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Category: B/X relationship.

Summery: Buffy and Xander resolve a difference of opinion.

Time Frame: Could be anytime after the end of season 6. Buffy and Xander have finally gotten together, and are still working on smoothing out some of the bumps in their road together.

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Ever since the moment she had first realized that she had been imbued with the power of the Slayer Spirit, Buffy Summers had known that she was one of the most physically powerful beings on the planet.

She was far stronger, faster, more agile and healed more quickly than normal people, and most demons, too, for that matter. The creatures of the night rightly feared her, as did their human allies and minions. In fact, if confronted with a normal human, she would have thought (and said) that she had absolutely nothing to fear.

So to now find herself completely helpless and at the mercy of a normal human (who apparently had none at all) was something she might have found strangely ironic, if she weren't currently suffering so at his hands.

She had also once believed that she was strong enough to withstand any kind of physical abuse or torment that anyone could come up with, but now she realized that that was untrue, also.

As she lay helplessly, bound hand and foot, blindfolded, naked, and suffering more distress than she had believed possible, she knew that she would soon be begging the man responsible for her present situation for release from her torment.

"Please," she moaned piteously, "stop torturing me. I can't take any more. Please! Stop!"

"What's this? Are you *begging* me to stop, Slayer?" her unseen tormentor asked, amusement at her words clearly evident in his voice. "Weren't you the one who said - no, excuse me - who *boasted* that there was absolutely nothing in the world that could ever make you beg?"

"I was wrong," Buffy admitted, as she writhed helplessly under his touch. "I'm begging you now. Please, Xander! Stop torturing me. Please!"

As she lay there helplessly, with very square inch of her body quivering from the torment Xander was inflicting on her, Buffy thought back to the conversation that had led them to this moment.

/// Flashback ///

Friday night
9:30 pm

"So, Buff, up for a little bit of post-Slayage activity?" Xander asked his lover, as they made their way on the final leg of their patrol through St. Aloysius' cemetery. It had been a very slow night, with only three vamps showing their faces, and vanishing in a burst of dust almost immediately after doing so, so they had decided to call it an early night and were headed homeward.

The two had been together for a little over two months now as lovers, having gradually and cautiously drifted into a more physical relationship to match the increasingly closer mental and emotional one that had developed as they spent greater amounts of time together patrolling and researching the various problems that the Hellmouth seemed to attract.

To no one's surprise, Giles had been promoted to a greater level of responsibility within the Council after a newly promoted researcher, overly confident in her linguistic abilities, had mispronounced a key phrase while invoking a blessing during a Council conference, and called down a series of lightning strikes upon the Council's headquarters that had brought an early retirement to nearly half of the Council members present, and left an unacceptably large number on medical leave for an indefinite term. The surrogate father to the entire Scooby Gang had reluctantly accepted his new position after an all-night-long, heartfelt talk with all of his children, during which they had all decided that he would be better able to provide them any necessary material support and information from a position on the Council's Board of Directors.

Willow had accompanied Giles to England immediately after her 'lapse' (as Giles had referred to it) and Tara's funeral, and had apprenticed herself to a Wiccan coven with which Giles was familiar, having finally accepted that she had traversed the road to power far too quickly and had ignored most, if not all, of the various stop signs posted along its length. She was starting her studies over from the very beginning, having consented to having all of the arcane knowledge she had gained stripped from her mind, so that she might better learn her own strengths and foibles as she once again studied the basic tenets of their beliefs. To balance out the loss of the Slayer and Slayerettes' magical artillery/back-up, the coven was supplying any magical support that they might need, providing a magically-enhanced cellphone that anyone of the Scoobies might use to call them in time of need.

Dawn was now attending the newly rebuilt Sunnydale high school, and both Buffy and Xander were making a deliberate attempt to keep her out of a much of the Slaying activity as they could, trying to let her have as much of a normal life as could be managed, considering their location and circumstances. With the emergence of the young brunette's Slayer abilities, once she reached the same physical age that Buffy had been when she had received hers, her participation made their labors easier, but they still made an effort to keep her out of the action as much as they could reasonably manage.

Spike had disappeared at approximately the same time as Willow's attempt to destroy the world, and no one had heard anything from or about him, so his ultimate fate was still unknown to the group.

Anya was still running The Magic Box, with Giles as a (relatively) silent partner, and she was still quite willing to pitch in and help when any Big, or even Medium-sized, Bad came to town, but it still wasn't like the old days, when the four of them - Buffy, Xander, Willow and Giles, with the occasional assistance of Deadboy, aka Angel - had fought the powers of darkness, apparently alone and without backup.

Even Faith had returned to the fold, having been granted her freedom and a full pardon by the Governor after helping fight off an invasion by a horde of demons that had attacked when a long dormant dimensional portal had unexpectedly been opened at the prison in which she had been serving her time. Despite receiving a series of injuries which would have killed any normal human being, Faith had battled her way to the portal and had been caught in the ensuing explosion when she had destroyed the artifact allowing the demons access to our world. She had lain comatose for nearly two weeks before waking up to discover that the surviving staff and inmates had testified about her actions during the demonic attack to a federal committee investigating the 'unusual occurrences' at the prison, and the committee had recommended a pardon for her actions during the attack by the 'coalition of anarchists and drugged-out cultists.' Faith had found herself a free woman, albeit one with no home or currently viable job prospects. After accepting temporary shelter from Angel, she had spent some time recuperating from her injuries and helping the Fang Gang prune the local demon population of its more militant members. At Giles' insistence, after he had learned of her pardon, Faith had then met with all of the surviving members of the Scooby Gang and they had 'discussed' their various interpersonal relationships at length, ultimately clearing the air of any animosities that existed. Faith usually stayed in Los Angeles now, when she wasn't on the road checking out possible demonic incidents uncovered by the Council's sources, but she had recently been spending more time in Sunnydale, helping out with any Hellmouth- related activities and generally rebuilding her relationships with Buffy, Xander and Dawn. They were not only no longer enemies, they were all fast becoming good friends, with Dawn looking as though she were now considering emulating Faith as a role model, a concept that had Buffy and Xander more than a bit disconcerted.

