The price of Glory

Author: John "hatten" Carlsson <hatten_jc[at]>

Disclaimer: I don’t own a thing except a _|^^|_ And a strange sense of humor.


Read. 'a Reason to be Atheist.' and 'Finding Faith'. and 'The Wrath of gods 15/15'


Buffy is the child of Thor.

Xander is the Child of Loki.

Xander have change his name to: -

Alexander LaVelle Lokison Bur'Orin.

Lokison = child of Loki.

Bur'Orin = Godson of Orin.

A magic Curses made by Glory an evil goddess have finally been released and every Minotaur and Satyr have for the first time in over 3000 years regain their true body.

The secret society Illuminati that rules the government from the shadow have blamed it on the international Tobacco lobby attempt to create a genetic changing Virus.

They have just married with their parents consent. Faith have been shot but is alive, Her sister Dawn is currently recovering after donating blood almost to much blood.

Xander hade to Save two small girls a 10 year old Satyr named Hanna and a 9 year old Minotaur girl named Alena. They some how manage to make him adopt them.

The mystic sword of fire is in the hand of Duncan Macleod and the mystic weapon of air a crossbow is in the hand of Amanda.

Faith and Kendra have a pair of magic daggers that Xander and Buffy gave to them.

Faith and Kendra’s Daggers have a healing spell that make it hard for it to hurt anything alive NOT demons and heals wounds of those that hold it faster.

Healing Magic is dangerous for Vampires and Undead.

The Daggers also have room for extra magic Rune-stones that give them extra ability Faith and Kendra have equipped theirs with and made them unique.

Faith Dagger is

Ice Cold: Active/Deactivate: Snowman

Curing: Heals sickness always active.

Shadow: Activate/Deactivate: GoNinja

Kendra Dagger is.

Flame: Activate/Deactivate: Flame

Endurance: Always active.

Shadow: Activate/Deactivate: Unseen/know me.

Glory is loose trying to find her Key. And creating a group of 'loyal' minions

Xander and Buffy is planning the down fall of the Watchers.

Jarrod the pretender have taken as his student Cordelia that have Pre- Pretender ability.

Alexa Summer Buffy cousin is having a child a clone of her self by magic accident and she and her husband is now Mom and Dad.

Chapter 1
Hanging loose.

The principle Stokeheart looked up during Snider's time and even before he had been the principle of the junior school now suddenly he was the principle of both the kids school and the high school.

This was not something he liked to do the young man in front of him WAS dangerous person.

A kind of person that could kill a priest with out blinking.

The kind of person that would hunt down any one hurting HIS family. And the kind of person that looked scared to death just being in the same room as him.

His wife look just as bad.

"Hello Xander And you to Mrs. Buffy Summer is it" Stokeheart said.

Xander "I Hi Mr. Stoneheart i mean Stokeheart"

Buffy "Yes. I'm still a Summer"

Stokeheart smiled a grim smile "Alright please do Call me Clint"

Xander blinked his name is Clint.. "Sure Mr. Clint"

Clint Stokeheart smiled as his eyes boor down on Xander, Friendly looks was just not something he was capable of, A friend told him that he looked like a mix between John Wayne and Bruce Lee if you remove the friendly and cuddly parts.

Friendly looks was just not in his face capacity but he still tried. "Now you have two small children and have you taught about what kind of classes you like them to take?" He let his failed friendly smile torment them a bit "This is an important question.

Buffy swallowed this was the principle the 8-13 year old had to deal with. And he was taking over in their school also.

"We only been parent for" Buffy looked at her watch "27 hours sir"

Clint lost his smile he notice in irritation that the two young persons seemed to relax.

"I see. Well do you have any one that you could ask for advice," he said.

Buffy nodded "We ask my mom she gave us these suggestions"

Buffy handed out a paper.

The principle read notice nothing really unusual except study some extra language and learning martial art was on the study plan.

"Some like chosen gym activity is normally chosen by the kids themselves."

Xander flinched "We like them to learn so they be safe Sir"

The principle smiled friendly and felt happy parent that cared = while Looking like a evil mailman planning on going postal.

"Good good This i see that Your mother suggestion is taken care about and even your ideas of martial arts is done we even have a martial art class after school."

Buffy swallowed she had to ask Giles if that man was a demon or not. "Thanks we will be going now sir" she said and hurried out with Xander after her.

The Principle sighted kids these days.

Illuminati secret meting

"We have problem guys and girls" George the ghost. Head Spook of the government said to his colleagues from all parts of the world.

The Chinese frown "What problem Honored friend"

George "Evidence state that glory most likely would survive a nuclear blast even gaining strength"

The France frowned "A nuke is on of the rare things outside magic that would kill a god permanent"

George nodded "You are right. But glory have bounded her self limit her own magical power and physicals. In doing that she have the capacity to channel direct heat/radioactivity electricity kind energy and using it to protect herself"

The Swedish representative "So nuking her is out of the question."

George nodded "right because of that ordinary bullet would hurt her more then a nuke. And that's is so wrong that it scary"

They nodded and the Italian "So ordinary close combat then"

George nodded "i guess so."

The Russian thought a moment "Would have been nice if one bomb and no more Glory" he looked down "Their is a potential weapon in mother Russia. Two years ago we tried to build a generator a vacuum energy generator. It failed instead we had created a Zero Energy BOMB"

George "you have tested it"

The Russian nodded "its magnificent in bubble with the radius of 200 to 500 meters ALL energy is removed pushed outside the bubble.

Inside the air it self falls down as snow. Creating an air Vacuum.

Outside the energy pushed out literally cooks anyone standing with in another five hundred meters alive."

George nodded that would be effective.

The Russian continued "then just as fast as the bubble created its burst and air and heat come rushing inside creating storms and the changing of temperature makes stones exploded to dust. "

George smiled "That could be use on Glory"

The Russian smiled disappeared "The bomb is still over fifteen ton and it take it a whole minute to charge up it self. So far it can not be delivered by a bomb"

George "so how do you plan on using it"

the Russian "We are not planning on using it but if we have. We have a huge truck with a red button to push"

The Japanese "That would be suicide for the driver."

The Russian frown "We have lots of troopers So do you" he said to George. "All right give us one" George said.

Later in Summers Mansion

Xander study the map. "I think it would be best if we moved out of Sunnydale center and up here in to the Initiative.

Its defendable and we can more easy protect our self from glory"

The gang nodded.

Faith "So what are our mission during combat."

Xander "You Faith are gunner. And Kendra stay on distant. ME and Buffy will fight close and dirty. The rest of the frogmen is yours to deal with."

Joyce nodded "sound like a plan when do they expect Glory to arrive" Xander in two three month she is swimming here"

The Pacific

"Faster my loyal slave" Glory said as she and her army where carried on the back of a giant octopus they were going to Sunnydale.

The army was now only about 400 men former frogs and ghost. Now Frog humans possessed by evil ghost.

"I WILL HAVE MY KEY" she said as they came closer and closer to Baywatch.

Her second in command Adolph was sleeping and the third in command sat beside him singing nursery songs APES she hated them all.

"One-two Freddy coming fore you. Three-four grab your crucifix"

Freddy was singing first SunnyD then back to his friends on Elm Street.

Chapter 2

Faith smiled "She so cute."

Alexa nodded she was still a bit doped up from her nine days pregnancy and giving birth.

Margaret Walsh hade given her a full dose of energy and sleeping drugs so she felt a bit strange but happy.

She already loved her baby and so did her husband Gary even if she was more a clone made by magic it was HER baby. Even if Gary refused to let her hold her.

"Yes she look just like me I'm going to call her Mini me"

Faith blinked "you sure"

Alexa taught it over "NO stupid movie most not see movie while thinking about baby names."

Faith smiled "And maybe you better wait until the drugs is out of you body"

Alexa sniffed indignantly as she tried to get a grip on the coca cola bottle that just kept on moving around. "Stupid demon bottle" she mumbled.

Gary frowned seeing his loved wife hand chase around a bottle of coca cola that was standing completely still. "So Faith how Angel doing"

Faith smiled "He got his chance to Drain the Mohra demon last night. He collapsed and Adam told us it was a strong red yellow glow from his body and suddenly he split in two different beings. One and he is freaky a Blood Demon all teeth and fangs not nice.

And angel live and well but still in a coma"

Gary smiled as he let the baby play with his finger "You think he be fine"

Faith shrugged "I think so Angel is a fighter. Dr Walsh said it was the stress on his body. "

They nodded and looked over to the smiling Alexa that finally manage to capture the coca cola bottle.

*Ding DONG* The door bell on the Summer mansion rang.

Faith walked to the door.

Opening it she could see two identical boys Danny and Dave one was Dawns boy toy the other was Lisa's.

Faith smiled smugly she was SO proud of Dawn and the two looked so cute together of course she would have to make Dave's life hell just on the principal a Big sisters work is never done. "What do you boys want" she said looking with dangerous at them. As she growled the word.

