Seduction of a Zeppo

Author: Greywolf <greywolfb[at]>

I don't own them Joss does I'm just playing with them for a little bit.

Spoilers: None

Pairing: K/W/X

Rating: NC-17 for language and descriptions

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Authors Notes: I was going to go my usual graphic sex route but when I got to the point to write it, it just seemed wrong so I left it open for your imagination.

"Willow, what's sex with a guy like?" Kennedy quietly asked the sweaty redhead she was laying on top of.

"Huh what huh? Willow squeaked.

"What's sex with a guy like. I know you've had a boyfriend before and I've seen your toys. So I know you like something other then tongues and fingers."

"Kennedy why are you asking me this?" Willow blushed. "I mean we've just had some of the most incredible sex I can remember and now you want to discuss what sex is like with men?"

"Well yeah. I mean, you know for all the talk I do and how forward I can be, you are the first person I've ever had sex with."

Willow looks down at the girl in shock. "No I didn't know! Why didn't you tell me I was your first I would have made it a really special night for you!"

"Willow you did make it special and I'm happy that you were my first." Kennedy whispered as she raised up and quickly kissed Willow stopping the redheads protests.

"Wai...t I mean hello! I was there Kennedy. Fingers were involved and there was no obstacle to my um... explorations." Willow responded, thinking back on her first time with the frisky brunette.

"Yeah that's one of the perks to years of horse back riding or gymnastics."

"Wow I got someone's virginity." Willow wondered out loud.

"Yes you did, you little sex kitten you." Kennedy giggled and kissed Willow again.

"Now that that's settled can we get back to my original question? What's sex with a guy like?" Kennedy asks again snuggling in on Willow's chest.

"Ok let me think cause it's been a couple of years." The redhead states while crinkling up her brow and is quiet for a minute.

"Well first of all the mechanics are different." Willow starts.

"Willow I'm not stupid I know that there are differences between boys and girls." Kennedy said stopping the witch's clinical description.

"Do you want me to tell you or not, cause if you do I've got to do it my way ok?" Willow huffs.

"Ok I'm sorry, please continue."

"Uppity teens." Willow teases and kisses the top of Kennedy's head.

"Like I said the mechanics are different. With guys, or for me just Oz, they aren't as soft as women." Willow feels the brunette frown against her chest.

"What I mean is the muscles and stuff are more pronounced ok. And there is the fact that they don't shave certain areas like legs and stuff. A three day shadow on their face is really scratchy, feels great on your back but on an inner thigh? No thank you." Willow hugs Kennedy a little tighter as she feels the potential slayer giggle at her declaration.

"And their hands... "Willow trails off thinking of Oz's hands on her body and shivers. "Their hands are generally bigger. Oz was just as tall as me but his hands could swallow up mine when he held them. They're rougher too. He had these most incredible calluses on the tips of his fingers. When he twirled them over my little... oh you get the idea." Willow blushed.

"No I don't, please tell." Kennedy responds huskily.

"Lets just say your tongue piercing? Oz's fingers were right up there with that."

Willow rolled out from under the younger girl and leaned off the side of the bed. She rummaged through the bottom drawer of her night stand and pulls out a six inch vibrator. She then snuggles back up to Kennedy and hands the hard plastic phallus to the girl.

"Now feel how hard that is? Well a real penis can get like that. But that's about all they have in common. See that's cold, rigid, and not very friendly. Oh it gets the job done but its really not the same. A real penis is warm and pliable. While just as hard as that thing its also soft and yielding, kinda like a stake wrapped in velvet."

Kennedy laughs at Willow's description. "I can't believe you just used that analogy Willow." The teen giggles.

"Well like I was saying," Willow continues grinning like a Cheshire cat, "a real penis is warm and stuff. But that's not all. See it's attached to someone you want to be having sex with. That's the real difference between toys and the real thing. And when a guy is in you, you feel oh so stretched out and full. For me it was like when Oz was in me I was full of his love. Corny huh."

"Not at all Willow, sounds nice actually." The potential slayer responds.

"Anyways, you feel all full and there's places in you that a penis hits when you're having sex that shoots jolts of pleasure through you that fingers just don't reach. Now that plastic thing you're holding can hit those spots too, but when it does its more like pain then pleasure. I don't know why but it just does. Then there are the orgasms. They're different too. Not saying they're better or anything like that, just different. When you're clenching around a penis its feels different then around a couple of fingers. There's no voids your muscles have to fill. See squeeze that dildo and then squeeze two of your fingers. Now imagine that's your pussy doing the squeezing. See what I mean?" Willow asks seeing the thoughtful look cross Kennedy's face as she does what Willow asked.

