The Slayer Mansion

Author: Koos van Winden <van_winden_koos[at]>

Rating: I don't know? Seems NC17 to me.

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Many, many thanks to my beta reader 3D Master.

Remarks: This is my first NC17 fic. Not really my thing, but I have to try. You could say it is a PWP. It is meant as fun. I also hope nobody did something like this before. It just needed to be written.

Summary: After a hard day of work Xander the White Knight finds himself in a well deserved warm bath. But is he alone?

I hope you enjoy, Xander certainly did!

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Part 1


Somewhere 6 months after the destruction of Sunnydale and after a long day of hard work for Xander.

They had built quiet a mansion for the Slayers. Most of the work was done by Xander of course. Now months after the destruction of Sunnydale, things had gone better. Everybody, including all the Slayer's who had been found, had found a place within the group. They all did the things they were suppose to do and got along with each other very well. Thanks to Xander!

Now after a hard day of work at the mansion Xander found himself in a nice hot bath tub. Well, more then that, it had the size of a small swimming pool. The bathroom had become the crown of his job. It was situated next to training room for the Slayers. All the training facilities were excellent. It consisted not only out of a bathroom, complete with showers for the Slayers, but had also a sauna and a recreation area.

Now he was sitting there, in the hot nice, bubbling water. He had deserved it. A big smile lay on his face while he relaxed, thinking about the good things in life. He groaned a little. After a while he turned his head and flashed a smile. Faith returned it with a huge grin and then continued nibbling at his ear. <Aaahhh,> he thought, it felt nice! He turned his head to the other side and looked at the redhead. Vi was nibbling at his other ear and did an excellent job at that.

He then turned his head upwards when a small piece of fruit was offered to him. "Thanks Willow, you two are the best," he said gently while also referring to Kennedy who was massaging his neck and tried to kiss Willow. He then looked around, <Man! How did I earn this!> he thought and grinned.

He looked to the girl next to Vi, she was a real beauty. Dark long hear and dark eyes, and a body . . . just amazing. The resemblance with Jenny was just so much, it struck him. And the way she moved, with such grace . . . it made him gulp.

Then his eye trailed to the next Slayer. She was long as well and had long blond hear. She was like Nikita, with the same curled lips who were smiling at him and then whispered something into the ear of the girl next to her. She was also blond and looked very much like her neighbour. Seems like twins in a way, although this blond was more like Seven. He chuckled to himself. <Ha ha, like Seven of ?> he thought, but his mind was not on counting. The girl grinned at the comment her neighbour had whispered to her and looked up to Xander, flashing a smile. Xander heart just skipped a beat at that . . .

And quickly continued his round. The Slayer next to the two blonds was amazing for different reasons. She was mysterious combined with beauty. She was Japanese and radiated a great inner strengh and wisdom. And when she spoke, well Xander didn't understand a word of it, it made him wonder. She had trained under Japanese monks her whole life and it showed. Incredible! Then his eye turned to an almost equal mysterious woman. <No wonder that they were friends . . .> Then his thoughts went to the word 'woman'. <Woman, yeah that is what she is, regardless of her young age . . . All the Slayers who were allowed to be in this bath tub where over seventeen, the younger ones just had to wait,> he thought, as he grinned at their desire to enter the bath as well. His eye trailed at the face of this woman as he noticed all the beauty of it. She was Chinese. And not to be messed with! Of course she had spend a lot of time with Chao-ahn and helped her learn english. She had the same fashion taste as Faith as well as their joined fun in Slaying. But still, she was a mystery to him.

Then his eye moved to the next Slayer. She was from India. Not many words had to be spilled at that, she was just beautiful. Next to her sat her two best friends, a beauty from Pakistan and one from Arabia. The sight of them just struck him numb. Then his eye felt on the only non-Slayer in the group, Dawn. She sat there proudly between the Slayers and smiled as her big eyes studied him, intensively. Next to her sat her best friend, Rona, who was grinning at Dawn.

Then his eye was blinded by the amazing sight of two Irish women. They had both red hear and green eyes. They were twins. <Amazing, two sisters, with both the potential for being a Slayer. Now they are . . .> The two sisters could be easily pissed off, especially regarding to men, but they loved Xander. They both had an amazing athletic long body and a real wicked smile. <Ooh, and there accent. . . so seductive,> Xander thought. Next to them was one of the twins best friends (another was Faith), a strong powerful blond Scottish Slayer. With a mind on her own! <She can be so saddistic,> Xander thought, a little scared.

He moved his head and reckonized Kendra! Turned out that she had become an so called 'Immortal'. They were surprised the day she entered the mansion three months ago. She told them that she thought that she had performed her duty as a Slayer at the time and had found a new one together with a teacher who had learned her everything about swordfighting, surviving and the thing called 'The Game'. But her teacher had died and after her revenche, she wanted to perform her real duty again. The skills she had learned were a great asset to the group and her present gave it a higher stability. She sat there with her best friend, Manuala, from Brazil. Use your best imagination to describe her and you'll fall short. Kendra had found her on her trip to Cleveland. Manuala turned out to be bisexual, like a lot of the other Slayers.

Next to Manuala was another girl, born and raised in New York, with also a mind of her own. She had painted her hear blue, a piercing through her nipple and a big tattoo on her breast, which looked nice to his opinion. Some of the girls had a belly button or a small tattoo of their own somewhere on their great bodies. Xander wondered if they had piercings somewhere else too . . .

All of them had a small tattoo, they had decided that a Slayer can have one when she became seventeen and had succeeded her basic Slayer training. The stronger you became as a Slayer the higher your rank. Each level was marked with a small dot on this tattoo. Xander groaned lightly and followed the rest couple of beautiful and powerful girls before his eye reached Faith again.

"I think my ears are clean, Faith," he said softly to her. She looked up at him.

"Hmmm, well, your nipples can be cleaned," she said and smiled wickedly to Vi and she lowered her head. Xander just sighed.