With the majority of the research and Slayage activities falling on just the two of them, Buffy and Xander had been spending even more time together than they had in the past, and the enforced closeness had inspired both of them to take a second look at their relationship.

Once the furor of Willow's end of the world inspiration had died down, Xander had drawn up plans to remodel the Summers house, adding a small wing that held both a small library and a training room for Buffy on the first floor, and two separate apartments on the second. Xander had moved into one of the apartments as soon as the frame work was completed and the utilities had been installed, and Faith generally stayed in the second when she was in town.

After setting himself up as an independent contractor earlier in the year, Xander had actually found himself making more money than he had earned as a foreman for the construction company he had been working for the previous two years. Renting an apartment from the Summers girls had also proved to be less expensive than maintaining an apartment in which he found himself spending increasingly smaller amounts of time, not to mention the now less than completely pleasant memories of his cohabitation with Anya that the dwelling evoked.

That rental income, combined with the salary she now made working at a local martial arts dojo, had elevated the Summers girls' standard of living to previously undreamed of heights, making all three of them grateful for the stroke of luck that had placed Buffy near the dojo at the same time a disgruntled former student had decide to even up an old grudge with the help of some of his fellow vampires.

The dojo's owner, Mike Madugno, had actually dusted two of the demons himself before Buffy had appeared and taken care of the remaining three. He had been seriously impressed with her speed and technique and had suggested she call him if she decided she ever wanted to teach self-defense classes, something she had done several days later, after giving him sufficient time to rethink the offer should he want to do so. She had begun teaching the following day, at a salary nearly four times that which she had been making at the Doublemeat Palace.

As a result of all of the above factors, they had been spending so much time in each other's company that Buffy had found herself wondering why she hadn't noticed her 'Xander-shaped friend' in a more non-platonic way earlier in their friendship. After several tentative attempts on both their parts, and with the emphatic support of the Slayer's younger sibling, they had finally begun officially dating as a 'boy-girl couple dating-type thing' as Dawn had described it, and discovered that they enjoyed each other's company just as much in that capacity as they did in their Slaying roles, with none of the awkward aspects that dating another person sometimes brought out.

The morning after their first night together, the two had entered the main kitchen to find a broadly smiling Dawn ensconced at the breakfast table, telling them that it "certainly took you guys long enough to figure things out. I mean, god, six years?!" Buffy's 'accidental' spilling of her coffee in her sister's lap had quickly cut off any further editorial comments, and shown that Dawn's command of the English language was almost equal to that of a stevedore.

Their recent history all ran through Buffy's head as she listened to her boyfriend's all-too-casual suggestion, knowing exactly what he had in mind but preferring to tease him a bit before acquiescing.

< He's gonna have to work harder than that if he expects to get into Paradise, > she decided smugly, remembering the name Xander had gifted her with a few days before, after an hours long marathon lovemaking session.

"Well, what did you have in mind, Xan?" the petite blonde grinned as she glanced over at him. "Dinner? Dancing? A movie? Miniature golf?"

"Well, we had dinner a little while ago, and there aren't any new flicks out either of us are interested in seeing, but I'm sure I could probably think of something for us to do. Although I have to say, I definitely wouldn't mind getting a 'hole in one'," he mock- leered at her. "By any chance, would you have any suggestions, Slay- meister?"

The smile on the Slayer's face was entirely too smug and self- satisfied, Xander thought to himself as he watched the woman he loved stroll through the grassy aisles formed by the neat rows of gravestones. The fact that she knew he practically worshipped the ground she walked on probably didn't help his position all that much either, he reflected.

"Oh, I don't know, Xand," she said, deliberately not looking at him as they walked side-by-side, the backs of their hands brushing against each other as they moved. "It's getting late, and I didn't get any sleep last night, so I was thinking about maybe trying to get to bed early tonight and get in some extra sack-time."

She could see his expression from the corner of her eye and she repressed a grin at the fleeting look of disappointment that flashed momentarily across his face at her words before vanishing behind his standard look of boredom with the world.

"So, you're tired, huh?" he said, his voice not revealing any of the frustration and letdown he was feeling at the moment.

They had been up extremely late the past several nights, tracking and then fighting a group of Orinda demons in addition to the usual complement of vamps and demons that SunnyHell seemed to attract, and hadn't had a chance for any 'extra-Slay-hicular activity' for the past four days, which was a delay of four days too many, as far as he was concerned.

He could well understand Buffy's complaint, however much he wished she felt otherwise. Buffy hadn't had the chance to get much, if any, sleep after they had finally managed to dismember the final group of demons the previous night, since she had the early series of classes this week at the dojo, the ones beginning at six o'clock, which required whoever was opening to be there at five.

Because of his knowledge of her vocation, Mike was usually very understanding about letting Buffy start her shift a bit later than scheduled, but since he was on vacation with his family this week, she had had to show up even earlier than she normally would, in order to open the building for the rest of the staff.

Since he was actually currently ahead of schedule on all of the jobs he was responsible for, Xander had been able to sleep in a few extra hours and not show up at the jobsite until nearly noon without any repercussions.

"Well, that's understandable," he agreed, trying to act like a responsible and caring boyfriend sensitive to his girlfriend's needs, and not like the sex-obsessed horndog he felt like whenever the two of them were alone together.

He had had the usual carnal ideas that lived in every male's mind that he had been planning for that night, but if Buffy was so tired she wasn't even considering what Anya had referred to as their "amazingly unrelenting orgasmic activities, even for a Slayer," he could be the dutiful boyfriend and wait to bring them up the next night.

"Okay, we'll just call it an early night and get some much-needed sleep, then," he said. "So, did Dawn, Stacey, Melanie and Christine get off okay?" he asked, changing the subject to that of the Key and her schoolmates' educational trip to San Francisco.

