The Stare

Author: mega_123_99 <mega_123_99[at]>

This is my first attempt at a Fic and I would Like any Useful Criticism that you are able to provide (Please just don't say "I don't like it" as that does not help me to fix the problem)

As i had several requests for information on my Fic here is the basics, it is a Alternate Season 5 Tara is a background Wiccan, Spike is a half-hearted part of the Scoobies Willow is growing in power and Dawn is a tag along member of said scoobies (They have yet to find she is the Key)

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Chapter 1

The Stare… Every soldier on a battlefield has seen it, from the cops of L.A. to the grunts in 'Nam to the grandfathers who fought in the War. They all knew what it was. Even the hardest mercenaries on the planet feared the Stare, as it can touch anyone.

In a war against the Darkness, the Stare has always been blocked and shunted away. A fight for another day and another time, but they all know its there… and for Alexander LaVelle Harris, it was no Exception. It was only through the timely entrance of "The Soldier" that allowed him to get out of that Crypt that night, and only through the Instincts of "The Hyena" was he able to find a place he considered "Safe". to quietly sit and watch as the sun rose over Sunnydale as it had so many times before, and allowing the people to unlock their doors and go out into the new day.

Xander watched as they got into there cars and drove to their jobs, and he was still there watching as they returned to hide themselves in there homes until the daylight would free them once more. And through it all, Xander continued to look out, seeing, hearing and feeling… Nothing.

He didn't know where he was, or for that matter "who" he was… All he knew was he "Safe". As long as he didn't move… As long as he didn't look around he couldn't be hurt anymore.

"Xander? What the bloody hell is going on?"

//Xander?// it was a word, a word that had some meaning he thought as he slowly turned and looked at the man who he though he might have once known.

"Xander… Are you Okay mate? Where's Buffy?" //Buffy? What's a Buffy?// he thought to Himself, as he turned back to the window and stared out again.

Spike knew something was up. Xander may be a prick, but this was weird, even for him, he thought, as he stepped forward and reached out to turn the boy back to him.

The Vampires hand never touched him, as he shifted to his left, his hand flashing out and catching the Blonde Vampire's wrist, turning it as his other hand snapped out in a fist and slammed into Spike's elbow. Locking it for less then a hundredth of a second, the force of the blow cracked the joint and forced it apart with a cracking sound that echoed in the small room. But Xander wasn't done. Even as the Bleached Vampire tried to move back, Xander's fist came up in a powerhouse blow to the nose of the Vampire, shattering it into a bloody pulp.

Throughout the quick battle, Xander's Face never changed from the Dead look he had when Spike first entered, but spikes did. As he vamped out, Spike felt the cartilage in his nose work its way back into a semi-proper position right before receiving a powerful jab to the chest . Shattering his ribs and sending several shards of bone into his lungs. Xander, still holding the wrist of the Vampire's broken arm, snap-kicked up, dislocating the shoulder and further disabling the Vampire.

Spike had seen dead men before, their eyes going glassy and cold, as they stared at nothing. Had he been warmer then room temperature, he would have shuddered as he saw that same look in the young man in front of him. The same young man who was doing his best to take him apart. With a scream of pain, the Vampire jerked his arm free and stumbled back from the thing that stood there. The fight had lasted all of Fifteen seconds.

Xander continued to stare at nothing for a few more seconds before he turned back to the window.

Hearing a scream of pain from the upstairs, it was only a matter of seconds before the redheaded Wiccan rushed in, and stopped.

"Spike? Wha… What Happened?" she Gasped, as she finally look around and saw Xander for the first time.

"Xander…" She whispered as she took a step foreword, only to be stopped when Spike grabbed her, hissing in pain as his right arm slipped down a half inch from where it shouldn't be.

"Don't touch him…the bleeding wankers lost it." he hissed out before letting her go as Giles entered and glanced around the room.

"Good lord spike… what did you do?" he said as the vampire stared back dumbfounded. "I didn't like my arm you bleedin' git so I decided to do something about it." he growled out as he readjusted his shoulder to fit back into place.

"What the bloody hell do you think happened THAT PSYCHO WANKER TRIED TO KILL ME!" he yelled as he felt his shoulder pop back into joint and start to heal. Spike looked back at Xander

//Damn I haven't seen that since forty five… damn it what the bloody hell is with the whelp?// he thought to himself as his wounds started to come back together, he knew it would be several days before his elbow healed, but the pain was already going down and he knew he'd survive.

Willow didn't understand. She knew something was wrong with Xander, but he didn't even register her when she stepped closer to him.

"Xa… Xander? Are you okay?" she asked quietly, as she moved to his right and sat down on the bed, and waited. For several seconds she didn't think he heard her but after a minute he turned and looked at her with glassy eyes.

"What did you call me?" he mumbled without really focusing on anything or anyone.

"Xander… your name is Xander… wha… what happened?" She asked hesitantly as his eyes seemed to focus on something past her.

"Xander are… are you okay?"

"No willow… he's not okay." Giles said simply as the young man slipped back into himself, and slowly turned back to the window. Willow had been Xander's friend for years, and this was the first time she had ever seen him like this, and it scared her.

"But… but… where's Buffy and dawn?" She asked, looking between Giles and Xander for several seconds. "Willow whatever Xander went through has left him…" Giles started, before Spike interrupted.

"It's left the bleeding wanker shattered." he said as he stared at the person who had recently nearly cost him his arm, and was currently staring out the window.

"Yes… that's an accurate assessment of his mental faculties right now… though a bit crude I believe Spike to be correct."

Giles said as he to watched Xander. //Good lord, I've seen Xander stand up to the darkness time and again…what could have done This to him?// Giles thought silently to himself as he watched the reactions of the others, in the room.

Willow just sat quietly and stared at her friend, while Spike looked at him with a knowing eye.

"Spike… I need a word with you." Giles said as he left the room and walked down the hall.

It was only a few seconds later that the Vampire came up to him, "what's up ya git." the Blonde snarled at the British watcher.

"You know what's going on with Xander don't you." Giles stated as he stared at him.

It was several seconds before Spike answered, "yhea… I've got an idea what's up with him… last time I saw that was back in what was left of Berlin in '45…after the War there where a lot of men who where just like that. No matter what side you where on, or what language you spoke they had the same bleedin' name for it… "The Stare." It's what happens when people see or do things that there mind can't quite come to grips with… there mind retreats into itself and tries to hold onto what small amount of sanity it has. In effect, they go away and leave themselves on autopilot until they can figure things out." he said as he looked back down the hall toward the room with the subject of their discussion., "Sometimes, after a few hours, the strong ones are able to pull themselves out of it alone… Others need help and time... Some don't ever come back." he said shaking his head.

Turning back to Giles, "You keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't hurt himself… I have to find Buffy." the vampire said as he move downstairs and stopped, "Make sure the witch knows what's up with him." he said before moving down the stairs, leaving the stunned Watcher behind.

"Good lord." was all Giles could muster before he turned and headed back into the room.

Chapter 2

Giles entered the room with a shocked look on his face. Willow looked up at him for several seconds before he spoke.

"Willow… I believe we need to talk"


"Hello Miss Summers. It is a… Pleasure to finally see you… well like this anyway… but considering I can't see you I guess the point is relatively moot" the Muffled voice droned on, as Dawn felt around. She tried for several minutes to let her eyes adjust to the darkness before she realized, with horror, exactly where she was.

The tall man smiled at the coffin before he winced at the screams that came from within. He slowly looked around at the now empty graveyard before he started to shovel dirt over the box… after several minutes the screams could no longer be heard.


Spike ran through the graveyard, looking for anything out of the ordinary, when he noticed a man cleaning the last traces of dirt from the front of a new gravestone before picking up his equipment and turning to leave. As Spike moved closer and looked down at the gravestone, he was startled when the man spoke to him.

"It's a damn shame really, when no one shows up for the Funeral" he said as he looked at the freshly replanted grass over the grave before turning and walking off. After several seconds Spike followed suit, leaving the fresh grave to its new occupant.

By then Dawn had long since stopped screaming, as she knew that would only deplete her air all that much faster. As she sat and listened to her heart beat, forcing herself not to panic.

//Breathe slowly… don't talk… calm down// she thought, as she began to feel her breathing and heart start begin to slow.


For the first time, in what seemed like centuries, Xander felt "Something." The problem was exactly what that feeling was. In a second, Alexander Lavelle Harris knew, without a doubt, that one of his friends had died.

