Second Go

Author: Brooke <yabbadabbadome13[at]>

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Not mine. Buffy and friends are owned by Joss, Mutant Enemy, 20th Century Fox, The UPN and whoever else has rights to the show.

Summary: Xander/Faith PWP (At least that's what I was aiming for)

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Authors Note: Takes place during season 7. Faith is there to help fight the first. Assume that Buffy took the S.i.T's out on a long patrol with her, and Xander's not occasionally screwing Anya so he's just pent up horny. My first F/X here so be gentle.

Always being the errand boy finally had its pot of gold at the end of the uselessly monotonous donut getting stake making rainbow. Xander surely would have to thank Buffy for being too busy being a super hero to get her dry cleaning. He would have to thank Dawn for wanting to go to the mall instead of help her sister out by getting the clothes. Oh, and Giles…he'd have to thank him for insisting that Faith work out so damn hard that she got that 'POPPING' feeling that she had first introduced him too.

He'd have to make a list…he'd have to…remember to breathe.

Xander didn't think that anybody had ever ridden anybody as hard as Faith was riding him. She probably invented the position, and if not, she certainly perfected it. Oh God, she was so hot and wet and still had beads of water from her just finished shower dripping down her shoulders and over her breasts…perfect breasts and they were bouncing up and down so quickly in front of him. He'd have touched them if his hands weren't numb.

His only duty left was to put the clothes on Buffy's bed, and he was so close to being done with that until, as if it were an act of God apologizing for making him the town monk these last few months, Buffy's shower turned off. Xander had turned quickly to leave, simply because it could have been any one of the underage girls that he didn't need to be ogling…or it could have been Buffy come back early and…Faith's head popped out of the bathroom…

Faith wasn't even wearing a towel when she stopped him with just a stare; and when she saw it was just him, she stood up straight, opened the door and grinned evilly at Xander's gapping expression and the sputtering noises he was making. She walked across the room ahead of him, totally confident, naked and wet and taking her time until Xander faintly heard the bed room door shut.

Then she was facing him…and he was trying not to look directly at her, until she grabbed his chin and pulled him down into a fiery kiss. Faith, just like the first and only night he had kissed her completely dominated his mouth. Her tongue deep inside and not giving him any chance to retaliate effectively. Xander felt like a 17 year old kid again and not the man that Anya had created in their three year relationship, and all he knew was 'feels good' and 'hard'…he was so hard just from the kiss.

Faith had laughed when she felt his dick straining through his pants into her stomach, even though he had made no move to touch her, and that was fine. She pushed his pants and boxers down to his thighs, just enough to free his hard shaft, without a real coherent protestation and shoved him back onto the bed.

"Relax." She had smiled before he went deaf and half way blind. The wet sopping heated muscles engulfed his cock in an instant and she was off on him.

About fifteen minutes ago…

She was still going. He was about to have an out of body experience and just leave his body for her to use as she wished. Faith wasn't a talker, but Xander, when he remembered to look, was amazed by the expressions she was making.

Grunting as she battered her sex on him. She moved up and down hard and fast, bouncing with her head thrown back. Her breathing picked up and she pitched her head forward, dark hair shadowing her face and brushing against Xander's cheeks when she rode him in wide fast circles. Faith growled and she braced her hands on his stomach the muscles quivering beneath hard pressed fingertips while she moved on him; grinding in fast quick circles on each downward decent while Xander, for his incoherency, had managed to finally move his large hands up from where they had been gripping her knees in a tight hold to her hips, trying to brace himself against her unbridled excitement. She exhaled heavy breaths that were mixed with whimpers and picked up her already frantic pace.

Xander tried to call out to her, but he could hardly breathe. His cock was throbbing and being sucked on wetly when Faith slid up…was welcomed in her body so deep when she dove back down. His abdomen was clenching tight and his balls drew up so tight to his body, and try as he might to regain some control his legs were still bound by his jeans around his knees and he couldn't shift on the bed.

The bed! Oh God, Buffy was going to kill him…

Faith's whole body, starting with her breaths started to shake and her leant back, now bracing herself against Xander's thighs. She wore a tight smile when she reached for his hand on her hip and slid it down between her legs, putting his thumb directly on her clit and rubbing herself into his controlled pressure in time with her gyrations.