"Yep," Buffy shook her head affirmatively. "Just think - five days without having to listen to any complaints about the food, homework, teachers, school, boyfriends or lack thereof, or anything else! Just peace and quiet throughout the house. It's a shame the school doesn't have more of these "educational and cultural exploratory excursions" more often," she grinned. "I'd sign Dawn up for them all."

"And I have no doubt that the Dawn-meister is missing you just as fervently as you miss her," Xander said, with a straight face. "I'm sure it was a very emotional scene when the two of you said goodbye."

"Yes, there were tears in my eyes," Buffy admitted, with the barest hint of a grin on her face. "But that was only after I realized she'll be back Wednesday night this week, not next."

"Well, let's get you back to the house so that you can get your beauty sleep, sweetheart. Not that you've ever needed it," he immediately added.

"After all, you're going to need all the energy you can get, tomorrow night. You're going to be begging for mercy, once I get started on you," he promised with a big grin.

"Oh, please!" Buffy snorted, her mouth crooked in mirth. "As I recall, you're the one who's usually begging, Xand. 'Come on, Buff.' 'Please, honey,' 'You're not tired, are you, baby?' " she mimicked him. "I'm the Slayer, Xander. I don't beg for anything.

"Never have, never will," she declared, somewhat pompously, he thought in his own, admittedly prejudiced, opinion.

< Houston, the ego has landed, > he thought to himself as he listened to the love of his life expound about her superhuman capabilities.

< Seems like it's high time you were brought down low, sweetheart, > he decided to himself. < And it's up to the X-Man to show you just how wrong you are. I'm going to really enjoy showing you the error of your ways, my darling Slayer. >

"'Never have, never will,' eh, Buff?" he repeated her words. "You should try to avoid absolutes, sweetheart. They have a tendency to end up being not quite so absolute, after all."

"Oh come on, Xander," the blonde scoffed derisively . "I can't see anyone or anything ever being able to make *me* beg. Not for anything," she announced with some authority.

Xander just couldn't let a challenge like that go unanswered.

"So, you're saying that you can take anything I might think up to test you with? You can resist anything I might do, 'cause you're the Slayer and there's nothing you can't endure, huh?

"Would you care to make a little bet on that, Buffy?" he asked, glancing over at her as they strolled along.

Off to one side, they both heard the slightest scuffling of something trying to move silently through the trees and failing dismally. Casually, without breaking stride, Xander slipped his hand under his jacket and slid a stake out of its sheath, turning and driving it into the chest of the vamp nearest him as it rushed forward, while its two companions attacked Buffy.

"Yeah, I guess I would, Xand," the Slayer said, as she pivoted on her left foot and drove her right foot in a roundhouse kick into the closest vamp's stomach, doubling it over as she jumped and spun in the air above it to snap her left heel across its companion's face, laying it out on the ground next to the first vamp she had hit. Two lightning fast jabs and both were dust particles drifting in the hint of a breeze sweeping through the cemetery.

"What can you afford to lose?" she continued nonchalantly, not losing the thread of their conversation.

< Oh yeah, that 's it. I'm *definitely* taking you down tonight, Buffy. >

"Oh, I don't know, Buff. Why don't you decide what you want to lose and we'll go from there," he replied, an equally nonchalant grin on his face.

"Hmmm, let me think about that for a minute, Xand," she looked over at him appraisingly, a wicked smile on her face as she considered the stakes of their contest.

Multiple considerations as to what she could have Xander do for, and to, her ran rampant through her mind. That itch she had been feeling over the course of the past four days had been getting worse all day, and she wanted it scratched.

By Xander.

Scratched thoroughly and repeatedly.

< Oh well, > she grinned to herself, < it's not as if he won't be enjoying himself , too. >

"All right, Xander," she finally said. "Loser has to spend the next four days while Dawn's away fulfilling the winner's every fantasy."

"*Every* fantasy?" he asked, hiding his own smile at her terms.

"Yep," she nodded her head. "*Every* fantasy the winner has, *and* they have to be cordial and cooperative while doing it. Think you can handle that?"

"Oh, I think I can do that," he agreed. "I'm always cordial when I win. You better hope that weather stays warm, Buff, 'cause the only thing you'll be wearing while you serve my dinners are those thongs you picked up at Victoria's Secret last month and those high-heeled sandals of yours."

"All right then, you've got a bet, Xand," Buffy said as she stuck out her hand.

"Actually, I'd say I've got a sure thing, Buff," he smiled as he took her petite hand in his much larger one. "All I have to do is make you make beg me to do something for you, right?"

"Yep. And I'd say you have a better chance of getting the Noble Prize for World Peace," she smiled back.

"Guess we'll see now, won't we?" the carpenter grinned back. "Now, how long do I have to accomplish this?"

"Well, since I plan on having you catering to my every whim for the next four days, I'd say you have until tomorrow morning when we'd normally wake up. Does that give you enough time to realize you can't win?" she asked with a superior smile.

"Oh, I think that'll be plenty of time, Buff," the brunette agreed. "I have until nine o'clock tomorrow morning to have you beg me to do something for you. Okay.

"And just so you know, now" he added, "I want four strips of bacon, crisp, three eggs over easy, hash browns, two pieces of toast lightly browned, lightly buttered and with strawberry preserves, and two sugar and extra cream in my coffee tomorrow morning. And you can wear that medium blue thong of yours when you serve it. It matches your eyes so nicely."

"You're that confident you're going to win, huh, Xand?" Buffy asked, a smile on her face as she eyed him just the least bit questioningly.

"Oh yeah," he nodded confidently, noting the slightest bit of uncertainty in his lover's body language as they finished their patrol through the cemetery, and headed home and smiling quietly to himself.


Xander's apartment
Summers residence
10:00 pm

"So, Xander, what you planning on doing? Tickling me into submission?" Buffy questioned him as he finished drying himself after his shower.

The blonde still wore her terrycloth robe and was finishing brushing her hair as she sat on the side of their king-sized bed.

"Oh no, Buff. You don't have to worry about me doing anything crass like that," he grinned as he reassured her. He had discovered the diminutive blonde's most ticklish spots shortly after they began sleeping together, when he had spent an entire night performing the most thorough exploration of her body she could ever remember experiencing.