Dave swallowed "I'm here to see Dawn and Danny is here to see Lisa are they in"

Faith looked at him "She is in the training room" she stepped aside letting the two kids inside. "Follow me" she said pulling her dagger forward playing with it cleaning her nails. "You know if one or the two of you EVER hurt Dawn they will never find you body. Me and Garm, Xander and Buffy, will fix that"

The two younger teens swallowed they seen Xander splitting a priest on TV and they heard story about Buffy burning a school gym fighting freaky looking gang members with 10 to one and winning.

But Faith she was scary the look in her eyes told them clearly that she was looking forward to wasting them.

And the way she look skinny almost a starving sickly look on her arms you could see only muscles and bone.

Faith gave them one last grim look before she turned away waving her hand for them to follow her. Inside she was smiling -she shoot, and she score. Boy do the look scared. That was fun must do that again-She was thinking grinning like a maniac.

Faith stopped and slammed her hand in the wall beside a door. "Dawn is inside here. Go head Dave open the door" she said staring at them like she was trying to find out witch was witch all the time she held the dagger in an attack position.

Dave felt a sudden urge to wet himself he was just about to run like hell when.

"Go one Dave" his beloved brother Danny made that impossible by pushing him forward.

Faith grinned as she grab Danny "I take you to Lisa come one!"

Alone in the corridor Dave carefully open the door. He promptly lost his ability to speak Inside stood Dawn dressed in a skintight training uniform with padded protection over sensitive areas.

She was holding a bokken a wooden sword fighting Garm in a hard tuff and obvious painful training.

"STOP" Garm voice jelled.

Dawn groaned "What did i do wrong now" she whined.

Garm "You have a visitor" Dawn blinked and turned to find out. "Dane" she jelled as she ran forward to hug her boyfriend.

Dave flinched as Dawn happy hugged him. "hi hi great to see you" he stuttered.

Garm raised an eyebrow technically dating her sister he did have some brother duties. Not knowing the proper civilized method he decided to improvise. "So you are her boy friend right or wrong"

Dave swallowed his fear "Yes sir"

Garm looked over study him using his magic skill to watch his aura and letting part of his were-wolfs nose catch his smell. "So what are you intentions towards Dawn boy"

Dave "I like her"

Garm "I See. Can you hunt or fight"

Dave blinked "no Sir but I'm good at fishing. And i am great in science"

Garm growled "I see." he said. Wondering what the proper respond would be. "Wait a moment boy" he said talking his phone up walking away a bit.

Garm "Hi Dr Phil"

Phone ".-----"

Garm "yes its a emergency. Dawn have a potential boy friend and as Faith boyfriend what should i do."

Phone "------------"

Garm "In my home world i would test how good warrior he is. If acceptable i would take him to a whore house to see that he had the skill to properly make my sister or child happy"

Phone "-----------"

Garm nodded "I Know that would not be acceptable"

Phone "-----"

Garm "Warn him about hurting her. You sure Dawn will not be insulted"

Garm smiled put the phone down and walked over to them. "If you boy hurt dawn i will hunt you down and eat you alive." Garm said showing his full Werewolf heritage by turning in to his were-hybrid body.

Dave "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Said Dave and fainted.

Dawn put his arms over her eyes and just started to cry with this family she would die alone and a virgin.

Garm "But Dr Phil said i should warn him about the consequences of hurting you"

Dawn just continue crying her life is ruined.

Then Garm flinched as something heavy impacted with out effect on his head.

Danny smacked the wolf man again with the wooden sword he picked up "Get away from DAVE and Dawn Monster. LISA RUN FOR HELP I hold him down" He screamed and jumped Garm trying to wrestle him down.

Garm sighed at the young man desperately trying to move an unmovable object. "I think i over did it"

Lisa nodded "You THINK" she screamed.

Garm "Ouch"

Danny "RUN LISA. TAKE that" he said twisting Garm toes as hard as he could.

Dawn just continue crying her life was destroyed.

Lisa hugged her she felt like crying herself. At least her Potential boyfriend did not faint.


the night swimmer looked in shock and surprise as a MONSTER of a Octopus carefully swarmed to the beach allowing wet and cold men to walk up to land.

Then the monster swum away.

Among them a women spoke "MINIONS Gather up" she yelled.

The night swimmer blinked ANY one screaming Minions must be a bad person time to swim the other direction and hopeful the octopus where not hungry.

glory Gather her minions around her "Fix me someplace to sleep and things to eat and luxury. See that our enemies are not sure about where we are"

her second in commanded "As you say my goddess. But if you like to stay away from being notice we have to stay in a bad and poor place." Glory frowned "I see Adolph any other suggestions"

Second in command Adolph nodded "Yes My goddess We split up in small team right now we are almost two hundred and that's easy to notice"

Glory smiled "Then make it so bother me not with the details"

her minions nodded as Adolph walked over to Freddy to make the plans. Soon the key would be hers and then she would remake it in her image.

Chapter 3

"So DO you understand now then" Xander said sighing some days was not worth waking up for.

Danny and Dave looked at each other "Your not going to eat us" they said in union like only two identical Twins or clones but no one know that except they and their 'dad'..

Xander shook his head "no"

Dave "So you are a Were-Hyena. Your Wife is a former Slayer of vampire. Your adopted Brother and nephew Garm is a Were-wolf."

Danny continue "Your Wife cousin got pregnant by a overdose of life energy and now given birth to a clone of her self."

Dave took over "And Kendra is a former slayer involved with Giles and Jenny two of the teachers in school. And Faith is a current slayer and she and Dawn is a transportation magic. And Lisa is a training in real Magic"

Xander nodded "That's about right"

Dave "And one of your friend is together with a fox spirit demony girl called a Kitsune from Japan."

Danny "This is nuts this is worst then 'Days of our life' OR Dallas." Sat down. "Right now i would not be surprised if any one of you work for a secret government agency"

Xander and the rest paled lot of them got funny faces most of the girl giggled.

Dave "Ooo you do work for a secret government agency" he would not be surprised if the Picasso on the wall was a real one not a copy of the one stolen from France.

Xander slapped his head "Crap"

Danny "Its the Adam Family. YOU guys are the Adams family" He said looking shocked.

Xander groaned. "I see"

Lisa looked sad in the floor. "So I'm freaky"

Danny paled ops "I i did not mean it like that its"

Dave "We are a bit freaky also"

Dawn blinked "What do you mean"

Danny "No don't tell them"

Dave "they might as well known. Dad did some genetic experiments that he never manage to repeat. He created a clone of him self trying to get a son the clone split up and he got two sons. Us"

Lisa blinked "That's not freaky unusual but not." She blinked looked down then up again "Did i just say that cloning was not freaky only a bit unusual"

Everybody in the room nodded no body looked surprise except Dave and Danny.

Dawn hugged her arm "I feel the same way"

Xander smacked his head again a potential crazy scientist capable of making strange only ONE time working experiment sounded exactly like a magic user that did not know that he used magic. A spontaneous mage. Or just the effect of the Hellmouth.

He would have to report this and then a Hell goddess was on her way. Cordy told him that she was going after some terrorist and he could not help her and he felt like crying.

He then felt Buffy's hug him and kiss him on the lips.

And two small girls crawl up to him hugging him from the other side.

Alena "Don't cry pleas don't cry" the small nine year old minotaur said. And the 10 year old Satyr girl Hanna hugged him with all her strength as she said "Don't cry Daddy don't be sad we love you"

Xander smiled a happy smile "I'm not Sad I'm just tired really tired Hanna and Alena. And i love the two of you to." He turned to Buffy squeezing her but "And i do love you wife of mine"

Buffy "Eeeep don't do that hairball" she said with a grin.

Inside Xander felt his strength return it was worth it the strangest the new things that came crawling out from the shadows. It truly was worth it -Told you so Human. Its worth it- The Hyena said with a self important tone inside his mind.

Xander smiled and -Yeh you did. Dog face and thanks my friend. You do know that you are family to me- Xander was thinking straight back at it. The Hyena was silent Xander could feel its emotion of joy and shock as it for the first time explored his mind trying to see exactly what he was feeling about IT..

"Lets clear this up now. Dave and Danny" He pointed at the boys ignoring the fact that he pointed at the wrong boy. "Your DAD will talk to General Adam or Dr Walsh tomorrow WE need a man of his skill and ability"

The boy nodded afraid of loosing their dad.

Xander "And the two of you can IF you can continue to date Lisa and Dawn. We will not threaten you UNLESS you do something bad is this understood"

The boys nodded and Danny opened his mouth "Sir About Lisa and Dating i i"

Xander groaned "What. Their is NOTHING wrong with her. You were her boyfriend before and are you going to breakup just because her family is freaky and HURT HER" he said with a dangerous tone in his voice. He really liked to get this out of the way so he could concentrate on something important.

