Remember the past

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Chapter 1

Silent only the sound of the movies and the sound of pocorn was heard from the living room of the Summer home.

"What are you doing Willow" Buffy asked qurius Willow blinked "Oo i. Im done a magik potion that make you remeber your past life"

Buffy "Oo Coool. Do you have some for me also"

Willow "Yes."

Xander swallowed nervusly "I i dont think that is a good idea girls." Buffy "Why you chicken.."

Xander frowned "No but what if you where a bad person or."

Willow rolled her eyes "What could go wrong Xander"

Xander blinked trying to find one thing that could go wrong so far he could imagening million things that could go wrong.

"Loots of things wills"

Buffy "Chicken chicken.."

Xander groned "Alright im in if you are.."

Willow grinned "This will Be so cool. It says that you take the potion just before you go to sleep."

Willow carfully pored eatch of them a part of the magik potion in a bottle.

Xander "Well im going home. Se in school tomorow."

The girls nodded as they satt talking and wondering who they where in their past life.


Xander sighted where he satt in the beed looking at the bottle. "Well Down it go.."

Xander past

The mans voice was filled of confidence and a constant grinn on his face as he walked up to the older guy. "Hi M-man i need you help"

The old man turned around "Lanceloot how many time do i have to tell you My namn is Merlin not M-Man."

Lancelot rolled his eyes. "Keep doing trying sooner or later i might change my way.."

The mage frowned "What do you need my help with."

Lancelot swallowed "Aaa well their is a girl that constantly trying to get her hand inside my armor and could you give me a advice. Im not intrestid in her that way."

Merlin sighted. "Way not."

Lancelot "She married."

Merlin "Ooo.. Well try to avoide her or you could try to smell baad or somthing" he frowned females was a strange things somthing he never realy understod.

Lancelot "check bad hygine to scare girl away."

Merlin nodded "Well i have to go now i have a work the queen ask me to do" he said as he walked away to creat the love potion the queen asked him to make.

Lancelot looked a bit nervus but said anothing.


Buffy grinned as she jumped in beed then she took the bottle "I cant waith she said as she swallowed the potion.

Buffy past

Guinevere Smiled "Thank you Merlin this will be exacly what i need to bring some action in my marrige."

Merlin nodded "Well i dont need to know that.

But i agree a love potion might bring Artur out of his constant brooding."

Guinevere nodded. "Yes he do like to Brode." She said as she walked out. "Hi Lancelot would you like to join me for a cup of whine" She said walking past the gorges hunk.

Lancelot swallod "My lady it would not be proper for me to do that." Guinever nodded "I command you to join me. I trust you. Arturh trust you what harm could one cup of whine do" she said grinning.

Lancelot nodded a bit nervus what harm indeed could a cop of whine do.


Willow putt on her favorit snuggle T-shirt as she swallow the potion before curling up in the beed and fell asleep.

Willows past

"Ierp What are we going to do tonight." was heard in inside the labb. "What we do evry night TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD, Pinky" Brain mice said in irritation.


And that night the life of evrybody in sunnydale was for ever change.

The End