Tall Dark and Broody

Author: Imaginary friend <imaginaryfriend101[at]hotmail.com>

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"blah" speech

*blah* thoughts

On With The Show…

Xander sighed as Buffy wandered off to look at an elegant ball gown on display, He turned around to say something to Willow to find she was already at Buffy's side gushing over the dress and how it would impress him.

Three guesses who 'him' was, and the first two don't count.

Xander rolled his eyes at the two women picking their costumes and started to look around the store. He already held the finishing touch to his costume in his hand, a very life like toy rifle, which would match his old fatigues at home perfectly, making him a conventional solider.

*What do she see in Mr 'Tall, Dark and Broody' * Xander thought as he gazed absent-mindedly at the accessories display *I mean it isn't like — Hello *

Xander's eyes fixed on a piece of jewellery that hung on the wall *That kinda looks like… but it cant be * He slowly picked it off the wall and brought it closer to his eye *it is…whoa…I never new they made any of theses *

A small smile slid on his face as it glinted in the sunlight I have most of the stuff at home…I need to get a sword though, and switch the rifle for a handgun, a little ingenuity and a lot of hair gel, Hmm…Wonder if that some sort of requirement, you brood therefore you need a lot of hair gel?…getting off topic*

Xander shook himself to clear his thoughts and looked over his shoulder at his Buffy and Willow were getting talked into buying that dress by the store owner *Wonder what they'll think of Xander class clown, turning into Mr Tall, Dark and Broody… *


"So…" Buffy said nonchalantly as the three strode out of the store, her costume in a bag by her side "…it's standard gear for a solider to carry a sword now is it?"

"Let's just say I'm a special solider" Xander simply said with a smirk on his face

"Oh I know that look, what are you planning mister!"

"I'm sorry that classified information" Xander said trying to keep a straight face "you'll find soon enough" he amended when he saw Willow about to give him the puppy dog eyes.

"So, I'll see you two lovely ladies at Buffy's at 7, right"

"Yeah see you later Xan, But that costume better be good"

"See ya Wills Buffy"


*Knock* *Knock*

"I'll get it" Dawn rushed down the stairs and flung open the front door.

"Xander!" She cried, she took a step back to look at him completely

Black combat boots, black pants, a brown belt around his waist with something hanging off it and two other belt hanging off his hips, a small black jacket that was just zipped together at the bottom, a white shirt *Mmmm…that shirts pretty tight shows off those muscles quite nicely * a pendent around his neck that she couldn't tell what it was, and his hair was styled comfortably around his face.

He just nodded to her in greeting and it clicked, Xander had been obsessing about it for a while

"Oh My God you look just like him"

"Thanks Dawnie, Man that being serious all the time is hard, cool costume"

Dawn was dressed in a simple white dress and red cloak, Red Riding Hood "Thanks" she said around her giggles and stepped aside to let him in.

"You're only missing the scar though"

"Well I was hoping that Buffy could do her Makeup magic on me"

"Did I hear someone say my name" the lady in question asked as she walked in the room "Hey Xan, cool costume, but, what are you?"

"Lady Buffy" Xander said as he bowed to her, "Is Lady Willow going to be joining us"

"Yeah wait a second…WILLOW"

"I'm ready, I'm ready, quit with the shouting" came Willow's muffled voice under her Ghost costume "Ohgodxanderyoureallywentalloutthisyearallyouneedascari'llbeb ackinasecond"

"Did either of you understand that"

Dawn shook her head, while Xander just said "Willow-babble you learn how to decipher it after a few years, So Dawnie when do leave for your party"

"Mom taking me to Jane's as soon as you leave, so you best get going quick"

"Yes Ma'am" Xander said as he saluted "Just waiting for our reinforcements"

Just as he finished speaking, Willow ran down the stairs she stood in front of Xander and quickly drew a diagonal line across his forehead. She stepped back "There perfect"

"What are you grown up Harry Potter or something?"


"Hey!" Buffy cried

Willow tried to hide her laughter as she said, "Come on we better get going to school and pick up those kids Snyder volunteered us to look after"

"Cya Mrs. Summers, Dawn Patrol"

"Bye Mum, Brat"

"Buffy!" - "Mom!"


Xander sat on his bed later that night, staring at nothing. For one night he had been Squall Leonhart SeeD cadet, just finished on his basic training.

After he had made sure that 'Lady' Buffy was safe with her protector, Angel, he had sent Willow to Giles to try to figure the whole thing out. Then he had gone and done what any SeeD does best.


Luckily he had only knocked out any kids in costumes, but any vampires he had come across.


He had probably killed more vamps in one night then he had in all the time he had patrolled with Buffy, He even fought Spike, Squall had let Spike go not being able to kill Seifer, as he kept calling him, when he was weaponless. *It's the Blonde hair and trench coat * Xander told himself.

He remembered his last…it could only be called a battle, against 8 vampires that Spike had sent after him. It was only through a combination of swordwork, skill, magic and determination that made sure that he survived. His Gunblade was ripped out of his grip halfway through and he had to rely on the magic he had drawn from the creatures he had met that night to outlive the vamps.

Then as he cast a cure on himself as he walked towards his weapon it happened, he became Xander again.

He had looked around for a second as he remembered what he had done that night, then he scooped up his weapon and made a hasty retreat back to his house. After a quick call to the Library to tell them he was okay he had gone into his room and sat down, which is where he was now.

His eyes moved from a random point n the wall to the Gunblade that rested against the wall next to the door, the glint of silver a contrast to the solid black grips of the handle. From were he was sitting he could just make out the matted silver Lion stencilled onto the blade that matched the Lion head key chain hanging from it's grip. He had no idea why it hadn't changed back, maybe because it wasn't in his hand, or he made it out of two objects, he had no idea.

He slowly reached up and took off his necklace from around his neck, he held the pendent in front of his eyes and watched it spin slowly from side to side noting that it matched the key chain hanging from (his?) Gunblade.

*I know your still there, I can feel you *

Xander didn't so much hear but felt it shiver up his spine as the voice answer him <Yes>

*What are you*


Whoa… *The spell made-*

<I was not created by some petty Mage's spell, I decide to follow the spell as it pulled on me from my home dimension>

*And now you can't return*

<No, I decided to stay>

*Why? *

<Do you know why I bonded to Squall Leonhart>

*No…why?* Xander asked wondering were this conservation was going

<I saw in his a desire to be the best, to protect and to fight for what he believed in>

Xander, for once, remained silent

<I see those qualities in you, I see the potential within your Heart>

*But I don't…I mean I cant fight, and I'm not the best at anything besides eating Twinkes*

<Do not believe what other have told you over the years>

<You have chosen a difficult path alongside the Slayer, It is full of hardships and trials, but I am sure that you can do what you want in your Heart. you can fight, you can protect the ones you care about yourself, and you can be the best and prove everyone wrong about you…all you need is the training, which I can provide>

Xander remained silent for along time pondering over what Givera had told him. It was over an hour later when he answered with a single word spoken aloud to the room.


The End?

Hope you like, I might continue later, tell me what you think.