Danny "Eeep check I'm her boyfriend now and later don't worry Sir" he jumped to Lisa side hugging her.

Xander shook his head and walked out "I I'm in the study watching TV Buffy would you and the girl like to join me. I have popcorn" He stared back "The rest of you can use the BIG TV" with that said he walked in to the much smaller room for some quite rest with only the closes part of his pack able to follow.

As Xander, Buffy, Alena and Hanna walked out.

Lisa looked angry at Danny "I'm you Girlfriend since when you haven't even ASKED ME."

Danny "Pleas be my girlfriend he will kill me if I'm not"

Dawn and Dave started to laugh that was funny only the two of them where boyfriend and girlfriend.

La the slum

Adolph smiled looking over the guns "That be fine i take them all" he said looking at the dead weapon shop owner. He began to load the guns and ammo in a backpack. "You got what you like to have Freddy" he asked.

Freddy smiled waving an armored glove with huge knife blades welded on the tops of the fingers. "It slices it dices and it cuts the kids down. Kruger is Back"

Adolph rolled his eyes stupid murder smalltime asshole no sense of stile or class. "Let go our goddess awaits us"

Freddy smiled and follow him stupid dictator megalomaniac no sense of fun. "Yes the babe is waiting for us"


Glory frowned "So that is modern weapons. Right"

Freddy nodded "yea. Their are greater version of these but only military is allowed to have them unless you know who to ask and have lots of money we don't have that"

Glory growled "Don't mater i have my troops and my own power Nothing will stand in my way I'm UNSTOPPABLE"

Adolph sighed he really hated the word unstoppable he had said the very same thing just before the turning of the war and it look so good nothing could stop his war machine then suddenly.

It must be the Jews fault everything bad in his life was their fault.

Glory rolled her eyes she could clearly see and hear how her second in command was growling and muttering about Jews again. Stupid Apes they are all them same anyway.

Freddy smiled sharpening his claws "Goddess how are we going to find the Key ?"

Glory frowned "i can get you with in a days walk from where the KEY is after that we have to search"

Adolph frowned stopping his inner ranting. "That My goddess will not be good. The key is guarded and they did use a bomb to destroy the ship we where one SO the military must be involved."

Glory frowned "I AM not giving up"

Adolph "Good My goddess then we must find a way to trick them and capture the key with out them to stop us"

Glory nodded.

Freddy frowned "How we going to do that."

Adolph "i don't know. Goddess can you create a way for us to FIND and recognize the key with out your presence?"

Glory taught a moment "yes i make you and the rest a magic object come with in six feet from the Key and it will glow green. Point it at the direction OF the key and it will vibrate. IF the Key is with in 3 miles"

Adolph "That my Goddess of glory would be the perfect tool. I suggest we send in scouts and explore find out where the key is hidden and what kind of guards is around it. Then we pick it up and give it to you"

Glory smiled "Excellent planning"

Freddy nodded that it was and after this he would go back to old Elm street for fun and fun.

Chapter 4

Joyce smiled at the sight inside the small TV room/Study room on the Sofa was one of the most beautiful sights she ever seen.

Xander sat in the middle his head was resting on the sofa top he was sleeping even snoring.

Buffy was lying down her head on Xander legs she was hugging Alena close to her body protecting the young girl. They where sleeping snoring cutely.

On top of Xander Hanna sat sleeping her head rested on Xander chest she had Xander arms around her as a blanket as she slept drooling slightly in her sleep.

Joyce carefully sneaked over to the TV looking on the show "Sound of Music you have defeated another generation by knock out" she whispered as she close the tv and video.

After putting blankets on them she carefully walked out letting them sleep.

Jarod waited outside "They look like a real family" he said.

Joyce nodded "yes a bit to young but still a real family. I'm so proud of them"

Jarod smiled hugging his girl Joyce closer "let go and sleep Joyce tomorrow is a new day and we will need our strength"

Joyce nodded never any rest in this place.

Glory in LA

Glory sighted she hated waiting it was boring.

Suddenly Adolph walked in he looked irritated "My Goddess our teams are ready but. I do not trust our troops they are not smart and will probably do something stupid if they would try to be clever."

Glory nodded "I believe you are right and my plan do need some one intelligent"

Adolph nodded ignoring that she took the credit for his plans for now. "Yes my goddess. It is a shame that we probably need them alive. If not I would personally kill them for you glory"

Glory smiled "Thank you Adolph you are not bad for a ape. Do you have a suggestion"

Adolph nodded "Me and Freddy could sneak in to Sunnydale. Freddy is not completely trust worthy if he see a child he might to things that would make the police notice us"

Freddy snored "Right you see a Jew and you start rambling on about exterminate them"

Adolph ignored him "But that would leave you alone with only your stupid guards to give you the luxury and comfort you deserve and they are to stupid to do that"

Glory nodded watching two of her frog men playing Twister. Apes she hated them all. "Its a valid concern and even if it pains me I order YOU and Freddy to find my key and report back."

Adolph smiled and nodded "You will be done my goddess"

Freddy nodded "yes glorious goddess you will be done"

Glory watch them walk out she really felt disgusted by those two apes but they where effective in carrying out HER ideas and orders.

Sunnydale two days later

Adolph watch the children as they ate food and talked about girl his magic gizmo that Glory given him indicated something impossible.

But he test it many times always ended up pointing at that girl.

He walked away carefully thinking things thru picking up the phone he called back to Glory. "My goddess this stupid one have a question."

Glory on the phone "Ask my servant"

Adolph "According to YOUR magic the key is now a teenage girl. Is that possible"

Glory was quiet a long time "I believe it would be possible but apes would have to sacrifice their own life to give the Key a human body and life would an Ape do that. Would an ape do it"

Adolph frowned "If you brainwash a human or torture him he might kill himself so yes a human could and would do it"

Glory smiled "Then you have found the Key bring it to me"

Adolph nodded "I will see to that first i must make a plan to kidnap her with out anyone stopping us"

Glory "Make it so" she said putting the phone down. She sat down to watch a horror movie she just loved seeing Apes killing them self.

In Sunnydale Freddy smiled the key was a teenage girl that needed kidnapping what a luck he was the master in kidnapping girls. "Adolph fix us a fast car and I bring the Key girl back tomorrow"

Adolph frowned but relented if ANY one know about kidnapping it would be the sicko by his side.

He accidentally bumped in to a young man "I'm sorry" he said smiling falsely.

The young man smiled back "it happens" he was holding the hands of a young red head girl.

Adolph frowned as he could see the Jew star on the girl. A filthy Jew. "Be more careful next time" he said angry as he walked away..

Oz frowned "Strange guy"

Willow nodded "and he smelled weird like a French restaurant. And look at his feet that some huge foot he must have"

Oz nodded "Their they come"

Willow "Alena and Hanna are SO cute." she said watching how Xander Jonathan and the two girls came out with Xander and Jonathan carrying several huge Ice-cream one for them each.

Xander "A Mighty Oz and Willow we bring food"

Hanna nodded "yeh ice-cream"

Alena nodded finally more ice-cream.

"its not fair" Buffy complain as she walked out "they are out of my favorite taste" she said with a smile as they sat down by a table talking and laughing. And eating.

Chapter 5

"Thanks for coming so fast" Margaret Walsh said.

Buffy and Xander smiled "Of course we came as fast as we could" Buffy said.

Xander nodded "He IS family and friend to both of us. So how do Captain Hair gel feels"

Margaret smiled a bit at the fitting nickname "He is finally coming out from the coma. The moment we dusted the Vampire version of him Angel coma slipped to a deep sleep. We expect him to awake with in hours"

Buffy smiled "That's great. Oh Hi Adam" she said but her smile disappeared.

Xander "Glory right"

Adam nodded "We have possible proof that she is in The island Guadalupe. Its part of Mexico. A Long way from where her ship was torpedoed"

Buffy frowned "What kind of proof"

Adam "Her soldier some of her 'frogmen' have been found on the Island."

Xander "Frogmen?"

Margaret "Our mages have discover that she must have transferred the curse that made Minotaur's and Satyrs in to human to ordinary Frogs then put ghost of humans inside and bonded to her in some kind of slave spell. Genetically they ARE human but they still regain some frog attribute like jumping ability and swimming. Really fascinating they would make perfect diver and navy troopers i say"

Xander nodded "In that case I hope we are monitor the airports and harbor."

Adam nodded "Yes we do."

Xander frowned "It would be great if we could fight her on that location less danger for civilians and to Dawn"

Adam smiled "I can have a airplane ready just say the word."

Xander nodded looking serious "I have to think what team i will take with me. Buffy and Garm, Of course. Then Duncan and Amanda would be useful." Xander looked at Adam with a sharp irritated look.

"Have you told Wesley about his potential yet."

Adam frowned "That is not how we do things."

