The Webb of Xander

Author: John "hatten" Carlsson <hatten_jc[at]>

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1 Xander wresled Angelus and both fell in to Atacla gate to hell. AFter being killed and as a soul tourmented fore ??? time Angels raided hell and freed his soul and he was reborn as the child of Peter parker and Mary Jane Watson parker.

After regaining his memory as Xander harris he chose to return to sunnydale and help his frind agienst the forces of hell.

And the story begines....

Chapter 1

It was a erly morning two week after Xander return and two days after Angel return.

"Xander, XANDER.. Alexander" Jocye jelled from the kitchen. "Huu.. Whats up" Xander said rushing inside. "Im sorry Jocye but the last 17 year i was called Alex or X."

Jocye nodded "i understand.. Thinking of home agien." Xander nodded "Yes and no Jocye. Sunnydale IS my home but the Parkers was also my home and i still miss it."

Jocye grinned "Well you got a home with us. Have you taught about School latly"

Xander nodded "Yes the ID as Alexander Parker is done and i will start next week. The Vampires will give me mony untill i manage to sell a patent or somthing. and I can find a good hotel"

Jocye frowned a bit "You will stay with us. But What about that that Vampire"

Xander "Angel. The PTB said he was once agien incontrol The demon is caged and they need him to keep the vampires away."

Buffy frowned that hade been listning walked in she hade a reed eyepatch shaped like a heart instead of her normal pink eyepatch one but its valanine "But Xander your powers is stronger than a slayer or a vampair why do they need Angel anyway."

Her opinion on Angel and Angelus hade become less then great after that night when he hade riped out her eye and both Angelus and Xander hade been send to hell.

Xander nodded "Yes. But Buffy GOD send me to be reborn in THAT world to give me the strenght to fight whats comming. I think somthing worst then a vampire or a demon is coming our way I can feel it my danger sense is tingling."

Buffy swallowed "Oo crapp." Jocye "Spider sense Are you sure your not hungry"

Xander nodded "Well im hungry but im sure somthing bad is coming our way and my strenght will be needed."

Buffy nodded "Well i go and get Faith or we be late fore school." She rushed up to wake her sister slayer somthing that was harder to do then you could imagen.

Moment later..

"Nooo not morning why why are you tortering me i was sleeping" Faith voice was heard complaining from her room.

Xander turned to Jocye "She realy dont like walking up erly in the morning"

Jocye "no hate would be more like what she feels its like."

Mutch later.

Walking in to Sunnydale hig school was diffrent for him now. As Alex Parker he was almost a genius and a child of a genius his dad the former Spider-man hade given him a change to learn from the best in the field of science and in the art of fighting.

He hade body of a gymnast with strong looking arms. But the one thing that made others stair at him was 'the scaar' right under and over his right eye.

It started above his lips and it cotiniud under the hair and to the topp of his skull.

A result after Lady Magneto hade tried slashing his head in half.

Some how the scaar was a blessing no body messed with him even if he hanged out with 'geeks and nerds'

"Scaar Face ooo man you doo look ugly" one of the Jock said as he walked by them.

Xander blinked oviuse the Idiots in Sunnydale where biger then the idiots in the other world. He ignored them.

The jocke sneared "Well well. I seen that freek hang out with Buffy no suprise. A one eyed freek going out with a scaar faced one"

Xander frowned shrugging it of. His spider powers strenght to life almost 12 tons would make it a bit unfair fight.

The Jock laught "Yea chicken.. Like i said just a another ugly pussy. man we are going to have fun with that one later"

Xander grinned well if they started to fight he would have no problem finish it. And right now he realy would like that.

But now time to see the principle and get regietred.

From the deep of space just outside Pluto somthing was entering normal space.

Somthing not frindly.

Chapter 2

"Hi guys" Xander said as he walked in the library and stoped as willow suddenly was hugging him.

"Hi" she said before walking over to her boyfrind Oz.

Giles grinned "Well So how did the meating with the principle go" he asked as he smiled frindly to Xander.

Xander dead hade almost destroyed both Buffy and Willow and his suddenly resurection and return hade made Willow a bit more hugg frindly latly.

Not only Xander hade been given big Willow huggs but also him and even Faith.

Xander sighted "Well im in class right now and are going to do some aptitude test or i might try to finish of school by testing my self" Giles nodded "That might be good. Are you going to university then"

Xander "I think so. I have some invention that i know about thats decade away from anything in this world. Specliy in genetic and robot programing." he grinned knowing the thing he lerned working with profesor Hank and Logan he would probly be able to revulution the weapon industry but he was not intrested in that Earth hade far to many dangerus weapon allready.

Oz nodded "You sure got a IQ boost" Xander "Jupp..." he said looking over his frinds seing Buffy smiling. "SO Buffy what do you say about Me you and Faith dancing away in the bronce"

Buffy nodded "That sound fun. i haven done that sense" she said putting her hand over the eyepatch.

Faith snored "Damit sister you looks cute, Sexy with a eyepatch."

Xander nodded "jepp. what do you say Willow you and Oz meet us their later while the slayer and me go and hunt vampires."

Giles "Well i think it would be best if Willow and Oz and faith patroll the Last Reast and you Xander and Buffy would patrull the Eternal peace semetary."

Faith nodded "Sounds like a plan." She was glad that she did not have to to the Eternal that was wicked long way from home.

Buffy "Ooo no not eternal its to far away. Can you drive me giles" She said giving him a one eye puppy eye attack with full power equel to a exploding super nova of patetic cuteness.

Giles "i i I'm Sorry but the car is broken.. Maby maby Jocye could drive you" he swallowed nervusly Buffy wounded puppy eye attack was devestating effectiv.

Xander grinned "No worry Giles Buffy and me can Webb swing over. Im sure nobody will notise me if im carfull"

Buffy grinned she hade seen Xander do the webbswinging between the house and it looked SO cool.

Faith growled irritaded "Hey thats unfair.." Xander "I talk you out fore a swing later.."

Faith rushed over and hugged him "Thanks.."

The gang nodded and plans was made.

Space outside of Pluto.

the fleet was big and dangerus.

And it was also lost.

The leaders gather togheter to plan their action.

"We can not sense the overmind." one said. "Then WE are the overmind the Zergs will be victorius" another said.

"We must find a home" another said.

"Our scanners have found a place. Earth" the first one said.

and slowly as one the fleet started to move to earth.

the Zerge was comming.

Alternat reality. The Marvel universe....

"Hi dad mom." May Parker alias Spider-girl said as she walked inside. Peter smiled "Hi honny. How was school"

She snored "the usual. Franklin Rickard asked me out agien" she was silent a short moment. "Dad i miss him."

Peter nodded "I do to hony." Life with out their boy was harder.

As the darkness fell outside only the emty sound of the TV was heard from the parker home.

no body could see the shadow slowly moving away from the home. Silently like a cat.

when suddenly a second shadow jumped infront of it lightning a flashlight.

May parker dressed in her spider-girl uniform held the flashlight infront of the intruder she hade felt outside and blinked in confusing. "Tara what are you doing here"

Tara Felicia dotter of the master thife Felicia Hardy the first Black cat.

Tara frowned "I was trying to find Alex. Where ARE you hiding him."

May sighted. "Its a long story. Lets go and i tell you."

Tara frowned then nodded. "Your Dad refuse to tell me Anything. And my mom."

May nodded they all knew that their was a loot of old biter anger between May dad Peter and Felicia.

They hade been in love but Felicia stealing ways made them break up and then Mary-jane May mother hade come in.

Tara hade been a child between Felicia and a lover May or Tara herself did not know who.

It was a old enemy of Spider-man.

When Alex and Tara started to date eatch other both Peter and Felicia hade tried to stop the two. May knew that Alex hade checked his and Felicias DNA just to be sure that they where not related with eatch others.

The only thing they hade found out was that Tara was a mutant and when she decided to join the X-men under the leader ship of Profesor Jean Grey her mother was not a happy person.


Tara "So what happend. I finly have a day of from school and where is he."

May swallowed and started to tell her story. About Alex going away to another world.

Tara "No. i.. Are you sure." May nodded. "He hade a duty they needed his help or the world would be doomed."

Tara growled "And Of he go. What about US. WE ARE family We need him. Damit WE LOVE HIM"

May nodded. "What can we do." Tara stod up. "Help him. your a genius think girl.."

May frowned thinking hard. What could they do her brother was in a diffrent reality. Only magik or dimmension crossing could take them to him.

"Tara only dimmension crossing could bring us to him" she said grinning.

On the other side Tara started to grinn as the two girls started to talk trying to figer out who they knew that could travle between realty.

Chapter 3

Giles was just about to knock on the door when he saw that it was open.

Seeing that he walked inside. And stoped in suprise.

The last days Xander or Alex hade started to repair and store his equipment in Giles home while sleeping in the Summer home.

What Giles saw in the spear beed room namned the 'Spider cave' by Buffy and Faith suprised him.

Kemical burners boiling somthing distiling it in to small containers. Giles hade NO idea of what that was. But the smell was confusing not baad just strange.

On the wall small a pair of wrist gauntlets where hanging Giles knew that they where called Webb shooters.

In the midle of the room Xander himself stood and apparently was reparing or cleening his suit.

Giles "i Im sorry did i interupt anything. I can go" Xander grinned "Your home just be carfull with the burners. So what can i help you with"

Giles "Well i was just wondering if you could help me program the video. Seeing that you ovius know advanced things like that im sure you could help me"

Xander blushed "Actuly i. I tried yesterday to do that and kind of errased evrything programed inside. But Faith can work the video"

Giles blinked "Well may i ask what is that in your suit." Xander hold up his 'spiderman' uniform. It was dark black with reed spider webb patern. It looked intimitading.

"In the hood i have a small spy glass with zoom up to *15 and night goggles with a inbuild camera and radio.

Me and my sister used that to keep in contact during fights. "He said looking down "I miss May.. Me dad and her helped designe our uniform with some help from old frinds" he said with a sad tone of voice.

Giles sighted "Well you have us. Whatels do you have intheir" He said quicly comforting a crying boy or your man was nothing he was planing on doing.

Perking up Xander started to explain. "The belt i have some Webb-grenades and other tools like keys and break-in equipment." He looked up "Its mutch safer to sneak inside a evil overlords Hq then to fight you way inside"

Giles blinked "Im sure you right" he said in a dry tone of voice. Xander grinned "Well the Webb-shooter over their are caple of fire webb-lines to hang and swing from.

OR sticky webb-Glue to capture sombody inside. They can also shoot stingers small arrows made of hard Webb.

The Stinger is dipped in a neuro toxin that putts to you sleep. Normaly 2-3 hours."

Giles blinked "I never seen you use those before" Xander shrugged "I only use them when outnumered and out of time.

Beside the sleep toxin Can kill a human if you'r unlucky"

Giles "Well what are we going to do about Angel"

Xander "The PtB have ordered him to move to LA. Im going to help him over move. Drive during the day."

Giles nodded in relife he realy did not like to have the vampire nearby even if it was innocent of the crime Angelus did. Angel was still only a vampire. "i have to go now. Must find Faith and get her to reprogram the video"

In the beed room or spider-cave Xander looked at the boiling water above the burners. He hade used holly water instead of normal water in the webb fluide.

Soon he would have a change to test it on a vampire.


Outside he could hear Faith yell "IM a Vampire Slayer Not a Video slayer. You program it. Or let Webb head do it"

Xander carfully sneaked out time to test the webbfluid or try to explain why he was unable to program the video.


The young scientist blinked then he walked up to one of his bosses "Mr David the Radiotelescope detected a abormality near Pluto.

Should i ask for more time to scaan that area of space or just let the computer investigate the info it have on the abormality and continue scaaning other part of space"

David blinked "Let me see" he said reading the information. Then looked up. "Thats most likly a pair of passing astroides colliding in space. Let the computer investigate other areas Pluto is always a dead end. Uranus always gives us a suprise."

The young man nodded "Sure Mr David." He said rushing over and leting the computer slowly start to work on the information.

Putting the priority on information near Uranus.

....Space Pluto....

The armada slowly moved towards Earth a bit suprised that no body hade seen them yet.

....The Marvel univers............

May 'Mayday' Parker also Spider-girl was listing thing to do.

1 prepair equipment for a one way journy. (Computer, Portable-labb/work shoop, Repair equpment The usual) 2 Say goodbuy to my frinds.

3 Ask mom and Dad if i can move to another univers and fight the forces of hell just so that i can be beside my brother.

May sighted Number 3 would be most difficult Dad would ground her and Mom would kill her. "I wonder how Tara is doing."

In the X-men mansion Tara was opening a door inside was gadets and equipment.

She was a mutant compared to others her powers where week but still impresiv.

>From her mother she hade inhearant a propbility changing ability she could give sombody good and baad luck.

A power she hade no controll over and luckly it was not a strong power.

Make her angry and you suddenly got baad luck make her happy and good luck would come your way.

But from her father who ever he was she hade other powers. As she grabbed the uniform small bolts of eletric lightning.

Tara grinned she never told her that her real father was Eletrco but her powers was to simlare to his.

The uniform was dark green with a yellow lighting over the cheast.

A gruff voice interupted her pondering. "Are you sure you know what you doing Kidd" Logan said.

She turned around "Im going after my boyfrind." Logan sighted "Webb-head knows what he doing Kidd. If you go. You would be alone with out help or suport.

Who knows what hey would think about Mutant over their."

Tara frowned "I know. But i still will go. Alex i love him. And i hate him Always duty duty.. But living with out him. Logan i rather die then do that."

Logan nodded "Your grown up kidd. Your old enofe to make your own mistake." he said as he walked out.

Tara sneared "Then why are you kalling me Kidd then" Logan grinned "Becuse you are a kidd. All of you are children compared to me"

.......Sunnydale the Buffyvers.......

"Im the King of road" Xander was singing as he drove to La.

Angel sighted "I know god i have been a baad vampire but could you stop him from singing that song agien and agien before i stake myself."

The Car suddenly stoped. They where their a old abbandon hottel that Angel/Angelus hade baught.

Xander "Oo grow up dead boy. We are here hottel Califonia or somthing.

LA smell the opertunity in this place. A place for heros just smell the future"

Angel "I only smell garbage"

Xander rolled his eyes. "The garbage men are on straike.. So its a bit dirty. But Ignore that Just smell it in this place anything could and will happen Angel.

I can just sense it I know you will get your revared and become human agien I can smell Hope in the air."

Angel "It stinks. Your only happy just to irritade me. Right" Xander grinned "yepp Dead boy irriating you is what i consider fun. Now why dont we start working. This is my plan my plan the two of us kick out any intruder and as its day time you start indoors clean up while i get you some blood and scout the area"

Angel "Scouting your only trying to awoid klean up duty." Xander "You know me to well and beside what can you do. Im stronger then you.."

Angel "It will be a long day for me right" Xander nodded "Probly.. Dont worry the PtB said you would be human agien if you work fore them. And menwhile i will be right their helping you being deppresed thats what frinds are fore"

Angel nodded "no change of Angelus slipping out while you are nearby" he said in a missreble tone of voice.

Xander just grinned as the two walked up to the hottel Angel hiden benith a blanket.

Chapter 4

With a small kick Xander opend the trunk of Angels car grinning seeing the another buckle in the back of the car.

He stoped the food and the bags of blood down and was just closing the trunk when it happend.

The spider sense was going wild. "no no" Xander wimped "I hope its a robbery or a" then he jumped behind the car as part of the building over the street suddenly exploded sending small stone raining down in the parking building he was in.

"Crapp that was a RPG missile.. What kind of ashole use a Missile in the middle of the LA" He said taking a peek true the window.

outside chaose was lauging its head of...

Xander groned as he watched camera team and police officers surronding a building.

It looked like a hole gang of terorist hade taken over the building shooting at anything coming to close.

The missile must have been a warning. "Well they look like they have evrything under controll. I dont need to interfair do i." He said to himself.

Then he saw it the sign on the building. -Police SWAAT HQ-

sitting down Xander blinked "Hold a low profile was the plan. Crapp i got to do somthing." Looking over he groned the building was free from any nearby crawling or jumping or stealty places it was like a fortres standing tall in the middle of the djungle of steel and stone.

Time to storm the casle.


"Look its its a a Plane" a man standing in the crowed said. "No man it must be a bird or somthing." a girl said.

"No way.. What the hell is that" a Camera man said.

Then IT was suddenly flying over them swinging in thinn webb-lines moving faster then a car moving to the terrorist fild police building.

IT was dressed in a skinn tight black suite with red spider webb pattern.

A officer "Thats imposible" A Reporter "I i cant belive it its like watching the Superman cartoon"

"It he he moves like a ape. Its the King of the djungle Tarzan" A drugg user said.

A Reporter "We are seeing but cant belive What is happening and is the so called Djungle king Tarzan going to do"

Xander groned having Radio in the 'helmet' was a baad idea. But then he was flying over swinging by the webblines over the road blocks and the cameras towards a small opening a window that was barly big enofe to alow him to swing inside.

Police officer "Oo'my good he going to crash in the wall." A Reporter "Oo goood"

Sunnydale watching the TV...

Jocye "And Xander said to keep a low profile.. Boys"

Buffy nodded "yea you think he will survive" Faith "I hope so.."

Giles "Oo Bugger this i bether get a drink"


Like a missle Xander dived true the window passing the walls with only a inch free on ither side.

rolling around as he landed he jumped up true the air landing in the middle of the room..

Around him he could see fifteen terrorist carring heavy weapons automatic guns and greanades. And a team of police officers bound and oviuse tortured.

With a deep growling voice he learned from Logan he spoke "Im spider-man lets dance" with that he dived to the terrorist with a jump kick.

His spider sense was plinging like crazy as he jumped doged kicked and knocked terrorist down keeping bandits between him and the one using guns.

The room was emtied fast fifteen terrorist in 30 second. Xander grinned looking over police officers. "could any of you breaf me on the situation how many Bad Boy is it left"

A female officer slowly spoked "Its tweenty five. The rest is spreed out in the building but they have a bomb."

Xander nodded "Alright one bomb how bad.." The female frowned "not that big only a small bagg of C4 i think"

A older female frowned "More bad then you think. We are garding a ship load of explosive in the cellar right now. And the Terrorist knows about it."

Xander blinked "Crapp. How mutch" The older frowned "Nine tons of exposiv experimentel a new version of C4."

Xander nodded walking forward to the police officers "Get my the plans" He said as he walked to eatch of them snapping the hand-cuffs with his spider strenght.

The police officers blinked suprised. A older detective "How the hell"

Xander looked at the older man reading his namn tagg "Strenght of a Spider Officer Riggs. Now where IS the explosive"

the detective looked at him then "next door to the Swatt cars."

Spider-man/Xander nodded "I stopp them the rest of you do clean up."

With that he started to jump from wall to wall moving in full spider speed.

Rigg turned "Alright we got Captain Spider so when is superman going to come by.."

"Shutt up Riggs lets hurry we need sombody ho knows bombs and i dont think captain spider knows it." A older officer said.

Xander was jumping sneaking down as he came down to the garage he could see a huge pile of explosive in a room.

And a terrorist starting a clock a count down. With a snapp kick the terrorist was down and Xander bend over the explosive the clock was ticking.

"Crapp" he said as he started to feel the cables one by one. leting his spider sense guide him he snapped a cable and the clock froze.

Xander grinned as he took a deep breath and relaxed. the sound of a big enging starting interupted him

Looking out he could see one of the terrorist driving a big Swatt wan towards him and the room of explosive.

Xander dived out webbing the door closed. Igorning the spider-sense screeming as the truck came closer and closer to him.

in the last second he jumped but it was to late the truck slammed in to his leggs and he ended up on the roof as the truck scratched the room bullets sticking in the webb.

shaking the cobwebb from his head Xander paled as his spider sense once agien screemed.

The van was driving true the gates crashing true the massiv armored doors.

In the last second He jumped of landing on the ground as the Van drove out towards the road block.

Around him cameras was flashing. The Swaat-van was damaged but it was build like a tank and probly just as tuff.

Xander frowned as he used his webb-shooter webbing the vans tires stuck.

The Swaat-van fell over is its left tires was stuck. Standing up he walked towards the van like a predator on a hunt.

The Car doors opend and the last Terrorist jumped out. "Demon i will kill you" He growled.

Xander frowned "Spider-man.. I tolerat if you call me a Freek. Or a Geek. Or a Mutant. I even enjoy being a Nerd. But call me demon and i hurt you"

And the cameras recorded.

The terrorist drew his gun with the speed faster then the eye could follow.

Xander shoot his webb faster then the terrorist and webbed the gun pipe.. "If you shoot you the gun will explode."

The terrorist seing the webb cable of stoping bullets dropped it drawing a knife. "I will gutt you demon."

Xander stod still looking down at the terrorist then turning his back. "I am spider-man not demon"

The terrorist screemed in fury as he rushed towards freek. Stabbing slashing.

But Xander doged only his body moving his leggs was standing still on the ground.

Then with one fast move he grabbed the Terrorist hands webbing them stuck toghter. "You can arrest him now officers." He said as he jumped up and started to webb swing away..

Xander frowned as he moved away. He hade some mixt feling. Sure he hade helped save the day.

And it was fun. But he was seen by cameras.

he was seen by the police force. "Atleast Deadboy will be angry.." He said as he swinged away between the buildings.

"Crapp i forgot the car" Xander said then turned and started to swing the other way.

...The Marvel Univers...

Tara "So i asked Magik if she could help us"

May nodded "And what did she say" Tara "That she would be happy to help. Did you tell your dad and mom" May "Eee maby.. not realy but soon. We bether make up a list of thing we need maby call in some favors"

Tara "We will but YOU have to tell them." May nodded "I will its just i i im afraid"

Then the door opend "Afraid of what" Jane parker her mother said.

May swallowed "Im going after my brother...."

Jane nodded and she looked angry and afraid "I see. We will talk about this more at diner time." she said walking out.

May look afraid at Tara "Oo man im dead." Tara nodded "Your mother will kill you.."

May just nodded.

Chapter 5

"Hand me the screw driver" Xander said as he satt on the roof upside down.

Under him Angel carfuly trew the screw driver up. "May i ask where you learned about fixing eletric."

Xander grinned "new your University mostly about Robot programing but also Cybernetic."

Angel blinked "Alright. So you know eletrics light" Xander frowned "Actuly i learned how eletric light system in a building work so i could sneak inside criminals HQ.."

Angel sighted feeling head pain start agien a week toghter with Xander the Webb-head and he was longing for hell. "So you just guesing"

Xander nodded happy "Jupp.. Now try the light switch" Moment later one by one the lights started.

Xander grinned "I am the man" Angel "Thanks. So what next."

Xander frowned "Eletricity done."

Angel "Water done."

Xander "We cleaned out the building" Angel "No I cleaned out it. You where playing hero"

Xander rolled his eyes "Potato.. Pothato. I was moral suport"

Angel sighted "What ever Webb-head.. I think we are done now."

Xander "Sure you can handle yourself dead-boy. If so i be going back to Sunnyhell now."

Angel nodded "yes but you bether clean up before going anywhere... Webb-head"

Xander looked at his hand his feets knee his hole body was dirty and dusty. "Well i did crawled around on the walls and roof."

Angel "And inside the roof and inside the walls and undernith the floor"

Xander "Jupp and you would never belive how many rats i found their."


And the two walked away deeper inside the building to clean up them self.


The Zeerg fleet hade stoped moving as they watched the transitions they found from Earth.

Television shows like -Star Trek- and -Star Wars- almost made them turn away and find a safer home.

But then they noticed that it was fiction not realty. And the fleet started to move agien carfully study the techology level of Earth.

And planing. The planet would be theirs for the glory of the Overmind.


.......Earth sunnydale.........

Buffy grinned as she jumped over a vampire driving a jump kick in its groin.

"Oo girl thats crule" Faith said shivering. Buffy grinned even more "Now Big and ugly.. Tell me Ho is the Big Bad"

the vampire shivered in pain and blinked a bit seing the small blond with a cute eyepatch staring at him. The pain almost made him use his IQ but sadly the words where out before he could stop himself "You know.. You look cute when you angry"

Buffy blushed "You Aaarghh." She said staking the vampire as fast as she could.

Faith sighted "Well i guese we have to find the Big bad another day then"

The two nodded as they walked away.

Nither one saw the shadow walking away talking in a mobile.

"Yes sir. Im sure that the two of them are the Slayer. I will continue investigate"

With that the shadow put the phone away and looked at a survilans photo of Buffy.

He grinned a bit "You sure are a cute. The pirat look make you hot" he said to himself.

As the shadow walked out from the cementary a second man joined him. And the two walked away unnoticed by the lokals.

..Marvel Universe.../h4>

May'day' Parker shivered as she watched her dad and mom put the food on the table.

Mary Jane looked at her dotter and sighted "May. Why are you going after Alex"

May "Becuse im his sister." Peter her dad nodded "I understand. But think about it. He have a duty to that world and he followed his heart. Dont you have a duty to Our world"

May swallowed "Dad X always looked after me. When we where small he protected me and later he time and time risk his life for me.

And when we got our powers he was always their helping me suporting me.

I need to be their to help him I just cant let him be their alone with no frinds or help. This world have loots of heros"

Mary "You are our child you must stay we cant lose you and Alex." Peter "Alexander did his choise Mary. You know as well as i that a teenaged Parker never can be stoped IF he or she have decided to do somthing."

Mary growled "They are YOUR children. i was a perfect child" Peter frowned "In you dream love.."

Mary smiled a bit and nodded. She was a wild one unresponsible and wild. It was Peter that been the responsible one.

But both of them hade been stuborn refusing to give up true good or baad.

May "You see i need to help him. He is my frind my brother Beside Tara is coming with me."

Peter "Have you taught about the fact that you might be forced to fight Demons they are often stronger and faster then even you are"

May nodded "I faught a demon once. I cant let X do that alone." Peter "Go to you room honny. let mom and me talk about it alone."

He said with a tired voice.

Mary-Jane May's mother looked angry at him and at her.

As fast as her spider powers could move her she was gone listning in from upstairs.

Peter. "She made up her mind. We can try to stop her but if we do She will sneak away."

Mary-Jane nodded tiredly she knew all about the Parker stuborness and the parker Lojalty.. "I hate you somtimes. We are going to lose may also"

Peter hugged his wife closer "I hate myself also. We will not lose them just misplace them. They are parkers to strong to die or give up"

Mary-Jane nodded "I hate it. Why cant we find chaines and keep her locked up in the bacement"

Peter sighted "She just break them. Stupid spider powers"

The two looked at eatch other hating the choises they stod infront but knowing if they said no she would still do it and then she might use a stupid metod.

Mary-Jane nodded "You tell her that we will help her. But also tell her that i am agienst it. Why first my baby boy dispair then my girl why cant they stay with us." She said as tears started to fall.

On the toop floor May satt down crying she needed her brother he always been her safe heaven.

With him nearby nothing could stop them. They where family more then her dad and mother hade been. Growing up Mary-jane hade her work as a movie star.

And dad hade his work as a superhero and Teatcher untill the accident that cost him his legg.

And the year the two of them hade been kidnapped by a old enemy of his.

After that he hade begun training them so the two would survive if a old enemy would attack his family.

And she misted talking about life school sexy girls in class. It was realy realy irritading that Tara was hetrosexual.


....Sunndale LA............

Xander grinned as he swinged around on a webbline. He missed his family specily May his sister and Tara his girlfrind.

He misted the way Tara eye was glowing when she was angry. He misted the way May used to laugh.

He misted the way Dad kane sounded as he walked around at home. he misted the way the sun shined on Moms hair.

And he misted talking about girls and school with his sister. They where family brother and sister twins.

But they where also frinds.

A sound interupted his brooding helicopters.. "Stupid News choppers" he said awoiding them by going faster and deepr in the city.

Chapter 6


..Buffy universe...

Xander sighted "A sunnyhell how i mist you" as he walked out from the car the last week with Angel hade been fun.

He realy realy misted webb-swinging Sunnydale was nice town but they realy did not have the pure size and hight needed to realy webb-swing.

"HI Xander" Willow said as she rushed forward leving Faith and Buffy standing far behind and she hugg him "Missed me" she said.

behind him he could hear Faith snear while grinning "Red sure is huggy latly"

Buffy nodded. Faith grinned "She even hugged me."

Buffy "Me to. But Oz is not complaining. But then Willow is kind of glued on him latly"

Xander ignored the two bickering slayers after all somtimes that was the wistes thing to do. And he answared. "Of course How my favorit Redhead from this dimension been doing"

Willow frowned "This dimension what other Red head do you know." Xander grinned "My sister May Parker also called Mayday. Or spider-girl. And my mom Mary-Jane Watson Parker a former photo-model and movie star"

Willow blinked "Ooo you told us about them. But you did not say that they where redheads"

Faith frowned "Redheads. X whats up whit you and redheads. By the way any gifts."

Xander nodded "yes i got T-shirts for all of you." Xander said holding up A Red T-shirt (For willow) A Jellow ( for Buffy ) and a Blue (For Faith) And on the 3 T-shirts was printed. -My frind wisited Hollywood and all i got was this stinking T-shirt-

Faith grinned "Vicked Cool" she said holding up the blue T-shirt.

Buffy looked at the almost glowing Jellow T-Shirt "Aaa.. Well thats.. You realy should not have.. Realy should not.. Do it glow in the dark Xander"

Xander nodded happy "Yepp. Its a glow in the dark T-shirt for all you girls"

Willow "Hmmm I could use it to sleep in" She said in a happy tone. Faith nodded "Great idea Red."

Seing Buffy face she Faith grinned "Its a alternativ to a night lamp"

Willow nodded.

Buffy frowned then grinned "You right"

Xander blinked "you girls sleep with night lamps." He asked. The three nodded blushing a bit.

Xander breadet out in realife.. "Great i taught I was a freek just becuse i often end up sleeping stucked hanging upside down from the roof."

Willow "eee How do you do that" Xander "Probly walk up on the wall then just hang from the feet"

Buffy "You a freek." The other girls nodded.

..Space the Zerg fleet...

The fleet hade finaly analys the situation.

So far it was bether then they first belived. But it was also a dilema.

The earthlings hade not even begain to concure their own solar system.

But they hade airforce and worst they hade nukler capacity. Atomic bombs was feared by them.

They hade only one Hatchery with them right now it was juvenile and used to creat the fuel the living ships needed to move in space.

But they also needed more number more soldiers and to do that they needed drones.

The to get that they needed to land the hatchery on a planet and let it seet roots creat a creep colony.

And if that happend the Hatchery would loose its ability to creat fuel untill they managed to creat a spire or a juvenile hatchery.

Untill that time the fleet would be forced to limit it self to atmospheric flight.

And that meant that the primitiv humans would be able to fight them using airplanes and bombs.

If given time they would be able to grow a energy shield over the colony to brotect it agienst drooping bombs.

The time the humans would not give them.

The Zerg fleet hade depated how to take over the world if they lost the Hatchery they where doomed.

Finaly a answer hade been found and the living ships called Mutalisked and Guardiens slowly moved away from the rest of the fleet towards the astroid field.

Orbital bombarbent agienst the city of earth would be used. With out goverment the primitivs of earth would not be able to focused a proper deffens.

Another bonus that would be able to seed the planet with Mineral crystals to make it more esy to mine the metalic and mineral they needed. The living crystals would draw up any other mineral or metalic nearby and use it to protect it self.

Making it esy to harvest.

Their was also somthing strange.

If the television information was correct Humans hade evolved from primtive Apes.

All other sentinal races the Zerge hade found so far hade been created by the founders the only race so far known to have evolved then they made the mistake of created the Zerges that destroyed them.

Even the Protus was created by the fonders. If the human hade evolved by themself they might be worth saving as a trofe to give the lokal version of the Overmind a greater status.


Earth Later...

Some where in the deep corridors of Nasa a computer suddenly Binged out a answer.

A young scientist sattdown to read the respons. "That cant be right. Astroied just dont appare like -teleport- or change course" she said to her self before ordering the computer to check out the information to see if anything was wrong..

She posted the information to her boss along with note that she put order the computer to double check the calulation becuse of numberus errors.

After all aliens are only real in the movies.

...Mean while in Sunnydale...

Night time Xander grinned as he webb-swinged and roof jumped accrose the streets in the center of Sunnydale.

Suddenly a thingle a passive warning by his Spider-sense alarted him.

It was coming from the Mayor mansion. Xander sighted curiosity would sercently be this spiders death but he could not help it he started to sneak towards the mansion.

Moment later hiden among the trees he looked five Vampires and a demon was doing guard duty on the mayors yard.

That was not right. frowning xander taught to himself -well i think i found the Big Bad of SunnyD- carfully as only the amazing Spider-man could he sneaked inside the building.

The library looked normal so did the meating room. The Dinner looked perfectly normal.

And the mage room was normal if you where a dark mage. And Xander was sure that a normal mayor would not have book of black magik.

Or would have human hearts in small can. Xander frowned "Alright to be a bad guy or not that is the question." he said holding a strange vampire skull. It was time to sneak out and talk to Giles.

By change a book captured his intrest. It was a journal.

Xander "No way.. No freeking way that he writen down what he is planing.. No way he could have that big of ego" Blinking in suprise Xander confirmed the mayor DID have that kind of ego.

He carfully started to photografe the pages with his spy-camera.

With that done he started to sneak out hiden in the shadows on the roof.

....12 hours Later...

Inside a caffe owned and used by the more peacefull versions of demons.

The complaning was laude and obnoxies and frankly Giles was thinking of going Ripper on them.

Giles frowned "No fore the Fifteen time I DO NOT KNOW WHY we are meeting here. Xander said he would be here in nine minuts"

Buffy, Faith and willow pouted and stoped irridating Giles. Faith frowned "I still think we shold stake the staff"

Cordy sighted "What ever"

Giles "No faith this is a neutral place the demons working here are peacfull and frindly."

Buffy nodded "Yes i somtimes go here to relax." Oz "me to" he said drinking his coffe.

Faith sneared "Demons are demons.." Giles was just about to explain when the door opend and Xander walked inside.

"Hi gang sorry it took so mutch time." Xander said he was holding 6 papper folders in his hand.

Buffy "Hi why ARE we meeting here instead of the library" Giles "yes i like to know that also"

Xander "Becuse i found out that the lokal Big-Bad is bugging us. Listning to evrything we are talking about"

Giles frowned "Oo.. Thats would be bad." Buffy rolled her one eye "Understatment mutch."

Xander grinned "yupp. I manage to copy his journal belive it or not he documented evrything even his plans of a Ascention"

Giles paled. Faith frowned. "a accention what"

Buffy "Huuu could you give me the cliff note."

Xander gave them each a folder "This is a copy of his journal i manage to copy it with my camera"

Willow "Camera" Xander "in my uniform i alway have a camera with me. Dad teatch me that you never know what you crawl in to and you might need a photo evidence"

Buffy "Could you explain or somting." Xander seing that Giles was already reading and looking pale started to explain. "Simple the Mayor that created and build Sunnydale is a Dark magik user and he have been sacrifising human to stay young he even sacrifised his own soul.

And HE is still the Mayor of Sunnydale. Real soon he is planing on becoming a True Demon more powerfull then anythingels. Think the Judge in power and you understand"

Buffy grinned "Find and kill then" Faith "Hmmm. Buffy HE have the law on his side."

Willow "We need to be sneaky"

Giles nodded "Right the first thing we should do is un-Bugg the library"

Xander "NO if we do that HE knows that we know. He also bugged our home. SO the planing should be done in a safe place.

The normal pattrull meating we could hold in the library as normal. "Oz smiled "smart"

Giles frowned a bit then grinned "Bloody right. Brilliant thinking Xander that way he will not know that we know"

Buffy "Aaa sneaky" she grinned. Faith frowned "Did he put up survaliance cameras"

Xander blinked "eee yes. But only on a small number chosen areas"

Buffy "where" she said curiuse Xander blushed he did see the picture.. "In the Buffy, Willow, Cordelias room and Bath room"

Buffy and Willow turned beat reed of anger but was interupted by a screem from Faith.

Faith blinked "WHAT THAT THAT.. That creep Why Not mine ROOM. Im MUTCH MORE SEXY THEN Buffy Or Willow IS" She would kill that pervert. Cordelia "Yes you are. Buffy and Willow are nothing compared to You or me.." Cordelia said.

Willow and Buffy some how forgot what they where angry about.

Willow "Are you saying that im Ugly"

Buffy "Im Am Mutch more sexy then you are" Cordelia "Willow, Buffy sure the two of you are cute. And Sexy But I loke like a sexguddes. And faith well Like a slutt goddes. You two are nothing compared to us"

Faith gritted her teeth and turned to ask the boys.

But some how both Oz and Xander hade manage to run away far far away and hide.

The girls turned to Giles..

....At the same time..

"Sir we are sure that the Wacher and the so called Slayer IS working with the entity known as Spider-man. What are our orders fore now"

The man said.

In silent he listen.

His partner sattbeside him listning and waiting.

"Yes sir we will do so.." He said putting down the phone.

His parner fingering a candy bag looked up. "So whats our order Riley."

Riley frowned a bit NSA hade putt the two gether but somthing with the other agent made him nervus. "We are orded to putt listning devices in the home of the so called 'scoobes' and do a bit of sneaking investigate their homes"

His partner nodded "Well i got no problem with that he said grinning."

Riley smiled "Well Agent Jarod Ness. Im going to sleep we have a loot to do tomorow"

Jarod nodded as he walked out from Riley room. He wondered if the so called Spider-man was the result of a genetic experiment or somthing completly diffrent. So far his infiltration hade reviled the Initiative and the existans of supernatural forces life outside the Center truly was faschinating.

....Marvel univers....

Inside the huge X-men Mansion Tara walked out fromt the Danger room after a traning session.

Her powers of possibility changing good luck/baad luck was instinktiv and she hade almost no controll over it. At most she could activate it or De-activate.

Normaly it 'cursed' those that attacked or made her angry. And 'blessed' those that helped her or made her happy.

That part of her power was secret only five individuals new about it.

It was also the reson why her boyfrind Alex/Alexander Parker could buy her expensive gifts.

He made her so happy that he got realy lucky in games. her possibility changing powers did not work FOR her personly. That irritad her.

Her other power the 'mayor' one made her a Alpha class mutant her hero namn was CHARGER.

Was eletricity manipulation. She could store Eletricity not creat it like Storm could.

She needed to hold a live wire to suck the eletric energy out from it. She could not drain it from a distant even if she could FEEL the present of eletric energy.

But once she was charged she could shoot bolts of lightning and even fly over power cabels using the magnetic field to fly Like a railroad train her flying power was limited over power-cables that hade power in them.

Any eletricty she stored inside of her hade a tendency to evaporate if she tried to hold it to long.

Charged she could even manipulate magnetic field a bit.

She was powerfull as long as she was nearby a powerstation or hade a portable generator on her.

The time Lady Magneto hade tried to kill Alex/spider-man she hade saved him by drawing eletric power from a nuckler plant.

For a short moment she hade more power in her then New York city and she managed to overpower Lady Magneto a mutant clasifed as a mutant with Omega level of power.

The power she used made her hair fall of. And it hade taken her a month before her hair grew back.

(The Old Magneto was also a Omega and he managed to change Earths magnetic field By himself )

And now she was going to a alternet realty and she was afraid.

What if they did not have eletricty ?

What if it was a stone aged civilication ?

What if it was a demon world.?

Some of those fears she manage to solv by asking her frinds to help her.

She knocked on the door and waited untill the owner opend it.

But some of her frinds and 'family' hade been less then understanding.

Specily some of the kids among the mutant on the Xavier mansion. They could not understand why she would leave.

"Hi Tara you are late. Would you like a cup of caffe or." The teatcher and inventor and mutant known as Forge said to her.

Tara smiled "Im sorry i was working out in the dangerroom. So did you get the equipment"

Forge nodded "Sure did. One hacker computer reddy i helped but inside information you will need to creat a new ID for you and May." Tara smiled "Thanks. Anythingels"

Forge nodded "Sure i put some other things drawings blue prints. Even a portable Cerbro.

Just remember the pack will be heavy so May must carry it. "Tara smiled "Sure she the strong one."

Forge "So... Tara you are 17 and a emancipated minor now i cant stop you. And May some how got her parents concent so she can go.

But think about it leving our world is that realy a smart thing to do"

Tara scrugged. "Probly not. But i need to do it. I realy love Alex." Forge "Well im the last person to actuly lessen sombody about doing stupid things my invention have hurt many of my frinds just becuse i did no think about what i was doing. But do be carfull"

Tara nodded "I will be."

...New york. Marvel univers....

May and the parkers where inside the building of Dr Strange agien talking about moving after Alex.

Dr Strange sighted "So are all of you going" Peter smiled grimly "No only May. Me i have only one good legg and Mary-Jane is not a fighter."

May smiled nervus "Its me and Tara we are he one going away."

Dr Strange smiled "Well i will meditate and try to find sombody to guide you to the right universe."

May "And thats that." she said in suprise normaly it was a hell of a work to get a mage to do even the smallest favor.

Dr Strange "yes. Alexander hade a deal with God and that make the other good-gods willing and even eger to help out more then normal" Peter frowned "That would mean that some bad guys or gods would be equelly eger to help out"

Dr Strange nodded grimly "Yes. just hope that young Alex have no enemy thats willing to travle betwen univers just to furfill his hate"

Some where a evil villan hade a strange feling..


Two days later....

