Surviving Carnage


Rating: PG-13

Author: GotWolfy

Summary: While in prison Xander as an interesting Cellmate.

Crossover: Spider-Man Comic.

Disclaimer: None of this belongs to me. Please don't sue me I'm poor I don't live in the US.

Spoilers: BTVS Season 7, Angel Season 5

Pairing: None

Author note:

I kept thinking what if Xander received power that and evil guy has what would happen well this is my response. To alanP if you read this i am Asking really nicely if you could beta for me or if you dont have the time could you refered me to someone else You can email me your response at Emaynard[at] thank

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Chapter 1

"Man that guy is freakishly strong! " Said one guard to his three companions while robbing is arm. They were all coming back from Cellblock C, where they Just delivered one of the Prisoners. "I told you to watch out for him. VampKiller maybe psycho but he is Strong as an Ox. Even after a month of isolation." Answered the older man slapping the younger man on the back in a playful manner. "Why do you all call him VampKiller anyway?" The rest of them snorted. "He keep's saying is victim was a vampire. He would never kill a human bla, bla, bla.. Guess he taught he could get an insanity defense."

"Man, that just Wrong"

"Tell me about it" replied the older one." They never even found the body. Just his Blood"

"Shhh! Listen" interrupted one of the guards.

"What? I don't hear anything"

'Exactly it's to quiet! There up to something'

"Come on! Everybody is accounted for. It's not even a full moon! What could happen?»

The tree remaining guard threw him a hateful look. They've learned not to temp fate in a place like this. They accelerated there pace leaving a confounded coworker behind.

"Guy's! Hey! Guy's wait up, Guy's, what did I said?" Trying to rejoin is companion.

Meanwhile in cellblock C Xander was pretty upset to be back with is cellmate. Eddie Brock Was always getting on his nerve. That's why he kept getting thrown in isolation. It was the only place he could get some quiet. The current subject of is ire was pacing back and fort mutterings to himself about how is 'other" was coming.

Finally Xander had enough "Would you just shut up! You psycho! I want some sleep"

"You be quiet! My other is coming. We will make you pay for your crime"

Xander knew were this was going. He jumped of his bunk and stood up until he was a foot apart from the taller man. He was use to Thing a lot more evil and dangerous then an ex Super villain who Taught he was a just a good guy with is own idea of justice. He stared Brock right in the eyes and said:

"Yeah! Worked quite well last time you tried something funny! Want a repeat performance."

Brock held the stare for a moment then turn is eyes to the ground refusing the challenge. He had tried to make Xander paid for his crime the first night Xander was put in his cell. He didn't want to end up in the infirmary again. No he wouldn't try anything not until he was hole once more. Then is cellmate would understand the meaning of justice.

Knowing Brock would leave him alone for the night Xander got back to is bed and tried to sleep. He was miserable. If someone told him 3 years ago that he would lose Anya, an eye, is job and end up in prison for dusting a vamp he wouldn't have believe them. He really missed all is friend. Deadboy promised to have his best people get him an appeal but Xander wasn't holding his breath he knew how reliable Angel could be. With those depressing taught he went to sleep dreaming of better time before his life took a turn for the worst.

He was awaken by an helmouthy vibe. He was not able to place it but something wasn't right. He opened is eye and took in is surrounding a guard was near is cell. Strange it wasn't time for the round yet. Brock was still up but he wore a satisfying smile on his face. It made Xander think 'this guy is way to happy. he is up to something'.

Before Xander had time to do anything the guard took Brock hand and held it thigh. A black mass traveled from the guard to Brock and completely enveloped him. Xander got up trying to help Brock. The guy might be evil but he was still human he wasn't about to let him suffocate.

The mass rapidly took Brock form, a white design appeared on Brock chest and a lot of teeth and a huge red tongue appeared where Brock mouth should be.

"Yes! Yess! Yesssss! My other is Back! We are whole, we Are VENOM!"

"Oh Shit!"

Great! Xander was locked up with a psycho who had grudge against him and just got his power back. Yeah! Thing could always get worse.

"Now you will feel Justice! Murderer!" Venom said ignoring the terrified guard who was running for the alarm.

"I don't suppose it would make it better if you knew it was a murderer that I killed?"

"You wont escape Justice this time"

"Yeah didn't think so. ah! Fuck it" Xander jumped on Venom and lunched a kick to Venom Balls. Venom jumped in the air over Xander head. Xander turned around looking for his opponent but he couldn't find him.