Xander smiled grim "You and Duncan think about THIS the same twisted guy that invented the GAME made that tradition claming is better NOT to know. Before the tradition was to tell them and let the potential chose their own first Death"

Buffy took a deep breath and look in shock at Xander "You say Wesley is a immortal. But but they say he is the blood of Beowulf and he was a mortal"

Xander nodded "His mother was a great great something child of Beowulf. She must have hade a love swing with an immortal and a child was born. She almost died in childbirth extreme malnourishment like the child had drained her classic for an immortal"

Adam nodded "I will talk to Amanda and Duncan today. What you say feels true like something i should remember"

Walsh "5000 years love is hard to remember"

Amanda "Talk to me about what love" Amanda said as she walked up with Duncan by her side.

Xander "Ask Adam he will tell you. Beside Duncan as you ARE the elder of the magic sword you team mates must be immortals if you do what I hope you do consider that we already have the chain Mace of earth. He would made a great user"

With that Xander left the immortals talking. He could hear a loud "WHAT" behind him.

Buffy looked at Xander "How did you know that"

Xander "I asked Dad about immortals HE made them. He also told me a sweet trick only we gods and half gods can do that helps us to identify an immortal or a potential."

Buffy frowned "Why did you not teach me that"

Xander smiled "Its rune magic. I'm not ready to teach and the risk. Beside Lisa is better at it then i am"

Buffy "Oh you so bad"

Xander nodded "yea strange things just keep on happening." He shook his head trying to remove the memory of the screaming Rose he accidentally made with a illusion spell.

Finally they were their.

Inside Angel slept peacefully the sun shined down on his face as he looked relaxed and almost happy.

Suddenly Angel shifted in bed and suddenly sat up screaming "No Sunlight" He said then blinked. "I'm not burning" he said in surprise.

Xander smiled "No Liveboy your not burning Welcome to the RACE"

Angel blinked "Live boy what are you talking about and what Race am I competing in."

Xander grinned "The human Race"

Angel suddenly understood "I I am human" he said in shock "and that Joke was SO so bad. I should call the police torture IS illegal you know"

Buffy blinked "You seem much more happy now then before"

Xander nodded "Yea i notice that"

Angel "Before the demon whispered things in my ears making me sad depressed and shameful of thing IT did in my name"

Xander nodded and understood "By the way Dad said hello and told me to tell you this The Mohra blood should only be splatted ON your body or mixed in your blood. Draining the demons like YOU did might have ended in your death or your life with a positive side effect"

Angel nodded "I'm alive so I got something positive is that what you are saying"

Xander nodded "Some of you Vamp strength will be yours. You probably heal faster because some remaining Mohra blood is inside of you, That will dissipate the more you hurt the less of its blood will you have inside of you. And the less of you Vamp strength will stay with you"

Angel smiled "So how fast can i heal right now"

Xander frowned "I could probably cut of an arm and it grow back. Right now but remember Each time you get hurt the weaker your healing power will become eventually it would be like a normal human.

Healing and strength"

Angel nodded "Then i can help with the slaying."

Buffy smiled but looked worried she really wanted at least ONE of them to have the dream white picket fence house and the works living a life far away from demons. "You could retire and live in peace," she said.

Angel smiled "i don't think so Buffy once you enter the darkness its always their. I have to help or i would not be able to live with my self"

Xander "I understand. But swallow you pride Angel why don't YOU talk with Giles he is creating a new Watcher council.

The slayer Protector.

You skill and experience would make you useful for them."

Angel frowned "I don't think i like becoming military" he said holding a protective arm over his hair.

Buffy smiled "The Protectors are not part of USA. They are a free part of UN Supranational defense teams."

Xander nodded "Think about it Angel Remember you are family to me and Buffy"

Angel nodded "Thanks Xander"

Xander grinned "Beside I and Buffy would like YOU to be Godfather to our adopted children Alena and Hanna"

Angel blinked "How long have i been sleeping" thinking hard he did have a weak memory about some small minotaur and Satyr girls but he was not sure it was a bit stretchy. "How is Alexa she was pregnant when i was"

Xander "A small baby girl beautiful and cute child. Alexa finally have regain her senses" he grinned.

Walsh rolled her eyes. "The drugs and healing potion i used is the BEST science and magic can combined. Its based upon healing knowledge the Dwarf have and the Giants. And it say that some temporarily mental confusion can happen"

Angel blinked "What are you talking about."

Xander laughs and Buffy giggled "She believed she was DR Evil. She even started to call her baby Mini ME. And order us to build a death trap incase English spies came by"

Angel smiled then laughs.

Walsh walked out leaving them to talk between themselves.

Summers mansion. Later.

Wesley Wyndham Price blinked as the Three immortals sat down talking to him.

Faith, Dawn and Garm sat by his side as part of the family they decided to let them hear it also. "So you say that I am immortal. And that IF and when I die I be that age forever. Unless I die of old age"

Adam frowned "Not likely the older a Pre-immortal become the more his quickening fights to free itself making him actually seek out dangerous situation just so that he can become a immortal."

Wesley looked at Adam in surprise so did Duncan. Amanda just nodded "That's been my experience also" she said.

Adam "I can let you study the Society of Watcher paper on that. They also know about that. Its a proven fact among our kind"

Wesley smiled "So what do you like me to do about this"

Adam shrugged "Do nothing, DO something, Drink and be happy, Don't drink and be happy. The choices are yours. But remember this right now you ARE in your prime not old and not young you could easy pretend to be a much younger man or an older man if you dress the part.

This is the ideal age to become immortal"

Wesley nodded "I I must think about it" he said walking out with a strange look on his face.

Faith "Are you three sure."

Duncan nodded "yes Xander said it also and we all felt it. The only reason we told him is because Xander told us about the original tradition before the GAME was to tell a potential and let him chose his own immortal age."

Faith relaxed letting Garm hold her.

Dawn frowned "But if he is to become an immortal would he not have to die" she said.

Amanda hugged the girl "Only temporarily."

Soon they were talking about more happy things.


Amanda giggled "So Dave and Danny are coming by to take you and Lisa on a movie and a Date"

Dawn giggled "Yes Danny have been MR Romantic trying to make Lisa his girlfriend he is still convinced that Xander will rip him apart if he isn't Lisa's boyfriend. Lisa is rather irritated"

"NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" Lisa's scream echo around the house.

They ran upstairs to find the young girl outside the bathroom crying her eyes out.

Dawn hugged her "what is it" she said worried.

Lisa hiccupped "he he" she said pointing in fear to the bath room "Why why did he do it"

Adam looked inside the room that bloody fool he should have warned the others BEFORE.

Inside they could see Wesley body resting nude in a shallow water of the bath tub a deep wound was visible in his heart.

And a knife was hanging from the roof.

Wesley had killed himself.

Amanda looked at a paper He left a note it say. "I be back later do not worry"

Adam "Rather ingenious of him. He must have stood up stabbed himself directly in the heart then as he fall down the dagger was pulled free from his body"

Duncan rolled his eyes "HE should have told the rest of the family BEFORE doing this"

Amanda nodded then thought it over. "Remember the spell they have the side effect do make it hard for them to interact emotionally with others."

Adam closed the door "Well lets explain to Lisa. And the rest of the family"

Two hours later...

Lisa dried her tears a look of fury now was cemented on her face. "That that stupid old British airhead why did he not warn us. And why did he not lock the door"

Amanda gave the girl a hug. "Why don't you two get ready for your date" the two girls look at hear like she was crazy. "it simple he IS alive as an immortal we can feel his life force. So why wait here you cant help him and he would like the two of you to have fun"

Lisa nodded then remember a small rune spell she quickly ran up to her small but fast growing library. "A HAA" her scream was heard.

Dawn hurried over "What spell do you have?" she said.

Lisa "Its a simple diagnostic spell to sense life even dormant life under strong magic can be detected. Kind of Yes its alive and No its not spell. I have to touch him."

Adam nodded this he like to see.

Lisa swallowed as she walked inside chanting she spell after writing the runes she let her hand rest on his head. She blinked "This body is alive. But Barely alive and it growing in strength"

Lisa looked angry then started to write some new spell chanting she cast the spell.

Smiling evil she walked outside. In the room Wesley hair turned blue as the angry rune mage walked outside.

Adam grinned. "Is it permanent?" he asked.

Lisa nodded "At least until I learn how to do other color then blue"

A small giggle then a full-blown laughter came from the room as Amanda barely able to stand or breath "He really IS blue haired. Even his his" She fell down laughing. "Wesley Junior looks like a Smurf" she said shaking in laughter.

Lisa smiled "And now i can go on the date."

Faith frowned "That was kind of hard don't you think"

Garm "No he did hurt her and gave her shock of her life. Payback is given and earned. Beside hair changing curses is simple to find among rune mage."