< All right, I've got her worried, > he thought gleefully to himself. < Now to throw out the bait and set the hook. >

"I promise you right now, I won't do anything to you that I don't first ask you if it's okay to for me to do, and, once I start, I won't do anything new after that unless you ask me to do so. Actually, according to the terms of our bet, I won't do anything more, at all, unless you beg me to do so. Is that all right with you?" he asked

"Uh, yeah, I guess so," she agreed, uncertainty about what he had planned obvious in her expression. Her expression brightened as she considered what her plans for Xander involved, and she smiled lasciviously as she checked out her lover's well-muscled form as he hung his towel up in the bathroom and headed for their bed, running her eyes over him hungrily.

Years of construction, acting as her sparring partner/puffy practice target and assisting in the Slaying had added a lot of mass to the lean form of her teammate that she remembered from the high school swim team. His arms, shoulders and chest now bulged with well- developed muscles, his stomach and torso were lean and tight and his legs and butt looked *quite* nice in her not-so-humble opinion, and she grinned with appreciation as her eyes lingered for a moment on his already semi-hardened cock, offering a quick and private prayer of thanks that Xander's strength, stamina and endurance were applicable to things other than combat and construction.

Sliding her own robe off and hanging it up on her side of their closet, Buffy paused for a moment after turning back, not-quite posing for the brunet lying so comfortably and at ease atop their bed, waiting for her to join him.

The blonde's overall golden tan was interrupted by only the smallest of triangles and lines delineating the size and location of those areas covered by her bikini. The bright pink of her nipples and aureoles contrasted vividly with the normal creamy-white color of her breasts and the close-cropped triangle of fur concealing her femininity revealed to anyone looking that she wasn't a natural blonde.

Feeling as though she could actually palpably sense the appreciation in his gaze on her skin as he looked at her, Buffy slowly sauntered over to the bed, exaggerating the swing of her hips as she moved, and climbed onto the bed, crawling across the sheets toward Xander like a cat approaching a mouse. Lying down next to him, she leaned over his face and gently kissed him, her lips lightly brushing his as her eyes closed and she let herself get lost in the simple sensation of this straightforward expression of affection from her lover. Gradually, the kiss deepened, their mouths opening and their tongues gently probing the other's mouths, caressing each other as they danced over, around and across their lover's mouth, touching each other with just these parts of their bodies at the moment, letting the passion flame even higher as they occasionally did to tease each other, waiting to see who would crack first.

Buffy slowly became aware of a low moaning, only belatedly recognizing that the sound was emanating from her own mouth. Reluctantly pulling back the slightest bit, she opened her eyes to find Xander staring up at her, his eyes hooded with lust, desire and love for her.

"I don't think that quite meets the requirement for begging, baby, but I'll count it if you want me to," he grinned, his voice low and husky, the tone one she knew that he knew turned her on.

"Uh-uh," she demurred, shaking her head. "You're gonna have to work hard to accomplish that. Work *real* hard," she emphasized as she lightly brushed her fingers across the length of his cock, feeling it immediately begin to swell at her touch.

Slowly running her tongue around her lips as she looked down at him, she loosely wrapped her tiny hand around his hardening shaft and pumped it up and down several times, feeling the faintest sparks of victory begin to flare as Xander gave a satisfactory groan of as-yet- unfulfilled lust at her actions. The sparks were immediately extinguished when he smiled at her and pulled her hand away from him as he sat up on the sheets.

"Ready for the challenge to begin, Buff?" he asked, noting the look of surprise in her eyes as he removed her hand from his cock. The look was immediately replaced by a smirk of such self-assurance that he took additional fiendish delight in what he was about to do.

"Sure, Xand," she smiled as she rolled onto her back and laced her fingers behind her head to let him gaze on the full beauty of her nudity. "Do your best. Or worse."

< He won't last more than ten minutes before he's doing the begging, > she thought to herself, confident in the reactions she knew she could engender in her lover.

That thought was instantly followed by a < Huh? > as she saw the brunet pull several scarves from under his pillow.

"Okay, sweetheart. If you insist," he replied agreeably. "Mind sitting up for a moment, please?" he asked her.

A little uncertainly, Buffy did so and looked up at his towering form next to her.

"Ahn always wanted to try out new things in bed," he stated as he smiled at her, "and one of the things she wanted me to do to her, every once in a while, was to blindfold her and tie her up. She insisted that it made her more excited when she was restrained and couldn't move around, and the blindfold made her other senses more acute.

"I was wondering if you were willing to give it a try?" he asked. He could see that she was a little hesitant at the idea, so he continued in a more quiet tone.

"Look, it's not like these things are made of steel or anything. They tear pretty easy," he assured her, as he tugged lightly at a small hole in one of the scarves and it tore easily along its length. "If I can tear one of these things, I'd guess Slayer strength could do the same thing even easier. Right?

"I can understand if you're not okay with it, though. I know that the idea of being tied up really bothers some people," he added, knowing that even the implication that she was afraid would annoy her.

He could see her eyes spark with excitement at his words, even as she realized how he was manipulating her.

"Okay, sweetie. I'm game," she nodded her agreement, as she mentally added another half a dozen items to the list of things she had drawn up that she was going to have him do, once the challenge was finally won. By her.

< You're going to be an expert at applying finger- and toenail polish by the time Dawn gets back, Mister Smart-Ass Xander Harris, > she promised herself. < Maybe I'll have you do hers, and all of her friends' nails, too. >

"Do your worst, Xander," she repeated her challenge. "I'm gonna really enjoy the next several days."

"So am I, Buff," he replied, with a wide smile. "So am I."

Following his instructions, Buffy lay face down on the bed and let Xander secure her wrists together behind her back with one of the scarves, then tie her ankles together with a second, the silken feel of the scarves against her skin both soothing and stimulating at the same time.