Suddenly he felt a blow to his head that send him strait into the wall. Xander tried to put his hand up to protect himself who only resulted in is left arm breaking on impact. He held on the wall for a little while before falling on his back. Xander had received blow before but nothing as ever hit him this hard, not even Buffy. He was in deep shit! In this position he could see is opponent. Venom was hanging from the ceiling!

Venom Jumped down, did a little summersault before touching down to Xander left. Xander tried to get up but with only one good arm he was not fast enough. Xander received a kick to is side tossing him 4 feet of the ground into the other wall. Great now I am a football Xander thought just before his back hit the wall. Xander felt something snap inside of him as he coughed up blood.

"Now your Victim will be avenged, you will never treatment another again" Venom voice hissed. Venom approached Xander, is Disgusting tongue an inch from Xander face as if he was about to lick him. Xander grabbed Venom tongue. Head butted Venom While pulling hard on the tongue. He was able to head but him twice before Venom took a hold of is right arm and broke it. Now free Venom grabbed Xander by his shirt and punched him once in the face sending Xander into unconsciousness.

Venom let Xander go and Xander body crumbled on the floor. He was about to Snap Xander neck when the alarm sounded.

Venom put his hand to is ears trying to block the sound " Harrrg!, the sound!, It hurt!".

Venom blindly smashed trough the cell door trying to get away from the sound. He barreled down the corridor until he ran right trough 4 guard running in is direction.

The shock send one of them over the railing, the other were tossed away like fly while Venom kept running.

"Man you okay" said one of the guards

'Yeah I'm all right but John went over the railing. I think he's dead,» said another one in a miserable voice.

The older man response reiterated John own word 'What could happen, indeed"

While Venom Was making is escape, in cellblock C, a reddish substance was slowly enveloping Xander body. Had he been conscious he would of fought it but nothing was stopping it's progress. The symbiote was an infant, he had no precise personality except his father memory. It tried to Take over Xander but found a resistance. Even unconscious Xander was to strong for the symbiote to be in control. In is lack of experience he decided to absorb Xander personality all his experience, good or Bad. Xander 'white knight' persona Especially impressed his father vigilantly side. In the end the symbiote Became Xander, All his fault, all his Quality, and ceased to Exist, him and Xander were one.

Later after healing his Body, Xander Got up, he knew everything that had happen, He decided that he could not let Venom free he was to Dangerous. Xander Punched trough the Wall on his cell then slowly crawled on the outside Wall. He got onto the roof of the prison wall then jumped down. Xander Was Free, he felt so good, it had been years since he felt this good. He could go back to his Family, once he took care of Venom. With this taught Xander Started hunting for Venom.

Dawn was sitting at home in Rome, Watching CNN. She liked to watch American TV it would remind her of America when they were a family. She had some problem at school since Xander got arrested, she kept thinking of how awful it must be for him. They had written each other a lot and she had gotten to know a different Xander in those letters. He didn't hide anything in is letter, he was just Xander, and she did the same. She told him all her hope, all her dream and he told her about his success, his failure, how much he hated it in prison, of how he would get himself thrown into solitary because he liked the quiet. She never felt better then when she was about to open one of is letter.

The phrase 'Federal prison of New York City" brought her attention back to the News program

'Where earlier tonight two Convicted Murderer escaped Federal custody leaving 3 dead and 12 wounded. The two criminals are Eddie Brock A.K.A Venom and Alexander Lavelle Harris also known as VampKiller. Both are be considered arm and dangerous"

"Wait a second. we have a witness here sir... SIR! Could you tell me what happen in here tonight?"

"I've never seen anything like it was like a war zone. it was a Total Carnage I tell you Total Carnage."

"Oh my God"


Chapter 2

6 hours after the event in Surviving Carnage.

As bar name go the 'No man's land' was not really catchy but it had at least the quality of being descriptive. When Xander made is way inside the demon filled bar all conversation stopped and Xander was met with the stare of the exclusively non-human clientele.

"Hey Tiny long time no see. I trust your distinguish Customer behaved themselves in my absence" said Xander as he approached the bar and the only other human in the decrepit bar.

"Kid! What the hell are you doing here you got half the police force after you and you come here! Get the hell out of here! I don't want your bad luck to rub of on me!" Said the 5 foot 8 inches 240-pound man Nicknamed Tiny.

Xander made is way to the bar ignoring Tiny rant and sat down in front of the rather large bartender.

"Come on Tiny There no way the Cop's are showing their face in here and you know it." Said Xander.