Xander Buffy and Angel came walking side by side with Alena and Hanna sitting on their shoulders. Hanna on Xander's as the smaller girl were still bit afraid of Buffy. And Alena on Buffy's.

Currently the girls was talking eagerly to Angel they had seen him as a vampire before and as a non human they where not afraid of him.

Xander smiled "Look its Dave and Danny how nice"

The two boys waved back looking paled as Xander came walking up to them. "So what are you doing here" Xander said friendly.

Danny "Talking out my girlfriend Lisa on a date like a real boyfriend should do SIR Xander"

Xander blinked "eee Right. That's good." Xander switch to Dwarfish -"What in the terror from the sun is with that kid"-

Buffy smiled as she answer in Dwarfish -"Nothing honey he is probably over romantic"- inside she was giggling as crazy.

Xander nodded he did not believe Buffy but maybe he did scare the kid but for the life of him he could not remember anything from that day except the happiness he had felt when the kids called him Daddy.

"That's fine Just don't go to fast alright" Xander said.

The boys flinched mostly Davy "Yes i will move slow sir" Xander nodded he could literally see sweat drops falling from the kids head.

Xander looked at him "Hey i know Tomorrow if i have time why don't the Three of us and Maybe even Garm and Angel to for a boys day out"

The kids paled in fear.

Xander was currently looking at Angel that smiling was nodding. "It be fun showing the younger kids how to live" right he said grinning.

The two twin clones nodded in fear he was planning on murdering them they just both believed that. Maybe Lisa and Dawn could save them.

Xander ignored the boys for now that was a prefect plan the kids would lose the fear of him.

He was SO so irritated the priest living next door flinched in fear every time he walked by, But in that case Xander did understand He had been preaching about satyrs and minotaurs being evil then Xander came back after the English adventure.


Lisa and Dawn was giggling the boys was So funny Xander would never hurt a fly.

Well the priest and the giants and the witches was exception really.

They were sitting inside the dinner Sun Spot a small place surrounded by strong sun-lamps making the night in to day.

And burning any vampires coming to close.

The place was also a emergency place for the Initiative trooper if they had problem with large number of Vampires.

"That so foolish Xander don't hate you. He would probably force you to watch Star Trek of B5." Lisa said.

Dawn "yes we new you so well and now he will turn you in to a nerd you life is finished no more Mr. cool its Trekis nerds from this point forward."

The boys rolled their eyes they Knew Xander was after them.

Then Hell broke loose. A huge man with steel claws on his hand grasped Dawn pressing a smelly rag over her face. And using the Claw to cut Lisa throat. He pushed Danny hard that the boy fell down unconscious after hitting his head "die Bitch. The Key belong to Glory" he said running away with the sleeping girl.

Dave was running after him to save his girlfriend.

Lisa felt her life bleeding away in desperation she grasped Dawn purse she knew Faith had given Dawn her Dagger for extra safety just for the night.

Seconds of consciousness left she manage to grasped the dagger its healing magic kicked in.

Lisa grasped breath after breath as the hole in her throat closed. "Call Xander" she said. Seeing that she was the only one left and Danny was sleeping with a small bleeding wound on his head she pushed the panic button.

In the distant she could hear a car drive away and the sound of a motorbike suddenly started.

She drifted away in to a blessed sleep.

Airplane on its way to Guadalupe. Xander put the phone down. Calmly pressing the button to the pilot. "Take us back to Sunnydale NOW"

The rest of the fighter preparing to fight Glory on the island.

looked up in surprise.

Xander sat down to explain Dawn abduction and that Glory is in LA probably.

The scream of "SHE IS WHAT" could be heard from long distant away from the airplane.

Chapter 6

Xander almost jumped out of the airplane as it landed in Sunnydale. Speaking in the phone "Is Wesley awake? GOOD tell him to wait"

a tight smile came "Duncan"

He yelled at the older Immortal walking behind him.

Duncan him self was irritated as Glory manage to trick them on a merry go chace while having her minion abduct Dawn.

"Yes Xander What"

Xander "You said Wesley was the Magic Knight of Earth. RIGHT"

Duncan nodded "That he is. I already given him the chain Mace"

Xander nodded "That's great. I fix us cars so we can go to LA. You and Amanda Take Wesley to This address" Xander said as he gave Duncan a paper.

Duncan nodded "Sure what in their"

Xander smiled "Wesley first Quickening Cassandra I like Wesley to be Strong"

Duncan paled "Wesley cant defeat Cassandra I can Barely do that"

Grinning Xander looked at Duncan "Wesley are NOT going to challenge that bitch. Wesley are going to execute her she IS tightly bound and drugged unmoving and unthinking."

Duncan began to protest "That that"

Xander growled "THE ONLY reason she is alive right not is her Quickening should NOT be wasted. Its strong and should be saved for some who would not abuse it power"

Duncan nodded "I see I agree we should do this but its still wrong" Xander nodded looking sad "I know in a perfect world"

"In a perfect world" Duncan said.

"HURRY UP guys" Buffy said from the car. Waving impatiently. "We have to save her"

Xander ran up "I Know but first we have to know WHERE she is"

Buffy blushed "Sorry forgot about that"

Amanda smiled "Don't worry Buffy I'm sure Adam knows where they are" Xander smiled "He should we have a tracker installed in Dawn only me and Adam knows about it. We will find her"

Buffy blinked "That's sneaky"

La warehouse waterfront

"What's she doing" Freddy said looking bored at a door where their prisoner was sleeping the sleep of some one on drugs.

Adolph sighted "She is meditating so she what ever she is doing will be perfect"

Freddy "Some one should be inside their guarding her. Maybe I should" he said licking his lips young teens was always more fun to play with.

Adolph sighted "I'm sorry Glory need her alive and UNHARMED until the sacrifice"

Freddy sat down "That's suck not allowed to have some fun with her. But its a valid point"

Adolph "We don't need to guard her"

Freddy "WHY"

Adolph smiled "First she is Drugged up cant move or talk just sleep. Second Glory have surrounded this building with magic stopping ANY tracings probably even technology. Third She have put up wards that will warn us if ANY enemy come with in four Miles of this building"

Freddy "How do the wards work. She might have missed something"

Adolph smiled "Any one With Power, fighting skill, Bravery or a combination of the three coming to this building with a mission will set the alarm"

Freddy "Those three and a mission. If glory magic work NO one will be able to save the KEY girl."

Adolph nodded soon they would have their dreams and he would not have to deal with Freddy. A disgusting man almost as bad as Jews oh he hated those kill them all.

Freddy sighed their he go again mumbling about killing Jews.

Adolph frightening even him. To obsessed with killing that he missed the important part of murder to have fun to slowly torture your chosen victim. No Freddy knew Adolph was quantity not quality like he was His murders was art Adolph's was industry made.

Dawn was sleeping a trouble sleep every know and then she would open her eyes drooling and trying to stand up the rope held her down. On the inside she was very much awake but unable to get the body to work tears had long ago stopped to flow.

Just thinking on the things Glory Minion said he would do to her made her shiver in fear.

Then suddenly a dripping Wet Arm suddenly burst up from the sea and started to push the window opened. Then a person covered with water sea weed and dirt climbed in, Dawn almost blinked in surprised it looked human. Dawn blinked drifted to sleep.

When she was awake again the dark dirty person was carrying her fumbling like she was heavy or something.

Dawn frowned I'm not that heavy what are my hero a weakling or something.

Then she could here him slowly whispering for himself a mystical mantra.

"Dawn you must live or Xander kills me. Dawn you must live or Xander kills me. Dawn you must live or Xander kills me"

Dawn drugged body was not obeying she was unable to respond but her brain finally realized her hero was Dave her boyfriend. She could not believe how brave he was.

Dave shivered as he slowly started to push Dawn body feet first out thru the window. He hoped she survive the fall in the sea. It was only five feet and he did put a life jacket on her. One final push and Dawn was crashing down in to the sea.

David jumped after mumbling his mantra and begging that Xander OR Garm would not eat him alive or torture him to death.

After all HE Did save her so they should forgive him for letting her be kidnapped right ?


Danny was sitting in the Summer's mansion shivering in fear He had been on a date with Lisa and something bad happened she had almost died only that magic dagger thing had saved her life. He hoped Xander would not murder him or torture him.

Then the door opened and Xander came inside. He bow down as fast as he could "DONT KILL ME. Pleas DONT KILL ME."

Xander blinked "What"

Lisa "Your afraid of Xander" she said in surprise.

Danny "DONT KILL ME PLEAS I had nothing to do with the kidnapping. I even tried to stop him"

Xander shook his head. "Joyce Deal with him" he said. "Team.

Helicopters will pick us up and fly us to LA where fast cars will wait for us. Wesley YOU follow Duncan he have something you will do we need you strong GO now"

Seconds crawled by like snails then minutes.

After five minutes waiting helicopters was heard landing on the front of the building.

