The True Daughter of Themyscira

Author: Joshua <extraconfused[at]>

Disclaimers : I don't own Buffy and DC. Don't sue me.

A.N. : Spin-off of chico jr's Far Beyond Mortal Men.

Summery : Buffy finds out who her real parents are, and the adventure just starts there.

Shippers : B/X & BM/WW*BW/D

New York City (aka Gotham City)

We see two people, a man and a woman, arguing.

MAN: I can protect us from anything and anyone that gets in our way. There must be another way!

WOMAN: There is nothing we can do, my love. If anyone finds out we have a daughter, we will never see each other again.

MAN: I see. Diana, there must be someother alternative.

DIANA: I wish there was, Bruce, I wish there was. There's this couple I know in Los Angeles. They can take care of our daughter.

BRUCE: Are you sure? Can these people be trusted?

DIANA: Yes. I have known Joyce and Hank Summers for a long time. They can raise our precious Elizabeth into a perfect young woman.

Bruce sighs.

BRUCE: All right. If this is the only way, then so be it. But, I still don't know why you insist on giving her that absurd nickname.

Diana looks indignantly at Bruce.

DIANA: It's not absurd! It's cute! Besides, I think that with a name like 'Buffy', she will make friends real fast.

BRUCE: Very well. But I still don't like the idea.

Diana smiles at her boyfriend and father to their child.

He continues.

BRUCE: At least, let us be a family one last night. Together.

DIANA: We'll take her to the Summers in the morning.

The Summers' residence.

Joyce, Dawn and Buffy are having dinner together.

JOYCE: Buffy, I am very pleased that you were able to make it here tonight.

BUFFY: Thanks, Mom. What with my slaying and Xander saving L.A., it really is hard to sit home with my family.

Joyce grimaced slightly.

Buffy and Dawn noticed immediately.

DAWN: Mom, are you alright?

BUFFY: Mom, the operation was three years ago. There should be no relapses.

JOYCE: Dawn, sweetie? Could you go into the living room for a moment? I'd like to talk to your sister, alone.

Dawn stood up.

DAWN: Sure thing, Mom.

She left the kitchen.

BUFFY: Mom, what is this about? Why did you want to talk to me alone?

JOYCE: What I am about to say is very important. And I didn't want Dawn to know right away.

Joyce sighs.

JOYCE: I don't know how to say this. All I know is that I have to.

BUFFY: Whatever you have to say to me, you can say it.

JOYCE: Buffy, you're adopted.

Buffy felt as if all the air was displaced in her lungs.

BUFFY: I'm adopted? And you just now tell me this? Why now? Why now have you decided to tell me?

JOYCE: I felt the need to tell you ever since I found out that Xander is adopted. I just couldn't live with myself, with the knowledge that I didn't give birth to you.

BUFFY: And my real parents? Did they just not decide to want me? I want to konw what kind of jerks they are.

Joyce looked sternly at Buffy.

JOYCE: Never speak ill of your parents. They gave you up because they love you.

BUFFY: Love me? Love me!? How could you say that!? They abandoned me!

JOYCE: I never got the whole story. But from what I heard, your grandmother would have never approved of their relationship. Niether would their so called friends. If they did, your father would have never seen you and your mother again.

Buffy was taken aback. She looked like she was about to cry.

BUFFY: So, that's why they gave me to you. They weren't allowed to be together?

Joyce nodded.

JOYCE: Yes, Buffy. I knew-know your mother very well. She loved you very much.

BUFFY: Who are my real parents.

JOYCE: Your real mother's name is Diana of Themyscira.

Buffy's face had shock written all over it.

JOYCE: That's right. Your mother is Wonder Woman.

BUFFY: Who, who is my father.

Her voice was completely dry.

JOYCE: Your father one of the most influental men in society. He is also the richest man on the east coast. Your father is Bruce Wayne.

BUFFY: What about my name? I refuse to believe that my real name is 'Buffy'.

JOYCE: Acctually, it is. Buffy is just a nickname that your mother gave you. We just called you that, and it just stuck. Your full name, however, is Elizabeth Anne Wayne.

