The Shortest Xander has Powers Story

Author: Eddie29456 <tc40sbenn[at]>

Disclaimer: Nonprofit use for amusement only, no copywrite challenge intended.

Summery : N/A

Warning : Rabid plot bunny attack.

Rating : G

Chapter 1

"Oh, dear Lord," said Giles, looking at the indisputable proof of his horrifying hypothesis.

"What's wrong, Giles," asked Buffy.

"I've been making a mistake on the attaction of the demonic to areas of weakened dimensional stability, omitting a link in the process."

"In English," requested the blonde.

"Hellmouths don't attract demons.  Xanders attract demons.  Hellmouths attract Xanders."

"You couldn't find this out before he went to the Greater Cleveland Comics convention?"  Willow was a bit upset.

Giles shuddered. "The Earth is doo-"

The End