For the last few hours, Willow had sat with Xander and watched, hoping that something would happen to bring her friend out of his seclusion. When he blinked, she almost dared to hope he would give her that goofy grin again, but every time, he just continued to stare. After several hours, she had fallen asleep. So she did not witness it when he did awake, or when he stood and walked around the confines of the small room. The first hint she had that he had woken was an animalistic scream of rage and the sound of shattering glass. Startled, she sat up and looked around. The thought of Xander being awake paled in comparison, as she heard the almost insane laughter from outside and realized, The Hyena was loose.

He was on the hunt. For the first time in years, he was free. He didn't have a name, but the host had called him Laughing Boy or just Hyena, But his pack had called him Alpha, and now the Alpha was free and hunting. The hyena moved through the streets in search of something he knew he had lost. The host had registered the feeling,"Friends and Family", though the hyena was able to register on a similar level, he knew he had lost them. His pack mates where gone, and now he had lost one of the hosts pack mates. He knew it was time for the hunt.

The First Challenge he had was just as he entered the graveyard. One of the things that the host had registered as a Vampire stalked after him. It didn't matter that the dead thing was a threat to the host or that it was evil. It was hunting the Alpha, and as such, it had to die.

The Vampire considered himself a though one, having lived in a town protected by the slayers for four years made almost anything tough. Jason had been a Vampire for only the last twenty years, though he had proven he was strong enough to make it on his own, he still had the dust of the last "Older" Vampire who had thought to order him around. Even so, he was cautious when on the hunt around the graveyards. After looking around carefully for any signs of the Blonde Slayer, he quickly followed his next meal into the grave yard. His meal appeared to be out for an early morning jog, as he ran at a slow, almost lazy, pace around the graveyard. Allowing Jason time to consider and finally choose a place of ambush, well hidden by a crypt on one side and a large patch of woods on the other. With that thought on his mind, Jason ran ahead of his prey to wait.

Alpha heard the creature move off and start to circle around to get ahead of him, which was fine with the Alpha. He could guess where the thing would wait. It was the only real ambush point, and that made it the worst place to ambush from.

Jason waited, as the guy slowed and stopped less then twenty feet from his position and bent down to tie his shoes. Jason had been a Vampire for over two decades and this was perhaps the best setup he'd seen for taking a quick meal. Without another thought he leapt towards "His" prey.

Alpha heard the rustle as the creature took off. He waited slightly more than a second before he moved. Jumping straight up, he flipped himself over in a back flip, and was rewarded with the feeling of impact and the satisfying crunch of something breaking, as the large vampire landed with a crash. Alpha dropped into a roll that kept most of the wind in him and allowed him to use the momentum to roll himself back up to his feet as he quickly went over what the host knew of these things. Sunlight, stakes, holy water or decapitation. Sunlight was still several hours off, he had no stakes, and the Alpha had no notion of holy and so that left him with decapitation. Difficult, even under the best of conditions, he quickly realized. This hunt might be more difficult then he first thought, as the creature stood up and with an inhuman growl, launched himself at Alpha again.

Chapter 3

Breathing hard Alpha looked across the small clearing at the undead "Thing" that had not only challenged him, but had the continued ignorance to not die at that. "FINE" He snarled at the challenger, "If you want to be Alpha you have to take it" he growled before he launched himself at the Challenger.

//Who the hell is this Psycho?// Jason thought as the Human screamed at him. //Alpha? What the hell is an alpha?// he thought to himself as the human flew into the air with a scream of rage.

Spike arrived at the scene of the fight and stopped in shock as Xander slammed into the vampire he was facing with an impact that would have done any professional nose tackle proud. //What the bloody hell happened to the whelp?// he thought to himself as he watched the fight progress. William the Bloody never heard the approach of the camouflaged figure or the soft rasp of a weapon being drawn, he did however hear the crack as the baton came down on his knee's, he also felt the accompanying pain as he collapsed to the ground in pain on his hands and knee's before the second blow came across the side of his head… and the world went dark for William the Bloody.

As Alpha drove the creature to the ground he jerked his head up bringing the top of his skull against the vampire's jaw as the vampire threw him off and came in with a heavy swing. Alpha dropped to one knee and lashed out with a straight jab to the creature's stomach, though he could not quite place whether the sound of rushing air was from the vampire's missed punch or the air rushing out of his lungs the alpha knew the fight was drawing to a close. Reaching up he grabbed the vampire's head and brought it down, rising up at the same time. He brought the creature's face into contact with his still bent knee, not letting go of the vampire's head he raised it up this time bringing it down onto the nearest headstone, shattering it. He finally let go of the creature's head, he reached down and picked up a large chunk of the headstone. "You don't get it do you?" he snarled as he flipped the creature onto his stomach and kneeled on its back. "I AM THE ALPHA!" he screamed, each word punctuated by bringing the piece of granite down on the vampire's spine. The first blow broke the creature's neck, the second shattered the spine, the third pulverized the meat and the final blow ripped through leaving the vampires body to dust several feet from its head. As Alpha stood victorious he felt a small sting on his arm. Looking down, the small red dart sticking out of his arm attracted his attention for a heartbeat before the world started to swim. Turning to the attacker Alpha caught a glimpse of a camouflaged figure moving towards him with slow deliberate paces. As Alpha finally fell into darkness his last view was of the shattered gravestone, a gravestone which read simply "Summers Dawn: She was the Key"

//Damn it what the hell am I going to do with the two of them// the figure thought to himself as he shoved Xander into a coffin with the unconscious vampire before he turned to the slow task of digging up the coffin that was buried only a few hours earlier.

Chapter 4

Spike always hated being hit on the head, it usually left a headache and at the moment the repetitive sound of something large slamming into something solid was difficult to drown out //Bloody hell// he thought to himself as he rolled over and looked around. He was currently locked into a rather large cement room, the only other occupant was currently involved in what looked like a lengthy debate with the door as to which was going to collapse first, at the moment he had to admit it looked like a draw. "HEY WHELP! SHUT THE BLEEDIN HELL UP!" he screamed over the growls that were currently coming from Xander as he once more launched himself at the door only to rebound instantly.


The Man stood and walked over to the door that currently held both of the tangos he had collected last night, the first he was pretty sure was a vampire though he seemed rather passive. //Guess that's why I let the other wake up first// he smiled as he thought about that, the other was a mystery almost as strange as himself and almost as dangerous. Last night he witnessed the other fight with an almost berserker rage about him as it had fought the creature that was 'normally' three or four times stronger and faster than a human. He was wondering what to do about them when another crash brought him back to reality. as he heard the dead one yell at the other he smiled to himself //This is going to get complicated// he thought to himself as he turned back to the room that held his prize, Nothing but a large heavy counter and a phone sitting next to the coffin "Now my dear… lets see how well you weathered the trip" he said to himself as he lifted the lid and stared within for several seconds before he closed the lid again and stared at he top //Shit, what the hell happened// he thought as yet another crash brought him back to the two in the room behind him //they may be of use// he thought as he walked over to phone and slowly dialed a number. "Information Services how may I help you?* The voice on the other line asked as the man stared at the wall and thought back to his mission objectives before he spoke *Get me Agent Greer" he said flatly and waited as the voice on the other line tapped some keys before responding "I'm Sorry Mister Greer died Last year, is there any other way I can help you?" the voice asked as the man shook his head and thought back "Yes… get me a line to COMOFSPOP" he said as the voice tapped some more keys before responding "I'm sorry sir the Commander of special operations is currently unavailable… Who may I say is calling?" the voice said casually as the man looked at his watch "yes… please tell him… tell him Clark is calling under Omicron Phi Opera" the man said before he hung up the Phone and pulled the plug from the wall. //Thirty five seconds… that should tell them the area but nothing specific// he thought as he walked over and looked into the coffin again //and how the hell did she get out?// he thought before shaking himself to get rid of the thought and walked over to the door //Fuck… this is going to get damned complicated// he thought as he picked up the Shotgun and reached for the bolt.


On the other side of the continent a series of almost frantic messages ripped through the command ladder of Langley Virginia for a full ten minutes before it came to the desk of one Jack Ryan.