"Are you sure you're okay with this, Buffy?" Xander paused for a moment to check one more time before they continued. "I really do understand if you decide to change your mind. I don't want you doing this if you're at all uncertain," he told her, as he crouched by the side of the bed to look her in the eye.

"I trust you, Xander," the blonde looked back at him as she lay there, her cheek against the sheets. "Completely. Does this mean you're conceding the challenge?" she added with a grin.

"Not in the least, Slayer of my heart," he grinned back momentarily. "I just wanted to make sure you're okay with this. And remember, I like the medium blue thong on you, it matches your eyes."

"In your dreams, Xander. In your dreams."

"Well, we'll soon see, won't we, Slayer-babe?" he replied, as he carefully rolled her over onto her back and propped her up in a semi- reclining position with their pillows. He then leaned in and kissed her, hard and hot, his tongue ravaging her mouth before he pulled away and tenderly brushed her hair back over her shoulders before tying a white silk scarf over her eyes to blindfold her.

With her vision now obscured, Buffy found herself concentrating more intently on her other senses as she attempted to determine what was happening around her. She could feel Xander's mass distorting the mattress to her one side as he lay down on the bed next to her, and she could smell the scent of their combined musks filling the air around them. The sounds of Xander's quiet inhalations and the change in air pressure against her skin as he leaned in towards her filled her senses.

"What- what are you doing?" she asked, trying not to sound like she was suddenly a bit unnerved by her inability to see what he was doing.

"Looking at an incredibly beautiful woman, and appreciating how just how appetizing and mouth-wateringly delicious she smells," he said as he paused in the act of inhaling her fragrance.

As she realized that he was staring so keenly at her, a wave of warmth, desire and excitement surged through her, and she felt her nipples harden and distend while at the same time a sensation of heat and wetness flowed through her pussy.

She felt him kiss her lightly on her lips once, before moving his mouth to her neck and slowly begin planting kisses along the length of her throat, interspersing them with slow, lingering licks from his tongue, moving his way downward until he reached her collarbone and then repeating his actions across the base of her throat and up along the other side of her neck. He continued kissing his way over her throat, moving the position of his mouth each time so that he made sure he was covering every square inch of her flushed and excited skin, pausing every once in a while to give the tiniest bite with his teeth and eliciting a small gasp or sigh from her each time he did so.

After slowly tasting every square inch of her throat, including the nape of her neck after he carefully and tenderly moved her long honey- blonde hair to allow him access, Xander then moved onto Buffy's arms, repeating his actions again as he slowly and methodically kissed his way down her right arm, all the way to her fingertips, where he paused for a moment to lick each one thoroughly, to the increasing discomfort of the Slayer, who only felt herself getting more and more excited with each touch of her lover's lips and tongue.

Buffy squirmed restlessly as Xander then moved to her other arm and began repeating his actions, kissing his way down from her shoulder to her fingers, her attention now focused on the feel of his mouth against her heated skin and the cooling sensation that followed as the moisture from his saliva evaporated as he moved on across her sensitive flesh.

That was completely opposite to the reaction she was feeling building inside her. With every stroke of his tongue, every contact with his lips, the heat inside her flared higher, her hunger for his touch building and threatening to drive her even crazier than she currently was for him.

As he finished his examination of her arms and hands, Xander moved up and began kissing his way across the flesh above and below her collarbone in exactly the same manner as he had been doing. As he slowly slid his mouth down her sternum, Buffy squirmed uncomfortably, anticipating the feel of his lips and tongue ravaging her swollen nipples. A low groan of disappointed surprise escaped her mouth, therefore, when he ignored her breasts and continued his way down across her belly, taking time to probe and tickle her navel with his tongue before relentlessly working his way further down her abdomen, kissing and licking his way back and forth between her hips, leaving her skin glistening from his ministrations.

Buffy shivered involuntarily as she felt Xander's lips brush lightly along the upper edge of the triangle of fur covering her pussy, her hips jerking reflexively towards his face as she let out a gasping "Yes!", encouraging him to move lower. She was so wet she could easily smell her own musk, and she could barely wait for his tongue to begin lapping her juice from her liberally coated lips.

When he moved over and continued his way down her outer thigh, she let out a loud groan of protest and arched her hips towards his mouth.

"No!" she objected as he lightly nipped behind her knee. "Stop teasing me, Xander!"

"I'm not teasing you, sweetheart," he reassured her, as he licked his way down her leg. "I'm just working my way up to the main event, that's all. Just be patient."

< All right, that's it! > she thought to herself. < I'm just gonna rip these things off and then have my way with you, Xander! I'm NOT begging for anything, no matter what you may try to do. >

Leaning forward from her position on the pillow, she heaved and pulled her arms apart to snap the scarves he had bound her with, only to discover that - nothing happened. The scarves didn't tear, and her wrists were still bound. A second attempt produced the same result - nothing.

"Oh, by the way, darling," she heard her lover say as he paused in his ministrations, "did I mention that even though its compressive strength is very low, the tensile strength of silk is more than ten times the strength of steel? That means that you can cut or tear it pretty easily, but yanking or pulling on it doesn't do much good. I guess that's one time Slayer strength doesn't really help all that much, huh?"

Buffy could hear the grin in his voice as he spoke, even if she couldn't see it, and she was simultaneously furious with him for the way he had tricked her, and so hot and horny for him that she almost didn't care what he had done. She wanted him! And she wanted him deep inside her, right now!

"Untie me, Xander!" she demanded, as she squirmed futilely, as he gently put his hand between her breasts and pushed her back against the pillows that had been supporting her. "Right now!"

Damn it! Once she was free, she was going to fuck his brains out, and then, after she was completely and totally satisfied, she was going to kick his ass for tricking her like that!

Double damn! The knowledge that she was almost completely helpless now, that she was powerless to prevent him from doing absolutely anything he wanted to her -anything at all! - was making her even more excited than she had been a moment ago! Her nipples were so hard that they ached, and her pussy was demanding that he fill it right now!

"What's that, Buff? You want me to untie you? Are you telling me you can't take what I'm doing to you, so you're giving up? You're surrendering?" he asked.