"Yeah I get it, I think." Kennedy answers.

"So any thing else you want to know?"

Kennedy ducks her head and asks. "Um when the guy cums, is it like really yucky like I've been told?"

Willow laughs. She can't believe her tough, potential slayer, girlfriend just asked that question. "No sweetie its not yucky. It actually feels really good when a guy shoots his hot, sticky, cum up against the back of your pussy."

The brunette's head shoots up and with wide eyes states, "Damn that was descriptive! I cant imagine what that feels like though."

"Well like I said before it feels like love. Now it's my turn to ask you a question. Why the sudden interest in guy sex?"

"You're gonna hate me..." Kennedy starts.

"What you gonna break up with me cause you're all hot over some guy?"

"NO! its nothing like that Willow! No I was just wondering what I might miss out on if this thing with the First goes all wrong."

"Ok that I can understand. My first time was on the eve of another apocalypse. But are you sure that's all there is to it? Cause if there's a guy." Willow trails off.

"You promise not to yell at me?"

"Kennedy just say what's on your mind."

"Well there is a guy I find fascinating."

"Someone in this house? Cause if it's Andrew? You're sleeping on the floor." Willow halfway jokes.

"Oh god no!" Kennedy starts to giggle. "You know, I actually can see Andrew having this same conversation with you. Just without the naked snuggles, of course." Kennedy laughs and Willow joins in.

"Yeah he is pretty effeminate isn't he?"

"Please, put that boy in Frisco and he'd blend right in." They both giggle some more.

"No the guy who fascinates me is Xander. He's so strong and helpful around here. He hardly complains about anything. But he doesn't have to do it, all of this! He's just a regular guy who helps us save the world. I don't know why he doesn't just run screaming into the night to get away from all this evil. You know what? The other day I saw him actually kiss another potential's scraped knee and whisper that it may not be as good as a "mom" kiss but he hoped it helped. It was so sweet! And what's up with Buffy! I know she's your best friend and all, but the way she treats him? It's, it's criminal! And to do what, spend time with her pet VAMPIRE! I don't get it. He's just so nice, and sweet, and strong...." Kennedy trails off as she catches the look in Willow's eyes. "What?"

"You've got it bad girl." Willow chuckles. "I know somebody in the market for some Xander-loving!"

"That is so not true Willow. I'm with you and I want to be with you."

"Be that as it may, you still have it bad for my Xander shaped friend." Willow giggles as she taps the brunette on the tip of the nose.

"Do you hate me?"

"No I don't hate you Kennedy. Why would I hate you for seeing the same things in him that I see?" Willow hugs her arms around the younger girl.

"So what are we gonna do about it?"

"About what?" The confused redhead responds.

"About Xander. He needs to know he's appreciated around here and not just taken for granted."

"I don't understand, Xander knows he's appreciated." Willow answers halfway on the defensive.

"No I don't think he does. The only people who try to talk to him about stuff other then, what are we going to do about the evil preacher man or the First, is Anya or Andrew. And he ignores Andrew as much as physically possible. Everyone else is so wrapped up in whether or not they're going to die in the next five minutes to even care. That potential I saw him comforting? She didn't even say thank you to him when he was done bandaging up her cuts. She acted like it was just his job. So no Willow I don't think he feels appreciated at all."

Willow tries to remember the last meaningful conversation she had with him and for the life of her she can't remember anything recent. Her eyes fill with tears as she realizes she too has neglected Xander's feelings.

"I don't know what we're gonna do, but you're right we need to do something." Willow responds as a lone tear streaks down her cheek.


The next morning Willow awakens to find Kennedy quietly watching her sleep.

"Good morning sleepy head. Its about time you woke up." Kennedy states when she sees the redhead's eyes open.

"What time is it?" Willow quietly mumbles.

"Oh only about eight in the morning."

"What are you doing up so early and how long have you been watching me?"

"I couldn't sleep and I've only been watching you for about five minutes or so. Did you know you make the cutest little snoring noises?"

"I do not snore, and yes Xander's told me that before." Willow pouted.

"So Xander told you did he? Is there a story in there somewhere I'd really like to hear? Maybe some sordid details about your past I might find interesting?" Kennedy asks with a certain gleam in her eye.

"Nope no stories just friend stuff is all."

"Darn I was hoping for naughty details. So no naughty details right?"

Willow laughs. " No, well there was this one time I came on to him wearing only one of his flannel shirts." Willow grinned.

"Huh? And why did you do that? A very interested Kennedy asked.