He fought to keep his eyes open and maintain some sort of rhythm with his thumb, but it kept slipping with a reckless abandon. His fingers pushed over her pulsing clit smashing it down against its own blood engorged resistance and the slid further down and felt the expanse of her opening where he had come into her. Faith's mouth fell open and her body jerked harder against his when his rough fingers tickled past the rim of her penetrated opening and Xander sucked in a deep breath.


"…keep…keepgoing…harder…" She felt her pussy tighten and quiver and convulse around the hardness that was buried so deep inside of her, and a new wave of wet heat surged down to further coat him, but she kept moving. Slamming her body down through her orgasm. "Yeessss…"

Her eyes dropped closed and a lazy smile broke out on Faith's face and she slowed her movements on his lap. She heard Xander moan in protest and his hands groped at her hips in an uncoordinated effort to keep her moving, and when she opened her eyes she was met with a wild expression, eyes open and mouth agape and panting.

"Somebody made a man out of you," she teased and slapped his hip. Xander groaned, but she ignored him and straightened her knees – rising so that his erection slipped from inside her and she was kneeling over him.

Xander's look transformed to panic and he pushed himself up on his elbows. "You're not….goingyou'renot…"

Faith grinned at him. "Needy, huh boy toy?"

"Been a while." His voice deep and husky and Faith hummed in recognition.

She slid her hands up and underneath his shirt and over his chest. She pinched and tweaked the hard beads of his nipples when Xander's eyes lolled shut and he yelped out in what was probably pain. Maybe it was what he thought shout be pain because he couldn't articulate a sensation outside of the heavy pounding in his dick and the tingly pending orgasm feel in his balls that kept his hips thrusting up towards her…where she was making herself so teasingly unavailable to him.

"Needy guys are a real turn off, you know that X?" He just looked at her, still trembling and twitching beneath her. "Make a come back!" she ordered and sunk down hard on top of him again, but pivoted so that she was straddling his things now. "It's no fun…" Faith trialed her hands over his stomach, one hand trailing lightly up her own thigh to her breast and the other stopping and wrapping around his erection. She squeezed both at the same time and groaned at Xander's gasp. "…if you don't play."

"Tease," he ground out while Faith settled herself between his legs and tugged his pants the rest of the way down. She tossed them onto Buffy's dresser and ignored the clank of the items that they landed on while she attacked his shirt with a wanton look of rising desperation.

"Pathetic." But she didn't seem to really care as she stopped the jacking motion of her hand on him and dove down. His eyes were open and he assumed that she was going to kiss him again, but instead he found her mouth attached to his exposed stomach. She licked and bit and moved lower and lower…her hand still holding his manhood until…

Xander shouted out with as much restraint as possible when Faith tongued the head of his cock. She held it just tight enough to keep it aimed straight at her face and she stiffened her tongue to trace the ridge of its head. Her hand moving up and down again over his hard sticky flesh and she tickled up to the small opening and lapped up the precum there…tasted the mixture of both of them.

"I've never done this for you, huh Xander." It sounded like a question even though it was a statement and Xander nodded weakly. Faith chuckled and lapped at the head again. "If you die, I'm leaving you here for B to find."

Before he could come up with any response…a laugh even, her hand moved down to grip the base of his cock and her lips closed the head again. Xander pitched his head forward, his chest heaving, and locked eyes with the top of Faith's dark crown while she kissed the head of his dick…moaned when the expanse of her tongue swiped at the liquid

Faith listened to him breath so hard and swallowed the flavor of her orgasm on as it coated his skin. She ignored his restrained thrusting and settled on what she was going to do. Xander wasn't huge…he wasn't tiny, but not...she had had bigger. And he definitely wouldn't pose too much of an obstacle…

She opened her mouth fully and sliding it down over his straining member and reveling in his groan of appreciation. She bobbed on his lap, Sucking hard on the short withdraws and the pushing back down, fitting him into her throat as farther back on each plunge. Faith let out a deep breath and Xander warbled incoherently when the head of his dick hit the back of her throat. She removed her hand from the base of his shaft when her lips were able to reach were it had been and she reached between his legs and cupped Xander's balls, stroking them lightly but with a decisive touch and feeling the coarse hair against her palm.