"I'll be glad to untie you, sweetheart," he said, as he lightly ran his fingers up the back of her left thigh, making her shiver involuntarily. "I just want to make sure that there's no misunderstanding, and that you really don't want to try and hold out a little longer before conceding that you can't resist me," he told her, the mock-sincerity of his tone clearly evident.

She paused in her struggles at his words, her pride refusing to let her admit that she really couldn't withstand his attack on her body, while her body was screaming for her to surrender and let him satisfy her burning flesh.

After a brief internal struggle, pride won out. Barely. She simply refused to admit that he was winning their bet. So far.

"No, I changed my mind," she reluctantly snarled at him. "I can take anything you can dish out, Mr. Smartass Xander Harris. Go ahead, do your worst," she challenged her unseen opponent.

"Be glad to, darling," he answered. "Remember - you asked for it," he warned her as he resumed his trek down her leg.

If anything, his attentions became even more erotic, now, as he slowly, so very, very slowly, worked his way up her inner thigh, his lips leisurely kissing and sucking her inflamed flesh as she squirmed restively, gritting her jaw as his face approached the juncture of her thighs and she imagined that the heat of her pussy was scorching his cheeks as he kissed the tender skin immediately below her femininity.

With the blindfold on, she was focused on sensing her lover's position by the location of his lips on her body and the changes in air pressure as he shifted around on the bed next to her so she was taken completely by surprise when she suddenly felt the lightest touch of his fingertips momentarily brushing against the underside of her right breast. She let out a loud moan at the fleeting sensation, as she gave an involuntary shiver that shook her entire body.

As his lips teasingly traveled down the inside of her other thigh, he began to tease her even more with a quick stroke or light brush of his fingers against other areas of her body, each touch making her want him to touch her most intimate parts even more.

By the time Xander had reached her ankle and started working his way back up her outer thigh, she was almost literally shaking with desire. She was so hot and wet that she half expected the area of the bed under her hips to splash as she fidgeted restlessly, biting her lips to stop herself from asking Xander to get her off.

When he finally reached Buffy's hip after kissing his way up her leg, Xander pulled back and sat on his heels for a moment as he evaluated the petite blonde's state of mind, so to speak.

Buffy's entire body was flushed a hot and healthy pink and she was continually fidgeting uncomfortably as she lay on their bed, her lower lip caught between her teeth, a surefire sign that she was rapidly approaching her point of no return, sexual gratification-wise at least. He had to admit, seeing her trussed up like this on their bed was a definite turn-on. His cock was almost aching, he was so hard for her! He wanted to lick her pussy and make her scream his name as she came, then bury himself in her hot, wet core and pound her into the mattress until he shot his load deep inside her.

He grinned with a mix of lust and appreciation as he looked at her tumid nipples poking up from her pert, mouthwatering breasts. Not too big, not too small, he thought they were the perfect size for her tiny frame. Buffy's nipples were a bright pink, like the aureole surrounding them, and were jutting up into the air, begging to be licked and sucked, waiting for his fingers to caress and massage them and help guide the love of his life to unending orgasms. He could easily smell her arousal, and it was, without any doubt whatsoever, the most delectable aroma he could ever find.

< I have to admit, > he told himself, < you're holding out longer than I thought you could, but this is one battle you're destined to lose, my darling Slayer. Tonight, I am your lord and master, and you *will* be begging me to make you come. >

< I am also going to be paying for this night for a *long* time to come, > he realized as he appreciated the full consequences of what he was doing here.

< But, I have to admit, it *will* be worth it! Making the Buffster beg me to eat her oh-so-delectable pussy and then screw her into the mattress is something I've been dreaming of since the first time I saw her, > he thought as he leaned forward again and ran his tongue up Buffy's flushed and panting body in a broad stroke, starting at just above her furry triangle and running up over her stomach and between her breasts to the base of her throat.

Buffy groaned again as he then slowly dragged his tongue across her left breast in a wide circle, gently nipping the aching flesh on both the upper slope and the underside while avoiding her swollen nipple. The blonde turned her upper body, trying to shove her breast into his mouth and gain some partial release of her torment, but Xander pulled his head away and pushed her back against the pillows again, easily holding her in place as he then duplicated his actions with his mouth on her right breast, and again received a low moan of frustrated desire from his lover.

By this time, Buffy felt as though she were ready to explode. What Xander was doing to her would have driven her crazy on any normal night. When it was added to the pent-up lust and desire that she had stored up over the past four days, it was enough to break anyone.

Which brought her to where they were right now, she thought to herself. Pride be damned! She was about to go completely insane with desire. She needed him, and she needed him inside her right now!!

"Please," Buffy moaned piteously, "stop torturing me. I can't take any more. Please! Stop!"

"What's this? Are you *begging* me to stop, Slayer?" Xander asked, amusement and satisfaction at her words clearly evident in his voice. "Weren't you the one who said - no, excuse me - who *boasted* that there was absolutely nothing in the world that could ever make you beg?"

"I was wrong," Buffy admitted, as she continued to writhe helplessly under his touch. "I'm begging you now. Please, Xander! Stop torturing me. Please!

"Eat my pussy! Make me come, Xander! Please!"

"Those are the magic words I needed to hear, darling," he told her. "Your ticket to Space Mountain is being processed right now!"

Lifting Buffy's legs up, he slid under and between them, so that her thighs encircled his neck, leaving him perfectly positioned for the meal he had been anticipating all night, her hot, wet, delicious beyond belief pussy.

Buffy spread her thighs open as wide as she could with her ankles bound, arching her pelvis upwards towards him as she moaned her entreaties to him.

"Eat me, Xander," she begged him. "Lick my clit! Make me come! Make me scream your name!"

Spreading Buffy's pubic lips apart, Xander delicately ran his tongue once around her hole, eliciting a loud groan from her, before slipping the full length inside her and wringing a triumphant scream from her mouth.