The girls stod nervesly infront of Dr Strange the master mage of earth as he preparied to transport the two of them to another world. Tara hade a yellow trenchot and dark sunglasses on her underthat she hade her 'hero' uniform specily build to creat static eletricty that her body could absorve and use.

A big and heavy backback was on her back as she nervsly grabbed May hand.

May was dressed simlare to Tara a trenchote black hiding her 'hero' uniform she did not have her mask on but it was packed down.

On her back was a HUGE and extremly heavy backback it would take a strong normal man to even lift it.

Luckly she hade spider powers and could lift 10 tons. So it was not heavy..

Dr Strange looked at the two young girls "This is your last change if you like to stay walk out from this rom now."

nobody moved as the mage started his magik.

Power was building as the bridge between reality was created.

Dr Strange, May and Tara was so focused that non-of them could see the intruders before it was to late and the gate was opend.

Strange eyes glowed with magik power as open the gate "Now my young frinds walk true gate"

May and Tara nodded to them self and walked towards the gate when suddenly two young kids rushed towards them and the gate.

"Taaara We are coming with you" a young boy screemed but tripped on his feet making him and his frind both fall towards Tara and May.

With a screem "Aaa Crapp stupid Rugg" from May the two girls and two young kids fell toghter true the gate and with a burst of light it was gone..

Dr Strange sighted "Well that was not good." Peter frowned "Did they came to the right world"

Strange nodded "They did the spirits said they did end up a bit further away but they will be able to find Alex by travling. But i am worried about the two kids."

Mary-Jane looked at her husband "Did you see who or what it was." Peter nodded "yes. One young boy probly between 12 or 13 blond hair. A young girl green hair probly 13 or 14. They seemed to know Tara we beter inform Profesor Jane Grey if any of her student is missing"

.....The Buffy verse.......

With a flash a gate opend and four 'humans' dropped out and started to falldown towards the ground.

They where sick by the dimensional miss-journy and was now faling down,.

May "Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"

Tara "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

Young teenager boy "AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Young Teenage Girl "Ooooooooooooooooo"

As they was faling May Spider-sense screemed waking her. "Crapp" she said looking around she could see that they where faling fast towards a lake outside of a city.

But she could see nothing more as the four felldown in the lake with a huge *SPLASH*

A tired and dripping wett the four walked out from the shallow lake.

Tara was angry as she turned around screeming at the two younger co-travler. "Ander, Lily, WHAT ARE YOU DOING"

The two swallowed and Ander slowly started to talk "We we where planing on trying to stop you from leving.."

Lily continued "Or or try to comewith you.. Look like we sucheeded."

May growled "Do you KNOW thise two"

Tara "Yes. Ander age 14. Even if he Looks like a 12 year old" May looked over seeing the cute boy, He was blond small and hade a bandana over his fore head. "Whats his powers. Is he a Alpha or"

Tara "No power level he is a Beta, And his power Kinetik imunity. He is like a rubber ball pure brutal physical punches dont hurt him.

You can hit him with full strenght and he will not be hurt. Like a rubberball.

Knifes can cut him and stabb him. Guns can hurt him deppening on the bullet.

And he have 3 eyes. The bandana hides the extra eye witch have extrem good light enhanching ability. Night vision but bright light blineds it"

May nodded "So rubber body and 3 eyes. No super strenght, Well Ander you have a super hero namn yet"

Ander nodded and prodly told her his namn "Im Punbagg.. You hurt your knuckles on me"

May blinked "Punchbagg. well bether then Crashtest dummy."

Tara sneared "I fore one thinks HE is a crash test dummy..."

May giggled "Well whats the girls namn then."

Tara "Thats Lily she 14. And the X-men saved her from Lady Magneto that made experiment on her.

She was born a Beta class telepath Mainly a projector. She can transmit her taughts even creat illusions like invisiblity.

But she is to weak to read others mind any good or any deep inside the memory.

Magneto experiment gave her a regenerativ ability simlare to Wolverine but a bit slower.

She also tends to transmit what she is thinking"

May looked over the girl "Do you have ANY superhero namn Lily."

Lily frowned "No... I im planing on becoming a nurse" May nodded "Well now we have to find a way to my brother. Ander keep your extra eye hiden. Lily keep your mind to yourself.

In this world their are demons and vampires hiden among the NORMAL humans. And they feed on humans so be carfull"

The two young mutans nodded looking around a bit afraid.

Tara sighted "So what next."

May "We find out where we are then try to contact my brother. The spider-costume have a radio build in and i can contact him."

Ander frowned pulling the bandana back on. "We are in Arizona. That sign say so" he said pointing to a road.

May frowned in the darknees she could see nothing but the kid did have night vision. "Great work."

Lily "When do we go home" Tara rolled her eyes. "This IS a one way journy kid. You are stucked with us" She hated to do this but she hade no idea how to tell them that in a frindly way.

The two looked afraid. Ander "But i i have frinds i taught you would travle back and"

May "Dont worry you have US. We are family now. Hi Im May Parker my frinds call me Mayday and I am the Amazin Spider-Girl and we are going to find my brother the Amazing Spider-man"

The two kids eyes gleemed in hero vorship. "Realy "Lily said.

Tara nodded "realy she IS the one the only the real Spider-girl dotter to the Original Spiderman brother to the current spider-man." Ander "The two of you are like the greates heros in New york. Well Unless you dont count Advangers, and X-men and Fantastick four and" May stoped him by butting her hand over his mouth "Alright i get it we are great but not that great.. Lets walk"

The gang walked away in the night trying to find a motell or somthing only the silent and the bickering could be heard.

"We need a Super-hero group namn" Ander said. Tara "Keep Quite"

Lily "What about The Champions" May giggled "Alredy in use in our home."

Tara "Dont encurise them"

Ander "I know The Exiles"

May "Sorry used"

Lily "The Supreems"

May "I do think thats a song group." Ander "this is so hard."

Tara "I DO think leting a guy how super namn is PunchBag chose a group namn is the wrong idea."

May "Oo you right.." Lily "Yes. i did not think about that"

Ander 'Punchbag' Akara "Hey whats wrong with Punchbag its my power"

Nearby a young girl was walking from the other direction towards the same motell she was a runaway and currently realy afraid.

Chapter 7


..Buffy univers...


Silently like a thif in the night Xander sneaked inside Giles home. That in it self was strange as Xander hade the key to giles place.

But what was absured was that beside him Buffy, Faith and Giles where sneaking around packing bags of labratorie equipment and tools that belonged to Xander Parker the Spider-man.

When the packing was done Giles nodded and wrote to on a pice of papper. --Thats evrything--Xander nodded and they sneaked out leving Giles alone agien..


Silently Xander drived the rented car in the silents streets of Sunnydale.

Buffy "You think it worked." Xander nodded "I think so. By sneaking inside and emty the labb equpment their is NO chance that the Mayors Buggs now that i have put my Labb in a diffrent place"

Faith nodded. "So what now."

Xander "Well i found a old cryped that been buried by a earth quake you have to fly or clime a wall to go get inside. I think that will be the Spider-Cave. Thire is one problem"

Silently he grinned before the earth quake it hade been a home fore a vampire/Demon becuse sombody hade but eletric inside and televison.

Faith frowned "What kind of problem Webb-man."

Xander "It will be a real problem to park the Spider-mobile." Buffy rolled her one eye "Your not Batman"

Xander "Well If you have that attidute you cant be my Lojal sidekick Robin."

Faith giggled as the two continued to agrue..



Agent Riley Finn and Agent Jarod Ness silenty opend the window and let some sleeping gas leak inside to putt those inside to sleep.

Then they sneaked inside the Rosenberg home. Jarod was the first one to frowned as they stod inside the Teenaged girls beedroom with a sleeping Willow in the beed "Look" he said pointing at a small listning device.

Riley blinked "Sombody is bugging them." Jarod nodded "And a camera." He frowned somthing was not right his skill as a pretender noticed it. Willow only pretended to sleep.

Riley frowned "Well Crapp. lets but up our listning device. Then go."

Jarod nodded as he screwed up a lamp and put a listning Bugg inside. With his other hand he wrote a small note --Im sorry Miss Rosenberg a shadow part of the goverment is trying to capture Spider-man and we are bugging your home and they are not the only one that do that. Be carfull if they know you know about the buggs they might do somthing bad--He dropped the note in her pants.

Riley at the same time was putting the small camera in place. "Im ready" he said as they sneaked out.

Jarod nodded as he climed out. Not seeing Riley dropping a papper on the floor.

--If you know the spider warne him evil is after him. And your home is bugged. A frind-- Riley sighted he wished he knew if he could trust Agent Jarod but sadly he could not.

He trusted almost worshiped the brilliant Margreth Walsh but when he got his order capture spider-man so that she could copy his power and use them somthing snapped.

The strange creatsure was a HERO he hade singel handely saved a hole building with police men captured by terrorist.

To capture disect and even enslave somthing like that was moraly and eticly wrong.

Riley hade begain to re-avaluate his order so far it was best for him to follow order so that he could help the hero once the time was right. Jarod was probly a plant to ensure HIS lojalty.

In the cryped Xander was buisy cleaning up his new Spider-cave. "I wonder if i should get some bats.. or a big pet spider" He mused to himself.

..New Mexico.. Inside The Motel and road caffe/dinner Arizona...

"So what now." Tara said.

May sighted "I think it would be best if i used the computer and gave us some real ID in this world. Then i gues i have to do the same to our two hitch hikers."

Tara "Need anyhelp" May nodded "Yes you are bether at forgery that i am"

Tara grinned "Well my mom was a world famous thife and quite angry that i decided to go legal. But she did train me a bit"

Ander Aka Punchbag "So what are we goign to do then" he said with a bit of a sukly tone.

May "Go and get us somthing to eat. This will talk some time." She looked at him carfully. "Im going to make You my baby brother understand. Half brother diffrent mothers diffrent last namn."

Ander "okey. Why" May "becuse in my fals ID im a emancipated Minor. And i can more simply write inside the information about one baby brother that I have costedy of. Im your Big sister and mother rolled up in one.

And the last namn is simple I dont think you would like to change it to Parker would you."

Ander "No i like my last namn i think" Then he looked chocked blushed and paled. "but that would make us family in in"

Tara grinned "Dont worry kid. May is gay" Ander "Nooo."

May nodded "Jupp me and my Twin brother often go out and look at butifull girls. If he dont charm them I do. So get us some food baby brother"

Tara nodded "yes. I remember when we meet first May came over and started to flirt with me. Then seeing that it would not work her brother came over and started to flirt.."

May grinned "jepp. If a girl liked Alex i told him. And if a girl like me He told me. Then he found You Tara and that was it Mr faithfull himself."

Lily frowned "What about me" they could sense her fear transmited. May looked "You will be Tara adopted sister. And she like me will be your adult Now we like to eat."

Tara frowned "Lily sweety keep you mind focused you are leaking agien"

Ander "yea like completly. Lets go Lill" He said dragging out his frind.

May sighted "I wish those two hade stayed home. Its not safe fore them here"

tara nodded. "Did you find anything about demons yet." May "No.. But they are here i sensed somthing"

Tara "Did you get contact with Alex." May "Yes. But he did not have the communicator actived. So i left a messaged"

Tara nodded "good.

Outside the two younger teen was running towards the caffe/dinner to get the girls breakfast.

In sunnydale a tired Xander acidently managed to delite any recorded messaged in the comunicator.

Dinner time.

Mutch later the four teens where sitting toghter in the dinner eating food and relaxing.

exept May that was going over to order food. "Well gang what should i order for you" she said.

"I have the super duper Burger May. And a Big Cola" Ander said. May nodded "What about the rest of you"

Lily "A cheese burger thanks." Tara "A super duper Burger. now slave girl go and fetch my food"

May grinned "aa yes mastries this slave will crawled over" She said.

As she came towards the desk to order she saw somthing that made her heart beat faster in fury and exitment.

A gang of bikers five of them where scaring a young girl that was Her age.

A cute girl.

A Sexy girl.

May frowned as the biker gang moved like a pack of hungry wolfs arund the girl she looked like she was the same age as she was, 17 or so.

"well girly why are you so angry we only whant some love" A hairy biker said.

"Yea give us some love girl" a Big Biker looking like Hulk baby brother said.

Girl "I. i. i. Keep away. I done nothing to you" One of the biker grinned "You asked us to give you a lift. Sure you dont expect us to give you lift free of charged. Dont worry its safe we use condoms"

May growled inside as she tried to look small and frindly She knocked one of the bikers on the back with her finger.

"Exuse me. Do you know Karate, Kung-Fu or Ninjutsu" She did know Kung-Fu and Ninjutsu not that she was a master of them.

The Gang turned around seeing a small reed head girl suddenly walking in between them and their victum.

May grinned "Hi im May come with me." She said as frindly as she could.

The girl swallowed "I i Hi. I" The bigest Biker a musckler builder looking like a smaller version of Hulk in May opinion growled "Well look we have two toys for us boys."

May frowned "If you toutch me i will hurt you"

The bigg ape of a Biker laught "Yea i like to see that" he said pushing his finger at May breast. "Poke poky" he said.

May eyes turned hard as she dropped down sending her left food flying up in a kick in his cheast.

The Biker suddenly was flying back landing on his back the kick May gave him in the cheast was painfull but no ribb where broken.

May grinned "Like i asked. Do you know Kung-Fu, Karate, Or Ninjutsu. Becuse I DO"

The Biker backed down a bit then they charged her. May jumped up over one biker sending a backward kick in his back driving him down on the ground.

A fist in the gutt made a nother biker falldown and a small but fast kick in the groin and one in the knea send two more down.

The gang was on the floor and the big one was grabbing after his knife or another tools of destruction.

His gang of biker where doing the same thing. When suddenly a voice interupted him.

"Now now boys. No guns get out of here."

May looked at the corner seing a police man sitting holding a rifle aimed at the bikers.

She raised a eyebrown "And why did you not stop them. They where going to RAPE HER" she asked angry.

The police men stod up and shrugged. "She a runaway. I can tolerat if boys have a bit of fun with those as long as they dont hurt anybody permanent. Guns or knife that would be going to far."

May "Let go and get somthing to eat. They are buying" She said to the girl. Grabbing the Biker gang one by one and forcing them to give her their mony. "And you Mr Law did not see anything after all We girls just have some fun." She said giving the corrupted officer of the Law her cutes smile.

The police frowned a bit but nodded "Fair is fair. But dont do it agien" he said sitting down.

The biker gang growled in anger but could do nothing they only hade knifes no guns.

May "Now Im May and whats your namn butifull and shy" She said to the blushing girl.

the girl "I i im Tara Maclay" She said. May blinked "Cool my frind over their " She said pointing at a table on the outside. "Also is a Tara. Its the older one"

Tara Maclay looked outside a black haired butifull girl with a gymnast body slimm and flexible sitting with two younger teens. The other Tara looked like a young royalty but in a frindly way. She was giggling and joking with the two younger pair.

Tara Maclay then looked at her heroin. She was a bit shorter then she was reed hair and cute face build like a dancer or a gymnast.

She looked realy smart and dreamy brown eyes that Tara felt she was drowning inside.

"I i would only be in the way" She said afraid of coming with May and afraid that May would let her get away.

May "You would never be in the way" she said.. "Beside where are you going to"

Tara studdered "Califonia" May grinned "Sweet.. My brother is in Califonia come with us and you be safe"

Tara looked around her "but im im gay" she blinked she was going to say a runaway and would only get them in trouble.

May grinned "Thank You O MY LORD and GOD.."

Tara blushed "I i ment im a runaway" She hade a strange feling the other girl liked her.

May "No problem we keep you safe." She was grinning like a shark smelling blood in the water.

A moment later..

Tara Felicia frowned as her frind carried a HUGE load of food and escorted a girl their age. "Picked up a stray May." she asked sounding ironical.

May put out her tung. "Non of that. Some badboy where trying to rape her and i saved her. She is coming with us."

Tara frowned but nodded. "Alright. So whats her namn then" May grinned "Tara Felicity meet Tara Maclay." She said pointing at the blushing girl. "Tara Maclay meet Ander akara, And Lily Riverflood. Ander is my Baby halfbrother i only known him for a chort while and im responsible for him. Lily is Taras half sister"

Tara Maclay blinked that was unusual. But probly true the 'half-Brother/sister' look nothing like their sisters did so only a fool would say that unless it was the truth. "Oo h,H,hi" she studdered.

She felt the two young study her carfully before they said "Hi" to her in a frindly voice.

But the native american girl Lily did freek her out she looked like she was in a coma or constantly trying to meditate.

May sighted she hoped that Lily could keep her mind to her self and not project it.

Then a strange sensetion was felt by evrybody around the table. --May likes Tara must keep my mind from projecting.. May likes Tara thats so cute then Ander is mine and only mine. MUST NOT project..--

Tara Maclay blinked "eeem i i.."

Tara Felicty "you transmiting agien." Ander blushed.

May "Crapp. We can explain. realy we can.." Lily "im im sorry..." and they could feel it --Oo god that's so emarasing. What if Ander knows i like him. What if i scare the blond Tara. What if im still projecting.. O'crapp i wish we where back to OUR realty atleast their a older Telepat could help me --

Tara Maclay blinked "your from a another dimension."

May "Well Thank you Lily for explaning." Lily blushed.

Tara Felicity sighted "Well lets start with the explanation. but Promise me you say NOTHING about this to anybody"

Tara Maclay nodded "sure i,i,i will keep silent. May did save me. Beside im not normal im a Witch" she said hoping to keep her demon blood secret.

Ander blinked "Thats so cool can you fly" May "Explanation from OUR side first Then we can ask if she can fly.. Can you fly" she just hade to know.

Space the astroide field.....

The Zerge fleet hade been working hard finding large but not TO large astroides they hade putt mineral crystal seeds inside most of them.

They hade couver half of the chosen astroids with a sevreal types of slime or paint that was now becoming solid.

A solid armor around the astroides. The inner layer of slime would protect the astroides from the atmosphere maximas the impact damage.

The out layer would absorve about 70 % of any radar making the astroide almost imposible to see in space.

Later in Sunnydale...........

Xander was patrolling the graveyard strange things hade been going on latly and frankly the two pair of notes Willow found hade freaked him out.

Sure the idea of secret evil or stupid goverment organisation was not new. HE remeber Logan's admantium skeleton that he got from a goverment organisation after they used him as a living weapon.

And he did remember what his dad told him. The first Goblin hade got his power from a super-soldier serum a faild drugged.

The idea of Secret goverment organisation happening in this realty was not unrealistic in fact it was probly logial.

He sneaked and crawled forward in his search after vampires to dust a piiping sound inside his mask made him freeze.

He pushed the answering button on the belth "Hi.. Who am i talking to" he said in suspicen nobody knew this number yet.

The voice was one he never belived he would here agien it made him angry it made him Happy and it made him confused. "May...."

"Finaly spider-man" May said. "I called you yesterday and left a mesage why did you not call back" she complained.

Xander manage to find himself remebering that they could be others listning he used the code namns "Spider-girl what are you doing."

May sighted "Coming to help YOU what do it look likes. Me and Charger is both here."

Xander swallowed Charger that was Tara namn. "I i. Why you are in danger. Somthing BIG is coming i know. I dont know what but i know its coming."

May rolled her eyes. "And You are my brother. Charger Loves you so we are coming and we will help you. We in New Mexico right now.

Where are you"

Xander nodded to himself stupid stubborn females. But he loved them one like a sister the other like a girlfrind. "Sunnydale califonia." he said.

May nodded "Alright then we know more. By the way we acidently got two hitchikers with us from home. And one lokal so make room brother" Xander "Yes i will tell charger i love her. Spider-girl i hate to say good buy and run but i have to fight vampires now see you" He said closing the comunication.

In the distans he could here gunfire and lauging and mocking from vampires. "Guns dont hurt us mortal why not try agien."

Xander jumped forward moving in full spider speed and he could see them.

Two men a older one that looked like frindly guy and a scrawny geek like man standing beside a butifull female with cold eyes holding a big gun. Xander grinned she could only was a Lady.

They where surrounded by five vampires that looked hungry. The lady grinned a smile that would make a wolf afraid "Dont mind if i do." she said as she fired the gun agien.

The vampire suddenly stoped and paled "My groin you you shout Junior" he crocked out in pain.

One of the other vampire laught and pointed at him "Mhaaa Junior. is it that small"

But his laught stoped as the lady fired the gun agien. The vampire screemed "Noo Mr King Kong."

Xander raised his eyebrown If that vampire was correct the porn he was a danger to anything female in the world.

The remaining three vampire rushed the humans ripping the gun from her hands.

Xander watched the lady knew how to fight and manage to putt one of the vampire down with a kick before they manage to hit her driving her down.

Time to save the night. "You know boys that is realy bad way to make frinds" He said as he jumped kicked two of the vampires away webbing the bullet wounded vampires.

The standing vampire looked at his cheast that now hade a nice wodden stake sticking out from it. "Crapp" it said before turning to dust.

Xander igorned it as he drew another stake moving fast he jumed staking the other vampires one by one.

The stranger stod up looking in chock as he moved in full speed dusting vampire.

The geek looked "Oo woow. He realy IS real. Captain SPider" "Miss Parker do you think thats a human or" old man said.

The lady Miss Parker frowned "I dont know. Maby another Labbrat that run away from sombodys labb."

Xander was intrested labbrat he wonder who thise guys where. "My namn as i said to the New paper is Spider-Man Not captain spider.

And for your information i am human a super-human and im not a runaway labbratt."

The lady grinned "Well if we cant find Ratboy you atleast will make our bosses happy." She said aiming the gun to his head.

Xander "Not mutch gratidute. Miss Parker." glad he remember what they called her.

The lady Miss Parker frowned "Gratidute get you nowhere in life" Xander/spider-man hand moved fast grapping her gun and his spider sense screemed forcing him to dodge as she fired to gun.

But she was not faster then he was his hand held the end of the gun as he ripped it away from her hands. Probly breaking her finger.

Xander/Spider-man walked closer slowly ripping the gun sunder breaking the smaller parts with his hand bending steel and crushing the wood.

"The last time i was gentle to a criminal female she almost killed me. And my frinds. SO lady know this come in my way endager my frinds and i break evrybone in your body." Hi growled out in a dangerus tone of voice somthing he learened to do from Logan and Daredevil.

The strangers backed down carfully. Xander dropped the broken gun. "Now if i was you i would run. their is still vampires out their and i will not save you agien."

The strangers where not stupid they ran away. or in the case of the lady she walked fast away.

Grinning to himself Xander sneaked after them keeping anymonster or demon away from them as he spied on them trying to find out where they where living and what they where doing.

He was kind of impresed by the Lady. She was dangerus and still he felt that she hade a loot of lojalty and frindship just begging to be used. He hade the feling that she was a good girl that knew only evil and never hade the change to be what she aways was ment to be.

Later mutch later a tired Xander arrived in Summer home where he was staying.

Now it was time to sleep and time to make up plans and time to find a way to tell the gang about his family.

Life was never esy but atleast it was intresting.

Chapter 8

Sunnydale Morning...

Inside The Sunrise Caffe..

The gang and Joce hade gather up to talk buisness and eat breakfast. Willow swallowed a large zipp of coffe as she started to talk. "So what are we going to do about the guys leving the notes in my room." she said her voice a bit nervuse.

Xander frowned he forgoten about that. Now telling willow and the rest of the gang about His sister and X-girlfrind Or is it current girlfrind.. He was not sure about that.

Telling them would probly confuse them even more. Specily as they hade with them Two unknown hitchiker from that world. And one lokal.

Giles "yes that is disturbing. it looks from what you told us that both agents is willing to talk but they do not trust eatch other.

What do you way Xander.

Xander "It sounds plausible," he answered not realy thinking about his english. But if he did not tell them then confusion would happend.

Buffy "Huuu plausible is that a english world Giles." Giles cleaned his glasses "yes Buffy. And you are right But witch one would be best suited to contact first."

Faith frowned somthing was wrong with Webb-head.. "Why dont we contact both and force them to answer"

Giles sighted "That might make them less then frindly. I might add." Buffy "I still dont know what Blausifish means"

Willow "Somthing possible or worthy of being belived. I think"

Jocye "You do catch more fly with honny then viniger. But it might be best if spider-man did the contact instead of US that way we would not conect him with us. What do you say Xander"

Xander "yes I do think honny catch fly." and he was thinking. And then the 'parker' lady and her gang of thugs the geek and the old man and the other two that stayed in the hotelroom he hade folowed them to.

They look like they belong to a secret potentily evil organisation. And they where hunting sombody She called Ratboy.

Oz raised a eyebrown "Pink elefanth fly south this time of year Xander im i right"

Xander nodded "yes i think they do." And he was thinking. Finding the 'ratboy' could be usefull he might be a alied. And a secret organisation like that is not good.

I just know that the 'parker' female is a good but misguided person i might be able to save her but how.

Willow held her hand infront of her face trying to stop herself from giggling.

Buffy grinned "Moom dont dance nude. Xander tell her" Xander "Buffy she is adult if if.. What what did you say Jocye did" he said

The gang started to giggle and laught.

Xander sighted "Sorry was thinking hard i kind of get lost in my mind."

Giles "We hardly noticed. Might i inqure somthing. One how did you learn real english and what did you think about that was that importaint."

Xander sighted well now he hade a real reson to tell them. "Well the first is esy My dad Peter Parker IS a teatcher and a proffesor and a genius. He was 15 when he created the webbfluide from scratch and he have a loot of frinds that we learned from.. That and when Me and May where 4 years old a old enemy kidnaped us and we lived with his family In england with a nanny. It took tree years before dad manage to find us"

Giles cleaned his glasses "I i see."

Xander grinned "Dad was a superhero before he lost his legg you cant go around saving the world to many times with out enemys"

Giles nodded. Buffy blinked.

Faith grinned "Cool.. I realy like to hear more about your family it looks wicked cool."

Xander nodded "You will belive me you will thats one of the things i was thinking so hard about. I got a message last night. My sister May and Tara My girlfrind I think.. Decided they could not live with out me and are now in New Mexico. And they are bringing some frinds" Buffy "Girlfrind you think.."

Faith "Cool she was like Spider-girl right. You'r girl did she have powers"

Jocye "Me and Giles will help you find a home fore them do not worry. You said frinds how many are they"

Willow "your sister but but i what about how" Giles "How did they come here a diffrent realty. And Jocye im not sure i will have the time to help them But i will try."

Oz "Cool"

Xander sighted and pointed at Buffy. "First Buffy. Girlfrind I think becuse she and Me have been on and off. Mostly becuse She keep on dumping me evrytime she go on a dangerus mission.. Then she come back. And she did dump me just befor i moved here and i dont know if she is my girl or not right now"

Buffy blinked "Ooo.."

Xander pointed at Faith "Yes spider girl. And Tara have power to.

You have to ask her "Faith nodded "Thats fair but i will bugg you untill you say it anyway."

Xander pointed at Jocye "Thank you i been worried about living room. And they are three frinds One is a person they found in New mexico. And that all i know about them."

Jocye nodded "Well we bether prepair ourself Do you have any idea of a person willing to cross dimension just to find you"

Xander "No i do not Jocye."

Xander then turned to Willow "Willow You are my frind all of you are my frind. I asked GOD the creator for a change to be reborn just becuse you are all my frinds. May IS my frind and my family but so are all of you.

A person can never have to many frinds or to large family. All of you even the guys Oz and Giles are Family and i love you all."

Willow swallowed "Im sorry i just was afraid that you leve agien" Xander nodded. taking a zipp of his coffe.

Around him the girls where looking at him like they loved him and that was strangly warm and fuzzy feling.

Even Giles and Oz gave him frindly looks in a brotherly way somthing he misted.

Sighting Xander turned to Giles "I think they asked Illiana Rasputin OR Dr Strange. Dr Strange IS the greates mage in the world and protecter of earth he have more them once manage to kick demon lords but in their own dimensions.

Illiana was a girl a young mutant that was kidnaped by demons, Many years later she returned after she manage to learn magik and Kill the Demon lord ruling the demon dimension and she became the Queen of that place.

She is a frind of a frind. Personly i hope they asked Dr Strange, Illiana give me the creep"

Giles cleaned his glasses.

Xander looked at Oz. "Its not cool my family is comming its GREAT and its Scarry.. What if they get hurt"

Oz frowned a bit "you right.. Im happy for you. And dont worry."

Buffy voice was a bit worried "You said your family was ONE of the things that distracted you what was the other."

Xander "Well a team that looks like they belong to a secret organisation is hunting ME and sombody they call Ratboy."

Giles sighted. "I have a head ache" Joce smiled "I feel so somtimes. Now days soaps on the TV are less confusing then My life is. At least its not boring"

Faith nodded "But how will we find a Ratboy." Buffy grinned "Probly underground"

..New mexico..........

Tara Felicia walked out from the buss deppo like a young queen she watched her frinds smiling "Now who like the window seats"

Evrybody raised their hands. She glared at them. "Alright we have 3 window seats and we are five. One of us will have to sitt next to a stranger but have a window seat."

Ander swallowed "You can't do that Tara. After all some might notice my extra eye" he said frindly.

Lily nodded stranger scared her. "If a stranger scare me i might transmit my mind and we cant have that."

May grinned "Im carrying our stuff.. our heavy stuff.. Tara Mac would you like to sitt next to me"

Tara Maclay nodded stranger did scare her.. Tara Felicia "Ooo crapp.. Realy good frinds i have... IF the stranger is a pervert i will fry his nuts" she growled.

She then pased on the tickeds to her frinds.

Later at the buss station.

The buss driver a big strong man frowned seing a small young reed head carrying a HUGE backpack of some kind of metalic. It looked biger then she was no way that she could put it inside the carrige compartment.

He walked over "Well let me help you with your backpack. Im your Driver O'Connel"

May blushed "I i can handle it sir. Just tell me where i should putt it. Im mutch stronger then i look" she said as she lett the backpack rest on the ground.

The driver O'connel "I dont mind My Grandma and My wife would never forgive me unless i helped a kid like you. Lets put it inside here it be more esy for you to take it out later" he said grapping the backpack with one of his hand and tried to lift it. "Huuurghaa..

Crapp "He could not even move it as he grabbed it with both hand and lifted slowly "Crapp that heavy.."

May frowned as she grabbed the backpack with her small hands lifting it. "Let me handle it sir. Im mutch mutch stronger then i look. Most of my family are."

O'Connel blinked seing the small girl lift a back pack he barly could move esy like it was a fether. Inside the buss he could see his grandma lauging at him she was a crazy and old girl but still only looking like she was 60 when she was almost a 100 year old.

He sighted Age must be old age. Finaly his strenght was gone and now all he could do was waith untill death. "Yes i see that.." He said as he walked back.

Tara Felicity sighted "you sure destroyed His ego.." May "I did not mean to. I was afraid he would hurt himself."

Ander "Well atleast you did not crush his balls.. But i think he would felt less pain if you did."

May growled "Sure pick on me guys. Now lets go in the buss" And the gang was on their way..

As May looked out of the window she could see a pick up truck outside a older man and two younger all dressed like Cowboys they where looking around searching for somthing.

She could sense the spider-sense alarm her as they looked at the buss and they pointed towards it.

Then the buss started to move.

May frowned they hade looked towards Tara Maclay and she could sense that who ever it was outside was baad guys.

And Tara must have seen them also she looked scared shivering in fear. "Dont worry i will protect you." She wispered calming the other girl.

But outside she could see the Pickup truck driving away and forward. Probly waiting for them in the next buss stop.

...Space the Zerge fleet.......

The astroids where almost done now and the Overlords huge living ship they where among the smartest of the Zergs Eatch overmind controlled units of Zerges.

Now they where monitor earth trying to find the best targets of attack.

Their brains and the brains of the other Zerges was connected and created a living Overmind consisting of evry living Zerg with in five light years.

As the smaller individual version of the Zergs where debatting targets and attack paterns.

The overmind where investigating Earth also. Its powerfull mind was finding disterbing rifts dimensional rift between this dimension and Anti-Life dimensions. (Anti-life Dimension = Demon dimension)

The Zergs would have to close them permanent A sacrificial ritual would could do that It would only take about half a milion human life and Earth hade loots of human so the Zerge would not miss that small number..

Earth sunnydale...

The meeting was over and the girls hade gone to school Xander blinked and made a mental list of things to do.

1 Contact secret Goverment agents individualy as Spider-man. 2 Spy on secret organisation agents.

3 Search for 'Ratboy' 4 Later during the night Patroll for Vampire and go to sleep.

5 Prepair hom for family and frinds. 6 Prepair universety class.

7 plan the destruction of the Mayor.

"Crapp i need a secretary" Xander said as he walked towards the university "Nr 6 on the list i can do today. and nr 5. Why am i talking to myself" He looked around nobody have heard him exept..

Small 5 year old girl "Mooma why is that scarry man talking to himself"

Mother of 5 year old girl "Dont look at the crazy man darling just walk away. Fast"

Xander sighted somday it was not worth to wake up.


The Student councell smilled she was a big wommen in erly 40 somthing. But she did look frindly and tuff as a brick wall "Well you are lucky Mr Parker we have time for you right now. But later do try to book some time in advance"

Xander nodded "Thanks and do call me Alex or Xander. Parker make me try to find dad. And im only called Alexander when im in trouble."

The councell smiled "Well that Alex you can call me Eve. And when other teatcher is nearby Do call me Mrs Elander."

Xander nodded "of course. Well Eve you did go over my test score and what do you think."

She frowned "The teatchers and the profesors are stunned your idea on Genetic is brilliant as are your computer skills. We would be proude to have you as a student in here"

Xander grinned in his other world he was a young college student and did some work in Bio enginering and robot programing. In areas like that This world was decade after.

"Well im mostly home schooled. So lets talk classes." Thankfully the Computer May hade with her updated his Identy and made it more esy for him to start with school.

And the day passed. Later he sneaked away to find the agents.

Finding the two secret goverment agent hade been esy depressingly esy they where following Giles.

And sneaking inside their room hade been almost TO esy.

But exept a small collection of Mr Potato head Xander found nothing unusual.

He did find the Agent namn one jarod ness. And Rily Finn. Rily finns papper said he was a FBI agent but his ID-card was strange probly a real goverment ID-card but not a real FBI card.

Witch ment that he must be working for another goverment organisation.

And the young agent moved more lika soldier tuff take shitt from nobody and no sneaking around.

Jarod was more esy he was NSA. And he moved like a real agent kind of stealty dont notice me and IF you do notice me Im the boss.

But somthing was wrong about him.

Xander sighted before he got a idea. He did find hair from the two agents.

And he did find fingerprints in the bathroom. And he did have the equipment needed to take sample.

The DNA register in this world was barly existing but he could get lucky and if not fingerprints registry did exist.

Problem would be to find equipment cable of reading DNA in this world but the univerity might have that.

The agents from the secret organisation was harder to sneak inside. As they hade not moved from the motel room.

But he did get inside the air conditioning.

The room was mostly emty the geek Broots was the only one inside tapping on a computer. The other where just outside talking about Jarod.

Xander blinked. Was Jarod, Jarod Ness agent of NSA the Ratboy they where hunting.

Xander started to listen more carfull this was intresting.

Hour later Broots finaly stod up and walked out from the room to the bathroom.

As soon as he was gone Xander crawled out from the air concitioning ducs and jumped to the computer. He was lucky the Geek forgot to logg of.

Connectiong his own portable computputer to Broots Xander started to hack himself inside copying evrything he could.

Second past and then Ping he was done. as he putt the cable away the bathroom door started to open and Xander looked around and jumped up to hide.

Using the old hang on the roof and hope they dont look up hiding place.

Broots sattdown tapping away on the computer then frowned. "Strange. I could have swear that." he swallowed nervusly if anybody stole information from his computer they would probly kill him.

Time to keep silent and hope he was wrong.

Xander blinked the agent looked scared to death then just continued working.

silently he crawled forward to next room. Going true the air ducks would be imposible.

In the other room two goons where sitting eating and watching TV Science world a documentary of space.

That was strange smart goons.

then a sound made him frezze Twinkies. Sombody opend a bag of twinkies.

He followed the sound to the kitchen. The older man sattdown eating a twinki and a small box filled with the cremy goody was sitting on the floor.

Xander sighted to sneak out or to revile himself and eat..

Grinning he could outfight the hole gang so why not and he did manage to catch the older mans namn.

He dropped down from the roof hanging upside down on a small spider webb right in front of the older man,. "good day to you mr Sydney"

Sydney "Aaaa... where" he said almost screemed but manage to hold his voice down.

Xander frowned under the mask that meant that he hade remecble controll or lived in a dangerus place.

"After getting to know you and your frind last night i decided it would be nice to dropp by and say HI.. So hi Im Spider-man.. You would not happen to have a Twinky i could have"

Sydney held up the box to him. Grinning xander grabbed the candy with his right hand removing the lover part of the mask so his mouth was seen.

Sydney frowned "How do you do that. Your hanging from a small line with your feet."

Xander "the same way i do when i walk upside down. Its a gift." Sydney blinked "may i ask where that gift is from."

Xander nodded "May i ask about what a Pretender is,"

Sydney froze in fear.

Xander "Well from what i could read on the computer your gang kidnaped torture and abused a young child. Then when he became adult and ran away your organisation tried to hunt himdown. Am i correct so far"

Sydney nodded "Yes. Where did you find out that" Xander grinned "Speed reading hanging upside down behind Mr Broots. Now could you explain more about the Pretender"

Sydney "You did not reat about that" Xander grinned "I did. But i might have missed somthing. And no i will not tell you what i read. You tell me and i will tell you about my powers"

Sydney "Jarod is a genius a universal genius read a book about surigye tonight do the operation during the morning."

Xander blinked "Thats impresive. A bit limited compared to what i read but more less complicated."

Sydney "So how do you do that" Xander grinned "Simple my dad was bitten by a genetic manipulated spider."

Sydney blinked the 'spider-man sounded serius' "That dont explain mutch"

Xander nodded "It explain about as mutch as what you said about Jarod the pretender. But im a bit suprised you where his doctor where you not.

Sydney nodded "yes i was." Xander continued "I expected anybody that do that to what you and your gang did to a child to be dressed like hitler Not be jewish like you are."

Sydney froze "I hade no choise. And i tried to treat him good"

Xander smiled in a evil way "We always have a choise. evil can only win if good men do nothing.

Hitler manage to murder million becuse good men was afraid of doing what was right.

Somtimes you have to be reddy to die for those you love and the innocent OR you will be nothing but the next generation of Dr Mengler. You are a jew but you Mr Sydney have lost your right to complain.

You Mr Sydney are just as evil as they are."

The two staried at eatch other before Sydney "You sound like you have expirement with evil doctors"

Xander nodded he could sense sombody sneaking inside, the smell of shampo and tobac told him who it was "I have seen frinds being killed just becuse they where diffrent.

I seen that. Most doctors where like you good guys that was to afraid to say NO this is WRONG.

To me you and your kind is just as responsible you could have gone to the News you could have tried to free him all you hade to lose was your life.

But you choce to turn a blind eye and obey those that acted in a evil way.

And now they are hunting him and they are hunting me. If a fight happens do not expect me to be gentle with you i will break bones.

I hope you heard me Miss Parker and do dropp the gunn before i make you eat it." He said in a grimm tone of voice.

Then he dropped the webbline bouncing on the floor on his arms he jumped over the table landing on his leggs behind Miss Parker. "Say it and i will help you. I will protect you and Ratboy.."

Before she hade the time to move Xander/Spider-man hade manage to jump crawl away shoot his webb on the thuggs binding them stuck on the soffa and he was outside jumping like a bigg frogg away.

Miss Parker swallowed. "That was not humanly possible." Sydney frowned "His dad was bitten by a geneticly manipulated spider"

Miss Parker blinked "WHAT !!.. What Are you talking about" Sydney "That was what he said when he told me about his powers. I think he was explaning about its origen"

Miss Parker growled "Thats not a explanation thats a Enigma." she said storming out from the room only stopping as she watched the goones struggling from the bindings. "Just watch TV idiots the rope will break after a hour or so. Or you will break the Soffa"

Sydney nodded wondering what Jarod would think about this after he E-mailed him. But for now he would have to think what the young man said was true. He did turn a blind eye and that made him part of the evil that was going on inside the Center.

But he was not a brave person.

New Mexico....

May hold Tara Maclay close "So do not worry i will protect you." She sighted to be hunted by her own family what a awfull life.

She did have the feling the girl hade hold back somthing more but she was afraid and that was only naturly.

Leaning forward she tabbed the chair where Tara Felicia satt. "Did you hear what she said"

Tara F nodded looking over the shoulder "I did. We gott to help her" A old lady poke up her head "You sure the police cant help her" she looked to be atleast 60 years old or more.

May blinked "Who is that." Tara F "Oo thats.. Im sorry what did you say your namn was"

The old lady grinned "Im Evelyn Carnan. Former advantures and retired arcelogist"

May "Riight.. Well I say Me and 'punchbag' over their beat them up." Ander stucked up his head from the chair behind them "Mee. beat guys up but but"

May "Its not like you would be hurt right" Ander "Well right but im not good at figthing."

Evelyn sighted "No real heros today. Thats whats wrong with the world today. No real men reddy to fights and almost no girls ready to stand by their side to be a real heroin and fight for whats right.

Well do not worry Dear i will help you. I do remember my Rick always ready to kick butt and"

May hide her grin. "Im sure you could help by keeping Lily safe. I can handle them. And you Ander will come with me"

Ander swallowed "But what if they have knifes." May blinked "Oo yea. Well i just kick their buts alone."