"Your fingers are doing a great job, Xander. Don't you agree, Vi?" Faith asked.

"Hmmm," was all Vi could say, while she rolled Xander's nipple between her teeth. All the girls sighed at that comment of Faith. They were chatting, joking, flashing wicked smiles toward Xander while playing with themselves or with their neighbours . . . basically they were having fun and were excited.

A beautiful enigmatic woman walked into the bathroom, dressed in a training outfit. "What is going on here?" she asked out loud, stunned at the sight in front of her.

Xander and the girls looked up at her. "Hey, Lara come in, and join the fun! We can make some room for you . . ." a Slayer said while pressing to her neighbour. Lara hesitated at that, she was their training instructor and she felt that as an adult she was responsible . . . until she noticed Xander. She had grown warm feelings for the young man and somehow she wasn't surprised to see him there in the tub between all her senior Slayers.

"C'mon, where are you waiting for? 'Till you're old and grey?' Join the fun, Lara!" another girl yelled.

More girls responded in a similar way towards her. "We never see you with a guy or a gal, you never have fun!" This was enough for Lara as she stripped of her clothes, much to Xander's pleasure as his eye widened, and she entered the tub. <Oh, mama!> Xander thought. This was beyond his wildest dreams.

Suddenly a head appeared out of the water in front of Xander. It was Buffy and she was breathing hard. She grinned at Xander and when she had her breath back she yelled, "It's clean, gals! Time for some action!"

All the girls cheered, while Xander's eye widened. <Wow, this is really a hard job!> "Hey, watch out for my eye patch!"

Part 2
The girls too!

"Ho, ho, ho. Not so fast B. The X-man must be taken care of in a more gentle way!" Faith exclaimed.

"Huh?" was the response. A lot of girls were looking at Faith as if she had turned into a green alien. Even Xander was surprised about it, well that was until his fingers were treated with a nice squirm . . .

Faith looked into his eyes and she saw his understanding, and she was rewarded with a nice trust of his fingers.

"Yeah, she is right!" said the redheaded girl next to him. They all looked at Vi now. "Well, we can't let X be rushed out within one turn? We have to take it slow!" Vi responded, explaining their reasoning while she and Faith hid another tingle in the lower part of their bellies.

"You first have to kiss him and lick him slowly and with tenderness, see, like this," Faith mumbled as she let her lips move over his face. Xander felt her whole sweat and exciting face over his.

"But you have done that for the past ten minutes'! Don't you want more?" Buffy asked, still stunned.

"Try it for yourself B. It's sweet . . . it's intoxicating!" was the exalted response. Buffy looked between Faith and Xander then bit up her lower lip and took a decision. She grinned at Xander and her eyes showed as Xander's eyes widened again, before she lowered her face to his.

"Move a bit, F!" she ordered and then she placed her wet lips on Xander's, while Xander stared into nothingness.

"Ho, ho, B. I have more to show you, an extreme sensual experience . . . " Faith moved a bit and brought Xander's attention in a gentle way to her glistering breasts and showed him her hard nipples. Buffy moved out of the way, so she could watch this. "Now, Xander. Be a good boy and come to mamma."

Xander didn't have to be told twice and leaned forward, tracing her left breast with his lips, gently and slowly. A shock went to Faith body, as he touched her breast with his lips combined with muscle attraction from below. Then he went over to kissing them. His tongue slipped over her nice wet and sensitive nipples and he gently bit in it. Faith could finally let out a long suppressed groan, not wanting them to know her real intention. "See Buf, this is how it must be done. Nice and gentle, with passion," Faith explained to Buffy, moaning. Buffy and the girls watched as Xander moved from one breast to the other while Faith played with his hair. After a few moments she pressed gently on his head and she shoved him slowly down along her body to her tummy button . . .

Xander stayed there for a short while, examining the area, and went slowly, again as his nose flowed across her perfect skin and he took in the pheromones of her body. He went along her breast again upwards until he reached her throat. There he stayed again for a while, gently kissing. He moved himself into a normal sitting position and smiled at Faith's elated face. She put her nose in front of his nose, touching it and stared in into his eye. Xander took a deep breath, inhaling her scent as he watched the feral gleam in the eyes of this dark phenomenon.

"So," she spoke softly, "and how did I taste?"

Xander looked in those eyes and gulped. "Uh . . . uhm," he stumbled and began to blush as she narrowed her eyes. "Uh, like chocolate? . . . uh, dark chocolate?" he added as she narrowed her eyes further.

Then she grinned at him. "So I am really that sweet to you, huh?"

Xander looked relieved. He began to speak like Xander again. "Yes, just like I told you before. Nice sweet milk chocolate that melts on your tongue . . .uh," he stumbled at the end when he watched her narrow her dark eyes again. He nodded quickly. "Dark, pure chocolate?"

Faith closed the distance even further, tipping his nose. "Better!" She looked quickly to Buffy and the turned to Xander again. "Now let's start with this f . . . f . . . first," she stumbled as she looked deep in his brown eye and opened her Slayer love for him. After this sparkle, she shook her head and ignored her own vibrating body as she started kissing him.

"Hey, leave some room for me," Buffy said while she forced herself towards Xander. Xander was the willing subject of a extended lip service from Buffy and Faith as they moved all around his face. Xander's eyes reached Faith's for a short moment as he showed his gratitude to her. A small moan from her was his reward.

"Look B," Faith said as she bit gently on his lower lip. Buffy eyes moved a bit to the right as she looked at Faith nibbling and tried some for herself on his earlobe. After a while more and more girls began to lean over and complain about not leaving some for them.

"There is room, gals!" Faith mumbled between her teeth as had she rejoined her work on his throat . . . A few minutes later more and more girls began to complain as they were left out of the joy. "There is a whole body left free, gals. Knock yourself out!" Faith growled as she waved her hand over the rest of his body.