BUFFY: I have to go. This is just too much for me.

Buffy left the kitchen and headed outside.

DAWN: Mom? Why did Buffy storm out like that?

JOYCE: Come along, pumpkin. I have something that you have to know.

Buffy was running to the one man who could understand what she's going through. She was running to her Xander.

Buffy is running as fast as she can. After findng out that she is adopted. That her mother is Wonder Woman. That her father is Bruce Wayne. She needs help in sorting these revelations out. That is why she is running to her and Xander's apartment.

BUFFY: ˜I can't believe this. My whole life has been lie.˜

She finally reaches her destination.


Suddenly a whirlwind of blue and red shows up.

XANDER: Buffy, what is it? What's wrong? Your heart's pounding like a jackhammer. Please let me know, so that I can make it better.

BUFFY: I can let you know what's turned my life upside-down. But you can't make it better.

XANDER: Then what is it?

BUFFY: Xander, how did you feel when you found out you were adopted?

Xander looked at her confused.

XANDER: I felt relieved. That the Harrises were not my real parents. As you know, my 'father' beat me. My 'mother' ignored me. It was a relief to know that those people were not the ones that brought me into this world.

Xander took a deep breath.

XANDER: Why did you want to know.

Buffy was crying.

BUFFY: Because I'm adopted, too. My real parents gave me up, just to save my life.

She then went on about telling Xander about what Joyce had tole her. Buffy left out who her parents are.

XANDER: Buffy, do you know who your real parents are?

Buffy nodded.

XANDER: Who are they?

BUFFY: Diana of Themyscira is my mother. And Bruce Wayne is my father.

Xander took a sharp inhale of breath.

XANDER: Wonder Woman is your mother and your father is the richest man on the planet.

Buffy was sobbing.


XANDER: Come here, baby.

Xander took Buffy in his arms. He started to rock her.

XANDER: It'll be alright. Everything will turn out just fine.

He silently prayed that his words will be true.

Back as the Summers' residence.

DAWN: So that's why Buffy ran out?

JOYCE: That's right, Dawn. Now if you'll excuse me?

DAWN: Mom? What are you going to do?

JOYCE: I have a phone call to make.

Wayne Manor

The phone rings. An elderly englishman picks it up.

ALFRED: Wayne Manor. Might I ask who is calling?

JOYCE: This is Joyce Summers. Is Bruce Wayne availiagle at the moment?

ALFRED: Yes, he is. May I inquire what buisness you have with him?

JOYCE: Yes, you may. Tell him it involves his daughter, Buffy.

This had shocked Alfred. He had not seen young Elizabeth since she was three months old.

ALFRED: Please hold madam. I will contact Mr. Wayne immediately.

He headed off to the one place that Bruce Wayne would be. The BatCave.

BATMAN: Alfred. What is it?

ALFRED: Sir, Joyce Summers is on the phone. She wishes to speak to you.

Batman nodded.

BATMAN: I will speak with her down here.

He slips into his 'Bruce Wayne' persona.

BRUCE: Joyce, it has been over two decades. Why are you calling now?

JOYCE: I told Buffy the truth. I couldn't live with the guilt. I told her everything.

BRUCE: And now she need's her parents. Can she make it here, to the manor?

JOYCE: That wouldn't be a good idea, Bruce. Buffy is very busy with, job. I takes up a lot of her time.

BRUCE: I see. So, Diana and I will take the first flight and leave for Sunnydale.

JOYCE: How did you know that we live in Sunnydale?

Bruce was annoyed. He is the greatest detective on the face of the planet. Of course, he couldn't tell Joyce that.

BRUCE: I own the largest manufacturing chain on the east coast. I also have unlimited contacts. Through those contacts, I was able to keep tabs on my only daughter.

He took a breath.

BRUCE: Is Elizabeth there, now?

JOYCE: No. She ran off.

Bruce felt his stomach clench.

BRUCE: Any idea where?

JOYCE: More than likely her and her boyfriend's apartment.