Evelyn "thats awfull brave of you. But girl you should not do that alone you could get hurt."

With that she walked over to the bussdriver and started to talk to him.

May "That was a funny old girl" Tara Felicty "Yes. Atleast i did not end up next to a pervert. crazy old fool talking about mummys and.." She stoped.

May "You think she actuly know about the supernatural" They where silent.

In front of the buss by the drivers side.

"Now listen up Junior Your Grandfather would spinn jump in his grave unless you help them. That girl needs help and they cant do it them self" Evelyn complained to her Grandson.

The driver O'connel sighted.. He knew that he hade no change agienst grandma. "Yes grandma i will help them."

She nodded happy as she walked back in the buss and sattdown.

Soon the buss would stop as they came closer to Silver City.

The buss stop outside Silver City in one of the villaged outside was a small stop. no Police and only a small waiting hall.

And the buss stoped. One by one the passangers walked out.

Outside was two gang Waiting.

Both wating for the same buss to catch the same girls.

First gang was a motor cycle gang.

the other gang was Tara Maclay family. A family that was abusiv and consider her nothing more then a slav.

May groned "Crapp. The bikergang is their also" Evelyn frowned "Bikergang."

Tara M nodded "Ye,yes they where going to rape me b,But May beat them up and stole their mony."

Evelyn grinned "Thats great kid."

Tara F smiled "Old girl i real like you"

Ander and Lily nodded "We like you to" They said. May nodded "yes your funny"

Evelyn smiled "Well you kids just call me grandma. evrybody do that" The driver Steve O'connel her oldes grandchild already 39 year old married with two childen stod up. "Well i go out and drive them away." He said sigthing.

Evelyn "You see Ateast my boys know when to bee a hero" she said as she also walked out.

May sighted "I bether go with them." Tara Maclay "b,be carfull"

Tara Felicy "You like my helps" small bolts of lighting danced between her fingers seen only by the other Tara and May.

May "Nope i can handle it. time to go kung-fu girl on them" Lily "Yeay Can i be your chearleader"

May "Next time" she sneaked after the driver and his grandma.

Steve was a big man and he held a Tire iron in his hand like a clubb he looked dangerus. "Look here now boys. The passangers are under My protection so are the girls you are trying to catch."

The biker blinked and frowned but before he could say anything the leader of the other gang moved forward.

Jeb Maclay "MY dotter is not that buss and That Bitch is coming back with me" he growled.

His sons nodded "yes No way that freek have the right to runaway" Tara Maclay oldes brother said.

The biker frowned "You can have the blond girl if its her your talking about. I just want the redhead" he said pointing at May.

May grinned smacking her fist toghter. "Kung-fu Lesson Nr 2.." The biker gang growled as they pulled out chaines and knifes the leader that looked like Hulks baby brother grinned evil "No way litle girl this time we are ready for you"

May grinned even more as she ran forward and attacked the gang before they even hade the chance to say anything more.

She Jumped kick the leader agien thise time breaking his shoulder and landed rolling on the ground in a standing position infront of two of gang menbers one using a bicykle chain and the other a basball batt. her fist when flying out in their guts knocking both of them down puking in pain.

The last Gang member backed down looked at his big Bovie knife and realised John Wayn was right Heros alway win and he was a bad guy.

May blinked as the last member ran away.

She then turned to the Maclay family. "Tara is with us now. So go away or i will talk to you"

Jeb Maclay growled as he pulled the jacked back showing of his revolver "Your good girl but you cant outfight a bullet"

May grinned but Suddenly..

-BOOOM- a laude shoot gun was heard Jeb and boys dived for couver as a huge hole was blown true the window of their pick up truck.

Evelyn O'Connol stold up holding a big 44 in both hands "Sorry for the car i was aiming at your head boy" She said to Jeb "Lets try agien" She said now aiming at one of his boys.

Steve O'connel "Grandma.." he said in chock "YOu said you did not have ammunition anymore."

Evelyn grinned "I lied"

Jeb looked over his boys then where afraid.

suddenly a small hand knocked on his shoulder he turned around and their stod the reedhead.

May grinned as she drew his guns trowing them under the buss "I dont like guns. Asshole"

Jeb growled grabbing May arm and a knife but May twisted trowing him over her shoulder and ripped the knife free trowing it away.

Jr Maclay screemd as the knife suddenly landed in his foot and drew blood. "Aaa good my foot im bleeding"

Bobby Maclay looked over the situation Dad was on the ground his older brother was bleeding.

And the reed head witch was grinning like a evil bitch. "Dad Jr lets go.. We can get Tara later" he said.

Jeb growled but even he nodded it was time to fight and it was time to run.

May nodded seing them jump and drive away she walked to the buss picked up the gun. "Nice.. I think my brother would like to have this"

Ander "Can i get it" Tara F, and Tara M "NO NO way"

Lily giggled. "That was fun."

Evelyn nodded "Now lets you kids come home with me my grandson and his family will give you some food."

Steve O'connel nodded "That i will do. Girl you realy figth well. Think you could teatch my dotter how, She 16 your age i think."

May "Im 17. And it would be a bit hard to teatch. But you guys helped me so why dont we tell you a fantastic story. And why dont you Evelyn tell us about YOUR story i think you know more about the real world then most do"

Evelyn frowned but nodded even if she told them the kids would belive she was a old crazy fool talking about mummys and undead in egypte.

Then she blinked seeing the bandana Ander hade was removed by may. The kid hade 3 eyes.

Steve blinked "What the. Is he human" May nodded "He is human only a mutated human. But lets talk supernatural i need to know. We need to know"

Evelyn nodded "Lets go home it might do you wife and kids good to know what realy is hiding in the dark of the city"

Chapter 9

The sun hade not rised yet it was only 4 in the morning but allready In a small village outside Silver City new Mexico lamps was shinging in a living room in a small villa.

Evelyn was sitting camly reading a book of egyptic scribes now days she realy did not sleep werry mutch evrytime she closed her eyes she could feel the warm hands of death and the wispering from her loved once on the other side asking her wondering when she will follow them to the other side.

And evry night it was harder and harder for her to say no not yet im only 99 years old im still curiuse.

for her age she was remacle fitt a body most 60 years old would envid and she did not look a day over 65.

Last night hade been a exating day. Strangers from a alternat realty.

heros comming after their loved one to fighting demons and vampires to join their loved ones a boy that asked the creator her self a change to be reborn to help his frind in this realty.

And the profe the telepatich girl was incredible. And the boy with 3 eyes and imunity to any blunth force was strange. But the power of Tara Felicty was stunning eletricty it self able to charged her self trowing lighting and even flying IF charged by eletricity.

And then girl with the spider powers. For the first time she her self hade been able to tell her story about Mummys undead army that she and her husband hade been fighting in Egypte and HER own family belived her.

She could tell them about the vampires and the demon that lived outside. And finaly be belived.

Evelyn never realy belived that she could predict the mind of the creator. But this time she hade a good idea what the creator was planing and that scared her.

"Hi grandma. You are thinking" her dauther in law said. Annie was a young girl only about 38 or so the realty she seen yester day hade frighten the girl.

Evelyn smiled "Sitt down child." she said frindly. "Hade problem sleeping Annie"

Annie nodded as she smiled "Im not a child you know." Evelyn "Thats crapp. evry one of us needs evry now and then to be treated as a child to feel safe. And right now you are a child.

Beside im old so in my opinion you are a child. Now come over and give me a hugg and i protect you"

Annie nodded "Thanks gramndma" she said hugging her Grandma in law. "Im afraid. the monster from my nightmares is real and"

Evelyn "And. The change you have to see them are small normaly." Annie frowned "normaly."

Evelyn sighted. "If what the kids told me. Somthing Big and bad is coming our way. And They are OUR deffenders. The creator her self send them to protect us."

Annie frowned "That sound crazy." Evelyn smiled "probly. But i seen magik and gods before."

A voice interupted them "What did you meen" it was Steve her grandson standing tall in a night shirt with a Garfield pring on.

Evelyn "From what i understand the creator gave her brother the change to protech Our realty by being born in HER family with those powers."

They nodded so she continued. "So far our realty have been protected by the Slayer and other champions. IF he needs those kind of powers somthing BIG is comming our way and they are going to protect us in the near future.

Somthing bad. Or its somthing that will come in the future and their childen probly mutans will be the ones to protect US normal"

Annie swallowed "What do you think it is." Evelyn sighted "I have no idea. Reading books from the past the creator is all about choices make the right one and you survive.

Evulution of the fittest. They are not our only hope just ONE of our hope. I just wonder if the danger is coming soon or in the future"

Steve "Grandma now you are scaring me" he said feling like a child not the 39 year old adult he was.

Evelyn sighted "Im just a crazy old fool.. But if you like i could arrange gun training and martial art training to the family. I now some body that teatch."

Annie nodded "I like that we cold make it a family thing" The living room was silens agien.

"its not fair" one of them said. Evelyn sneared in a frindly tone "Its life kids get used to it. Now go to beed agien both of you"

Her grandchildren nodded as they walked up to beed.

..Later sunnydale...

Night or erly morning if you could call 4 in the morning somthing other then night.

Xander crawled inside he hade already search the room for bugges and found nothing.

He crawled over to AGent Jarod AkA Labbrat beed and put his hand over his mouth. "Wake up sleepy head" he said frindly.

Jarod eyes shoot open but he was silent even after sensing a hand pressed hard over his mouth.

Even after seeing a man in a skinntight black suite with reed spider-webb pather on it sitting on the wall not the floor.

the fact that he was sitting on the wall ALMOST made even him screem in panic.

Xander/spider-man wispered "Im not going to hurt you i just like to talk to you"

Jarod nodded "its not a good place. Sombody might be listning" Xander nodded "Do you trust me" he said holding out his hand. In it was a silk bagg the size of his head.

Jarod blinked then nodded "I do."

Xander "Put the bag over your head and we can talk in my place."

Jarod nodded grinning to himself this was like somthing out of a cartoon. Hiding his shivering he putt the bagg over his head and it was dark.

Spider-man lifted him up like he was a child and carried him away jumping between roofs moving faster then a human should be able to swinging and then crawling down down down.

Jarod knew it was a cave Spider man hade crawled to far down for it to be anythingels then a cave.

"The spider-cave" he said in voice filled with awe. Xander raised a eyebrown under his mask "You like Batman. You can remove the bagg now"

Jarod nodded "yes. its quite entertaning" He said looking around it was deppresing lithel of intrest inside. But the things that was inside was fachinating..

A small labb some kind of boiling was going on. A computer a big one.

Looking around he could see a file sitting on a small table.

Spider-Man looked at him "I found a group being attacked by vampire after rescuing them they comparied me with sombody namned Ratboy.

And tried to capture me. Naturly i visit them today even and what i found in their computer made me sick the way they treated you where wrong. Those guys are like the Natzist or Like FoH."

Jarod frowned "So you know." Spider-man nodded "If you keep my secret i will keep yours." He said walking forward extending his right hand "Hi my namn is Alexander Parker. I was born in a alternat realty one with Mutans and superhumans. Like me and like you"

Jarod blinked and grinned "Alternat realty. Mutants superhumans." This was like a cartoon.

Xander grinned activating a program in the computer "Recognicing this" he said.

Jarod sattdown reading the file. "Its DNA my DNA. thats the abnormalty that makes me a pretender"

Xander nodded "Look at this" he said activating another file. jarod bentforward reading more closly. "its simlare but diffrent."

Xander nodded "its called the X-geen. Diffrent version but still you are a Superhuman. A homo Sapien Superior. The next stepp on the evulution of humanity"

Jarod blinked. "Its possible." he confirmed. Xander "I am. your X-geen and Mine is higly flexible any children you have will most likly have some kind of super ability involving thinking and learning. But it might change like this and then it would become a mental ability like Telepathy or Telekinesis"

Jarod "Thats not possible"

Xander "It is possible extremly possible. You chould see my girlfrinds X-gen its almost identicle and she can controll Eletricty" Jarod nodded. "I see. But if its so flexible what the ods that more then one in my family have the same ability."

Xander "A clone would be identicel any children it would be about 40% change for it to be the same. But brother or sister that depends on your father or mother"

Jarod blinked "How" Xander "If your parent are Born mutants then the change of your siblings having the same powers is only 40%. But if they are Mutaded during their life then its almost 90%" he pushed a button showing a small graft about how it worked.

Jarod looked reading the example. "YOU seem to know a bit of this or is it teoris"

Xander "Both. Mutant reserch is a new area in MY original realty. But i was studying Bio enginering in new York college. Some of my tutors and frinds where among the leading expert in genetic reserch"

Jarod nodded "I see.. Incredible its facinating"

Xander "Most of this i just writen down from my memory of how it work."

Jarod looked around "The spider-cave.." Xander nodded "Jupp."

Jarod frowned "You said FoH what is that" Xander "A rasist terrorist group hating mutans killing them. Frinds of Humanity founded by a man namn Creed he was the child of two mutans but somhow born with out the X-gen."

Jarod "Your past our future right" Xander "Probly not. You seen the vampire and the demons in this town" Seeing Jarod nodd he continued "Somting Big is coming i was first born in this realty i died. And was reborn in the other realty as a mutant child of a man that was mutaded. And then my memory returned and i was given the choise to stay with my family or return and try to protect this version of earth frow what ever is comming" Jarod "You are sure"

Xander nodded "jepp. have no idea of what it is but its somthing BIG"

Jarod frowned "it might not be YOU that will protect the world. It might be a danger that the world will need your children powers in order to be safe"

Xander blinked "That that somthing i never taught about" Jarod "IF and Only IF what you say is true. The influense of Your DNA in our world would result in more mutans not many but after some generation specly as erly version of Mutans exist the evulution of mutans will advance"

Xander sighted "You right. half the X-gen normaly come from the father and half from the mother exept in cases of Mutated then the hole thing might jump.."

Jarod smiled "And erly version exist as my family is the proffe of" Xander "Well thats intresting. Maby i should try donate sperm"

Jarod grinned "maby that would sure advance somthing" they laught then they looked at eatch other "If somthing bad is comming that would be a good way of making sure that somthing survive" Jarod said..

Xander "You belive me" he asked. jarod "No not exacly. just that i belive YOU belive what you said.

And i did see vampire and demons so i decided to trust for now. "Xander grinned "great. Read this two notes. one of them is yours the other is your partner both found by Willow"

Jarod started to grin now that this will be fun. He then turned to Xander "Well What about the Center agents."

Xander grinned "I can take them out and runthem out of town in a heart beat. But i think Miss Parker can be saved. But Sydney i dont know. I think he is to fachinated by his work to ever break away from the center."

Jarod "Sydney is a good man. I cares for me." Xander "Probly but ask yourself. What do he care for more. You or his work. Is his love a fathers love or a Pet owner"

Jarod staried angry back wondering slowly opening his memory and profiling Sydney. "he cares about me. But he truly love the work he can solve by using me."

Xander nodded "I know its hard he is the closes thing to a dad you hade growing up."

Jarod sighted. "You dont know you dont understand." Xander "your right i dont. But im trying i can remember dying in the pitts of hell torture body mind and soul. I can remember the arch Angels saving me and the glory that is the creator standing infront of me. I know pain Jarod but i cant realy understand your pain exacly But i understand pain"

Jarod nodded.. "Could you carrie me home now." Xander grinned "yes. Lets go." he said frindly.

Morning Silver city...

"Good Morning" May said "Its time to eat breakfast"

Tara Felicy groned "Kill me. Its to erly" Tara Maclay "i,its almost 7 in the morning"

But slowly the gang moved down to eat.

The O'Conners family and their children also moved down slowly.

Their was Annie the mother. Steve the father.

Bell the 16 year old girl. and Ronnie a 14 year old boy.

and the baby of the family Lisa only 9.

And of course Evelyn Steves grandmother.

the kids was still a bit freaked out by what they learned last night. But they got used to it remakble fast.

Ronnie "So are you going to be a superhero like superman" He asked Ander.

Ander nodded "jeep im going to be the Amazing Punchbag" The two was the same age even if Ander look more like a 12 year old and Ronnie big sporty atleth look like a 16 year old They hade amidiatly become frinds.

Lisa giggled "Thats a stupid namn" Ander "its not. its a code namn based upone my powers. I am a living punch bag Hit me and i cant get hurt"

Evelyn smiled seing her great grandkids argu like mutants from a alternat realty was normal guest in her steves home.

"So i was thinking going by buss to Sunnydale will take weeks. maby Annie and Steve could drive you"

Steve pinched his nose. "Grandma.. Well i can take time of have have the rights. And Annie what do you say take time of a month dropp thise guys of at Sunnydale and then the rest of us go and see Disney world"

If it hade been dark then the kids eyes glowed in hope of seeing the holly-land of disney.

Annie "But school they... Kids IF we go just take time of you have to promis me EATCH of you ONE straight A in school and atleast three B+ OR none of you will get any allowens for six month"

The kids swallowed mom hade the tone of voice that said She do it. slowly they nodded.

Bell "It be worth it." Lisa "yes."

Ronnie "Absolutly.. But it will be hard to go with out mony after wards"

May sneared "Thats stupid thinking Ron. You have problem in school Right."

Ronnie nodded. "Yes im stupid alright" He sighted being a young footballplayer he realy hade no real interst in anything then sport and girls.

May "I seen your books they are advanced. I bet you only have a reading disorder or are lazy. Hire a tutor to help you. Consider how mutch you spend on computer games you can affored it"

Ronnie frowned "I i think so but what will the other say if i hang around the geeks"

May frowned "I tell you oneting. Im a straight A student. And a basketplayer before i became a mutant. Being geek is somthing improude of if yourfinds cant exept that they they are NOT frinds." Ronnie sighted but noddes "Well yes. ANd i do not have a dissorder im just lazy."

Evelyn giggeled "Your great Grandfather was like that smart as they come but lazy never study if he could help it untill after egyped then he understod the vaule of knowledge" she smiled that boy sure looked like her Rick.

Steve stod up "Well im going to make some calles to work. The rest of you pack up and we leve today"

Annie "What about clodes and" Evelyn "you can buy that on the way im coming with you and im sponsoring a chopping spree for all of us in Phoenix. Finaly a advanture with my family. I just hope we find no demons"

Bell "Dont worry nothing can go wrong"

Evelyn froze "Never ever say those world"

Bell "Gramdma dont be silly its just words" May "You are doomed doomd i say"

around her Tara & Tara, Ander and Lily nodded looking sad at Bell. Evelyn seing the hiden smile on May and the other 'mutans' face hide her on smile "I bether back some stakes and a knife just in case"

Bell walked away looking afraid.


the house car a mobile home backed out from the yard and the family was on their way on the first road tripp in years.

Inside May and Tara felicity was giddy in joy soon they would see Alex agien.


Slowly the astroides started to move bosted by the Zerge ships and the zerg fleet once agien one their move towards earth.

Most of them was cloaked but some would be uncloaked to trick the earth natives to revil and use up all their missiles in advanced.

And to find out where they hide the nukes.

Earth would be theirs and the humans would be slaves and food in the glory of the Overmind.

For the glory of the Overmind. Was the reson the Zerg lived and died.

Earth LA..

In Angel was talking to a man namned Doyl a profet send to him when he suddenly screemed in pain and fainted.

Angel carfully picked up his seer and waited. As Doyle waked up he looked even paler "Angel we have to run. Most of those living in a Bigg city like LA will die. Anyone living near the sea will drown. I saw rain of fire over evry city on earth.

gigant floodwawes earth quake and and "He swallowed "Aliens.. You got to belive me"

Angel sighted "Doyle Its time you stoped drinking man.."

Doyle watched his boss walk out. "But its true ITS TRUE" he groned "Crapp my head the pain.. its True Angel"

Earth Nasa...

The old scientist blinked "What the hell." Acording to the computer many astroide suddenly started to move.

towards Earth. "Fucking imposible.." He pushed the alarm button and picked up the phone. "Sir the computer OR me is crazy gigantic rain of astroides are moving towards earth faster then they should."

His boss blinked "Have you double checked the information. The old man frowned "Are you defth according to the rule We warn NSA FIRST then we double check the computer. THEIRS rule."

His Boss frowned "It probly is a malfuntion are you willing to risk OUR carrier on that"

The older man sighted "Sir are you willing to risk your life if true" His boss stoped "I call NSA. But if its wrong you where drunk at work"

The older man "Fine fine. I freeking going to get drunk as a skunk to celebreath IF im wrong."

Slowly the american goverment got its information. NSA first called their rader units to confirm the information.

And forgot about it.

The Rader station put it on a list of things to do later today.

And Nasa started to double check the information by calling Russia and Sweeden and other contrys to cheack up what was happening out their.

One by one like a sleeping gigant Earth goverment and military started to awake.

But would they even be able to do anything.

Chapter 10

two days planing and things was faling in to place.

Or atleast almost in place. Xander taught. So far the classes in the University was simple for him mutch of he hade already done in a world that where mutch more advanced in areas like that.

The USA hade Sentinels robots that was fully functional AI. Luckly or hopfully the Sentinel program hade been stoped.

So his classes in computer programing was simple but the teatcher loved him and he hade the feling that THEY where learning more then he was.

The medical areas where a bit more of a challange as he never study practical medicin before.

Only Biologial Enginering the art of geneticly change a animal or person a fachinating area that hade loots of potential in curing sickness.

But in this world their where no sutch thing yet.

So classes where going fine a bit strange a bit most of them belived that he hade invented thise brain staggering inovetions by himself. Then guys like Andrew Johatan and Warren seemed to drool and hang around him during class.

Warren did impres him the guy hade a natural talent in computer and robot programing.

They hade quite fun during class in their project. Both of them was decaded before their time.

Xander hade come from a world where they where that. Warren was just that good.

Guys like Jonothan he knew from his old life lucky his new body as Alexander parker where a bit diffrent from Alexander Harris.

Simlare that they realy consider it a spooky likness but still diffrent.

His scaar also made them act diffrently around him. Johatan was not realy studying in university yet as he still was in higschool.

But he was often hanging out with Warren as both of them took the same night classes.

Jocks tended to stay away from him Rumors might hade somthing to do with that.

Rumors about how he kicked butt becuse sombody said bad things about his frind the one eyed Buffy.

The girls realy liked it but he knew that May hade explainet it gave him a rough aura combined with his welltrained body he was a girl magnet.

But right now to Cordelias irritation he was waiting for Tara so he could find out IF they where toghter or not.

After school activity where less then suscessfull somtimes.

He did manage to make Jarod and Riley to understand that they where on the same team.

But the moment Riley found out about the Center he was planing a sniper mission to take them out with extrem predjustic.

The guy did take frindship seriusly. And after seeing some of the computer recording of jarod child hood Xander was thinking about doing the same thing.

But luckly he was to mature to do anything that stupid.

^^^^^^ Flash back ^^^^^^^^^^

Inside the motel room where Sydney and frinds are...

"HELP HELP" Sydney screemed where he was sitting on the toilet chair.

The door opend and Miss Parker walked inside. "What are you screeming about."

Sydney blushed "Im Glued to the toilet stuck cant get up.." Miss Parker nodded "I see. I think Spider-man is responsible"

Sydney "Are you sure" Miss Parker pushed the door opend..

Sydney blinked The two sweepers/assasins working for the center where glued stucked to the roof.

Under them Broots stod he hade a computer Keybord and a mouse glued stucked in his hand.

Miss Parker nodded "Its only a teory of course."

Sydney nodded "Good teory. Miss Parker did he do anything to you" he asked.

Miss Parker nodded "Yes he put glue on my Dildo and destroyed the OFF button. i have a hard time sitting down with out smiling." She said in a cool tone like she was reading a coocking book or somthing.

Sydney blushed so that was what that buzing sound was.

^^^^^ End Flash back ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Naturly the comunications between the center and him hade been a bit hard.

Strange it was Miss Parkers reaction that realy scared him. She did not get angry she just grinned and flirted with him.

In her case he hade used a glue that disolved after four hours. By then the battery was emty.

Jarod hearing that warned him. She was either realy realy angry or impresed with him.

Witch might indicate that she was planing a crule and unusual death to him.

Finaly They hade talked to Broots alone. The reson he worked was that they murder his dotter if he did not.

And sadly the Center hade to many conection with the goverment to hide them away.

So Xander hade no idea how to save the girl and their by get Broots to abandon the center.

Then Sydney it was a dark area a cold gleem was seen in Jarod eyes now after he re evaluated his past dealings with the doctor.

Somthing that he before activly hade NOT done.

The pretender no longer consider the 'frindly' doctor to be a father figure.

And Sydney hade been dead focused to catch Jarod after Jarod confronted him he more or less said that his work was to importaint for the future.

That Jarod should return so it could be continued.

That hade made Jarod break evry bond of lojalty he hade with him.

And Sydney hade called after more cleeners and sweepers to catch the pretender and the spider-man.

So far He hade manage to get many of them to leave on sickleav. And he was afraid what if they heard about the existens of a Vampier Slayer.

But his main concern now was find a way to get Miss Parker and Jarod in the same room with out fighting.

Riley and Buffy did hit it of directly and he was glad for that. And acording to his DNA check Parker and Jarod was geneticly siblings she even hade a not active X-gen simlar to his but passive. Jarod did found out that His birth mother and Miss Parkers hade been Twins.

But that did freak out jarod. Now the main thing would be to find a way to break the center conditioning and make her join them.

He hade no idea how to do that. And tomorow May and Tara would arrive.

It was like crismas.

...Caffe Sunshine...

"Exuse me is this seat taken" Giles said. The lady smiled "No..."

Giles "Well could i sitt their are no other room in here"

She frowned then "Well do sitt down." she said continued to read her papper.

Giles sattdown and started to drink his coffe reading the papper. The lady finaly looked up. "Your not trying to talk to me. How refreshing"

Giles "Well i think you did it quite clear that you where not intrested in anyform of comunication" He said grinning a bit.

The lady giggled "Well My experince that most male are TO intersted in talking." she looked down in the papper.

Giles nodded as he started to read. The lady blinked in suprise. And smiled seeing that giles did look at her now and then..

Giles smiled "Well im not mutch of a talker but i do enjoy looking at somthing butifull."

The lady grinned "Well that i can exept. Whats your namn" Giles "Hi Im Rubert Giles. And you are"

The lady grinned "Im Miss Parker."

Giles "No personal namn"

Miss parker "I have one. The same as my mother that died. i prefere not to use it."

Giles nodded "I see. Im sorry for what its worth."

She smiled "Are you doing anything later im thinking of taking a beer in the pub around nine."

Giles "Well i do have the time. But if i do i will not have the time to change im helping some frinds after work it might be swetty." He grinned a ripper smile "I hope you dont mind a swetty male"

She grinned "Maby we cold help you work out more swett"

Then the door pinged.

And Buffy walked in "HI giles.. oo. Im sorry am i disturbing somthing" She said.

Giles cleaned his glasses. "The only time this last five Month i hade the change to talk to a adult with out kids around me. So no Buffy you did not disrupting anything atleast yet" he said voice dripping with sarcasm.

Buffy smiled "A thats a relif. Hi im Buffy and he is my favorit librarian. Whats you namn."

Miss Parker looked at her like she was a bugg "Sarcasm is not somthing you understand is it. Now make like a tree and leave."

Buffy blinked "Ooo.. giles you should have said so" she said walking away to sitt down in another part of the caffe.

Giles blinked. "Thats never worked before. Remacble" Miss parker grinned.

They sattdown eating and drinking coffe and reading silently. Miss Parker finaly talked "Five months"

Giles nodded "I help loots of kids they kind of study in the library and i become somthing of a second father to most of them.

Specily that girl. her own father left her and after the accident with the eye i think she consider me a father, Not that i mind she is a lovly girl i would be proude to call her dotter. Not that i have done that often."

Miss Parker nodded "I see thats good of you. How many kids that age are we talking about."

Giles sighted "Oo let see. Buffy, and Xander. Willow and her boyfrind Oz. Then Cordelia a literly poor litel rich kid"

Miss Parker raised a eyebrown "I see. Its a miracle that you have even anytime free."

Giles nodded "Well Xander is kind of independent now days. And Oz is Oz. Willow is a handfull a extremly smart young girl screeming after attentions. And cordelia grew up with parent telling her that she was the center of the univers.

She is begining to understand that she is not and that confuses her"

Miss Parker "And you are the only adult."

Giles "O god no. If i was i would have return to england years ago. Buffy mother is helping she like a mother to all of them.

And when Willows parent is in town they are helpfull. And Oz his parent is well Oz parents"

Miss Parker raised a eyebrown "I gather that Willows parent is rarly if ever in town. But Oz i dont get it."

Giles "Well they are helpfull but they almost never talks Just Like Oz. exept a rare short to the point. But other then that they are extremly helpfull"

Miss Parker frowned "You did not mension the Xander kids parent." Giles frowed "They dont exist. And he is a emancipated minor." He grinned "And you do have somthing incommon with him"

She blinked "What" Giles leaning forward "His namn is Parker also"

She grinned leaning forward "He might be family"

Suddenly the two satt back looking almost afraid.

Giles "Bugger.. Are you feeling the same thing i am." Miss Parker frowned "I dont know. I have the urge to ripp of my dress and your pants right now."

Giles raised a eyebrown "I was actuly planing on using my beed but if you like i am game"

She grinned "I think your bedroom would fine"

They rushed out.


Buffy wawed over Xander, Willow and Oz "HI gang."

Xander "So where is Giles" Buffy "Thats so freeking cool. He and a wommen just satt their then they blushed and rushed out. Kissing like a pair of teenagers"

Xander laugth "You Go G-men" Willow "Whats her namn"

Oz "Is she human"

Buffy "She human. And i think her namn was Miss Parker Just like yours.."

Xander "Im not a miss Par.. Did you say Miss Parker." He paled well that was a unexpected development.

New York. The secret meeting of UN nation was brisling with activity as the leaders of many nations military hade joined forces.

The secret was out. Astroid where going to rain down on earth.

Now the question what to do was debbated. So far the Iraks and the Israels where arguing.

The Amerikan argue with china China ARgued with the Amerikan

No body trusted eatch other military to save or to help with out holding back importain information or resorces.

Untill a tall Ryssien general stod up and kicked the table hard flipping it over to get evrybody attension.

"We are talking about the end of the world gentlemen. Lets talk politic and religion some other time. Now i sugest we find a nutral contry and let them be in charged of our military Joined deffens."

Slowly the argument stoped and they started about what contry would be trusted.

As Earth defens where was preparing for A-day.

....On the Road to sunnydale...............

The gang hade stoped the hous car was parked along the road and evrybody was looking irritaded at Bell.

Evelyn smiled at her great greand dauther "I said before and i say agien Never ever say those two word."

She whined.. "I dident meen to"

Outside Spider-Girl (May Parker) and Charger (Tara Felicity) was fighting a gang of demon bikers that hade attacked them.

Later they where driving agien towards Sunnydale.

When the news on the radio suddenly told them somthing strange.

"Report leaked from NASA and other space center around the world revile that a huge astroide. or thousend of small are on their way to earth at this moment.

Sources in the military confirm that a secret meating between the worlds leating military is right now going on inside the United Nation building.

We are going to contact Proffesor Artura Commena expert on Astroides" Reporter: Profesor what is happening why suddenly is a rain of astroides coming our way.

Profesor: The reson is quite simple. A larger stone or a pair of Huge Astroide must have colided inside of the astroid field creating a explosion that pushed those stones towards us.

Reporter: Serius How dangerus is it. Profesor: The Unatied nation have the ability to neutrelise the bigger stones with atomic bombs the smaller ones will most likly burn up in the atmosphere.

But if they would inpacked it would be a world wide catastrofy on a WW 2 type. But the astoides are right now nearby the astoide field and it will take month before we even have to worry.

Reporter: It say here that the astroides move incredible faster then whats natural.

Profesor: Sneared Thats a miss print or gramatic error. The astroides MOVE faster that what NORMAL. Nasa have seen astroieds moving in that speed before It is higly unusual but not Unatural.

Reporter: THe Scientist on Nasa claimed that their are numer of shadows following the astroids, Some scientist say its astroides that is radar invisible. What do you think that is."

Profesor laught a bit: Gravle small dust particle completly harmless. Invisible thats a laught the only way a astroied would be come invisible if is alien are real and Alien is only real in the sick mind of a Hollowod actor"

Then they closed down the radio.

Steve sighted "That was a realife. Alien some egghead must have smoked somthing baad"

May "It could be alien. In my realty i know a alien. Hell Tara lived with one"

Tara nodded "Yes i did in the school"

The O'Connel family looked at them.

Tara Felicity rolled her eyes. "Its not like we know that many. Exept the Shiiar but thats becuse Profesor Xavier married their Queen So many of them visits our school. Some even stayed their as they study primit civilications."

May "And the Skrulls I know one personly becuse a renegaded one lives with Fantastic 4. And of cours the Kree but that becuse one of them moved to earth He a asshole"

Tara "Thats most of the alien wee know"

May nodded "You forgot about Friday."

Tara F "No Friday is NOT a alien. Friday is a Alien AI-computer thats runs a STARSHIP.. Beside what about Venom"

May "Ooo. Well I still think Friday is a alien. And Venom is a well you right he is a alien symbiot costum"

Tara F grinned "Remeber the time Galacus came by" May shivered "Yea that was scary.."

Ander "I was not born then" Lily sighted "Ander you where four when that happend"

Ander blinked "I was. Oo you right. Galactus is scary"

Steve sighted "Aaa well look the road to Sunnydale" finaly they would leave.

Sunnydale. Giles home...

Miss Parker bent down in the beedroom to picking up her panties and she blinked seeing a cheest filled with daggers, swords and wooden Stakes.. "Hunt Vampires Mr Giles" She said smiling ironicly.

Giles "Aaa i that would be stupid they d,dont exist" MIss Parker nodded "Well i seen the fang gang my self so i know that vamps exist."

Giles "well i actuly suport a team of vampire and demons hunter as a advicor i. I dont do mutch hunting myself."

Miss Parker nodded "that is wise of you. Mind telling me who that team is."

Giles "Mind telling me who you work for. Goverment or other less leagle"

Parker "What ever are you talking about." Giles held up a silver 44 caliber gun between two of his finger. "I found this one in my bedd it fell out from your jacket."

Miss Parker blinked as she stucked in her head under the blanket "So thats where the jacket is. And no im not going to tell you who i work for"

Giles "Fine with me. A person have the right to have secrets." Miss Parker nodded. "You are a expert on the supernatural. Mind telling me what you do know about spider-man."

Giles sighted "Thats above and behond my knowledge. But i do know that Spider-man seems to be human and activly hunts anything that hurts other humans. He is a good guy."

MIss Parker sneared angry about the spider-man being a good guy. "Well he have a bloody frustrading sense humor"

Giles nodded "That he have.." Tiredly.

The two blinked "What are you talking about. How do you know xspiderman" Giles said hurried to change the X to a S but his spiderman did sound more like xs then S..

Miss Parker "Not mutch exept that he is a expert in using glue." Giles "Oo.. Well he is a alied and a frind you might say. IF you hurt him i will bloody hunt you down and kill you and your family with a spoon"

Miss Parker "A spoon. Well that do sound painfull."

The two glared at eatch other a moment. Before they started to kiss and fondle eatch other soon her panties where on the floor agien.

Miss parker "I aa good that soo good. I work for a secret organisation i hope you dont hold it agienst me.. More now"

Giles "Me to"


Angel looked at the Radio. "Daam you where right Doyle."

Doyle "Crapp i was."

Angel "Your not saying i told you so" Doyle looked at his boss like he was stupid. "Angel. I wish i was wrong. I prey that i was wrong."

angel "That bad." Doyle nodded "Exacly that bad"

Angel "Well i go and call Xander then. I just know that it his faulth"


Xander was sitting on needles Soon his sister would come.

Buffy "Calm down" Xander "im calm."

Jocye raised a eyebrown "you realy love them dont you"

Xander "yes. You have to understand. May and me are mutch closer then normal brother and sister. First we are twins. Then when we where kidnaped as children four years old we bonded I protected her and she protected ME.

After Dad rescued us we hade learned the hard way that in the end we could only trust eatch other for protection agienst the evil. "He grinned "And when we became teenagers and i started to like Girls.

May started to Like girls so we used to go out and look at girls toghter"

Willow blinked "But but.. May she is you sister right" Xander "Will dont get any funny perverted ideas now.. May my sister IS gay. She have never ever been sexuly intrested in boys."

Jocye laught "I can imagen the two of you hunting girls."

Finaly a big house car stoped and a out walked his sister and his ? Girlfrind.

"MAY, Tara" Xander screemed as he ran towards them. May grinned "X," she said running to him.

Tara Felicity grinned as she rushed towards him "Alex" As Xander came closer May jumped him landing in his arms hugging her brother as hard as she could and he did the same to her.

It was quite a hugg as both hade spider-powers. Xander continued running as he hugged his sister he scooped up Tara in his other arm "Tara I mised you."

Soon the three stod their hugging and crying talking silently between eatch other.

Buffy looked around her "Faith, Willow" she said holding out her arms like she was planing on hugging them.

Willow grinned "Buffy" Faith grinned "Buffy"

And they hugged but hade to stop as they started to giggle.

behind them the housecar hade driven away as Evelyn refused to stay in Sunnydale anylonger then nececary.

The family now knowing it was Vampire grand centrel decided that a quicke wawe as a good buy was a vise choice.

But Xander and family hade not stoped hugging eatch other yet.


May walked over grabbing a blond taller girl "Yo X. This is Tara she and i are frinds.. Only frinds so far" she said grinning.

Tara blushed "i,h,hi im Tara Maclay" Xander "Im glad to meet you. Any frind of May is a frind of mine."

Tara. M. nodded.

Xander waved over Buffy and Co "Well lets intreduce eatch other.

Thats Jocye she is the most Importain creater of food remember that. And her dotter Buffy, Then Faith, And my bestfrind Willow,"

May grinned seing the other redhead "Hi Reed rocks." she said. Willow blushed.

Xander rolled his eyes. "And her boyfrind Oz, then Cordelia" He said pointing at Cordelia.

Cordy smiled "I just like to ask Tara one thing. Xander said you might be his boyfrind. ARe you or are you not" she said with a hungry look in her eyes.

Tara Felicity "I am his boyfrind. Why" Cordelia "Crapp. Well if you dump him Sister i will blue myself to his body" in the end her voice was colder then iceman.

Xander blinked "Okeey.."

May rolled her eyes. "X you sure know how to pick them. Well Im May X sister, You can call me Mayday if you like. Thats Tara Felicity X girlfrind.

And this is Ander our own fantastic Punchbag. "Jocye "Punchbag are you hurting that child"

May "No maam. But He is a mutant thats imune to being hurt by blunt force. And he decided that his namn IS Punchbag."

Buffy grinned "So stakes and knifes cant hurt him"

Ander "No Stakes and knife Can hurt me. But a bassballbat or a fist cant hurt me. And im NOT a child im 14"

Buffy "oo." Evrybody from Sunnydale looked dissbeliving at him.

Tara Felicity "I know he look 12 but he realy IS 14.!"

Buffy grinned "ha i knew it sombody shorter then me exist."

Ander looked angry at her. Buffy "Sorry. Just happy"

May "Well if i can continued Then here is Lily i must warn you guys. she IS a projectiv telepath and are not realy good at controlling her powers."

Faith "So she can read our minds" May "no.. Yes but She to week to to that. But what she CAN do is transmit project HER dreams, Her taughts inside YOUR mind. You will read HER mind."

Faith "Cool" Lily "NO its not. most normal can block my athemt to read thier minds but almost evrybody can hear what im thinking unless i manage to controll it. Its unfair"

Ander hugged her.

Faith grabbed her shoulder "Dont worry kid. I can teatch you some martial art or shit they say its good to get focus or somthing using kung-fu kicks."

Xander blinked "Faith thats actuly a good idea.. But i think sombody thats actuly trained in the meditativa part of martial art would train her."

Faith "yea but i can help her and train her to kick butt." Ander nodded "and and She can train by kicking My butt."

They all looked at him. Ander shrugged "Its not like it hurts me. And then i can learn a bit myself"

May nodded "Well thats right."

Jocye sighted. "Well anything other strange things we need to know" May nodded "Yes Ander got a extra eye hiden under the bandana on his head. It gives him night vision. But its light sensitive"

Buffy blinked leaning forward "Cool we have a cyclope and a thrieclopes" she said pathing her lost eye.

And the gang moved away towards the home of Jocye summer.

Xander "And just wait untill i show you the spider-cave."

May "The what"

Chapter 11

Next day came as usual Jocye walked in to the kitchen to prepair food what she found in their suprised her.

Sleeping on the floor was the Girl Lily.

Jocye blinked and tenderly shaked the girl awaken. "My what are you doing sleeping in here."

She asked.

"Oo'ho. Good morning" she said blinking trying to get the sand out of her eyes and remember exacty where she was.

Jocye smiled trying not to say anything that would upsett the girl "Did They kick you out from the guest room" She said suspeciesly.

They hade putt all the girl in the same room and if they kicked her out she would teatch them a thing or two.

Lily shaked her head "No Mrs Summer i walked out myself" Jocye frowned "Why would you do that."

She looked down "Nightmares." Seing the confusing she explained "Im a teleath remember. A projectors and i cant realy controll my ability well. And i got realy baad nightmares and i dont like whant the other to have them"

Jocye nodded feling sorry but also impresed by the girls selfless nature "Ooo. You wery brave girl then" She said hugging the suprised girl. "Would you like to help me make breakfast"

Lily nodded "Let me first clean up" she said runing out from the kitchen forgeting about the blanket and pillows.

