Something New

Author: Koos van Winden <van_winden_koos[at]>

Rating: G

Betaread: Keith

Pairing: B/X and various other ships

Xander's basement

"Yeah, 'cause most relationships are great and trouble-free. I don't think so. I think we're all doomed to badness."

"We're not doomed," Xander said kindly to make Willow feel better.

"Oh, yeah? Let's-let's look at your bio. Insect Lady, Mummy Girl, Anya . . . You're a demon magnet."

"I was just trying to help," Xander replied.

"I'm sorry, Xan. It's just that I don't like it. I mean, he loved me, I loved him. And this whole growling werewolf thing makes it all bad. You see, it should have been as it was meant to be."

Giles' apartment. Giles is on the phone, talking to Willow. "Willow, it's-it's me. Something's happened. We need your help. We can't see very well. Everything's blurred and we are surrounded." He grabbed the twelve gauge shotgun and fired it once and one of the demons growled in pain as hit fell to the ground.

"Hold one, Giles. I have the satelite tracked on the nearest team. Oz is giving them the right coordinates. They will be with you in a moment," she said as Oz sitting next to her was speaking through his own microphone while looking at video images.

"We don't have much time. They are closing in," Giles replied while facing another demon." He and his team felled in ambush during patrol by a group of demons who had some kind of poison that reduced their victims eye sight. His group, five members clad in complete black and wearing armor, were heavily injured and the rest fought for their lives. One member of Giles' commando team was still unaffected by the poison and was kicking them very hard with strong moves.

But the demons worked expertly as a team isolating human after human, disabling them and then moving onto the next. Willow and Oz followed the fight on the monitor. "Please, hurry," she yelled at it.

Oz turned to her. "Team beta is close."

"Not close enough," Willow said, frightened and angry at the same time.

"Relax girl," Amy said.

"Relax!? How can I be relaxed!?" Willow snapped back.

The last standing member was still kicking ass as suddenly the last pressure on the trigger didn't give the desired result; a shot. There wasn't any ammo left.

Willow clenched her hands when she helplessly witnessed the nerve breaking seconds. Amy thought it was best not to snap back as she worriedly watch her readheaded friend.

The demon group made up for the finishing strikes as the other patrol group finished them off. The member was looked at them and took off his helmet. "Oh, man. That was close. Why were they able to surprise us?" he asked to one of the new arrivals.

The others followed him. "They are K'Chagh demons, sir. They are difficult to feel with our Slayer senses." Kendra replied.

Xander nodded. "Then we don't know if there are more in the neightbourhood."

"They only operate in one group. It's highly unlikely that there is a second group in the neighbourhood, sir," Faith's Watcher replied.

Xander nodded. "Wesley, you, Angel and Kendra, make sure that they are save," he ordered the group leader. "Buffy, Faith and I are going to do a last sweep of the university area. Then we call it a night."

Wesley nodded with a blank face. "Yes, sir!"

Xander turned to the other hurt Watcher. "Giles, make sure that the Council knows what happened here today. And let Travers call me at 7.30 am."

Giles nodded in pain. "Yes, sir."

One of the hurt group members woke up in pain. "Oooh, my head," she groaned. Then she snapped her eyes open as she realized what had happened and rushed over to the smallest member who was still lying on the ground. "Jonathan!" she yelled as she checked the guy out. She looked around and faced Xander, questioningly.

"He is okay, Cordy. Don't worry." Xander said calm to reassure her. She moved her head towards the little guy in worry. <Damn, what has she changed since our highschool days into a wonderful and caring woman,> he thought proudly. He pulled two shotguns and took off. Faith and Buffy followed.

"I can't believe you could keep your hands of him for so long, B," Faith whispered.

Buffy grinned lightly. "I know, since he kissed me after he revived me I was so lost. And then on my seventeen's birthday he refused to have sex with me. Take it slowly he said, can you believe it?" Like the contrast with Angel.

Faith held a hand for her mouth to stop having her break out in laughter. "B, you really know how to make a crack. He just delayed it for one day, and you still frustrated about it?"

Buffy smiled. "No, it's not that. I had given myself as a present. He just had to 'unpack' me. But he insisted that it was *my* birthday."

"Just like how Wolf-boy handled Willow."

Buffy nodded. "Wow, that was something. I mean the control Oz showed there."

"Well, he managed to control the beast inside him by shear willpower," Faith said with a tone of awe in her voice.

"Something we still have to learn, Faith."

Faith nodded. "I wish we have had the same training as Kendra."

"Yeah . . . and she had that nice girlfriend, Tara. She is a really wonderful girl and a fantastic witch. I'm so glad that we could save her and her mother from that aweful father." She clenched her fist a rush of hate ran through her body. "I so wanna kick that guy's ass and her bro . . ."

"Calm down." Buffy interrupted. "We all know about your and Xander's bad parents. It's the past, you know. No need to resurface the anger."

Faith calmed herself down and nodded. She was still very grateful for the support and kindness from her Slayer-sister.

Buffy sighed and smiled sympathetically at her and changed the subject. "How was your trip with Wes, by the way."

Faith wickedly smiled. "Damn, B, it was great. Never knew that that guy could be such a beast."

Buffy rolled her eyes. "You're one hell of horny gal, aren't you?"

"Hear who say it. From the girl who constanly drawls over how she is gonna surprise X on their trip."

Buffy laughed a little. "That's called love, Faith." She smiled dreamingly. "Xander arranged a wonderful cruise with his friend Captain Gopher from the Love Boat." She sighed. "It's pure love. From both sides. Not hormones."

This time it was the dark Slayer's turn to roll her eyes. "Right," she simply commented.

Buffy nodded "It's all about control, Faith." They followed Xander's lead as Faith twisted the subject. "I'm wondering how Willow handled the fight this time . . ."

They both resisted the urge to burst out in laughter.

Amy watched how the redheaded girl regained her composure. "Wow, Willow. I'm really glad you don't have the gift for magic," the blond witch said as Oz nodded in approval.

Willow was calmed down and smiled a bit. "Amy, you can be a real rat sometimes."

A dark alley in Los Angels

"Hey, mate. Long time not seeing you," a blond, black leather clothed guy said to a lone man.

The man looked up and then down again.

"C'mon, Dru, my luv. Let's go to Africa. It's the only place still safe. They have a farmboy as commander there."