The Truth

Author: Jujumaster <ironskul[at]>

Summary: A new Watcher is trained

Spoilers: none

Rating: G

Pairing: none to speak of but B/S mentioned

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is owned by Joss, M.E, The WB, Fox and the other authors are owned by themselves.

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Buffy stabbed the vampire with the stake. Turning around she saw two other vampires, giving chase. Catching up to the vampires she slayed them. She did what she was supposed to do. The end.

In an underground bunker in an unknown location a young man completes his first report. He had only been working for the Watchers council for a few weeks. It was all amazing to the man who had been pulled off the street and instructed that his destiny was to tell an amazing tale that most people considered to be fantasy, but unfortunately was quite real. Typing in the last punctuation marks, he turned to the older occupant of the room and spoke to him.

"Sir I've completed my story," the young man at the computer terminal told his instructor. "Shall I forward it to the Fanfic group now?"

The Watcher turned to look at his young charge and slowly made his way over to the computer terminal. Peering over the young man's shoulder he read the short "story" that the young man had wrote. A look of displeasure crossed his face as he read the brief non-descriptive paragraph on the screen.

"No, no, no, this just won't do," the older of the two said in a gravelly voice. "Marcus, the reason that we use the Internet is because it's fast and allows us to reach agents in remote locations that don't have a reliable mail service. But by sending out messages the way we do we have to disguise them. Otherwise the secret government organizations or the regular hackers would become suspicious and try to track us down. Therefore when we post the reports of our Slayer activity, we must concoct elaborate stories to go with them."

"But why must we call all slayers Buffy? Why can't we just use the name of the Slayer we're assigned to?" The young man peered at his instructor with a pensive look.

Knowing that the young man was deep in thought, trying to figure out why things were done the way they were done, the Watcher decided to speed up some of the history lessons for their organization. Placing his hands behind his back and clasping them together, he started pacing around the small concrete room in a random order as he let his mind wander back a couple of decades ago. "As you know there's a program on TV called "Buffy the Vampire Slayer " . We use the name Buffy to protect the identities of the Slayers. The show itself is a semi truthful recollection of one of the most tragic time in the history of the Slayers. The real Buffy is the only Slayer born in the last 100 years that didn't live to retire at the age of 25, her inability to see evil as evil, cost her life. She was 16 in 1966 living in Southern California when she was called. It was a time of civil unrest and dissatisfaction of the youth with the American people's government over the war in Southeast Asia. The peace movement was starting to gain momentum. Flower Power, Smiley faces, peace love and joy to your fellow man. Now this is all fine and dandy when you're trying to get all of mankind to be kinder to one another and to love one another but you can't include vampires."

The older man took a deep breath as he tried to remember how the story went before he continued, "Buffy was one of the Flower Children; she had only been slaying vampires for two years when she met Spike, one of the most notorious vampires from the early 1800s. Spike didn't have the physical strength that most vampires have, what he did have was cunning, and that made him more dangerous than any vampire such as Luke or Migkie. When he met Buffy and saw that she was predisposed to peace, he formed a plan. By pretending to be a changed "man", he got close to the Slayer and her friends.

"Willow Rosenberg, whose hippie name was Little Tree."

"Daniel "Wolfman" Osborne, one extremely hairy man; and Alexander Harris who everyone called Xander. For the first year Spike went about doing good deeds waiting for the right moment. It took him almost two years but that moment finally came. At the height of the peace movement the group dropped their guard and let Spike in. He was invited into houses, cars and lives that he should have never been invited into. Less than two weeks after having been accepted as a changed being, he had turned Buffy and Willow and stabbed Oz. The newly risen Willow attacked Xander and almost tore his throat out before he managed to stake her and get to the hospital. After he recovered it took him another year to track down the vampire Buffy and her lover Spike. He finally found them in New York at Woodstock. Her hippie roots had drawn them to the festival. While both she and her lover were locked together in a stoned out sexual embrace Xander put an end to the duo. Then Xander disappeared."

Things were starting to make sense to Marcus but not everything. "But Sir this television program has gone on for seven years and it has other demons and creatures that Buffy never fought."

"Well, a great deal of it is artistic license. Buffy may have fought these creatures in the nine years that she would have been a Slayer had she not been so trusting, as it was she only fought 15 or 20 vampires."

"By putting the show on TV Sir, aren't you afraid that the general population will become aware of what goes on around them?"

"Like the show says people only see what they want to see." The Watcher smiled down at his young charge. "Plus we needed a way to help fund our organization, especially in this bad economy."

"So Joss is a Watcher?"

"Yes. And as long as he doesn't actually put too much truth into the show we'll be fine. That won't be a problem as long as his "writers" keep having the Slayers kill people and sleep with the undead, as well as portraying us as power hunger bastards that don't care for our charges."

"Who came up with the idea to use fanfic to communicate progress reports on the net?"

"That was me. In the infancy of the Internet I saw that a great deal of people would write stories about their favorite shows and share them. This eliminated the months needed to receive a report from remote areas around the globe. The Watcher's journals are still transported by courier but the day-to-day reports of battle conditions are sent over the Internet."

"How many people on the group are actual Watchers."

"There are only 200 slayers to cover the world, and that's still not enough, so there's their Watchers plus another 200 auxiliary. The rest of the people on the group are just normal citizens that think this is all make believe. You'll get a complete list of Watchers' and their Slayers when your training is done. For right now though if you want to check on the progress of the Slayers around the world look for stories by Greywizard, Lori Bush, Shawn, or S. Howe just to name a few. They're wonderful field Watchers and write entertaining reports of the battles their Slayers are engaged in."

"Sir, if I may ask. Whatever became of the young Alexander Harris?"

"Rumor has it that he still fights evil somewhere on the face of the planet. It's rumored that he picked up the nicknamed White Knight." The older man looked at the younger man with steely eyes.

The younger man had a perplexed look on his face as he spoke again. "Sir, did I not hear someone earlier today refer to you as White Knight?"

Running his hand across the scar that he exposed on his neck the older man looked at Marcus and said, "Yes you probably did."

Marcus sat in the chair and watched the older man as he turned and left the room. He moved as an older man who had seen too many deaths and fought too many battles. But he still carried an air of respect and dignity.

Left sitting alone in the small room Marcus thought for a few more minutes before turning back to the monitor were he started typing again.

With a mighty whoosh of air the first of the three vampires disappeared in a billow of dust, noting that the other two vamps were hastily running away. Busting through the bushes Buffy pursued the fleeing vampires. Sweat cascading down her face from the battle with the first vampire that she had fought that night. Her body ached from the punches that she had received but she continued on, pushing the pain aside so she could fulfill her destiny. Catching up with the other two vampires she launched into a flying kick that sent the vampire on the left flying into a tree. The other vampire.


Author's PostScript:

I want to apologize to the authors that I have mentioned in my story if they are upset over me using their name. :-)