Jocye grinned as she putt them away she frowned as the remember to ask May or Tara F what the nightmares where about hoping they would know.


The gang finaly was awaken and talk begain as usual.

"So what are we going to do non of you have any ID in this world" Jocye said.

May grinned "Not true. I have thise super computer with me specily created to hack in to goverment and i did creat ID to all of us"

Xander blinked "A Forge or Rickards computer"

May "Forge he is less etical. If you like we should fix up your ID bether"

Xander grinned that would be good "That be Great Mayday. But the kids specly Ander is in trouble kids with a extra eye is not normal in this place. And he cant use the bandan always"

Jocye "teater make up and plastic tape. We could hide the eye anyone would just think its scaar or somthing." The teens looked in suprise at her.

Xander nodded "thats thats brillant" he said.

Jocye shrugged "Well im a mother. did any of you kids knew that Lily sleeped in the kitchen"

May "Noo. Lily your with us. If We have One of your nightmares we will wake you. You do not need to sleep alone"

Tara F nodded "Come to us not just hide away.

Tara Maclay just ignored them and hugged the girl. "Dont worry we will not mind if you have a awfull dream."

Lily nodded "I still dont feel right forcing my dreams on you." Jocye sighted "Well if thats the case you will sleep in the living room. And Xander and Ander the two of you will sleep in the basment" Xander nodded "I fix us some sleeping beeds."

Ander "Oo cool its like our own superhero cave down their.. I be Batman"

Xander growled "No way im the spiderBat." Tara F sighted "Alex. could you try to be 17 not a 5 year old" she groned seing her boyfrind arguing comic books"

Faith grinned as she continued eating. "Like watching a soap opera. By the way lily whats the night mares"

All stiffed seing her question. Most glared at Faith insensitivity.

Lily shivered "Lady Magneto her labbratory where she made experiment on me and other weak mutants."

Faith sneared "Sounds like a bitch I hope they kick her but." Lily giggled "She is. And they did when they saved me and the others"

Buffy frowned "Dident you Xander say a Magneto lady gave you that scaar"

Xander nodded "Yes. She tried to ripp my head of but lucky May distracted her and Tara manage to grabb the higpower cables from the powerplant and charged with that amount of energy she almost fried Lady Magneto alive. She hade to run or die"

Faith looked at the dark haried girl that looked like a spoiled upperclass lady. "Cool you can hold eletrict cables"

Tara nodded "I need to im like a batery once charged i can shoot lighting and even manipulate magnetic fields. That time i hade the power of a Nukler plant behind me and i manage to overpower Lady M by myself."

Jocye blinked "Well Its time to go to class now kids." she said. May grinned handing Ander and Lily a pice of paper eatch. "And the two of you will go also"

She looked at Tara maclay "I fixt it so that you are now a emanipated minor your parent have no right to hurt you agien. But you have to go to school"

Ander "Noooo." Lily grinned "yes" Seing anders face "eep no" she said in sympati.

May looked up at Xander "Acording to our new ID X i made Ander our baby half brother and we are emancipated minors and responible for him. Tara is the same for Lily"

Xander nodded "Well MayDay lets escort our baby brother to class. We have to exuse him from any sport activity or they might find out about his extra eye. Or atleast untill we find a way. Maby a illusion or" He pondered metods to hide it.

Ander sighted "School i hate it."


The secretary nodded and said in suprise "Mr parker how nice to see you."

Xander smiled "Could you give me apoinment with Principle Snider as soon as possible."

She smiled "If you wait i can have give you one in a half hour" she said.

Xander nodded and sattdown and turned towards the other "Remember what i told you about the prinicple. Remember May your Miss Parker and You Tara is Miss Felicty"

May and Ander Tara F and Tara Maclay looked at him. Lily frowned "it sounds kind of stupid"

Xander rolled his eyes. "its about Power. Snider is a wimp a powerhungry wimp.

By forcing him to use polite term and after namn i forcing him to acknowledge that i AM not one he can push around. Beside i have done all test and got my self in to University im not IN his school."

May nodded "I have to do the same thing then." Xander nodded "yes. you will. Belive me you will regreat it if you dont. HE will make you regreat it not me."

Ander groned he did not have good grades and go in a school with a power hungry prinicple would not be fun.

Then the door opend and Snider walked out.

His eyes filled with anger, Alexander Parker where a even Worst asshole than the now dead Alexander LaVell Harris.

The worst was that Parker was Autside his power of controll in University. "Well Young Mr Parker. how nice to see you" he said with a hiden anger in his voice voice.

Xander nodded "It realy make my dad perfect having to talk to you principle Snider this erly in the moring. Im sure it will inspire me to greatness" he said sarcasm was dripping from him.

Snider blushed in anger "Well lets go to the office so i can see what kind of trouble you are having"

Xander walked after wawing to his frinds and family to follow him.

"Well is simple Miss Parker my sister is going to start class. Of course its only untill nex week we expect the test papper to be redy for her by then.

Also my baby brother Ander Akara. Mr Akara is going to start class here." Xander explained.

principle Snider blinked "Akara he dont look Jap to me" Xander eyes turned hard "My brother Great Great grandfater was japanees and he married a blond German and they moved to USA. His son married a nice american-english. But that do not make it right for you to mock his namn or his ancestors. But realy Principle i could get you fired for you rasist talking."

The eyes of Snider paled "I did not say any rasist thing"

Ander sneared "Its Japanees not Jap. Its like calling a afraican american a Afro. Realy i expect a teatcher to be educated."

Snider growled but was silent. May hide her grin. "We should try to find another school this seam to be less then acceptble with the likes of him in charged."

Tara F nodded "Well we could try it. Im Tara Felicty and like May i will be going to class untill i manage to prove my selfworthy of universty instead" She said in her hig tone of voice.

Tara M blushed "me to.. try it out i mean then try to to go t,to University"

The Principle regain his pompus state seing Tara fear. "Their are no other school in the area"

He said grinning.

Xander raised a eyebrown "Their is priviat turtors But like i said. Tara Maclay and Tara Felicity and May Parker as well as Ander and Lily will be going to class. Tara Taramay untill they get the test and are out of here. Ander and Lily to get a education"

He looked hard at the principle. "If i find out that one of jour Jocks is trying to abuse his power steal from Ander or rape Lily i will destroy you and them. Understand me."

Ander sneared "Stay in line Alex stand in line i will crush them first"

Snider paled knowing the pain Mr Parker hade given the jock mocking the one eyed freek Buffy. "j,Just dont start any fights in MY school" Xander nodded "Ander will not start any fight but he will finish any one that attacks him. Or i will"

May sighted "Brother brother. Now principle Snider could you help us find the right classes for us and our younger frinds." she said leaning forward showing of just the right amount of clevish to balans between butifull and slutty.

Snider blushed "aa yes Right said miss parker."

>From their they continud playing the keep snider confused between anger fearlust. It was quite fun and Snider realy feared those teens.

After that they escorted the others to class.

Lily "That was not realy nice. what we did"

Tara M. "h,his aura is discusting he likes hurting others" Xander "jepp. He is a small man on a powertripp" Xander looked around "Well thats Ander and Lilys class have fun kids" he said as he escorted the other away.

The class inside looked curiuse at Ander and Lily that blushed and stod their.

The teatcher looked finding a small cute boy looking to be 12 or so. And a butifull girl with green hair. Oviuse collered in a punk or somthing.

"are the two of you lost or somthing."

Ander "ee no Im Ander Akara. Thats Lily Riverflood. We are new."

The teatcher looked at him "Are you sure you look a bit young" Ander sigthed and almost jelled "I am 14.. Im just small for my age." He was so tired of other thinking he was a kid.

The jockes grinned a esy prey to intimidate.

Lunch time...

The gang Tara Felicty, Tara maclay, May Parker, Buffy Summer, Willow Rosenberg, Oz, Faith. where sitting camly eating food..

And talking about Xander. And arguming what he should be called.

Faith taught Webboy was the correct namn. Buffy consider Xander.

Willow consider Xander. Tara F. liked to call him Alex.

Tara M. refused to chose a namn but she acidently called him Al. May just said HIS namn was and Is X.

Strangly even Oz hade his idea and refused to recosider he liked Alex. And not even Willow could change his mind.

But most they where talking childhood memory Willow told them about things Xander hade done during his life as a Harris.

May told them about the things he done as a Parker. And loots of teenaged emarasing storys.

As the talk continued Willow saw that the junior where geting out of class and among them she could see Ander and Lily walking.

"O no. They walked in to the Djungle corridor. We must save them" she said.

Buffy nodded and walked up. May and Tara followed "Djungle corridor whats that" May asked.

Willow "Its where they have the football pricess and the jocks consider it their teritorium and hurt any geek that walkes in. Or steal his mony"

May sighted "And snider do nothing" Buffy "If a geek manage to hurt a Jock in selfdefens he screems at the geek."

Looking in they could see the Junior Shark GorillasJocks already hade corner Ander.

And it loked like he refused to be afraid even smart mouthed them.

Buffy groned "We have to save him."

May "no. If they move agienst Lily then we save Lily. Lets Ander handle it. Remember Unless they use Knifes they cant hurt him."

Buffy blinked then grinned "Punchbag right" Willow giggled they hade demostated Anders power yesterday by leting May hit him with powerfull hit that could have shatered bones or kracked stones.

All it did was make his head twist and deform it self like rubber ball then he was fine with out a mark on it.

Ander was a bit suprised when they started to become hostile directly and when one of his classmated said "He a New in My class" he understod that he must have done or broken somekind of tabu in this place.

A big football player walked forward "You shorty. This is Our turf move it or lose it."

Ander nodded "Fine i walk out right away." he said Lily nodded and the two started to walk away toghter.

But another player from his class stod in the way. "Not so fast Shorty. You forgot to pay us the fine. Its evrything you have. of cours you My lady can come and go as mutch as you like"

Ander "I dont think i pay you anything." he said looking grim. Sadly his tuff image was broken as he was more then a head shorter then the other guys in his age.

And this football player was a head TALLER then most kids his age. So Ander hade to strain his neck a bit to watch the face of the other hanging over two head over his.

The tall player sneared "You bether or i break your face prety boy" Ander blinked "As long as you dont have any oil im not afraid. But im a bit worried that you notice boys not girls"

Around him the other player started to laught at the insult. The tall guy sneared reed in fury "You PUnk I WILL HURT YOU" he said trowing his hardes punch in Anders gutt.

Ander bent over loosing his breath but stod up directly smiling a bit. "thats all. You must be a Golf player. Miniature golf not mutch strenght is needed in that game"

The player blinked no body hade stod after he hit them. "Lets see you handle this" he said aming higer fist impackted like a rock in Anders face.

A kracking sound was heard as Anders head was driven hard in the wall behind him.

The jock growled held his hand that hade hurt. Ander stod up agien grinning "O'man you know Strenght training is only good if you Stop looking at the other Jocks and actly do somthing."

This time the Jock growled in fury and hit with all his strenght.

Ander grinned seing the Jock going ALL out using all his strengh. He dodged.

The jock growled in anger and did not see how Ander suddenly hade dodged awoiding the fist.

Behind Ander was the wall and with a mighty Boom and crack.

The jock screemed in pain his fist hade crashed in the wall in a bad angle and now he hade a broken fist.

Ander smiled "Well thats was funny." He said then hit the wall himself using all his strenght and all his skill (Not mutch skill) he actuly manage to make a small hole in the wall.

He then looked at the jock "If you going to hit somthing do it right. Next time i will strike back harder then you guys know how to do" With that he walked out hand in hand with Lily smiling and looking like a cute 12 year old.

Buffy nodded "I see now why he call himself Punchbag. the last hit i was so sure Ander head was compresed"

Tara F "His head can be twisted 360 grades and it can be crushed to almost half size with out any braindamag or so.."

Faith blinked "Cool." Tara F "of course he cant get any air when his head is flatt or twisted like a cork screew then and that might kill him so.."

Oz "Mutans Cool. Werewolf Un-cool" Nothing more was needed to say after all.

Marvel Univers...........

Blacki Drago zipped his drink camly while on the inside he was trembling.

While he and most of his gang where far from nomral humans anymore they where not what you might consider Mutans.

And the ruler of this place the female that saved them from Jail where they where serving life time sentence.

She consider human nothing more then a sickness waiting to be destroyed.

So Blacki was afraid even with his wings and in full powers he would be nothing compared to the power of Lady Magneto.

Around the table a equly scarry bunch of villan where sitting. Blacki gang all five of them where sitting next to eatch other power in strenght of number and all.

Blacki and his gang his frinds and his younger brother. They where five and they all new that with out their suit and armor their body where slowly dying.

They hade bonded with the armor and where now dying the goverment given them a Jail cell that keeped them alive but outside of that place they would only last a month.

Just long enofe to find their spare armor.

he could see a tall green 'thing' the Man-Lizard IT was aparently the result after a thif hade tried to gain ritches of Lizard by stealing the orignial Lizards drugg.

Somthing went wrong and the thif hunted by the Spider-Twins hade fallen from a roof and broken his legges.

He used the drugg on him self and somthing mutaded inside of him turning him in to a Lizard with human intelekt that could change his form in to a human for a short time evry day.

IT hated the spiders more then anybodyels did. More then Blacki and his gang did.

And their was the Wasp. ( Not the original Wasp that was a hero but a new one ) A girl somhow mutaded or changed with insekts DNA she was opessed with the Spiders-twins hade manytime tried to kill both of them.

She was not the strongest but still extremly dangerus as Spider-man/Spider-girls danger sense could not even sense her.

And she hade her own lesser form of that ability. Her strenght was almost equel to spider-girl and just as fast.

But where the spiders could clime she could fly on shape changing insekts vings.

Finaly Blacki saw the door opend and Lady Magneto partly walked floted in and satt down on a chair.

He frowned then realised what was strange with her movment. Lady Magneto was paralysed she hade manipulated the metalic in her armor to 'walk'.

"My Lady. Me and my team is in grave need of our armor or we are dying. I humbly" He started.

Lady Magneto nodded and wawed a hand. A larg cheest flooted inside. "your equipment is inside here. I need all of you alive"

Blackie and his frinds almost rushed the cheest and putt on their power armor soon they stood up the Vultures Five where active agien.

Blackie grinned as he felt the powersuite multiplied his strenght and endurance its energy field running true evry cell in his body changing and supercharging him.

Using it he could fly and he was strong as four adult humans. His own vultur armor dark black-green painted metalic armor that was light weighted and could stop bullets.

It was based on Adrian Tooms legendary Vulture suite but they hade improved it. Now the Vings where mounted on the baack instead of the arms.

Witch meent they hade the arms free to use guns and other weapons. The helmet was armored with hig Tech visor with zoom and other ability.

The wings them self where razor sharp and could esy cut true spidermans webb.

His chosen weapon was a 38 revolver, And a sharp Katana both of them was hanging from the belt of the armor.

His brother Luke Drago hade a light Green armored suit he hade a UZI and a Maze. But Luke was not that normal he was born a mutant with higer endurance then normal humans.

No other powers then that he could stay up for weeks with no side affects and that he could run for days with out resting and he healed a bit faster then normal about 3/4 of the time and he never hade any scaars.

That ability made it possible for his armor to Bost his strenght almost 8 times what normaly would be possible.

Then their was Marvin Castelo his fathers cosin hade been the legendary Punisher wich made evrybody suspect him to become a viglante or a criminal.

And marvin liked mony. He was a gambler not with mony but with his life he loved to take changes and becoming one of the Vulture was just another great game in his mind.

His armor was Reed with green stripes. he used a 44 and a spear in close combat.

then was Chang Oda a japanees-american former agent and pilot from Shield that gone criminal trained in martial arts by the best and grew up among real ninjas.

He was dangerus with weapon or with out. His armor was black complety black and he used a Hig-teck crossbow with poisened arrows. And a short Ninja-to sword in close combat.

And last Fanny Manarelli. A real tomboy that liked big bad boys and loots of them. She hade her werry own harem amont the other Vultures.

her armor was green with yellow stripes and she used a sniper rifle and a pair of Tomahawk in close combat.

the Vulture Five where active agien. And they would kill anybody who said their namn sounded like a musik group.

Blacki took a moment to relax feeling the calming sense of the armors energy flooding his body empower him before he turned and talked to Lady Magneto. "My Lady my gang and me are greatfull but curiuse why did you free us"

Lady magneto leaned forward "Becuse i need your help. About four month ago Spider-man dissipaired completly. then less then two weeks Spider-girl was last seen as was Charger.

My spies managed to find out that they traved to a alternat realty. "She smiled a bit thinking about the demon she hade question he hade loots of information after she motivaded/tortured him to get her more. "It apeares that the Spider-twins and Charger have gone to a alternet realty to live in. A realty where they have no mutans. And techology they are as advanced as We where during the 1960."

( the marvel univers have a loot of advanced techology)

Man-Lizard "Can you bring me to them i need to see them bleed" he hissed.

The Wasp nodded "Me to i miss our argument and the smell of their blood."

Blacki nodded to himself fools and idiots. "I see. Lady i can see where this is going but me and my gang we would win more just buy staying here then to go away to another world. Why should we go after them"

Lady magneto send a wawe of energy that made the Vultures armor vibrate. "Becuse i could hurt you. But also in that realty your armor would make you more powerfull then ANY law enforcment unit could ever stop."

Blacki looked at his gang they all new that they hade no change agienst Lady M specily in a armor that she could use agienst them.

Slowly eatch of them nodded. "Fine we will go. But we need somthing first. Spare parts to our costums. A portable labb so we can rebuild our costums. And mony or probly gold."

He looked around "I think Man-Lizard and Wasp would need somthing simlar"

Lady Magneto nodded "Its a fair demand i have allready seen to it."

Sunnydale after school..

Xander walked in the living room "HI gang. May would you like to come with me to LA. Angel called and ask me to come. He have some information that he need to give me."

may eyes gleemed a big city that would mean Webbswinging and a change to make the 'good' blood sucker Angel irritaded. A win win situation. "I love to."

Xander looked at Tara F. "Would you"

Tara. F "No i spend some time with Ander and Lily i need to teatch Ander the error of kicking my butt in Monopoli."

Xander shivered. Tara hade a bit of a fanatic in Monopol she loved the game and she LOVED to play agienst other players that New what they where doing.

Xander grinned "Well lets go One of Oz frinds are driving us" Outside they could here the roare of a big car enging. "And he realy like to hit the higway."

May nodded as she putt the last of her spider-girl equipment in a travling bagg. "im reddy"

Soon they where on their way. Xander wondered what Angel was going to tell them.

And he wonder how the hell he would get the New papper to stopp calling him Captain-Spider Or Officer-Spider.

But most importaint he wonder how the hell he would get the juci stain of his spider-uniform normal washing just did not remove the stain maby May or Jocye could help him..

Chapter 12

Finaly they where their La Angeles.

It was a true big city skyscrapers Made to webbswing. Xander grinned "Its erly lets go four a swing before we talk to Angel"

May nodded grinning also Webbswinging toghter was always mutch more fun as they could try to out do eatch other in Air gymnastic.

The two quickly razed in a corner to change costumes. And soon the streets of Al could see somthing never before seen in this world the Spider-Twins webb-swinging across the streets of the city.

It was breath taking and scarry as well as butifull and fanastick. They moved faster then a racing car jumping and swinging from their webblines criss cross over the streets under lamps and over roofs acrose corners and under bridges.

The taller Spider-man dresse din Black with Reed spiderwebb batern then Spider-girl smaller dressed in a reed costum with Black spider-webb pathern.

Both uniforms clearly showed up their body forms. But a trained eye could see that the suites hade armor reinforcment on cheast, head, neck and arms and leggs.

After only a hour they hade manage to outrun and avoide five New helicopter and two Polichelicopters.

And they manage to entertain a bussload of tourised by doing a Gymnastic show swinging and jumping while Mock fighting eatch other between two tall towers.

And they manage to find and say hellow to a extremly chocked singer namned Madona.

when they saw Policehelicopter nr 3 that day they decided to say hello.

Xander "Lets say hellow that one dont try to 'save us or catch us' Its just hang their and they wawe"

May nodded "Lets." With that the two shoot out their webblines and felldown in a wide arc before swinging up in the air just to shoot a new line on the helicopter and using that they climed up.

THe pilot almost screemed suprise when the copper suddenly jerked by the sudden gain in weight. "Crapp what happend it feels like their are two more passangers."

One of the police offiers sneard "We have. The spider and the other one is climing onbord."

The Pilot swallowed "Oo.. Crapp" he said as suddenly two masked 'humans suddenly climed up on his front windows.

The girl 'spider' looked cute even if all he could see was a mask with mirror like eyes.

Then the Spider-man knocked on the side of the helicopter and wawed his hand.

the police in charged sneared "Well open the door. The chife likes to talk to him or them"

The other police nodded and open the door.

They did not walk or jump in they Crawled in hanging on the walls and ending up sitting upside down quite comfertly from the roof.

"Hi. im Spider-girl" the 'girl' said. "And Im Spider-man.. S.P.I.D.E.R-M.A.N." Spider-man said with irritaded voice. He then looked down "Wait. I know you." He said pointing at one of the cops. "Yes You i saved you in the building.

Great to see you"

The police man nodded "Yea you did. Im Riggs. Mind telling me whats make you so pist of"

spider-man shrugged. "i said my namn was Spider-man. And the news keep calling me Captain-spider, or Super-spider. "

Beside him spider-girl stared to giggle. "It so suit you brother dear. Captain spider" she said giggling while doing a salut in sitting-upside down position.

Spider-man sighted "You see now my sister is doing it." He sighted. "Well what exactly do you Mr Riggs from the police wante with us" he asked.

Riggs hide his grinn "Well Captain" Igonoring the giggling spider-girl and the growling from Spider-man "First we like to thank you for saving our life."

Spider-man shrugged "Well im just your ordinary frindly webb-crawler."

Riggs "Riight. Well Second we like to question you about your powers. Viglantims is not legle you know"

Spider-man nodded "And using secret agents to catch civilians and do experiment on them is equely illigal in this contry. But Us-A have two agent goverment agents that tried to do that to ME. Kind of like the Nazi. "

he frowned "And right then its the Center agents they are from a privat reserch tank that use almost military metods in trying to catch us."

Riggs blinked "What the hell.. Is that true" Spider-girl nodded "yea. Dont worry IF they manage to catch my brother i will save him.."

Spider-man nodded "the same more or less" he said with a chilling tone of voice.

the police men looked at eatch other. Riggs "Are you sure they are goverment agents"

spider-man nodded "I Am. But im not worried we can take care of eatch other."

The other police man frowned "What are you. A alien that might be the reson they are hunting you"

Spider-man "No im human just as you. The only diffrent is that i am a Mutaded human. Im born with a special gen that gives me ability above and beyond normal humans."

Riggs "Realy your not shiting me"

Spider-girl grinned so mutch that you could see it even true her mask "No we are not joking. Beside we seen a another mutant with a Extrem hig IQ cable of mental miracle like Reading a book of surgery then do the operation the next day."

Riggs frowned "You can do that" Spider-man sighted "No i wish. The Pretender mutation is diffrent from our. The X-genn give eatch mutant sligty diffrent powers. From our teory the first generations of mutans are born right now."

The pilot blinked "Are you talking about the next stepp of human evulution" he said in chock.

Spider-man sighted "yes or no deppending on. Homo Sapien Sapien. you guys. And Homo Sapien Superior us guys. Its one uniq gen that diffrent. A pair of Superior like us can have children thats Normal like you. And a pair of normal can suddenly have a child with active X-gen.

So its realy not a new stepp on the path of evulution more a side note a improvment on the existing model of humans."

Xander grinned underneth his spider-man mask hoping that would change the way mutant where treated.

The pilot frowned "So how do it work" Spider-man "Normaly a child gets half the X-genn from his mother and half from his father. But the X-genn can suddenly jump completly copy it self on a child. Or it can go dorment refuse to be carried over to a child."

Riggs "Exuse me while i say Huuu. And how do you know about this"

Xander sighted that was a hole in his story unless he told half a truth he hade learn a loot from Profesor Xavier and Hank Macoy about DNA and they also made him read Mr Sinister Nathaniel Essex books stolen by the X-men.

"Their have been those that did reserch on the X-genn. In the goverment of USA and other contry. Also their have been less then moral mutants that did experiment on their own. We hade the bad luck of knowing some of them" he said holding his hand over the scaar in his face.

After all Lady Magneto experiment on other mutants and he hade the baad luck of knowing her.

Spider-girl put a hand on his. "Dont worry that creep is not in our world anymore"

The police Riggs nodded "Alright so you are runaway experiments." Spider-man sneard "no our Dad was one you might say. We like to be frinds with goverment but we have good reson not to trust it"

Spider-girl nodded "Your frindly and all but we know that crazy evil Scientist would love to cutt us open and see how we works."

Riggs nodded "I understand. Just contact us we cant have you two going and capturing criminals playing superheros.."

Spider-man nodded "I understand unless you can fly shoot later with eyes you can't play superhero. Can we play normal hero"

With that he jumped out from the helicopter.

spider-girl sighted "Dont worry we will try to keep out of problem. But dad alway said With great powers come great responsiblity. The mask is our protection agienst those that would try to remake us in to weapons" she looked down. "My brother is protectiv about frinds and family he would literly go in to hell to protect those that he love OR advenge them. You should now that IF the goverment catch me and Murder in a experiment he will leve a path of blood in vengence."

With that she jumped out.

Riggs looked at the others. "Well you got a good recording. Now i like to talk to the Mayor and any FBI or CIA asshole i can get. But first get me the new papper. NO fucking way those kids will get captured and tortured by some Natzi on a powertripp.. We can make them honerary Depputy or somthing. Lets ask around"

The Pilot nodded so close it was oviuse the two 'super-humans' could not be a day over 18 probly younger.

Kimida Rudak ( Kim to her frinds ) sighted her mother alway said do well in school or you work in a hamburger joint. She wished she hade listen nothing ever happend in a place like this.

A ping on the window told her new costumer stod outside the 'drive in window'. She put on her best smile and not even looking up she spoke "Good day what would you like to order"

The voice came from above "Two Mega burgers with fry and extra dressing and cheese. And we take it with us."

Kim nodded then she looked out. it be (Have NO idea the price of a burger in USA) Dollar.

Hanging upside down on thinn webblines was two masked inviduals dressed in costum with spider webb pathern they gave her mony four the burgers. "Thanks" the male said. "Could you give us a extra Cola"

The girl sneared "Spider-man You know Cola is not good for us it make you all hyper-active"

Spider-man "Alright.. could you change it to a Milk Shake a Big one.."

Kim nodded "oo alright.. i.. You saved the police right who is that" She said pointing at the 'spider-girl' Spider-man "My Pain in the butt sister thats what it is. Could you hurry up we are hungry" he gave spider-girl a dirty look "Its only tiny amount of coffein. I somtimes drink a cup of coffe" he complained.

Spider-girl sighted "And it makes you jumpy. Keep away from it. You know we have a allergy agienst it"

Spider-man frowned.

Kim nodded as she and the other started to coock food. Maby fun things did happen even in a joint like this.


"you know S-M. This is actuly a good place to eat" May said using the short version of Spider-man alias.

Xander nodded "yea i noticed The Library Tower is perfect to rest on. Just look at all things we can see sitting here"

May nodded as she crunshed another burger. They where finaly relaxing sitting on the topp of La Library Tower and it was butifull the food was good and the sun was slowly setting.

Later at Angels home..

Ping the door bell ranged as Xander and may walked in the lobby of a old hotel that Angel moved in to.

"HI is angel here" Xander said. A stranger to him suddenly spoke up "Are you Xander"

Xander nodded "yes. Who are you" The man grinned "im Doyl i work for him. Just come in"

Xander and May shrugged and walked in.

Doyle just satt down and pressed the button on a remote. "I recorded the news today. you would not belive it. That guy Super-spider was active agien and he have a girlfrind."

Xander just slapped his face. stupid reporters. May giggled then paled GIRLFRIND. Stupid perverted Reporters she would NEVER EVER do THAT with her brother not even if he was a sister Incest is JUST SO wrong..

The video showed the two of them handing gliding true the air on thinn webblines. Doing amazing tricks as they was swinging true the city.

Doyle sighted "Now that IS amazing. how do they do that. ARe they even humans. its soo cool"

Angel walked in sighted "Good afternoon Xander if you wondering Yes he been saying that all day long even trying to force me to watch the spider recording."

Xander keeped his grinn hiden. "I see. Well Angel meet May my sister she is like me."

Angel nodded but 'joked. "You saying that she is just as irritating as you are"

Xander nodded "Jupp. we are going to bugg you silly" May grinned. "Well glad to see you."

Doyle finaly putt down the remote. "Man that was like somthing from a fantasy.. Well Hellow their Im Doyle and who are you" he said looking hungry at the butifull Reed head with a body build like a gymnast.

May "Im May" she said slowly she leaned over to doyle and wispered with a sexy voice "And im to young and your the wrong gender. Im gay"

Doyle "Crapp. If i wait would you change" May smiled and shaked her head. "No but if you have a sister"

Angel sighted "Could we stop flirting. Xander Doyle is a Seer he saw the metores crash down destrying most of the city of earth.

Then.. This will sound so silly. Aliens attacked." he said sighting even he did not belive in Alien.

Xander nodded. "I see. Well it make sense. The astroid is a perfect way to force us to revile our military capacity and destroy large part of it. I bett the moment we start destroying astroides the real attack will start"

Angel blinked "You belive me" Xander "Just say that i consider it. If Faith or Buffy have the same dream i will belive you. But just in case we should try to find out. And i know exacty who to ask."

May blinked "Who would you ask" Xander "Sombody that have a loot to lose if aliens do attack"

Marvel Univers...................

Blacki nodded "Lady Magneto you send for me."

She smiled "Walk with me" she said as she giled over the floor. Blacki followed her silently.

Lady Magneto smiled in a 'frindly' way. "I know you and your gang is not the most trust worthy. But all of you are greedy and like challange the ods. So you will try stealing somthing and then Spider-man and spider-girl will hunt you down."

Blacki nodded "Your right some of us have sticky fingers." The Lady of magnetics grinned "And that would make it logic to hunt him down first."

Blacki smiled thinking of other way of having luxury by mercenary work or even selling techology. "I agree. Wasp she fashinat me what happend to that girl"

Lady Magneto "She is a clone. A genetic experiment created by the second Green Goblin to be used to kill the first Spiderman. But he died before he could free her from the clooning tubes. Eventuly his son freed her and she started to hunt his children"

Blacki "I see. Clone you say"

The Lady nodded "I want you to know a thing. Did you remember the big fight i hade my follower Versus the X-men and the Spider-twins." Blacki nodded "I remember reading about it. It was out on Power island right"

She nodded "What you dont know was that Charger the memeber of x-men manage a short moment to overpower my ability and save Spider-mans life. As was concentraded on her Spider-man shoot me in the back with a arrow"

Blacki blinked "Did your power not stopp the arrow or what."

She shoke her head "No look at it." she said handling a small arrow over to him.

Blacki "Its a generator or somthing" Lady Magneto "Its a Magnetic Disruptor. it creat a forcefield that disruped magnetic fields Im personly to powerfull for it to catch me. But when i was distracted it made the arrow imune to my power and"

Blacki paled "Spider-man must have hade that arrow with him the hole time."

Lady Magneto nodded "And when i treated his girlfrind he shoot me in the back. The hole world think that SHE was the one that drived me away but it was that arrow."

Blacki "It hit you in your spine you can walk anymore" Lady Magneto "You are correct i have to use my power to manipulate the steel in my armor just so it looks like im walking."

Blacki nodded "No wonder you are trying to kill him." Lady magneto nodded "But i was lucky Blacki according to my cameras he was trying to hit me in the head. The bleeding destroyed his aim." Blacki frowned "Super heros dont kill."

Lady Magneto nodded "yes thats normaly the case. But remember Spiderman and Spider-girl hade training from Logan the Wolwerien.

You and the others are My tool for vengence. Try to escape Blacki and i will hunt you down"

Blacki sighted "You are saying that the only way we are coming out alive from here IS if we go after spider-man on a one way tripp."

Lady Magneto nodded "Now we undertand eatch other." Blacki "Well i go and explain to my frinds then we are ready." Crapp she was crazy. For the first time he hoped the Advangers or X-men would come and stop the bad-guy.

A day later

Wasp butifull brown haired blue eyed girl with smal claws on her fingers that could dripp with venom she could creat.

She was standing impatient waiting to go on her spider hunt. somtimes her size changing wings would wibrate.

Man-Lizard standing next to her. His tail was wippin the air and Blacki shrugged that thing looked like a love child between a Velacoraptor and a human. But with none of the cute and cudly parts. His eyes cold and glazy like the lizard he was.

Only a telepth could sense the eagerness the blood lust that raged inside of him.

The two where talking and even bonding in their combined lust to kill and destroy the spider-twins

Blacki was not a happy man but he was ready so was the rest of his team. Vulture five was ready to take flight.

Luck and Chang was currently juggling trying to out do each other. It was a good match.

Chang was more skilled. Luck hade his mutant endurance.

Then Lady Magneto walked finaly inside beside her a mutant only known as the Dark Witch walked her eyes where cut out many years ago but the emty hole where still dripping blood like a never ending sea of tears.

And she walked like she could see. So close to her Blacki swallowed nervusly his mother was from Tahiti and she did know more Voudo then what was healty.

And he hade learn evrything she did. Even if he never activly used becuse he could only use small amouth of power but Blacki still new that he was a skilled in the art of magik.

And he new as the Dark Witch walked in that she was more demon then human.

Lady Magneto smiled "My associat promised me that this team will be able to and WILL eventuly hunt down the Spider-twins. Nothing could stop it You will win and the blood of the spiders will flow so its profisied by the Witch"

Blacki frowned "You sure. Did you ask a hig demon for knowled or personal read the tread of posibility from our aura"

Lady Magneto blinked.. "huuu what" Dark Witch "You know the arts"

Blacki "Weak in power strong in skills. I could levitat a pencile but thats about it."

The Dark Witch nodded "Skill could be used to deffend agienst magik hundred times more powerfull if you know your art"

Blacki nodded "I do. But my question could you answer it"

The Dark Witch frowned "I read you aura. The only thing that can stop your hunt after them would be a catastrofie on a archopolitisk scale.

Other wise your teams lust for fame and glory as well as ritches would make Spiders your enemy"

Marvin turned to Fanny "I did not know the Boss knew magik" he asked. Fanny "Its a loot about the boss we dont know"

Blacki nodded "And that would mean our greates change would be a preamtive strike."

The Dark Witch "Hmm Preamtive whats that.." Lady Magnoto "hit them before they hit you."

The Dark Witch grinned that sounded like her kind of action. "Well lets get ready. All of you thats going walk in that room and i will teleport you to them"

As one the payback team of criminal walked in the room. The Dark witch sattdown and started to chante.

Blacki stucked out his head "Im sorry to interuped but if this is going to take time maby it be best if we bring in soom food and cartoons to read"

The Dark Witch nodded "That keep the other from doing somthing wrong"

Lady Magneto frowned "Cartoon. Thats Stupid childisk thing typical lowborn humans not to grow out of it."

THe Dark Witch frowned "My Lady are you mocking Garfield the cartoon" she said eyes dripping with glowing blood Lady Magneto blinked things like Im the YBER Mutant future Ruler of all was fighting things like The Witch can turn me small green and Amphibien. "Eep no the cat is is a the creation of a genius. Probly a mutant"

she said in a hurry.


Sunnydale the Buffy univers...

The dark shape of Xander Parker the Spider-man sneaked inside avoiding the security cameras and the vampires and demons.

Finaly he hade found his target. "May i wish you a good night"

The man screemed "Aaaaa." and powered up a fireball.. "Who are..

Spider-man" The mayor said the fear was not gone and he looked calm But the spider-sense tingled a warning.

Xander jumped down "I hope im not interupting anything importaint but i realy need your help."

The mayor blinked "Sneaking inside scaring others are realy a bad way to get me in the mood to help"

Xander nodded behind his mask. "I know. But thats as close to kicking your soul less demon-like-to-be ass i will ever come so i just hade to do it"

The mayor sattdown "Do sitt down Mr Parker. Yes i know your identity do that scare you"

Xander grinned "Nope. I also know that Buffy the slayer is realy angry about the recording of her in the buff. So is Willow and Cordelia.

And Faith is almonst in rage over the fact that you have NONE on her."

The Mayor sighted "Well. What can i help you with" Xander "One of our Seer saw somthing Bad in less then six month Sunnydale AND Los Angeles will be gone. A invasion of earth will destroy evrything.

And no Sir im not talking about Demon invasion im talking about Alien."

The mayor almost laught but held it cool he hade listen in to Alexander Parkers explanation of HIS life. "Continu"

Xander nodded "our profets might be wrong who knows you might be able to confirm or denney it. But if not wrong then the alien will stop your Ascention completly. Would that upset you mutch."

The mayor nodded "That would make me a bit angry i think" Xander grinned under his mask "So angry that you would help a team of Good guys to fight back. To help us in the advance to find a hiding post to get weapon tools equipment and other things we would need" he slowly removed it.

The mayor frowned "If you are correct vengence would be the only thing i could look forward to. Unless i manage to become a demon my soul will belong to a rather nasty demon. And well that would not be nice."

Xander "I understand seen hell dont like it hope i never go back" The two smiled and chuckled a bit.

The mayor "I will of course duble check your information" Xander nodded "If its untrue do try to inform us."

The mayor smiled "Would you like a cup of coffe. Its real strong arabien type coffe"

Xander grinned. "I never hade Arabien coffe is it strong" The Mayor smiled "Mutch mutch stronger then the coffe in USA"

Soon two cupp of coffe midnight black and almost oily in thickness was in their hands Xander swallowed and frowned that was strong. He blinked sensing the coffein going wild inside of him hyper waking him.

The mayor frowned "Are you alright"

Xander nodded "Im,feel,soo,fine,that,good,coffe,stupid,sister,forcing,me,to, cutt,down,on,anything,with,coffein,becuse,it,makes,me,hyperactiv,"

Xander said talking almost five times as fast. The mayor blinked satt silently while his mind tried to understand what the young hero said. meanwhile Xander was sitting uncomfertly in the chair on the side of the chair at the floor of the chair on the desk beside the Mayor.

"O'my.." the mayor said as he understod. "Hyperactiv i would never hade guest"

Xander "Some,Mutans,have,a,hyper,sensetivity,agienst,Coffein,could,i, have,another,copp,Dont,worry,its,not,going,to,hurt,me,."

The mayor could see spiderman walking around Twitching as he jumped and climed the wall looking on evrything in the library.