Nothing more had to be said as Xander's body became the subject of a lot of lovely mouths.

They kissed and caressed his whole body as he returned the favor. Lara watched the whole show going on with growing amusement, but after more then twenty minutes she frowned, stood up, and got out of the bath. Nobody had noticed . . .

Xander had lovely kissed and licked Buffy from head to foot and back, slowly and tenderly like a experienced connoisseur. He had taken his time for it, especially when he had reached an erogenous zone. He took extra care of the inner thighs and placed a row of kisses along her spine, it is especially sensuous as he had felt it from the loving lips of Willow and Kennedy. During this journey he felt her muscles tremble, almost as much as her love for him, more then ones.

After she had calmed down, Buffy was nibbling his ear again. "And how did your favorite Slayer taste, was it good? Was it white chocolate, like you said?" she asked softly with bright sparkling eyes.

"Well, a bit . . ." He tried to lick his lip to get the right feeling that described her, only Faith had taken this place first. He moved his face to her reddened cheek and removed a rolling drip of sweat from her exalted face. He rolled his eye in deep thought and then softly spoke, "Uhm, it . . . it, was more like sweet honey . . ." he kindly mumbled and went back to moaning . . . Then another set of big eyes entered his view . . . Dawn. She sat there in front of him next to Buffy almost begging to be next. Xander suddenly felt something at his throat, besides Faith, and looked at Buffy with a wide eye. Buffy simply grinned at him and nodded.

Dawn had looked at the two of them with an increasing excitement and desire. Her long life dream would come true. Not under the conditions she had imagined, but still . . . She almost went into shock when Buffy nodded her approval. Her body trembled when Xander scanned her body, tracing her curves with his eye, slowly and intensively as he licked his lips. She felt her body shaking when she saw his face coming closer and closer to her breasts. She looked up to the ceiling and then closed her eyes. A shockwave of burning pleasure and ecstasy run like a current through her body when lips tipped her skin. It was more then she had ever imagined . . .

Xander went from one breast to the other and gave it a small, but incredible sweet kiss. Then he looked up at her and moves to level her face. He watched her taking in all the feelings. <This is too much for her,> he thought and smiled at the expression on her face. He waited patiently for her to come to the real world. When she finally did and looked questioningly in his eyes, he smiled even warmer at her, stroke her cheek gently and leaned forward to her ear. "Tomorrow when they are training, I will give you the treatment you deserve," he whispered. Her eyes went big again. He looked up at her, stroke her cheek gently and leaned forward again. "You know like the way you are . . . special!" He looked up at her dazed face and gave her a small kiss on her nose. Xander pulled his face a fraction of an inch back and looked at Dawn after he had called her special again and saw a breathtaking happiness on her face. He looked into her wetted eyes and his heart skipped a beat as he saw the look of pure bliss in them. His words had turned into ripples of burning love and fluttered like butterflies through her inner soul. For a short moment their eye contact had acted as a bridge and he found himself in her Garden of Eden as he saw her standing in her pure green powerful true form . . .

It was the most beautiful experience of his life, especially when she looked back . . .

Although it seemed like an eternity, as soon as it came, as soon Xander found himself back, in total shock. After his thoughts came back he looked at her with inner love blessed face. <Wow . . . You're special,> was the only he could think of, trying to describe her. He felt blessed . . .

He looked around for a short moment and his eye widened for a moment, as he turned his face to Faith's eagerly waiting body. <Kendra . . . my creamy milk chocolate. . .> he thought as he frowned.

Time went by . . .

The air above the bath was a undescribable mixture of female hormone essence, sweat and soap. Although raw, Slayers instinctively knew how to hit the right spots and sent the right little electrical shocks. Although it went all uncoordinated, his nerve system felt like . . .

Xander found himself in a woozy state of the indescribable pleasure of overwhelming love and sensations. He should feel shocked, but he didn't.

They started gently, with love and tenderness, and some of them a bit shy. But when the hunger increased. . .

"Uh, Julia, be careful with the eye patch . . . outch . . . aaaah . . . be careful with that . . . Cinderella, careful with my left foot, it's not meant to fit in your mouth . . . No, Willow you can't use magic to enhance the sexual pleasure . . . ooooooh . . . well, a bit then . . ." the lucky subject commented here and there with a lot of groans and moans.

After twenty minutes Lara had come back. She carried some things with her.

From the corner of his right eye Xander saw a glimpse of what she carried and his eye opened wide. He tried to open his mouth, but there was something blocking its way . . .

After a few moments a couple of girls had noticed Lara standing in front of the bath cub.

"Lara!? What are you standing there around for? And what's up with all of that?" This got the attention of the other Slayers and Lara grinned widely . . .

"Well girls, we are bathing, aren't we?"

She smiled wickedly and with lust in her fervent eyes. "I'll teach you girls the ancient Indian guide of lovemaking, the Kama Sutra." She showed them her stuff. "I have here some edible oils, powders and creams to create joyful experiences of intimacy and pleasure . . ."

She tossed a couple of bottles and bars of the finest soaps. "First we wash!" she said with a serious, but wicked tone. "There is no sensation quite like having a lover's soapy, smooth hands gliding across your skin," she almost moaned as she led her hand slip over her body. She threw something towards Kennedy, who caught it in surprise. "There is something fabulous about having your back scrubbed with a loofah. You and Willow, please take care of it . . ."

She picked up a bottle and chucked it to Faith. "If you are done with soaping and cleaning his upper body then use this; it's a massage oil called 'Original Oil of Love', let him first slip into the delicious warmth of a good massage, Faith!" She picked up another bottle. "This is a gentle essence of Sweet Almond Massage Oil, meant for caress," she said and threw it to Xander.

"Use it for your Slayers after you're finished with soaping them." Lara , tossed some other bottles of massage oil to some of the girls. A couple of 'Honey Almond Massage Cream', a few of the hot making 'Pleasure Balm' and a large tin of 'Honey Dust with Feather Duster'. "A good massage can't be missed!" she quipped. "Now enjoy, gals!"

