The Intern

A Hellsing/ BTVS Tale

Author: B.H. Ramsay <drgonzo124[at]>

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Rating PG for violence

Pairings(s) none

Spoilers: season 7 of Buffy

Summary: Xander is the guinea pig for an exchange between the Watchers Council and the Hellsing Organization

Authors Note: Just had to try it and see if it would work

Chapter 1

It started as a standard Sweep & Clear. The soldiers would move on the target building and establish a perimeter, the special squad would move in, disposing of any high threat targets. Once the special squad was inside and doing their thing, the rest of the troops would follow cleaning up anything left behind. The soldiers moved into the building and immediately encountered resistance, heavy resistance. Ghouls, zombie creatures who fed on the flesh and occasionally the blood and bones of the living swarmed on top of them behind came vampires. Creatures that most in the rank-and-file still believed were just legends. Oh they had heard the stories traded by the vets but they just assumed that what the veterans were describing was nothing more then some druggie hopped up on some new strength amplifying drug that made you anemic as well.

With the two special operatives working from either side of the building, the vampires that wanted to live quickly realized their best chance was fighting the regular troops. The creatures swarmed the perimeter trying to overwhelm them. The troops were using up ammo quickly gunning down the zombies. As fast as one zombie fell, more undead replaced them. An endless wave of undead, beating against the troops, pulling them down and threatening to destroy them. The soldiers called for help from the Special Squad members. The enemy had them overwhelmed so there would be no help from them. Alucard, the veteran, was dealing with the more powerful creatures elsewhere in the building. Seres, the junior member, was fighting her own legion of ghouls. There would be no rescue from either of them. The soldiers were running out of options and time, the cries for back up were not going unheeded but there was only so much two people, even people like Seres and Alucard could do. It was at moments like this that define certain kinds of men.

One of the soldiers grabbed a pouch of explosives and circled around heading up stairs. In the distance, several floors above, he could hear the cries of creatures dying. Whatever Alucard was doing up there it was Loud and painful. His demented laughter was echoing down from the floors above. However, that was there and he had to concentrate on the here and now. Catching sight of a fire hose attached to a wall, he un-spooled it and tied the end around his waist. He vowed that if this didn't work he would come back and kick Bruce Willis' ass leaping out the window he fired his pistols at the glass on the floor belowshattering it so that his body crashed to the floor. He was now in between the swarming hosts of ghouls. The creatures barely had time to react. The Trooper opened fire on the ghoul army even as he tossed the pouch of explosives down another hall. The resulting Explosion scattered the army like chaff in a whirlwind. As the smoke cleared, he saw Seres, Blood and gore painted her uniform, all of it belonging to her fallen foes. A shock wave from the blast rolled through the building deafening everyone and throwing the trooper to the ground. One of the freaks yanked its broken body toward him even as the lower half of its body, everything below the waist remained a pulpy mess in the hallway. The trooper backed away. The thing was screaming curses at him, curses that he could not hear because his ears were still ringing. Thus, he did not hear the roar of the gun that saved his life. Seres put another bullet into the creature and when it still insisted on twitching, she crushed its skull under her boot. She flashed him a smile. She was blond and was not as tall as he. The weapon she held, a heavily modified rifle, had a large bore you could stuff a cat into. The thing was almost as long as she was tall, the trooper's knowledge of weaponry was good enough that he knew she should barely be able to move with the thing let alone fire it. Yet, she had it strapped across her back like a school backpack.

The girl smiled again her teeth glinting in an eerie fashion. She flashed him a thumbs-up, which he returned distractedly, before she disappeared up the steps. The trooper's hearing was coming back so now he could hear the sound of gunfire upstairs increasing. The duet of large caliber rifle and powerful automatic pistol created a symphony that silenced all sounds of resistance.

The crisis was over; the paramilitary team cleaned up the damage from their battle. They began poring over the ruins of the buildings trying to figure out what happened, and why? A statuesque blonde with regal baring to match her features strode through the ruins of the ghetto complex that used to house several hundred souls. She shook her head, anger seethed off her, permeating the room like fog swallowing the countryside. "How could this happen in the middle of the city, How did this atrocity happen."

The team looking at the post apocalyptic scene shrugged, they had little idea. "The shock troops were pinned down almost from the get go, Sir Hellsing, agents Victoria and Alucard were similarly detained.

The Field Commander broke in "There were apparently four master class vampires. Agent Alucard dealt with two of them, a third was taken out by Agent Victoria. The fourth apparently died as result of the explosion. It is a miracle we got the situation contained at all."

Sir Integra Wingates Hellsing turned to a tall longhaired man. Although his red trench coat and floppy hat were somewhat out of place with the uniforms indeed, they almost made him look like some movie actor or rock star. Something made looking at him for too long difficult. As though the coat was only for show, that he was really wearing the darkness around him, and it was a perfect fit. "What happened to you up there Alucard, did you get lost in the heat of battle."

Alucard nodded, "in a way that I have not for a long time."

Since he was not going to apologize, she snapped at the FC "By the way, whose idea was it to blow up the building. "

The sound in her voice indicated that there was grief ahead for the lone trooper but he was not one to be intimidated. "That would be me ma'am."

"Ah the intern, well I am aware you're used to cowboy heroics but that kind of nonsense does not wash in the Hellsing group. You pull a stunt like that again without the express consent of your field commander and you will be doing worse then kitchen duties."

"Kitchen duty."

"Yes, you can handle the clean up of the dinning area on your own, it should serve as a reminder."

Sir Integra turned on her heel and marched away she could feel the eyes of the soldiers upon her. It was the duty of leaders to create esprit-de-corps and nothing did the job faster then the common bond of thinking the boss was a bitch

The field commander gathered the rest of the troops with his steely gaze. "All right, you heard her ladyship let's get a move on." He turned to the trooper "you're on KP as soon as we hit headquarters. I am gonna be keeping an eye on you from now on Harris so you had best watch your step. "

"Keeping an eye out huh, well that will give me a full set to work with." The trooper doffed his helmet "...and I'd really prefer if you called me Xander "

"…And I would prefer it if you would move your sorry arse"

KP and an official reprimand and it was just his first week, only fourteen more to go. Xander Lavelle Harris muttered quietly, "Giles was so not kidding about how stiff these Hellsing guys would be. "

The End