"I dont think you should have another copp of Coffe the one you hade was almost like nine normal cups. Why dont i escort you out of here. No leve the coffe dont do. O'my you drank another one"

Chapter 13

Well Actuly first im going to say kmead1231[at]2 thanks you foranswering my question. But NOW the story realy begines... Morning came and time to go to class. In the Summer home it was a bit strange. May was glaring at her Brother. Tara-F was trying to look angry at her boyfrind. Tara-M was just confused. So was most of the others. And Xander looked tired his eyes where red and puffy. May growled "You have a hole day in class and you did not sleep at all the hole night just jumping around hunting vampirer trying to build or invent somthing" Xander "Dont argu may" May sighted "you brother dear is a genius WHY are you doing this to yourself" Jocye "What happend exacly." Tara-F smiled "Some mutants a rare case are extremly sensetive to normal coffein. Its literly make them hyper active. Xander is sensetive" May nodded "Extremly and before his mutant gen was activated he always dranked loots and loots of coffe or Cola. Then suddenly he was to sensetiv to drink it with out side effects. By the way -Brother- how many cups of coffe did you drink" Xander flinched "Only a can.. of Arabian coffe it looked like oil and was so sweet wonderfull tast" May sighted "Argh X WHY DONT YOU LEARN" she screemed. Scaring the birds outside and the others inside. The gigling made even May stop screeming. It was Faith she was rolling on the floor. "Coffe you are saying that the Big-Bad hero Spider-man gets hyper drugged by Coffe.." Buffy sneared "thats" Gigel "not" Gigel "Funny Faith." laugfing. Xander sighted tiredly "yes torture the guy with the coffein hangover" Jocye frowned "Do it have any dangerus side affact. Can he OD coffe or" May shaked her head "No complety safe exept he drives evrybody nuts jumping around like a crazy frog" Jocye smiled "Well we just have to keep him from drinking any thing with cofein in it then. Do you have the same problem May" May grinned "yes but im smart i dont drink anything with coffein in it. Exept if i real am desperat for a quick wake up." Xander growled "No body stopes me from drinking Coca Cola once evry Day... week... month" He said in a hopefull tone of voice. Tara-F smiled "Dream one Alex dream one.!" Buffy nodded "We will help you May to keep him away from it." May smiled "Its not that bad actuly specily if we have a big fight then he can burn up the extra energy in the fight." Xander "Not that i dont mind you girls planing and dictating my future but i have class to go to. See you later." with that he walked outside looking tired but proude. Ander sighted "Well morning fun its over and to class we go." Lily smiled "Its not that bad right" ...Later.... University was awfull booring that day. Xander keeped on faling asleep and finaly one of the profesors hade enofe. "Alexander would you come here now" he almost jelled in class. Xander walked up to him "Yes sir." The profesor frowned "In this class. in this university we do not accept student sleeping in class do you have any defense for your action." Xander sighted "No sir." The Profesor was not a bad person and seing a bright star looking like he hade not sleeped in weeks made him worried it might be drugg related after all Gangs on PCP was ruling the night. "Have you been taking druggs Alex." he asked ignoring the rest of the class listning. Xander sighted "No sir. Im alergic to Coffein and i kind of hade some yesterday. it It makes me hyperactiv and well" The Profesor blinked "Coffe. Are you joking" Xander "No sir. im extremly sensetiv to coffe and yesterday i drank some realy strong arabian black as the night coffe" The profesor eyes turned hard "If you know your problem why did you drink it then" Xander "he he. i like the tast" The profesor sighted teenagers. Even a genius like alexander should NOT be in this class he was simply to young even if he managed it. "Sitt down. Class during the week i like ALL of you to write a nine pages on why druggs is dangerus to use while using anyform of techology" The class sighted many growled angry at Xander. And Xander sighted sombody was out to get him he just knew it. Las Vegas... Blacki grinned "viva Las Vegas." Luke his brother nodded "Its a good place to hide in." him and his gang the Vulture five was dressed in thick trenchotes hiding their winged armor. Also Man-lizard was beside them dressed up hiden undernith a cowboy hatt and a rain coat. Wasp was the first one to ask the question "Now how do we track them down" Blacki smiled "Simple. First we learn about this world by listning on TV and reading books. NO hunting or thiving untill then." The Vultures nodded but Wasp and Man-Lizard looked reddy to object. Blacki frowned "IF we now how the world works nothing will come in our way once we hunt himdown. Wasp and Man-Lizard you two ARE hunter right you now the value of vaiting untill you are ready" The two frowned as they where more of a attack attack kind of fighters. But they nodded Lady Magneto hade said to listen to Blacki he knew what to do and was good at planing Blacki smiled "Now we use the gold and silver we have with us to get mony then find a hotel" Man-Lizard growled "And a place for me to hide body parts" Blacki sighted he forgoten about Man-lizards love to eat humans. "And a place for you to hide body parts" The moment he did not need the creepy lizard he would kill him. Sunnydale... Rickard Wilkson III the Mayor sighted his seer hade confirmed what Spider-man said. He even used a spell that would grant him the ability to see posible futures. and it dit not look good. "Alien how irritading." he finaly said. Hundred of years planing and all gone just becuse a race of alien was going to invade. "Argh. DIE DIE DIE DIE" he screemed angry firing balls of fire evrywhere burning the Seer and his secretary to death. hour later he finaly manage to regain his calm. "Well how rude of me. i think i need to hire a new secretary what a wast she was so good on her work" He looked around "And i do think i need to call the firedeparment it looks like my office is on fire" he said as he walked out from the now buring building. Outside he picked up his phone and called a number. "Xander i checked your information. Its real. yes i know kind of irritating. Anything you need and i will get it." He putt the phone down then up agien as he started to make a call. "I am Rickard wilson the 4 and i would like my Lawyers to come over i have somthing to discuse with them." He listen to their answer. Growling the secretary on Wolf,Ram and heart was more and more irritaded evry year. "Look here now. I used your firm service for hundreds of years unless its fixt i will have your head UNDERSTOD" Finaly he was reconected. "Finaly. I need my fincal advicor and my lawyer over to Sunnydale we need to make plans. Im going to transfear mony and buy equimpents and i need it to be made silently" With that he putt the phone down. He hade No idea what the Kid Xander would need. But he hade ideas weapons and tools medications and a secret base. He might be dead before he would get his vengence but he was almost sure that the kid Xander the Spider-man would manage to advange him and save the human race. Not that he cared about the humans but vengence he did care about aloot. A moment he frowned strong magik was in the area realty changing and mind twisting magik Rickard Wilson frowned as he protected himself. "What ever is they doing. Strange it taste like White magik." The man trying to become a demon frowned he did not like it white magik that strong made him shiver in fear and lust. In Sunnydale hige school. Lily Riverflood paled she was NOT a powerfull telepath but ass a telepath she did have a stronger imunity to mind-changing powers of other telepath. OR mind-changing magik. As the spell fellupon her she screemed in class almost fellower from the chock. Hope Parker rushed over to her best frind "Lily what is it." she asked afraid that somthing hade happend. Ander also rushed over. "yes Lily talk to us." The Teatcher frowned "Ander and Hope why dont you take you frind to the nurse" Hope and Ander nodded as they picked up Lily by her arms guiding her outside. Hope frowned Lily was pale and keeped looking with chocked or fear at her. Ander "What happend Lily" Lily "I i somthing i" Hope "We bether go to Giles and then call Alex and May they know what to do" She said with complet belife in her bigg brother and sister. her 3 year older brother and sister could solve evryproblem and they always keeped her safe. But she wondered why Lily looked at her like she was a bugg or a demon. Later. Tara-F. May and Xander hade rushed over Xander was still tired but thanks to some mutch needed sleep he managed to get during break between classes he no longer looked like a walking dead. And he once agien swore like many times before never ever will i drink coffe agien.. Also their was Buffy, Faith, Willow, Ander, Oz, Cordelia. Giles smiled a bit "Xander you look like you would need a cup of Tea" He frowned looking at May "Tea is safe right" May grinned "its safe.. Now Lily can you tell us what happend We are worried" Lily swallowed and looked between Xander, May, Tara-F, Hope, and back down on the table. She sighted "Somthing was trying to change my memory. i I have to sett of memories one with you Hope. And one where you did not exist" The Parker family paled as they where a protectiv family and the idea of one of them being dead was scarry. Xander "not Existing like Hope was dead or ?" The idea of having his 14 soon 15 year old baby sister dead was not a good one. He and May hade been her constant protecter during the three year they hade been kidnaped as children and forced to live in england. While HE and May knew and remember Peter and Mary-jane as their REAL mother and father and was overjoied to be home agien. Hope hade been only 1 year old when they where kidnapped so she hade almost no memory of her real mother and father. Lily shoked her head. "NO not dead just not existing. i dont know what" Hope swallowed "So what you claiming im not real or" Giles sighted "Hope. Im sure that you are real. And If its a memory spell we could do a reverse spell that would give all of us our memory back." Xander nodded weckly then frowned. "We have company" he said. And the door opend and Rickard Wilson the III walked in "Hellow kids." He said in a cherry voice. Giles paled. Buffy blinked and grabb her stake. Faith growled angry. Willow blushed. Cordelia looked up. Xander smiled "Hi.. Gang meet the Mayor our new allied" Buffy "WHAT" Willow "YOU Pervert" Cordelia "Oo give it up Willow you should be glad that anybody would be intresting in your body." Faith growled "Am I ugly or WHAT." May rasied a eyebrown "Calm down girls." Strange the girls actuly obeyed her sitting down smiling evil grinns at the mayor. Xander and giles blinked that never happend before. Rickard Wilson sighted "I am sorry but the reson i did not spy on you Faith is becuse you look so mutch like my dead dotter. It would feel wrong to do that do you." He turned to the others "And i am sorry if i offended anyone but the recording will be destroyed completly. I was not doing anything perverted with them only trying to find weknesses among you" Xander sighted "Anyhow. rickard over here is da Big Bad as you all know. But the catastrofie thats comming will completly destroy his change to become a demon. And whats worst nothing we can do will stopp that." Giles frowned "Any catastrofy that would stop a demon can not be that baad can it" Xander smiled "Acording to a seer woring for the Powers the catastrofy is the destruction of most big citys in the WORLD. Followed by a alien invansion that will destroy and enslave humanity complety unless we manage to strike back" Giles "O'thats bad. Are you sure about this" Xander nodded "One of Angels contacted told me about it." Rickard interupted "After young Alex over here contacted me i double checked the information using my conections. Sadly Xander is correct." He grinned "I am evil and i am a bit angry that aliens decide to interuped my assencion. So i decided to help you destroy them." Giles "Why would we trust you" he asked. Rickard smiled "Surly you have read the journal Xander stole. If my assention is interupted I will die. And thats that." Xander smiled "You are looking at a dying man Giles. And he like us to give the alien a permanent payback. And we are going to have to kick the alien away from earth so at this time our intrest are working side by side." The others nodded. Then Rickard dropped his smile "I would like to talk to Miss May Parker and Xander parker alone thank you" he said. Xander and May nodded and they walked out. Rickard outside he looked at them "Sombody using white magik changed your past. Creating that girl Hope." May swallowed "Is she real" Xander eyes narrowed. "Why" Rickard "Yes May she is a real innocent girl and biology a sister to you two. I think they did that to protect somthing. Right now i have only a suspecien that they created her inorder to hide somthing of vital importans but i will try to find out more. The spell they used braught out blessing of the creator blessing 'hope' with a real soul and probly memory that would make her fit-in." They nodded. Not realy happy but that was life. Xander "How mutch are you ready to help us Sir" He asked. Rickard smiled "You know that im just waiting to die right now so all my powers and ritches is in your hands. I belive that you would be intersting in a good hideout so im searching for one. Also i belive that weapons tools and equimpent would be needed. " May frowned "We need to cordinate this" Xander hide a grinn. "Im going to call the pretender and ask him to help. Between the two of you it will be simple." He frowned "May among the blue prints in the computer is their a blue print on a sensor bafling unit." Rickard blinked "Well i be going now. Just call me and sett up a meting. I have a meating with my Lawyers in a moment" He said as he walked away. May frowned "What about hope. We cant tell her that she is not real." Xander nodded "Agree on that but we have to tell her somthing. Did you see her yesterday" May nodded "She hade a book stuck in her hand. Her powers is awakening right" Xander nodded "yes. You got yours at 14 and a half i got mine at 15. And we know she have the same gen as we have." May nodded "Will life never be esy." Xander grined "No i dont think so. But for her sake i think its best if we just continue treating her like normal. She is our sister and you remember what you promised her." May nodded "yes. She will be the new spider-girl and i be the Amazing Spider-women." Xander grinned "but we have to tell them somthing." he said frowning. May nodded and they started to plott but found nothing the truth would be bad but in the end the only choise. To do the memory restoration spell. Later the magik of giles flashed and the memorys where restored.. The new ones where still their like a alternat version. Hope swallowed and tried to run in panic she was not real. May would not let her and Xander came up and took her face between his hands gently "Listen Hope. YOU are our sister. we love you." Seing her still crying he did what he never done before. He gave her a gentle but still hard slapp on the face. She paled and looked straight at him finaly "Hope, Gwendolin Parker We love you. I love you. You are MY baby sister dont worry.." May stoped holding her and just hugged her. "I love you We famly and we are the parker girls our holly mission is to drive Alex crasy remember." Finaly Hope started to cry in relife not fear or panic. Xander hugged both of them "Dont worry Hope evrything will be alright you see." May nodded crying a bit in sympaty. Lily dried her own tears. "I im still your frind Hope. Dont worry" Ander "And im your frind and new brother" he said grinning. May "And me and Xander will start traning you if you still like to be a superhero" Hope nodded "its the family tradition. And it will be soo cool" Xander grinned "So we have a new spider-girl then" Hope frowned "I think it would be best if i chose a namn that would honor Uncle Ben." She said remebering the story Dad told her about his clone that became a second spider-man. The scarlet spider. Las Vegas.... Blacki sighted "Alright gang. Luke you and Fanny look after any new papper with Spider-man or the Spider-girl on them. Chang and Marvin i like the two of you to hack inside the goverment creat some ID four all of us." They nodded. As he turned to the other two the outsiders. "I would like some help from the two of you." Wasp nodded. "I will help" she said with her soft silk like voice. Man-Lizard nodded "So will i. But only becuse it will bring the death of the spiders." Blacki "Great. Im going to find a demon bar or a demon pub. I seen the signs they are here. And i would Like YOU Man-Lizard to come with me. Inside the demon bar turn to you lizard-form They most like to talk a bit more about things rumors and strange happenings to sombody thats not human." Man-Lizard eyes gleemed a bit "Are you sure." Blacki "yes. Just be yourself but talk to them even play pool. And some of the demon bars have human blood or human-ribbs that you could order. Just remember any information not limit yourself to the spiders." Wasp frowned "What about me then." Blacki grinned "Im going to need a bodyguard Man-Lizard can not protect me while he is talking and fishing after information. With my armor im strong but you are stronger. And my skill in magik i can deffend myself agienst magik attacks but if they see sombody like you by my side they will have a bit more respect and that means that they will not attack me in the first place." Wasp "Should i show them my wings." Blacki nodded "In the demon-bar yes. Outside no." And they walked out. Blacki shivered as he felt the spell on the bar. "Its in here. A dont see spell. And a do not fight spell. Wasp and Lizard take my hands and i guide you inside" The two grabbed him as he walked them inside the building. As they opend the door and walk inside they could see it was a demon- Casino that was filled with demons/vampires even human dark witches and mages. Many looked at them with a hunger and 'lets attack them when they go out' kind of a look. But Man-Lizard suddenly turning from a bald and ugly human with cold almost glass like eyes in to a human sized lizard that looked like a cross between a Velacoraptor and a human changed their mind. Wasp insekts wings also made other stair in suprise. The only one they looked at was him but Wasp took her duty as bodygard serius. Blacki grabbed Lizard "Im sorry. But i have to warn you" THe man-Lizard "Do not grabb me like that. Warn me about what" Blacki "Their are magik games inhere where you might lose your soul OR your life drained. Be carfull and never join a gamble unless you know what they are playing about" Man-lizared nodded "Good warning i forgive you grabbing me. And i will listen." it said as it walked or glided away cross the floor. Wasp sighted "He is a real dream guy" Blacki blinked the clone girl where crazy.. Later Sunnydale... Jarod frowned as he read the writen testemony of what the seer hade seen. "end of civilication alien invasion." he looked up at his 'partner' Riley "We have to tell our chife" Jarod frowned "What can they do. Or more likly what can WE do to make them belive in our profe." Riley paled anything they did from this point on was to late. The goverment was like a gigant stucked in mudd and would move to slow. Jarod nodded "our best change it to join forces with Xander gang. And if i manage to talk Miss Parker in to joining us it would be even bether" Xander nodded "yes. And jarod this time we can not accept a no for a answer she must join us or we will treat her as a enemy and i will stop her permanent. She and the center is to dangerus to have as a enemy" Jarod nodded "I will fix that. What about Broots." Xander grinned "He is only working for them bucuse he is afraid they murder his dotter. Right." Jarod nodded "yes. why" Xander "What if we kidnaped HER and HIM. Showing and convincing him that the invasion will happen in less then 6 month.. And when that happen even the Center will stop care about him or you being a runaway" Jarod grinned. "Thats would work actuly somthing good to come out of the destruction. Riley what would you say about kindaping a child and her daddy." Riley grinned "You make it sound like somthing bad. Im in." The two agents (one real the other pretend) grinned. Xander smiled Jarod and Rickard where going over what they would buy and Rickard even hade taken over a hiden atomic missile bunker that USA goverment hade sold him. That would be a perfect place to use as a future HQ. Now he would need it restored and reparied. Jarods stolen center mony and skills would be usefull. And rickards conections will even make the center backdown. As sone as the lawyer from wolfram, Ram, and heart hade a talk with them. And his spell made Jarod almost invisible to the normal Center agents. Now he hade to train his baby sister in being a super hero. And find out who or what created her. She finaly said what her namn would be. The Amazing Scarlet-Spider-girl. A dark scarlet uniform with no spider-webb patern. On topp of that a dark blue jacked with a hood and her webbshooters would be able to shoot webb-stingers like his and Mays (Small webb arrows) But she also where designing a special bandolair where she would hang Webb-grenades or teargas grenades. Unlike him she decided to have more then two with her. Her outfitt made him worried about one thing. She would have a HUGE fan-group made out of drooling teenaged males. And guns and ammo crazy nuts.

Chapter 14

Night time in the spider-cave.

"Alright. May remember hold back your strenght but dont go esy on her on her" Xander said as he looked was over looking the traning ready to interuped them if they went to far in the fight.

May nodded as did Hope. This training was to help her understand how her spider-sense worked. So May would try to hurt her not permanent but she would leve bruses and give her loot of pain unless she managed to dodge.

"I,im Ready" she said nervusly.

May "you dont have to Hope" May said.

Hope "No. I want to im just afraid.. Lets do it" She said standing ready.

On the side invated was Giles and Buffy and Tara-F and Tara-M. Lily was their so she could help them and train improve her skill as a nurse.

She dreamed on becoming a Nurse Not a doctor but a nurse. Somthing more then one person new about as she often projected her dreams. To her shame any dream from her nightmares to her more shamefull dreams like the one with the wipped-cream and her in a chatolic schoolgirl uniform.

And the two spider-mutans sudenly moved. Like lightning May jumped kicked her younger sister that dived to her side screeming in fear. "Aaaaaa!" she jelled as she dodged.

May rolled up bounched from the wall diving down towards Hope leting her arm fly out like a schyte.

Hope closed her eyes and jumped she managed to avoide Mays attack this time also but the strenght of the jump made her crash head first in the roof. "Outch" she jelled as she crashed first in the roof then ass first in the floor.

Xander laught "That was great Hope. Dont worry you have a thick head."

Hope blinked "How did i do that" she said looking up the roof must have been almost twelvfeet away.

May grinned "Adranelin. Our strenght is activated by adranelin in the begining. Fear, aggresion even lust will make the strenght go on and off."

Xander nodded "You remember the problem we hade"

Hope nodded "Ooyes i remember Dad forbide the two of you to hugg me. And you two aggread Like you would ever hurt me."

Xander "Beter safe then sorry Hope. Now you have to train hard if you do the strenght will become permanent active. And then you just have to re-train your muscler controll. Remember how"

Hope frowned "Oo the egg training."

May "Jupp loots of omelets will be made. YOu will have to lift and putt eggs in one bucket and fill it then putt them back with out destroying the eggs. And between lifting the eggs you do other training like jumps on one hand and cross things then back to the eggs"

Hope sighted the egg training was boring and slimy. But bether learn how to controll her strenght or she might cruss sombody hand or head by mistake.

Giles nodded "Remakable i think Faith and Buffy could help you train Hope. They could play a game of tagg but with stunners."

Xander nodded that sounded like a harmless but fast way for Hope to gain a fast understanding of her danger-sense.

Also a fast way to get her spiderstrenght and endurance active.

May grinned "That sound like fun.." she said grinning evil to Hope. Sadly Hope was nodding happy. Somtimes she was just to perky.

Hope was still grining as she asked "When are the two of you going to start training me in Webb gliding"

Xander "First im going to teach you how to BUILD a webb-shooter and make your own Webb. And first after THATS done you will get webb training."

Hope sighted "Oo. well i can do webb fluide and i already started building a pair and i have almost all the parts that i need.."

May frowned "How do you know to do that" Hope "I saw you two do it more then once. And im not stupid" she said rolling her eyes.

Xander nodded "I know your not stupid. Your a Parker."

Hope smiled "Then maby one of you could help me i i have a bit of a problem with the shooters. The webb-packs keep on faling out"

Xander grinned "You probly put the safty pin the wrong way. Dont worry i help you"

Hope blinked "It cant be that simple can it."

Giles smiled at the young girl "Well its often the most simpel things we overlook or we forget about while solving the more difficult problem"

Hope nodded frowning a bit.

Later in Summers home..

Xander putt the phone down "May, Hope, Come here" he taught a bit then.. "What the hell EVRYBODY come here and i dont have to say it to all of you"

Soon evrybody sleeping in Summers home was in the living room. Xander sighted their life was a bloody soup opera. Jocye even stoped watching those on the TV completly happy just listning in on Real life as it was going wild around her.

"Alright i just talked to Rickard Wilson our Mayor and he found out about what happend to you Hope" he said.

Hope tensed. Xander "im not happy that somthing did that to MY sister Hope. But it happend and we will deal with it" He said to free Hope from her fear.

Buffy frowned "What happend i like to know"

May nodded "yes its about OUR sister so tell me"

Xander "if you let me i will. Aparently a brotherhood of monks where guarding a energy called The Key. From a hellgoddes namned Glory. As the meteors closed by they found out that Glory is geting a we bit eger to find the Key and use it.

And in doing that Glory would destroy Earth. The only way they could hide and protect the Key was by placing inside sombody that would always be loved and cared about. So they created a REAL person YOu Hope and putt the Key energy inside of you"

Hope blinked as she hugged herself like she was afraid the Key would jump out like a alien from a movie.

May hugged her. "You see you are Real. our real sister. Like Uncle Ben was our real uncle even if he died and was a clone of dad"

Hope nodded. "D,dad always loved Ben said he was the brother he always wanted then he was murded."

Xander sattdown "And dont worry about the hellgoddes she will not be able to find you like this. And if she do the Mayor and all of us will destroy her"

Hope nodded.

Buffy frowned "Godess that might be hard"

May nodded "it might. I seen gods before. Thor and Loki fighting agienst eatch other. A human can take out a god if he lucky."

Giles "yes. and we can try to find a god killer weapon.. By the way did you say Thor"

Blue Cov delavare........

The Center.

Two powerfull individuals stod outside. One hade one of the most powerfull mind on earth.

The other hade the power of guns and loots of guns. He also hade bosted himself using a Bio bosting drugg found in the computer May Parker hade.

It was acording to the file safe to use for a maximum of 3-6 days eatch month.

And under its influnse the user reflex was boosted twice as fast and the strenght almost double.

Acording to the file the drug was used by a goverment organisation called Shield to even the score between humans and mutants in the other realty.

It was chemical version of the X-gen most mutant where not even effected by the drug.

And right now Rily was powerfull and faster then ever hade been before.

"Lets do it." he said. Jarod nodded today they would sneak inside and save Angelo and other captured by the center.

And they would not take no for answer. He petted his own guns.

With the future of humanity on the stake he would no longer play games it was the end game at the center.

As one they walked in true the hiden and secret pathways and maintaince corridors.

A grimm looking duo finaly entered the comand room of the sciense deparment of the Center.

It was inside of their the 'freeks' or the 'labrats' lived. The first one that saw them was fitting enof Mr Rain the bald sick man hissed like the human snake he was "What are you doing. who are you"

Both of them hade masked hiding their faces.

Jarod smiled grimly "It time to end the center Mr Rains." Memory of being drugged by that person. Memory being put to death as he did near death experiment on Him when he was only a child filled his memory.

Mr Rain sneared "I do not know who you are but treatning us is the first and last mistak you ever do. Their is no place on earth that you could hide."

Jarod smiled "I know quite a loot about the centers activity. Good by Mr Rains" he said as the gun ended the life of the sick man.

The docors paled seing their superior being guned down in cold blood.

Riley held his breath that was not in the plan. ONly shoot in selfdefens. Then force them to evacuate as they would activate explosivs.

Jarod ignored the protest as he removed the hood. Voical reconical program would most likly identified him later anyway.

"Hello im back. I wonder if your parent was murded. If your brother assasinated infront of your eyes. If you where abused and missused. What would YOU DO if you hade the gun" he said.

The doctors inside and the sweepers/assasins paled hearing that. Jarod smiled gently "Luckly im mutch more forgiving then you are.

Get angel and bring me Junior"

The doctors frowned looking uncertenly at eatch other.

Jarod "I im talking about the cloning you been doing. Now bring my family to me"

The sweper in charged growled "You can't do that. Security will charge inside and stop you anymoment."

Riley nodded "Im sure they be using the elevator or the main stairs am i right"

silent was his answer.

Then a Booom shock the building.

Jarod grinned evil "That was the main security team using the elevator. It suddenly go Boom. Must be malfunctioning"

Moment later a suprised Angelo and Jarod Junior the clone of Jarod stod infront of him.

As Rily guarded the others moving evry now and then in almost scarying hig speed.

Jarod bend down looking in the child eye. He looked like he did but only 11 year old. "Hi. Im you but old."

Junior looked at him "Was it necesary to kill them."

jarod nodded "realy badthings happend soon. I seen the profe i have no change to stop that from happening and if you and Angelo is still here when that happen you would die."

Junior nodded trustning the feling he got from old him. "I see. I hate killing"

Jarod nodded "Killing is always wrong. But somtimes not killing will be worst. I just wish that was the reson i shoot him" he said voice sad.

Angelo smiled "Jarod angry hatefull Rain do baad things anger overwelm Jarod. Baad things realy that baad"

Jarod nodded "It is worst Angelo worst then you can imagen. We must go now"

Angelo frowned "What about Miss Parker we need her must save her" Jarod grinned "we have frinds taking care about that. Im sure she will be overjoyed"

Riley frowned "Lets cut the family and love. We must leve. Center assholes. We rigged this place to go Boom evacuate or be dust. The first bomb starts expoding in fifteen minuts the next five minuts after untill the hole place is gone"

Jarod nodded "Follow me" he said escorting them out.

Then suddenly the lamps short circet and it was pitch black and dark for almost one minuts when the emergency light came on They where gone like a shadow in the night.

Now then only hade to gather up Mr Broots doughter and they where ready to go back to safe old Sunnyhell.


Miss Parker growled banging the steel door with her hands "I need a smoke NOW"

The door opend and 'spider-man' walked in "Hi Miss Parker" he said as he gave her a ciggarets and lights.

She growled "So why do you abduct me then." Spider-man grinned under the mask "Abduct you i beg the diffrens I abudcted mr Broots. My sister Abudcted You"

Miss Parker despertly manage to controll her urge to jump the pyamas using fool and ripp him a new asshole in his head.

"Well that makes Two targets for MY gun YOU and the Bitch syster a"

Suddenly spider-man was over her holding her hanging upside down her back glued stucked on his left hand and his right hand was inches from her face.

A cold voice told her to talk carfully. "Right now we realy do not need you alive. Right now ONLY the fact that YOU are Jarods half sister is keeping you alive.. Understand" he said a voice colder then outer space.

Miss Parker shivered in fear as Spider-man putt her down. So far she hade profiled him as a joker frindly prankster with no Viciuse streak or capacity expept stupid pranks like Boby trapp a toilet or a Dildo with glue and just waith untill they use it.

But now she could see that he hade a vicuse streak. And right now it was the size of a Higway.

"I see. Did you say brother"

Xander nodded "In a way. Your mother and Jarods mother was identical twins. But you hade the same father."

Miss Parker took a deap breath. Identical twins where born geneticly identicel. So depending on how you look at it they where half-siblings or siblings.

IF what he said was true.

A timed voice from the other chair interupted them. "What about me" Broots said.

Spider-man smiled "You sitt and waith. Soon mr Jarod will bring your daughter back with him. ANd the bombs he putt inside the center will temporarly De-fang them. Our contact among the globle Wolfram, Ram and Heart will use its contact to make them back of for a shorter time.

And after a year or so it will not mater anyway."

Miss Parker frowned "And why should it not mater anymore."

Spider-man smiled "Now that is a secret. Lets just say that the big rats are fleeing the citys evry city on earth."

With that he left the room. Outside he lifted the big stone and putt in infront of the door. It was a two tons boulder that effectivly stoped them from pushing the door open.

Inside Miss Parker sighted as she smoke another ciggaret. Broots frowned "What should we do."

She looked at him. "I have no idea. IF he have Jarod on his side. Then its likly that he is not crazy and if thats so then." She shrugged "I got the feling he hoped that he was wrong. And that scared me"

Broots frowned wondering why that would scare her. When he relised it and paled.

Las Vegas.......

The day after the demon bar and the time hade came.

Blacki was concern but not overly sudden panic was not completly unheard about among vampires. Even if the ones in this realty was weaker then in his.

But the demon that said the end of the world would come and not in a fun way that scared him.

Somthing big was coming most demons and vampires hade NO idea of what.

But rumors said that many of the BIG powerfull demons hade actuly escaped earth.

They hade left this plane of existens.

So he had made plans to make sure evrything would go perfect.

Even talked to the other Vultures and they knew what to do he trusted them.

Finaly all of them walked in first his Vulture gang. Then Wasp and man-Lizar walked in last. He shivered the girl was oviuse in love with the human eating monster.

"Well from what Man-Lizard said and from what i found out. Strange things is going one. Many of the more powerfull demons have left the Earth"

The other members in Vultures five frowned that was not good was it ? Man-Lizard frowned "How do we find Spiderman. I care not about the demons."

Blacki looked at the Lizard a monster that alone almost manage to kick the spider-twins butt.

He was faster stronger then the spider. THe lizard could lift (Press) about 12-14 tons depending on how well feed he was.

His skinn caple of resisting penetration from small caliber bullets and he could run up to 50 miles per hour.

Jump up almost 12 feet or more. Blacki hade no plans on fighting him.

And he was a berserker. Crazy twisted and of hatred. Blacki stod up carfull not to antagonize him. "Destroying the Spiders is the reson we are here. But if somthing bad is happening our mission might be a complet failiur. We could die before we even get near them. What ever is making the demon run might be able to stop us"

The lizard hissed as he walked closer to Blacki. "Sssss what are you sugestion. Human."

Blacki smiled frindly "If you have a idea. Any idea i would like to here them. My idea is simple and stupid."

Wasp "If your idea is stupid why did Lady Magneto make you a leader" Blacki smiled "A good leader knows a good idea from a bad leader do not. And a good leader ask his frinds OR his allied for ideas so that a Good idea can be found.

Beside im am a bit tired right now"

The Man-Lizarded nodded a bit. "Sssss whats your dum idea anyway."

he said. Blacki smiled "To wait and see what would happen in the future before we do anything. And we cant do that we have spiders to kill" Man-lizards claws flinshed from the idea of waiting but as the human said it was a stupid idea he realy felt no anger to HIM. "We rush the spiders then"

Blacki nodded "Thats one idea. I just hope nothing would stop us" Wasp frowned "Lizzy what about the demons running. What ever make them do it might be able to stopp us"

The Lizared nodded knowing her hatred was ass deep as his. "You are right. But then what"

Blacki hide his grinn his manipulation hade worked the two idiots said exacly what he expected them. Now Chang would bring up his 'idea'

Change cleared his voice. "I dont know. But Maby we should splitt up in two team. One that hunt down the Spiders. The other team Stay in the bakground and IF anything go wrong second team would Come and help the first team."

Fanny smiled as she played her roll. "YOu mean like a rescue team" Change "OR like a cavelery. that way IF a enemy scaring demons exist all of us could exape and kill the spiders another day"

Man-Lizared frowned his claws twisting but now his anger where aimed at what ever might stand agienst him and the blood of the spiders. "You made a good idea Humans"

Wasp nodded.

Blacki grinned as he pretended to think. "Hehe thats was a great idea." He laught a bit. "I should have taught about that."

The lizard nodded. Luke his brother said his part of the act. "YOu did not sleep well. And unlike the lizard and me you cant think straight unless you sleep."

Agien Lizard frowned that was a weackness humans hade he remember it himself. "Your brother is correct Human you are our leader. If you not well you can not lead us."

Blacki nodded "I know. I just hade so mutch going one. I was planing on sleeping 12 hours tonight. But i know we needed to know about this and atleast do a prelimenary planing."

Wasp frowned "I think you should go to sleep now and we can continued tomorow."

Luke nodded "Why dont we talk about the subject a bit and try to get other ideas. then we write down anything good and you can workthem over tomorow"

Blacki nodded as he walked in to sleep. Now Luke and the other vultures would slowly make the Lizard and Wasp come up with the idea of becoming the spider hunters. And the vultures to be the rescue team.

He knew those two hade orders to watch over him and stop him from running. Orders Lady Magneto gave them.

This way the two idiots would come up with the idea themself. He would be hessitate but they would convince him.

Grinning he walked in to his room and slowly fell asleep.

Outside the gang started to cast ideas around.

Even Man-Lizard joined in.

Sunnydale next day...

"Finaly...Evrybody COME COME" Hope yelled her uniform was finaly done.

One by one they came down to see what the yelling was about.

Jocye smiled as she and Xander where talking. "Well i will miss you after you moved out"

Xander grinned "Well the mayor have fixt us the house next door so it will not be far away. Well hope let see it" He finaly said.

Hope was standing totely hiden by a Blanket but they could hear her irritaded voice "NO Waith untill Faith is here. I like evrybody to see it at the same time"

Buffy sighted "I go and get her.."

Finaly A irritaded faith walked in "I was planing on taking a bath this bether be good"

Hope grinned "I made my Spider Uniform" Faith nodded "Good for you. Good by" she said turning around.

Hope "NO i like all of you to see it Waaith"

Faith hide her grinn as she turned around "Alright halfpint lets see it" teasing May and Xander baby sister sure was fun.

The rest of them was silent as they did not like to get involved. Lily "Show us" she said egerly.

The rest nodded and Xander "Yes come one"

Hope grinned "I present the Amazing Scarlet Spider" she said leting the blanket fall down.

Her uniform was dark scarlet no webb pather was on the hole uniform. But on the topp of her mask a small spider was seen.

Over the uniform she hade a blue jacket that hade a big spider print on the back and a hood that she could use over the mask.

They could see that she hade hangers to putt Webbgrenades on the belt and in the jacket. Also she hade a holder bag where she could putt a portable computer or other tools if needed.

The uniform did nothing to hide the fact that she was a young female. Ander swallowed remembering that she was his sister by adoption right now and drooling would be wrong specly as he hade a girl-frind.

Faith grinned "Now that is cool. Is that a gun you have in the back" Hope nodded "yes but only a water gun. I i have to find a real gun it could be usefull im thinking a 44 or somthing"

Jocye frowned "I realy dont think a gun would be good."

Buffy "yes and a 44 your to small and to young even smaller then I am. not that im small or tiny." She corrected her self "A 44 would make you flipp over"

Hope rolled her eyes "I will grow biger. Beside spiderstrenght and spider climing ability. I would not fallover."

Buffy nodded if she could glue her self to the floor she would not fall over..

Hope finaly turned to Xander and may that hade been walking around her looking at the uniform.

Nervesly she asked them "So what do you think"

Xander "The jacket can you turn it inside out"

Hope nodded "yes is black then so i can use it to camoflage myself" May "The uniform it lack the spider webb pather we have. You should put them on"

Hope rolled her eyes. "Yes."

Finaly May and Xander looked at each and grinned "we liked it" They said as the Twin they was.

Hope jumped up in joy "Yeees" she said grinning.

Xander smiled "But do putt on the webb-pather on the uniform its show that your part of our team our family"

Hope nodded. "What do you think about the spider on my Mask" she said bending forward so they could look closer.

May swallowed "It a fine spider. A bit Disney inspired but.. Is it grinning."

Hope nodded. "I found the spider in a Donald Duck cartoon and copy it."

Xander swallowed his laught "Im sure the criminal will screem in fear"

Hope rolled her eyes "Its cute and i like it."

Buffy finaly sighted superheros she was never like that.

But then Giles never let her have a super hero uniform. She would have to talk to him about that.

Maby a cloack and a sword and she could be the Pirat slayer or.. Buffy giggled as she walked out that was a funny idea.

Faith frowned "Hey B whats so funny" Buffy continued to giggle "The Pirat slayer" she said between giggling sound.

The rest blinked wondering what ever Jocye was feeding her.

Two day later in the Spider Cave...

Jarod hade finaly come back with Broots daughter and Angelo and 'junior' his clone.

The boy looked at the stone that blocked the door wondering how they would remove it.

The mask man namned Spider-man must have read his mind as he turned to the smallest of the three masked individuals. "Scarlet-Spider would you remove the stone" He said.

The youngest girl squeled "Me. me move the stone.. Are you sure" she swallowed as she started to push.

Juniors eyes got big in suprised the stone a bolder that must weight two tons if not more it moved.

The girl looked to be three-four year older then him if that. And her body was that of a dancer or a gymnast not a boudybuilder.

Scarlet-spider grinned "Yes i can" She said grinning as she grabbed the stone from the underside and started to lift. "Raargh thats heavy" she groned as she walked away with a stone biger then she is. Junior swallowed "When you said human with super ability i did not expect that."

Jarod grinned at junir as he nodded "just wait untill i let you read Superman Cartoon"

Spider-girl frowned "Why did you not say anything when we lifted you inside and Climed in"

Junior shrugged "I asumed you used some kind of climing equipment."

Spider-man nodded "Logical."

As the door now open a irriaded Miss Parker walked out. "Labb-rat." She said as she turned to see the others.

Broots suddenly walked out "Honny are you alright" He said looking angry at Jarod.

The child cryied "Dad i was so afraid."

Spider-man "We will not hurt you. This is why we took you to this place to keep you safe."

The girl frowned "I was safe in the house" Jarod smiled "Ask your dad. The organisation he worked for would not make that a good place to be safe in."

Spider-man smiled grimly underhis mask. "We have taken care about that and we have a safe place you and your child will live in."

It was a cabin far away in the wild they would have food and books to read and Radio and TV to watch.

Jarod "its a bit primitiv but you and Miss Parker will be safe up their after half a year the center will not put anyone of you in danger anymore"

Broots sighted "IF we do not accept beging exiled." Spider-man shrugged. "We could let the two of you go. But remember their is still Center agents loos."

Broot nodded gritting his theeth. "I accept." Miss Parker frowned "What about me."

Jarod grinned "That depend on you cossin or sister dear. What would you like to do"

She frowned "Stick a electric cable in spider-mans asshole and fry him alive. But thats not a choise is it"

Scarlet spider giggled "Thats fun" Spider-girl "She was not joking."

Scarlet blinked "Ooo..."

Miss Parker sighted kids she liked kids and would not hurt them.

Even super kids needed their family.. "Dont worry kid. I will not hurt your brother. What are my choises"

Jarod grinned "Most of the Center HQ is burning and destroyed by the bombs i used. And about 80% of their mony i stolen. I Know its only the part of the Center capital that sponsor its activity in north america thats all i manage to FIND..."

Miss Parker nodded "What about my dad" She asked. Jarod shrugged "He is alive probly running as i mailed the Conclave some criminal activity he done. Like stealing from the Center and trying to kill one of them."

Miss Parker hissed like a snake "You dirty" but she sighted. "Did you have to"

Jarod nodded "I needed to disruped them. A frind is using powerfull conetion to make them back of. You could move free right now. Broots is a diffrent act."

Spider-girl sighted "Well come on.. lets leave them alone." With that the two super heros dragged away the younger superhero in training.

Scarlet-spider "but but i want to listen"

Later night time...

Buffy looked at Tara-F "I been patrolling with Spider-girl/boy but not you. Are you sure yoursafe."

Tara-F nodded "I been holding a powercable" Buffy sighted super humans she would never ever understand them.

And as usual the vampires came out. Vampire 1.. "Look its the one eyed Slayer."

Vampire 2 pretended to be suprised "But if one eye is a slayer what is the other eye"

Buffy giggled. then stoped "HEY.." Tara-f giggled "That was funny"

Vampire 3. "lets kill them with out the spider they are NOTHING"

Tara-f realy she said as her eyes started to glow and small bolts of lighting danced in her hair made it stand up "Thunder Bolts and Lighting"

Vampire 2 "Werry werry frighting me" Then the cracking sound of thunder was heard as Charger let her power lose on the undead.

the last Vampire nr2 paled "Ooo.. Well look at the time. I just have to run like now."

Buffy shoke her head "No i dont think so" The vampire swallowed super being thats so unfair they should only exist in cartoons right he almost blinked as he pushed his hypnotic power to the max. "Look Clark Kent is nude."

Buffy and Tara-F turned around in suprised looking after Clark. Then they blinked looked at eatch other feling extremly stupid.

But the Vampire was gone running like a greesed lighting away "Im so smart and they are so stupid.. ooo god im alive alive.. Well Im undead undead.." he said as he ran for his life.

Tara-F looked at the slayer "IF you Never ever tell anybody about this. I do the same"

Buffy nodded "I cant belive i fell for that.." Tara-F nodded. "It might have been my faulth.."

Buffy frowned "Why." Tara-F "i have a secondary power. I can give others luck and bad-luck but i cant controll it. If anybody make me happy they get luck. And if"

Buffy interupted her "angry they get bad luck" Tara-F nodded "A mutantion thats out of controll. Now you know why i often behave like a stiff."

Buffy nodded... "Yes. But that vampire was funny. So if i giggle you and then play in the casino i might win"

Tara-F grinned "Yes. Alex often call me his lucky bunny." She did not say that was becuse when they meet it was a mascerade and she was dressed like a Play-Boy bunny to chock the adult.

Buffy blinked. "Oo.. So keeping you happy would make other happy no i mean lucky..." a short moment a rather naughty idea burst up that she firmly slayed as fast as she could.

Tara-F nodded. "Jupp. But promise me to keep is secret" Buffy nodded "I promis."

Short moment later they couls see a shadow bonching towards them from three to three.

It stoped as it hanged upside down in from a branche "Hi i saw some lightning so i came to help" Hope/Scarlet spider said hoping that she would be their to save the day.

Tara-F frowned "And where are you brother and sister" Hope "eee. Still out investigate the Vampier lairs they and the slayer cleaned out yesterday"

Tara-F "And are you alowed to play viglante alone" Hope shoke her head "no... But im not alone"

Tara-F frowned "I dont see anybodyels" A second person suddenly was seen riding pigy back from her back.

"HI im her back up" Ander aka Punchbag said. Buffy giggled.

Tara-F sighted that was not backup that was a joke. "Hope, Ander go home. NOW or i will fry both of you"

The two younger mutants nodded fast and started to jump away. Tara-F sighted "Kids. We where never like that where we"

Buffy shoke her head "No no way.."

Both of them activly suppresing Memorys of their own mistake as they walked home.


