The war of the Slayers

Author: Koos van Winden <van_winden_koos[at]>

I don't own anything. It will be a crossover with Lara Croft, Highlander, X-men and in the end the Star Trek universe.

This fanfic will be part of a (hopefully)long series. This story is not the ment as the beginning in the final story itself, but it could be.

It will be the second story for sure and it will be the starting story for something completely different.

Relationships: For now X/F.

Summary A part of the new turned Slayer's couldn't handle the power and turned to the dark side. It is up to the scoobies to do something about it. Xander, Faith and Lara are underway to intercept a part of them. Lara and Faith are immortals. Faith is a student of Lara. Lara is/was a student of Methos. Then something happens...

My English is not very much, so forgive me.

I could use some beta readers. So if you want to help me, just let me know.

Faith, Xander and Lara were riding in their car and it was already dark when Xander, Faith and Lara where almost at the Bus depot of Chigaco.

Faith highed senses felt that something was coming. She looked around and saw a flash coming at them. An instant later she had opened the door from Xander's side.

"Get out, now!" she yelled.

He looked outside. "Uuuh. Not..." he tried to finish but was already pushed outside by Faith.

A moment later Faith had dropped herself out of the car as well. Lara had already left the car at about the same moment Faith saw the first signs of trouble. A rocket hit the car and in a flash of light it exploded.

The moment Faith had hit the ground the projectile had bored itself in the car.

Faith and Lara were unharmed, but Xander was lying on the side of the road, unconsious.

Before they could get to Xander for help they were surrounded by 20 girls.

Gwyndel and Alexa, their leaders stood in front of the group, with both a big smile on their faces. Alexa who had fired the missile had dropped the rocketlauncher.

"So, we finally meet the legendary Dark Slayer," Gwyndel said.

Faith just shrugged. "and the famous Lara Croft." she continued.

"What an honour ...

Lara bowed her head a little and then interrupted "and who are you? Or should I say: who are you all?"

"I am Gwyndel" the red headed girl said. "Gwyndel, the Slayer ... and this is Alexa, the Slayer and these are our companion Slayers..." she said when her hand wove at the others girls.

"... it is a shame that we have to kill you both." she finished

"Ho, ho. We don't need to do this." Faith tried to stop them.

"I know what it is to feel the dark side. To feel the freedom of your power ... your Slayer power."

"Oh, and why don't you join us then?" Not waiting for the retorical question she continued.

"Don't bother the effort Faith. You are good now. You fight this silly fight. With that blond arrogant bitch. We don't. We go for world domination."

Faith frowned at that.

"Oh yes, we do. You see. You are all the good guy's and we are the bad. You will only stand in our way to rule the world." Alexa said. "To rule the world?" Faith asked. "To be pissed up I can understand. The freedom of your power I can understand that too. But world domination? Why?"

"Because WE are Gods... and Gods rule... and that axe you have there will be of great help." she said while moving forward. "And I will be their leader ... the leader of Gods." Alexa explained. "You are only in our way."

The girls immediately went on to the offense with a gesture of her hand. Four Slayer's surrounded Lara.

Despite all her experience as an immortal, her gifted talents and the inexperience of her opponents, she was no match against four Slayer's. But Faith stood at her back and together they could hold for a while.

Lara had managed to draw her sword at the beginning of the fight, but Faith was forced to fight a hand to hand combat. They fought for a while against an overwhelming opponent. Lara didn't hold it long and looked she had lost.

Only now, when the tides where turning against them, Faith managed to draw the Scythe.

The Slayer minions who attacked them drew back in fear.

By the power of the Scythe she was able to command the Slayers with the exception of Alexa.

She stepped forward and attacked Faith with a highkick against her head. Faith just dodge it on time.

She didn't want to kill Alexa, but it seemed she had no choice.

"Step back." Faith ordered to her, while she let the power of the Scythe out completely. Like Willow teached her, she tried to control the other dark Slayer. It didn't help. "Oh, you try to use your little mojo thing on me. Don't bother the effort. It won't work with me."

The two fought for a while, but Alexa was trained by her Watcher from her earliest age.

Faith was no match against her. Even with the Scythe.

Alexa just played with her and at a weak moment in Faith's defenses, Alexa stepped quickly forward and kicked the axe out of the Faith hands and catched it.

Then she kicked Faith to the ground.

She hold the Scythe tied.

"Your feeble tricks might not work on me, but it sure does on you." She grinned at Faith.

She mumbled something in Latin and a light appeared. Not from the Scythe, but from Faith. The light was white and bright.

It surrounded Faith and the flew from Faith to herself. She screamed as the light hit her and dropped to the ground.

Faith stood up immediately and kicked her as hard as she could in the stomach.

She screamed loud. Some bones in her feet where broken by the hit. It was like hitting steel.

The other Slayers have watched the happening and turned now towards Lara, who had followed it as well with increasing fear.

She found herself fighting against four Slayers again and was kicked to the ground very fast.

In the meantime Alexa was ready to give Faith the finishing blow. It was hopeless...

Then Alexa saw a light in the corner of her eye accompanied with some noice. She looked up at it and was suddenly lift up into the air as she was draw back several meter into the group of Slayers who hsd surrounded Lara.

Lara saw her coming in and rolled away quickly, while her opponents where distracted.

With high acrobacy Alexa landed on her feet in the middle of the other Slayer who quickly jumped away.

Alexa had realized during her flight wat had happened. She jumped away too.

But it was already too late and a huge blast launched her into the air about 20 feet.

Faith run into the direction from where the missile had come.

It was Xander who had picked up the rocket launcher during the battle. The shot from the launcher had pushed him back several meters as well. He had dropped the rocket launcher to the ground.

It still contained two more missiles. Lara picked it up and directed it at the group of Slayers who had nearly killed her.

"If you don't want your Slayers to be killed, "I advise you to let us go." She said.

Alexa thought for a while. Then grinned. "O.k. I already have what I need. You can go. You can tell Buffy that the war is just beginning." "Faith gave Xander a hand and pulled him to his feet. He grimaced in pain. The three of them ran to the van which belong to the Slayers. Xander got into the van and sighed. He rubbed the back of his head absently. Yep, gonna be a big bruise.

At the Slayer residence in Cleveland.

"This ... this is .." Giles stumbled.

"Yes, we know Giles. It is horrifying." Buffy tried to calm her Watcher.

"She stole your Slayer Powers, Faith?" Buffy asked with confusion and fear in her eyes.

"Yes, with the help of the Scythe." Faith answered again a bit annoyed now.

"Which she has now too..." Giles repeated for the third time.