The Harris Identity

Author: Demented Mite <demented_mite[at]>

Disclaimer: All Btvs characters belong to who ever holds the copy right Not me.

Summary:That would be telling

Pairing: B/X

Rating: PG-13 for now could go up in latter parts

A.N. This is my first ever fanfic so please be gentle but honest tell me if it sucks.

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March 17, 2008 The Jungle near the Colombian border Brazil

Melinda Lucas was not a happy woman. When her friend Christy had talked her into this jungle hike as part of there spring break vacation she had her doubts but as always Christy had talked her into it.

"It'll be fun, she says" Melinda muttered to herself as she sat on log a few feet off the trail away from the rest of the tour group rubbing her feet trying not to think of the blisters forming there, <I am SO going to get her for this > she thought. She was just about to gear back up when a snap of a branch got her attention, She was looking for who or what could have made the sound when a figure clad in camo green fell unconscious to the ground a few feet to her left. She screamed for a second drawing the attention of the rest of the tour group who started rushing towards the scream. After calming down a little Melinda slowly approached the limp form when she reached the man she thought for the size of the person. Kneeling down she turned him over on his back to see his face Just as the rest of the group arrived. The tour guide/medic pushed her gently back to take a look at him after bandaging a fairly nasty scalp wound, the medic started cutting away the man's army style vest and t-shirt. Finding no injuries on the man's chest he rolled him back over only to find 2 bullet wounds on his upper back <hmm the vest must have taken most of the force they aren't in too deep> the medic thought. After making sure they could move the man safely the guide/medic got one of the lager men in the group to help Carrie the man back to base camp to call a rescue chopper. As they started to lift him the man started moaning and mutter words only one of witch either the medic or other man understood "Buffy".

Our Mother of Mercy hospital Manaus Brazil

It had been a pretty normal and thankfully slow day for Dr.Carlos Sanchez. Working out of the ER took it's tole on him most days, so when ever he had a quiet day he took full advantage of it, Witch today took the form of trying to get top score in the doctors lounge's Mrs. Pac Man arcade game. One could ask why a doctor would waste his time on something so tedious but it was just what he needed sometimes, something with no consequences like life or death. He was one level and 2000 points away from his goal when word came down that a rescue chopper was heading in from one of the tourist trap jungle tour groups. With him being the only one on call this time of day he abandoned Mrs. Pac Man with a soft groan < Probably just another tourist with a sprained ankle> he thought to him self as he made his way to the heli pad on the roof.

What he found waiting for him was a surprise? Not that it was a gun shot victim in the jungle that wasn't unheard of this close the Colombian border. No what was surprising was this man was not in as bad a shape as most people who've been shot twice in the back and left for dead in the jungle should or would be. Shaking his head at the unproductive thoughts he got to work at removing the slugs from the mans back while the nurse ran the blood sample they had just taken to the lab. He had just finished removing the bullets when he noticed an odd scar on the man's right hip witch he took a second to examine. Once he had gotten a better look and feel of it he could tell there was something under the skin something that shouldn't be there. Taking a scalpel to the scar he Carlos slowly cut a line all the way across the scar after cleaning away the blood from the fresh cut he extracted what at first glance he thought to be another bullet but not deformed from being fired. taking the object to a lighted magnifying glass, he studied the small metal cylinder it seamed to be two pieces first he tried gently pulling them apart....nothing. Next he tried turning the top half a quarter turn and was rewarded with a blinking red light coming on at the top of the device.

Tilting it towards his eye got him only some minor pain witch also made him realize it must be a laser pointer of some kind < but why was it in his hip and why is it blinking if it's just a pointer? > He pondered after witch he pointed the device at the near by wall where upon was now displayed in flashing red light the bank account number 1-2076-4976 fallowed by "International Bank of Brazil, Rio" turning off the display he turned back to the sleeping man only to find him not on the gurney anymore.

Suddenly Carlos was grabbed from behind and pushed to the nearest wall. "What are you doing to me!?" yelled the gun shot victim "What happened!?".

"Calm down, some hikers found you in the jungle and sent your here to Our Mother of Mercy, it's a hospital your safe here, I'm your friend" said Dr. Sanchez calmly as not to agitate the man any more then he all ready was. Immediately fallowed by the wounded man collapsing into him. Holding the man up well leading him back the gurney "My names Carlos Sanchez, What's your name?" the doctor asked. "I don't know...I don't know" the wounded man muttered a few times before loosing consciousness again.