BRUCE:˜Boyfriend?! She's not old enough for ther kind of committment!˜

He calms down. And let's logic and reasoning take over.

BRUCE: This boyfriend? He is good for her?

JOYCE: Xander is the best thing that happened to Buffy.

BRUCE: Xander? What kind of a name is that?

JOYCE: Xander is just his nick-name. His real name, um...Alexander. ˜Great, Joyce. Good job. You almost told Wayne that Xander is Superman.˜ Xander would die for Buffy. He has proved himself worthy for her so many times, I have lost count.

BRUCE: My apoligies, Joyce. The overportective father bit just seeped through.

JOYCE: Your apologies are accepted.

BRUCE: Well, I will contact Diana and we will be on our way.

JOYCE: Okay. It was nice talking to you Bruce. I'll see you both when you get here.

BRUCE: Same here, Joyce.

Joyce then hung up.

BATMAN: Alfred, contack Dick. Tell him that I want him to come back and protect New York City. Tell him it involves his 'sister'.

ALFRED: Very well, sir.

Alfred left Batman to contact Diana. He turned around for a moment.

ALFRED: And, sir. Might I make one humble request?

BATMAN: What is it, Alfred?

ALFRED: Tell young Elizabeth about her 'Grandfather Alfred'.

BATMAN: I will tell her everything. There will not be any secrets in our family.

Alfred nodded and left.

BATMAN: Diana? It's me. It's time.

DIANA: I understand. Oh, and Bruce?


DIANA: I never stopped loving you.

BATMAN: I know. And I you, my love, and I you.

DIANA: We can be a family again. Give me a few moments to pack. I will see you shortly. I love you.

BATMAN: I love you, too.

Sunnydale, CA.

ETHAN RANE: Our time is almost at hand.

CIRCE: Indeed it is, Rayne, indeed it is.

Wayne Manor

NIGHTWING: And just how long will you be gone?

BRUCE: I don't know, Dick. I just don't know. This is my daughter, your sister, we're talking about.

NIGHTWING: Don't start with that hollier than thou attitude, with me Bruce. I never asked to come back to the manor. Or New York. I was very happy living in Bloodhaven. And come to think of it, I never asked for a sister either.

Bruce gave his son a death-glare.

BRUCE: Why can't you give me some credit. You never even allowed any kind of emotion into your heart, when it came to Elizabeth. Why are yo so jealous of her? Is it because she is the sole heir to WayneCorp? That shouldn't bother you. Dick, you never wanted that position to begin with.

Bruce sighs.

BRUCE: Look. I'm sorry that I took you out of your city. But I needed to count on you. To look after New York. After Tim. After Alfred. After the manor. I need to know that I can count on you.

He puts his hand on his son's shoulder.

NIGHTWING: I'm not jealous of Elizabeth. It's just that you are dropping everything to go across four time zones, to comfort her. And you would never do that for me.

Nightwing drops his head.

BRUCE: Son, listen to me. If you ever need any help, at all, just call me. And I will be there. All right?

Nightwing brings his head up.



NIGHTWING: Thanks, Bruce. I will take care of everything. Go look after my 'baby' sister.

BRUCE: All right. I have to go now. Diana is waiting for me at my private air strip. I'll give you a call once we reach Sunnydale.

He grabs his bags and heads for the taxi-cab that is awaiting him, outside.

CABBIE: Where to?

BRUCE: Wayne Airfield. Do you know the way?

CABBIE: Sure thing.

And for the first in over twenty years, Bruce Wayne-the Batman-feels a contentment he has not felt since the birth of his daughter.

And finally, they have reached their destination. The cabbie notices there are no aircraft in sight.

CABBIE: Are you sure that your flight is here?

Bruce sees Diana waving to him. He allows himself to smile.

BRUCE: Yes, I'm sure.

CABBIE: Okay, Well, that'll be fourty-two fifty.

Bruce hands him a fifty dollar bill.

BRUCE: Keep the change.

The cabbie nods as Bruce exits with his luggage. With that done, the taxi-cab drives off.

