The Horseman

Author: Blackguard <dragon_reborn5[at]>

Rating - R (Violence and language)

Pairings - none

Summary - Xander chooses a different outfit for Halloween that will lead to a night many people would lose their head over.

AN - this is just another one of those one shot Halloween fics, but it was an idea that hit me and wouldn't leave me alone.

Chapter 1

'Damn it' Xander thought as he saw some kid grab the last toy gun out of the bin in front of him. 'There goes my soldier costume, there's gotta be something else I can afford," he thought as he looked around Sunnydale's newest costume shop.

Looking around, Xander saw Buffy and Willow going gaga over some old noblewoman's dress.

'Probably for Angel,' Xander thought with disgust.

Ten minutes later Buffy and Willow walked out of the shop, leaving Xander behind after agreeing to meet him at Buffy's house later that night.

'If I could just find a costume, stupid Snyder,'

"May I help you?" an English accent said from behind him.

Turning Xander saw that voice belonged to the man that had sold Buffy her dress.

"I'm just looking for a costume that can fit my low budget," Xander responded.

"You know, I may have just the right costume for you, my name is Ethan and I am the owner of this shop" the English man said.

"What kind of costume?" Xander asked with interest.

"Follow me," Ethan said as he turned and walked over to a far corner of the shop. "This is it," he told Xander as he pulled a large costume off the rack.

Looking at the costume Xander saw that it looked to be an outfit from Revolutionary times. It came with a long black cloak and gleaming Saber on the belt.

"I'm failing to see what this is a costume of," Xander told the man.

"Just a minute," Ethan responded as he reached up on to the shelf and pulled down a mask. "Now do you see?" he asked with a gleam in his eye.

"I'll take," Xander quickly responded after figuring out what it was.

Five minutes later Xander was walking out of the shop with his purchase in hand as Ethan closed up.

"This shall be a Halloween to remember" Ethan said as he walked into the back room to prepare.


A few hours later Xander was standing outside the Summers household, waiting for the door to open. A few seconds later Buffy opened the door and allowed her friend in.

"Wow Xan, great costume," Buffy said as she eyed the outfit.

"You too Buff, I totally renounce spandex," Xander replied with a grin as he took off the mask. "That's really hot," he said as he fanned himself.

"Willow should be down soon, just wait till you see her," Buffy said with excitement.

"Hi," a voice said from the staircase.

Looking up, Buffy was angry to see that Willow had thrown the stupid ghost costume on over the outfit she chose, whereas Xander wasn't shocked to see Willow in the same costume she wore every year.

"Hey Will, nice boo you got there," Xander said as Willow reached the bottom of the stairs.

"We got to get going, don't want Snyder mad at us," Buffy said as she headed for the door with Xander and Willow close behind.


After picking the kids up at the school and teaching them the best techniques for weaseling more candy out of people, they were off.

Just before the young man was supposed to return the children to the school a wave of energy hit him, causing him to stagger.

When the he regained his balance, the young man looked around the street around him, a glowing light coming from a pumpkin on his head. A few seconds later a large, black horse walked out of the shadows around him.

Quickly mounting, the creature kicked the horse into a gallop, for tonight, the Headless Horseman was on the hunt.

The End