Son Of The Hedgehog

Author: Drake Tepes <daemondrake[at]>

(the only one sick enough for this)

Rating : PG

Spoilers: None really, timeframe is post S3 pre-S4.

Summary: Another Xander finds his real father fic, with a rather crooked twist.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of this, all that is to the ME and the real person used as Xan's father belongs to himself.

A/N: This is a screwy as hell fic, inspired by a show on the WB. Which one?  Won't tell, might give away the ending.  This is most likely a one-shot fic.  If someone wants to write a sequel, please do, but I doubt it'll be me.  Mark beta'd this, said it was worthy of sending out.  Let's hope he's right.

Xander sat outside the building, waiting and reflecting. He'd thought he'd gotten used to how strange his life was. Having lived his whole life on the Hellmouth, he should have known better. There it was, the day after his High School Graduation and the defeat of the Mayor. And instead of getting to rest, he gets a visit from his mother.


"Alexander, are you awake?" Jessica Harris asked as pushed the door to her son's clock-laden room open.

A mumbled sound of "Uhhuhmm" was her son's reply as he rolled over and tried to focus on his mother.

"Alex, there's something I need to talk to you about," Jessica said seriously as she stood in the doorway.

"What mom?" Xander asked, sitting up in bed as he woke up a bit more.

"It's about your father," she started before being interrupted.

"Not again, tell him I'll pay rent as soon as," Xander said before he was then interrupted.

"Not him dear, your real father. Tony isn't your feel father honey. Here," Jessica said, handing Xander his birth certificate with his name on it. Complete with his real birth father's name listed.

"Wait, so dad isn't my dad, and I'm not really a Harris but a..." With a look at the birth certificate, "a Hyatt? Well, at least my monograms won't change."

"Yes dear, I wanted to wait until you were all grown to know the truth. I'm sorry, but I knew you were going on a road trip soon and I was afraid I'd chicken out when you got back."

"That's okay mom, thanks. Does he know about me at all, did he..." He trailed off after a look at his mom.

"He never knew. But if you want to meet him, I think he still lives in Hollywood."

"I think I'll go meet him, is that okay?"

"Of course dear."

˜end flashback˜

And so instead of going on his cross country road trip, Xander Harris was sitting outside a studio, waiting to meet his father. He had to ask what the man looked like, and recieved some odd looks when he did. But finally he saw someone who met their description and was shocked when he recognized the man himself.

Summoning up his courage, Xander approached the man with his birth certificate in hand. "Excuse me, Mr. Hyatt?" Xander said, stopping in front of the portly man with bushy back hair and darkish skin.

"Huh, that's me kid. Looking for an autograph?" Mr. Hyatt said, taking the paper Xander had and reaching for a pen. But the man must have registered what the paper was, as partway to getting a pen he stopped suddenly and read the paper. With a shake of his head he read over it again, then looked at Xander. "Is this you?"

"Um, yes sir Mr. Hyatt."

"Okay. Wow, um, this is unexpected. And you don't have to call me Mr. Hyatt, call me Ron." The man said.

"Thanks Ron... This is, wow... I thought the name was familiar but I didn't realize who you were until I saw you," Xander said, still in a bit of shock.

"Well, I hope I'm not too much of a disappointment for you," Ron said.

"No, definitely not. It explains some things really. But wow, I mean, my dad is Ron Jeremy."

The End