DIANA: I trust you brought your 'change of clothes'?

BRUCE: In here.

He holds up a duffel bag. He puts it on the ground. And brings out his Batman outfit. He then proceeds to dress himself.

BATMAN: I'm ready. By the way, I think we should tell our daughter everything.

DIANA: I am in total agreement. Hold on tight.

Batman wraps his arms around Diana's waist. And the two started on their way to Sunnydale, CA. To their daughter Elizabeth Anne Wayne.

Sunydale, CA.

Buffy and Xander's apartment.

Although Buffy had stopped crying, that did nothing to change her mood.

XANDER: ˜There must be something I can do to cheer her up.˜

The young Kryptonian thought for a few moments. Then something came to him.

XANDER: ˜That's it!˜ Buffy, I know what will cheer you up. Let's go play cat-and-mouse with Spike.

Buffy felt a smile spread her face.

BUFFY: Maybe we can even get in a few vamps while we're at it.

XANDER: That's the spirit, Buff. So let's go.

The two left to go annoy Spike.

Meanwhile, two figures had dropped from the night sky.

BATMAN: I had always felt that Sunnydlae is a dangerous place.

DIANA: I agree, Batman. I feel an evil presence, here.

BATMAN: Agreed. But that was not what I was referring to. Sunnydale has the hightset mortality and missing persons rate in the entire United States.

DIANA: Perhaps the two are related?

Batman was about to respond when an english accent filled the air.

ENGLISHMAN: Well, well. What do we have here? Don't you two know that Halloween is overwith?

Batman and Diana noticed they were both still in their respective superhero get-ups.

BATMAN: Who ever you are, I suggest you leave. Now. You will only get one chance to walk away.

ENGLISHMAN: The name's Spike. Formally, William the Bloody. The all around Big Bad Vampire of Sunnyhell. You know something? I've never attacked superheroes before. Wonder if it'll be any different?

Spike morphs into his vampire vissage.

Just then a blonde headed, young woman tackles Spike to the ground. Followed by a blur of red and blue.

YOUNG WOMAN: Spike, you should know better than that.

SUPERMAN: Yes With that chip in your head, you're harmless to normal humans. And an even greater target from superheroes. Especially the ones who know what goes bump in the night.

YOUNG WOMAN: Try that again, Spike, and there won't be enough of you left to fill an ashtray. Now, MOVE IT!!!!!!!

The neutered vampire gets up and runs away.

DIANA: Well, it's not everyday when a superhero is rescued. Thank you. What is your name, young lady?


Diana and Batman exchange glances.

By now Xander gets a look at the two in front of him. He recognizes them instantly.

SUPERMAN: Batman. Wonder Woman. What are you doing here in Sunnydale?

Batman spoke up.

BATMAN: The JLA sent us here to investigate the high mortality and missing persons rate.

SUPERMAN: Nice line, Batman. Why don't you try the truth this time?

DIANA: We were searching for our daughter. You, Buffy. But I figured you would know that.

BATMAN: One question. Why were you not suprised by that vampire?

BUFFY: I'm the slayer. Wonder Woman, you said 'our daughter'. You're Diana of Themyscira. So that would make you, Batman, Bruce Wayne.

Batman was impressed by his daughter's deductive reasoning.

BATMAN: Indeed, you are correct. But we are not the only ones with a secret,

He turns his attention to Superman.

BATMAN: Alexander Lavelle Harris.

Both Xander and Buffy were caught off guard by this.

XANDER: Why don't we go to our apartment and talk this over.

He got a unaminous 'yes' from the Wayne family. The four went off to tell their individual stories.

Buffy and Xander's apartment.

A great many things had to be explained. Including why Buffy's parents are superheroes. How her father knew that Xander is Superman. And what is the story surrounding her birth. She decided to go with her second question.

BUFFY: How? How did you know that Xander is Superman?

Batman looked at his daughter with impressive know-how.

BATMAN: I have kept discreet survalence on you. I know everything.

Buffy went white.

