Saved by the Time Out

Author: Canadian Satan <canadiansatan2003[at]>

Disclaimer: Mutant Enemy and Joss Whedon own all the rights to the characters and locations in this story. I will make no money from this story. I forget who owns Saved by the Bell.


Xander had been watching Saved by the Bell that day, that was the only way he could explain it. He had gotten separated from the rest of the gang during patrol and did the classic Zack Morris 'Time Out' when to his surprise it actually worked… time stopped. Xander just stood there with a slack jawed expression on his face for a moment before he moved behind the vampire.

Xander went behind the frozen vampire and seconds after his 'Time In' it was dust. Xander looked around, nothing had really changed, but then again everything had. He wasn't feeling any different at all, not tired at all so he tried it again. Xander formed a 'T' with his hands "Time Out"

Laughing like a manic Xander took off towards his house, it wasn't until he got there that he realized his mistake and started time again leaving the gang scratching their heads. Xander spent the next few hours practicing the limitations of his new powers, he could move objects and people. By touching something living he could bring them 'outside' time.

He had only been gone from the gang for about an hour but for him it was closer to six, he was so tired he feel asleep right away. Not even realizing his friends were at the door looking for him. The next day at school they were worried and confused, Xander made a few jokes and the whole thing seemed to blow over. Then he heard the great news… assembly.

Snyder didn't know what hit him, one second talking about proper decorum… the next standing there in clown make up. The best part is he went on for almost ten minutes before he realized there was something wrong. He had chocked the shocked looks up to them respecting his authority, well there would never be any respect in that school for him again.

Suffice to say things were never the same after that, Xander got perfect test scores. Homework handed in, demons died by his hand for some reason though he kept his little secret and kept being a closet hero. Then the perfect opportunity came along, Angel was offering him up to Spike as a trade. A quick 'Time Out' and Xander was ready.

It took all of Xander's will power to keep from throwing up seeing the two vamps naked, but the look on Buffy's face from across the hall was priceless. After all it wasn't every day you saw your boyfriend 'catching' for the other team. The two of them as dust was just the cherry on top.