"Kid go find your little slayer friend. You and them are not needed here there is no vamp in New York City" said Tiny

"Don't tell me theirs still Afraid of this Morbius guy. A vampire that can fly and feed's on is own kind yeah! Right." said Xander while shaking is head and releasing a sardonic laugh displaying what he really thought of this belief in the undead population. Plus he knew for a fact that there was still Vamp in New York ,they were just better at hiding, he got caught dusting one by those NSA guys and spends almost a year in jail didn't he.

Tiny leaned forward and said to Xander in a whispering tone:

"Look kid I'm trying to save your life here in case you haven't noticed! Some of my customer where here the last time you came in here and you don't have a couple of slayer backing you up this time. They might be tempted to even the score if you catch my drift."

"Tiny I didn't know you cared, I'm touch really but I don't swing that way" said Xander in an amused voice.

"I don't but it would be a bitch to wash your entrails of my bar!" said Tiny with a derisive snort. "And then I would have your little slayer friends on my back for letting you die in here. I'm still paying for the damage they did the last time."

"Yeah! Good time" said Xander his remaining eye taking a far away look as he remember the time when one of Tiny customer had the stupidity to slap Selena, one of the new slayer, on the ass as he past her by. Xander was pretty sure that the ensuing fight was still talked about in every demon bar in New York.

Bringing himself back to the present Xander face grew serious.

"I don't really have time for chit-chat I'm actually here for information."

"Too bad were fresh out, maybe you could ask the NYPD if they know something. I hear they're really accommodating when dealing with escape convict."

'Come on Tiny, you know how this work. You refuse to talk, you get hurt and you finally spill your guts, why don't you do us both a favor and skip a couple of chapter." said Xander in an annoyed tone.

"Look around kid you, human, alone, without any slayer to save your hide, in a demon bar! Somehow I think I'm going to be alright!' said Tiny loud enough so that everyone in the bar could hear him " Not to mention that your the only guy I know who's been put in jail for killing a vampire. Not really fear inspiring, you know!"

"Hey! How was I to know this vamp was under surveillance from the NSA? Come on! An arm dealer vampire that so ... Human. Vamp should be with the killing and the maiming, not dealing weapon, passing themselves of as human that just wrong.

Here I am just after making him talk and dusting is ass when all those police cars appears outside the warehouse. And I would of gotten away if it wasn't for this Jake guy! No way that guy was human. He took me down with one punch. " Xander said getting exited.

"Those Spook guy are train in hand to hand combat kid" said Tiny

"Well he wasn't trained that well I was kicking his ass easy until he got that lucky punch in. I'm telling you he was has strong as a Slayer"

"Slayer are girls unless you lot's changed that too,» Tiny said not believing a word Xander said.

"Maybe he used to be call Jacqueline and had a sex change, or he's possibly a robot. I don't know but if I see him again I'm running the hell away from this guy. His boss his even worst:

-Where is Lance Trimble mister Harris, we found his blood all over the warehouse Mister Harris, What did you do with the body Mister Harris." Said Xander trying his best to imitate a Feminine voice.

"And they keep you in this weird Transparent cell where everyone can see you go to the bathroom except there's isn't any bathroom it's just you and a little bed... it was all Very disturbing!"

"Okay kid I believe you! No need to get all exited"

Xander mentally cursed himself 'way to get info there Xander get sidetracked and over worked over some unimportant stuff. Get a grip your 24 year old not a bubbling 16 years old kid' That was Xander first clue that maybe in being bonded with the infant symbiote there might as been more change than he previously thought.

The Strong grip he had managed to get on his emotion over the years. The way he had been able to keep his legendary Harris temper in check especially in the latter years with Buffy going all general do what I say on him. It was slipping, his emotion were all over the chart like a teenager. "Maybe I should market this: Get Bonded with a symbiote, Feel like a kid again" Xander thought.

"Kid I got other customer so why don't you skidadle out of here before you get hurt."

"Hold on! I want to know everything you have on a guy name Venom where he lives who does he work with! Everything."

"That it! I'm not getting involved with a psycho like Venom. Bonny, Draco toss this punk out but don't kill him we don't need to get the slayers involve in this" Said Tiny in an enrage voice.

"Getting violent is not going to make anything bet..." A scaly hand that grabbed his hair and slammed his head down with enough force to make spider web crack on the bar counter interrupted Xander.

Reds tendrils shouted out of Xander back and enrolled themselves around the arm currently pushing his head down. They easily twisted it until Xander felt the pressured fade away.

The demon had no choice but to follow the movement his arm was doing and he ended up on the floor, on his side, holding his arm. Xander stood up from the counter and turned around to face the second demon. He quickly reabsorbed the Tendrils into himself While trying his best not to get angry he really didn't know if could get control of his emotion if he got to worked up.