BUFFY: Everything?

The Dark Knight nodded.

BATMAN: Your mother kept me in check with all things that led to the supernatural.

DIANA: Including the Prophecy of Ka. And the Scrolls of Abergian.

XANDER: We know about the first. But what about the Scrolls of Abeargan.

DIANA: Abergian. It holds the key to giving the vampire with a soul his redemption.

BUFFY: Angel. What's his redemption.

DIANA: To become human.

Xander and Buffy's jaws dropped to the floor.

BUFFY: Woah.

XANDER: I'll see that 'woah', and raise you a 'wow'.

Batman was getting irritated.

BATMAN: I believe there was a question you asked. Concerning your boyfriend?

BUFFY: What? Oh, yeah. So, how did you know?

BATMAN: I've always had my suspicions. But, only recently were they confirmed.

He continued.

BATMAN: Ever since you were given to the Summers' I have had contacts watching you. One you already know. Whistler. There have been others. Jason Blood. Dr. Fate. Even that no account Willy the Snitch.

XANDER: You know Willy the Snitch?

BATMAN: I see that you have heard of him. I captured him ten years ago. He was smuggling rare Wiccan items in New York City. Well, anyway, it was through Whitstler that he confirmed what I knew.

Xander looked dissapointed.

XANDER: ˜I thought I did a good job of keeping my identity a secret. Some secret.˜

Buffy sensed something wrong with Xander.

BUFFY: Xander, honey? What's wrong? Is it because my parents know?

Xander nodded.

DIANA: Actually, you did a great job of keeping it secret. Only myself, Batman and Whistler know. Outside of those you told.

The young Kryptoinian smiled.

BUFFY: And the other questions?

DIANA: The other question. I'll take care of them, Batman.

BATMAN: Of course, Diana.

She began.

DIANA: Your grandmother, my mother, did approve of our relationship.

BUFFY: She did? Then why did you end up giving me to another family?

DIANA: It took a lot of convincing on our part to make our friends see our love for each other. Except one person. Arther Curry. Aquaman.

Buffy had a perplexed look on her face.

Wonder Woman saw this.

DIANA: You see, Curry was always selfish. He thought a princess would choose a king over a knight. But as you can see, I chose the knight.

Her daughter smiled for the first time since they arrived.

DIANA: But if everyone found out we were having a baby, there would be total chaos. Plus, the chance that someone would find out that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

BUFFY: So that explains why you had to give me up. But why do you go out and save the world? Me? I'm the Slayer. It's my destiny. But what about you two?

Batman started first.

BATMAN: I will answer this question.

Diana nodded.

BATMAN: Your mother came to man's world in the hope that we could learn peace. She took on the name 'Wonder Woman'. That was also the name your grandmother used during World War II.

Buffy's eye widened at that statement.

Batman allowed a split second smile.

BATMAN: I first became Batman when your grandparents, my parents, were gunned down when I was nine. I wanted to make sure that what happened to me, would end up being only a memory to others.

Buffy would have cried, if not for the fact that she is too tired to do so.

DIANA: Now, sweetie. When were you first called?

Buffy thought for a moment.

BUFFY: My Freshman year in High School. When I was in Hemery High. As you probably know, I was expelled. For burning the gym down. But it did have vampires in it, though.

She was smiling at her last statement.

XANDER: Well, I think that takes care of everything.

Just then, Giles came barging in. he had a very scared look on his face.

GILES: Buffy, Xander. Thank God, I found you two. There is an emergency meeting at my house.

Both Buffy and Xander were alarmed by the look of fear that Giles had on him.

BUFFY: Giles. What's wrong? Why are you so scared? You're never scared.

XANDER: Yeah, G-Man. What's up?

GILES: Ethan Rayne has escaped and is loose in Sunnydale.

Buffy and Xander are both relieved.

XANDER: Oh, is that all?

BUFFY: Yeah, Giles. What's the big deal? We kicked his butt before, and we can do it again.

The former Watcher looked sternly at the young couple.

GILES: Normally, that would be the case. But, it is not.

