Author: MH <mh_7[at]>

SUMMARY: Xander gets sucked through Acathla's portal and ends up in a strange place with amnesia

DISCLAIMER: Don't own Buffy or Final Fantasy VII

SPOILERS: S1, 2 & 3 on Buffy.


PAIRING: X/???, (Faith)?, (Tifa)?, (???)?

Chapter 1

He stood back and watched the fight. Giles was safe, it was a good thing the hospital was close by.

But Angelus was still alive, because of Buffy, she didn't have the heart to kill him. Which Angelus took the advantage to kill as many people as he could. Two of them being Jenny Calendar and Kendra.

And right now Buffy was losing.

On the brink of losing her own life, and she still didn't have the strength to kill him.

He waited for his moment.

And he found it, when Angelus was facing away from him.

He rushed at the vampire, knocking him to the ground.

But something went wrong, something always goes wrong for him.

That wrongness was Acathla, as it opened it mouth, and a portal slowly grew.

"Buffy's White Knight," Angelus mocked, "come to save the Slayer again have you?"

Angelus laughed, as Xander stumbled back to his feet.

Xander picked up Buffy's fallen sword, and faced Angelus.

"Come on Dead Boy," Xander taunted, "let's see what you're really made of."

"I'm going to make sure you die painfully, you little shit," Angel growled at Xander.

Angelus ran up to Xander, forcing him into a defensive stance. But Xander didn't last long as Angelus knocked the sword out of his hands.

Angelus was about to strike with the killing blow, when he heard Buffy scream, obviously afraid of losing Xander. He smirked at the thought of causing Buffy more pain, before he sent the world to hell.

That was until he noticed the pain he was feeling from his gut. Angelus looked down and saw a dagger sticking out of him. He looked back up at Xander, seeing that he had a smirk on his own face, as blood trickled out of his mouth.

"You cheated," Angelus gasped.

At that moment he was hit with a massive spell that knocked him down to his knees. Angelus felt extreme pain as he felt the spell move within his body, as it pulled something out of the ghost roads, and stuffed it into his body.

Angel. The soul that had control over the body for eighty-odd-years, was back, and in control again.

Buffy was overcome with rage as she ran up to the fighting pair and shoved Xander away from Angel. Willow had done the spell, she did it, but Xander never mentioned that Willow was going to retry the spell. Only that Willow had said to kick his ass.

"Angel?" Buffy asked. Wanting to make sure that it was really Angel, and not Angelus trying to play a trick on her. She pulled the dagger from his stomach.

"Buffy?" Angel was confused as he looked around the room they were in, "where are we?"

"You don't remember?" Buffy asked.

Angel shook his head for a moment, before Angelus' memories came flooding into his mind.

"Oh, god," Angel gasped, "I killed... Buffy. I..."

"Shh," Buffy hushed, "don't worry, we'll make it all better, now that you're back."

Buffy stood up in front of Angel and offered her hand for him to stand up.

"Come on," Buffy said, "let's go. Everyone's waiting for us."

Angel took her hand as he stood up. Holding the stab wound with his other hand.

"Buffy?" Angel asked, a frown appeared on his face, "where's Xander?"


Chapter 2


Xander fell through the Acathla portal, with it mysteriously closing behind him.

His memories being ripped away from his mind.

Memories of his friend's and family.

His memories of Willow. Jesse.

The yellow crayon incident.

All washed away, erasing everything that made Xander who he was.

The bright lights were blinding him, and a wave of vertigo passed through him. His senses were going crazy.

He felt like he was falling, flying, and submerged in water all at the same time.

Xander was, unceremoniously dumped onto the hard ground, coming very close to breaking several bones. He passed out from the pain and exhaustion his body was put through.


A single soldier stood guard of the unconscious man that his unit had found during their exercises. Their commander gave the order to take the stranger back to base to recover from his injuries.

This soldier, just taking his turn for guard duty, was the only one who had witnessed the stranger wake up.

"Where am I?" the stranger asked.

"You're in a hospital," the soldier replied.

"Hospital?" the stranger seemed confused.

"Yeah," the soldier said, "you were injured."

The stranger looked down at his body, to find a few scars on his arms, and his whole body was sore.

The soldier stared at the stranger in front of him before coming to a decision.

"Hey," the soldier called out to get the strangers attention, "how would you like to join SOLDIER?"

"What's soldier?" he asked.

"SOLDIER are military units that work for Shinra," the soldier replied, "the higher rank you get, the better the pay. They feed us pretty good, we get free uniforms, and a roof over our heads."

"Sure," the stranger said, somewhat hesitantly.

'Alright,' the soldier thought, 'now I can get the promotion that I've been waiting for.'

"Do you have a name?" the soldier asked.

"I..." the stranger hesitated, "I don't remember."

"Don't worry then," the soldier replied, "we'll get everything straighten up after you join SOLDIER."