"It was the result of a love spell gone bad. Really bad. Xander had all the women of Sunnydale hot for his body. It wasn't that funny at the time but now that I think about it was pretty funny."

"And you cast this spell?"

"No it wasn't me, it was Amy. You remember her. She's the girl you met at that Wicca group."

"Yeah I remember her alright. She's the one who made you turn into Warren, the bitch."

"Well we don't have to worry about Amy any more. When you found out and told me what she did, I went back to that little group and told them what she had done. So they put a binding spell on her and poof no more bad Amy mojo from now on."

"Good because I really didn't like her." Kennedy grumbled.

"Yeah I liked her a whole hell of a lot better when she was just a rat." Willow giggled.

"Excuse me? Did you say a rat?"

"Oh yeah! Amy was a rat for like three years. Had her own little Habitrail and everything." Kennedy laughs at the mental picture of Amy running laps on one of those little hamster wheels.

"Well come on let's get up before the troops wipe out all the breakfast stuff downstairs." She giggles and pulls Willow off the bed. She tugs the redhead towards the bathroom where they seriously deplete the hot water supply in the house.

The couple enter the kitchen and find some of potentials already eating, and Xander leaning up against the fridge watching as the girls tear through several boxes of cereal.

Kennedy strolls over to him, stands on her tippy toes and kisses him on the cheek. "Good morning Xander." She whispers to the stunned young man.

"Uh m-morning?" He stutters back.

Kennedy flashes him a huge smile and proceeds over to the counter to get herself a bowl so she could help the other potentials finish slaying the box of Cocoa Puffs.

Willow quietly chuckles to herself as she watches her girlfriend cozy up to her oldest and dearest friend. 'This just might be fun.' The witch thinks to herself as she mimics her girlfriends previous actions.

Xander stands rooted in the same spot. He has a wickedly goofy grin on his face when Willow steps back away from kissing him.

"And how is this morning treating you Xander?" The redhead asks.

"It just keeps getting better and better Wills. You and Kennedy seem to be in high spirits today. What's up?" he responds.

"Why does there have to be anything up for me to wish you a good morning?"

"Well it's not every morning that I get kissed by two beautiful women right in the row so forgive me when I ask what's up." Xander chuckles.

"Oh you think my girlfriend's beautiful do ya?" Willow teases. "Well I have it on a good authority she thinks you're pretty nifty yourself." The redhead giggles as she watches Xander blush.

"Now how about you moving over there for a minute," Willow points to a spot next to Kennedy, "so I can get into the fridge. What do you say I make us some scrambled Eggs-ala-Willow. Would you like that for breakfast Xan?"

Xander just nods while thinking of Willow's world class scrambled eggs then moves over and sits where Willow pointed to.

"So Xander what's on your agenda for today?" Kennedy asks between bites.

"Oh I don't know. I haven't got anything planned. What with the construction site closed down and everything. I don't have a job to go to. So I'll probably just hang around here and do what ever needs to be done."

"Well that doesn't sound like any fun." Kennedy frowns quickly, then her face perks up. "Hey! Willow said you had an apartment not far from here. You could like go and get some of your stuff and maybe make a little spot around here your own! Me and Willow could even help, if you want us to that is."

Willow had been quietly listening in on their conversation while frying up some bacon. She sets it aside to drain, then starts the eggs and some toast before joining in. "That does sound like a pretty good idea Xander. You know you've been cooped up in here for while and I'm sure your mail box is probably stuffed full by now."

A potential tries to sneak a piece of bacon and gets swatted by Willow and her deadly spatula. "Get back! Cereal for the troops this bacon is Xander's so no stealing!" Willow admonishes the young girl. To make a point she picks up a piece, walks over to Xander, and feeds him the tasty strip.

"Now how about that trip to your apartment?" Willow asks ignoring the hateful glares all the girls, except Kennedy, throw at her.

"Yeah I guess we could do that Wills." An astonished Xander starts. "But what about Buffy how's she gonna react with you and Kennedy taking some time off?"

"She'll either say it's ok or she'll just have to get over it, I guess." Willow answers as she dishes out the scrambled eggs, puts all of the bacon and toast on the plate and sets it in front of him.

"Where's yours Wills?" Xander asks curiously when Willow sits next to him opposite of Kennedy.

"Oh I'm not all that hungry. I'll get a muffin or something when we go out. I want a real mocha anyways." She replies.

Kennedy stands, "Well if we're leaving Casa del Slayer I'm gonna go put on some girl clothes. We don't get to wear them all that often around here with training and all that." She leans around Xander and kisses Willow then quickly kisses him on the cheek again. "I'll be upstairs when ever you two are ready to leave ok?"