This alrmed them greatly.

BUFFY: Giles, what is wrong? Tell us.

GILES: Rayne has joined forces with an aged sorceress named, Circe. She has been known to cause great wars between men and women. And we need help. Serious help.

A voice spoke behind him.

VOICE: Then you have it.

Giles turned around to see himself standing face-to-face with the Batman.

BATMAN: Wonder Woman and I offer any assistance that you require.

The aged Watcher did something he had never done before.

He fainted.

Buffy and Xander's apartment.

Giles was just now regaining consiousness. He opened to find his eyes set on a very worried Buffy and Xander.

GILES: Ohhh. What happened? I remember coming inside to warn you about Rayne and Circe.

BUFFY: You fainted.

Giles was shocked.

GILES: What? How?

XANDER: You met Buffy's dad.

GILES: Oh dear god. That wasn't a dream.

Wonder Woman and Batman entered the room.

BATMAN: Indeed it wasn't.

DIANA: I must apologize for Batman's actions. He is so used to instilling fear in crinimals, he forgets how it affects the rest of society.

Buffy and Xander were giggling at Giles' exspence.

Giles gave the young couple a glare.

They stopped.

BATMAN: Both Wonder Woman and I know of Circe. Perhaps, Mr. Giles, you could shed some light on this Rayne character?

GILES: Anything involving Ethan Rayne always leads towards chaos. From the Halloween incident to that damned cursed candy. I thought that I had seen the last of him when he turned me into Fioral demon.

Buffy audibly moaned at the mention of the cursed candy.

Batman looked at his daughter.

BUFFY: I'll explain it later.

Batman nodded.

Through all of this Xander had enough time to change back into his costume.

SUPERMAN: Do you have any ideas on where Rayne and Circe are?

GILES: A few. But nothing concrete.

Superman pondered this.

SUPERMAN: Then I suggest that we search in two's. Batman. You and Wonder Woman search the back alleyways. Interregate any low-life you see fit. Buffy and I will check the local crypts. Giles. Take Spike and check all the old haunts. Especially the costume shop.

GILES: If he gives me any lip, I'll just make something up. If that doesn't work. I'll let 'Ripper' out.

Batman noticed a shiver in Superman.

BATMAN: ˜Whatever that 'Ripper' comment was about, it must be terrifying.˜

SUPERMAN: So let's get started.

He turns to Buffy.

SUPERMAN: Ready to go Buffy?

BUFFY: Yeah. But this time, try not to go so fast.

The two were out of there in a split second.

Batman smiled at his soulmate.

BATMAN: Should we be off and scare the information out of known crinimals?

DIANA: We shall.

The the superhero couple made their exit as well.

Giles shook his head.

GILES: ˜I am surrounded by superheroes. Dear God. Have I fallen inside a comic book?˜

Outside Willy's Alibi.

Batman looked up at the bar sign. He shook his head.

BATMAN: The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Diana looked quizically at her love.

DIANA: What?

The dark knight looked over to the princess of Themyscira.

BATMAN: Just thinking that Willy the Snitch has not changed at all.

DIANA: You look as if you are dissapointed.

BATMAN: I gave him a chance to turn around and he squandered it.

DIANA: Let it go.

She smiled.

DIANA: How should we do it? Me go through the front door, while you slink through the shadows?

BATMAN: That plan does have merrit.

Wonder Woman walks through the front door. Everyone stops what they're doing and takes notice. She walks over to Willy.

WONDER WOMAN: I want information and you have it. So give it to me now. Or else.

DRUNK THUG: Who do you think you be? Huh, Super-*itch.

WONDER WOMAN: You better apologize to me. Because if you don't, my boyfriend will have words with you.

DRUNK THUG: And who would be that, Super-..ack!

A dark figure had grabbed his neck. This dark figure turns out is The Batman.

BATMAN: I am her boyfriend. Now apologize to my girlfriend.


Batman then threw this trash of society into a wall.

WILLY: B.bbbbb...Batman. L..long time no see.