Blacki smiled "Well you have convinced me. I still dont like to do this but."

Man-Lizard Hissed "its the best plan you aggread" Blacki nodded "I now. The two of you are stronger and fighting toghter no way Spider-twins could survive agienst you. And Vultures Five is best suited to come and save you IF what ever make the demon afraid attack you."

Wasp nodded. "And if we use our weapons that Magneto gave us they can not stop us."

Blacki smiled "Just remember to be carfull and dont let anybody see you untill your in La."

The two nodded as they walked away towards the train.

The vultures watched as the train moved away before.

Blacki grinned "Finaly. Alright team with out the two of them lets get out of here. I think New york is a good place to lie low in. And remember Somthing BIG is coming the demon belive its somthing that will destroy the civication. So we have to get equipment to survive by anymeans neceary"

The other Vultures grinned and no Spider-twins to fight.

On the train the young clone Wasp was resting her head on Man-Lizards coldblooded cheast "Do you think they will follow us"

Man-Lizard frowned a bit petting his favorit mutant/sex-toy "I think so. It was your idea not Blackis SO yes i dont think he was planing on runing out on us"

Wasp nodded. "Lady Magneto said he hated the Spiders." Man-Lizard grinned "Not like us."

Wasp smiled kissing his clawed hand. "They destroy your humanity. And me my only reson to exist is their death. Untill they are gone i can never be free from the dreams in my mind. I can never be free." Man-Lizared nodded "he who created you new what he was doing. We will drink their blood and eat their flesh"

Wasp smiled human flesh was not that bad to eat her cuddle lizard of joy hade made her try some barbequed. "I wonder how the spiders will tast" she said.

Chapter 15

Finaly the end of the school week and it was time for fun.

Between schoolwork that non of them realy cared about anymore. And trying to find the perfect cure for Angelo among the computer files.

And organising the a base of operation to save earth from alien. And trainging Hope in her superpowers.

And searching after vampires to dust..

The week hade been LONG and tirering.

The mayor hade alteast manage to find out that Hope was or hade the KEY inside of her.

And that a crazy hellgoddes was after her. Lucky Hope.

Both Giles and Rickard promised that they would find a godslayer weapon.

But rigth now they where planing on having fun. A sacret mission in LA.

Xander and Tara-F walking hand in hand. May and Tara-M on the other side with Hope walking between them talking nonstopp.

Xander sighted. just HIS luck that she also was alergik to coffein. And it looked like she was just as hard headed as he is.

Hope walked or skipped beside her older brother/sister and their girlfrinds.

"And,then,i,like,said,DAaaa,any,one,can,like,do,that,but,a,real,perso n,would,not,do,anything,stupid,Ooo,Look its,like,a,real,city,can,we,go,webb-swing,now."

Strangly nobody answered Hope.. She frowned "I said can we Go webbswing.Rude,mutch"

Xander "Hmm sorry yes im going to teatch you how to webbswing." May nodded "You sure are. Im so tired of looking after YOUR ass evrytime you are on a coffein Hig"

Xander frowned "We could let Angel look after her" Hope grinned "YAY Mock the vampire"

May sighted "She IS YOUR Sister" Xander "When ever she is crule and she MINE"

They ranged the door and promtly walked in before anybody hade opend it.

They hade the feling if Angel knew they where coming he would have locked it.


"check the webb-shooters." spider-man said.

Scarlet-spider nodded "checked." Spider-man grinned "Check if uniform look good and sexy"

Scarlet-spider nodded "it lookes good" May sighted "Alex stop corupt my Sister"

Spider-man sighted "When she bad she MINE and when she good she YOUR.. Thats SO unfair"

Angel sighted "thats Life Webb-boy live with it" SPider-man sighted "Even the Vampires mock me."

Scarlet spider was twitching "Can we go now need to move"

Angel "How many cops did she drink"

May "I have no idea. She goot alteat a can of Coffe and loots of coca cola."

Angel twisted. "And how long are you staying."

Tara-F grinned as she walked out in her Charger uniform. "Long enofe for you to consider dusting yourself."

Her costum was made to creat static electricty and was form fitting dark yellow with a hood and maks to hide her face.

A small backpack holding a powercell made by the Shiiar Thechology. It would creat a eletric charge equel to a car-batery.

And it could do that for almost two hundred years before it was out of 'fuel'.

Angel frowned "How are you going to follow them."

Tara-F/Charger grinned and pointed up. "Power cables. Spider-man lift me up"

Spider-man nodded "of course Charger. Now Scarlet lets move it" Scarlet Jumped out and started to swing away like a demanted Tarzan. But faster in a speed that would make George of the djungle jellus. May sighted "And she so remember that we said Follow Alex."

Angel smiled a bit. Spider-man growled "Stupid"

And Charger screemed as her boyfrind started to move in speed that was chocking to all. "The powercables"

And they where away.

Fifteen minuts later..

Charger was gloowing in power as she was flying over the power cables on a energy field of pure eletricty. This way life.

SHe loved to fly even if she was limited to flying above or under power cabels.

Over her spider-man and Scarlet spider was swinging around playing tagg and training.

And the civlians could not belive their eyes.

News Helicopters where following them and cameras where flashing pictures She loved it.

Carlos grinned as he watched the girl true the camera she hade a purpur with black webb patern and blue jacked swing around singing the team song from George in the djungle just outside his window.

Thanks to the Microphone he could hear that she hade good voice. And oviuse a young girl.

The other girl surrounded by lightning looks like a goddes a angel of storms flying over in the sky.

Ignoring the warnings he climed out. He just hade to get bether pictures.

Slowly he crawled outside of the building leaning out to catch their movment.

He held the corner of the window hard as he was standing tweenty five floors up.

Suddenly the wind changed and he almst felldown but held on. Then a sharp pain strucked the hand in the window as the wind blew the window closed.

Carlos "Outch" he said ripping his hand free from the window and taking a stepp back before he realised that he could NOT walking on air.

"Maaama im afraaaid" he screemed as he felldown and in a true reporter spirit his camera recorded evrything.

Then a purple blue blurr catched him in one handed gripp.

And he was swinging across the city. "Spider-girl" he said in chock. He could almost see the grinn under her face. "NO im Scarlet Spider. Spider-girl is my bigsister. Just hang on and i get you down safe..... Im kind of new on this" she said emarase swinging with one hand was hard.

Carlos nodded he was a reporter and his mother was a reporter. His fater well he trained parot to do tricks. So he hade to do a intervuie "So Many is wondering if you and your family are humans or Aliens. Miss Scarlet"

Scarlet-spider blinked took a look down jupp they where swinging a loong way over sure death and he asked her question. "We are human. Are you not afraid"

Carlos shrugged "Terrifed but i trust you"

Scarlet giggled "Thanks" Now he could see that she was grinning happy under the mask.

She was just a kid. Carlos frowned "May i ask how old you are." Scarlet nodded "Im 14 but soon 15. My brother is 17 but will son be 18. Like tomorow.. OO my good i forgot to buy them present what should i do."

She said..

Carlos smiled "What about your sister."

Scarlet "Oo Spider-girl she is Spider-mans twin sister. Im their younger sister. Mutch cuter and." A cold voice interupted them.

"Scarlet WHAT ARE YOU DOING" Said spiderman as he swinged closer.

Scarlet yelled back "Giving a intervue. What do it looks likes.. Big brothers" She said..

Carlos almost laught. As his camera catched evrything. "May i ask who that glowing girl is" He said pointing down to Charger.

Scarlet "Where is she. oo you are taking about ta,Charger"

Carlos blinked "You know anybody namned May"

Scarlet face must have moved realy mutch in panic becuse he could see it straight true the mask.

"NO" she lied.

Carlos decided to ignore that after all SHE was carrying him hig above the ground.

Spider-man growled "Scarlet Take the reporter to a close by building and let him of"

Scarlet "Im trying but im moving to fast and i dont now how to slow down and put himdown safly"

Spider-man groned "Sisters. Find a hig place and hang still evently you slow down."

Scarlet nodded and sone they where hanging swinging back and forth untill she could clime down and put him on topp of a roof.

"Good by" she said.

In a hotel nearby..

May growled as she pulled the spider-girl mask on her. "Im going to spank her.." she said as she was swinging after her brother and sister.


Man-Lizard grinned "We have found them."

Wasp nodded "Im attacking from the topp and you attack Charger." her wings grew and started to flapp in hig speed as she started to fly.

Man-Lizard watched her sexy ass grining before rushing out he hade a eletric bugg to cutt down.

As the cameras from the helicopers filmed a frindly and exating day became mortal combat.

Tara-F the Charger was flying above the cabels grining as she jumped flied from eletric charged field to another one.

Then suddenly somthing green was flying towards her she let lighting strike out to defend her self.

Carlos and his camera was closer. He could see Charger flying and even laughing when a lizar it look liked a cross between velacorapor and a human but with no cute and fuzzy part.

The Lizard Jumped up towards the girl Charger is claws gleming in the light.

As she called deffended her with lightning.

Striking the lizard as it continued towards her.

It hurt him but he could survive worst. Charger screemed as Lizard claws strucked her down cutting her open. "Alex i i love you" She jelled in her microphone before she felldown hard on the ground underher.

The lizard landed smoking from the burns marks on his body. "SssPider-man i come for you.." He said licking the sweet blood from his claws.

Carlos paled as he watched and recorded.

The screem filled the air as spider man did a 180 turn in the sky and swinged dived towards Lizard and Charger.. "NOOOOOOO"

He screemed.

Scarlet spider was joining him slower.

Carloos paled as he saw somthing diving towards her. A girl with wings like a dragonfly and claws dripping with venom.

Scarlet turned around her spidersense warning her as she twisted her body trying to awoide the poisen claws of Wasp.

Wasp grinned "I got you now" she said as her claws strucked her in the back pumping her full of venom that would paralys her.

Scarlet almost screemed as she striked back with her full spider-power she hit Wasp in the head sending her crashing back.

But her body was growing stiffer and stiffer. She hurried to webb-swing down.

On the ground Lizard grinned as he jumped Spider-man "NO no sssaving Charger.. Ssshe will bleed to death and you will watch. Fun yess ssspider" he hissed as his anger made talking hard.

Spider-man screemed in fury as he ignored any dodging instead he attacked with full power holding nothing back.

And the two Super-humans strucked etch other with power capble of crushing steel.

And like rubber balls they bounched away from eatch other. Spider-man crashed in and true a building wall and jumped out agien growling in fury ignoring the cuts and bruises.

Lizard crashed down competly demoling a car. As he jumped out he grabbed the car and trow it on Spider man like it was a small stone.

Spider-man growled as he catched the car and send it flying back.

In the air Wasp jumped out from the window she landed in "Spider-girl im coming after you" She said.

Scarlet was afraid as she landed on the ground trying to walk or craw towards Tara-F/Charger. Her spider-powers would neutrelise the venom soon.

But Wasp would not give her the time.

Then just as Wasp would cut her agien a reed blur crashed down kicking Wasp with the full power. "Wrong Spider Wasp. You hurt my sister and the future handbag hurt my frind" Spider-girl growled.

Wasp blinked as she crawled up. "Two two spider-girls.. No no no"

Spider-girl watched Scarlet her cut was not deep but Tara she.. She shoot out a webb over tara wound stoping the bleeding temporarly.

Then she turned to Wasp that stod up. "This ends now Wasp" she growled as she attacked.

Wasp was weaker not mutch then the spiders where. But her powers made their spider-sense slower almost one.

And she was fast just as fast as they where if not faster.

And they where fighting.

Carlos swallowed that was the wildes catfight he ever seen. They where trying to kill eatch other.

He turned the camera to the 'boys' as he could see spider-man ripp lose a lamp post from the ground to parry the parking meeter the Lizard was using.

The cras from the steel clubbs where deffening. "O my good its like somthing from the cartoon Superman. Is this transmiting" He asked.

A short peep from the mobile phone told him they where geting it all.

Spider-man dodge a clumsy but deadly attack as his training kicked in and putt his fury on hold.

The Man-lizard where just as fast as he was and a bit not mutch stronger.

and his skinn and endurance and heling made it posible for him to survive extrem punish and fight for hours.

"Time to bleed suitcase" he said. The Lizard just hissed as a answer "Ssspider"

Dodge, Jump kick, swing the clubb, parry dodge, kick jump and in the middle of the attack Spider-man dropped his clubb drawing his knife.

It was a sharp blade he found it and stole from the HQ of Hydra a evil crimina terrorist organisation.

It was a impresiv weapon. It would be the perfect weapon to cut the coldblooded redject from Jurasic.

"Come suite case time to test the leather" he hissed at the lizard.

And the two started to fight painting the ground reed with blood.

In the air Spider-girl frowned after a look down Alex must have lost it he was going for the kill now.

Wasp growled as her claws cut Spider-girl "I got you now" Spider-girl growled a bit but she mange to catch Wasp hand. "And i got you" She said holding Wasp with one of her hands she used the other to strike agien and agien with full power in the face the neck and the kidness. "You are going down" she growled.

Wasp was spitting blood as she felldown. Spider-girl stod up webbing her stuck. And looked over. the last time they faught Man-lizard both her and Alex almost lost.

And she felt the paralysing venom in her body. But Hope was moving agien.

Scarlet stod up "Ma,Spider-girl are you alright" she said worrying.

Spider-girl nodded "Help spider-man. I need to rest a bit." she said.

Her body felt stiff. as she strugled over to see if Tara was alive.

Scarlet swallowed nervesly as she joined the fight agienst the Lizard.

fist, Webbs and claws where soon wipping all out agienst eatch other in the ultimat Pittfight.

Spider-man was dripping with his own and the lizards blood cuts and bruises evrywhere.

Scarlet was looking bether not mutch.

And the lizard was growling angry "You ssshould only be two.

Ssspidersss "He said and they where fighting agien. Drying her tears May stod up. "Time to face your end. handbag" She said as the last of the spider joined the all agienst Lizard fight.

Lizard growled to himself where was the Vultures they where suposed to help them if anything was going wrong..

...Las Vegas...

Blacki grinned as he and his frind watch the New on the TV.. "Three spiders. Well i say it was a good idea not to help in the fight"

The rest of the vultures nodded. "Five hundred that they kill the handbag" Fanny said from her possion using the other boys as her bed.

Back to the fight..........

Carlos watched as they attacked the lizard with a strenght and ferocity that was scarry.

The worst part was the the Lizard almost manage to hold his own.

And on the ground he couls see the flying girl cut her webb away with her claws and attack from behind.

And the fight became a 3 aginst 2.

Scarlet jumped up jumped up and webb the Lizards eyes but his tail wipped out striking her between the leggs driving her down in the ground.

His claws started to ripp away the webb moving as fast as he could. Spider-man seing the him blinded attacked using his knife Wasp growled as she attacked spider-man but the cursed Spider-girl attacked from behind catching her in her delicat wings ripping one of them of.

the pain was awfull but the wings would grow out agien in a day or two. (They where the only part of her body that she could regrow) Dizzy she felldown and Spider-girl webbed her agien.

Spider-mans moved with perfect aim the knife found its target and cut true the skinn and between the backbone and straight in the brain of the lizard.

It twitched as it felldown on the ground. The knife was firmly stuck in the head of the Man-Lizard a wound it could not heal as the knife was not removed.

Slowly and painfuly its incredbly healing abilty was fighting a loosing batle paralysed by the knife Man-Lizard could not even screem as his life ended.

But Spider-man/Xander Ignored it as he rushed to Tara-F. "Honny honny" he said.

Spider-girl looked down on the ground trying not to cry. Scarlet-Spider walked up. "is is Tar,Charger alive"

Spider-man stod silently holding her hands she was dead. Between the tears he could see somthing.

Behind his sisters Wasp twitched as she cut the last part of the webb. Slowly she sneaked up on her leggs.

And stared to run towards Spider-girl.

A blood chiling screem filed the air as Spider-man suddenly attacked crashing in to Wasp fist and kicks flying faster and stronger then he ever done before.

Wasp shrugged in pain as bone was breaking and she was flying back like a basket ball bounching from the walls only to fly back by yet another strike from spider-man.

Suddenly she shivered in fear spiderman was no longer playing like a good guy.

He was killing her.

And evrything was suddenly dark around her.

Carlos swallowed watching the young man literly bounch the girl with one wing around like she was a beatch ball striking bounching in to the wall with sutch power that cracs where formed.

Spider-girl jumped forward catched his hand "NO.. X dont kill her." His eyes hiden by the mask staired at her like he was trying to remember who she was.

She shivered "X. Rember she is a clone. She never knew love only hate and the mission"

On the side. Scarlet-Spider/Hope was checking Tara body. She blinked blood was still flowing slowly but.. "Al,Spider-man. SHE IS ALIVE. We have to get her to a hosbital. NOW"

Like a flash her brother and sister where beside her. Xander lifted her up and was soon swinging away in a almost crazy speed.

Carlos swallowed. the winged girl was still alive.

And finaly the police came. The area looked like a war hade been faught.

Lamppost where broken walls cracked and fire was burnig.

Somhow the fights looked less terrifying on a Superman cartoon then they did in real life.

The nurses and the doctors even the patients where all watching the news in chock and dissbelife but it all was gone as the window suddenly crashed and Spider-man was standing next to them holding the bleeding girl in his arms.

"Save her. Now she need blood. O negativt. I SAID NOW HURRY" He jelled.

The doctors moved finly.

Harry tried to smile frinly "If you put her down on the beed Mr Super-Spider."

Spider-man "Its Spider-man no super." but he putt the girl down. "Let her mask remain. I have some doctor training"

Behind him Spider-girl and the other spider-girl the Scarlet spider jumped inside.

Harry looked at him "You are bleeding Let a nurse put bandage on you before you faint."

Spider-man nodded "But im staying with you. She needs some specily treatment and i know what you do not"

Harry taught a moment "I understand she has powers right"

second felt like hours as they rushed her in a room and conected blood and other fluid to Charger.

Spider-man stoped them "Do not remove her mask. She have a secret ID" The docters and nurses almost protested but his tone of voice stoped them.

One of the nurses screemed "Her heart is stoped beating." Spider-man "Do CPR she you cant use eletricy on her"

Harry one of the doctor blinked but nodded "YOU hear him." As the doctors and nurses started physicly pumb air and forcing her heart to beat he asked "Why not use eletricty."

spider-man "Charger can absorve eletricty like a living batery. You never chock her"

The doctors nodded. Finaly one of the nurses started to putt bandaged on Spider-man as he stod and watched the profesional work over his girl trying to force her to live agien.

Finaly "She is alive.." one said. Harry "Alright evrybody expet spider-man out now. I will stay and keep her stable"

Spider-man nodded "Thanks." he said sitting down beside her.

Outside the window Harry could see the Spider-girls crawling spying to see what was happening.

......At the scene of fight.......

The police carfully put a pair of cuffs on Wasp as they lifted her inside a ambulans She was alive barly.

Broken bones and crushed bones. The doctors frowned as he studied her hands ending in claws compet with venom creating bags under the skinn.

"Alright lets take her out i know the military will love to play with her DNA" one of them said.

The other was cheaking her blood. And blinked in confusing "Hey i wonder who the father is" he said. Acording to the test she would have a child.

Wasp did not even blink or open her eyes. Her hole world was pain and suffering but she heard them and she new that Lizard hade atleast give her a gift a new reson to live.

Maby now with a child she cold be a real person not just a weapon that keped on failing in her mission.

In Sunnydale it was silent as Jocye finaly closed the TV.

"I hope she is alive" Faith said.

Buffy nodded "And i cant belive how wild Xander became" Ander nodded "I neve seen him fight like that. It almost looked like Logan going wild."

Lily frowned "Spider-man DID train under Logan a bit."

Jocye frowned "Well i hope Tara is alive. And the lizar thing and the winged girl deserve what ever they get for attacking and trying to murder them"

She frowned this would not be good as her childs 18 years old day would son be celerbrated.

In La a group of english men was entering the contry they hade a sacret duty to perform..

The slayer was celebrating her 18 years old day in a day or two.

Chapter 16

Room fifteen on floor seven was currently under siges.

A duble siges. Outside the door military guards stod permanet on guards.

Outside evry stairs and elevator police officers on guards duty. Outside the hosbital News and reporter stod guarding day and night.

But inside Tara Felicty or Charger as they knew her sleeped her mask still on her.

And one lone guardien stod beside her day some night. Somtimes one or two others would join him swinging in and climing in from the window with food and taking turn guarding as he rested.

Xander would not leve Tara alone. He feed her and bathed her he even changed her uniform and mask just to keep her ID secret. He with a firm voice made the military and CIA or other secret agents understand that he would NOT tolerat any bullshit or kidnaping.

In his mind heavy taughts was tormenting him. Information about Wasp blood and old memory from his child hood when May and he and Hope was kidnaped.

Information from Giles about the 'test' the watcher where planing. So far he hade maneged to stall them claiming Buffy was hunting a dangerus demon.

But he would need help to 'remove' the watchers.

And days and night passed as Tara sleped.

It was the fift night May was standing guard as Xander/spider-man sleeped on the floor beside her that Tara woke up and looked around. "alex" she said in a weak voice.

May grinned "Hi sleeping buty. Spider-man is sleeping at the floor. He saved you"

Tara smiled "he alright. is H,Scarlet alright" May grinned under her spider-girl uniform "She is at Suckers Place right now" she said using their nick-namn for the vampiers. She new they probly listen in and spied.

Tara nodded "Im so tired." A equely tired voice from the floor interupted her "Well La have more of your blood on the streets then inside you" Xander/spider-man said as he stod up.

Tara sniffed "Hi. YOu smell. you stink go and and take a bath" Xander kissed her "Love you to." he said. "Spider-girl wait i have to go and clean myself"

With that he walked out scaring the guards but ignoring them as he walked away to find a place to clean himself of.

One of the dectectivs walked forward "Hi is she alright" Spider-man frowned under the mask "You your.. Detectiv Riggs right" The detectiv nodded "Right. How is she"

spider-man oviuse smiled under the mask "She is talking right now. In fact she demanded that i cleaned myself"

Riggs smiled "Girls.. whats wrong with smeling like a real man" Spider-man nodded as he grinned "Your funny."

Riggs "Jepp. And your famous would you mind if i ask you about the 'monster' that attacked you. And the other spider-girl thats with you"

Spider-man "walk with me." He sighted as he found a storeged with a sheet that he could use to hide under while washing of and changing uniform.

he found the perfect place a small pool normaly used for sick therapy perfect place to clean up in.

He pushed the blanket over him and jumped in the pool Riggs grinned "You look like casper the frindly ghost like that"

Spider-man frowned "I do not look like a ghost. Beside i have a secret ID and their it to many cameras trying to catch me with out a mask" he said. dirty water and soup was dropping from his body as he removed the dirty blood stained spider-man uniform and putt it in a bag while geting the clean one out.

Riggs cotinued to grinn "Wel what about the lizard." Spider-man smiled "Well the short answer is he was a folish man that tried a bad experimtel mutagenetic-drugg just so that he would not get arrested. He was trying escaping after he hade broken in and steal things from a frind Me and my sister hunted him and we lost his track but aparently he hade fallen down and broken his bones..

The long explenation is just that to long to tell. Wasp she was created a clone you might say specily designe to kill me and my sister by one of our enemy"

Riggs blinked. "We dont have clone thechology" Spider-man grinned "DOlly is a clone"

Riggs rolled his eyes "Cloning of humans is diffrent from sheeps" Spiderman smiled "You would be suprised how simlare it is. But you are right we do not have that in this version of earth. But their are rifts gates to alternet version of earth. Some of them more advanced other less advanced to make a long complicated and twisted story short i was born here but i spend time in a alternat world.

You could say i was reborn their. Evently i returned with my family and frinds"

He said grinning as he was so closed to the truth yet he managed to avoide twist it.

Riggs "So your powers come from a alter realty then" Spider-man shrugged "I found atleast two other humans born in THIS realy that never travled to any alternat realty that have the X-gen. its a perfectly natural thing that exist and come from our realty.

Just read legends and you find true out history fairytails exist about humans that could do incredible things Like Hercules and Arkiles and other legends. They where mutants like me born with a activ X-gen.

I told you that somtimes children between two mutnats are born as normal humans."

Riggs nodded "I think i remeber that" he said. Spider-man continued "In the other world i was in their was many more mutants with active powers. They belive that human mutants powers come and go as the ages passes times of power and might ends and starts or so the mythics say.

The Sciense think it have to do with Solar radiation and Atomic radiation that re-Activate the X-gen in humans.

If the baground radiation is higer then normal more mutants are born and when the radiation is down less mutants will be born.

We are children of the A-bomb."

Riggs shivered "So in Japan their shoud be many mutant right now"

Spider-man nodded "First or second generation would be born about soon. in USA mutants will be born faster and before becuse of the first Nuckler experiment was made here. The first bomb was made and years before that student experimeted with Uranim in the universitys around America."

Riggs frowned "So you saying mutants are born here first becuse of that"

Spider-man nodded "yea we are about fifty or sixty years before the rest of the world if my guese is correct. France might have a change to beat us in Mutant births."

Riggs "the froggs why" Spider-man looked at him a new clean mask and costumed hide him as he spoke. "Marie Sklodowska Curie and her husband Pierre Curie did some remakle reserch in the nature of the Atoms using Plutonim. 1890 or so in Paris. they worked with no protection Pierre died of cancer Marie did not.

They showed of their frinds and colleged their work and radiation may have mutated them or activat a pasive X-gen"

Riggs blinked. "You know a loot of history" Spider-man grinned "I was Born in this world remember. And unlike 90% of my classmates i did NOT sleep in class."

Riggs sneared "Yea right."

Spider-man sighted "Alright i did a extra caricular work on Marie. I tried to impress a franch girl"

Riggs nodded "That sound more american to me. IF more mutants exist why have we not seen them"

Spider-man sighted "Probly becuse most of them have only physical deformity as 'powers' other are week or invisble ability empathy or clairvoyanc.

Physical mutantions like my strenght can take time before the first super-strongs are activated."

The two walked out.

The next morning.

Harry smiled "She is healing fine now. If you are carfull you could carry her away from here"

The Spider-man nodded "That was my belife also glad you confirmed it.." he said pushing a small object rapped between papper in the doctors hand as he shaked it.

"If you ever need help try to contact me." he said.

Harry nodded feling the papper and understanding that he was given a gift.

outside in the toilet he found a note. And somthing that looked like a radio but extremly small.

The note stod. -Good day Doctor me and my family is ever in your deped if you need my help just press the button and i will come and help you or anybody you give this comuniactor to."

He putt it away in case he needed the help. your frinds Spider-man, Spider-girl and the Amazing Scarlet-spider-.

He laught a bit kids are kids no mather what.

In the sick room.

Spider-Man/Xander leaned over the beed "I will carry you away now is that fine charger"

Charger/tara-F nodded "just be carfull." She said. Spider-man nodded as he used the webb to creat a cocoon to carry her inside and to protect her as he jumped and webbswinged away.


Xander puled of the Mask as he turned to Angel. "Watch over her. I have somthing more that needs to be done"

May frowned "WHAT" She asked. Xander looked at her. "Remeber what i told you." He looked at Angel "Im going to talk to the military i know they have Wasp and Jarod managed to track her down."

May nodded "I am folowing you if you need backup." Xander nodded with a grim look on his face. "Good but keep outside if anything looks baad show up and disipair it will spook them. but im going to try solving this in a peacfull way.

Later mutch later.

"Its true Sergent Fieldwal sleep with a teddybear even in field" one of the guards said.

The other guard blinked "You got to be kidding me." The first one "Nope he calls it Captain snuggles."

Xander rolled his eyes under the spider-mask "Exuse me" he said almost grining as the two soldiers jumped around trying to find him "If you look outside the gate and Up no more up up and hi here i hang" he said.

The two soldiers staired in chock hanging upsidedown from a lamppost just outside the military garrison was THE Spider-man. "Sir this is a military base what can we help you with"

Spider-man glided down towards them on a thinn spider-line. "Call your comander or general of admiral what ever. And tell him the spider-man needs to see him. Now"

The two grunts looked at eatch other one aiming the gun in case spider-man would try anything the other used the phone.

The soldiers was stairing at him gun never moving. And he was hanging upside down comfortly.

Finaly the soldier could not help himself "How do you do that. Dont you feel sick hanging upside down with the blood in your head"

Spider-man grinned "I have powers hanging upsidedown feels natural." The soldiers looked dissbelving at him.

Inside Xander grinned it was always the small things that normal humans hade a hard time understand or belive in.

The second solider came back "Sir Spider-man they are on their way." Spider-man nodded and continued to hang. silently. waiting. and waiting. "This is boring" he said. "Would you mind" he asked gently and slowly removing a Gameboy from his belt.

The two soldier shoked their head as spider-man started to play. Now hanging upside down holding the webb-line somhow with using the palm of his feet like it was guled stucked or somthing. "Stupid Mario jump jump" spider-man growled as he continued to play.

A hour later five jeeps stoped a general walked out followed by a small army of bodyguards.

"Stupid Jump i say jump" spider-man complained as he gamled away on the Game-boy.

"Hrmm you wished to see me" The general said. Spider-man put the game-boy away "Yes sir. I need to talk to Wasp you have her inside that hotel over their" he said pointing at a jail like building.

The general frowned "How do you know that" Spider-man "It was in the news article about Secret goverment jail and those that live their."

The General sneared "I see. Well i cant let you" spider-man nodded "i see. May i ask why not"

The General nodded "If you tell me how you found out and who helped you i will let you see her."

Spider-man grinned "My sister shadowed the team that braught in wasp in here. Then a frind of a frind used the computer to break in. And im sorry i do not know his real namn i just payed for his service"

The general frowned "You are telling me that your sister manage to follow us here"

Spider-man nodded "Quite esy if you hide a tracker on the body"

The general frowned "We did find a strange spider shaped thing. The scientist belived its a reciver not a transmitor"

Spider-man nodded "Yes it is a short range tracker works by ecoing signals from our tracker and back."

A man dressed in a green uniform with out weapon blinked "Of course. Thats briliant a bugg using that metod would be literly untraceble. Exept when they are tracking it"

Spider-man nodded "jupp. My dad designed the first version"

The general frowned he could try and capture spider-man but then spider-girl and scarlet-spider would attack most likly.

Knowing that the boy was so strong that he could lift a car and trow it away made capture him somthing difficult at best.

"You will be able to see her. But i warn you not to try anything"

Spider-man nodded "I will follow order. should i leve my tool belt." His equiment belt normaly filled with spare webbfluid, Webb-greaneds, knifes and somtimes a gun was mostly emty as he did not want the military to steal anything.

The general nodded. Spider-man clipped of the belt and hanged it from a branch on the three. "Just so nothing get stolen or somthing"

The general nodded the webb-boy was smart. He did not like that in a civilian.

Finaly he was standing in front of Wasp. she was resting in a beed bandaged over her body showed him that he hade broken both of her arms and leggs.

Probly given her more then one broken ribbs and broken her nose maby even her jaw.

"Wake up" he said with a chiling tone in his voice. The girl woke up and swallowed in fear as she saw spider-man standing infront of her.

Spider-man walked up. "Correct me if im wrong" he said as he started to talk. "Osborn created you a Clone that he manipulated memory inplanet ordering you to kill me."

Wasp nodded "yes. Why are you reminding me about that" Spider-man sattdown "I hade a uncle once. He was like you a clone orignal created to murder my dad. But he overcomed his urged as he relised he hade other reson to live. Just becuse a mad man order ecod in his mind was not a reson for him to do it"

Wasp swallowed "Is he alive" spider-man shoke his head "no Osborn murded him when he was hurt. He kidnaped me and my sisters forcing us to live with rich family in england.

Finaly after years dad found us and took us home. Osborn never forgave Dad for that ither. Like a cocrought Osborn have hunted our family.

First it was Norman Osborn crazy over the fact that My dad hade powers that he needed.

Then his son Harry and his grandson Norman Junior"

Wasp swallowed "Norman created me to advange the death of harry"

Spider-man nodded. "Yes. Harry died in a batle between my father and him. Norman trained his grandson and he tried to muder my fater and mother but died in that fight"

Wasp blinked "You sound sad." Spider-man nodded "yes i am. In many way Norman Osborn was my brother. We grew up toghter a short while in England. I still loved him as a brother. But i hade to protect my family"

Wasp "So what about me." Spider-man "You where created as a weapon just like My uncle. He was family and so are you."

Wasp blinked "What are you saying"

Spider-man looked at her "Osborn used blood he stolen from my sister mutated to change your X-gen. That also changed your hair and eyes but i checked your blood DNA its almost identicle with mine and theirs.."

Wasp blinked "i no i cant be. I can only be free when you are dead thats"

Spider-man gently took her hand "Thats Osborn talking. Not you my sister."

Wasp looked down she did remember the doctors telling her that she was with child. What would the military do with her child. Make it a weapon most likly like her.

The only natural thing she hade a tool weapon. "I i have a child. Its Man-Lizard he the father"

Spider-man blinked trying not to puke. "I see. Im sorry that i killed him. Do you need protection"

Wasp nodded "They are going to use it. As a weapon am i right" Spider-man nodded "Most likly yes. I can take you out from here"

Wasp nodded and wispered "help me"

At that the door opend and soliders rushed in with weapon drawn.

Spider-man grinned "Took you a long time. let me talk to the general NOW"

The soldiers stod their. Spiderman growled and rushed them shooting webb he glued the guns pipes and ripped the guns away from their hands. "NOW let me talk to the general."

Finaly the man walked in. Spider-man smiled under the mask. "Me or my sister could walk inside and out with out anybody seing us. The idea of you planing to abuse a child is so wrong that i will have to stop you."

The general frowned "And how would you do that"

Spider-man smiled "First if i rush out you would not be able to stop me. But if i do that Wasp remain in you tender care.

But nothing absolutly nothing would stop me from sneaking inside and hurting YOU and evry officer in this base." Suddenly his hand kicked blindly at his back striking out a soldier holding a knife.

He moved in a almost crawling maner towards the now backing general. "If im correct USA faught a war agienst the Nazti becuse they murded inocent and experimented on humans. General are you a NATZI."

The general paled at the question "I serve my contry." Spider-man aploded "So did Göring, Himler. She is a clone of my sister abuse missuse have been her life. I will not let it continue now when i now about it. Try to stop me and i will hold you responsible. I proct my frinds and family"

The general frowned "What make you think you could walk out from here"

Spider-man grinned "Wasp told you where she is from" the general nodded "Is it true that Mutant like you already exist OR is that another lie you said"

Spider-man grinned "evrything i said IS true. Its just not the complet truth.. And yes mutants exist and their number will grow becuse of the a-bomb"

Spider-man turned to Wasp "What can you tell the general about the namn. Wolwerin, Weapon-X."

Wasp blinked "Wolwerin is a hero fighting with the X-men. He is also Weapon-x the army aparently mutated him or somthing and he is probly the best fighter in the world."

spider-man nodded "thats Old Logan. One of my senseis. Over a hundred and looks not a day over 40 thanks to his slow ageing.

Weapon-x one of the words greates close combat fighter trained me and my sisters. So did the legendary DareDevil a ninja" He looked around.

"I could esy crash this join. Its up to you suport illigal experiment sponsored by the goverment do not make it legal. On a girl that is pregnant and minor she is physicle UNDER 16. And she have lived less then nine years. Suport that and you will be fighting me OR let us go"

The general and one of his aid paled they hade question Wasp before on known heros and the namn Wolwerin hade come up more then once.

But that was not what made them pale and afraid what made them afraid was the fact that outside the window unseen hiden in the shadow untill she suddenly let them see her was Spider-girl she faded away in the shadow and they could not see her anymore.

That made them understand the skills where not emty talk.

The general nodded "Take her. But we will rember this. Today You made a dangerus enemy boy"

Spider-man "Not the first time or the last time im forced to do whats right and get a enemy out of it."

Gently he picke up Wasp and carried her outside guns where aimed at him but his spidersense would warn him. Unless Wasp ability to clock her self from the dangersense would make it imposible for him to sense the danger.

He hoped not.


Spider-man sighted as he helled Wasp tight agenst his body webbswinging away from the base. They hade stoped to check out if she hade any tracker or other things on her and they did find two small tracker and one operated inside her arm.

That hade been painfull to remove.

But now they where their the car owned by angel that they would use to get to Sunnydale.

May hade been silent he suspected that she did not like having Wasp among them.

And to be true to himself he did not like it.

Next morning in Sunnydale.

A tired Xander finaly walked over to Giles place. "Hi G-man lets go for a walk and you can tell me exactly what we are facing"

Giles nodded as he walked out. "Its the crutencium a ritual thats more or less a way for the councill to show who is the boss and to see that a new slayer is called but with out oviusly murder the slayer"

Xander "Alright how do the crutencium work then" Giles frowned "They will are blackmailing me even treating me to hypnotice and inject Buffy with a drugg that will remove her slayer strenght for a week. So far i have been staling them by saying that she and faith are hunting a dangerus Demon but they insist that Faith can do that by herself"

Xander sighted "So me and May go to them kick there but and send them packing"

Giles gave him a chilling smile "No they use power to force me its only fair if we use power to test them."

Xander blinked the tone of the voice Giles was serius RIPPER angry. "Alright. What are you saying"

Giles grinned "Its time to let the head of the watcher councill try to do the Crutencium."

Xander watched Giles carfully "Are you sure. If you do that they some one will die. Probly all of them"

Giles growled. angry. "The last week they have been pestering me and im so tired of them. And the Tara situation did not help."

Xander nodded "Alright then think about alternat solution The leader whats his namn"

Giles smiled a evil grinn. "Quintin Travis. He even have gorelias with gun to protect him."

Xander "Good then we should let HIM do the Crucentium and tell the others they will to if they continue to anger us"

Giles nodded "I can live with that." Xander "I know you can. I think it would be best if i hurt them as ME not as spiderman. You could tell them that i realy am Xander Harris the boy that evrybody belived died in hell"

Giles grinned "They will think your a demon." Xander shrugged "Probly but the same would happen if i go as Spider-man Whats the Watchers teory about the spiders-."

Giles sneared "They are demons."

Xander nodded tirely "If they check with profets about my claim they will find out that i realy was reborn by the creator herself.

Giles looked at him "Are you sure" Xander "Jepp. Things like that is not normal atleast i dont think it is."

Giles smiled "Your probly right loots of gosipp would fly around by now."

Suddenly a car stoped and Xander swallowed it was Miss Parker.

Giles grinned and wawed her over "lady Parker. Let me intreduce my young frind. Alexander Parker. Also know as Xander or Alex"

Miss Parker glared a bit looking over the younger man. "I think Jarod mension you. Hi Giles i find myself un enployed latly with a loot of free time. Dinner later." She purred out.

Giles raised a singel eyebrown as he spoke in a cool voice that would make James Bond envius "That would be my plesure"

Xander blinked giles used to studder when talking to Jenny... "Hmm Giles where you not a shy infront of females"

Giles ignored the rude child behind him but Miss Parker glared at him "You shy i cant imagen" she said.

Giles smiled Kissing her before answering. "Females showing up all mussy and emotional do make me confused"

Miss Parker grinned "Will you join me tonight and watch the Launching"

(The Launching is the populare namn on the United Nations deffens agienst the astroides. The joined power of evry space capble nation will shoot out atomic missiles and put a extrem strong laser satelite in orbit.)

Giles nodded "I would never miss it."

Xander "uuu what about Travers. You know THE Travers that endanger Buffy Life."

Giles looked at him. "I Pollox." Miss Parker frowned "Buffy is that Buffy summers then Jarod." She frowned. "I know you are the watcher and she is the slayer. Would you like help."

Xander sighted Jarod hade manage to convince her to join them and help. "No Miss Parker I will personly take care about it. I can do more then use glue on others joy sticks."

He said walking away realy realy fast. "Lets meet up and beat them up toghter later" He said as he walked away.

Miss Parker eyes narrowed in fury as she realised that was the spider-man.. "Will not shoot him. Will not shoot him.."

Giles blinked "What ever happend." She grinned "He found out that my organisation and me hade hurt one of his frinds. So he humiliated us"

Giles "Aaaa. Thats typical of him. You do realised that young man would do anything for a frind. Even dive inside a gate to hell.

Hurting his frinds is a good way to get yourself dead"

Miss Parker looked at him grinning "Then i think i will try make him a allied. Of cours first i will make him swett in fear. Did you say Hell"

Giles nodded "yes awfull place or so im told." he said in a ironic tone of voice carrasing her butifull hair.

Miss Parker studied her lover with eyes shining of mirth but cold almost angry face. "Spank me Britt-boy" she snaired.

Giles grinned his ripper smile "I will" he said.

In the 'spider-cave' later..

Junior Jarod satt behind the computer tapping in information. "Alright Hope Its done."

Hope nodded as she studied the page. "Its great. Did you get the Photo section"

Junior nodded "yes. A Joined part where all of you are toghter in your 'uniforms' and photo of eatch of you posing in your uniforms.

As well as short section showing your traning in batle. And the fight agienst Man-Lizard and Wasp"

Hope smiled as she looked at the information part of the home-paged "I dont see the page with the deffeted enemy anywhere"

Junior shrugged "I have not writen it yet. Its a bit complicated. To print that i need to make a short information on eatch of the big-Bad you deffeted"

Hope nodded "I see. Well im esy as i only faught wasp and Man-Lizard"

Junior smiled "yes. And acording to Wasp the Vulture Five information must be put up on the page"

Hope grinned "I bet they hate that."