Fuming, Jack tapped several keys and picked up the phone "Alice, get my John now. He is working on project Nautilus… yes I know it has a Blackout order in effect and I'm rescinding it, pass authorization Grade Fifty Four Strike Seven" he said he said before the connection agent reset Security systems and transferred him to a phone in Northern Alaska, the phone rang three times before it was picked up. "Clark (,)what the hell are you doing I thought I had a Blackout in effect for the duration of the op… then you tell me why we just call a call from California from you… Clark… he had your Code… fine Nautilus will sleep for now, you and Chavez get the hell to California… a small town called Sunnydale… fine… and Clark, find out what the hell is going on" he said before he hung up the phone and looked at the piece of paper in his hands for several seconds before he picked up the phone again "Get me the recording of conversation PH1521284 now" he stated reading the file number from the paper before he set the phone down again //What the hell is going on// he thought as he looked at the small piece of paper in his hand.


"Fuck DING! DING... DAMN IT CHAVEZ WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!" John Clark yelled over the sound of a heavy pumping machine, when he found the young man he was laying on his back sleeping quietly. "Chavez get up… where headed to California" Clark said over the sound of the machines as the as the young Latino sat up quickly "Umm… but aren't we supposed to sit here boss C? I mean I'm all for getting out of this climate but I think they have rules about abandoning you're post and all… something about being shot" he said trying to shake the light fuzz from his head as his boss and father in law moved around gathering up his gear. "Yeah well we just got redeployed and we have to get to California on the next plane, he said as the young man got up quickly and help pack up their gear and police the area for anything they might leave to inform anyone that they where here. Thirty minutes later they pulled away from Iniakuk Lake and headed south.

Chapter 5

As the heavy bolt on the door slid open the man threw a small switch and cut most of the light inside the small room


Spike took a step back as the door opened showing only a silhouette of a man holding what appeared to be a gun and silently let out a sigh as he saw Xander do the same. "Who the bleeding hell are you?" he growled.

The man took a step in and looked over at him before responding. "At this point I will be asking the questions and you're going to answer," he said shifting his aim towards Spike. "And before you go thinking this won't hurt you I think you should know it is currently loaded with a soft shelled slug filled with thermite," he said before shifting his aim back to Alpha. "Now who the Fuck are you and what the hell are you doing?" he said as Spike moved back several paces.

Alpha tried for several seconds to get a look of the other's face but so far his face remained a mystery "I Am Alpha." He stated as he watched the other's body language //His scent is… Strange// he thought to himself "And I am looking for my pack mates," he growled at the man standing there.

Spike grimaced slightly at this statement //no bloody wonder the whelp kicked my ass, I thought the hyena was removed… at least that's what Buffy said// he thought to himself as the other looked over at him

//Well so far it's not lied to me outright// the man thought to himself as he watched the reaction of the vampire "All right… I am currently in the midst of an operation and I need your… assistance" he said as he thought back on what was likely to happen in the next few days before he turned back to the two before him "I'm Giving you a choice… Work for me for the next two days and I'll see that you're paid well or don't and I will knock you out and transport you back to town where If I see you interfering in my operations again I will respond with the deadliest force," he said as he gauged the reactions of the two.

"No bloody way ya git… I need to find bu… a friend" Spike said as he took a step foreward "So get the bloody hell on with it and let me get the hell back to looking"

Alpha's reactions were similar. "I will find my Pack mates… and you are not going to stop me" he said with a snarl as he also took a step foreword.

He allowed them two steps before he leveled the shotgun at them "Buffy Anne Summers is currently being 'Interviewed' for any demonic influence" he stated as the two stared at him in shock.

Spike was the first to break the silence "If you hurt her I swear, I'll hunt you down. Then I'll go after your friends and family and then your friends family until every one who fucking knew you is in a coffin ya bleedin git," he snarled as he barely kept control of his emotions.

"I don't have her, I also don't have family or friends and as of right now the only three who know I'm alive is standing right here" he said as he looked at the two "But my operation does include the rescue of any 'Non-Hostiles' being held by this group, so if you're willing to join me you will be part of the rescue team, if not any interference will result in you keeping me from my objective and I will have to shoot you" he said as he realized this was a very delicate time in the negotiations. "Look right now I'm on a very short time table for this op… are you in or out?"

Spike and Alpha looked at each other before Alpha spoke "If you hunt the killers of my pack mates… then your hunt is mine."

Spike nodded "If your going after Buffy then I'm going with you." He stepped towards the man. "But if you piss me about I'll make damned sure the three of us will all be mistaken about you being alive… get me?"

The man seemed to consider it for a few seconds before he nodded. "Fine, we need to get ready though… we don't have much time."

Spike interrupted "Then why don't you quit the bloody cloak and dagger bit and tell us who you are."

For a second the man seemed to consider it before nodding "Very well." He reached out and turned on the lights "Now can we get ready?"

Spike and Alpha just stared in shock. "What the bloody hell" Spike muttered as the man turned and walked out the door.

Chapter 6

"ALL RIGHT! That's bloody well enough… now I want some answers here and I bloody well want them NOW!" Spike yelled as he and Alpha stepped out of the room and looked at the man.

As Xander turned around to look at the two he sighed "All right I'll give you what I can… last night Dawn and Buffy where taken by a group called the Knights of Byzantium… you may remember them from a bit ago, now they had another plan. It seems they found a way to separate the two forces from a body… they (were) going to use it on Dawn to remove the Key from her and then they could destroy it leaving Dawn to go on with her 'normal' life… the problem happened when I… we interceded during the operation… that's the last thing I remember until I found myself in a security shelter earlier today, since then I have been tracking the knights, unfortunately it seems Dawn died during the operation and was buried late this evening, but she is no longer in the coffin. Buffy is currently being 'interviewed' for demonic possession and now I find that there are two of me, the FBI is sending a team down this way, a team I hope I can get to help us. Between them and us we should have enough force to bring down the knights." The man looked between the two of them.

Spike had listened with utter disbelief "You expect me to believe that both of you are Xander?" he asked staring between the two. //Bloody hell… they are both Xander// he thought as the two looked over each other "Okay fine… I guess I have to go along with there being two of you, does that mean that whatever they did pulled the Hyena out of you?"

"No" the new Xander stated simply "I don't have the host's memories so I believe I was drawn out as well, which means if Alpha over there does not have them…" he said trailing off as Alpha took over.

"It means there may be more then just us"


The phone rang once before it was answered "Hello Jason, good to hear your voice… No no no nothing like that… No nothing like that…. I just want you to go somewhere and keep an eye on someone… no they're in route there now… California… Jason, this is one of Ryan's top teams and he called them off a mission for this… Yes I understand… Very well, there will be a car waiting for you at the airport… I used your name, no one should know you there… Very well… Good day Mister Bourne


Ding Chavez looked over at his Father in law "Boss are you sure about this? I mean if this guy has you're code this probably is a trap" he said as Clark sat across the isle "Ding listen, right now all I know is that we have an unknown with classified information that he is broadcasting on an unsecured line to the HEAD of the FBI… this is almost certainly a trap, the question is what kind of trap is it?" he said as he leaned back onto the headrest and tried to relax //Damn it… what the hell is this guy's game.//


Jason Bourne stepped up to the counter "Hi, I'm here to pick up the tickets for a Mister Bourne," he said with an easy smile.

After a few seconds the lady behind the counter smiled and handed him a ticket "You're very lucky sir, the concorde will be ready to leave in half an hour… have a nice flight." With a smile and a nod he retrieved the ticket and headed for the correct gate. //Damn… The farm never goes for first class… which means they want me there in a hurry// he thought as he climbed aboard the Supersonic.


"So umm… What the bloody hell do I call you? I guess whelp won't work now." Spike asked looking between the two.

"I Am Alpha." The first one stated as he looked at his duplicate

"Well… I guess if we're going by what the Host called us I suppose my name is Soldier" he said as he smiled grimly and went back to work.

Chapter 7

"Welcome to Los Angeles, We will land in fifteen minutes. Please make sure all baggage is secured and your seats are in their upright and locked position." Clark listened absently to the Intercom as the plane shifted slightly and started to descend.


Soldier checked the time and ran the numbers before he reached for the phone and stopped. "Hey, this is a very sensitive call… make damn sure you don't make ANY sound okay?" he asked and waited until he got a nod from the Vampire and his Duplicate "Good… last thing I need is these people finding me because two rookies can't keep their mouths shut" he grumbled as he picked up the phone and dialed a number he remembered from a past life.

"AmTek Industries, how may I direct your call?"

The voice came over clear as Soldier thought back to that life. "Yes connect me to Research and Development please," after several seconds he heard a click and a second voice came on.

"Sheen Inc. Research and Development how can I help you?" the voice asked.

