The Lost Tales


Author: Michael Wilson <wyrdradio[at]>

Rating: R

Disclaimer: Joss, Mutant Enemy, and a lot of other people own the characters from Buffy. The characters from Forever Knight are owned by James Parriott, Barney Cohen, and Sony/TriStar.

Summary: Thrown through time, Xander finds himself meeting a new type of vampire.

Author's Notes: This story is a part of the story "The Lost Warrior". While fighting Apocalypse, Xander was thrown through time over and over again. This is a story explaining one of those times...

" ... " as always means talking...  while * ... * means thoughts.

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Chapter 1

The wheels of the cart wobbled down the road, bouncing from time to time as the ruts narrowed from less use. Abel gently flicked his stick against his horse's side to get her back on the road then looked up when he saw lightning flash in front of him in the distance. Lightning seemed to fill the sky for a minute before the sky went clear again.

*Tis nary a cloud in the sky... an yet lightning. Tis a bad omen.*

He shook his head and moved onward, determined to get to town before nightfall... no matter what the weather... for there were dark creatures that came out only at night and he didn't want anything to do with the likes of them. He urged his horse on and was soon nearing where the lightning had struck. As he cleared the rise of a small hill, he saw something that he would remember till his dying day. Even then... he still couldn't explain the strangely dressed man.


Reality came together painfully for Xander as his body reformed itself molecule by molecule. The pain of it was excruciating, but he had no choice in the matter. As he fully materialized, he dropped to his knees and vomited.

"Oh god... that hurt more than anything..."

He looked up and blinked in shock at the forest around him. He was kneeling next to a dirt road covered in deep grooves. Xander frowned and looked down at himself. He was covered in grime and what looked like blood... and in his hand was the severed head of Apocalypse, a look of surprise frozen on his face.

"I got you, you evil bastard, but you got me back, didn't you."

Xander looked up at the sky and saw the fading traces of lightning.

"Now... where, and when, the hell am I?"

He got to his feet just as the sound of a wagon reached his ears. Xander's eyes darted down the road to his right and quickly summoned an empty sack. It appeared in his hands and he quickly shoved Apocalypse's head into it then tied it shut just as a horse-drawn cart appeared. It came toward him then came to a halt.

"Greetings stranger. Are ye well? Did the lights in the sky harm ye?"

Xander frowned.

*Harm me... why would he...*

He glanced down and noticed his clothes were smoldering slightly.

"No, it struck near... close enough to catch mine clothing aflame for but a moment."

Abel nodded.

"Aye... twas luck on your side then."

Xander nodded and dusted himself off. As he wiped the grime from his chest, the stylized cross became visible... and the man gasped.

"Ah.. thou art a holy man?"

Xander looked up at the startled man then back down at himself and nodded.

"Aye... a warrior priest... twas on a pilgrimage but fear now that mayhap am lost. Pray tell, where is this place and where is the next village?"

Abel smiled. It was a good thing to help those chosen by God, and better still to help a chosen warrior.

"Thou art near Fairgrove... it lies yonder at the edge of the forest. I am traveling there myself. Twould be a honor to give thee aid in reaching there."

Xander nodded again and smiled.

"Thank you, and his blessings upon you as well."

As Abel grinned, his brown teeth showing, he reached out a hand to help Xander into the cart. Xander took it and climbed in to sit next to him.

"I am called Abel."

Xander smiled warmly.

"Pleased to greet ye, Abel. I am Alexander..."

Abel had learned the meaning behind names from his grandfather years earlier and recognized that name. His eyes widened, as did his grin.

"Protector of us all... tis a noble name."

Xander nodded and smiled to himself as Abel urged his horse onward; soon they were headed onward to town...


The town of itself was shocking to Xander. He had never seen so many dirty people wandering around streets that looked worse than the sewers back home.

"Able... where can I find the village priest?"

Able smiled at Xander and pointed to the largest building in view.

"There it be... and tis a grand place. Much holiness is within those walls."

Xander looked at it and nodded. He could see that by where it was located in the center of the village, that it would be easily accessible from all sides. Not very strong a building... but easy to get to in a hurry.

"Yes... lovely indeed. Can you tell me the good man's name?"

Able smiled.

"Brother Xavious... a fine and godly man is he."

Xander nodded and made a mental note of the man's name.

"I shall be sure to present myself to him then. I thank ye, Able, for your kindness. Can you deliver me to the church and I will speak to him before night falls?"

Able nodded. He had been wondering how to get this strange man to someplace safe while getting to his own home as well... and now he had a means to do so.

"Aye... aye... I can take ye there now."

Xander nodded and smiled.

"Thank you, Able. May God grant his mighty blessings upon ye."

Able blushed and brought his cart to a halt before the large church.

"Thank ye sir... and may God bless thine own works as well."

Xander grinned and hopped off the cart. As it moved onward, he waved once at Able ten turned toward the large oaken doors. He moved toward them, but paused as he felt something strange.

*What is that?*

Xander noticed then that night had fallen and the streets were growing dark. Off to the side, in an alley, he could see two eyes watching him... two glowing eyes.



Nichola watched the cart as it came to a stop. He could sense power... great power... coming from the young man who just then jumped down.

*What are you?*

He was about to turn and go tell Lacroix... when the young man turned and stared right at him. It was what happened next that startled him completely for the young man snarled and spoke.


Nichola swallowed and backed away, fading deeper into the shadows as the young man stalked toward him...