A voice interupted them "A their you are guys." May said as she walked in.

She frowned "What ARE you doing" Hope grinned "We are creating a Home-page filled with information about us"

May blinked "I.. I dont think thats a good idea"

Junior "Me and Senior have talked about it. Fear of the unknown is one reson that inocent are murded by mobbs.

This page will make you famus and well liked. AND if the end of civilicastion is happening THIS page may help. Allies may have read it and seek you all up"

May frowned "Jarod said that" She asked. The younger clone of Jarod nodded "And I said so also. Hope overheard us and ask me to help her creat it. Jarod said it was up to me to say no or yes"

May frowned "Why did you not ask us." Hope rolled her eyes. "You where buisy with Tara and the Mayor and with Buffy problem and. Beside i only have a 'eddided version' of our orgien put inside. Its real close to real thing."

May sattdown reading the file. "its good. It twist a bit around the truth and i i like it."

Hope nodded "Yes. It might make us look like crazy but.. Just watch the Entering part of the home-page"

She pushed a button and the screen was black "This happen when you entering the front page"

And suddenly a text in reed on black was seen.

-The Amazing Spiders-

-With great powers come great responsebility.-Quot: The First Spider-man.

Then it faded and more text was seen.

Spider-man AND Spider-girl The Amazing Spider-twins.

The Amazing Scarlet-spider.

Toghter they are the Webb master.

May looked at her younger sister "The Master of the Webbs" Hope blushed "I tried to find a good hero group namn"

Junior sighted "I think the Advangers would be cool."

They staired at him.

Hope "You have to push enter now"

May looked back and it stod Enter now.

She pushed it.

And inside it was a loots of text and links.

Link to: Spider gallery. Link to: Spider Background and history.

Link to: Spider frinds. Link to: Spider enemys.

Link to: Information about the X-gen. Link to: weapon and tools.

Link to: Other information. Link to: Webb shop.

Hope grinned "And in the X-gen information We put a of cool real information copied from our computer library"

May frowned as she read true the information.. Some of it was sensetived but nothing to terrefying and the civilication WOULD end in less then 6 month.

IF anybody managed to awaken superpower using this info it would be good.

Hope grinned as May did not object. "And in the weapon and tools area i putt some picture of weapons that exist in our world. And even some techical information how they work"

May paled "You did not." Hope "Nothing dangerus. Just a bit about simple laser guns. and Power bosting armor. Like the Brawler and Moon Knights glide flying cloack." She looked at her sister. "After all IF alien comes some of this may be a good equeliser"

May nodded "You right."

Junior smiled he was planing on building his own hangglider cloack. That would be cool.

Hope grinned "And in the Other information i putt some MP3 of our favorit musik.. Not this lame Britany Spear its like SO what mom and dad listen to"

May nodded. "Well.. Only that" Junior smiled "we did putt some clipings on the Wolwerin going wild agienst alien race called Skrulls"

May grinned "That is a cool clipp. And the skrull is green so nobody will care about the blood and slime that he cut of."

May looked "What about the Gallery" Hope started to show her.. "I dont have that many but.."

Junior "In that place i plan on putting some action movies." May "i Can help you with that. Posing in a Spider-girl bikiny uniform.. And NO hope You are to young to do that"

Hope sighted "But im almost 15.."

Junior blinked "You have a spidergirl Bikiny"

May nodded "Its a real stupid reson but yes." Hope nodded "I created mine just becuse i liked one"

Junior frowned he would never ever understand girls. Waith if he did a pretend like that he would understand yes that Aaaaaaaaaaa....

bether not to understand.. he shivered activly suppresing it.. Hope and May blinked and looked suprised at Junior.

Hope "a,Are you alright." She asked nervusly.

Junior flinched "Im fine fine.. So May your going to help me then"

May nodded. "Yes. We bether creat a area just for charger. Im bringing her in on this. When can we have it online"

Junior "Half a hour or so. Why" May smiled "Good lets finish this and then go and see the launching"

Hope "We could could call us The Spider three"

May "What about Tara then." Junior. "Fantastic four"

They glared at him agien. Junior sighted "Whats WRONG with my ideas. Advangers and Fantastic four is perfect namns."

Hope sighted "They already exist in OUR world" Junior blinked. "The Champions"

Hope "Uuuu..." May "Bankrupcy"

Junior "So the champions are acepteble" they nodded weakly "Alright put the champions instead of the Master webb thingy" Hope said.

And junior typed away on the screen.

May frowned "The Webb shopp what the hell."

Hope grinned "Cool Right i when you and Xander was in the hosbital a guy from Toys'R us contacted me. Their are Spider-girl scarlet spider and Spider-man action figures. And pushy dolls. And our part of the profiet go to a trust funde that help those hurt by criminal violence"

May blinked looking at picture of Spider action figurs and snuggle toys for children all in the shape of them. "my sister is is a monster... Im so proude" she said giggling.

Another place in Sunnydale at the same time...

Xander and Giles walked up to the small villa and they knocked.

Finaly a english man not that many eyar older then Xander opend the door.

He sneared back "Mr Giles." he said moving at the side. As giles walked in he looked at Xander "Who is that"

Giles sneared "A frind he knows about the real world" Xander walked carfully in hiding some suprise inside his long jacket.

Short moment later they where standing in the living room surrounded by Watchers.

"realy Giles bringing a child here. Thats realy dum of you" Quintin said as he walked over to Giles.

He looked at Xander with distast.

Xander ignored it as he study the others in the room. Non of them hade serched him or they knew but consider him deffensles.

6 'strong guys' probly watchers assasins or guards. He could see the hiden guns by the way the pants was folded over to hide them. They where standint spread out a bit but not to faraway.

1 The young watcher that opend the door. It looked like he hade a stake hiden inside a hiden pocket just over his feet.

1 Female watcher looked like a syscofant nodding at evrything Quintin said. She looked like she hade a oversized cross but no other weapon.

5 other Male older then Giles also watcher probly the head of the councils. They also looked to be with out weapon.

Quintin just shoke his head american no diciplin the kid just staired like a idiot at nothing. "You know we have started to belive that you are trying to stop us from doing the sacret crusentium test on the slayer. I was just about to catch the slayers Mother in case we need somthing to motivate you and her to follow your duty"

Giles eyes was almost glowing in fury but he held his toung.

And Quintin walked a bit standing directly infront of Xander. "But i think this young fool would be just as usefull. Whats your namn Boy" Xander blinked "My namn is not boy. My namn Is Alexander Parker, And this is a bat" he said pulling the small steel basball bat he hiden under the jacket free and with out stoping he gave the chocked Quintin a hard smash on the head.

Quintin fell like a domino down unconcius and Xander attacked the 'strong guys' the basballbatt swinging like a sword as he broke bones knocking them out.

He could see the Female mumbling magik power was building it self up. And the danger sense screem but he was ready with one silk smode motion he pulled out a dagger and let it fly.

The female watcher screemed in pain as the dagger staked her arm and she lost controll over her magik and fire burst out burning her.

Giles swallowed as he rushed over to stop the witch from burning up. And xander grinned as he jumped and attacked the rest of the male Watcher knocking them down slow and painfull.


Quintin woke up he was gaged and tied..' Looking around the room he could see the others tied up like a crismas present to chaires just outside the celler where they hade the vampire.

Xander spoke "I freely wresle the Vampire Angelus and pushed him and ME inside hell. I got out thanks to real angels saved me and given a choise. Go to heaven or come back to protect my frinds."

He leaned over Quintin "I came back. Do you think i walked down in hell to stopp the slayer from die. Do you think i that said no to heaven just to keep them safe. Would alow you and your ape frinds to steal her strenght and murder her"

Giles "Not bloody likly" said ironicly. Xander stod up "Now All of you consider it fair to take away the slayers strenght and make her fight a vampire. Now with out strenght she can only rely on skill but as the slayer is used to work the skill in combination to her strenght her skill is almost useless.

In fact a NORMAL human would have greater ability to deffend him or herself then the slayer. Turning her human and forcing her to fight demons is nothing expet murder or a way to force controll over a indipendent slayer by making a new one"

he pulled the gags from the watcher one by one. "Now do any of you have a opinion on this" he asked them he looked at the Witch "Dont try anything your power is locked away i took the precosion to putt a potion it will be gone in a year or two"

The witch paled in fear and chock. Giles grinned and laught..

Quintin sneared "You will regreat this boy. Its a sacret test you have no right" he said.

Xander looked them over. "And just becuse Quintiss her look like a petty man that likes to make life difficult i say Lets do the Crutensium. lets even the ods. The witch and you Quintin VS one Vampire im sure both of you will survive what you are trying to force MY frind to do"

With that he pulled the two up removing the bindings and pushed them down the stairs.

The other watchers paled in chock.

>From downstairs they could heare beging and screeming.

"Noo not me take her take her" "Godess noo"

Xander grinned "Maby i should help them. But then on the other hand they ARE trying to MURDER a human Buffy the slayer IS human"

The other watcher swallowed their fear and one of the older one spoke "Could you pleas save them"

Xander sighted as he grabbed the basball bat. "No rest for the good guys" he said walking down the stairs.

Down their he could see the vampire draning the older Watcher and saving the female Witch for some later fun.

"Overbite." he screemed making the vampire dropp Travers.

The vampire turned around growling as he attacked the folish human forgot to lock the door after him.

As the vampire attacked he suddenly could see a movment then evrything was dark.

Xander rolled his eyes ONE hit by the bat and that pathetic exuse of a undead was sleeping. "Hi their. Still think the crutencium is a good idea" he asked the witch.

She shoked her head. And Xander smiled "And i think you frindly boss and frind Quintin Traver actuly offer YOU to the vampire as lunch.

He realy is a bad boy."

The witch swallowed looking at him still bleding. "is he alive"

Xander shrugged. "Im a bit overprotectiv when it comes to frinds and family. I realy dont care." he said but did give the older asshole first aide. Just his luck the idiot was alive.

standing up he lifted Travers and the Vampire in a fireman carrieg "he alive for now." and started to walk up.

The other watchers blinked as they could see the young man carrying both the unconcius Travers and a vampire.

he putt the vampire down by dumping him and then did the same to Travers.

Seing them flinch he looked at them "Dont worry Travers landed on his head nothing of value inside anyway.."

Giles grinned "My young frind is a bit protectiv of his frinds and the slayers. If you are smart run dont walk home"

One of the strong guys sneared "You int geting away with this" Xander grinned "Reily nothing baad illigal is going one can come now."

Reiley walked in looking around "Good if you where feding a human to a vamp i would have to stop you.."

Xander nodded "English meet Reily. Reily meet the English. English he is CIA-dude. CIA-dude they are Watcher"

Reily nodded showing the watchers his ID. "Normaly we only work inside america but vampire and demons they are not humans so it falls to us"

The watcher blinked. Xander grinned "You see. Buffy have CIA and NSA conections. You idiots even get near her or even come to USA with out asking Giles they are going to fry you assholes.

IF you hire a assasin i will personly hire the terakans to destroy you. Reily your CIA tell them that im not joking"

Reily nodded "He is not joking if one of the slayer or his frinds or him are assasinated he already made pre-emtiv payment to the Terakans and YOUR heads are the targets"

Xander grinned it was a lie but they did not know that. And Reily was Initiativ even blacker then CIA and a rouge but the Initiative did not know that. "I will go before i kill sombody" he said walking away.

Giles looked at Reily "will you be alright"

Reily nodded "yes. Agent Jarod will be over soon he and i will question them before we send them home"

With that they left the Watcher alone.

The watcher relaxed finaly the dangerus guys where gone.

Then the other Agent jarod walked in and somthing in his smile made them afraid.

Later in the Mayor mansion.

Xander grinned as he walked in "Look out. look out hero comming with popcorn" He was currently balansing a large ball with popcorn on his head and two smaller one in eatch of his hands.

Lily grinned "Yey my hero" Ander "Now that is creativ use of mutant ability"

Rickard Wilson the 3 frowned "You do have time to go twice young man" he said.

Xander rolled his eyes. "yea right then YOU would have eaten all the popcorn"

Rickard blinked "I do no sutch thing. What ever make you suspect me" May grinned "well you are a former Big Bad and eating al popcorn IS act of perfect evil acording to X."

Rickard smiled "Well Darn it you got me now" he said smiling.

Giles sighted "Now be quite the launching is starting."

And on the TV they could see the transmition from around the world as the atomic bombs and fleets of space rockes where launch up in space.

Carrying misiels and laser shoting satelites. Earth was deffending it self from the astroides.

Xander smiled grimly it was a wonder full thing to see. The sad part was that humanity would not be able to stop the alien fleet untill after they hade landed.

He already hade some plans but they would take time and he realy wiched his sisters hade stayed away.

But it was a magnificent show.

Chapter 17

Morning comes diffrently to diffrent individuals and diffrently depending on what you did the other day.

Quintin Travers did not wake when the other Watchers did he sleeped longer and was up first after dinner.

But then he hade been sucked almost dry by a vampire. And questioned by a Pretender that activly tried to find evry ONE of his and the others secrets.

Giles waked up with a grinn on his face as he could feel the heart beat from Miss Catarin Parker his head was resting betwin the most perfect pair of pillows in the world.

So he was happy a bit irritaded that morning would come so fast.

Jocye woked up and decided it was to early and for once in her life she would over sleep..

Buffy continued to sleep as Jocye forgot to wake her. The alarm clock was helpless to wake the sleeping slayer.

Willow rushed up then blinked seing that her alarm was sett to ring a hour later then normal.

She frowned before she remeber the school was of this day. She wandered around a bit before smiling she turned on the computer. It was a long time sense she hade a change to surf the webb.

Mayor Willson was the first one up as usual he woke up long before the sun even showed it face.

Some standar papper contact with Demon clans where read and writen strang things to buy like heavy industrial material and other more illigal things the jet fighter was deppresinly esy to buy.

Hours later he would go to breakfast. It was actuly fun to have hous guest and the Parker family was a riot. He just hade to remember NOT let young Alexander anywhere near his caffe OR let Young Hope anywhere near Coca Cola or Coffe.

Somting that was actuly harder then you expect. Luckly May was activly helping him.

Jarod woked up and he felt tired and sad. Nothing realy new to him he hade seen the best of life and the worst of life his ability as a Pretender made it posible for him to actuly UNDERSTAND the reason sombody did somthing.

Doing that made it somtimes hard for him to hate anybody. He only hated the act of evil humans Not the evil humans them self.

But demons now those he could hate. And the actions of the head of the watchers made him tired and sad and he hated what they hade done to young girls and hole family just to keep controll over the slayer.

Beging a genius was the worst curse a human could live under. Jarod knew that first hand. No pain no brain.

His frind Angelo smiled as he woke up "Jarod sad. i Wish i could help him" he said. Latly his mind hade become faster agien.

The healing potions made by Jarod and the May and alexander Parker was healing him.

Xander woke up in a situation that normaly would be strange or freeky he was hanging from his feet stuck in the roof and he was sleeping upside down. But he just knew that his spider instinks hade braught him up there to hide from a nightmare.

He sighted as he walked down.

May slowly growled as she satt up. Scratching her head somthing was wrong and somthing was missing and her leggs felt heavy.

She grinned as she noticed Tara-M was sleeping somehow during the night her love intrest must have hiden her self under the blanket.

She looked so cute may taught as she let her self back down just looking at the blond girl.

In Hope room she woke up exactly two seconds before the alarm clock managed to wake her. Somting she always did and turend of the alarm before it manage to make a noice.

She walked up and started to dress herself time for breakfast but first. She looked around not seing May or anyother stupid adult she picked up what she managed to buy yeaster day.

A hole Can of coca Cola. Grinning like a maniace she dranked the holly drink feling the power of Coffein waking evry cell in her almost 15 year old body.

",a, New,day" she said feeling a bit hyperactiv. Time to eat breakfast.

Outside the room Xander frowned Hope manage to find a coffein. Thats was SO unfair he wiched he hade one...

Well time for breakfast and IF he was lucky he might be able to steal from Rickard agien..

He grinned. But first he hade to wake up Tara-F and see how she was healing.

And wake up Wasp and bring some breakfast to her he was planing on spending some time with her after breakfast to make her part of the family.

Sometimes Hope and May could be far to judgemental.

Inside the dinning room Rickars well trained mage ability warned him he turned to his Butler "Hide all the coffe NOW" The halfdemon nodded and hurried out.

Wasp hade woken up quite erly and was sitting in her bedd her broken bones made it hard for her to move but with her strenght and endurance a bit of pain could be ignored.

She was confused. the younger sister Scarlet spider she hade visit her last night and given her some presents a new T-shirt and some books.

She could sense that the girl Hope was trying to become her frind. That confused her after all she hade tried to murder Hope and her family and yet the girl was trying to be frind.

and Spider-man Alexander she understood about protecting the family that was a reson to help her other wise the military might use her. Now she was safe with the family and they could use her in the future.

But then why DID hope tried to be her frind she hade no reson to be frindly with her.

Wasp she carfull picked up one of the books moving fast hurt the broken bones in her arms. And started to read it was CW Lewis the Witch and the lion.

A narnia book Hope hade said. Her first gift she ever hade in her life. But she wondered what Hope wanted from her.

Then the door opend and Alexander walked in with food and they talked. She said that she rather read then talk and he nodded and walked out promsing to come back later.

Junior Jarod woked up and sighted as he wander in the kitchen. It was strange Jocey was not their but she probly decided to sleep late.

He decided to make breakfast After all he was a shorter and younger but still a pretender a universel genius how hard could it be to make breafast.

As he cooced the orientel breakfast Misou soup and other fantastic things he found on Internet two days ago.

his mind calculated the consequenses of what he did yesterday. He hade posted the link to the Spiders homepage to evry larger New-paper and New show in USA. And one in england and even in france.

That would probly make it imposible to hide it. And that he hade more then one backup page on diffrent webbservers one of those was a 'home-made' webbserver that 'Old-jarod' hade made.

No body exept him and Jarod new where it was lokated.

He continued thinking as he mixt the mixtures and made small bread that he putt in the oven.

Making breakfast sure was fun. And he did like the suger it kind of gave him a rush.

He knew that he was not coffe alergik as Hope and the other superpowered-Parkers where.

Now Hope was somthing he started to think a loot about. She was Cute and sexy.

And he realy liked her. And in a way she was just as him a clone.

The bad part was that he was 11 year old. Even if mentaly he was older.

She was physicly and mentaly 15. Junior sighted as he hoped it was only puppy love he suffered from.


In the wilson mansion they hade gather to eat Breakfast in the dining room.

Rickard beging a working politican did have a TV instad so that he could watch the News.

A tired but smiling Xander walked in Rolling a wellchair where Tara-F was sitting. "Hi Rickard how you doing." They both said Rickard nodded "Well thanks. you two"

Xander smiled "Got Wasp somthing to eat she seem intrested in the books" he said thinking it was good of Rickard to give the girl somthing to do.

Rickard nodded wondering what books. But food was more importaint. Tara-F smiled "Im bether Jarod said that i would be able to walk in a week or so"

Rickard nodded "Its only becuse of the cutt that you now walking" Tara-f nodded "They are afraid if i walk the cut might re-Open itself. So i have to rest in bedd or roll around"

Then Hope walked in. Or rather skipped in a big smile on her face as she sattdown the satt up to sitt in another chair you got to find the perfect sitting place after all.

"HI,Its,A,Wonder,full,day,could,i,have,the,pancaces,i.realy,o,donats, Whats,On,TV,What,ever,i,read,the papper,instead," She said before grabbing some donats and reading the news papper.

Rickads eye twitced as he tried to figer out what the hyperactiv girl hade said.

Xander sighted it was so unfar that she got cofein and he did not. "Dont worry she will work it of"

He started to read the papper and watch the news. Then he froze what the **** did the TV say right now.

He Putt the news paper and down and watch the TV. Beside him the Mayor hade frozen in chock.

Tara-F blinked that was not posible.

On the TV they could see a Picture of Spider-Girl wearing only the famous spider-girl Bikini as she stod wawing at the camera on topp of the Statue of Liberty posing.

Xander blinked that picture was after May hade lost a bett ageinst Tara-F..

How the hell did THAT come out.. he hoped that did not have the picture on him wearing a spider mask and a speedo. Picture Tara-F hade convinced him to make.

Then the News anchors came back.

Tv-News anchors Bill Murry "Well their you have one of many pictures found in the -Amazing Spiders- Homepage.

A webb page made BY the super-heros themself. and a realy funny place to wisit they even have some movies and musik Mp3. Some singed by Scarlet Spider herself.

OR what do you say. "TV-News Anchore Britt Baker. "I loved it. its even have soom Beef cace picture of Spider-man posing and i do love that Speedo"

A picture came up of Spider-man dressing only in his Spider-man Mask, long glows with his webbshooters and a speedo.

Tara-F grinned "I love that picture." Inside she was planing on making a Charger Bikin suit. or maby she used the Play-boy Charger design after all she was His Energyzer bunny of love and luck.

Xander groned on the side that was SO embarasing.

TV-News Anchor Bill Murry laught "Well chocking. now not only that but it also have a long background story where they come from. Its increcibly children mutant children born in this world but spend time growing up in a alternat world swarming with super heros and villans."

TV-News Anchor Britt Baker smiled "Well not swarming. And loots of information even how you can make your own cloace with glide flight ability. And belive it or not the blue prints of a laser gun. And to build a Cloack that you can fly with glide fly."

TV-News Anchor Bill Murry "We hade our expert trying to build that Cloack over to the test place. Remember do not try this at home the one wearing the cloack is a trained stuntman."

The picture faded and Live transimtion came from over the bay. TV-News Anchor Carlos Rodan grinned "Well im at the Los Angeles Bay our test personal are just about the test the flight cloack if this work a alternat form of hangliding will be posible.

ANd Scarlet Spider thanks for sending us the information abou thte cloak in advance."

The camera Zoomed in as the stuntman jumped trying to get lift in the cloack.

A mooment and he felldown then suddenly the cloack stiffend and like a pair if wings he was gliding away catching the winds and gaining altidude.

TV-New Anchor Carlos smiled "Its incredible he IS flying Just watch" And they could see the stunt man flying in small circles before gliding to land and landing clumsy.

Xander sightet that was to mutch he could see May and Tara-M walking in.

Hope was jumping up and down in her chair smiling happy.

Xander growled "The Bikini Photos. And ME in the Spider Speedo...

How could YOU "he almost yelled. Rickard frowned "What about the laser gun"

Xander shrugged "Its not that effectiv beside in the future it might be needed. But May you where almost NUDE in that picture. And My speedo we said NObody would ever see that one" He said in his best big-brother tone.

Hope "Ops."

The Rosenberg home.

Willow satt by her computer and she DID not belive her eyes. a homepage made by the Spiders.

She just knew it hade to be May or Hope that did it. And the pictures most where harmless fun like those of Scharlet Spider training or webbswinging or reading upside down.

But the ones with May in spider-Bikini was HOT realy HOT. SO whas the pitcures of Spider-man in speedo clearly a improvment from when he hade one on him as Harris.

And the information Willow mind was drooling as she read facts. and the Breakfast was complety forgoten.

Summers home...

They hade all been a bit supriced by the strange Oriental breakfast that waited them but they soon begain to eat.

Jocye sighted "No i dont think its a good idea Faith" Faith frowned "But why NOT they have a homepage why cant we the Slayer have one. Waith let me explain. Im not talking about telling anybody our namn we could discuse our self in a bikini or somthing" Jocye frowned "Buffy tell her why not"

Buffy blinked her one eye. "Actuly mom i think it would be a cool idea"

Junior Jarod nodded "I have plans on how to creat it. Dont worry" Jocye sighted kids today.. "No bikini we do not want pervert vampires to drool over you"

Jocye sighted Giles would probly be alble to talk some sense in to her. "By the way Junior this breakfast you made is increadibly good. Do you always make oriental type of food for breakfast"

Junior smiled "Thank you and No this was the first time i EVER coocked some food."

They all blinked the food was perfect.

Buffy "Moom i need a baby brother adoped him.."

Jocye nodded...

New York.

Blacki blinked as he watched the News. "Fucking hell. The Spider kids.. Luke turn on the computer."

His brother nodded and they started to surf the webb.

the page was slow probly TO many persons entering it.

Lucke "They did it. Picture on enemys including US."

Blacki growled "That.. Did they put on picture of our civilian form" Lucke frowned "No they did not.. Wonder why"

Blacki grinned "Ither they dont have them. Witch they probly have as we all been captured and sentcence to jail. Or its a warning be leagle or we tell the police. They are giving us a second change"

Lucke and the other Vultures nodded. But what to do now.

Wachington DC

The CIA building.

james Fairdael currently shief of operation in CIA frowned at the other of the meating.

"Alright the as seen in the NEWS the cloak was real they actuly fly with that thing bether then a parachut. Now our Tech is trying to find out if the laser gun is working"

one of the team raised his hand "Sir its realy a type of Plasma gun that have a laser that heat up.. I be quite now" he said in fear of the boss angry face.

James continued. "Alright our Tech is building IT and we will son test the plasma-laser gun. What i like to know is this IS their mutants out their. The President himself have order ME and other deparments head to find out. ANY secret you have or hide I will be told or you are fired."

Silent was his answer then one raised his voice. "Sir we have small teams with invicible fighters. Mostly teenagers that some how manage to turn themself un-seen. Somtimes permanent others some how gain controll over it"

James blinked "Alright IS any ONE of those unseen person a mutant" once agien a small nodding was his answer "Yes sir. Some of them have that. Others is just normal humans that.. Well its Magik sir"

James blinked "What are you smoking. Magik is not real.. Is it" One by one his eggheads and agents raised their hands. "Sir we have evidence about vampires and demons. Magik is real for years our secret Vodou priestes and mages have been trying to curse the ryssans or protect the president"

Jamses sighted it was ONE of those days. "Are you saying that we have been invalved in a magik curse you war with the russians"

That man nodded "yes sir. But their mages are bether in attack then ours. But our deffens are superior so"

James nodded "Nothing happen" The man grinned "exacly sir"

A lady in the back started to talk "We read the part of mutated humans and ways to bring out a passiv mutation in a person."

James felt fear agien but he just hade to know "What are you planing or what did you do"

She frowned "In the 70th we did some drugg experiment on student. Most died or became permanet insane. But Andy Mcgee and Vicky Mcgee some how got mental powers they married and got a child a girl..

Later we found out and We tried to abduct them. The Vicky died protecting her child and Andy managed to overpower the remaning guard and told him to shoot himself. And he did.

Andy power seemed to slowly killing him and the child Charlie have fire starting ability.

A real weapon i say. AFter both of them was captured by us in the Farm they tried to escape but Andy the fater was killed and the girl got angry and burned down and murder many CIA agents.

We have a shoot to kill after her to this day"

James blinked "How old"

The lady frowned "Exuse me" James "The child how old is she. How old was she when she burned down a CIA labb."

The lady looked down in the paper. "12 years sir" James "Well We did murder her mother and her father infront of her. She was deffending herself remove the hunt and kill order NOW."

The lady frowned "Sir with all due respect she is guilty of the death of over fifty agents."

James staired at her. "A prisners first duty is to escape by any and all means nececary. You need to learn to use your brain. You catch more fly using honny then vineger.

We will find her evently and then we use another metod sneak in. Maby use one of those Invicible agents to make frinds make her belive that your version was a illigal operation. The question is she a mutant"

The lady nodded "yes sir she IS a mutant just like the description on the page said."

James nodded. "Right we have loots of invisible agents. A firestarter. Three spider humans. A living batery thats hurt. And a fly girl namned Wasp"

Another agent raised his hand "Sir dont you remember spider-man saved her from us"

James new it would be one of those days.. "I see. So the ONLY super humans we have are the invicible ones. You do realise that EVRY nation in the world will start hunting superhumans to use as agent WE need to be first."

The lady raised her hand "Sir the drugg we used compared to the once describes on that home-page looks almost identicle And it warns you to use on NON-Mutants.

THe drugg we have the potental to wake up passived mutations by forcing them to mutat. OR we could aranged passive mutants to have children they will most likly be active mutations."

James frowned "Let start with voulentairs and use the drugg on them. Find agents in ANY goverment agency. I mean it cia, FBI, even the police. But keep it secret contact ONLY those we know are mutant or have a mutanat gen.

Any time they give blood or test them self we can find out "THe lady nodded "I will see to that sir. You said anybody is that right"

James nodded "yes ANYBODY."

The lady sighted "Sir you have a passiv mutant X-gen inside of you" James finaly understod his possition in life it was a joke and they where out to get him.

Iowa on a small farm.

A wommen with a gold-red hair extremly short cutt. A wigg with brown hair was sitting next to the computer she was reading from.

Charly McGee frowned She was a mutant that was not so suprising but SHE was not alone their was OTHER mutants outheir and that suprised her.

And she new the CIA would try to huntdown the Spiders. And if they could not catch them they would try forcing them by finding and hurting their frinds.

she removed the glasses maby it was time for her to stopp hiding and to fight back.

She was a adult now almost 28 and she hade spend most of her childhood runing and from them.

Yet she was strong she hade the power of fire inside of her. And acording to the power level scale in the home-page she was a Omega class mutant.

her power of fire was equel of a nuckler bomb. But she might be able to go boom more then once.

It was time for her to find allieds and help younger mutants. IF she could find the spiders then they could get other young mutants to join up. And may good help anybody that stood in her way becuse she would fry them alive.

Sunnydale later.

one by one they came inside.

Xander was pushing a Weelchair where Tara-F was sitting comfertly and suprisingly Hope rolled one where WAsp satt in.

Jarod smiled it looked like Hope hade decide to make the strange girl a frind. And Hope hade the tendecy not to accept or understand the NO or Give up.

Finaly when the last one was their Jarod started to talk "Thank you all for comming. I found out some disterbing news that the head OF the watcher did."

Giles frowned a bit wondering if he was talking about the councills tendency to assasinate black magik user even AFTER they hade been stoped.

he hoped it was not that Jarod would complain about it would be diffiult to explain to Buffy.

Jarod continued. "I must say this. GILES do not KNOW about this. Giles and MOST field Watchers are completly with out ANY knowledge about this DO you Slayer undnerstand"

Faith "yea im five by five. Field Watcher innocent head watcher guilty.."

Buffy "What she said."

Jarod "Alright. I found out that they often assasinate parent of potential slayer if they are young. Older they use magik mind manipulation to creat situations where they can abduct and brainwash the potential slayer.. Yes Buffy you want to ask somthing" He interupted as he could see Buffy wawe a hand.

Buffy nodded "yes whats a potential" Giles "A Slayers are called in family lines. A potential slayer is one that COULD have been a slayer. Jocye is probly a potential. Or your slayer potential might come from your fathers side of the family"

Buffy nodded "So thats how you find us" Giles "Actuly no we have many potential living in Watcher home. But we find most slayer using a spell that will tell us witch are the MOST likly to be called. Normaly it give us five to nine girls. But latly the spell is less then trustworty. The spell calles the favor of the Powers that BE., They are guardien of humanity.

IF what you said are correct that the Watcher have been assasinating the family of Slayers then that might be a sign that they are angry with us"

Jarod nodded to him "Yes i think so to. In your Case Faith they did not do that mutch exept that they putt the old pub you used to sleep in on fire forcing you out in the street where one of their field agents could save you"

He looked at Buffy. "They did things to you Buffy and your family. A spell was cast you Jocye that clouded your mind they hade to re-arange it one time to make you realise Buffy from the mental hosbital where you putt her after LA."

Jocye blinked "Are you saying that my most shame full action was the result of a Mind magik."

Jarod nodded "Yes. The spell made it harder for you to actuly belive your daughter and accept anything supernatural."

Buffy rushed over to her mother "Mom i love you i always knew that was not you. I never ever blamed you" She frowned "I only blame you for coocking to good food and i still do." she ended smiling.

Jocye grinned. "Thanks."

Beside them Jarod smiled "it is not over yet"

Giles sighted "What more did they do to her" Jarod "They consider Hank Summer to be a problem. He was TO protectiv over Buffy. HE loved her to mutch and they knew he would get in the way. So they putt first a compulsion spell on him making it hard for him to talk to Jocye with out feling that SHE was arguing with him.

After that they putt a mild lust spell on him and let a secretary they hade payed seduce him. And Jocye dicover them."

Jocye sighted "And that led to our divorce. AFter that all we EVER DID was argue."

Buffy frowned "But why dont he talk to us.. To me" Jarod sattdown "That becuse they have a spell that makes it hard for him to actuly remember you."

Buffy swallowed but she could not hold back her tears. "Why are they doing this"

Xander stod up. "Controll those bastards wanted you to find a surugat dady in you watcher. One that would suport you and love you no mather what. And that watcher would be one they could controll." Giles nodded "And by controlling ME they could controll you." He said shaking his head.

Tara-F "I think i will fry them alive." Tara-M "i i can turn them in to frogs.. Atleast one of them"

Willow "No no frogs rats do rats i hate frogs."

Xander "We will not turn anybody in to frogs. But i will break the bones in their hand and personly destroy Quintin Travis."

Buffy "no no murder i" Xander "Unless they learn a lesson OTHER innocent children will be murded Buffy.."

Buffy slumped down "I dont want anybody to be murded."

Xander nodded "Fine i promis that i will not murder them."

Wasp frowned "Hope gave me icecreem when i was sad Buffy would you like some" she said hoping it would comfort the crying blond.

Buffy giggled a bit walking over giving the former bad girl a hugg "Thanks."

Wasp paled in panic. "Im not intrested in Sex Buffy." Buffy blinked "i was only gave you a hugg"

Hope "Buffy. Wasp was raised as a weapon. She was speed growned from new-born to adult in less then nine years evrything she knows was implanted inside of her. I dont think she knows about frindly huggs" Buffy blinked "oo.. Well would you like to be my frind"

Wasp frowned another look of fear and a evaluating look as she turned from Hope to Buffy. "Hope is my frind Buffy"

Buffy blinked "aand what.."

Hope giggled "Wasp a person can have MORE then ONE frind. I have hundred of frinds."

Buffy "Ooo. Well now I am going to be one of your frind Wasp you need it."

WAsp nodded "Thats accepteble"

May was studying them closly.. She was not ready yet to forgive and forget but she was close.

Jocye "Well what are we going to do about Hank" Xander "I will force the Watcher to remove the spell and prove to him what they did.... And this time i will not be gentle"

Jocye nodded "Good. Hank was always a good man and a wonderfull father. I could NEVER understand why he suddenly was sleeping around and being grumpy when i was talking to him. And they he suddenly just ignored both me and Buffy like we did not mater to him.. SO unlike him."

Xander sattdown cuddling Tara-F closer to him smiling to Wasp befor turnign a look towards Jarod and Riley "We need to do somthing. TO convince them."

Jarod nodded "I think it would be best if I did it. I have metods. The drugg they used on Angelo to fogg his mind It can be used on them as a warning."

Xander grinned turning them in to vegtebles permanent would be a good warning even bether then just killing them. "The witches they use we need to find them. Probly make a example of them"

jarod nodded "I see what i can do." He hade one of them already and he knew manhy metods of permanent make sombody scared or terrories a criminal. It was time for the Three fold law to come out and wipp them in submishon.

The mayor frowned "My my it do looks like quite a active week for you. Well im not one to give additel burden but it do looks like your Old frind Ethan Rains is coming back to town Mr Giles. Should i handle him for you"

Giles blinked he hade forgoten that the evil Mayor was listning in. "Quite alright. Just do not let him get away this time."

The mayor nodded "I take care about it" inside he grinned he hade the perfect use for the chaos mage.

Jarod nodded "Well let the meating be adjourned." Inside he was planing on how to free Hank Summer from the spell and punch the witches.

It would be a intresting week.

On the side he could see that Buffy and Faith hade cornered Junior.. Just what he new would happen and the reson he let junior do the homepage.

Faith "yo Wonder-boy could you help us creat a homepage for Slayer." Buffy "It would be puplic service to protect others from vampires and demons"

Faith "And show us in bikini" Junior Jarod sighted he finaly realised that his homepage was far more dangerus then he hade expected but only for him "Alright i help you." he said in a tired voice.

The two older girls grinned and hugged him "Thanks" On the side Willow pouted "I could have done that"

Oz raised his eyebrown "I know. Let do a wickan homepage. And one about Were-wolfs"

Willow grinned.

Xander watched wondering if Hope hade created a monster or not.

He shrugged in less then six month the atomic missiles would strike the astroied and then the alien would probly attact directly.

And he hade no ability to stop them. Only to destroy them once they HADE landed.

He frowned If he hade a real starship then it would be a diffrent mater but he hade not..

On the side Hope suddenly realised somthing. 1 If she knew her big Brother corectly he completly forgoten about his OWN birtday. And if she knew her own Big sister she firmly belived that Alex hade told them.

2. Tara-f Might be the wonder girlfrind but when it came to birtdays datums she was completly lost.

Witch mean that Buffy and the other hade NO idea that Xander and May birtday was in two days.

And her was in four days.. She groned another thing she would have to correct. She loved birdays cake and partys.

Two days later.

The Birthday celebration hade started almost five minuts ago it was a small party only frinds and they took the time to celebraith Buffy also as she hade celebrated her but with Tara-F in hosbital she decided to celebrait it later.

But it was fun the food was incredible as Jocye and Junior hade done their best.

the present was mostly symbolic.

But it was fun.

On the TV the program showed how the atomic missiles was armed and refueld and fired out in to deep of space.

And tonight Xander, May and Hope was planing a even MORE fun activity.

They where going to have a Webb chatt alive on the internet. Invitation only a secure chat room.

They even invited a rare number of indivdiuals just to see who would come.

Some reporters. The chief of CIA or one of his agents.

The Chief of FBI or one of his agents. Then a couple of free invitation to A school class in Los Angeles that the spider hade meet during one of theirs Swing around in LA.

And of course some scientist..

Jarod and junior hade talked and some how managed to get a frind or two they knew about in England.

And a pair of frinds from USA.

Buffy, Faith, the rest of the gang was given of course......

That night they where going to have fun chatting..

Xander grinned as he satt down and typed his chatt namn on the screen.

-Spider-man- He wrote. Next to him satt Willow, May, Hope and Buffy, Faith, Oz. "You ready girls and boys"

The Mayor frowned "I have no idea how you manage to convince me."

Xander rolled his eyes "Come now you know it be fun.. By the way what is your calling namn"

Buffy "Slayer-1eye." the one eyed slayer said. Faith grinned "Slayer-2eye" the two eyed slayer said.

Willow "Reed-witch" Oz "Doggy"

May "Spider-girl of course" Hope "Scarlet-spider"

Tara-F "Charger" Xander "Spider-man"

Ander "Punchbag" Lily "Mind-talker"

Mayor sighted "I curse anybody that laught. Im Evil-dude" Xander carfully stod up "I.. exuse me" he said runing out from the room and closing the door.

Second later a exposion of laughter was heard"

Hope grinned "Sorry."

Rickard wilson frowned "Well It is his birthday.. So i will not curse him."

Junior grinned "Well im the Moderator" He said his work was to boot out the badboys and girls.

He and Jarod hade manage to force any one invatied to use namn that was work insipired.

He would monitor them.

And finaly they looged on...

one by one more and more indvidiuals loged on.

CIA/Dude *Is anybody active yet*Spider-man *Yes.. Cia i belive.*CIA/dude *Yes how did you gues.*

Royal-princes *hi is Jarod withknight their.*Scharlet-spider *You know Jarod ???*Royal Princes *yes he is SO cute :) And he saved my life. Is he online*Spider-girl *No but his baby-brother is.*Spider-man *Royal-Princes

Cool-Kid *Woo Hi im here. Its me Franky baby*Spiders-fan. *Franky.. You freek.. Did you get the computer game i copy to you.*

CIA/Dude *Why is it kids inhere*Young-yoda *What stupid Cia/Dude GO home to your own contry. This is america.* CIA/Dude *I am american*Royal Princes. *Have anybody of you been in England.. London and the palace is realy wonder full.*

Spider-man *If you say so..*Nasa-worker is looging on.

Geek-master *NASA thats soo cool are you for real ???? \^_^/ i so going to work in space when im grow up.*Nasa-Worker *Hi.. Spider-man, Spider-girl Great to See you. A question the energy storing device on the laser gun. What capacity would be needed.*

Knight-Stalion is looged on..

Steel-Knight is looged on..

Punchbag *Hi knight and steel*Royal-Princes *Punshbag why are you caling your self that*Punchbag *Becuse i have a mutant ability that makes me almost imposible to hurt by physicly punch me...*

Royal-Princes *Rolles her eyes. Go and see a doctor.*Mind-Talker *He is telling the truth.*Scarlet-Spider *Punchbag have a mutantion thats makes his body like rubber knifes can hurt him but punch him nope. Even if he dont have super strenght punching or ripping him dont work.*

Royal-Princes *INcredible Do it hurt*Punchbag *Not realy you feel it when they hitt you but it dont hurt. but if they twist my head anymore then 450 then i realy feel pain..*

Spider-man *Nasaworker if you like i could mail you that information.!*CIA-Dude. *I like to get some information on Adamantium.*Spider-girl *Its a alloy made by a combination of Steel and Vibranium*

Spider-fan *Vibranium whats that*Scarlet-Spider *its a metalic substans. Realy rare and it can absorv energy from vibration like sound.*Geek-Master *I never heard about Vibranium before*Nasa-worker *We recently found that metalic. It extremly strange.

