Shades of Grey

Author: Alex DarkFire <eternitynchaos[at]>

Warning likely to be fairly Dark in places

ok people one and all, since some liked the previous part if you will heres the start of the next Arc, Ten if this gets to the point where its not ment for here, please tell me ^_^ I'm not the sort that will be offended, well one with the story.

<Once more my Id has been let out of his cell, if I don't let him out now and then he gets cranky and scares my Muse -_-;;>

Summary: A gift received, Vengeance to deliver and a life to put back together, damn you would think that after the Hell Mouth things would be a little bit easier for Ol'Xander.

Crossover: I'm not telling, take a guess.

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Disclaimer: Yeah, like I'd own anything but this idea, and even that I just have squatters rights to ^_^;;

Music I'm writing to: Avenger by Amon Amarth


Xander rested his head against the bus window, Anyas body was in the storage space in a body bag 'how sad is that, we actually have the damn things now' and he was playing pillow for the only person who still gave a damn about him anymore, or at least that's how it looked to him.

He looked down at the sleeping woman by his side and smiled slightly as she snored softly, at least someone was at peace at the moment, Emperor Buffy and her right hand Darth Willow seemed to be swinging from angst to anger, most of the anger directed at him for reasons he still wasn't sure of, most likely surviving while the "Special" people died, Spike for example. 'Why did I even bother bringing her back to life the first time, let alone the second time.' He grumbled to himself causing Dawn to shift slightly before going to sleep again. 'Oh right, the second time at least had a better reason then the first, damn teenage lust and stupidity.'

Faith and Wood both seemed to not care all that much if he was here or not, which if he was honest with himself was likely not as bad as it could be. Giles still viewed him as little more then an annoyance, the various newly empowered Slayers had started to fall into Buffys way of thinking that if you didn't have power you were not worth listening to, which now that he thought about it would likely make the job Giles would have trying to train them difficult because somehow he didn't see Herr Buffy taking time out of her busy schedule to do so, maybe Faith would help, hell who knows maybe a miracle would occur and Slayers world wide would suddenly start using what little brains they had. 'Hmmm, nah not going to happen any time soon, maybe one or two but the rest are likely just going to slip into Crush, Kill, Destroy mode and damn the thinking, after all there stronger, faster and more bitchy then mortal woman why should they have to bother with something as painful as thinking.'

Dragging himself away from that line of thought before he hurt himself or someone else he began scanning across the other passengers finally laying eyes on the newly elected 'Harris Enemy Number One' now that Spike has done the world a two favours, dieing and removing one hell mouth... though he still wasn't so sure the second one was truly a good thing or not.

'Little worm, now I really wish Willow had included you in the 'Flay-him-alive' thing she had going for Warren, would have done me a whole lot of good, then again I'm thinking that's much to quick a death for you, not anywhere near enough suffering for what you did you little coward.' Unnoticed to most Xanders eyes once more flashed black for a second, this time he was close enough to Willow that this caused her to start from where she had started to doze off looking around in confusion.

Xander continued to brood for sometime running over various plan of action before finally giving up for now, he didn't feel like worrying about that at the moment and he would likely get ample opportunity in the coming weeks when things calmed down some, until then he would just have to keep an eye out for things and keep the few people he cared about safe.


Yeah, Yeah, it's not much I know, just something to get things started and get some background sorted. For you who think I'm being nasty to people, yep sure am, not all that bothered by it ether. I do have reasons and not all of them are simply "Because I said so." Future things to see, Spike will be dusted, I'm going to make a point of doing this, said Dust will be presented to Wood, without Buffy knowing ^_^;; more Xander/Dawn WAFF, still not sure if I will have this as a relationship or just as a close friendship, after all, Anya just died, its going to take time for anything to come to pass one way or another, and Dawn is smart enough to know this… unlike say Buffy. Well Ja Ne