BATMAN: Willy. I want to know where Rayne and Circe are. And you will tell me.

WILLY: I don't know! Honest! If I knew don't you think that I would tell you!? For the love of God! I don't know where they are!

Batman was impressed with himself. He still has what it takes to instill fear in the hearts of crinimals.

BATMAN: Let's go Wonder Woman. He doesn't know anything.

The superhero couple left the establishment.

DIANA: We are losing time.

BATMAN: I know.

Just then, Superman and Buffy dropped out of the sky.

SUPERMAN: We have good news and bad news.

BUFFY: Good news is we found where Rayne and Circe are.

SUPERMAN: Bad news is they're trying to open Acathla.

For the fist time since becoming Batman, the dark knight went pale.

The Crawford Street Mansion {aka Angel's old mansion}

The four heroes were outside the mansion. Waiting for the right time.

SUPERMAN: So, how should we do this? Go barging in from four different directions?

BATMAN: That plan is foolish, unheardof, dangerous and unwise.

SUPERMAN: Thought you would agree to it.

BATMAN: Let's go.

Buffy looks at Diana.

BUFFY: Mom? Is Dad always like that?

DIANA: He grows on you. Almost like a Chia-pet.

The two giggle at the insult.

DIANA: You go in the east side, and I'll take the west.

BUFFY: Sounds like a plan.


Before Rayne and Circe could start the chant to open Acathla. Batman dropped in from the skylight.

BATMAN: I've come to stop you.

CIRCE: Just you, dark knight? I thought you were wiser than that.

Then something broke through the wall.

SUPERMAN: He's not alone.

CIRCE: The two of you, alone, are no threat.

WONDER WOMAN: But what about us?

BUFFY: Get ready to have your butt handed to you, you socereress witch.

Circe shot blasts off at the mother/daughter team.

While Rayne tried to get away from the last son of Krypton and dark knight. He failed miserably.

In fact, the dumbfound warlock ran straight into Superman. He knocked himself unconsious.

Batman and Superman smiled at their combined effort.

When the two appointed "knights" saw an energy blast knock Diana off her feet.

They ran to assist.

BATMAN: Diana! Are you all right? Say something!

She opened her eyes. She smiled.

DIANA: Hold me.

She then turned to Superman.

DIANA: Go save our little girl.

SUPERMAN: Batman, stay here with Wonder Woman. I have some business to attend to.

He sped off to save his soulmate.

He found Buffy lying on the floor.

BUFFY: She opened Acathla. The only way for it to close, is there to be a scarifice.

SUPERMAN: Stay here.

He sped off to where the statue is.

CIRCE: Ah, Superman. It is now between you and myself.

SUPERMAN: Bring it on, Sorceress.

Circe shot several bolts at Superman. But to no avail, she missed.

Superman was moving so fast, she couldn't see him at all.

The next thing she kenw, she was pressed up against the statue.

SUPERMAN: When you get to hell, say hello to Lucifer for me.

In a split second, Circe was sent into the vortex that led to Hell.

And then it closed.


And he was gone.

He found his girlfriend with her parents.

BUFFY: Xander! I was so worried.

He pulled his mask down.

XANDER: You needn't worry, my love.

Then Buffy and Xander kissed.

Diana smiled while Batman looked on with uncertianty.

DIANA: Let's go home.

BATMAN: Indeed.

3 days later.

The entire Scooby Gang was present to meet Buffy's real parents.


TARA: Amazing.

AMY: Cool.


DAWN: You're rich!

Bruce and Diana laughed a Dawn's responce.

BUFFY: I'm not rich, dweeb. My dad is.

The others laughed at Dawn's expence.

BRUCE: You and Xander are more than welcome at the manor anytime you want.

BUFFY: Thank you, Dad. And you and Mom are coming to the wedding?

DIANA: Of course, sweetie. Your father will be there to walk you down the aisle. But, unfortunatly, we must leave. New York awaits us.

Bruce and Diana gave Buffy a hug.

And they left their only daughter to live her life.

The True Daughter of Themyscira.