Willow and Xander both nod and the young girl leaves the room.

"Ok Wills what the hell is up? I mean kisses by you and Kennedy, my all time favorite breakfast, planning a day away from here, so I ask again what the hell is going on?" Xander asks when he and Willow are alone in the kitchen.

"Nothing Xander really. We just wanted to be nice is all. I haven't been the best friend in a long time and I just wanted to do something special, be your Willow again ok?' Willow replies in a shaky voice.

Xander puts down his fork and hugs Willow tightly. "Ok Wills I'm sorry for being jumpy. It's just I'm kinda not used to people being nice around here is all."

"Oh Xander I'm sorry I haven't been here for you. It's just with me going all "Grrrrr" not to long ago and with the trip to England, I've just been a tad preoccupied."

"It's ok Wills I understand. It's just," Xander looks around for potentials then continues in a whisper, "most of these girls are spoiled brats! I swear there's at least five Cordy juniors in the bunch. They're always bickering and fighting over who gets what sleeping bag or who spent five minutes extra in the bathroom. My god it's driving me nuts. And if I hear one more girl playing with herself in the middle of the night when she thinks everyone's asleep, I'll, I'll rupture my own damned eardrums! So just between you and me I'm tickled shitless that your girlfriend came up with a plan to get me the hell away from here for a little while."

Willow had covered her mouth holding back her laughter at the start of Xander's little rant. When he was finished, Willow burst into a fit of giggles that wouldn't quit. "Oh I missed you Xander! Only you can make me laugh like this!" The redhead wraps her arms around Xander's neck. "I'm gonna take Kennedy's lead and go change into some girl clothes." Willow then kisses his cheek again and leaves him to finish his Eggs-ala-Willow.


Kennedy and Willow enter the apartment when Xander unlocks the door. He couldn't believe what the nineteen year old potential slayer thought represented girl clothes. She was dressed in a slutty red catholic school girl costume. She even had her hair pulled into two pony tails and bought a lollipop when they stopped for Willow's mocha. And Willow was wearing a matching costume to Kennedy's except hers was green.

"When you two said you were changing into girl clothes I didn't expect little girl clothes." Xander exclaimed as he watched the girls enter his home.

"What you don't like them Xander?" Kennedy pouted as she teasingly licked on her sucker and twisted her toe into the carpet.

Xander flushed at the sexual undertones in the potential's actions. 'If she wants to play games well I can play them too' he thought to himself.

"You know, if I didn't know any better I'd swear someone was looking to get a spanking." Xander didn't miss the flash of desire that flickered in Kennedy's eyes and for that matter neither did Willow.

"What... Do you want to play the mean head master while I," she glances at a wide eyed Willow and smiles, " I mean we play the naughty school girls?" Kennedy volleyed the challenge back.

Willow watched the verbal exchange as if it were a tennis match. Her head bobbing in the direction of each speaker as they lobbed innuendos back and forth.

Xander turns towards Willow and grins. "Is that what you want to be Wills? A naughty school girl?" Surprise attack into the witch's court!

"Eeep!" Willow squeaked but she recovered quicker then either Xander of Kennedy expected.

"No I think I want to play the head master's lusty secretary. Need any dictation taken Xander?" Over hand slam back to Xander.

Xander and Kennedy just stare at the grinning redhead. "Point to Wills nice comeback." Xander exclaims while clapping.

"Does that mean I don't get spanked?" Kennedy teases.

Willow walks over to her girlfriend and playfully pats her on the rump. Her hand slips quickly under the hem of the super-short skirt to pat her lovers panty covered buns. But instead of panties her hand caresses bare booty and Willow jerks her hand back and stares into Kennedy's eyes.

"You are a naughty girl aren't you?"

"Yup so don't ever forget it." Kennedy grins back.

"What's the matter Wills? You've got a weird look on your face." Xander asks.

"Um uh nothing?" the redhead stammers.

"I dare you to tell him." Kennedy whispers in her ear.

"You're kidding right? You really don't want me to tell him that do you?" Willow incredulously asks.

I DARE YOU!" The brunette challenges.

"You are so in trouble missy." Willow grins and stares straight into Kennedy's eyes. "Xander? Kennedy wants me to tell you something. She really is a naughty girl and really wants you to paddle her behind. Do you know why she needs a spanking? Well probably not because then you'd need one too for peaking up under her skirt. No Kennedy needs one because she forgot to put on any panties before we left the house!" Challenge met.

"Oh that." Xander calmly replies. "I already knew that Wills. I saw her adjusting certain um things in my rear view mirror while I was fixing it. Oh and by the way, very nice. Two thumbs up on the bald beaver!" Xander grins in the blushing brunettes direction.