Lara slipped back in the bath and with a huge smile she watched the girls continue with their fun as they washed, scrubbed, soaped and massaged Xander extensively and of course also themselves. Xander knew how to use his hands to . . . when one of them were free of course. And the dazzling passion of the aroma in the heated air above the bath decorated itself with the fragrances of the oils . . .

<Let them play for now. Tomorrow I'll show them how to give a real wash and massage . . .> she thought naughtily.

Part 3
Some Advice

Next day, afternoon
Kitchen of the mansion

Xander stumbled into the kitchen and winced, <Oh man, I can hardly walk.>

"Good morning, or should I say afternoon, Xander. Did you sleep well?" Lara Croft said while grinning at his sore face.

Xander looked up to her. <Oh my, adventurous types, they are really, uh, well, adventurous,> Xander thought as his trailed back into his memories . . .

<*Lara had watched the girls play with Xander until she wanted to have some of her own. "Ok, girls, you have played with him, now it is time for a real adult to show you how it's done! Watch and learn the way of the Kamasutra!" Lara said. The girls groaned a bit and made some room as they moved away from Xander."*>

Xander blinked again at the sight he then got to see as the memories came back. <*Lara stood up! Her incredible and athletic body showed itself in front of Xander. Drups of water covered her body as Xander followed some of it on her amazing breasts. She walked closer to him until she stood over him. She cupped his face in her hand and pulled his face towards her. His eye were wide and bright as they travel over her refined body. "You like what you see," she asked fervourly. He nodded slowly. "Good!" She pulled him up and kissed him sweet and nice. "You may discover it with your fingers, just let them slip over my body. . .*>

She walked towards him and laid an arm on his shoulder. "Does it hurt?"

"My whole body," he answered.

She looked him in the eyes and curled her lips wickedly. She studied his face for a while before she brought her lips close to his. "Your tongue also?" she asked.

Xander remember all the licking and kissing and more . . . <*"Oh yeah," Lara screamed, "lick me hard. Push it, push it" . . .*> "Especially my tongue," he answered.

She took his hand into hers. "Do your fingers hurt too?" <*Lara kissed him hard as she move his hand to touch her . . .*> "Well, I did have a little cramp in my fingers, but it is better now. Although moving them is still impossible."<*Lara rubbed his hand over her pussy, nice and slow.*> He remembered.

"Well, that is not really necessary," she said and placed his hand between her tights. She smiled as he widened his eyes again. "Much better now, isn't it?" she cooed, and licked his lips.

Xander's eye widened. <*Xander pushed a finger in her and slowly scanned the area.*>

"Do your feet hurt too?" she asked between licking his lips and moving further over his cheek.

<* After a nice foot massage by hand and kissing, and some tickeling, Lara pushed his foot against her pussy and let it rub it. Another Slayer had followed her example with the second foot. They moved his feet harder and harder.*>

"Well, uh, yes," he stumbled.

"Oooh, what a pity," she said with a sore tone and then brushed his lips with hers. Her hand trailed from his chest down, until it reached his groin.

<*Xander sat on the boundary of the bath tub with Lara on him, riding on him soft and slowly with passion while kissing him.*>

She placed her hand on it and squeezed it. She felt it grow quickly and her lips curled into a smile. She moved her lips back from him and asked softly while squeezing it again, "And this? Does it hurt too?"

<*Xander was taking her from some kind of strange position. He didn't have to do a real strange movement, he was positioned in the strong hands of two Slayers, backing him up carefully. But what Lara did . . . Man, the way she can stretch herself!? " If you do your exercises all well, then you will be able to do this to. It will take some hard training, girls." Lara convinced them. The girls groaned at that as they tried to imagine the feeling . . . Keiko the Japanese girl just smiled widely.*>

He nodded slowly.

<*Lara was jumping on him like a Kangaroo, harder and harder . . .*>

"Ooooh, sweety, how sad to hear. But it seems to function very fine," she said with affection and disappointment. <*Lara grabbed the tub firmly as she leapt over it. He took her hard from behind, holding her breasts firmly with both hands. "Oh yes, yes . . .yes, harder . . ." she screamed.*>

Xander didn't know how to react to this and just stared into her beautiful eyes.

She grinned, "Maybe, I should kiss it then?" she asked.

"Uuh . . . " was all he could say. <*Lara was licking his cock slowly, while the girls looked how it was supposed to be done.*>

"You know, to kiss the pain away?"

"Uh . . ." <*Lara was sucking him hard, swallowing his shaft fully. "Holy shit, she is using her throat," Faith screamed in ecstacy.*>

"Really everything hurts, doesn't it?" she asked wickedly and continued the journey of her tongue.

He nodded slowly. "Well, you gals did use every part of my body and, uh . . ."

<*Two girls were riding over his knees, while four others were riding his hands and feet and another one was bouncing over his chest. Three girls were kissing and licking his face and of course some others were practicing the lesson of deep throat swallowing. Lara was looking at her students in action and giving them tips and lessons. "You know Rebecca, you could do this move also in a different way," she said as she grabbed his hand and redirected it while moving her.*>

She smiled at his little embarrassment. "I guess we did!" She continued her licking until she reached his lips again and then looked at him in the eyesn her pleasure shining through. "I tried to restrain myself, but I think I got a bit carried away . . . Tonight I'll do it slowly and gently, I promise!"

Xander eyes widened at that. "For now, you should rest! We can't have a sore Xander, now can we?" she asked him sweetly. <* "Girls, this is going great. I think we should learn tomorrow the more specific things . . ." Lara announced with a lot of enthusiasm.*>

"Uhm, not really I suppose. But I need to do a lot of work . . ."

Lara interrupted immediately. "You don't have to do a thing, Xander! You already did a lot!" She shook her head gently, "No, no. No work for you, mister! You need to take it easy. And today we are not going to see the girls in action, while they are training."