"Yes! Like that! Oh god, yes!" she cried out as she felt him invade her inner passage and begin massaging the sensitive, throbbing flesh there. She arched her pelvis up against his face, grinding herself against his mouth as she rocked back and forth, exulting in the incredible sensations now coursing through her as she felt him probing her most intimate parts, licking and devouring her juices.

Buffy moaned her approval even louder as she felt his fingers lightly pluck at her hardened nipples and squeeze her tender breasts, sending more waves of pleasure through her, and she simply reveled in the gratification she had been seeking and denied for so many days.

Buffy was humping against his face as if her hips were connected to some kind of reciprocating engine, not slowing in the least, while her cries of bliss had degenerated into wordless moans of approval, so Xander decided it was time to help his beloved cross the final threshold.

Pulling his tongue from inside her brought a momentary, mindless cry of protest from the petite blonde that was instantly transformed to a scream of approval when he attacked her swollen clitoris. Clamping his lips around the little button of inflamed flesh, Xander roughly ran his tongue over Buffy's clit while simultaneously squeezing her nipples, and was rewarded with a high pitched scream of ecstasy as her thighs clamped around his head with almost painful force.

"Yes!! Yes!! Oh god, I'm coming, Xander!! Yes!!!" she shrieked as her body spasmed uncontrollably.

Waves of incredible pleasure coursed through her and Buffy willingly gave herself up to them, relinquishing her awareness of anything except the surging orgasm that flooded through her body. Unseen under the blindfold, her eyes rolled up towards the top of her head as she convulsed from the waves of pleasure running through her.

She gasped weakly as she finally, momentarily, managed to regain some minor control over herself, before she realized that Xander was still hungrily attacking her clitoris and running his tongue over and between her pubic lips, and that the tension she had felt was still there, although somewhat abated. She tried, and failed, to say something to him, to ask him to stop and let her catch her breath, but all that emerged from her mouth was a satisfied "Oooohhhhhh!"

Before she could say anything more, she felt her lover slide two fingers up inside her and her hips immediately jerked upwards as the tension in her body suddenly jumped to a new level. His fingers caressed the oh-so-sensitive flesh at the top of her channel while his tongue again attacked her clit and Buffy felt a tidal wave of ecstasy again take her over as she shook helplessly in the throes of her orgasm, completely powerless to resist anything Xander might choose to do to her.

Gradually, as she slowly drifted down from the incredible levels of pleasure she had experienced, she regained her awareness of her surroundings. She was still bound and blindfolded, she realized, as she again exulted in the delightful way that Xander was delicately licking her juices from her still-quivering pussy, calming her quivering flesh.

"Oh my god!" she breathed, as she felt her lover finally pull away from her core and out from between her legs.

"Oh god, Xander! That was incredible!" she confessed, gaping for breath as she felt him lie down alongside her as she tried to catch her breath. "I don't think I've ever come that hard before!"

"So, you liked it?" she heard him ask, rhetorically, from his position alongside her, and she could feel his grin, even if she couldn't see it.

"Oh god, yes, Xander!!" she agreed, a big smile on her face, still panting from her exertions. "I most definitely liked that!"

"Okay then," he said, as she felt his hands begin to fumble with the blindfold over her eyes. "Give me a minute and I'll have this off you ASAP."

Rolling over onto her side to lean against him, Buffy could feel his massive hard-on press against her still flushed and trembling body, and she was amazed and pleased to feel herself getting hot again as another wave of desire instantly surged through her.

"No, leave it on," she instructed him. Arching her pelvis, she ground her furry wetness against his shaft as she said, "We haven't taken care of your problem yet, honey. That's not fair at all, is it?"

"This is really turning you on, isn't it?" Xander asked as he looked down at his lover's heavily breathing form. Her nipples were already hardening again, and the way she was grinding herself against his aching erection made it clear that she would be more that agreeable to any suggestion he made regarding more action.

"Yeah," she nodded her head, running her tongue over her lips as she smiled up at him despite the blindfold. "I'm kinda surprised about it, too," she admitted, "but I figure, why not take advantage of it while we can?"

Leaning forward to press her whole body against him, Buffy began kissing her way across his chest as she spoke.

"Xander," *kiss*, "I want you" *kiss* "to roll me over" *kiss* "and take me from behind." *kiss* "I want you" *kiss* "to drive your cock" *kiss* "as deep into me as you can." *kiss* "And then," *kiss* "I want you" *kiss* "to fuck me as hard as you can." *kiss* "I want you" *kiss* "to pound me" *kiss* "into the mattress" *kiss* "until you make me scream your name." *kiss* "Again." *kiss* "I want to feel you inside me" *kiss* "shooting your load into me" *kiss* "and I want" *kiss* "to make you feel" *kiss* "as good as you made me feel." *kiss* "Do you" *kiss* "have a problem with that?" *kiss* she concluded her instructions.

Listening to his lover describe what she wanted him to do was literally making Xander's dick throb. The wantonness of her suggestions just made him want her all the more, something he hadn't thought was possible only a few minutes before.

< Time to act, not think, > he decided, as he leaned down and captured Buffy's mouth in a passionate kiss, their tongues twisting and probing the other's mouth, fanning the flames of desire into a raging inferno.

"I have no problem with that at all," he replied, once he managed to tear his lips away from hers.

Following her instructions, Xander rolled the diminutive blonde off the pillows propping her up and over onto her stomach, whereupon Buffy immediately pulled her knees up under herself, elevating her luscious derriere for his attention.

"Fill me up, Xander," she told him, her head turned so she was speaking to him over her shoulder. "I want to feel you inside me, baby. Fill me up, and fuck me until I scream your name!"

The sight of Buffy's ass swaying before him was a delight he had seen a number of times before this, but now, Xander found the idea of her begging him to fuck her overpowering.

Kneeling behind her, Xander carefully positioned his throbbing hard- on against her sopping pussy and thrust forward, giving a low groan to match Buffy's as he felt her inner muscles taking a firm grasp around him as he slid into her. He continued to slowly push forward until he was completely inside the blonde's channel, his balls lightly brushing against her closely-cropped furry lips, and he paused to savor the sensation that being inside her always brought him.