Soldier had been here before, he knew the response would rest solely on the next few moments "Yes I'm looking into stock options for Hometown development and I would like to know if it's possible to get funding to support it?"

The voice on the other end hesitated for a second before responding "I'm sorry sir, it seems you have the wrong number. Please check your number and call try again" the voice responded as soldier hung up the phone and sat staring at it.

At three minutes an impatient looking Spike spoke. "Well… what the bloody hell was that about?" the vampire asked as Soldier continued to stare at the phone.

At five minutes the phone rang, Soldier allowed it to rang four times before he picked it up "Hello"

"Who is this" The voice on the other end asked quietly.

"You can call me Soldier, I am looking for the Shop" Soldier said as the voice paused again before responding.

"What do you need?" the voice asked as Soldier did a mental count "four MP Fives, seven 97g Pistols, an AMC MII With fourteen Concussion Grenades, Twenty White Phosperus and fourteen Fragmentation Grenades. And if you have one a m249, if not the Sixty will do, Three belts for either of them" he said into the phone.

"Is there anything else?",

"Yes," Soldier said as he thought about it, "a RPG… the Class does not matter, Ten Sets of Mark three Body Armor and a Drop line account at the Bank of California."

"Set a drop site" the voice on the other end instructed.

After a second Soldier responded "Small Town of SunnyDale, place it in a coffin on the east graveyard marked under the name of John Clark" he said and waited for a response.

"Mullins will see it delivered, the account is set up under his name," the voice said before the phone went dead.

Soldier quietly hung it back up and turned to the other two "We have a few people on there way… we need three or four more before the operation goes down."

Chapter 8

"It's Time," Soldier muttered to himself as he lifted the phone and dialed the number.

"Information Services how may I help you?" the voice asked again for the second time in as many days.

"Yes, Put COMOFSPOP on the line… tell him Mister Clark is calling."


The message took six seconds to be relayed and only one for him to pick up the phone "This is Jack Ryan. How may I help you mister… Clark is it?" he said as the Security detail went to work recording and tracking the conversation.

"Maybe I was once Clark… now my Name is Soldier, you can address me as such for the time being," the voice said with a cold tone that left a chill down Jack's back before he shook it off.

"Very well soldier… what is it you wanted to talk to me about?" he said as the countdown to the trace moved slowly down.

"I Want all agents removed from Operation Green Minx within twenty four hours or I will initiate Operation Ruby Phoenix… good day Mister Ryan."

As the line went dead he looked up at the security teams "Please tell me you have his location," With a grim smile the security team pulled an address up on the screen "He's in Sunnydale sir," as Jack Ryan looked it over he thought back on the conversation before he turned to the intercom "Alice, Send this information to John… and find me all information pertaining to operation Green Minx and Ruby Phoenix"


As Soldier set down the phone he turned back to the odd expression of Spike. "What the bloody hell is operation Ruby Minx or green bird or whatever they where?" he said as Soldier sat back in his chair

"Operation Green Minx is the code name for a NSA run operation that I know the FBI and CIA both have information on concerning the biologic enhancements and bionic augmentation of prisoners to place them mentally and physically in the control of there commanders…. Operation Ruby Phoenix is the code that is given to completely bring down and destroy a government agency."

Spike stood still for a second before he shook himself and glared at the person before him "Look… I can bloody well accept that Alpha over there has all the instincts of a hyena and you have the instincts of a soldier… but how THE BLOODY HELL DO YOU KNOW THIS SHIT!" Spike snapped as Soldier just continued to stare.

After a minute the man began to speak. "I don't just have the instincts… I have over two hundred lifetimes worth of living… two hundred lifetimes of combat… two hundred lifetimes of hell, I don't take the name of the one I was before because I never was anyone before… I am Soldier, and I know this 'Shit' because I lived through having it drilled into my mind time after time after time… I know it because I was the FIRST Clark I know it because I fought the Viet Cong, I was held in camps by Nazis, Russians, Cubans, Chinese, Viet Cong, and Korean nationals. I know it because I WAS a CIA, FBI, NSA, ANS and S.T.A.A.R.S. agents. So don't ever ask why I know THIS SHIT!" the man bellowed, finally showing some emotion as he stood up and walked out of the small block house.

Spike stared at the man's retreating back before a slow smile curled over his lips "Well… this just might get interesting"

Chapter 9

"DAMN IT!" Soldier yelled as he threw the phone across the room and looked out into the night.

"We have the pack strength to bring down the hunt… but what if they have more then just teeth and horn?" Alpha asked as he stared at the Mirror duplicate of himself.

"I Know Alpha… its just, I know who we need for this, but I don't want to go there… not now," he said as he looked over at the information he had of the Knight's 'Fortress' before he turned back to Alpha and Spike "But what I want is secondary to bringing down the knights… so lets get moving, we have a long night ahead of us… and tomorrow we hit them."


As they stepped up to the door Soldier looked over at Alpha "We need to be very careful on how we approach this… or we may end up with a bolt through the heart," he warned.

Spike opened the door and stepped in. "HEY YA BLEEDING GIT! I FOUND YOU'RE WAYWARD WHELP!" he yelled as he stepped around the corner and stopped in his tracks. "Now this is gonna be fun" he said turning back to the two behind him. "I think your plan just got a bit more complicated."

As Soldier and Alpha stepped around the corner Xander stood up and looked as two Xander's entered and stared at him, the first was in Camouflaged Fatigues and held himself in a rigid attention, the second had a wild look in his eyes that sent a chill down Xander's spine.

Alpha looked at Xander for a second before he turned to soldier "It seems we have found the Host" he said with a smile.

Xander stared at the two before he turned to Giles "Hey G-man… I think I need to sit down… I'm beside myself… and myself" he said before he shook his head and looked over at spike "Okay dead boy… time to come clean, what kind of a sick joke is this and how can I play it on harmony?" he said before he turned back to the two "I Mean…. There almost perfect copies… what are they suits? Magic? Illusion?"

As Xander was talking Soldier looked over at Giles "Rupert Giles, Watcher of the Slayer for the Council of Watchers? We need to talk."


As Soldier stepped out of the room with Giles Alpha stepped up to Xander "Are you the Host?" he asked as he looked over the Body that he had been trapped in for almost five years

Xander felt something familiar about the person in front of him and for several seconds after the question his mind went blank as he thought back and realized… he could not remember his time spent as Hyena. "GILES! THEY'RE REAL!"

Chapter 10

Xander stepped around the kitchen and put on a pot of heavy coffee before he spoke to the Watcher. "Mister Giles… first I want to assure you that the Xander standing out there and myself are not evil, we are in fact the essences that you know as Hyena and Soldier," the figure said, "though the other prefers to go by 'Alpha' I will go by the host's title of Soldier for now. It seems that a group calling themselves the Knig…"

Suddenly a scream echoed through the house. "GILES! THEY'RE REAL!" Soldier heard Xander scream as he slowly rubbed the bridge of his nose and looked up where Xander came in with wide eyes and just stood staring at him for several seconds before he spoke in a barley audible whisper.

"So who are you?" Xander asked.

Soldier was saved from answering by the arrival of Spike into the conversation "He's you whelp… though I guess you figured that one out yourself." He said as he grinned at the glare Soldier shot him.

"I'm Soldier… and if you've finished interrupting I'd suggest you shut up, sit down or get out," he growled finally losing his patience as he glared back at Spike "And if you ever interrupt me again… I'll let Alpha find an… Interesting way to end your existence, do I make myself clear?" he waited until he got a nod from the vampire before he turned back to the watcher "Now, as I was saying…"

Alpha sat outside on the porch and watched the crescent moon as it made its slow rotation over the earth //Strange… you hunted by this same thing so many times before… why do you fear it now// he thought to himself before he dropped his eyes back to earth, or more precisely to the Redhead standing at the end of the walk staring back. "Xander… where did you go? What happened to Hyena?"

//As soldier would say… this is going to get damned complicated// he thought as he stood up quickly and entered the house "Soldier… Hunt Watcher… We have a problem" he said as he turned and was barely able to resist fighting back as the redhead rushed foreword and clutched him in a hug. "Xander… I thought the hyena had you, what happened, where's Buffy?" she finally ended taking a step back as Alpha stood there "Umm… wills… I think you should be hugging the guy you're talking to" Xander said from the other side of the room as Soldier stepped out with Giles.