"Hey! I'm not here to cause trouble I just want some info ok! Calm down before this get out of hand" Said Xander trying to stop the situation from degenerating further.

The other demon shook his head to get over the surprise of seeing his brother tossed around easily like that. He then with surprising speed threw a punch, which would have pulverized a cinder block, at Xander head.

Acting on old instincts Xander ducked under the punch and quickly backed away from his adversary. Suddenly he was driven to his nee by two huge hands hitting him on his back from the formerly prone demon that he forgot about.

"Novice mistake never take your eyes of your enemy " was all Xander was able to think before a flurry of punch and kick fell on him from both side.

"THAT IT! NOW I'M PISS" was heard by all the creature currently in the bar before one of the demon body was lifted from the floor and traveled half the bar before crashing into a bunch of is comrade enjoying themselves watching the human getting beaten to death.

"Bar brawl! " One of them screamed before hitting the demon to his left over the head with is half empty pitcher of beer. The scene quickly degenerated to an all out brawl between the former audiences. Complete with Punching, kicking and biting.

Only one demon wasn't enjoying himself he was rater surprise, the cause of his surprise was that mere moment before he was having fun tenderizing an annoying little human major organ. The next thing he knows, there was a lot of red, followed by screaming from the little human, then his brother apparently learned to fly despite his massive body and now a red human shape demon was holding him by the neck, with his right arm, two foot of the ground. The demon surprise turned to astonishment when a Huge red axe seamed to appear out of nowhere in the right hand of his captor.

Xander left eye caught a glimpse of the spider web his face made earlier on the bar counter and he thought it ironic to finish the job with the demon he was currently holding. He never notice that with his red costume on he could see from both eyes even if is left eye was missing.

Xander turned around and jumped in the air, let go of the Axe he made with the symbiote, grabbed the demon with both hand one on his neck and the other on the demon crotch. Xander then turned the demon, until the demon was parallel to the ground, brought him up over his head and brought both is harm down has hard as he could before he was pulled back to top of the counter by gravity.

For Tiny time stood still for a moment, from his position behind the bar he saw the kid in a red costume, almost flying, holding Draco over his head. Then before Tiny had time to access the damage this new brawl would cost him Draco body was thrown right trough his bar counter Draco body first it the top of the counter sending shard of wood everywhere then his body continued is course down until it hit the wooden floor at the base of the counter. However the floor resistance did not exceed the force it was meet with and quickly gave way. Draco body continued is course until it hit the cement in the floor below. The cement floor was of sufficient resistance to stop Draco body but not enough to receive an impact like that and not suffer any damage spider web crack spun all around Draco's body and a resonating BOOM!!! Was heard all over the bar as well as the vibration of the impact.

An eerie calm floated everywhere in the bar as demon stopped they're brawling to look at the strange human on top of the half demolish counter looking at them with those huge white spot on the red in the rest of his body.

"All right I'm going to get this information one way or another so anyone who doesn't want to fight get the hell out NOW! Before you get hurt." Said Xander in a thundering voice.

All demon who weren't the same specie as Draco and Bonny suddenly decided that maybe the 'No man's land' wasn't the coolest place to be and made they' re way as rapidly as possible to the exit.

Xander looked at the rest of the patron and said: " what is it with stupid demon in this bar? You want to end up dead like your buddy down there. Go home the bar is close!"

One of the customer raised his hand up " Not dead" he said.

"He's not dead! Your saying you can survive that!" said Xander in an unbelieving tone.

"No dying without bad metal! Now you give us good brawl yes?" said the demon jumping from one feet to another in expectation.

"NO! No more damage to my bar! Kid I'll tell you every thing you want just calm down ok!" said Tiny

"Well Tiny I wouldn't want to disappoint your customer, they might not come back if they don't feel they got there money worth you know! I think I should give them what they want before they go on a rampage or something" said Xander jokingly. He didn't count on those particular demons being so literal.

"YES! BRAWLLL" Said the demons in unison while charging Xander position.

"Aaaaah! Crap!" Xander said.

He then jumped right at the charging demon as two red axes appeared in is hands.

Tiny face palled as he watched Xander in the air is arm extended parallel to the ground, is leg reclined to is body like an angel in those cheese horror movie. The only thing he could think about was " If this kid stay in New York I'm getting the hell out of this town, Hell I heard Cleveland is nice this time of year"


At the same time near the 'No man's land' bar

"Come on the biggest new is that prison escape and were running around looking for auto thief. I was the one to break the story; I was the one who interviewed the witnesses. And Rebecca gets the assignment while I'm running around looking for lousy car thief " Said a beautiful blonde in a irritated voice.

