The Prince of Sunnydale

Author: B.H. Ramsay <drgonzo124[at]>

Disclaimer: Characters appearing here belong to either Ubisoft OR Mutant Enemy

Rating : G

Pairings(s) none

Spoilers: any Prince Of Persia game

Summary: Xander finds a better way

The Prince slid down a collapsing roof. Just before falling into the yawning chasm below, he jumped and grabbed a flagpole. He began swinging from pole to pole to land at last on a balcony.

He leapt through a doorway to find the Vizier tied up on the floor, His Beloved chatting with his mysterious companion and Xander himself lounging in a chair drinking wine

"How did you…?"

"Secret door, I tried telling you but you said you had a better way to get up here. So how did that work out for you?"

"Shut up Xander" The prince grumbled

The End