the Poof was right" Spike muthers as they dissapear into the night.

Oz "Hmmm, What about me" he wonders looking how Willow is carried away by Tara the vampire. Then a small bark his heard and he looks down to a hoppfull Lassie. "Well im a werewolf" and the odd cople dissapear into the darkness.

The End...