The Powers of the Slayer

Author: John "Hatten" Carlsson <hatten_jc[at]>

Thanks to Tdmaster, I try to remove as many errors in my spelling as I can FIND but I am wordblind :)

Chapter 1
A diffrent power.

"Mr Travers can i have a word with you" The young man that said as he came walking with a angry face.

"Of course Mr Hawking. What can i do for you" Travers said as he patently sat down on a nerby chair.

Hawking "I have read and REAREAD the report of the crutencium and your action in Sunnydale they were beneth any moral and etic the Watcher stand for. You are a shame. The Crutencium havent been done on a Slayer for hundreds of years and still you decide to do it"

Travers "I agree" with a sad but amusing look on his face.

Hawking "You you. You agree ? But why did you do it then."

Travers "You know those report where secret and for the Consile eye ONLY" looking up at the young man with a serius but sad face.

Hawking "Dont try to change the subject explain you self or so help me I will make you regret firing Giles"

Travers "I belive there no stoping now. What do you know officialy and Unofficialy of the Slayers powers ?"

Hawking "What have this to do with wath you did" he said wawing angry with his hands.

Travers "Humor me !"

Hawking "Superstrenght equel or superior to a vampire. Profetic dreams, Healing abilty and a lust to fight thats it"

With a look of deadly seriosl at Hawking Travers begain "Those are the Slayers MINOR powers she have so mutch more dangerus powers that turn on frind and enemy."

Hawking "what what do you mean?"

Travers "Have you ever wonder WHY all the slayers enemys work like cheap movie criminals and the monster is so stupid they dont use guns ?"

Hawking begun to look qonfuse now "I dont undstand i belive that becuse they where stupid"

Travers "Not relly there are plenty of gun using Vampire on the streets of New York and other big citys"

Hawking "i dont get what that have to do with the Slayer powers"

Travers "The slayers mayor power is that she Warp the realty and the action of her enemys and frind around her. To what she belive they should do and act"

Hawking "How do you mean"

Travers "The less inteligent the slayer is the more stupid the enemys plans and action are. Havent you taught about that before ?"

Hawking "I.. You are saying that becuse of the Slayer"

Travers where looking serius now "Right. Thats way the Watcher constantly force the slayer to use traditional weapon like a stake and sword becuse most slayer then expect the enemy to use simlar type of wepon and becuse of that THEY DO"

"but wath about the Crutentium test." Hawking askt.

Travers "Thats becuse of the slayer realty changing magic ONLY work on those she consider ENEMY and FRINDS she LOVE. We only use the crutentium on slayer that have a father and dotter relation ship in order to creat a emotional splitt betwen them therby making the Watcher a Alied not family or enemy. In the end the test is to ensure the slayer and the watcher survive mostly the watcher survival."

Hawking "Travers so the test is for the survivel of the Watcher then"

Nooding with his head he began. "yes but not completly. A experince Slayer often get to sure a Normal human cant slay and her power will make that truth unless she is forcebly experince that they can do it. it has to do with a superior complex some slayer have"

Hawking "But then way did you kidnap Jocy and"

Wawing his hand Travis starting to explain "The first i did back in england is under the Watcher eye do a logic planing test and the result was only half as it should be. That is in it self a profe that i was under Buffys powers she expected that i was a enemy and thus she made me behave in a stupid and criminal way."

Hawking look taught full at the tree outside and it was quitet for a time.

Travers "You know me i am a bit stiffy and boring but i always have the most respect of human life and the law."

Hawking "i know that why i was so angry with you." A big smile where on his lipp now and he turn around. "Is this why we on the watcher like the Slayer to work alone and employ any fighter that join the good fight like the Pike kid"

Travers "Yes that is exacly why its sad that Ripper dident forc the young Xander and willow to leve the fight or call us so that we could explain and make use of them in the fight aginst evil. As a independed fighter alied but not frinds or enemys the slayer power wouldent work on them. That is why its so sad that Ripper did not force them to leve in the begining"

Hawking "why can't we convince them to leve"

Travers "becuse Buffy expect them to be loyal and it take some time before her mind power effect dissipate. And try to convince them at this point would probly make us Buffys enemys and we would behave like criminals our self"

Hawking "oo that explain a loot i hope one of them leve sunnydale long inoff for us to help him or her"

Travers "We have made certain that master Xander will get a free car and encurige to make a cross contry tripp in a cople of years from now and then maby we can help him to become a true hero.

The end
unless some one else like to continue with this idea.