Xander wasn't able to stop his hips from thrusting up on their own, even though he was fully aware at how far she was taking him into her mouth…into her throat. Then she noises started…the gulps from deep in her throat while she made a wet sucking vacuum out of her mouth, sucking up and down a few more times before stopping on a down stroke, holding him back deep in her throat and swallowing – the muscles squeezing around the throbbing swollen head of his member while her mouth kept the shaft in a warm hold.

All of his vocal responses were reduced to a groan and a strangled cry and he raised one hand to tangle his fingers in her hair. Faith sucked hard one last time before coming back up to the top and releasing him from her mouth, and Xander looked up in a near pained surprise. She led him in her hand and wiped at the faint string of his come that hung from her lip. "No touching," she said simply with a wicked smile and then dove back down.


She smiled and held him prone, cradling his shaft and sucking hard and lashing up and around the ridge and over the head when she pulled up and Xander felt that first jerk and pulse of his release. "Cummmm… I…" he gulped, "…I'm gonnaaa…" Everything in his body clenched, but Faith ignored him, lapped harder at him rougher and even though she caught the first expulsion of his cum she slid him back into her throat one last time and added a hummed.

It vibrated through the head and Xander's control snapped. He fisted Buffy's comforter and pulled it up as his orgasm tore through him – spurting hard and thick into Faith's mouth. It pulsed against the back of her throat and then filled her mouth where she pulled up to suck on his head. She rolled her tongue around the pulsing crown and coaxed the rest of his orgasm from him…got ever last drop when she slide her thumb up the underside with a light pressure and elicited one final spurt and loud cry.

Xander heard her mumble that she would be right back before the bed shifted and he was left alone. He honestly was too drowsily satisfied and out of it to completely comprehend that she had left him – apparently for the bathroom, since he heard the far off sound of the sink running –before she was back. He gulped and tried to turn away from her when Faith grabbed his flaccid cock and started a slow rhythmic pumping…growing more forceful with each pass and even grinning when he looked like he was in pain.

"Snap out of it, Harris." Faith told him when he finally mustered the wherewithal to reach for her forearm and stop her hand. "I thought you were a marathon man, the way your ex was talking you up."

Xander managed narrowed his eyes and pulled Faith down on top of him. He caught her surprised gasp with his lips and kissed her as hard as he could. She did her part in battling with him, kissing so hard that he knew that she was bruising his lips, biting and licking and probing deep with her tongue, all in an effort to one up him. He moved his hands up her sides and palmed both of her breasts while leaning up to continue the angry kiss. He squeezed and groped, pulled at the hard tips of her nipples and Faith kept grinding down into his eager hands – filling them with her heated flesh while rubbing her bare pussy against his thigh.

Xander was breathing hard through his nose as his erection returned… pressed against her hip and he rolled her over onto her back without breaking the kiss. He smothered her body with his much larger one and kept himself propped up on one arm while still playing with her breast with the other hand. He shifted to his side to settle his weight fully between her parted thighs, but Faith tensed beneath him, stopping his movement and slamming her head back away from the kiss and into the pillows.

"You know what your Pink Lace Princess has?" Her voice was full of a dark teasing tone. It took Xander a while to figure out what she was talking about and why she wouldn't let him push inside of her, but he managed a weak shake of his head. Faith grinned and pushed him hard enough to dislodge him from his position and Xander fell heavily and shocked to her side.

When he rolled over to look at what she was doing all he saw was Faith's toned back as she rummaged under Buffy's, now quite disheveled bed…oh man was the Slayer going to put her foot so far up his ass that…

Faith was smirking when she turned to face him again, a pair of black fuzzed hand cuffs hanging from her index finger. "I think B's hiding a frisky secret," she sang…and Xander gulped. Why would his Buffy have that? Did she use them ever? They weren't in a box or anything…

Xander throbbed and moaned at the thought of Buffy, naked and retrained on her bed…maybe waiting for him… "Whater ya gonna do with those?" he asked nervously while trying to concentrate on the present. Somehow he had the far off thought that letting Faith hand cuff him anywhere near where any of the Summers women, or Willow, or, God forbid, Giles or Spike, might find him.

