Spuffy : Coporeal Love

Author: Koos van Winden <van_winden_koos[at]hotmail.com>

Okay this is the sequel. Under great pressure by Mac I forced my brain to produce a sequel. Have you any idea how hard that is?? I hope it will even come close to the previous one.

Sequel to Spuffy : Ghost Love

Disclaimer: I own nothing

Pairing: Surprise

Beta: Keith

Time Frame: Post BtVS, AS5 after destiny

Authors notes: Best to read this while eating cold Turkey on a snowing day, wearing a long white beard

"What if it does? What if it means that... I'm not the one?" Angel asked, he'd been worried about Spike being the chosen one of the prophecy for days. His eyes widened as Buffy suddenly walked in.

"Buffy, what are you doin' here?"

"Xander told me that Spike is corporeal, so I immediately came to see him. Where is he?"

<Why the fuck did he do that for!? I didn't tell him this to let him tell it Buffy? The first time was fun, but again!? I wanted to know what he thought about the situation, maybe even a solution. Not this! >

"Don't I get a hug?" Angel asked as Buffy scanned the room for Spike.


Angel blinked. "Why not?"

"You never told me he was corporeal again."

"Ghost or not, he is still haunting."

"Me too! I have been horny for way too long now. And *you* are still not really able to help me with that."

"So, you still want Spike for that?"


"Even after what he did last time?"

"I can forgive him."

"You are *that* forgiving?"

"*You* know how forgiving I am," she said still looking for Spike.

"How can I forget," Angel muttered as he rolled his eyes.

"At least now I can fuck the brains out of him."

Angel looked disgusted. <Xander!!!> "How is Xander? Is he adjusting fine you know with his one eye and . . ." he asked wondering how the fucking hell he could have come up with this.

Buffy flashed a wonderful smile. "Oh, it's going very well with him. He and Dawn are taking things slow. And he is a big help for the girls." She pointed her finger to her head. "Smart guy."


The former ghost appeared solidly on the scene. "Spike!" Buffy yelled.


"Spike. You are back again!" Buffy yelled anxious.

Spike smiled. "Yep. The cup maybe fake, but my abs are not, luv."

"Show them quickly and let us shake this room."

"What!?" Both vampires shouted. <How many times had Xander taken this crap before he finally lost it?> Angel thought with disgust. Then he remembered. <He is the one who sees . . . This!?. . . Poor boy, how can I blame him?>

Buffy rushed out of her clothes as Spike did the same.

"I drunk from the cup of Perpetual Pleasure."

The blond Slayer rushed towards the bleeched vamp to embrace him.

"And it's gonna taste good," Spike wickedly smiled as he held his arms open.

Angel looked away in horror, but Buffy went right through Spike. She quickly stepped back and looked up and down his body. "Huh?"

Spike's and Angel's eyes widened. "Huh!?"

But Angel, always the little smarter of the two, smiled as it hit him. "He is the destined one."


"To furfill the prophecy."

Buffy looked between the two vampires. "Huh?"

"Uh, honey, I am a *souled* vampire too, remember?"

Buffy stared at him with wide eyes. She put on her clothes quickly and walked away without a word.

"Buffy . . ."

Buffy turned around. "You let me go all the way to Los Angeles, excited and horny, without telling me you drunk from the cup!? If *I* wanted a *hero*, I would have dated Xander a *long* time ago!!" she said furious and rushed out the door, leaving a deeply tormented naked ghosty champion behind.

Angel grinned widely. <Xander, now I know why I have missed your brains.> "Glad, I am not the destined one anymore."