Tara's Confession

Author: Greywolf <greywolfb[at]yahoo.com>

Joss owns um I don't yadda, yadda, yadda

Pairing: Xander/Tara (Xander POV)

Rating: NC-17

Spoiler: sometime season 6

Tara was working late at the Magic Box, it's a little store my fianc�owns. Well on this particular night Anya ,that's my fianc� was out of town seeing a distributor So I decided to stop by to check on Tara. When I showed up she was just closing the doors for the night and she still had to put up banners for a sale the next day and restock the shelves of the stuff that was sold during the day. Being the friend I am I told her I'd be more then happy to help her out so we could get out of there before midnight. Tara headed to the storeroom and pulled out the ladder so she could hang a "For Sale" banner over the candle section in the center of the shop. I was over hanging up some amulets and other nick-knacks on a shelf while trying really hard not to look at her shapely ass when she called over to me and asked if I would hold the ladder steady for her while she climbed up on the top rung. I do remember that I told her I would hang the banner but she insisted on doing it her self. She looked down at me and smiled when I told her she was in good hands and not worry that I'd catch her if she fell. I looked up right as she lifted her leg up to the next rung and my breath caught in my throat. Tara's skirt had billowed out and instead of a skirt covered ass I was looking straight up at bare shaved pussy. It took Tara a couple of minutes to hang that banner and the whole time I stared at those wet distended pussy lips. When she climbed down off that ladder I was so deep in thought I didn't hear her speaking at first. Her soft giggling brought me around and she gave me one of her devilish grins. "I hope I didn't shock you but I hate panties. Gets to warm under all my long skirts." She purred at me

I swear I must have blushed a scarlet crimson. "Ah… no you didn't shock me Tara." I murmured back at her and here laughter sounded like fine crystal.

"Your fun to be around Xander. I might have to give you a bonus for helping me tonight." She giggled as she ran her soft hot fingertips over my lips.

I didn't dare tell her I'd take that bonus in pussy so I just grunted and blushed some more as I put the ladder back into the storeroom. When I came back into the main room of the store Tara had moved over to the counter and was sitting on a barstool and was counting out the days receipts. I guess it was my night to be teased because the hem of that skirt was pulled way up her lovely thighs and I was once again looking right at her little pussy. "Why don't you go check out the training room while I finish up these tickets." She asked and I headed back to where Buffy worked out to make sure it was all cleaned up back there. I swear the thought to just run to the bathroom to jerk off was almost overpowering but I figured I could make it home before I did that. I straightened out the workout room making sure all the towels were in a laundry hamper and all the weapons were hung on their respective pegs on the wall and never noticed when Tara entered the room. It wasn't until I felt her hot breath on the back of my neck that I realized I wasn't alone anymore.

"Is Anya going to be gone all night?" she whispered against my neck and all I could do was nod. Her hand reached around and gently stroked my chest while I was blatantly aware of her tits pressed into my back. "Too bad for you I guess. I bet you're planning on taking a long cold shower tonight aren't you?" she purred.

"Something like that." I groaned and felt her hand glide down to the waist band of my pants. She laughed and slid her fingers into the waist band of my jeans and her fingers toyed an inch or so from the head of my dick which was standing straight up at the moment . When Tara's fingers touched my dick she let out an excited gasp. "Xander I've never done this before." Tara said in the sexiest voice I have ever heard. I froze afraid she didn't meant what she was hinting at even though her hand was now firmly wrapped around my throbbing dick. I know I'm really not the brightest guy at times.

"Sex with a guy Tara?" I asked her, my voice rather squeaky in a manly way I mean. "Well there is the fact I'm a lesbian Xander, so yes sex with a guy." She giggled.

There wasn't any doubt in my mind now, Tara planned on getting fucked tonight and I was the lucky S.O.B that was getting her cherry. My only problem now was keeping from shooting my load all over the place before I got to deflower this wonderful woman in front of me. She withdrew her hand from my pants and spun me around and slowly dropped to her knees. Tara fumbled with my belt and zipper until my jeans were wide open. She caressed the lump my cock formed in my boxers and she looked up at me with her eyes half hooded. "Damn Xander this is huge!" She then slid my boxers off along with my jeans. By now my dick was so hard it hurt and it slapped loudly against my belly when it popped free of my boxers.

Tara stared at my cock like it was a seven course meal. She then leaned in and licked my prick from my balls all the way to the tip. I braced myself against the pommel horse and groaned as her hot pink tongue traveled over every inch of my dick until it was slick and wet. "That's what a lesbian's tongue feels like Xander." She purred as she pulled her blouse off and threw it over her shoulder. Tara stood and I leaned in and took one of her perfect elongated pink nipples in my lips and gently sucked and nibbled on it while my hand cupped and fondled her other tit. She slowly backed me to the pile of practice mats up against the wall and gently pushed me over on top of them.