"Were you flashing Xander?" Willow asks sternly and puts her hands on her hips.

"If I say yes do I get spanked? Oh and he peeked can we spank him too?" Kennedy laughs and points at Xander.

"Enough with the spanking! What's going on you guys I feel like I'm in the middle of something and I haven't a clue as to what it is!" Xander groans.

"Ok Xander sit down. We'll tell you what's up."

"See!!! This morning I knew something was up! But you said no there's nothing up Xander, just being a friend Xander, now you're saying something's up!" Xander rants.

"He's even more adorable when he gets flustered." Kennedy giggles.

"You should see him in full blown confusion. It took every ounce of my will power not to grab him up and kiss him when ever that happened back in high school. It still sets my pulse racing now."

"Huh?" was all Xander could say

"Houston we have confusion! See? Look at that face don't you just want to kiss him all over?" Willow squeals.

"Willow what's going on?" Xander sighs and cradles his head in his hands.

Willow scoots over closer to him on the couch and takes a deep breath.. "Ok please don't get angry or anything but Kennedy and I had a long talk last night about certain things. One of which was you and how you didn't get any respect or appreciation from anyone in the house other then Anya. Well I thought she was wrong at first but then I tried to remember one conversation me and you have had that didn't involve anything hellmouthy. Xander I couldn't remember the last time we were just Willow and Xander and I started to cry. You have always been there for me and I've let you down. Hell you stopped my mega- Grrrrr episode and I haven't done anything for you in return. Well Kennedy thought we should do something to let you know we do appreciate you and I honestly thought it was a good idea. I didn't know she had planned on giving you a beaver shot," Xander's looks up at Willow and grins. "But I'm not angry that she did. You see the other thing we talked about was that she was a virgin when we got together. Kinda through me for a loop too. Well she wanted to know about sex with a guy. I tried to explain it to her the best way I could, and that's when you came up. I asked her why she was all interested in guy sex and she was afraid I'd get mad at her but I made her tell me anyways. So she tells me that you fascinate her and she was all "he's just so nice, and sweet, and strong," and she was all dreamy eyed while she talked about you. And that's when I figured out that Kennedy wants some Xander-loving. But she was all no ,no, no that's not true but it is, uh... my little girlfriend kinda has it pretty bad for you by the way if you haven't already figured it out yet. Well this morning when she kissed you I thought it was sweet and so I followed her lead, and then she went and changed into that outfit and I thought it was so cute on her and she gave me this one and that's how we got to spankage just a minute ago and ok I'm shutting up now." Willow finished and gasped in a huge breath.

"Kennedy? Has anyone warned you that when you get on The Willow Babble-Coaster that you need to keep your hands and feet in the car at all times, and not to try to stand up until it comes to a complete stop?" Xander laughed.

"Um... no, but I think I'm starting to figure that one out on my own. I can't believe she just told you all of that!" Kennedy answers staring at Willow's blushing face.

"That's our Wills. Wind her up and let her go and you'll never know where she'll end up."

Xander stands and goes to the kitchen. He comes back with three Pepsi's and passes them out. Xander opens his takes a large drink then asks, "Ok what do you want from me?"

Both girls look at him in puzzlement and try to figure out exactly what he just asked.

"Um Xander I don't really understand what you're asking?" Willow asks with a furrowed brow.

"Well Willow," Xander starts stretching out her name, "let's see if I got this straight. You and Kennedy act all different at breakfast, then lure me away from Buffy's house with you two dressed all skimpy like, and then you tell me that Kennedy has the hots for me. which I guess is true because of the deliberate beaver shot out in the car and the open flirting that's been going on in here. So I ask again what do you want from me?"

"I'm not really sure we're asking for anything, are we Kennedy?" And don't say a spanking either!" Willow clarifies.

"I don't know I guess I'm really not asking for anything either. I'm just scared I guess. What I said last night was the truth Willow. I do wonder what I'll miss out on if the First wins. I mean I'm just nineteen. I like girls but some times I wonder what being with a guy would be like. What I guess I'm saying is I don't think I'm exclusively gay because I have these thoughts and stuff." Kennedy sniffles and swipes at her eyes. "Jeesh look at me! Tough potential slayer chick crying because she's afraid she'll never get to find out about life before she dies! I'm so pathetic! I'm sorry Xander we were supposed to be cheering you up not unloading all this crap on you!" Kennedy breaks down and starts sobbing.