"Willow… I believe we need to talk" Giles said as he saw the wide eyed stare of the Wiccan


Willow woke up to the sound of Xander's voice "What if she is not able to hunt? She seems Stronger then last time but…"

She blinked rapidly as she heard Xander answer. "Alpha she just saw three of us walk out when the last time she saw ANY of us you where staring blankly out of a window… Though I don't like people who blank out like that I understand it. She will be fine and I believe she would be a great help in the operation" she heard as she slowly sat up and looked at the small table where three Xander's Spike and Giles sat around it talking in low voices. The voices dropped off as they noticed her staring at them for several seconds before one of the Xander's gave her a crooked smile "You know you're nuts when you ask yourself a question answer it and still have no clue what you're talking about," he said as he looked between the other two Xander's before he got up and walked over to Willow. "Wills… I want you to meet Soldier… and I guess you kinda met Alpha already," he said as he looked at the Hyena

The Hyena grimaced. "I am… Sorry for my pack's actions, we where not… used to so many humans," he said as he thought back on his actions and the Actions of his pack mates before he grimaced again at the thought "I am told we do not eat humans either… my pack did not know this" he said as he thought back to the loss of his pack. "I am sorry… I need out of this Cage" he said as he stood and stepped outside. After a few seconds Spike stood up "I Guess someone needs to make sure the bleedin dog boy stays on a leash," he said as he followed Alpha outside

Outside Spike looked over at Alpha who was staring quietly at the moon "What up Mate?"

Alpha looked down and stared back at him with an odd expression "YOU are not my Mate, first you are the wrong species… second if you where I would see you only as a viable source of protein and finally you are not a bitch," he said before he grinned insanely. "But the last only if you don't talk to Angelus," he said as he saw the shock pass across the vampires face.

"What the bleedin hell do you know about Angelus?" the vampire demanded ignoring the insult for now.

Alpha stared at Spike for a second before responding. "I know everything the Host did from the time I was in control to the time Soldier took over… it is his… earlier memories I do not have" he said as he stared back up at the moon.

Spike watched him for several minutes before he tried again "So you know… everything the whelp knows?" he asked as Alpha seemed to get more agitated at something "No" he growled out looking around as if he was being watched "think like This" he said "You see through others eyes… but not Emotions… and you can't see there motions to tell how they feel only see and hear yourself and others…" he trailed off as something caught his attention down the road "Go tell soldier there is one like me here" he said before he rushed down the road leaving a trail of insane laughter.

Chapter 11

Welcome to Sunnydale

Clark read the sign as he entered the small town that had just been placed on every intelligence map in the country //Shit… how the hell does this guy know this shit// he thought as he looked over at his son in law who was going over the reports on Green Minx and Ruby Phoenix "Ding… where here, find out where this call was made."


Jason watched the Vehicle as it drove into the small town. It had been harder then he had thought to track these two. //Sunnydale? What can Sunnydale have to do with anything?//


Chavez Checked the report "Its says the call was made from a phone at the Peace in Rest Hotel… that's about three miles down the road… and someone has a sick sense of humor man… its next to a Graveyard"

Clark shook his head before he checked his watch "Most of the calls where during the night… which means we should have an upda… SHIT!" the last of his conversation was cut off by a body landing on the hood of the rental and rolling off to land on the pavement.

"Holy Shit…" Chavez stated as the young man stood up and shook himself off only to be tackled by a large form.


Alpha rolled with the impact of the heavier form. He knew better then to talk to the Werewolf right now. His first attempt at that had proven that the creature was totally lost to everything but the hunt. //Fine. It's time he knows why it's bad to hunt Alpha// he thought as he got an arm under the heavier form and used the momentum of the roll to throw the creature off.

Kipping up to his feet he was barely able to avoid a heavy blow from the feral monster before him. Leaning left he brought his knee up into the creature's side with depressingly little effect. As his knee impacted with the werewolf's side the creature grabbed it and hoisted him into the air.

Soldier ran onto the scene as Alpha was slammed into the windshield of a parked vehicle. "Xander, Giles, get the humans out of there!" he yelled as he rushed the large creature in an attempt to distract him from Alpha.


Chavez winched as the young man slammed into the windshield of a nearby car. "We gotta do something Boss C" he said as he reached down and pulled the 9mm from under the Dash before he stepped out.


Soldier was ready to move when he saw the humans in the car step out //And I thought this was going to be simple// he thought as he saw the military side arms //FUCK! THERE HERE ALLREADY!// he screamed mentally as he brought the gun up and took aim.


Clark flinched at the roar of the creature //What the hell is this thing// he thought as he brought his gun up and fired three quick rounds into the creatures chest. As the bullets hit the creature the world seemed to slow for John Clark. He heard the sound of Chavez's nine millimeter. He saw the bullet slam into the creature's chest. He saw the dark blood soak the hair on the creature and he saw the depressing lack of effect the creature showed to six 9mm rounds //Fuck… if I can't bring this thing down then I sure as hell am gonna slow it down// he thought before he shouted to Chavez "DING HIT THE FUCKERS LEGS!" Shifting his aim he fired three more rounds and was pleased as two of the rounds ripped into the things leg. The creature stopped where it stood and slowly turned back to him for a second before it collapsed. "Ding check the other guy… see if he's alive" Clark shouted as he reloaded and moved forward to the creature.


Chapter 12

Alpha slowly opened his eyes and focused on the Latino standing over him. "That's why… it's a bad idea to hunt Alpha," he growled as he forced himself out of the shattered windshield and collapsed onto the ground "Where is the prey?" he asked as he looked up at the human


Domingo Chavez was surprised the young man was alive after an impact like that. "Hey hombre… lets just rest for a sec okay?" he said as the young man opened his eyes for a second and growled at him before slowly forcing his way out of the shattered vehicle. As the young man collapsed Ding caught sight of several large cuts and what appeared to be bite and claw marks on the young man. "Hey man… I think we need to get you some help" he said as he tried to keep the other from rising. Something that was easier said then done, Ding reflected as the young man forced himself up despite his best attempts. "Hey you took a hard fall… you need to lie down in case you have internal bleeding" Ding tried one last time as the young man stood up and looked around.


"No… no bleeding, just pain," Alpha said as he shook himself off and looked around. "Host… Hunt watcher… check the… Ape," he said looking towards an alley where he smelled the two attempting to stay hidden. He was pleased when after a second of hesitation the two moved towards the fallen Lycanthrope.

Alpha looked over at the Latino for a second then back where the other man from the car was moving towards the fallen Were "Tell him to back off… those two know what there doing and they will handle the… ape"


"Ape?" Chavez said as he looked over at the creature his father in law was looking over "You gotta come up with something better then that if you want me to believe it," he said turning back to find only the shattered remains of the car. "Where the hell did he go?" Chavez muttered as he moved towards his Father in law who was speaking with the elder man


Clark could not believe this, he had seen a lot of weird animals in his years and he could tell that was no ape. "Very well mister Giles… do you need any help getting the ape back to the zoo?" he said as he worked hard to keep the sarcasm out of his voice. "No no… that will be quite alright. We have a vehicle on the way for proper transportation" the older British man said and after a seconds hesitation Clark nodded and turned to Chavez. "It seems they have the… Ape, under control." He said to his son in law as they returned to the car


Jason Bourne knew something was wrong here. //Why would Clark fall for a lie like that// he thought as he watched him get in his car and pull off before he started to move towards the downed creature.


Soldier and Alpha watched from the alleys fire escape as the men got back in there car and drove off.

Soldier saw the young man first and silently tapped Alpha and pointed him out "What do you think... would they send two teams?" he asked Alpha and had to agree when his duplicate shook his head. "Allright then… when I hit him… follow him to roost and bring him back to the house," he said and waited quietly as Alpha climbed down the ladder before he took aim on the man tracking the CIA team.


Bourne felt it, the paranoid feeling he had trusted to save his life several times before kicked in as he 'felt' the crosshairs slide over him and he quickly moved behind cover and tried to find the sniper he knew was out there.


Soldier cursed when the target slipped behind cover and out of his line of sight. Thinking of the options he set the rifle aside and withdrew a smaller and more compact version of the same gun before he slid down the railing and moved up beside Alpha. "He went under cover… be careful… he knew when I was tracking him." He said before he stepped out and moved quietly across the street.