Xander widened his eyes, "Why? I think I can handle the view . . ." Xander sighed. <Xander looked at the girls in full action, sweating and breathing hard and not much to hide . . .> thought as he used his fertile imagination.

Lara interrupted again and shook her head. "While I am not so sure about that, it is about the Slayers. They need normal training now, and no distraction. I can't train them when they are horny, now can I?" she asked him wickedly, and serious at the same time.

Again his eyes widened at this little remark of hers. "Uh . . . uh, I . . . I suppose not," he managed to say while he looked at her daring eyes.

"It is too bad that I am all wet already. And I am supposed to be the role model. For their training I mean," she said while shifting his hand on her pussy. "Now you better take some food and something to drink. It is best that you take something with a lot of proteins. Then you rest and heal."

Xander looked hurt at her demands, but nonetheless still nodded.

Lara saw his little bit of resistence. "This isn't a punishment or an order, Xander. It is an advice. It is something I really appreciate if you do it, it is for our and your own good."

Xander just nodded again.

"Good! Now about that hand of yours, I think it still functions . . ."

Xander suddenly felt a something wet behind is his ear as a hand grabbed his ass. "Is the other hand still free?" Faith asked as she grabbed his hand and placed it also between her thighs.

"Uh, help yourself, Faith," Xander mumbled.

Faith grinned. "That was an excellent lesson what you gave us, Lady L! What is the next one?"

Lara looked over to the Faith and grinned back. "Not much. We have to be careful with Xander, he is a bit sore from yesterday."

Faith looked disappointed at Lara, "Ooooh," she pouted, "what is it X, we were a bit rough?" Xander dignified himself by not reacting to that.

"Oh, Faith, it isn't so bad. We already doing the 'rubbing embrace'. There are also other lessons to be learned. He needs to stretch his muscles, especially his tongue, and he can use a good hand massage, " Lara spoke as she slipped his hand in under her pants.

Faith grinned and did the same as she joined Lara with her tongue pushing into Xander's mouth.

Part 4

Xander sat on his bed in his room, watching some TV. He was fulfilling doctors orders. He took it serious and tried to rest.

He was nursing his hand. <Oh, this feels a lot better now, after the doctor took care of it . . .> he though while he grinned to himself. <And Faith!> Then his thoughts went more serious, <I really should train more.> Then his memories trailed back to yesterday with all the girls in the training room. <But where can I train?> Suddenly his thoughts were disturbed by some picking noise. He locked the door of his room, also by the orders of Lara. <"Solitary confinement,"> she had told him, <"it is for your own good!"> The noise stopped and the door went open. Xander saw a young blond girl enter his room. He recognized her, it was 'Scotty'. He had called her that almost immediately after they were introduced. It was meant as nice, spontaneous observation, to let her feel welcome to her 'home'. She misinterpreted it of course, and he had found himself knocked down.

But it all went better between the two of them afterward. Xander had introduced her to the phenomenon of Star Trek and 'Scotty' in it. She liked the character of 'Scotty' very much and became a fan of the show. They had spent many hours together watching the show.

"Scotty? What are you doing here?" Xander asked surprised.

She grinned at him "Watching the show of course . . ."

Xander looked at the TV-screen and realized he was watching Star Trek. His mind was elsewhere all this time.

". . . With you!" she continued.

"Aren't you supposed be training now?" Xander asked.

"Aaah, who cares! I have trained enough for today. Besides, my mind wasn't set on training anyway."

"Well in that case, jump on the bed." Xander invited, not realizing what she meant, as he made room for her on the bed. They watched the show for five minutes before she laid her hand on his chest. Xander just ignored it. Five minutes later her head had followed her hand as it rested on his chest, while her hand was rubbing his ripples of his abdomen. She massaged his upper body and he felt relaxed. But then the door opened and a harsh voice took command. "Scotty! Leave Xander alone. He needs to rest and you need to train, young lady!"

It was Lara Croft and she put on a angry face. "And you Xander, I thought you had locked your door?"

"It's not him . . ." Scotty tried to excuse him of the blame, but Xander interrupted her.

"I'm sorry Lara, I forgot. Won't happen again."

"It's alright. By the way, I have sent her to her room, like you asked. You can talk to her now," Lara said.

Xander smiled and nodded. "I'll be right on it."

"I hope you mean figuratively," Lara quipped and walked away with a sad Scotty

When they were outside his hearing range, Lara confronted Scotty again. "Give me those lock picks," she demanded while holding up her hand.

Scotty looked surprised.

"I know you have it. Xander is just protecting you. Don't you think I know? But you'r not getting away with it, because of his White Knight complex!"

With a sad face Scotty handed them over to Lara.

Xander walked over the hall when he heard his name.

"Hey Xander," Willow shouted, excited.

"Hi, Wills, how is the new computer network running?" Xander asked calmly.

"Oh, good . . . uh, you know that I have dreamt about you last night?"

"Uh, no . . ."

Without waiting for further answering from Xander she continued rambling.

"Yeah, how you and I and Kennedy had this hot threesome."

"Oh . . ."

"Well, we began calm and sweet. Giving you a hot massage with our hands and tongues and . . ." she spoke softly while rubbing his chest.

"Uh, Wills. I . . ."

"I would like to ask you if you wanna join us sometime?"

"Uh, Wills, I don't know. It sounds great and . . ."

"Yes! We'll we waiting for you! You know I have found this spell this morning. I have bought all the equipment today and . . ."

"Spell. Willow, you know that it's dangerous to mess with love . . . "

"It's no love spell, Xander. We don't need that, we already have enough of that. We have this spell to make your nervous system even more sensitive and at the same time more endurable. Isn't that amazing? More pleasure for a longer time!"

"Uh . . . well. Hmmm, I'll think about it, I have an appointment now."

She slapped him on the shoulder. "I knew I could count on you, you're my own XanMan!" she said while she took off.