"Sit up," she ordered, and pulled him without waiting for him to respond. She let him go when he took the hint and let him go. By the time Xander had settled on his knees, his dick jutting out towards her, he was watching Faith fasten one of the cuffs to her right wrist. "How do you want to do this?"

Xander looked on wide eyed and scratched his head in way of answer. Faith laughed at him and turned on her knees so that she was facing the wire headboard of Buffy's bed. "Like this," she answered for him. "Stop sitting around and fasten this."

He did as he was told and wrapped the cuffs through the bars and locked it to Faith's other wrist without saying a word. When he was done he was left staring at Faith's back as she was settled on her knees. Faith grinned over her shoulder and sat up, spreading her knees and exposing her ass and cunt to him from behind – locked in place in front of him.

"Well, do something Harris," she implored and then arched when he ran a heavy hand down smooth back. He squeezed her ass and yanked hard so that, with a groan, Faith opened more to him. "You gonna eat me out? B's gonna be back so…"

"I was thinking I'd just fuck you from behind," Xander cut her off and crawled up behind her. He covered her back with his body, his knees between hers keeping her legs far apart, and reaching around and feeling her hairless pussy. He slid it shakily up her stomach and massaged over her breast. When she moaned he leaned further over her body and caught her lips in a hard brief kiss.

Faith was fully engaged in his mouth when Xander reached between them, grabbed his rigid member, and without respite slid in into her silken opening from behind.

"Faith…" Xander pushed his hard length inside her immediately, completely surrounding himself with her body in one stoke with an appreciative groan. He began thrusting into her from behind, his dark eyes locked on the back of her glistening back while his hands maintained a bruising hold on her hips. It wasn't even about her being restrained already because of the hand cuffs – which were clanking against the iron bar they were fastened to with each thrust. It was about him being able to fit more of his needy length into her welcoming heat…him wanting to feel her come around him again, tighten wetly around his shaft and suck him with her inner muscles so hard that it made him go numb.

Xander dropped his head again and bit the skin on the side of her neck before licking it roughly. He moved his mouth all over he exposed throat as he picked up the speed of his hips. "Yoouu…you feel sooo…"

"Jesus Harris…" Faith ground out and pitched her head forward while she used his hands to increase her counter thrusts, "…shhhhutt upp. Fuck!"

Xander bit his lip and kept moving his hips in hard fast movements – driving into her body and listening to her moans intensify in time with the pump of his hips. He felt the slippery grip of her vaginal walls close on him spasmodically and gripped the back of her neck and held her bent down while his hips moved harder. Faster.

It didn't matter if she didn't want to talk. Faith was before, and for all her help, was still a pushy bitch…a tight hot unbelievably sexy…bitch, and every breath she took came out with a whimper. A high pitched keen that was second in amplitude only to the wet slap of the hips slapping against her ass. He wanted that sound more and her requested silence gave him the pleasure of hearing it more clearly. Hear what he was doing to her since her only vocal response were gasps and moans. He tried to imagine the faces she was making, even though he couldn't see it. Faith's wide range of expressions that relayed her pleasure helped to make up for her insistence that he not talk to her.

She was so wet…so wet that it made him not care. Hot sticky secretions that coated his cock and leaked out of her body. Her juices bathed his cock with each stroke and saturated his skin…skin that met hers over and over – spreading it…sharing them.

He kept the hard pace hard and fast – yanking her back to into his body and rotated his hips while he was inside of her. Faith released a load gravely groan and pushed down and back on his cock, and Xander smiled to himself. Faith's eyes rolled shut and she was glad that she wasn't facing him…he kept hitting the spot– the one that made her stomach feel all empty and tight and caused a sharp tingle of pleasure to shoot through her whole body, igniting it.

And he moved still harder, alternating short hard fast strokes with long, equally hard ones. He pounded into her… bent her over further, he wanted to dominate her. He let go of her hip with one hand, smoothing over her ass and then pulling it back – slapping the turned up cheek once to see how she would react. When she moaned and shoved back harder against him, Xander gave a mental grin and did it again, harder – smoothing over the pinkening skin briefly before repeating, over and over.