Chapter 13

Edge of Sunnydale City Limits


Downtown Sunnydale

Soldier slid up against the wall and gave himself a three count before he swept around into the alley. The blow came from the corner of the building and soldier only barely kept control of the weapon as the older man kicked his hand up. As the Tango spun into a heavy kick soldier brought the weapon up to block and cursed when he heard the heavy 'CRACK' that signified the death of the small weapon. Rolling with the impacts he swept around with his foot to discover the target was already gone. Snapping up on one hand he kicked out and was mildly pleased when he felt the impact that proved the target was where he was supposed to be. Forcing his arm straight he was barely able to get enough momentum built up to turn the kick into a flip that allowed him to land on his feet.

//Damn it I need to get some muscle before these fights kill me// he thought.

As he turned to the Tango he was surprised when the heavy right caught him across the face and forced him back several feet before the palm strike doubled him over in pain. In reflex he quickly brought his hands up to catch the knee before he fell backwards, pulling the knee he kicked out at the other man's leg forcing him off his feet.

The pain of the shattered rifle digging into him as he landed brought a plan for the speedy end of the conflict. He rolled hard when he landed to bring some space in between them and brought the weapon up to block the kick he anticipated, the attack slammed into the already broken rifle and snapped it in two. With a smile soldier allowed the kick to continue towards him as he crossed the two halves and stepped in towards his opponent. The sling to the rifle caught around the older mans leg and as he twisted around soldier forced the chamber back and withdrew one of the large rounds from within. Finishing the spin he brought the dart down into the trapped leg moments before he felt the impact of the kick send him off his feet.

Jason Bourne cursed at himself as he looked down at the large dart in his leg before the world began to swim.

Soldier watched as the man looked down at his leg for several seconds before collapsing to the pavement. He forced his way up and looked at the entrance of the Alley where Alpha stood with a Tranq Pistol and a large grin. "Why the fuck did you let him kick my ass" he growled as he rubbed the bruised section where the palm strike landed.

Alpha grinned at his duplicate for a few more seconds before he shrugged "Why did you let the wolf kick mine?" he said before he turned and walked off

Soldier watched him go as Xander and Giles rushed up and stared at the unconscious man before Xander threw up his hands and shook his head as he walked off muttering about strange hobbies and not enough Twinkies on earth. Giles on the other hand looked at soldier for several seconds before soldier responded. "He followed me home… can I keep him?"


The trip back to the house was less eventful then the rest of the day, Soldier and Alpha brought in the heavy form of the Lycanthrope while Xander and Giles moved the lighter human into the house.

Soldier helped to patch up Alpha as he thought of the twists of the night that had only recently started. Checking the time he flinched and picked up the Phone and moved upstairs where there was a bit more privacy before he dialed the Number. After several rings he heard a light tone and dialed in an access code, several seconds later a voice answered "What do you want now? The Abrams take three day delivery and I doubt Mullins is willing to dig up that grave again" the voice said as Soldier thought about his response. "Actually I want to request Mr. Mullins help in coercing an old friend of his" Soldier said into the phone. After several seconds the voice returned an affirmative and asked where they would meet. After a few seconds thought Soldier smiled "Inform Mr. Mullins we will meet at the grave he planted at oh four hundred. He said before he hung up the phone and waited a five count before dialing a second number.

"Information Services how may I help you?" the voice asked as Soldier smiled. "This is Soldier… Tell the Agents to be at the new grave by their hotel at oh four hundred" he said before he closed the phone and smiled before a thought passed and made him frown for a second.

//Damn… this is gonna get complicated// he thought as he walked down the stairs and called the others around.

When everyone had gathered Soldier went over the plan. "William… you go to the Eastern Graveyard and stay near the new Grave… Do NOT let anyone see you" He said to Spike then turned to Willow.

"Miss Rosenberg, I would like you and Mister Giles to ensure the two… guests will remain asleep until we return" he said before he slid the Tranq Pistol across to them "No more then three shots for the human… four or five for the Were" he said before he turned to Xander and Alpha.

"For us… we have a much more dangerous and hostile mission to undertake… we have to go tell a mother why both of her daughters are missing" he said as he looked at the table then back at his duplicates. "This is gonna get damned complicated"

Chapter 14

The car pulled up to the large building and the driver stared at it sullenly for several seconds while he considered why he was doing this again //Cuz you'd kill the asshole who had information like this about your family and didn't tell you.// he thought back to himself before he turned to the other two. "All right… lets go"

As the three men entered the nurse on station looked at them in silence until she realized she had a job. "Good evening sirs… how may I help you?"

Xander stepped up to the desk with a lopsided grin. "Hi… where here to see miss Summers… we called ahead and they said it was fine," he explained with a grin.

The nurse took a moment to confirm this before she had them sign in and took them to the back.


Soldier stepped in but stood in the shadows with Alpha when Xander introduced him as Lex and smiled slightly as he introduced Alpha as just Al. //Gotta give the host credit… the kid can bullshit with the best of them// he thought as he saw Xander start to look uncomfortable. "We should step outside… Al… give them some space"

Outside Soldier was surprised that Alpha sat still for a little over two minutes before he stood up and started to pace. Another surprise was that he was able to do that for well over three before he growled and turned to Soldier. "I'm going to walk… look for some food" he said before he turned and walked down the hall. Soldier stared after him for several seconds //I knew Alpha hated being inside… but he seems… nervous about the hospital// he thought before shifting it to a secondary problem and turned back to the door.


//What the hell are you scared of… you're a hunter… you're the Alpha… yes, but I'm also alone… You don't need your pack… they're weak… they could not handle the hunt… but this prey is more dangerous then just me… I need a pack… I need… friends.// Alpha thought to himself and continued to sneer at the small voice in the back of his head that argued against him leaving the others.

His wandering brought him to the third story of the hospital when Alpha felt something… Familiar. Opening the door Alpha quietly stepped into the dark room and let his eyes adjust to the darkness. He watched the steady pulse on the monitor as it beat out the tempo of the other's heart. With a sigh he sat down in a chair and watched the other breath. After a short time he quietly spoke "Who are you," he asked the unconscious form, though he knew they would not respond he continued to watch. "Why do I feel a Kinship to you… why do I feel like… we know each other… I feel we are both… Fallen Hunters… we are both alone".

He sat with the unconscious form until a nurse entered to change the IV. With a nod he let himself out and quietly walked back to the others ##My hunt is not over… nor is yours… we are Survivors… we are Hunters… we are… Alpha's."

In the room a quite had settled once again marred only by the beeping of the monitoring machine. A beeping the accelerated as the signals began to approach those of a waking person.

Soldier noticed Alpha moving down the approach with an almost new strength as he quietly moved down the hallway and kneeled by the door. Soldier was sure he was going to need a medic himself when after ten minutes Alpha still remained in that position, he was saved from a heart attack by the reappearance of Xander from Joyce's room.

With a sigh Xander shook his head and the three quietly left the hospital before Xander spoke. "She took it a bit better then we thought… if we don't get them back tomorrow… she'll kill me and then go looking for whoever hurt them."

As they walked around the car Xander stopped for a second. "Hey… how come I have to drive?" he asked as Soldier got in the Passenger and Alpha slid in the back. "Cuz even though I 'CAN' drive a tank I'm not 'ALLOWED' to drive a car… and Alpha would probably swerve and go through the brush after every small critter he sees," Soldier stated as he buckled himself in and glanced at Xander. "We need to swing by the house and check on the were before we head over to the Graveyard… we need to be there by two if we want to fall into there… 'Ambush'" soldier said with a grin as they drove off In the back Alpha was once again watching the moon.

Chapter 15

Soldier watched the graveyard for any movement and almost smiled when the vampire detached himself from the shadows and quietly made his way over to them.

"Why tha bloody hell did I just spend half my night watching a graveya…" the vampire's growl was cut short by Soldier slamming his head into the hood of the car. "You spent your night here tooth boy because if you had told me no I would have dusted you," Soldier whispered to the side of his head before he let go and looked towards the graveyard "Now… before any more of your precious night is taken up… when did they get here and where did they go?"

Spike quickly realize how serious he was and relented "One guy went in there about forty five minutes ago… the other two around fifteen… other then that the bleedin place has been dead… are you happy now wanker?" he growled as he tried to regain some sense of control over the conversation. With a slow nod Soldier turned back to him "William… so long as you stay on this side of the line I'm fine with you being around, but if you cross the line. Hell if you even toe the line while I'm around… your vacuum fodder, I have no qualms against killing living things… and your not even living… you are a tool… a dangerous tool true… but remember a tool that hurts the one using it must be destroyed… now go enjoy the rest of your night," he stated coldly before he turned his attention back to the graveyard and the quarry he was hoping to trap without a firefight. "Mister Giles… I require you and Xander's assistance" he said after he was sure the bleached vampire had left.