Xander sighed and walked towards the room he had to be.


Xander heard a soft voice that said, "Come in."

So Xander opened the door and stepped inside. He saw Kendra in some kind of ritual going on with a Katana, an old Japanese sword. Her movements were like a dance. Smooth and gracious, every movement was executed with perfection. Well, that was what it look liked to Xander.

She had to candles burning and a light, spiritual music was on.

"Uh, hi, Kendra," Xander said.

She didn't look at him and fully concentrated on finishing her swings with the sword. Then she turned her face towards him. She looked serious and nervous. "What can I do for you, sir?" she asked.

He stepped closer to her, calmly. "Uh, Kendra, you don't have to call me sir. Xander is enough."

She nodded her head lightly, her eyes fixed on him.

"Can we sit down? I think we need to talk," he said.

She nodded and both took sat down on her bed. She didn't have any chairs. She looked expectantly at him and he waited to find the right words.

"Listen, Kendra. I don't know if you feel uncomfortable in bath, with me there. But I want you to know if that's the case then I won't be there anymore. I, uh, . . ."

"I am not uncomfortable with that, sir."

"Xander! Uh, that's nice to hear. It's just that all the girls are having fun, except you. I mean, uh, I don't expect you to like me or, uhm, them, but if it's me you don't . . ."

"I think yur very attractive, sir. It's inappropriate for me to act to it, sir."


"Yes, sir. I'm the Slayer. You're one of my superiors! I can't let myself . . ."

"Superior? What is that kind of nonsense? You're the Slayer, I'm just a friend and a handy man. Nothing more!"

"No superior?"

"No superior!"

She looked bewildered.

"I'm just Xander. I'm a friend of the Slayer. You're the Slayer," he explained gently. He continued, "Besides, you don't have any superiors. Only Lara. Maybe I'm Buffy's and the other Slayers' superior, but not you! You're a way better fighter then they are, you give an excellent instruction. Hell, even Lara learns from you! You can listen to orders and you're bravest. Now, stop calling me, sir."

"My watcher and my teacher were my superiors!"

Xander shook his head gently. "No, Kendra. They were you're teachers, your friends and your people in your life you should and could trust. But your Watcher and teacher have removed a life from you. You can't let that do to yourself!"

"In a Slayer job, we can't allow ourselves to have friends."

"That's not true, Kendra. Buffy had friends, which was approved both by Giles and the counsil. You can have friends. I'm your friend!"


Xander nodded with a warm smile on his face. She give im a quick kiss on his cheek, but then shied away.

Xander's smile widened. "You don't have to be scared of me. I'm not that ugly."

She flashed a smile on that comment. He laid his hand on her shoulder and his eyes glared at hers. Her head moved closer and she kissed him on his lips, shortly.

"You know, Kendra , that when we met, I had a crush on you. I used to dream 'bout you and that we got together and formed this team. You and I, devoted for our jobs to be the heroes and . . . Well, then you died and by my dream was shattered. I had to be more with you, talked with you. But you were always so shy around me. I didn't want to scare you and . . . I'm sorry I couldn't, maybe you didn't have to die then."

He paused and a small silent fell upon them. Then a miracle happened. For a rare moment Kendra began to smile. A genuine smile, not a smile of another victory over a vamp. I smile of warmth and happiness. She closed the distant and gave him another kiss, longer and deeper this time. The intensity of it took Xander by surprise. "Wow!" he said.

"Yes, wow!" Kendra smiled. "You're just as nervous about me as I was with you."

Xander nodded.

She took him in her arms and began to kiss him for a long time. For the first time in her life, Kendra got to know what living meant. Xander took care of that as they made love for at least two hours.

Part 5
Xander Almighty

The evening after the first bath.

The door of Xander's room opened. He himself came in. Xander couldn't have no more. It has rushed him out completely. But he wanted to, really wanted to! He stumbled over to his bed and let himself fell, he was broken. He looked up at the ceiling, and wondered to himself how much more he can take, before they would have exercised him into coma. "Oh, God, please help me. I can't . . . can't handle it anymore." He sighed and closed his eyes.

At the same time . . . A woman lied on the couch, bored. <I don't understand. Last time that it was full moon, he almost killed me. Now his stamina is almost nothing. How can a woman live with such a sloppy sex life as I have?> She crossed her hands and . . .

Next day, 5.00 pm

"That's him?" Bruce asked.

"Yes, indeed." another man replied.

"Really?" The man he was talking to nodded. He radiated a kind of confidence and strength. Bruce was more like a clown. He was a news reporter and had to do the funny stuff. His older job he had to quit, but this case was an exception . . .

"How do we help him, it's not that you need another vacation, huh?" Bruce asked.

The man shook his head. "No, but if I wanted to, then I know were I have to be. I can't think of any better replacement!"

Bruce eye's widened at that observation. "Oh?"

The other man nodded. "Oh yes, he would be an excellent God! Maybe even better than me."

"C'mon God, there is no one better than you!" Bruce stated.

God sighed. "I'm not sure . . . But this is not the point, you have to observe him."

Bruce frowned. "Let me get this straight. He could use more strength, stamina and flexibility. He has a hard life? Why don't you give him a just a bunch of powers?"

"If he gets too much power he'll use it only for good. I can't let him, it'll unbalance the things. You'll need to watch him closely tonight and determine what precisely he'll need and then he can get that, and no more!"

Bruce looked at him and frowned. "Why me?"

"'Cause you could use it with your wife."

Bruce twinkled with his nose and asked, "Oh, really?"

Bruce had been given the gift of invisibility and sat down on a chair with a beer (all invisible too) in his hand and making himself comfortable.

"Ah, let's sit down and look what this is all about."