"GO GO GO" Buffy yelled in her surprise everybody in the team started to run out as ordered. "I always wanted to do that," she said grinning as she ran after.

In the cellar of a rundown building an electric storm suddenly blow the building up as Cassandra tied up defenseless lost her four thousand year old life to Wesley Windom Price.

Inside the chopper Xander smiled tiredly "Looks like the old witch finally paid her dues for hurting and trying to kill Faith"

Willow nodded as she sat down with her boys. "I wish it could have been another way."

Xander nodded "So do I Will so do Ii."

Initiative HQ

Adam sat relaxed looking at the friendly man if you could call him that. "I'm so glad you could come Mr. Theodor"

Theodor nodded "My pleasure. What do you want from me"

Adam "I honestly wish we had another option but." He sighed looking old and tired "You know about Demons and Vampires. The government have only recently found out but knowing you. You must know"

Theodor eyes tightened "I do know about demons"

Adam "A hell goddess a extremely powerful demon is trying to destroy EARTH"

Theodor "I see you have proof"

Adam nodded "We do. The two thing that could stop her is two young lovers and their friend. Or a bomb we have"

Theodor "A nuke you mean"

Adam "NO a nuke would actually make her more powerful. No an experimental ICE bomb it freezes the area around her to almost as cold as space. NO human would survive. "

Theodor "Then what do you want with me I'm a nobody dealer in art" Adam smiled grimly "We do know about you sense the 60th the government have watch you and even copy many of the good things you done. You have their protection for long time now Ted may i call you Ted"

Theodor nodded listening in chock. "Yes do friends call me Ted"

Adam nodded "Right We do know about you and would like to ask you a favor. The bomb can only be activated manual. And ANY human driving would die but you Ted you not organic you could survive in space.

Sure we would have to repair you but we will do that"

Theodor the robot nodded "I would survive some body hydraulic would freeze but that would be easy to repair"

Adam smiled "The government issued this. Its a full human right for you no more need to hide UNLESS You like to do that.

And we also offer you full use of our laboratory to repair yourself in the future. Your country needs your help will you do it"

Theodor nodded "I Do it." He said finally recognition and then as a hero he would more easy be able to create the perfect family.

Adam smiled "Doc MacGyver over their will help you and teach you what you need to know"

Ted nodded and follow the man outside.

Adam looked at Walsh "So what do you think"

Walsh "You lied"

Adam "Yes the bomb would kill him also drain him completely on heat to fast the effect will literally ripping him sunder"

Walsh "It a shame such a magnificent Android just be destroyed."

Adam "Ted is a killer he marries mothers and kills them.

The government have only recently found out."

Walsh raised an eyebrow "Who would build a android to do that" she said in surprise.

Adam "I have no idea."

La warehouse waterfront

"MY KEY FIND IT FIND IT" Glory yelled like a banshee in fury.

Chapter 7

Sitting in the Military Bus driving true LA searching Xander suddenly Grinned. "Dawn is moving and Glory suddenly revealed her position."

Xander was sitting in front of a computer screen listening in to a pair of head phones. The team from the Initiative was updating and tracking Dawn positions.

Buffy frowned "What do that mean"

Xander "That Dawn is on the run now and Hunted" He smiled happy. "Which means we have a better chance to save her"

Their was lot of happy screams and wished of good luck.

They finally they had hope.

Xander nodded "According to the info. Team Mystic Knight is coming." He waited suddenly the sound of a helicopter was heard "NOW"

Jarod walked over "CC is in town with her friends. I put her location on the computer screen"

Xander nodded suddenly a smile came up. "Alright we have a chance.

Jarod tell Cordelia to SAVE Dawn give her Dawn location. The Rest of us are going after Glory. You with out magic power stay on a distant use sniper methods."

Outside a helicopter followed with three hard and angry looking Immortals Duncan Macleod, Amanda Deveroux, Wesley Wyndam Price. They were the Mystic knights the new user of the elemental weapons forged by the FEY. They where listening to Xander order and nodding it was a good plan. Dangerous but good.

Silently listening and following with out no one knowing an Android by the Name of Ted was driving a huge truck loaded with Zero temperature bomb.

LA Dawn location

Dawn was standing tears was falling as her captor squeezed her breast. "Girl you are lucky Glory wants you alive and unhurt. But next time you and me are going to have fun. Like you boy friend is having"

Freddy said smiling in his twisted way looking at the other Frogmen that currently was beating up Dave.

Suddenly a Strong black hand grabbed Freddy gloved hand and started to press hard. A voice soft but with anger inside of spoke "That's not how you treat a young lady"

Freddy could not help it he let Dawn go as he spun around trying to free his arm.

The man was huge African man did not even bother he just grasped Freddy's shirt lifting the rapist in the air like a rag doll throwing him like a beach ball on two of the frogs near Dave.

Dawn blinked that man was blind "you better run before they come after you" she said.

"My name is Ular." He said "MY LADY, MY LORD I Found them" He suddenly screamed.

Dawn blinked not another Glory follower.

Then she was relived and afraid again the rest of the frogmen suddenly advanced her and Ular.

Then a blur two fast moving man came running by them. One slamming in to the frogmen with his head first piercing one almost ripping his chest apart. The other one ended his run in a jump kick that crushed the head of another Frogman.

Ular him self stood guard parrying attacks from two Frogmen with his staff.

Dawn groggy eyes looked over the two new comer one was a young man Xander age hansom dark hair Satyr.

The other was a huge scary looking blond Minotaur his horns was dripping of Frog blood and he slammed his arms and kicks broke bone while he was smiling a blood thirsty smile.

Dawn was watching trying to figure out if they where friends or enemies.

"Are you all right" A voice she recognize suddenly spoke up from beside her.

Dawn blinked "Cordy you you I'm so afraid Is Dave alive" she said hugging Cordy as she began to cry.

Ular smiled "My Lady we have to move away the Frogmen are mostly dead by now but More frogs are on their way to many for us to handle right now"

Cordy nodded "Ander finish the fight stop playing around. James Melody help the boy he is with Dawn." She stopped talking as she pressed and took forward her Phone "Harmony come and get us like NOW"

In a short distant away a four doors Aston Martin suddenly started driving to them.

Ander the Minotaur "Let me look over the boy" he said as he kneeled down. "I think he alright but I recommend a check up later"

Suddenly the Car arrived "Hitchhiker Eue Dorks" Harmony said smiling at Dawn and Dave.

James "Great will this certainly is an awful party lets split"

Melody and Cordy nodded as they started to walk towards the car.

Dave groaned great he was beaten up and saved by Cheerleaders and the Queen of Sunnydale High. Even girls was better fighter then he was.

Cordy "I just saw the way those guys was dresses. Its like Seen to many WW2 movies or what"

James nodded "That's one way to say it" as he smiled.

Xander team

They where surrounded by empty buildings of a closed industry in the bad part of Town.

"Hmmm This is not good" Xander said.

Faith "Its impossible. Vampire cant walk outside during sunlight"

Garm "It possible Glory tricked them loyalty to her and immunity to sunlight. A cheap and effective way to get slaves fighters"

Willow "I'm, not ,really, afraid, I'm, Terrified, Why, are, they, dressed, like, Nazis, SS-troopers." Willow said in full speed Willow babble. The two things she was most afraid of in the UNIVERS was down their. Frogs Nazis Frogs.

Duncan nodded "That IS a good question. Why are they dressed like SS-troopers"

Xander frowned a bit "She used a spell to turn frogs in to human.

But they where still only FROGS. So she must have used ghost of evil humans to give them intelligence"

Willow swallowed, Jonathan and Oz hugged her calming her "So it could be like Adolph Hitler down their"

Xander "yeh But that's unlikely their is plenty of idiots she could have gotten probably the ghost of a New-Nazi or something.

Well lets start fighting. Garm, Me and Buffy we go after glory the rest of you clean the area from interference"

They nodded as they started to shoot the Frogmen's and the vampires. Moving towards them and Glory.

Xander, Garm and Buffy sat down waiting and searching after Glory location.

Wesley whirled his Earth Mace in the air before smashing it down on the ground. A huge cracking sound was heard and the ground beneath four of the vampires suddenly cracked opened and they fell down in to the sewer system. "I really like this one" Wesley said.

Amanda smiled as her own sweet Air Crossbow send arrows and shock waves of air to her enemies making them trip and fall over them self.

Duncan let the fire from his sword extend and hit the frogmen's and the vampires like a long Ox whip of fire. Each hit hurt or burned several. "Look out they are using guns" They dodged for cover waiting for the second team to attack.

Jarod and his sniping team started to shoot from a distant taking out the gun using Frogs and vamps.

Down below Faith, and Kendra jumped in to the battle waving their daggers and taking down vampires like they where on sale.

"She is coming" Garm said.

Buffy nodded "Their she is"

Xander smiled "lets rock and roll then. Buffy be careful promise me."

