The Plan

Author: Koos van Winden <van_winden_koos[at]>

Summary: This my version of the end of the series. Of how it should end.

Spoilers: The last episode.

"Great plan!" Buffy almost yelled at Xander in exitement.

"Yeaahh." Dawn screamed while hugging Xander.

All SIT's in the room where happy, although they didn't express themselves like the Summer girls did, they where very glad with Xander's idea.

His idea was easy and not difficult to work it out. Although they did not know all the implications, they knew it will stop the First and kill all the Ubervamps.

In fact the SIT's where not needed at all. A great relief came upon them, when they realized that.

"Way better then my stupid idea, turning all the potentials into Slayers." She admitted.

"You sure you are ok with it." Willow asked, she still had her worries about it.

"Yeah, in fact unconsious I had it planned for almost two years now. Must be a Slayer thing... But I needed Xander to make me realize it and for him to work it out.

Besides I have used it enough." She said, smiling at Xander.


Xander was glad about this overwhelming support. He brought the idea with causion, not knowing how they would react to it.


Giles had been thinking about it for a while. Then he came up to Xander and layed his arm on his shoulder.

"Excellent plan, young man. You always had the great ideas. I suddenly realized that." Giles admitted to him.

"Same for me. Great thinking. I didn't know you that well. I thought you where mere friends with the Slayer. But I can see you are the 'Brain' here." Woods complemented him.


It was a little to much praise for Xander to handle. A tear appeared in his only eye.

"Thank you." He managed to get out.

Anya came over to him and kissed him on his cheek. "I always knew you were great."

Faith kissed him on the other cheek. "Me too. Although the last time I almost killed you for your greatness."


Willow looked at him. <I have too admit it is a great plan. And I don't have to do that dangerous spell anymore.> She sighed. <Only I always thought it was me who was the 'Brain' around here.>

"Xander, I ... I have to admit, this plan beats me. It is great."

"Willow, you know that you are always the smart one around here. I am simply ..."

"No Xander, you showed your IQ here. We have always underestatemated your intelligence." she stated firmly.


"Thank you. I don't know what to say. It is .. you know, Angel helped a little here." Xander said blushing.

"No." Buffy interjected. "Angel didn't do this. We always thought Angel was the big hero, but it was alway you.

I can see that now. So should you."

Xander did not know what to say anymore. He just stood there.


For a moment the room was silent.


Dawn broke the silence. "You should have the honour of finishing them off." she said.

Xander was about to shook his head, when Buffy spoke.

"Yes Xander, you deserve it. You may drop the 'weapon'."

Xander looked around. Everybody nodded.

"The 'weapon' is kind of heavy. I don't know if I can do it." Xander said, not wanting this incredible honour.

"Ok, we will help. But you may drop it when Giles opens the Hellmouth."

Xander thought about it and finally nodded. Cheers errupt around the room.

"Great Xander, Faith and I will catch it." Buffy said smiling.

The Hellmouth.

"Are all the SIT's outside Sunnydale and save from here." Buffy asked. Xander and Dawn nodded.

"Except me." Kennedy stated.

Willow smiled. "She won't leave me alone. I am her Goddess..."

Buffy nodded and smiled.

"Giles, you are ready to open the Hellmouth." Buffy asked Giles.

"Yes, I have am ready when you are." Was the reply in a non-british way. Normaly Giles would have been nervous for such an occasion. Now not, he was confident and in a sort of mild 'Ripper' mode.


"Faith and I have made the 'weapon' 'ready'.

You have arranged for transport, so that we can get the hell out of here."

Buffy cracked at her poor joke.

"I have a bus ready." Woods answered.

"Ok, let's do it."


Giles opened the seal of the Hellmouth. Xander, Faith, Buffy and Dawn carried the 'weapon' above the Hellmouth and the let Xander hold it for a fraction of a second. They where all smiling.

In that fraction, Xander grinned.

<I may close the Hellmouth. I am so honoured>.

Then he dropped it and run away as quickly as possible with the rest of the team.

After a few minutes te 'weapon' began to shine a bright light.

The sounds it made got from 'mmmmmmmm' to "MMMMMMMMM" and in the end a louder "Aaaaargh".

At least it could not move well.

15 minutes later. Outside Sunnydale.

"Well Xander, you did it." Buffy said to him in praise.

"He finally was good for something." Xander said grinning.

Faith grinned. "He was bound up in for it."

The End