He tapped with his finger on the chair, bored. "Well, let the show begin!" he said while he gaped as he covered his mouth with is other hand. A few moments of boredom later the first girls entered the bathroom. They were laughing, giggling, chatting and naked! Bruce's jaw dropped open at the sudden sight. More girls entered the room and went into the tub. Bruce eyes widened. When the last girl had entered, Bruce was drooling and his jaw was wide open. He wanted not to look at those hot gilrs a couple of times, but couldn't because God himself had ordered so.

His jaw hit the ground as he saw what came next.

A wonderful woman came in with a huge smile, brightening her beautiful face. She was gorgeous and had an amazing athletic body.

Then - as the last one - a guy, Xander, entered the room, with a faint smile on his face . . .

When they were all settled in the bath, Bruce saw a girl going down. Bruce drooled more and more as he tried not to look too much at all the girls. Jealousy got another meaning for him and when a girl went up and did an announcement he had started to eat his chair. When he thought his surprise could grow no more, another surprise awaited him. The interesting dark haired woman, who had entered the room as the last female, had brought all kind things with her. She performed a massage on the boy, in front of all the girls. Then the boy turned the favor on the body of the woman. Bruce had managed to get some pretty flexible moves on his face during these sessions and his drool had reached the floor slowly.

The extraordinary and vivid woman did all kind of lessons on the young man and the girls were participating in them. In the meantime Bruce had scrubbed his tongue around the bathroom floor at several places. He had tried not to look, faced his eyes to the wall, standing there for a minute, counting. He bounced his head on the wall until it had created a small crack.

Suddenly God appeared. "You have to keep your attention on the events, Bruce! I need the info. The lessons Lara is giving the girls are very important and Xander needs to be able to perform them on a daily basis. Well, he can skip a night or two in the week, but not much more."

Bruce looked at him as if he didn't exist. "Hey, Bruce what are you doing. Don't rub at against me. You can't hit on a God!" God exclaimed. "Now watch and observe, I expect a full report tomorrow. Otherwise you'll have to do it again!" In a flash he disappeared.

Bruce walked over to the wall and began bouncing again . . .

By the time the real exercises had begun, Bruce had done some extreme and interesting stretching exercises as well. Especially the way he had moved his lips, well, it would have made Lara proud. With extreme precision he gave an excellent imitation of what he let the Anchorman do. But why did he try to reach the ceiling with his left foot?

When he had tried to look again, he ran out of the bathroom straight to his own wife, without a single pauze . . .

God appeared in the bathroom again and smiled. "Well, looks like she's gonna have a rough night . . ."

He looked at Xander and frowned. "I think you can use this, young man!" he spoke as he wove with his hand and disappeared. Xander body glowed a bit for a short moment.

"Wow, Xander. You really like this!" Faith exclaimed and she continued to nibble on his nose as her hand brushed his hair.


Part 6

That evening in the kitchen

Xander was in the kitchen drinking a class of milk and eating a snack.<Man, am I hungry.> He chuckled, <Hungry *and* horny!> He heard the kitchen door open and saw two persons stumbling in. They could hardly walk and their faces couldn't hide their pain.

"Good evening, or should I say night?" Xander asked with a huge grin on his face. They said nothing and slowly moved towards him. Xander slapped them on their back in a gentle way as joyful gesture. Lara Croft and Faith both winced in pain.

"Oh, what sore faces . . . does it hurt?" he asked while caressing their faces.

They both nodded.

His hands slowly moved down along her bodies while his mouth moved towards Lara's along Faith's. "Ooooh," he pouted softly to Faith and "Where does it hurt?" to Lara.

Their bodies shuddered at his touch. "Everywhere," Lara answered softly.

"Ooh, what is it F, was I a bit rough?" he already asked Faith with his mouth close to hers, almost touching her lips. Xander stared at both of them. "Oh my, adventurous types," he said, gently.

His hands moved along their upper bodies in slow circles and stopped at their breasts. "Does this hurt," he asked, being answered by a grimace of pain in their faces. "I'm sorry, I just needed some grip!" he explained.

He moved his hands over their bellies and made some sweeping movements. This time there wasn't any grimace of pain on their faces as they both purred and closed their eyes under Xander's gentle touch.

After this enjoyment Xander let hands moved lower and stopped between their thighs. "Does this hurt?" he said while rubbing with both his hands.

They both winced.

He grinned. "Oh? Maybe I should give you both a good hand massage?"

Faith protested by trying to push him away. But the hot sensations together with the pain was electrifying. Besides she was to tired anyway. "Damn, X. How come you so wild?"

"Learned from you two," Xander answered.

"Xander, you took on all the Slayer's like they were nothing," Lara spoke.

"C'mon, their was nothing special about that!"

"This afternoon you were complaining and hurting, now you are still running like nothing has happened."

"Not really much has happened."

"Buffy is a total loss, Scotty is broken down, two Slayers are unconscious and the rest are in their rooms, totally rushed out. Only Kendra is still ok."

"Kendra? Yeah, she was great tonight!" Xander remembered. <Maybe she is still in for some extended fun?> he wondered.

While Xander and Lara had their conversation, Faith had closed her eyes and was daydreaming. She was in the twilight zone of being unconscious and conscious, enjoying Xander's movements fully while slowly rolling with her head in his chest.

Xander stared Lara in her eyes. "This Kama Sutra is fantastic. Where did you learn all those positions?" he asked, intrigued.

"Oh, in India and several other exotic countries they have made a study of it. I have mastered it from the ancient paintings and some actual real life experience. But most of it from my own imagination," she said while still sore.

Xander nodded, interested. "I hope you can learn me more!"

Lara winced again, while he pressed a bit to hard. "Ooh, I think that can be arranged. But not tomorrow. We need our rest then."

Xander nodded. "So, nothing more tonight?" Lara shook her head lightly. "Too bad!" Xander replied back, "I am in the mood."

"I guess you're," Lara observed while she tried to remove herself from him.