"So good," he murmured quietly, and Buffy moaned her agreement with his words. He was filling her up completely, just the way she had begged him to do, and she couldn't think of anything more she could ever want in the world, right now.

Taking a firm grip on the blonde's hips, Xander slowly pulled back, withdrawing from her, and Buffy moaned vague protests as she felt him leaving her. When only the head of his shaft still remained inside her, Xander slowly reversed his direction and slid back inside her, earning another low moan of approval from the Slayer.

Xander began repeating his actions, gradually increasing the speed of his withdrawals and subsequent thrusts as he re-entered her, the constant litany of Buffy's sighs and moans music to his ears. He could feel his scrotum beginning to tighten up as he continued hammering his lover's hungry pussy, and he realized that he wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer before he exploded deep inside the woman he loved.

Leaning over her, Xander wrapped his left arm around Buffy's hips, pulling her back against him, while his right hand slid between her legs and began caressing her clitoris, trying to match the rhythm of their strokes as he drove into her.

"Ohhhh!" Buffy purred as he massaged her most intimate parts. "Oh yeah! That's good, baby! Just like that! Oh yeah! Just like that!" she agreed, trying to match his strokes as she slammed her ass back against his hips.

"Oh!! Ohh!! Ohh yes!! Ohh yes!! Just like that!!!" she begged as the combination of Xander's massive cock and teasing fingers raised her to a whole new level of pleasure.

"Ohh, keep that up, darling! Please keep that up!!" she begged as she felt another mind-blowing orgasm heading her way. "OHH GOD! OHH GOD! I'M COMING, XANDER!!! I'M COMING!!! OHHH GGGOOOODDDD, I LOVE YOU, XANDER!!!!!!! I LOVE YOOOOUUUUU!!!" Buffy screamed, as her world seemed to explode around her and she let herself fall into wave after wave of pleasure that flooded through her.

Xander could feel Buffy spasming as she came and the feel of her pussy clenching around his throbbing cock pulled him along with her as he felt himself erupting into her hot, wet, demanding core, and he cried out as he came, too.

"I love you, Buffy," he said as he felt his balls pulsing rhythmically as he emptied himself into her, not believing the words he thought he had just heard her scream. "I love you," he whispered, as he held her tight, his hips flush against her buttocks as he finished shooting into her, and they collapsed onto their sides, spooned up against each other, exhausted, drained and completely satisfied.

"Wow," he finally managed to gasp after a moment's rest. "That was intense!"

"Uh-huh," Buffy agreed, panting as though she had just completed a marathon. "Like I said earlier, I don't think I *ever* came that hard before, darling. You - are - incredible!" she declared, as she turned her head blindly and tried to kiss him.

Xander lowered his mouth to meet hers, and shifted around so that he could pull her lithe, sweaty body against his. This kiss was much less demanding and more loving, their desires having been sated, at least for the moment.

"I love you," Buffy murmured, as their lips parted. She smiled up at him, despite the fact she was still blindfolded and trussed up.

"You're just saying that because of the incredible sex and multiple orgasms you just had," Xander teased her, still not believing he had heard her correctly, as he ran his hand down her side, before reaching up and removing the blindfold from her eyes.

"Well, that's most certainly part of it," she grinned up at him, blinking a few times as her eyes adjusted to the new level of illumination.

"I'm not stupid, Xander," she told him, lifting her head to give him a smile and a quick peck on the lips. "I'm not giving up any opportunities for incredible, mind-boggling sex like that if I have anything to say about it. But what's more important is that I'm not ever going to give up the chance to love someone who makes me feel safe and loved and secure. Someone who I know I can depend on to always be there for me.

"Someone like you."

Xander felt a flutter in his stomach as he looked into her eyes and listened to her words.

"You make me feel that way, Xander," Buffy continued, staring up at him with a look of total sincerity. "Even tied up like I am right now, I feel safe and loved and protected. I know that I'm safer here with you than anywhere else in the world I could be, because I know I can trust you with my heart.

"I finally realized a while back that I trust you more than anyone else in the world, Xand, and now I've decided that I want to spend the rest of my life with you," Buffy told him, as he looked at her with a expression of surprise and incredulity.

"Uhm, before I say anything else, do you think you could untie me?" she asked. "I'd feel a little awkward if I were still tied up for the next part of what I have to say."

"Uh, sure, Buff," Xander agreed, nodding his head.

He was still a bit flustered about everything she had just said to him, and was having a bit of difficulty processing everything properly. Untying her was a very simple and straightforward type of thing that didn't require a lot of thought or complicated mental processes. Just untie her hands and feet, that's all that was required. That was certainly simple enough that it didn't require any kind of complex thought to perform.

It had certainly *sounded* as if Buffy had just said she loved him and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, but he obviously had heard her incorrectly.

Sure, he knew she cared about him. Probably quite a bit, in fact. After all, she didn't sleep with anyone she didn't care about. Even that thing with Spike had involved her caring about the Bleached Bad, no matter what he or the others thought about it, or the fact that she wasn't completely mentally competent when it happened. She had to have had some kind of feelings for the chipped vampire, or she wouldn't have slept with him.

But this whole Buffy-saying-she-wanted- to-spend-the-rest-of-her-life- with-him thing?

He must have misunderstood her. 'Cause that sounded like a permanent commitment type thing, and he knew that that type of thing just didn't happen to Xander Harris.

Especially not here on the Hellmouth.

And most especially not with Buffy Summers.

No matter how much he might want it.

"Okay then."

Buffy was talking to him again, so he should probably start paying attention to whatever it was she was saying.

"Like I was just saying, Xand." She was smiling at him again, and she had that look in her eyes, the same one she had when she was talking to him before.

"I realized a while back that I trust you more than anyone else in the world, Xand, and that I want to spend the rest of my life with you," she repeated her words from earlier.

"And the best way I can think of, to make sure that that happens, is to ask you one simple question," she said.

"Xander Harris, will you marry me?"