"Anne, Running at night on the look out for story is the essence of journalism you never know when a story is going to drop in your lap" said her young companion.

"You know she just got it because she sleep with the boss there no other way. The little..." Anne was interrupted by Exactly what her companion talk about before a story dropping in her lap well not exactly in her lap, more on the hood of there news van. Anne screamed at the top of her lung while her companion tried is best to keep the damage news van under control. A couple of second later the van finally stopped and Anne stopped screaming long enough to ask " Joe what the hell is that" Anne said pointing at the gray and scaly demon that was half embedded in there van's hood.

"Must be some kind of Mutant or something I'm more worried about when it's going to wake up or where it came from actually" Said the young intern name Joe.

Joe question was answered when they heard a crashing sound. Both turned where the sound had come from. They saw what appeared to be another Mutant go trough a building wall, Up high in the air then plummet to the ground in the middle of the street.

"Now that a story even bigger that VampKiller crap, grab the gear were going in" said Anne.

"Just a minute I need to get a battery from the back"

"I don't have time just shoot sleeping ugly there and join me as soon as you can!"

"Anne it could be dangerous wait..." but Anne was already running to where the sound came from.

When she arrived in the holes filled building she could hear muffling voice and no sign of anything getting thrown trough wall. So she made her way inside. What she found inside was better then anything she could' of dream of "This will give me all the assignment I want. In your Face Rebecca" she thought taking in her surrounding there were body's everywhere and a blue substance was spread everywhere. A fat man was screaming at a red mutant

"You got what you wanted now get the hell out of my bar every time you come here it and up in disaster That the only thing your good at destroying honest businessman place of work." said the fat man

"If you skipped a few chapter none of this would of happen you know!" said the red mutant with the huge white eyes his head down like he was ashamed.

"Get the hell out and don't come back."

The mutant looked like he was about to say something but he turned around and walked out of the bar. Anne struggling to fight her fear ran after him.

"You your the one responsible for this... this ... Carnage" she said once she came near him.

Xander turned around facing her with impressive speed. He looked at her and saw she was afraid so he came back to his old routine, when people fear you, self-depreciating Joke.

"Apparently it's the only thing I'm good at" he said before shouting a line from his wrist that attached itself to the top of the next building. He gave her a big wink before hauling himself up in the air

"Hey come back here! How about a private interview? I CAN MAKE YOU FAMOUS ah! Fu...» before she could finish she was interrupted

"Anne are you alright? You got pretty close! Was that spider-man? "

"Joe tell me you got it all on tape I will make you a really happy man if you did"

"I got all of it from the two morons who woke up congratulating themselves on a good brawl to you with the red spider wanabe "

"Thank you this is going to be great, this is going to make us, you'll see we..." she was interrupted by a line coming from the air who stuck itself at the expensive camera Joe was holding. Suddenly the camera was jerked out of Joe shoulder and whisked up in the air. Both of them followed the path of the camera to a grinning red guy with large white eyes.

"Sorry but I really don't want to be famous. I like the quiet" he said getting the tape out of the camera. He then slung away the same way he did before.

"Hey you can't do that! It's private property! What about freedom of the press! Come back here with my tape! Fuuuuuck! This is not over you hear me! From now one you got your own personal STALKER PAL"

"Calm down Anne"

"Calm down! CALM DOWN! This was a scoop and we got nothing"

"We still got the two brawler near the van plus this" he said holding a small camera for her to see "I got his face on tape and the swinging thing until he turn the corner there"

"You did! That great! Oh you got to get the inside this building you wont believe this"

They quickly made there way inside only to find it abandoned, the only thing remaining was the blue blood everywhere no mutant body no fat guy nothing.

"I don't get it they were dead! One had his head cut of for Christ sake, you don't get up from that! Quick we got to get the other two near the van before they vanish to"

As they arrived near there ruined van there was no sign of the mutant anywhere.

"Great so the only thing we have is him stealing my tape,» said Anne getting worked up again

"That the most important thing, we'll be the first one to have image of him"

"Yeah that right and with a mug like him he can't hide for ever. But we don't know anything about him the only thing he said was that Carnage was the only thing he was good at... That it! Were the first one so we'll name him RED CARNAGE that should get our viewer exited"

"Carnage might be better"

"Your right! It's catchier! From now on he's our number one priority. He like's the quiet then we'll make so much noise about him he won't ever be able to be at peace again" Said Anne in a determined voice.

A couple of block away Xander just finished destroying the tape. reflecting on his first night of freedom he could only come up with one thought

"That was fun!"