Xander bit his lip and moved faster. His hand left her ass and skated around to the front of her body and squeezed her right breast, pinching her nipple while his hips moved, still holding her…still hearing the metallic sound of metal on metal in front of him, but having it sound so distant because of the blood pounding in his ears.

Faith licked her lips and forced her hips and ass back in time with his forward thrusts – wanting him deeper inside her. She moaned as the action caused the head of his cock to push against her g-spot, smoothing over its area on his way in and out of her body, and then his hand was moving again, back to her pussy. Xander worked his fingers over her clit in hard fast circles, and he knew that she was tugging back against her restrictions…probably wishing that she hadn't even brought them up because it was co obvious that she wanted the freedom to move with him now. But she stopped herself short of breaking Buffy's bed and remained in her shackles.

The brunette Slayer went rigid suddenly. Her body slowing to hard sporadic jerks that were meant to keep Xander inside her sopping wet hold for mere seconds longer. She felt herself so close…Xander so deep and moving near violently. Not stopping… Faith's body jerked in response to his manipulations and she felt her body sucking and clenching at the hard flesh that was still plunging in and out of her with reckless abandon.

Her body slamming back into his hips and gyrating around his penetration. "Clo…close…gonna come…cumm."

Finally she acknowledged him, and Xander growled. Finally let his release begin to take him over.


Begging. Faith…Rouge Faith was begging him to finish her off and he had every intention of doing so. He knew he did as he listened to his blood pounding in his ears and felt…watched Faith shutter back against him one last time. Xander kept rotating his member in the hotly confining cavern and Faith's throbbing turned into a pounding. Blood coursing in her ears and her pussy while everything else in her body seemed to have gone numb. And she felt her body clench one final time around him just has he covered her back completely again – bending her over more and fastening his teeth lightly onto her shoulder.

The sun seemed to have exploded behind Faith's eyelids in a flash so bright in pure intensity that she had to shut her eyes against it. Her body was taut but spasming in an internal flurry of motion inside and she didn't try to fight the scream that shot out of her throat. Undignified and loud while she came all over and around him…felt him growl into her neck as he did the same. Felt him release inside of her while holding her hips flush and tight against his own while he exploded.

Xander's eye lids felt heavy while he rested his forehead against Faith's soft hair – sucking in breaths in vain attempts to recover and feeling himself slip wetly from inside of her. His thighs still pressed behind her gave him clue of the wetness that followed his retreat form her body, and he vaguely hoped he had enough time to change Buffy's sheets before she got home. "Did…" he sucked in a deep breath and bent more to kiss that back of Faith's neck. "…did you…get there…"

She was defiant as usual, yet somehow sounding slightly softer now. "I don't like people who fish for compliments." She fought a grin when Xander applied another kiss to the back of her neck. "B's gonna be back soon," she shifted her back away from Xander's lips and he didn't protest. "Undo these and then clean up while I get dressed."


Buffy was dead tired when she finally let herself into her house. Dawn was going on and on about wanting shoes or something, but the Slayer had hardly heard. She couldn't even enjoy any of the Chinese leftovers because Faith was eating them when she walked in.

At least Xander had come through and picked up her clothes. She'd at least have something to wear to work…later this morning.

Buffy cursed and fell face first onto her bed, reaching for Mr. Gordo in his customary place under her pillow when her arm slid through a damp spot. Her brow furrowed and Buffy pushed herself up to look, frowning suspiciously at the slightly darker area she saw right next to her pillow.

"Ok…" The Slayer let out an angry breath and slid off her bed. She looked down when her foot hit the floor and noticed her favorite stuffed animal lying half under her bed and she bent to pick it up. "What's going on here, Mr. Gordo. You haven't wet the bed since… some time we will never talk about…"

Buffy tossed the pig onto the bed and then paused – a flash of black fur peeking out from under her pillow catching her eye and she reached for it. Why would her furry cuffs not be in the secret spot… that she will never talk about?

Who was in her room? Wet spot…cuffs...she looked to her, now haphazardly arranged dresser…

"Ewwww…grosss…" she tossed the cuffs back onto the floor and fumed while heading to the door.


The End