Buffy nodded hugging Xander "I will you be careful also"

Xander nodded "Alright Garm take care and stay alive. Now Buffy and Garm you are better fighters then I am so you start to fight and I attack from behind as often that I can get away with"

Buffy nodded she and Garm putting the pressure on Glory and Xander weakening her was a good plan.

They started to move to attack positions.


"MINIONS. Kill them" Glory screamed.

"Don't work that way" a Male Voice interrupted Glory rage.

Glory spun around facing an angry Were-Hyena. "I will Kill you all apes" she growled.

Then suddenly a scream was heard "FEAR ME IM SMALL CUTE AND CUDDLY" Buffy screamed throwing her Axe It struck Glory in the back before it return to Buffy.

Glory flinched in pain. "That hurt" she complained. Her dress was cut but Glory was completely unhurt.

"Now I'm Angry" Glory took forward her own weapon a small but fully functional mace made by Hephaestus once upon a time.

Glory moved with full speed smashing her Mace towards Buffy chest.

"Eeep" Buffy screamed as she tried to dodged. Then the mace suddenly mist her as Garm Sword struck Glory in the hand creating a small wound.

Buffy slammed her fist at Glory that easily dodged it.

Behind Them Xander did an up swing with Gram trying to cut glory that almost playfully stepped at the side. Slamming her own Fist in Garm face. "Pitiful Apes you will Die." And a kick at Xander foot breaking the leg.

Garm crashed in a nearby wall groaning angry glory fist took away his were-wolf ability he would heal just as a normal half god days of waiting.. Garm pushed that back as he started to attack again.

Beside him Xander discover the same thing.

Buffy let her Axe swing with full strength creating a small wound on Glory tummy.

"DIE," Glory said as she pushed Buffy with full strength away from her.

Behind Glory Xander manage to stand up eyes burning in anger and pain from his broken leg.

Buffy was flying backward she landed in a huge crash.

Buffy blinked that smelled like gasoline. "Ho shit" Buffy said looking at her battle axe that manage to cut open a Gas tank on a car fuel was flowing around her.

"Burn human Burn" Glory screamed as she fired a small ball of fire against Buffy.

"NO" came Xander scream as Buffy suddenly was gone in a ball of fire.

Glory smiled capturing Xander arm and hitting him with the mace on the other leg fracturing it. "You will d..." Garm sword came crashing down giving her a huge cut in the face. "YOU DOG. Glory screamed attacking Garm.

Suddenly a huge Buffy made out of fire stood up Screaming angry "YOU Bitch stop breaking Xander legs" As she let a fist of fire impacted on Glory.

On the side a large truck drove closer and closer unseen or notice.

Glory waited fun they hade a fire mage a good one. But Fire was ONE Thing she could absorb that trick would only make her stronger.

Then the fire fist hit her and Glory screamed "Impossible" the fire burned her hurt her that would only be possible if. "You are half gods" she yelled angry.

Xander ignored her as he tried to pierce Glory heart with his sword gram's pointy end.

Glory turned winkling out from the fire fist when the sword hit her lung.

"NO Miss Nice GODDESS" Glory screamed slamming both fist in Xander head. A wave of her hand and Buffy fire was gone. She then turned to Garm kicking and hitting him moving like lightning Garm was suddenly flying in the air.

Xander landed in a Canal feeling like a pile of broken bones.

Close behind him Garm landed.

Xander crawled over "How do you feel"

Garm "Awful. Spine is broken. It heal probably a month or two" He didn't care to say IF Glory let us wait that long.

Suddenly Xander blinked then screamed "BUFFY TAKE US OUT OF HERE NOW"

Buffy blinked as she desperately was dodging and parrying and running around with Glory striking hit after hit almost hitting her.

"Yes will do" she said.

Glory frowned what they run now. "Run fools run" She screamed Apes finally she would find her key and then bye bye world.

Buffy landed next to Xander. "What" she said.

Xander "Just Grab the two of us and run like"

Buffy frowned Xander did have a look of panic she nodded grabbing Xander and Garm and started to run like hell. It did feel a bit drafty.

Sunnydale the school

"Wow" Rick said. "That's Buffy but who is the Dog boys."

Larry "probably Xander and Garm they are Were-wolfs and were-hyenas" "What" most of the class said Larry flinched he forgotten that he was sitting in a classroom with his friend watching the news with the WHOLE class sitting beside him.

Rick "And that other girl they are fighting"

Larry "I have NO idea. But i heard whisper about a Hellbitch named Glory that was trying to destroy the LA or the world something like that" he said sweating.

"No" one of the girls said.

"She Killed Buffy"

Larry frowned "That BITCH"

Rick "HOLLY"

They all looked in awe as a fire shaped like Buffy suddenly stood up attacking Glory from behind.


"I cant see them move even," Larry said trying to see Buffy or Glory as they were fighting.

Rick nodded "yea i love how Buffy looks right now. Nude sexy and holding a bloody axe. It make me feel humble"

Larry blinked "Humble?" most of the class looked at them.

Rick "Yea humble."

Then "Wonder why then are running away?" A boy said.

Initiative headquarter

Adam putt the phone down "Well my boss is not happy with the fact that we forgot about stopping the News from broadcasting this"

Walsh nodded "Look Ted is in place. Activating the Freeze-bomb."

On the screen a Glory an empty house suddenly disappear in a glowing and growing bubble of fire. Then the picture froze.

Adam "What IS happening exactly why is it glowing and burning"

Walsh "Its the heat from the air the ground and glory her self that is pulled away and out from the center. Stone, Water and stuff is suddenly frozen so quickly that it explode so fragments is thrown outside"

Adam smiled "Sweet" The picture started to move again. The wave of fire impacted on houses more far away creating fires.

The news team transmitting from a Helicopter suddenly had some problem they could hear scream of overheating.

Then the Bubble burst. Adam froze the video. "What is happening now" Walsh "Inside the bubble the air the stone all is frozen solid frozen things except water take less place then in gas or unfrozen form."

Adam nodded "So that bubble is essentially one large vacuum"

Walsh "One big vacuum and cold in a area where hot and not-vacuum is the normal. Nature hates Vacuum or unbalance"

Adam nodded "Lets see" the recording started again. "Hey that's a new camera angle" He complained freezing the picture.

Walsh "Yes the first one taken from a helicopter crashed"

Adam "Ooh"

The picture continued.

As the bubble collapsed strong winds started to blow a twister was forming dark clouds grew bigger above them in a frightening speed.

Adam froze "What happening"

Walsh "Essentially Hot air meting cold air faster then normal. Remember the heat wave lots of power coming from Glory. Lots of Magic power and normal heat"

Adam "So that's why La is currently suffer from the mother of all rain storm and a twister in central city"

Walsh smiled "Exactly. Do you think Glory is dead"

Adam "I think so. Xander and Buffy and the whole team called Thor and Loki rescue them."

Walsh frowned "I still think its wrong that they did not help fight" Adam nodded "its a question of power. IF they would have attacked Glory she would been able to free her self bonded powers and the effect would destroy earth. Thor and Loki was nearby to stop her from getting Dawn IF we failed they would have attacked and NO earth"

Walsh frowned "Dawn that powerful"

Adam "No she is a symbol. For Glory using Dawn blood and her OWN powers and blood she would have been able to rip the universe asunder. Now that Glory is death Dawn power is dispersing. She still will be able to teleport"

Walsh nodded "The dominos are falling now right"

Adam nodded "I wonder how they are going to keep this silent"

It become silent again as they wonder where their friends were and what they where doing.


Dave blinked "Hi Sir" he said paling.

The smiling God of Thunder ruffled his hair a bit "Good work"

Dave "Thanks" then a wild looking man that reminded him of Thor but less civilized came forward.

"I'm Modi son of Thor. And I'm impressed with you kid. Afraid terrified but you still manage to do the work." Modi smiled friendly shaking the boys hand.

On the side many of the other gods blinked in surprise. Modi always despises those that was afraid.

Dawn blinked Modi the god of bravery was impressed with Dave how he manage to do the work. Dawn studied her boyfriend and smiled definitively a keeper she smiled deeper hugging him.

Dave stiffen.

Dawn giggled "Don't worry no one will hurt you. If i hug you." she strengthen her hug trying to send all her love in to her hero body.

Dave eyes was filed with tears "DawnRibsBruisedAlmostBrokenFeelPainPainDarkningEyes"

Dawn blinked as Dave felled down unconscious "What happened why" she said trying to figure out the meaning of Dave babble. "Dave its not funny" she complained.

The medic came walking over smiling as he prepare a healing spell to fix the boy up good as new.

Beside Dawn Faith was giggling like crazy Dave Babble was easy to understand.

Close by.

Buffy smiled as she hugged Xander closer. "Sleep and rest a whole month" she said.