"Wills you mind?" Xander asks the redhead and takes the crying teen in his embrace when he sees her shake her head no. Xander hugs Kennedy's small frame to his chest and whispers words of comfort to her and it helps soothe her nerves. After a few minutes Kennedy calms but doesn't try to pull out of Xander's strong arms. She raises her head off his chest and sees Willow smiling at her.

"I see why you and Buffy run to this guy for comforting all the time. This feels nice."

"Its all part of the service little lady." Xander quips.

"No Xander it's not." Kennedy states angrily as she pushes herself out of Xander's hug. " See this is what we talked about last night. Me and willow that is. It's not part of any service. You're to special to label what you do as a service. I'm gonna tell you something Xander that's probably gonna make you uncomfortable but I don't care right now. I saw you with that spoiled little brat the other day. You know the one, you kissed her scraped knee?"

Xander blushes knowing he was caught being more then just Mr. Band- aid man.

"Well she figures what you did was part of *Your* service. When she didn't even say thanks to you I wanted to go in there and beat the crap out of her. You know why I didn't? Well because it would have embarrassed you and probably pissed you off."

"I'm not the one you've got to worry about pissing off Ken, Buffy's that person." Xander interrupts.

"Oh please! Don't even get me started on miss all-high and mighty. I piss her off all the time. And that's the point I'm trying to make Xander. I don't care that I piss Buffy off, I do care if I piss you off!" Kennedy emphatically states.

"How come we never get to see this side of you back at the house? I mean this a good side, not the whole "Hots for the Xan-man side" but this passionate side. Not that the "Hots for Xan-man side" doesn't intrigue me." Xander chuckles and pats his lap unconsciously for the young brunette to sit on.

Willow gets a knowing smirk on her face as she watches Kennedy crawl up on Xander's lap and flip her skirt out from under her butt. Then watches as her girlfriend wiggles around a little to get more comfortable. Kennedy glances over at the grinning redhead and knows she just got caught being naughty.

Willow stands and heads towards the bathroom. "I'll be right back you two so behave." She declares and wags her finger at the pair on the couch.

"What did she mean by that? Of course we'll behave its not like you're gonna jump me or anything in the five minutes she's in there right?" Xander jokes to the shapely potential sitting in his lap.

"No nothing like that. I'd never jump your bones with Willow in the next room." Kennedy purrs as she wraps her arms around Xander's neck.

"Uh Kennedy what are you doing?" He asks indicating the position of her arms.

"Oh just getting comfy it doesn't bother you does it?"

"Nope not at all. I just know that Wills is one of those people you don't want to get jealous is all. " he responds.

"Why would she get jealous you're not gonna jump me in the five minute she's in there right?" She mockingly replies. "Oh and who's is she going to be jealous of? We talked about other things last night we haven't told you yet! Like the fact she said and I quote, "I don't hate you Kennedy, Why would I hate you for seeing the same things in him that I see." And that was after she figured out I had the hots for you." Kennedy says with a devilish grin on her lips. "Can I tell you a secret Xander?" The brunette whispers. "I think that if Willow could get past that little double standard going on in that pretty little head of hers that says she's either gay or straight depending on who she's with at the moment? I think she might actually enjoy seeing me and you goof off a little and maybe even join in."

Willow walks back in the room and has a cat that ate the canary grin on her face. Kennedy spots her over Xander's shoulder and gives the redhead a questioning look. Willow smiles as she opens her little purse and holds up a wadded up ball of fabric. Kennedy still doesn't get it and Willow un-wads the ball of cloth. The beautiful young girls eyes open wide in disbelief as she sees the smirking redhead holding up the panties she just removed in the bathroom. Willow quickly balls them back up and shoves them back into her bag.

"Did you two behave while I was gone?" The witch asks as she makes her presence known to Xander.

"Nope sure didn't Wills. Your girlfriend threw me down on the floor and had her way with me. I feel so used." Xander joked.

"Did you take pictures Kennedy? You know I said no using of the Xander with out taking pictures."

"We forgot the camera at home sorry no pictures."

"Well I guess I'll let you slide this time." Willow responds as she flops down on the couch next to Xander and the adorable brunette. Kennedy kicks her feet up and puts her legs in willows lap as Xander twists slightly so his back is slouching into the corner of the couch. The teen reclines back into his chest, picks up Xander's arms and wraps them around her waist.

"You two are getting awfully friendly." Willow chuckles as she takes in the position Xander and Kennedy are sitting in.

"You don't mind do you?" Kennedy asks. "It's just he's so warm and snuggly and I feel safe like this."

"No I don't mind. I've sat just like that many times in the past Kennedy and I know exactly what you're talking about." Willow smiles at the girl.