Tara backed up and shed her skirt and was now standing completely nude in front of me. "Um Xander? Nothing bigger then a finger has ever been in me so please be gentle." She asks and I tell her I'd never hurt her.

She crawled up on the mats and straddled my head with her dripping pussy just above my waiting mouth I reached up and grabbed her hips and pulled her fragrant slit down onto my waiting tongue. I slurped licked nibbled and burry my face in that warm wet pussy. I couldn't get enough of her sweet juices. Now I know why Willow was always ready for bed. Tara had a couple of mini orgasms while I ate her juicy pussy but she wanted something else and by god I was ready to give it to her. I eased her up gently and she moved down my torso until she was kneeling over my rock hard prick. She gently grasped it again and lined it up with her slippery wet hole. "Now go easy Tara.." I warned. "You can hurt us both if you go to fast ok?" She nodded slowly to me and then eased the head of my dick into her hot crack. Tara grunted as my dick stretched her virgin hole out and I felt my dick run into her cherry. "Ok Tara just bare down slowly it'll go.' I coached. I could see the beads of sweat on her brow as she forced down harder on my prick pushing it against the thin barrier keeping me out. All of a sudden I felt a slight give and Tara hips slam down all the way and she screamed out in a mixture of pleasure and pain. I quickly grabbed her hips as she tries to extract my big cock out of her violated virgin pussy. Tears stream down her beautiful cheeks as her body slowly got accustomed to my dick in her. Tara lay forward on my chest and hugged me to her. I kissed at her tears and gently caressed her back .

Her crying became worse as I started to move in and out of her ultra tight pussy, but soon she started to rotate her hips in time to my gentle thrusts. Tara's breath was coming in ragged gasps and moans and soon she wasn't think anything of the pain. She sat back up and I reached out for her jiggling tits and teased her nipples with my thumbs. Tara quickly rushed towards her first orgasm so I slowed my strokes to keep her on the edge of release. I rolled us over never leaving her warm confines and began to move once again. Tara pulled her legs up and wrapped them around my back and gyrated her hips under me. When Tara's cries became pleas for release, I slowed once more and then slammed back in . Her hips lifted with each of my hard stroke meeting me in the middle of each rapid thrust. Tara screamed out when she came and her clutching pussy milked the cum right out of me. Falling back for the last time she screamed one last time and arched her back only to fall back motionless, passed out cold.

I eased myself off of her warm sweet body and lay beside her and gently stroked and caressed her soft belly and breasts as she slowly came back to reality. She opened her eyes and was instantly hugging me tears running once again. "Thank you I never knew!" Tara cried while she hugged me tightly. I held her until she cried herself out then I asked her why she waited so long to do what we just did. Was it guys in general or did something happen in her past to make her not like guys.

Tara got quiet again sat up and hugged her knees. When she looked up I saw years of pent up pain in her eye. I told her she didn't have to tell me if it hurt to much. She shook her head and wiped a tear off her cheek. "No it's time I told someone. I never told anybody why I'm like I am." I ask her if Willow knew. And she shakes her head no again. "When I was twelve my brother started molesting me. He never tried to do …you know but he made me do things to him, and he made me strip naked for him and he petted me. He said since I was part demon I couldn't do anything about it. It was the way all the women in my family were treated. It went on for years Xander nobody knew or really cared. I was a demon after all so I thought it was what I was supposed to do but I hated it and I hated them. The men in my family. When I was in school, you know I'm from a small town, I had cousins watching me all the time so I never was able to have any friends so I was all alone except for my mom. She was going through her own hell so I didn't ask her about what was happening to me it was just the way it was. When my mom died when I was seventeen I got a chance to get away from them and I came here to start college. And that's when I met all of you." I sit there in stunned silence. How could anybody hurt this gentle creature sitting here with me. My anger at her brother grows tenfold and I know if I ever see Donny Mclay again it will be the last day that mother fucker walks this planet. I pull Tara over into a huge hug and whisper to her that she never has to worry about that happening again. I don't tell her my plans for her brother of course but I still offer her all the comfort she wants.

Tara sniffs one last time and pulls away and gives me one of her wicked little grins. "I think we better hurry up and get out of here Xander Buffy is out on patrol and we don't want anyone to walk in on us like this." She looks down at her gorgeous nude body then winks at me. I know I'm doomed this woman in front of me holds my heart now and there isn't a damn thing I can do about. We get up and quickly get dressed and turn out the lights throughout the shop. I offer to give her a ride home which she refuses but she did promise that we'd see each other again. Now my problem is how do I break up with Anya with out her turning me into a troll. Not a real good place to be you know? But I don't think I've ever been happier.

End Fin Fini