"I need you two to walk straight into that graveyard, walk right up to the fresh grave on the far side. The name on the stone is John Clark and I need you two to dig it up." He said before he turned to Alpha "We on the other hand have a much more dangerous mission… Alpha I need you to move through the right and make sure that any ambush they have set up is taken out… I will do the same on the left" he said before he picked up the tranq rifle and handed the small pistol version to Alpha. "We need them alive and unhurt… this is gonna be complicated enough without them thinking we set them up in an ambush" he said and after a quick prayer to forestall a visit from Murphy the two hunters broke apart.

After several seconds Giles simply sighed and turned to Xander "Alexander… the next time anyone tells you you're weird… tell them to shove it" he growled before he picked up the digging implements and lights and headed for the grave.


At the Summers residence Willow Rosenberg slept quietly. She failed to notice the shimmer of light as a large form appeared in the room with a sleeping form in his arms. Looking around he finally focused on a point in the upper corner of the room. "Would you mind explaining this to me… I don't know she's one of your charges… like I said I don't know… we called role and she just kinda showed up… well that's not supposed to happen… around three years… we can't… the spell from that half wit mage is keeping us from shifting her back... well you need to do something… very well" The form said before he walked quietly up the stair and laid the sleeping form down in bed //I Do believe the Warrior is correct… this is going to get damned complicated// the form thought as a smile crossed over his face. // Might as well stay around to watch. after all this could turn out to be more interesting then that whole Midsummer's night fiasco a few centuries back//

Chapter 16

John Mullins lay quiet in the mouth of the crypt and for the fourth time wondered why a small town needed a crypt. The hairs on the back of his neck prickled and he tried desperately to place it. The Sting on the side of his neck stated it all to clearly //ooh fuck… why the hell is it always snipers// was his last thought as the tranquilizer took over and quickly left him incapacitated.


//Damn I hope Mullins can forgive that// Soldier thought with a smile as he quickly checked the older man's pulse before he dropped a cross on his chest and moved off in hunt of the others


Alpha bit down on his lip to keep from laughing as he quietly brought the small weapon that soldier had given him to bear on the older man that had helped him earlier. //KILL HIM!... no. soldier wants him alive… What do you care what soldier wants… Soldier is tracking greater prey then this… BUT YOU ARE THE ALPHA! YOU MUST KILL!// With a snarl Alpha launched himself at the young man.


He fought… as he had for the last five years… and the five before that… and the five before that, he could hardly remember a time when he was not fighting. Ducking under the swing of the demon he wondered briefly what its name was… or even if it had one. Shaking off the thought he brought the heavy Battle Axe down on the knee of the beast with a roar that echoed over the tier the beast fell to the ground, its last sight was of the sword passing through his neck… the blade freezing the blood for several seconds before the hell fires forced them to melt and dissolve. Turning his back to the fallen monstrosity the young man turned his attention to the last creature remaining… and in this case the only one that mattered. "Open the Gates Beast… for I have bested your Champion and I lay claim to my right… un-bar the gates… loose the chains and set me free… my debt is paid… my freedom earned," he growled in the Tongue of the Abyss as the Pathetic creature groveled and whimpered for several seconds before turning the gate with a small iron key in his hand. As the large gates swung open the young man took a step forward before being assaulted by a burning brilliance. A light that burned through his soul and left the Final Tier of hell awash in a glow of power.

After waiting a few seconds the small creature closed the gates and quietly locked them before turning to the task of cleaning up the mess.

Grasping the edge of the pit with the strength born of an eternity of struggle the young man forced his way up, with a final surge he brought himself up and lay gasping in the unbearable cold. //I did it Shilkra, I bested them… true young one… but the time is not right for you to rest. Look yet behind you and see what the price of your freedom may cost// for the first time in over a century the being turned around and looked at his past… and into the red glow of the hell mouth. //They will come after me… yes… how do I stop them// he listened carefully as the voice whispered directions //You will be lost… for a time only, but the hell mouth must be closed… will you find me again?... Perhaps young one, but my journey does not end with you. And yours shall continue without me… this has to happen doesn't it… yes… good by Shilkastra'Ilhasana… Good journeys Jessie Burnham, go and find your family// with a final shudder the young man stepped foreword and drove the blade into the mouth of hell. With a pulse of blue light the blade vanished… and the mouth of hell was dormant once again. Leaving Jesse truly alone for the first time in a millennium. Gripping the Axe as tightly as he could he quietly made his way towards the surface.

Chapter 17

Jesse stepped out into the ruined remains of the school. //So this is what happened to him… I'm surprised they managed to defeat him at all// he thought quietly and shuddered at the silence from within him //twelve hundred years… and I loose you… I'm sorry Shilkastra… Forgive me… forgive me// he thought sadly. His thoughts were disrupted by six vampires sneaking out of the shadows and surrounding him before a large creature with red scaled skin pulled its way out of the shadows to gloat. "You will make a fine addition to my force… and if not you will at least make a marginal snack for minions," it growled out in broken English,

Jesse thought back several hundred years to his confrontation with the mayor before he remembered how to speak the language. "Ba'Goth Daemon… their kind were once a mighty second circle force until a plan backfired. They crucified a man the higher powers wanted left alone as a result much power was given to the forces of light and the Ba'Goth clan were ruthlessly exterminated… the survivors fled to the many realms. The ones working on earth where left without power or a home… they are now considered outcasts of demon society and many demons go out of there way to kill any they find," he finished the history report as the demon stared in rage at him for revealing secrets know only to his own kind for several thousand years.

Jesse knew the creature would not back down in front of the vampires so he simply continued. "Ba'Goths are now a seventh level creature as they are no longer considered Daemons. They are surprisingly strong their greatest asset has been their intelligence which is superior to most demons of Fifth level or lower… you are intelligent so I give you these choices. Kill these weaklings and leave. Fight and I will kill you. Or flee and the Demon and Daemon populations WILL find out about you… and I'm sure the bounty on your kind's head will serve to attract more then a minor amount of trouble" he said as he watched the expression on the lesser Daemon change from rage to understanding. Moving forward, it came up to Jesse and looked at him oddly.

"You… my god… you have the touch of the hell fires," it said as it stared at Jesse for several more seconds. The attack came without warning, the large creature lashing out and slashing down three of the vampires before they had a chance to move, another fell as Jesse brought the battle axe around in a heavy swing the cleaved it from hip to shoulder. The last two may have made it away if they had run, instead one jumped at Jessie while the other attacked the Daemon, continuing with the momentum of the axe Jessie brought it over his head before he brought it crashing down on the vampires skull, the two halves dusted before the hit the ground.

Turning to the Daemon he watched it shake the dust off his hands before looking it in the eye. "You have made a wise choice. I know your kind dislikes the taste of human flesh… so the choices stand… but I will add another, stay here and help me… if you do I will promise protection from any Daemon that hunts you, Fresh Demon meat to eat… and a chance to leave your past behind," he said.

After a minute the beast nodded its head. "It seems you have recruited yourself a Daemon… I am Hanseli'Ivanhal though most simply call me Hans," the creature said as it offered its clawed hand to Jesse

Jessie took its hand. "I am Jesse Burnham… though most simply call Jesse," he said before he switched to Abyssial. "And it is my honor to know you Hanseli'Ivanhal' Ba'goth," he said before releasing the creature's hand, "as I have just arrived from… out of town, I will need a place to rest… do you know of somewhere safe?"

With a grin the creature bowed his head and walked down the hall of the shattered high school as they walked Jessie thought about the situation "Hans… how many other fallen can you get in touch with?" he asked

The large creature thought for a moment before he spoke over his shoulder. "I can find three or four… why, would you like to speak with them?"

"Yes… I need some work done… and I think the Fallen like yourself are just the group to start with."


Alpha's flight was stopped by an impact, the problem was there was nothing that could have hit him… an issue that did not change the fact that something had slammed into him and thrown him off course. Rolling to his feet Alpha stared around for several seconds before noticing the prey bringing his weapon around. As the sub-machine gun opened up Alpha cursed as he dived behind a headstone and tried to make himself as small a target as possible. Granite chips rained down on him for several seconds before he realized he still had the small weapon Soldier had given to him, Alpha turned around and knelt in front of the tombstone for half a second before rising and bringing the weapon to bear. The prey had been approaching and was less then six feet away. Both gained a look of surprise when a flash of steel sparked in between them and both weapons where several inches shorter, with an identical curse. "SHIT!" Alpha and Chavez both dove for cover and sat looking at there ruined weapons for several seconds before Chavez found his voice "What the Fu… hey aren't you the guy that was thrown through the car?"