"I think I'll start calling you my Xander-bear." The teen giggles and turns, kissing Xander on the cheek.

"Oh god please don't call me that!" Xander laughs and Willow joins in. She looks into Xander's eyes and says one word. "Cordy?" Then really starts laughing as he nods and a deep blush creeps over his features.

"Who's Cordy?" Kennedy asks.

"I'll let you handle this one Wills, after all you are the president of the now defunct *I hate Cordelia Chase with a blinding white passion fan club*." Xander chuckles.

"Well sweetie you know how you're always saying you're a brat? Well Cordy was a brat spawned in the deepest recesses of hell. Oh and she was Xander's high school sweetheart. Well she was until she caught Xander and me kissing that is." Willow answers.

"So let me guess she called you Xander-bear huh?" Kennedy asks snuggling deeper into Xander's embrace.

"Not in public she didn't. I think the nicest thing Queen C. ever called me in public was "Looser Geek". No she called me Xander-bear in our heated explorations of Sunnydale High's many janitorial closets." Xander chuckles at his memories.

Kennedy stiffens for a split second then turns to Willow. "Wait did you say until she caught you two kissing? I thought you said their wasn't any details from you past I'd find interesting!"

"Uh... Oops?" Willow squeaks.

"You mean you never told your girlfriend about the Fluke and the ensuing fluking moments? Willow Rosenberg I am shocked at you!" Xander says playfully and hugs the girl in his arms tighter as she giggles. "Oh yeah Kennedy many smoochies were had by me and our favorite redhead over there. Hot steamy ones. You know the kind right? The melt asphalt on the highway type kisses. At least that's how they were to me anyways. She'll probably deny it but I think I melted her asphalt just a little too." Xander finishes and kisses the teen on the temple.

Kennedy shivers at the sudden presence of his lips on her and Xander chuckles at her response. "Wow guess I still got it."

Willow stroked Kennedy's legs in her lap absentmindedly while she watched her lover and best friend snuggle each other. She never noticed when the hem of her own little skirt got hiked up around her waist. Xander looked over at Willow's hands as they caressed the younger girls legs and did a double take when he noticed Willow's absence of panties. He also remembered that the girl snuggling in his lap was dressed in a similar state. Xander also noticed how her skirt wasn't under her ass which meant he had naked teen flesh pressing into his lower regions and they got the signal from his brain at the same moment.

"I hate to bring this subject back up guys but..." Xander squeaked. "Uh... Wills honey um are you looking to get a spanking too? Because you said Kennedy needed spanked because she didn't have on panties. A fact I just now remembered, and uh... Wills? Um... I can see that your not wearing any either."

Kennedy sits up quickly in his lap and looks over at the seriously blushing redhead. She too sees the object of Xander's current fascination and starts giggling. Willow looks down and sees her naked little cleft peaking out from under her bunched up skirt.

"Oh damn." Willow whispers and Xander and Kennedy burst out laughing.

The brunette falls back against Xander's chest and he instantly wraps his arms back around her. She wiggles her butt around a little and giggles again.

"Yep I can tell you just remembered I didn't have on any panties. Or is what I feel a response to a more visual stimuli?" Kennedy purrs.

"Um probably both, and I have no clue as to what you're talking about young lady." Xander responds in an uncanny Giles impersonation.

"What are you two talking about?" Willow asks while never adjusting the hem of her skirt to a more respectable position.

"Xander's lap just got a whole lot lumpier and I was asking him what might have been the cause of it." Kennedy laughs.

"Oh... OH!" Willow replies as her eyes open wide in recognition.

"Hey! I don't remember that ever happening when I sat in your lap like that Xander." Willow exclaims.

Well Wills? I don't ever remember you sitting in my lap with a short skirt on and no panties either." He shoots back.

"Well there is that. Ok move you hussy. I want some Xander snuggles now." Willow playfully tells Kennedy. The teen straddles Xander's legs and slowly slides off Xander's lap making sure he gets an eyeful of her tight ass when she stands. Then the frisky brunette moves over and sits on the other side of the grinning witch.

Without the teen in his lap Xander slides down further on the couch so he's more reclining then sitting in it's corner. Willow throws her leg over his and he has an unobstructed view under her skirt as she kneels on either side of his hips as she faces him and sits back down where Kennedy had just vacated.

"How long has it been Xander since we've sat like this?" Willow asks as she pulls her knees up on either side of his hips.

"Honestly Wills? I think this is the first time we've actually sat in this particular position. Now you on my lap I think its been over a year." Xander replies as his hands naturally migrate to her hips.