Xander just smiled "yea Great that only our natural healing ability will work not magic to boost up the healing time"

Buffy "Garm is he"

Xander nodded "he is fine they can boost the healing ability making him heal his own spine. But it will take him almost two month before he is fine"

Buffy smiled "Good then he can rest like we do"

Xander nodded "If faith lets him do that now that she have him firmly placed in bed"

Buffy grinned remembering Xander could not walk away and no one could interrupt them. Broken bones or not time for fun.

Chapter 8

Atlantic Ocean Secret meeting of the Illuminati

Inside the small WW2 hanger carrier renamed Ghost, owned and operated by the organization Illuminati that was the guiding light that ruled the world by manipulation and knowledge.

An extra meeting was going on all sector chiefs and Project manager. Was their as was the presidents the ruler of the Illuminati.

They were the ones that had made the cold war cold.

They were the ones that had stopped the German during WW2.

They were the ones that hade stopped the witch burnings.

They were the true power of earth unseen and unheard of.

Except in tabloids and Paranoid mind of Fox Mulder.

The room was packed men and females that outside these walls pretended they did not know each other or were enemies.

Sat down talking friendly but nervous some bragging about great work they had done other catching up on the spy business.

"Order ORDER" Mr. George the head spook of USA the one that CIA and FBI even the military and president listen carefully one. His title tag named him as -President over North Americans-George smiled "I like to welcome you all and now a word from our president"

The room was silent it was rare almost unheard of seeing the president. He was a legend a myth an immortal eternal and a Master of camouflage.

They new that he been alive for millennia's but now how or why.

Other say he was the child of a half demon and a half god.

Other claimed he had eaten the heart of a dragon, And yet other say he was cursed with eternal life.

And other believed he hade stolen Ambrosia from the Greek gods to become immortal.

The truth was actually all of the above a truly complex story involving his parents, A hungry dragon a angry witch and a drunken god that lost his ambrosia.

But he never tell any one about the truth no-one would believe him.

The President Leonardo Da Vinci smiled friendly. Currently he was dressed like his most recently official identity Albert used to dress. As he began talking "If you have follow the update on the GATE problem and the Gloryficus incident. Their have been side effects"

Their was small talk worried and lots of reading.

Leonardo smiled "The dominos are falling. The magic in our world will soon be impossible to hide. Mr. George could you explain what happened in LA"

George nodded "Yes sir"

He begins reading up the facts.

"The Zero energy bomb was detonated with in five meter from Glory," A picture was projected showing the glowing bubble that was created. It was about 1 Km from one end to the other.

"The heroes Xander, Buffy and Garm manage to escape by using a dimensional gate Xander controls"

Lots of interesting nodding those three was a nuisance but useful for political use. As well as lots of fun reading about their adventures in the reports.

George continued, "The bubble did not only pushed out the heat it also some how manage to drain Glory. According to Loki they had improved the bomb with divine magic." George stopped sipping a drink of water.

Before continuing. "The effect was that our bomb ended the life of a GOD." he looked at them "Her energy released in earth atmosphere and ground have had several consequences.

1. The Mana lines of earth are stronger. Its less hard to gain access to magic now. Meaning the number of magic user will rise. And the power of magic have also increased."

He smiled at the president of the Wiccan. "Do not worry Wiccan magic IS still the most powerful on earth but thanks to Glory even an Elemental mage will be able to use magic and learn his magic here on earth. Do not worry a elemental mage on earth Cant use as powerful spells as those of Jotenheim can be."

He then began again "Other effects are that the hell worlds are closing their Hellmouth's. Most likely because the hell goddess Hella have enter the primary hell dimension INFERNO and a civil war is now raging between HELLA and The First Evil. And they are not interested in seeing human coming down with Bombs as nukes can kill most gods"

Lots of smile and laughs was heard.

George then continued in more grave tone. "But the worlds of the Makai and several other demon dimension have become more active. They are not evil but most of those world believe firmly in the right of the strong."

George continued "So we have a balance. The last side effect of the bomb is that the weather pattern is changing. It will return to normal in a year or so but you guys in Sahara look out it will rain"

They were laughing and wondering what part of the world would get the dry air.

George then continued "Now to the reason for our current meeting.

When the bomb went BOOM. The energy created burned away almost 3 Km of houses.

And created a STORM the largest ever recorded here on earth.

The gods seeing that Glory was one of their mistakes helped saving life and ONLY five human life was killed by the storm the rest is right now in Asgard or Nidavellir awaiting their return. Its almost half the civilian living in LA we are talking about"

The crowed exploded in argument "So many how can we hide the facts"

Leonardo the president "ORDER." Silence came directly. "Gentlemen gentlewomen, With the supercharging of the magic. The curse that made the Priest of the Vatican stop hunting and killing witches is gone thanks to the energy. That curse is the reason why most do not believe in magic these days.

When we created that spell we where in a desperate and it killed fifty of our strongest Wiccan to make it. Ever sense then I and other from our Wicca's have tried to end that curse that we once did. Mr. George"

The room was silent most know about the presidents shame.

But most felt it was a natural part of life civilians ignoring anything strange.

George nodded "right They will start to return the civilians. And military help have been send to LA to help with the rebuilding."

Leonardo the president "What we have to decide is HOW we are going to stop a civil war from happening and HOW we can stop a new witch hunt from destroying humanity completely."

The room was silent that was a scary facts.

George smiled "We also have the favor from the gods. I propose we use that to make a re-create the rules and tradition of the Gates."

The room was listening.

George continued "This might give us a help with the other problem of persecution" He smiled, "let us ask the gods that in the nine world except Asgard, and fire and ice giants world that we create an independent Gate commands. They will consist of creatures from both side of the gates.

Example the gate between earth and Nidaviir will the gate command be humans and Dwarf they will not answer to Earth or Nidaviir government but only to order given by BOTH government. IN the gate between Jotenheim and earth humans and giants and they will not answer to order except those given by both governments."

Leonardo smiled "How about the rules about free trade and travel. Or no stopping even a army if they are trying to walk true"

George smiled "That will depend on the gates. If the Nidaviir's gate commander have order by earth and Nidaviir's government to stop something they will but if not they let them pass. This will also be useful as we can allow the Gate commander to build a trade town and create some order and stop stupid Journalist or human fanatics to create war"

Leonardo "We will vote on that idea. Its a good one i will vote for it but we have to look true it more carefully before we send the request to the gods. The problem still remains how are we going to stop witches, Were-creatures and strange things to be hunted down and killed with out mercy"

A man stood up "Sir we have to Omega protocol" The room fell silent many was looking angry or fear full.

Leonardo "The Omega protocol is to take over the world. Are we that desperate really" he ponder the times they had the resourced to do just that and probably hold the post for decade until internal politics would weakened them. "Let us hope an alternate way is found. IF the Omega is used. It would be the END of us all"


Jarod smiled "It don't look hurt" he said looking over the their building.

Joyce nodded "Thor blessed it."

They walked inside it was big and empty Xander, Buffy and the two girls and Garm and Faith, So also Dawn and Dave of some strange reason probably the fact that Dawn had literally glued her self by his side the poor boy looked like he was in permanent panic every time Xander name came up.

All of them had decided to stay in Valhalla while they where healing broken and fractured bones.

"It so empty" Joyce said.

"I do hope i don't interfere" A cultured voice said "My girlfriend one of them Name Cordelia said i would ask you for room for me and my two associates"

Joyce turned around seeing a young Satyr man "You you are what was your name now"

The young smiled "Bond James junior. This is Andre he is a friend"

Andre smiled "I'm you bodyguard Sir"

Jarod smiled almost grinning "You are welcome you to Andre. Its a pleasure to meet my Student boyfriend." Jarod ponder "their is only two Pretender A Teacher and a Student. Cordy IS my student and in some way child"

James swallowed.

Grinning even wider Jarod looked at him "I think i have to have a talk with you young man over your intentions with my daughter" inside Jarod was laughing his head of time to make a young mans life hell before becoming friend again.

James looked up at his friend 'Andre. "Help"

Ander smiled "I'm saving you life My lord not you ass" he to started to grin.

Joyce turned around "I put on some tea." Finally life was fun again she was so afraid of boring times.


"Then the third Pig had build his house of Stones. And the wolf blow and blow to bring the house down" Xander said exaggerating with his hyena face.

Alena and Hanna looked in captured interest "What happened then."

Hanna whispered this definitely was a different type of story.

Xander "The WOLF finding out that the pigs house was to hard to blow down. Ran home and got his C4 explosive and soon he and his girlfriend was having a barbeque to feed his starving children."

Hanna and Alena looked at each other "Yeh Death to Pigs" they giggled.

Buffy just closed her eyes and hugged poor Mr. Gordo. Corrupting children... she was giggling happy trying to look sad.

Xander laughs seeing the joy on their and Buffy face. ON the inside he was wondering what kind of Brave new world the future was bringing them.

The End