But Xander leaned in closer, his lips touching hers. Lara's eyes brightened as she was lured into kissing him, despite the pain. Xander gently thrust his tongue between her lips and Lara found herself lost in a deep kiss. Their tongues made slow movements as Lara closed her eyes to enjoy pleasure mixed with fatigue of her tongue. After a few minutes Xander broke the embrace as he moved his head away from her. "That was nice," he said kindly. Lara smiled wickedly back to his smirk and then she looked at Faith. Faith was lightly snoring in his chest, her face showed a bliss as she drooled lightly.

Xander smiled. "Oooh, isn't she sweet?"

He tilted her up in his arms and brought her to her room as Lara stumbled back to her own. When he came out of Faith's room, his thoughts trailed along all those women he loved. His girls! Then his thoughts went back to the one girl still lacking his attention: Dawn . . .


Xander walked through the hall, wondering what had happened to him. His stamina seemed infinite as he remembered how much sex he has had today and still felt fit.

Xander knocked on the door and heard a soft "Come in," coming from behind it.

He opened the door slowly as he found himself quite nervous. <Damn, how can I be like that. I had the most wonderful sex with the most beautiful women on earth. But for this sweet nice young woman I find myself nervous.> Xander knew he had to be tender to her. Not to rush out like all those other Slayers. To let it build, so that she would be ready to take him and enjoy it fully. He had to open his heart for her. He smiled, that was not a problem for him.

He instantly knew why he did when he peaked into the room. His eye grew wide and his jaw went wide open. He was simply stunned at the sight in front of him. Dawn was lying on the bed in amazing night dress. It was completely green, the most beautiful green he ever saw, especially with the way the light shown on it. Her hair hung loose as always around her neck. She had the most wonderful smile on her face. Her eyes where inviting him in, seducing him. He trembled at the sight and shakily walked in. She made room on her bed so that he could lay next to her. This small gesture of her was enough for him to join. When he came close to her, he smelled the wonderful smell of an expensive and rare perfume. She noticed him sniffing and smiled at the brightness coming from his eye.

"It's something Lara gave me," she said kindly. The room was filled with the nicest flowers so that the room was endowed with a wonderful and fresh smell. It was also filled with soft romantic music.

"You have really put a lot of effort in this, didn't you?" he asked amazed. She nodded and smiled widely. He saw her bright white teeth and suppressed the urge to kiss her. She grinned when she saw him struggling like that.

"For you I'll work my whole life in a labor camp just for one kiss," she spoke softly. Xander was struck by the sincereness behind her words and her facial expression.

"I'm honored to give it for free, Dawn."


"More honored than a squire becoming a knight at the round table. More then a scientist winning the Nobel prize, more than an astronaut getting his first flight. More then anything else . . ."

Dawn's smile had grown to amazing proportions and her eyes shone a sweet proudness.

"Except . . ." Xander continued.

Dawn eyes flickered a bit of worry at this sudden change.

"Except, when I may look in your eyes," he said sincerely and found himself rewarded with an enormous amount of pride and love as he looked intensely in them and .

"What happened yesterday, was the most incredible experience a human can ever have when I looked into your eyes, it . . . it's . . . beyond words. That connection with you was the greatest honor I could possibly have."

Dawn nodded gently. "I remember. Your words and love allowed me to enter you in my soul. You saw my true self, I felt and saw my true self. It was triggered by my love for you and your amazing great heart."

"Do you think we could experience it one time again?" Xander asked, eagerly and interested. Dawn shook her head. "I don't know? I hope so!" she exclaimed.

Then she continued. "But first I had hoped for something else . . ."


Xander had out dressed her carefully and watched her whole body. He let his finger trace her skin slowly, and her body trembled with it. She felt as if butterflies fluttered around in her lower belly. All around went his touch. He began with her feet and worked himself slowly up along her amazing legs. He made small circles around her inner thighs. She had closed her eyes as he let her slowly feel all the sensations carefully with his fingers. Not too much. She was emotionally and physically very sensitive. <And oh my god what was she enjoining this!> she thought. Her thoughts went blank as he caressed her like this for more then a full hour.

Then he continued with soft, kisses all around her body. On the back of her feet, on her inner tights on her belly on her cheek and on her wonderful breasts. She turned around and he continued on her back. From her cheek along her neck downwards. Over her spine toward to her feet . . .


Xander had pulled of his own clothes. They were ready for taking this a step further. Dawn felt extremely nervous, but she was also the most happy woman one earth right now. Xander was so warm, sweet and gentle and she loved him deeply.

<Careful Xander,> he thought while he smiled at her, trying to comfort her a bit. He knew he had to be extra careful. "What are you thinking about, Dawnie?" he asked sweetly with a hint of teasing.

"Oh, just thinking about your thick cock thrusting in my tight pussy."

Xander blinked.

Dawn looked worried. "Don't you want to feel the tightness of my virgin pussy around your big cock?"

Xander blinked twice.

Dawn tried to calm him. "Why don't you just lay down and let me mount you and slide all the way down your cock 'till it's completely inside me! God, I want you grab my ass while you fuck me so hard, you tear my pussy up in doggy style.

Xander blinked triple.

"And hold my hips tight as you shove your cock all the way into my pussy making me scream with pleasure."

Xander stared blankly.

"I want you to lift my body up and slid my slippery pussy down on the shaft of your cock. And let it rock."


Dawn assured him. "I want you to bang me as hard as you can. I want a sloppy, fluid-soaked, *deep*-penetrating and bed-frame-splintering fuck from you."

Xander continued blinking.

Dawn smiled as she gently laid him on the bed. She caressed his chest as she grinned at his surprised face. "But Xander, don't you know, everybody needs a series of explosive, mind-expanding fucks . . ."

She wickedly grinned. <Every man falls for it!> as she slipped her hand gently over his stunned face and start kissing him. <I need to treat him gently.>

A flash appeared and God was standing in the room, watching them. <Ah, I'm glad to see that my power endowment wasn't too much,> he thought relieved . . .