"Over a year? Damn what have I been thinking! You have such a comfy lap too." She grins evilly. "Even with that pesky speed bump running down the length of your zipper."

Kennedy's face flushes as she witnesses Willow blatantly exposing herself to Xander's gaze. Her jaw actually drops as she sees her girlfriend grind her hips in little circles on Xander's lap. "Willow?" The teen squeaks.

"Yeah sweetie?" the redhead responds.

"Um what are you doing? I mean yeah I can see what you're doing but um can I help?"

Xander holds up his hand and silences the two girls. "Ok," he huskily starts, "I know I'm probably going to regret asking this question for the rest of my life, but I have to know this before we get any more carried away. Did you two plan all of this", he waves his hands around to mean what's now happening, "or did this all happen spontaneously?"

Kennedy leans over and kisses him softly on the cheek "The panty idea in the car was planned but everything else wasn't."

Willow leans in and kisses Xander on the lips. "I didn't plan anything, even the no panties. I took mine off when I went to the bathroom a little while ago. So the answer to your question is no we didn't plan for all these snuggly moments and I hope we aren't finished with them either."

Xander's face lights up in the most wonderful smile the two girls have seen all day. "You know, that's the first time I've ever asked a question like that and got the right answer?" The girls giggle. "So if we're gonna continue the snuggles can I have a real kiss from Kennedy? I just have to know what that pierced tongue feels like!"


The laughing trio enters the slayer's kitchen via the backdoor and are instantly accosted by a screaming blonde tornado.

"XANDER! Where the hell have you been! I've needed your help all damn day! The downstairs toilet's been backed up since noon and I needed you to fix it! Now why the hell didn't you ASK me if you could disappear for an afternoon!" Buffy screamed as she backed the man up against the wall.

Willow and Kennedy watch silently as Xander's shoulders start to sag and see his defeated posture return replacing the happy, laughing one they worked on all day to give him.

"I'm sorry Buff. I know I..." Xander starts to apologies then stops, straightens his shoulders and begins again. "Wait, I'm not sorry I got away from this hell hole for a little while! First off," Xander jabs his finger in the slayer's chest, "what gave you the idea I NEED your approval to do a god damned thing Buffy! If I want to leave and go goof off I can! And I don't need you to tell me its ok to do it!" "Second I'm not your slave!" Punctuated with another jab with his finger. "You don't have the right to just order me around! I'll do what ever I damn well please! If I want to fix the toilet? Then I'll fix the toilet. Not because you tell me to! I'll do it because it needs doing. Third," Xander roughly pushes Buffy away from him, "You need to have a talk with all of your wanna-be slayers and tell them to quit flushing their fucking used tampons down the toilet! Then maybe I wouldn't have to fix the damn thing every other day! And another thing! I know you're a blonde Buffy but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know how a plunger works! Now get out of my way so I can go put on my lowly handy man clothes and go fix the damn thing!" He shoves Buffy to the side and storms out of the kitchen.

"Andrew! Put down that fucking comic book and follow me!" Everyone could hear Xander yelling from somewhere inside the house.

The blonde starts to follow him when Willow grabs her by the arm and spins her around. "Oh you just fucked up royally Buffy! We've just spent the better part of the day trying to make him feel appreciated around here and you go and pull a stunt like this? You don't deserve him. I cant believe you! You couldn't let him have one minute of peace could you? No you had to be the Almighty Slayer and go look at me, look at me! Well Buffy I am looking and I really don't like what I see right now! If I were you I'd stay as far away from Xander as I could because you DON'T want to piss me off any more then I am right now! Come on Kennedy let's go see if we can repair any of the damage that's been done before he kills Andrew!"

Buffy grabs Willow's arm to try to apologize and the furious witch snaps her head around and the blonde stares into solid black orbs.

"Back off Bitch!" willow screams and jerks her arm free. She and Kennedy then leave to go to find out where Xander went.

"Damn B." Buffy hears from behind her.

"Faith don't you start in on me too."

"Wasn't gonna, I'm just really impressed! In less then five minutes you've managed to totally piss off half of your command crew. My hats off to you babe. I didn't think it was possible for you to piss Red off that bad. Hell I thought I was the only one who could do that to her, but now I guess not."

Buffy turns towards her sister slayer standing in the door. She sees all of the potentials standing behind Faith, listening in the back yard.

"Yeah they heard it all too B." Faith proclaims as she motions to the girls behind her with a head jerk. "And Buffy? Willow's right you did fuck up bad this time. You just turned into his dad." Faith turns her back on the blonde and closes the door behind her, leaving the Slayer alone in the kitchen to think.

End Fin Fini?