The End

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Spoilers: Season 1 - 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, in Harry Potter this takes place three years after the trio graduated, and one year after Voldemort was defeated. So that means everything from books 1- 5.

Summary: They have been at war on top of the Hellmouth for five years, mistakes have been made and lives destroyed. Some consequences take longer to bear their fruit, five different forces come to a head at a critical time. With the forces of light divided, is it too late to contain the Hellmouth?

AN: Ok, this is my attempt to get back into the swing of writing, I've been very busy breaking in my restaurant and I have to say I love owning my own business. This is un-betaed and I should have the second chapter out on Saturday. Short yes, but so is my time!

Chapter One
My Only Friend

Xander was working hard at the construction site, lately he had been working off his frustration in the yard. He was either on site or with spending time with Dawn these days. So much that Anya began to question him. Then she made gave Xander an ultimatum, once again she left the Hellmouth alone. The grief at losing Joyce, Buffy and finally his fiancé was almost too much for the young carpenter, and yet as the days turned into weeks he found himself growing stronger.

Dawn's dependence on him energized him, having someone to take care of him gave Xander new life. His heart was his weakness and his strength, after all. At the moment Xander's crew was working on removing the mess that used to be the Sunnydale High School. After the explosion the school during his graduation it had been moved across town, about as far away from the Hellmouth without leaving town.

The conglomerate that had bought the land surrounding the Hellmouth had ordered the land clear, and it was Xander's job to get rid of the remains of the school. This was the final day at the site, everything was cleared away and the site was clean and ready to build. Tomorrow Xander would begin the construction, and meet the representatives of the companies that owned the land. They were sending a team from England to inspect the area and assist with the construction itself.

Xander had been working with the same company for almost two years, in a town with the highest turn over rate in the nation. Upper management had noticed the dedication and the quality of Xander's work, he was doing well within the company. When he was buried in grief they given him the space he had needed, with only the promise to return as to work when he was ready.

Two weeks after Buffy's funeral Xander went back to work, not because he wanted to but because he needed to. Xander suddenly found himself taking care of Dawn, the bills had been piling up and Xander knew that Dawn staying here depended on his ability to take care of her. Willow and Tara were going back to University in the fall, and he was the only one with an income steady enough to make sure that they were taken care of.

To Xander surprise he had been handed the newest contract the company had landed, this was a test and he knew it. Xander had been handling the account to the best of his abilities, and this too had been bringing the best out in him. He kept his men inspired, the site safe, and under budget all the way through. As Xander walked amongst the men that made up his crew, thinking about the giant bonus check that he would be cashing in for the completion of the first phase.

Working with his crew wasn't technically part of his job, but Xander felt that by getting into the thick of things helped him to keep in touch with the men that he was in control of. His crew was the safest and the most productive of the ten the company had on its payroll. Xander spent time working with them, he knew them by name and spent time making sure that each and every one of them went home safe every day. It's part of what made him and his crew so successful.

By the time Xander was finished seeing his men off and filled out the appropriate paperwork Dawn was waiting by his truck. As he walked towards her, he tossed his keys to her and got into the passenger side. Dawn ran over to the drivers side with a grin on her face and jumped in ready to drive them to the grocery store, then home.

London, England

Private International Portkey travel was a highly unusual way to travel, for a group to set up the protocols takes quite some time. You have to alert the ministry of both countries and get permits from them both, a prearranged spot is chosen and then the party is taken to the magical equivalent of customs. For most people it takes up to a year, it's for that reason that most people make plans with a magical travel agency.

For Harry though it took less then a month, whenever his name comes up doors open and Gordian Knots are sliced through. Setting up a Portkey of this magnitude was almost simple for Harry, with Hermione calculating space and weight he was able to produce one within minutes. Ron, Fred, George, Ginny, Hermione and Harry all took hold of the broomstick and moments later they found themselves in an alleyway near their destination.

The group of them had been planning the trip to America since the beginning of the summer, Weasley Inc had bought some land in the town and they were also looking to purchase a shop in town. Everybody in the magical community knew about the Hellmouth these days, after a failed attempt at breaching the dimensions the Hellmouth was forced into a repressed state.

Harry worked in the Ministry as an Unspeakable and it was his job to access the Hellmouth and attempt to contain it if possible. It was a little known fact, but after closing a Hellmouth the four founders built Hogwarts directly on the defunct portal. It was the Department of Mysteries hope to recreate the same effect, if it was possible they could take a place of great evil and create a tool for the side of light.

Weasley Inc would own the site and if all worked out some of them would stay under the guise of running The Magic Box. After a quick 'point me' spell the six of them made their way towards the shop they hoped to soon own. Unknown to them this meeting would change the world in an unexpected way, two worlds were set to collide.

The Realm

This was their realm, where the beings that called themselves gods lived. There were more of them then modern men believed, but less then existed in times past. At the moment the Greek gods were holding council to discuss future events and if they would intercede. As usual almost nothing was accomplished except that three opposing factions were created. Oddly enough Ares stood outside of them all and watched, and for once he kept his own council. Only the three fates knew where he stood.

For the past few months the Hellmouth and the world in general had been quiet, and like the last time darkness had been dormant it was almost ready to explode. The consequences would be horrendous, and the few beings that could see what was happening were keeping to themselves. The events of the next few months could save or damn mankind, and yet it was still believed to be a time of peace.