The Skull of Sunnydale

Author: Joshua <extraconfused[at]>

Rating : R

Disclaimer : Buffy, Xander and Ethan belong to Joss Whedon. The Punisher and Joan belong to Marvel Comics. And anything else that pops up, isn't owned by me either.

Spoilers: The Punisher(2004) movie.

Chapter 1

Xander walked in and picked out a costume. That is until someone else got it.

"THAT'S JUST FRIGGEN GREAT!" He screamed out loud in frustration.

That caught the attention of the manager. "Young man, I noticed your outburst. What is the source of your troubles?" He asked casually.

Xander turned to him. "In a nutcase? My principle. He told my friends and me to escort kids on trick or treat duty. If we didn't, we'd all be suffering some major detention." He knocked over a display with an 18th Century dress on it. "Sorry." Xander said sheepishly.

He waved it off. "No problem. It wasn't selling anyway. I have a hunch that there is something you might be interested in." The man walked to the back returned with black clothing. "Here you go. And to insure you a night you will never forget, it's on the house."

Xander's stomach lurched. "No offence, but there's this guy I know and he wear's nothing but black." His thoughts turned sour to the ensouled vampire known as Angel.

He opened the trench coat to reveal a huge white skull painted on the shirt. "This symbol is used to ward off evil. Perhaps you could put it to good use?" He asked.

Xander thought up all the good ideas to get rid of Angel. "I'll take it."

Those three words made Ethan Rayne smile. With all the chaos he intends to invoke, Xander would channel the most.

The Summer's house

Buffy was ranting on about that the dress she wanted was ruined. And had to settle for a meager waitress uniform. With a name tag that only said "Joan".

Willow had settled on her traditional garb. A ghost costume with the word "BOO" on it. "Maybe it's for the best Buffy. Who knows what kind of woman Angel wanted? Right?" Willow managed to calm Buffy down.

Buffy simmered down. "You're right, Wills. Thanks." She went into her closet and emerged as Joan the waitress. "I think Xander should be here soon. Let's get going."

As they approached the downstairs, Willow and Buffy noticed Xander giving Dawn some pointers. "Remember Dawnie, tears will earn you extra chocolate. You can also try the old 'you missed me' routine, but it's more risky." 'Hermione' ran off to her friend's house for a night of candy and horror movies.

"Never would have pegged you for going as Angel, Xander." Buffy shot at him.

Xander looked up to Buffy. "Never would have pegged you going as Alice." He returned.

The slayer ran down to correct him. "My name isn't Alice, it's Joan. See?" Buffy pointed to her name tag.

Xander touched and pressed down on the tag. It sent shivers up and down her spine....and other more noticeable areas. And sensitive.

Willow broke up the love/insult moment. "So, Xander. What did you get?" She asked curiously.

Xander opened his coat to reveal a white skull. "The owner said it wards off evil. Thought it could be put to good use on the Hellmouth."

The three left for a night to remember.


After the wave of dizziness passed, Frank Castle looked around. "This doesn't look like Florida." Just then a scream caught his attention. He ran to see someone he left in Tampa Bay. His blood boiled at the sight of Joan being attacked by a....pirate?

He flung himself onto the would-be rapist and assaulted him into the ground. "Strange. I felt a sense of closure by beating him." Castle passed that feeling off to assist Joan.

Joan looked up to see her heart's desire. She grabbed and threw The Punisher to the ground. Joan then did her own 'attacking'.


When morning came, Xander awoke to find himself in an alley. Naked. With an equally naked Buffy. Seeing her like that sent an all to familiar sensation to his south. And started to point north.

This of course woke Buffy. And this time Buffy and Xander, not Joan and Frank, had sex.

9 months later, Buffy gave birth to Joan Francine Harris.