Alpha's more human side quickly regained control as he stared at the ruined weapon in his hand, "aah… well… that's complicated… since it seems we're going to talk… why don't you call your pac… team mate over… then you may tell me how you disabled my weapon," he said as he stared at the ruined Tranq Gun in his hands.

With a look of shock Ding glanced down at his own "Umm… Hey man… I don't know what the fucks going on here but I didn't touch your weapon" he said before he realized there may be bigger problems, he quietly touched the transmitter button. "He… hey boss C… the dude from the… Ape is here… and something just took out my gun… no it didn't TAKE my gun… it took it out… cut the first three Inches off… I didn't see anything… no his was taken out to… Yea… sure thing" he muttered a curse as he glanced around the tomb. "Hey… you call over your partners and we'll talk"


Clark walked into the clearing to see Chavez staring at the young man from earlier along with the elderly British man and his young 'Assistant'. "Okay… what's going on here," Clark stated as he approached the small group with his weapon covering them. What surprised him was when the young man and the assistant turned around, Clark had seen similar people before… he had even seen doubles who had surgery to look like someone… this on the other hand was not a close match… the two men where identical in every way. //No… not every way… they hold themselves differently.// he thought. His thoughts where interrupted by the sharp pain in his neck, Glancing over from the two Clark saw the small red dart imbedded in his son in laws neck as well. //What the fuck… I thought there was only three// he thought as he desperately brought his around towards the attacker… his last view was of the earth rushing up at him


The sky was just turning pink when the small group returned home. It took them nearly an hour to get the three sleeping men inside along with the assortment of weapons Soldier had been upset to find Willow asleep but calmed down when she assured him that her spell would keep them asleep for at least twenty four hours unless the counter spell was cast, so with a grin he had her simply cast it over the others before they went to in search of much needed sleep… "After all," Soldier stated "This is going to get damned complicated"

Chapter 18

Soldier was in a good mood, he had explained the problem with the CIA Agents and was pleased that they had agreed to help him out, Even Mullins had agreed to help //I'm sure Clark had something to do with that// he thought as he rubbed his jaw where Mullins had hit him. //Okay I think I deserved that one// he thought with a smile as he sat down to a plate of bacon, eggs, hash browns and toast. Looking over at his Duplicates he realized just how different the three of them where, Alpha sat chewing on a mostly raw steak while Xander consumed vast quantities of sugar coated cereal. The others sat around the table but thankfully most of them had gotten something slightly easier to consume. Mullins, Clark and Chavez ate eggs and toast while Giles ate what appeared to be a large bowl of gruel. Shaking his head he realized that he was actually willing to die for these people… even the ones he had just met.

Walking down the hall Dawn held her head carefully, the headache was keeping her from working out why she had woken up in her bad, and why her clothes no longer fit. //Just glad Buffy doesn't lock her door// she thought as she stepped into bathroom and glanced in the mirror

Soldier, Chavez, Clark and Mullins where moving as the scream echoed through the house, Moving up the stairs the four men took them three at a time, Mullins Clark and Chavez where amazed as Soldier outpaced even their best speed, arriving at the door less then four seconds after the scream Soldier entered in the most expedient fashion available.

As the door flew off its hinges Soldier entered to find a young lady curled up in the corner. "Miss… are you okay?" he asked as he stepped forward and quietly knelt in front of her "Ma'am… can you hear me?" as she looked up Soldier realized three things, This was one of the host's family, she was much older then the last time he saw her, and she was not focusing on anything.

Moving back out the door soldier quickly stopped his two duplicates from entering. "Alpha I need you to go find Miss Rosenberg and bring her back here, Xander I need you to go to the store, I need a bottle of generic pain reliever some Beef Broth and some crackers and I need you both to go now" he said as he kept them from entering the bathroom, when they had finally left he pulled Giles over. "Mister Giles, it seems we have a situation here. Miss Summers has returned from where ever she was and at this point I would put her at three to four years older then she was three days ago… it seems she saw herself in the mirror and… she has the stare, I need you to keep the other two away while I try to help her," he said and quickly cut off the protests from the elderly British man. "Chavez, Mullins, Clark and myself know more about this then any of you. And if she sees the three of me… it may be enough to send her off for good. I need you to do this, I need some time," he said.

Giles looked over at the drawn faces of the other three Military personnel then back to the young man in front of him "You bloody well better be right about this," he said before he turned and left the house.

It was almost an hour later when Alpha returned with Willow and Tara in tow they had moved Dawn to her room and after explaining the situation Soldier sat down with them. "Miss Rosenberg the others are leaving to get ready in a less then an hour, we need you to watch over miss Summers while we go in search of her sister. If she wakes up give her anything she wants, if she is hostile… Shoot her with the tranq," he said before he got up and left

"Okay people. We hit the knights at dusk, Clark you're with me, Chavez you're with Alpha, Mullins you go in with Mister Giles. Xander you're going to be diversion fire, your job is to hit the guard towers with a WillyP then section the window's with concussions, any vehicle's you see incoming were going to need you to take out, a WillyP to the front of the vehicle will take it out, or you hit it dead on the windshield with a frag after you're done with the concussions get over to Mullins and help them. Giles and Mullins, you're breaching and covering fire, you hit the main wall with that RPG to breach us a hole. Mullins that's your job before you go to covering for Giles, Giles your job is to cover the main door and the breach. Alpha you and Chavez rescue the slayer while Clark and I go after the Commander of the knights. Miss Rosenberg will not be joining us in this mission. All right people lets get ready!"



//Its time we ended this//

Without a sound the figure activated the cloak field and headed for the compound.


Jesse stepped into the apartment and looked around before he turned back to Hans. "Go start a bath… cold water only. After that I need you to go get in touch with the other Fallen. I will meet them here"

Chapter 19

Jesse stared at the water for several seconds before he stepped in. Hissing in pleasure at the feeling he sat down and turned on the shower. The feeling of water was something to long denied him. And he quietly thought back to the last time he had felt it.


Sunnydale One thousand eight hundred forty nine years earlier

He was in a hurry as he stepped out of the shower and started to dry off "MOM, I'M GOING TO THE BRONZE!"


With a grimace Jesse thought back to the hour and a half of math he had just finished "YEAH MOM! WORK'S ALL DONE"


He smiled as he headed out //Yup, gotta show Buffy the Bronze tonight… Hey Cordy should be there// he thought with a grin as he wondered how he could get her to notice him.


Sunnydale Present

Jesse's thoughts turned dark as he thought about that night. //He killed me… he had no choice… he could have tried… he did try… he killed you… he killed you demon… you know you will have to kill him… I know the deal I made… just hold to your end of the bargain or your soul is...// a blinding flash and Jesse screamed as the thought was burned away by Tellis. After a moment he looked over at the battle axe and smiled. "Thanks. You're not the only one to be tired of that conversation." He knew the Axe would not respond //Five hundred years of silence. Why would he start now// he thought to himself as he dunked himself again before stepping out of the water and looked down. "Memo to self, undress before partaking of aquatic pleasures," he said to no one before he picked up the axe and let the heat from within raise his body temperature. In moments he was glowing. After a few seconds he started to steam and a minute later he was dry once more. Stepping out into the bedroom he lay down on the bed. After a few seconds his breathing slowed, beside the bed the battle axe kept a silent vigil. Both outside the room and within the sleeping bearer.


Soldier frowned as he looked at the flashing lights in the rearview mirror. "Okay, everyone play it cool. The cops are our friends," he said as he silently prayed they would not ask to look in the back. //Oh no officers that's not a machine gun… it's a classic Ice cream maker// he thought to himself sarcastically. As he pulled over to the shoulder he pulled the radio out and touched the transmitter. "Car two proceed to target. We have a non hostile complication; we will proceed as soon as we are done."

Setting the radio back on the base he set both hands back on the steering wheel and waited for the police officer.

The officer stepped up to the side window "Sir can I see your license and vehicle registration," he said as he took in the other men in the vehicle. "I would also ask that you remove the keys from the ignition sir," he said as he looked at the military fatigues and hardened look of the men he had pulled over before he cursed silently to himself. //Damn I hope this doesn't get complicated.//