YOU are saying that Adamantium is a mix between that and steel ?. How many procent are we talking about in the mix and what type of steel alloy*SPider-man *Do not know mutch about Adamantium exept its almost indestructible. Its classifed in diffrent form, True Admantium and Lesser Admantium. A car made of Adamantium would in teory party able to survive a direct hit by a nucker bomb.*

Cool-kid. *Mind talker are you a boy or girl.*Mind-Talker *Im Punchbags girlfrind you figer it out :) *

Knight-Stalion *I never been to a chatt room before*Dancer-girl *Hi im Dancer* Knight-Stalion *Hi im Knight-STalion*

Cool-Kid *This is boring. Spider-girl i think you look sexy.. Do you have a boyfrind.*Spider-girl *Sorry i have a girlfrind* Cool-Kid * Girl-frind are you GAY*Spider-Girl *yes*

Steel-Knight *Hi.. Cool to see that Jarod made some fun frinds*Scarlet-Spider *Yes Jarod if Fun*Knight-Stalion *I wonder Miss scarlet Spider or Spider-man/girl is their any working AI in your world*Spider-girl *Yes their is. One is Friday but he was build by aliens and is a AI starship realy nice. Then their are Maschin man. And Vision. then Ultron but he is crazy destroy evrybody."

Steel-Knight *Buddy are you wondering if you have frinds in their world*Knight-Stalion *Yes Michael im am curius* Steel-Knight *I understand*

CIA-Dude *DO you have any knowled in creating Adamantium*Spider-man *No the goverment hold that secret rather well. But you seen the picture on my page of Wolverin HE have adamantium grafted on his bones. Even his mutant claws have a layer of Adamantium on them.*Evil dude *I think i could help you in that*CIA/dude *What are you talking about Evil Dude*Evil-Dude *i have conection in the magik realm.. Give me a price and i can find a cretsure that can bring the information to you.*

CIA/Dude *What the hell are you on..*Evil-Dude *Im not on anything. Im a mage a evil magican. If you need my help just send mail to me. And i arrange it. But the price might be hig.*Spider-man *Im warning you CIA/Dude evil knows what he is doing. But he is not a good guy*

Cool-Kid *Spider-girl could you send me nude picture of you and your girlfrind having sex*Cool-kid is kicked out by Moderator...

Royal-princes *Mind-talker.. Are you also a mutant*Mind-talker *yes i am.*Cia-dude *you power Mind-talker tell me now*

CIA-Dude gets a warning be polite or get banned by Moderator..

CIA-Dude *Im sorry. Could you kindly inform me*Mind-talker *My power is useless.. I can transmit my taughts and dreams but. I cant read others. Im a one way telepath mostly*CIA-Dude *thats realy impresiv if you like work we in the CIA could use your talent*

Nasa-worker *Alien starship. Do you have anypictures.*Scarlet-Spider putt up a picture....

Nasa-worker *thats fantastick and you say that is a starship with full AI fuctions.*Scarlet *Yes the Kymerians that build him consider �smart-ships� to be equel partners and have full �human� rights on their world.

Friday pilot died saving humans children and the ship kind of adopted them protected and helped them*

Nasa-worker *And nobody did anything*Spider-man *A smart ship like friday is incredible hard to catch.

And the kids was mutants strong Alpa class mutants. They are now one of the most famous heros of our earth THe Power Pack. But now they are adult*Spider-Girl *they used to baby sitt us. Spider-man hade a crush on Katie Powers..*Spider-man *I did not we where just good frinds*Scarlet-Spider *but big brother why did you cry when she got married.*

Punchbag. *I need some Episod 3-5 of Superman special eddition can anybody help me*Dancer-girl *I can transmit a e-copy*CIA/dude *I wish you would not do that infront of me. Its not legal Buy them.*

Spider-man *-----------*Charger *What you where in love with Katie she is SO to old..*Spider-man *She is only five years older then me. Beside i was only fifteen*Charger *Well i was in love with other boys at that age*

Nasa-Worker *Man did you see mutch of the starship*Spider-girl *The starships name is Friday. He loves earth poesy..

And no we did not see mutch of him.*Knight-Stalion *Could you post me more information about Friday i like to know more*Spider-man *Sure here it comes.*

Royal-Princes *One question is this going to be posted on your webbpage later*Spider-girl *Yes we are saving the chatt-logg and will posted it with out any modification later*Royal-Princes *oo.. then i beter keep my namn secret the journalist are to bitchy anyway..*

Cool-Kid Is looged on...

Cool-Kid *Hi im Baaack.. Scarlet could you post any nude picture on you*

Moderator kick out Cool-kid..

And the night continues as they chatt away on the webb... Mean while Jarod in on the plane to England he have some witches to talk to.

Chapter 18

At the same time in the Marvel Univers...

The secret base of Lady Magneto.

Sabelthot frowned as he watched the younger warrior train.

He sighted kids this days they just was not tuff anymore. when he looked in the mirror he could see a face that looked between 30-40 but he knew that officaly he was over 100 years old.

THe worst thing was that somtimes he felt older but as his memory hade been mind whiped about 30 years ago he hade no way of knowing.

"You look disipointed my old frind" Lady Magneto said.

Sabelthot nodded as he light a cigare "Yea i am kitten. its mutch harder thise days to find even ONE good fighter. I remember during your Fathers days then mutants knew how to fight" He took a good look at her. He remember when she was just a six year old kid running around inside their secret base with Old Magneto-Erics stolen helm on her head trying to boss them around.

Somtimes he hade hard time understand what happend to her she was sutch a happy kid.

Lady Magneto hide her smile Sabelthoot mutation did make him age slower then a normal human and she knew him sense she was a kid. "I think you over reacting"

Sabelthoot nodded "Probly. So did you operation payback work" Lady Magneto nodded "yes. I did send over Man-Lizard and Wasp. Also the Vultures"

SAbelthoot shoke his head "I dont think they will win."

His lady looked at him "Why."

Sabelthoot sighted "The boy. To protect his sister he do anything. And SHE to anything for her brother. The Lizy and Wasp are good but not THAT good. And Man-Lizard he aint able to co-operat with anybody human and dont let me start with the vultures. He.. The moment they can they will runaway"

Lady Magneto nodded "I know. But i did boost Man-Lizard he will be a bit faster and stronger. And i hade one of our telepth to make Man-Lizard LIKE Wasp so that they would be able to work togheter"

Sablethoot "What about the vultures" Lady M grinned "They are foolish and will evently do crime and then IF the spiders are alive they will have to fight"

Sabeltooth nodded "Alright then Kitten. Lady Magneto sighted "You do know that i hate being called Kitten"

Sabelthooth nodded "I know. But im to old to learn" Lady Magneto sneared to hide a giggling sound as she floted out.

Sabeltooth "Are you goint to send another team after them" Lady Magneto froze.. "No.. I will not wast vauled fighter on that.. I done what i belive i need to do."

Sabeltooth relaxed a bit. They needed any fighter they could if they would win.

Marvel Univers New York....

The Xavier school of Mutants.......

Wolwerin or Logan sighted as he putt down another papper. Being one of the teatchers was harder then fighting ever was. Luckly Dr Jean Grey was helping but she was geting older must be about 50 or 60 now.

The door opend and Abby one of his student looked in "Mr Logan the Parker family is here to see you"

Logan nodded "Let them in Lightrod" he said to the girl. grinning he nodded "Peter, Mary Jane its always a plesure to see you two" The two looked around in his offic he knew most that knew him was suprised it look like a greenhouse inhere.

He could see that Peter smiled he must have recongiced the plant Tobako ever sense they forbid selling cigarets he hade been growing his own.

peter nodded "thanks. I decided to accept your suggestion." Logan grinned "Great we need a teatcher more then you ever will know profesor."

Peter smiled "I know. But me and mary-Jane will like to live here. You see. She is pregnant"

Logan nodded "And this time you take no changes" peter "Exacly Dr Strange even blessed her. having a child in her age is kind of tricky"

Logan wawed his hand "No problem this days and medicin no difficults. And if im correct mary-jane you and Peter both age a bit slower then normal"

Peter smiled "yes. I may not have YOUR healing but my spiderpowers do make me age a bit slower."

Mary-Jane smiled "And i got a blessing once. Its a long story." Logan grinned "You have to tell me later. So a new child"

Peter frowned "It took os completly by suprise but i think its a last chance a revard"

Logan nodded "I understand. Higer beging messed up with Alex.. Good i miss both of them."

Silent dominated the room. Logan "I remember when he first came to me. May hade just goten her powers and he DID not. And their he was about 14 beging me to teatch him to fight so that he could help to protect his sister"

Peter laugth "I know the two of them have always keeped eatch other protected. Alex was so glad when his spider-powers became active half a year later."

Mary-Jane grinned "yes. He was jumping around like a crazy bunny then"

Logan sighted "Well i do have some news. We asked Illiana if she could bring home Ander and Lily the kids that accidently came with May and Tara."

Mary-Jane frowned "I i dont know who IS illiana." Logan smiled "She is Illiana Rasputin sister to the now dead Peter RAstputin also know as Collosus. Illiana is nowdayd queen of a demon dimension."

Mary-Jane swallowed "Oo... what did she say"

Logan smiled "Dont worry Illiana consider us frinds she is a good girls her demons are evil she is not. Well she told us that the dimension they entered is sealed. You can teleport their but not away from their using any demonic metods she knows about would be a one way tripp."

Peter frowned "That would mean that Devine metods would be posible to use"

Logan "Yes. But we have no contact that we can use or are willing to help us We asked. But Illiana told us the rumors among the demons are Alien will attack earth and their are a new champion using the power of spiders in the world."

Mary janes paled "Aliens AND demons..." Peter "Dont worry i trust my kids. But Logan you said a one way tripp. Consider sending any help."

Logan frowned "yes. The problem is anything we send would be a one way journy."

Mary Jane "Could you not use a box fill it full of things and let a robot carry it to them."

Peter blinked "Never taught about that. We could ask Fantastic four or"

Logan "We could help. Im sure Forge could do that." Peter frowned "I remember that i once helped some out of town creatsure. a Kymilrian. ANd i know you in the X-men have helped the Shiiar if any race have techology that could help them agienst alien invasion it would be them."

Logan frowned "i think so.. But the question is what to send them. Anything we send them cant be mutch biger then a human."

Peter nodded. "I know... Thats the question."

Buffy version of earth..


"No no no.. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. Dont rape me dont kill me" The wommen said screeming in fear.

The man walked around her his face hiden by the shadow "Your power is gone. Your deffensless. Just like YOUR victoms I could have a loot fun with you.."

The women paled backing away "Who are you.."

The man smiled like a vulture "Im a brother, A child, a Father and a son. I been hurt by individuals like YOU Witch"

The female managed to turn even more pale "I i never hurt anybody" The man growled as his fist smashed her in the face in a simple slapp. Not hurting her but chocking her. "Hank Summer and Jocye Summer, Ring anybels Witch.

The female backed down "We.. i.." The man smiled "Your frinds are just as deffensless as you are right now. Magik Witch is not the ONLY way to brain wash somebody..

Torture sweep pain and suffer. "The female screemed "WHY why are you doing this to me" she cried.

The man backed down "You hurt a child.. You hurt the slayer. And now when you are hurt you cry. It will be fun to torture you"

The female sobbed in fear "I i do anything just dont hurt me" The man grinned as he grabb her head forcing her to look up on him "Tell me How do you break the spell on Jocye and Hank Summer.

And tell me about the side affects.. Do it now or do it after torture and rape"

She talked and talked..

48 hours later.

Jarod walked out from the house he hade remove evrything that could prove that he hade been their.

he hade done nothing but scare her and the other witches one by one and making them swallow a magik brew that would bind their powers for years.

It hade cost him a loot to buy the ingredice but Giles and Willow did manage to make it for him.

The toop witches of the Watchers would be with out magik for about nine years now.

And breaking the mind manipulation spell was most simple they hade used a object a urn that they could use esy change the mind spell if needed with out having the person they cursed nearby.

If the urn broke then the spell would fade away in a hour or so..

Grinning Jarod across the road in his pocket he hade one specil urn they would lure Hank to sunnydale before they broke the urn.

He did manage to find other urns that was used to manipulate importaint individuals in the british goverment and even in USA.

He hade taken some perverted plesure in breaking them.

>From what he found out the Watchers would find themself in deep trouble soon.

It was good to be a pretender somtimes..

France outside Le Blanc in a small winyard owned officaly by a ritch exentric. But un-offical owned by the goverment.

-Translated from Frace- "-Piere what do you think about Le Spider-" a young man about 25 said.

Piere frowned turning to his companion. "-Its increible. Imagen a hole world like you Jean-"

jean nodded "-Yes like me humans and yet they are more then humans. I have to go find out if more like me live in our contry. To find brothers and sister-"

Piere frowned "-Goverment will not accept that Mon Ami. You are our secret weapon. And if you find any brothers or sister they might try to use them-"

Jean grinned his skinn turned brown black and shinny like a pice of dark steel "-I nobody tool or slave Piere. And no brother or sister of mine will be that-"

Piere nodded "-Good. I hope you find them and they accept you-" Jean grinned as the earth rose and swallowed him and he was gone.

Piere satt still watching the ground as the alarm bell started to screem out.. "-Go in peace my frind. I hope the americans do not have agents with your ability-"

Japaan Nagasaki -translated from Japanees-

The girl frowned tossing her papper down.

Her companion frowned "-Your behavior is not acceptble for a Ninja Haisano-"

The girl Haisano growled "-American have super powered like us. Its a insult sensie-"

The man nodded "-I agree the disonerly dogs dropped two bombs on us. They forced us to exist with out a real military force."

Haisano nodded her eyes glowing with engergy. "-I wish to hunt them down.-"

The man frowned "-If you do Our goverment and the American might find out about you and the others we know about-"

Haisano nodded grimly as her eye started to smoke of energy created by her fury "-As my namn firetalent i will burn the fear in to the heart of the filty dogs that are america Sensei.-"

The man nodded. "-Then go. We will pretend that we knew nothing about you to protect us from the rage of america-She nodded as she walked away to pack her bags.

A servent walked forward bowing "-Saijik-Sama is this vice cours of action-"

The man frowned "-Hisano is a wild card. But she is good and once they see her in action. Evry goverment agent will try to find MORE like her.

And we have the ONLY working team of super humans in the world-"

The servent frowend "-Our agents claim that the Frenche have ONE super-human. And that USA have a team of invicible agents."

The man nodded "-Yes. But we have four super humans even with out her... We can let her go."


Jocye frowned she hade walked over to the mayor mansion to ask a question "Xander i read the logg of your discusion."

Xander nodded but keeped working on somthing. "yes do ask" Jocye sighted "Well. You claimed the first or second generation of Mutants hade been born with a dorment non activ x-gen."

Xander nodded "yes. And that their should be a rare number of those with activ x-gen"

Jocye nodded "I remember but IF so where are THEY. Why dont we see super-humans walking around"

Xander smiled "Why do you not see Vampires. And demons. Most of thise Super-humans might belive they are witches demons or other things. some might look strange have gills or wings.

Most of them are hiding probly under ground among the demons and vampires or in some cases goverment or other secret agents like the Center have abducted them and using them as future weapons"

Jocye frowned "Thats not good is it.." Xander shoke his head "No but now its offical the question is out their. Hope or May will leak out our suspichen where the others are to the next camera reporter. Combine that with the fact that we more or less said the USA hade invicible agents.

The news agentcy around the world will find out more then i ever could."

Jocye nodded "Is that realy a good idea" Xander "no.. But i like the super humans to move to activly go away from the big-cities to be ready to run. In less then now two month the missiles will strike the astroides. When that happen who knows. The alien might revil themself or continue as the rain of smaller astroides hide them and their other astroides they have hiden"

Jocye frowned "I see. Cant you do anything about them." Xander "I tried. I even told a NASA agent working with the astroides that it was most likly a alien fleet hiden uptheir. But so far nobody listen.

I was sent here NOT to stopp the aliens. But to make sure the human race survive. Beside once the alien land they we humans can fight them. As long as they stay in space they can hurt us and we can NOT fight back."

Jocye sighted "I see. So you essently giving up" Xander "No im doing evrything i can to get the goverment to investigate and try to stopp the alien. But mostly i try to create a safe heaven filled with weapon and tools to build MORE weapon. A secret base plant house to grow food and stores of food to last years."

Jocye "The Mayor is helping you then" Xander "yupp. i even instal a shielding unit the base can no longer be seen by scaaners. A great way to hide things. Of cours You and the others are and will be part safe uptheir."

Jocye looked down "safe.. Dont sound like mutch the end of the world and we will be safe"

Xander "Not the end jocye. A temporar stepp back a forced Wake up and a kick in the ass to motivate us Humans to fight back"

Jocye "Riight you dont even belive that" Xander nodded "I rather see the humans race sleep then face what will happen. But i belive that we will win in the end. That humans we will survive and grow stronger and bether becuse of this. I think it will unite us as a race" He said but dit not include or die trying.

Somthing he learned from his memory in hell somtimes having a optemistik belife may save your mind and your soul.

Jocye sighted "I wonder how my girls will handle it. Sure they are slayers but still. You and your sisters are Super humans."

Xander "So are Buffy and Faith Jocye. I seen it myself during training both Buffy and Faith can suddenly become equel in strenght a short period. Me and May and also Giles and Jarod have been talking about that.

We belive that as the slayer they can temporarly bost themself stronger.

During traning they became equel to me in strenght. We belive they somhow draw strenght from the slayer essens or somthing to boost themself.

Their speed dont change that mutch but they have a.. "He frowned before continu "A killer instinkt they know where to hit a enemy to kill him. And somtimes during training me and my sisters have trouble sensing them on our spider-sense."

Jocye frowned "Why have i heard nothing about this" Xander "Its simple. We never taught about telling you. We havent yet told Buffy and Faith becuse Giles is reserching this."

Jocye nodded "you think they can do it consiusly" Xander nodded "yes. I have a teory about that. It involves the Crutencium ritual. Jarod even found some notes that might be evidence"

Jocye frowned "tell me.." Xander "Long ago they trained the slayer using a hole team of fighter warrior that stod by her side. Once the slayer hade gain strong physical and mentaly they used the Crutencium rite to force her to get in contact with her Slayer instinkt.

Once the slayer did that she could supercharge herself and become strong agien even with the drugg slowing and making her weeker.

Thus IF she was worthy she would survive."

Jocye nodded "And of course those girls got long training in doing that"

Xander "Most likly. I think fear or anger is a trigger in geting the ability.

But acording to Jarod and the note he found you also have to learn meditating and mind focusing traning."

Jocye "The crutencium today if they dont train the slayer why do it at all."

Xander "To controll the slayer. OR get a new one. They completly forgoten the reson why it exist"

Jocye "You said you where not sure exactly" Xander blushed "ee.. Well no. but i think i got the right idea." He looked at Jocye pondering what was going on in her mind finaly "Jocye what is bothering you"

Jocye sighted "Hank." Xander "hank... Thats say a loot.. or almost nothing."

She growled at him He was chocked Jocye knew how to growl in irritation. "No its. Damit the Watcher messed with my mind but most THEY messed with him turning him from the wonderfull father to that that"

Xander nodded now he got it. "And you cant forgive him." jocye "I its im angry at the watchers and Giles. Im angry at Hank and and IM angry at ME and Giles. And i am angry at YOU"

Xander blinked "Me.. Angry at ME" he said in chock. Jocye actuly blushed and hugged him "Im sorry but. YOU and Jarod told us. And that turned evrything i knew upside down and.. Its so frustrating."

Xander nodded "I realy dont think you angry at me." Seing her looking dispeliving at him he explained "You more irritated frustrated at the situation."

Jocye nodded wecly "I still fell a bit angry at you"

Xander shrugged "Your still Family for me Jocye" he said smiling.

The older woman sighted "Could you tell me about your fater and mother"

Xander "Do you mean the Harris or Parkers" Jocye grinned "Parker"

Xander "My dad peter got his power by a accident. He was 15. He made a mistake tha caused the life of his uncle and ever sense then he became Spider-man a superhero.

My mother Mary-Jane Watson was his child hood frind she drifted away from him during many years becoming a modle and even geting a roll in Hollowood as the femal partner of Lobsterman."

Jocye blinked "Lobster man" she asked him. Xander "Just ignor that. It was a TV serie that got realy popular two sesons."

Jocye nodded "Lobster man thats thats Stupid" Xander "Ooyea. Well anywah Mary-Jane mom married dad later they where about 28 i think. A year later we where born and four years later a agent working for Osborn kidnaped us leting a frind become our dad in england."

He looked at her. "We lived in a casle Jocye a real one. Hade a Nanny and any toy we would point at. But me and Mary hated them we wanted Mom and Dad. And we where angry. our dad was a hero in our eyes even if we then did not know that he was a super hero he still was OUR hero.

And he hade not saved us."

Jocye nodded "That must have been awfull"

Xander nodded "Yes. Osborn manage to fake a accident where our babysitter and 'we' died burned alive. Dad and Mom belived the police and 3 years later they found out and Dad came and rescue us 3 years for a child is a lifetime"

Jocye nodded "Did you give them a hard time" Xander grinned "The worst. We where spoild rutten and we hated dad and mom. They hade faild us. But they gave us all the love and all the care and even explained it to us. Slowly we forgave them.

But still to this day It hurts you like to think that your parents are invicible never make things wrong. And to find out that they are human that way it hurts"

Jocye nodded "I see." Xander smiled "But we became frinds with Mom and Dad first then finaly after almost a year we finaly told them that we loved them and hade forgiven them."

Jocye "What about when you got your powers why follow in Peters foot stepp"

Xander grinned "Protection. I erly on undestod that the likes of Osborn would never ever give up on attacking us. So me and May trained and trained Dad understod he was not happy but he understod. Mom was a bit harder she never wanted us to have to fight but she understod and even helped us."

He was silent a moment. "Then it happend May was 14 she got her powers and two month later I still did not have mine then. And Jr.Norman Osborn attacked in his Green Goblin armor kidnapping Mom and Dad to force May and me to come out and play."

Jocye swallowed "What happend. ?" Xander "may hade to fight a super criminal on her first real fight as a super-hero. Osborn was good she was bether. And when she was fighting i manage to sneak inside thanks to my traning and save Mom and Dad from the criminals that was inside.

May manage to beat Osborn away from her and make him run he was seriusly wounded but alive. But May was unhurt"

Jocye took a breath "That must have been a relife" Xander nodded "a Bit It hurt more then you realise. Norman Junior Osborn and us lived toghter in England during those 3 years he was MY brother. And i loved my family"

Jocye swallowed "he was crazy then"

Xander "his grandady Norman Osborn. his Father Harry Osborn hade all become the Green Goblin and hunted us. They all took the Goblin potion to get power and strenght but they all lost theirmind. And they all blamed US for that"

Jocye blinked "Why" Xander "Who knows. It was a experiment in Norman Osborns labb that GAVE dad his power he was bitten by a geneticly manipulated spider and its venom gave him his power. And the green goblin forumla is a version of that. A version that work in a strang way."

Jocye frowned "What happen to Norman after that." Xander looked up. "When i got my power i used my skill to investigate. I found out that he was planing on attacking US agien. Using bombs so i did somthing that May still have not forgiven me." Jocye blinked "What did you do"

Xander "I sneaked inside his labb the day before confronted him and he became crazy in anger and attacked me. But this time he was fighting a spider-man that DID not hold back. He died i personly killed him and burned his body leving no change that the Goblin formula would revive him." As he talked he turned away from her to stop her from seing his face.

Jocye blinked "My god. Thats" Xander "I then stole things labb equipment from his lair worth of millions May and me used that to sponsor us as heros."

Jocye "Did your dad peter find out"

Xander "yes. he was a bit irritated. After all he was Normans Godfater. And he always said Spider-man do not kill. I told him that with great powers come great responsiblity. And i for one was not afraid to carry the burden of that responsiblity Norman was hurting US, hurting Mother and innocent life as the Green goblin. The only way to stop him would for us to die or for HIm to die. I choce life" Jocye sneared "I bet he was angry about that"

Xander "Suprisinly not. He was silent a day then he said i did the right thing. Even if it was the wrong thing to do. I did what i have to do."

Jocye "Are you crying" Xander "-----" Was silent but then slowly nodded "He was my brother the legacy of Norman made him crazy. He needed to murder us just becuse I was spider-man May was spider-girl.. And and still he was my brother promised to be frinds for ever. We even became blood-brothers thats the most sacret packt two seven year old can make"

Jocye nodded gravly "Sssh. just cry"

Xander "I dont know why i told you this but. You need to understand just becuse you are Angry at sombody dont stop you from loving them." Jocye nodded "I know."

Xander sighted "I miss Mom and Dad... Honor and duty is heavy as a mountain. I do understant that nowdays"

Jocye blinked wondering where that came from.

Buss station some where in USA.

Charley frowned as she walked up to the ticked offic. Her hair was hiden under a wigg and she hade glasses on and heels that made her look taller.

She hoped that nobody spotted her as she moved to LA if she was correct the place would be crawling with CIA, FBI and the rest of the alphabeth agentcy...

LA in the night...

Currently only Faith, Buffy, and Hope was esy to spot.

But Giles stod in the bakground wishing that he was anywhere but their.

So far it was not working but somhow it did make him hard to see but then he was trained in magik.

Hope sighted as she hanged upside down "Alright I still dont think this IS a good idea"

Faith nodded "It be fun.. You do it and are you saying spider-girl that YOUR more Super hero sexy Girl then I AM"

Hope shoke her head "ee no.." Not even she was so stupid that she answer that question.

Faith grinned "And as i have super strenght and speed I to decerv to be me a mask advangers. Right Buffy"

Buffy nodded beside her "Its Slayer time"

May crawled down "Alright i think somting demonic is going on in their are you two ready.."

Faith nodded she was dressed in a skinntight black leather that showed up her butifull body a belt filled with wooden staks. Botles of holly wather a small-crosbow and a flight Cloack. A small mask hide her face but did nothing to maks her butyfull hair.

She was realy drool worthy. Buffy was dressed a bit less sexy but still a skintight dark green pants and a with shirt and black jacket with a hood that hide her face.

Over that she hade a flight cloack and a belt filled with wood-staks and a short sworld.

Hope taught she looked like a pirat. May taught about a threesome. Way did all slayer have to bee sexy ass hell May taught trying to stopp her self from drooling after all she did have a girlfrind.

Buffy "Lets go superhero on their ass" She giggled. Faith nodded as she rushed the to the end of the roof and jumped followed by Buffy their cloacks catched the wind and hidden cannals inside the fabrich of the cloack made it stiff as a gigantic wing.

And the two Slayers started to glide fly towards their targets.

On the roof Giles sighet. This was ALL Xander faulth..

The two Slayer glided true the air carried by the wind slowly closer to the building.

Faith was the first she grinned as she shifted her position sending her self down in a deep dive towards the windows.

In the last secund she flipped in the air coming feet first towards the window.

Buffy followed more slowly flying inside knowing that she would get the dramatic entring.

With a Crash Faith destroy the windown and fell down towards the floor over her the demons gasph in fear as Buffy flied in looking like a Big Bat.

Faith growled by going first Buffy stole her dramatic entrence. In the midle of the building Buffy twisted the cloack that collapes around her and she jumped down.

"Hi gang" Faith said walking towards the demons.

wolf like demon backed down "what what are you"

Buffy "only your frindly Slayer. On patroll"

The demon blinked "Slayers dond dress like that"

Faith grinned "Well have to talk to anybody that seen a Slayer before"

they watched eatch other and cold fingers of fear attaced their brain as they realised NO one of them hade talked OR seen a slayer before.

But fear was not somthing demons where good at "Attack them. They cant be slayer their only ONE slayer at the time"

the demon attacked

fifteen minuts later...

Faith sighted "The cloak gets in the way when i jump.." Buffy "Not for me. You should roll in the jump not Jump and Roll in the air."

Faith frowned "Roll jump not jump roll" Buffy nodded egerly..

May looked curius wondering if ANYBODY could understand Buffy talk.. Giles cleaned his glasses.

Faith suddenly grinned "Ye i get it like this" She said and Jumped the cloack floted around her like a pair of wings. And she landed on the other side of Buffy.

Buffy nodded "You see the cloak was not in the way when you roll jump"

Hope frown "You could Jump shake that would work"

Buffy eye forcused as she tried to imagening then she nodded.. "uuyea i think.." She jumped and shaked in the air the cloak fellover her almost hugged her body and landed perfectly..

Hope looked at her "Did it work." Buffy nodded "yes. But the cloack folded up agienst my body when i did this. But i think it could be good if you trying to hide weapon in your hand"

Faith nodded egerly "We have to investigate this." Hope grinned "yes. I help you"

May frowned "I saw them do that. I heard them talk about it. But i dont understand anything. What about you Giles."

Giles sighted "I need a drink." Hope looked at May "Could we go for a webbswing."

May frowned "alright we can.." Buffy grinned "Can we come with you"

Hope "yes you can" May "Wait a moment"

Giles "No way your can not use this cloaks to go for a joy ride true town"

Hope "why not" may "I did not say no but"

Faith "you dont like us do you May" Buffy "Why NOT giles.. You never let us have ANY FUN"

Giles "No see her. May agrees with me dont you"

May paled as evrybody looked at her.. "Not exactly"

Buffy "Yeey lets go" May "Waith i.. Alright then.."

Later La hade not yet got use to Spider-man when Spider-girl and Scarlet-spider was their.

Now in the night a new strange ness was suddenly their. Two sexy girls in skintight suits using flight cloaks to hanglide.

The spider-girls where lifting them and even trowing them up when ever they came to close to the ground.

And in the night a what looked like a deadly game of tagg was played as they flight true the night.

Spider-Spotters members of the lokal Fan clubb hade a great night. The spiders usuly only was in town during the saterday and sunday and mostly daytime.

Now two new hero girls where joined and they where hot as hell.

On the ground a butifull lady watched the super-humans above it was sure strange compared to the other humans but a ape is always a ape. Glory hade come to LA.

In Sunnydale..


Andrew looked at eatch other "Well what do you think" he asked their older frind.

Warren frowned "Im not sure. Their might be a alternat way" Jonnothan nodded "sure. But look Jokern Lex, Luthor all the bad guys end up in a messy situation RIGHT."

Warren nodded "yes.." Jonnothan "And the hero often end up in even worst situations."

Andrew "And in the comic a armorter or a helper altest can have a change of scoring with a supergirl. "

Jonnothan frowned "Namn one." Andrew rolled his eyes. "Oracle and Nightwing they are SO doing it."

Warren "Oracle she is a FORMER hero and she is sexy.. But you right nightwing and she is SO doing it."

Jonnothan grinned "So we will be the Trio. And build things to help superheros. Right"

Andrew nodded. "Right. lets see if we can contact the Spiders and see if they need help"

Warren frowned "Why not just call him." The two others blinked "What." Andrew said.

Warren "Come one. Its ovius who it is." Jonnothan "Who is it."

Warren grinned "Alexander Harris. OR Alexander Parker as he calls himself"

The two paled then. Jonnothan "It cant be. Harris is DEAD and body like they are totely diffrent. Parker is more a gymnast in body then Harris is. Sure the face is extremly like but fingerprints the rest is diffrent"

Warren smiled "Well i bugged the slayers home and i heard the REAL story. Sittdown and listen" he said pulling out a recorder.

His two frinds listen.. Jonnothan pale and chocked he hade known Xander before and now to go to hell and actuly come back to continu to fight.

Andrew knew finaly knew who his hero was. Not Spider-man but the man behind the mask Xander Parker. And not becuse of his powers but becuse he refuse to give up even when the angels said he should enjoy his rewards.

Warren grinned he knew he was a bit of a psyhopath but he was not a completly psychopath he could fell compasion with his frinds.

Even lojalty it just took longer time before he actuly liked anybody.

And strangers he cared nothing about. But the fact that hell and heaven existed.

And that ONE man hade said No thanks to heaven just to comback to protect his frinds.

and in that protect HIM. That changed things he was trying o god know he was trying to be a good guy. But then he hade his relavation.

HE did not need to be a good guy all he needed was to do was to fight for the RIGHT thing.

Alternativ help those that fight while he was safe behind the fighting lines.

Andrew suddenly held up his hand. "Waith why dont we FIND somting to give him Or find some reson to call him I meen their might be a person that the spiders need to save or help"

warren frowned but nodded "We can search the military and CIA files." Jonathan "I help. Cant you andrew use magik to find out more"

Andrew nodded "I think so. But my code namn is Eyes only" Warren "Thats so Dark angel. Why not Vision or Master Mage. Or Techno mage"

Andrew frowned "Thechnomage i like it.."

Jonhatan "Dudes we dont NEED alias. We only need a group namn. Trio. You are Mr 1 Warren. Im Mr 2. And "

Andrew "hey i like to be mr 2. no wait i like it i take Mr 3"

Jonnathan blinked "why."

Andrew "Their is more magik power in the title 3 then in the title 2. Just look in the bible and Witch magik. just be known as Mr 3 would give me a small bost in power. Namn are evrything"

The Trio grinned as they started to work... By calling a number.

The Mayor mansion..

Xander blinked as he puttdown the phone. "That was strange a Mr 1 and Mr 2 and Mr 3 called me and said they hade information for Spider-man"

Jocye frowned "Thats realy strange" Xander "yes. But the freeky thing is i know those vocies even if they tried to hide it i know them. To many movie quotes. What are they up to" he said in a worried tone of voice.

The marvel Univers...

Peter grinned "Like another cupp Franklin"

The young blond man Franklin Rickards that hade tried to become May boyfrind for years smiled "I love to Peter."

Peter smiled "well as my children are gone now i can finly have caffe at home with out feling afraid"

Franklin smiled was gone "I miss them." Peter "Me to. We found out that the dimension is sealed normal way to travle would become a One way ticket. And the problem they face arcording to our source is"

Franklin rolle his eyes "Alien invasion. I asked the Watcher he have good knowledg in dimensions."

peter blinked. "Oo.. I see. Well me and the others are trying to find a way to get them help. Techology information weapons but the problem is then need help but anything that we could send would most likly be limited in its ability to help them even if we get some alien tech to them."

Franklin frowned "If they are fighting alien then they need a starship."

Peter "I know. But its not posible to send one over."

Franklin frowned "it is if you chose the right type of ship. A Kymilrian smart ship can rebuild it self completly."

Peter blinked "what are you talking about." Franklin smiled "If A Smartship computer core survives a crash it have its own power sorce and can move by it self. And from their it will build a robot body and slowly rebuild it starship form.

Heck the computer core it self IS a small robot."

Peter "That would be perfect. But we dont have that many konaction with the Kymilrians"

Franklin nodded "Well i was and am part of the Powerpack and they have conetion. The main problem IS finding a ship willing to do that. They do consider the starships bo be sentinels alive with equel rights"

Peter "Oo.. That would make things difficult" Franklin "yes. But i go and ask Friday about what he thinks about this but i cant promis anything"

Peter nodded. "Thanks" Friday was a smarth ship if anybody would know it would be him/it.

Chapter 19

A day later in Sunnydale.

Xander frowned as he read and then re read the information the Trio hade given him.

And onestly he hade NO idea what or who it was. To is exuse he hade found on more then one occetion that small things from his life as Harris where gone.

Example he was suprised when Willow told him that he hade been a paperboy when he was nine.

Aparently having memory of growing up as both Harris and parker and some memory of his time being tortured in hell made himforget some of the things that happend.

But now this was a girls she a former enemy apparently and a classmate.

"Giles i need to talk to you" Xander said as he walked in to the library.

Giles nodded "Do sitt down Mr Parker" he said. On the side Miss Parker grinned evil at him..

Xander sighted "Ha ha ha. Rubert. I have a problem a gang of superhero-suporters gave me some information."

Miss Parker "Exuse me Superhero suporters." Xander "Long long story.. I just hope they are competent.. Well i know one of them are competent.. Anyway Do the Namn Marcia Ross ring anybell"

Giles started to clean his glasses. "Now that is a namn i have not heard in a long time. She is the Invicible girl i remember you talking about that on the Webb."

Xander blinked "Ooo so her namn was Marcia i completly forgoten.."

Giles frowned "That not realy like you"

Xander grinned "Dont worry. Remember died by tortur in hell, Reborn regain memory of Harris life and torture. I have Loots of missing pices of my mind."

Giles nodded "Oo i see.."

Miss Parker took a zipp of coffe somtimes that young man scared her a lithel. But normaly she was just terrifed.

A man surviving torture in HELL by demons and then came back for more just to protect his frinds.

No that was ONE person she was afraid of. Killing sutch a individual was just out of the question.

He did died once who said he would not do it agien. Outside she looked cool and in controll. "Loosing your marble Webb boy" she said grinning evily.

Xander shivered that that female nothing spoked her. He realy did not like to have her as a enemy. Not that he was afraid of her even if she is a deadly assasin trained fighter.

No not afraid.. He sighted who was he kidding she scared him worst then Angel in a bikini..

Xander blinked Angel in bikini.. Uuuuuuuh..

Giles blinked "My good Xander you look pale"

Xander "eee. Nothing stupid brain just did a baad thing.." Giles sighted "Somthing i like to know about"

Xander blinked "no i dont think you would."

With that he walked out to wards the door.

Then he stoped "Im going to go over the information about the invisible assasin the USA have.. Some might need saving" with that he walked out.

Miss Parker grinned as she open the papper on the front she could see a BIG picture of Spider-girl and Scarlet-spider swinging around in LA and Two shadow like flying individuals.

That was a huge mystery that four pages was completly dedicated to. "Idiots.. Reporter they are all idiots it should be legal to shoot them all"

Giles smiled "Well the Watcher know that the first real news papper was owned by a demon and he hade loots of demon-reporters. Its a intresting story how the slayer manage to destroy them"

Miss Parker grinned "Realy tell me more"

Unknown lokation two days later.. = In realty known by the Trio and Xander a rare number in CIA. And by the mail man but thats a completly diffrent story.

Marci Ross frowned she was still in training to be a secret agent. And it realy sucked she never wanted to murder anybody exept chearleaders but they are evil.

And they hade a small microchipp instaled in her arm that they used to track her.

The great part of being here is that she could now turn herself visible.

As she learned their where two types of invisible individual those turned unseen by the power of magik or belife.

And those that hade a strange type of DNA. Now thanks to Spider-man they where called Mutants.

It was completly chocking Mutants what would be the nextting ? Alien.

The one turned unseen by forces of magik was forever unseen. They could learn to become less invisible but still they hade a aura of Do not notice me around them.

Marci was lucky she was a mutant and once she learned how to controll it was esy to turn on and of.

She sighted exept the fact that they where training them to be weapon she rather liked it here.

The adults where frindly almost like mothers and fathers to them. Giving love and care.

Sadly some of the invicible manage to sneak around listning to them talk when they belived non of the kid was their.

The love and care was all a show to stop the them from suicide. Most of the permanent invicible kids was instable they where not that aggresiv instead they just faded away and eventuly took their own life.

It was like the others belive that they did not exist finaly made them belive in that themself.

So the teatcher where activly trying to make them feel loved and needed just so USA would not lose a great weapon.

And some of them hade already done assasinations others hade just dissipaired neutrelised non coperativ.

She wonder when she would have to murder sombody. Or if they would just silens her.

"Marci dear where are you" Britany Stage said. Marci stod up "Hi im here" she said wawing her hand then remmber and turend her self visible "Oo Sorry my bad"

Britany smiled "dont worry about it. Now come one we are having a mission information gathering for you to do."

Marci swallowed "Spy.. Im going to spy"

Britany nodded "yes. Our profile of you clearly say that unless its personal reson their would be extrem difficult for you to murder anbody"

Marci grinned "So im going to be a spy JAY she said." Britany nodded smiling. the agency would never wast a valued weapon like Marci and turning her to a spy would be mutch more effectiv then destroying her just becuse her lacking ablity.

Beside IF cornered during a mission she would fight like a banchee just to keep on living.

Marci grinned "So where am i going." Britany looked at her with a hard look in. "YOU are going to Sunnydale. We resently found out about Demons and Vampires. And we belive you would have greater change to survive in that place then any other agent."

Marci nodded "I see. What is my mission" she said. Home she would be going home.

Britany "We like you to investigate Rubert Giles. Their are suspicen that he is involved with somthing called A slayer. And we do know that the Spiders know and have helped the Slayer"

Marci blinked Buffy knew about the Spiders. "I see. Well i do my best in finding out what the slayer is" she said.

Britany "The slayer Is a girl who we do not know." Marci nodded good they did not know about Buffy yet. She heard resently that Buffy hade some kind of acident she hoped that the slayer was alright and that the others where fine.

And Maby she would have a change of scaring NOT murdering Cordelia...

But the spiders. No way in hell would she tell them if she find them. Marci grinned as she nodded and listen to the teatcher telling her what to do and how to do it.

Inside she was wondering who spider-man was and what he was doing right now.

Sunnydale Icecreem palatc.

Their was a loot of adult that was smiling at them.

But Xander did not care as he satt on the last emty chair with Tara Felicty sitting on him.

They where eating icreem and kissing his Vanila icecrem realy mixt well with the chocklad flavor he could tast evrytime he kissed her.

Tara purred like a big catt. "I like your icecreem.."

Xander took a bigg bite and swallow "Buy your own or kiss me girl" Tara "Hmm i do think i will" she said before doing that.

But in Sunny hell their rarly is a wonderfull moment in life thats not interupted by somting or someone.

"Hi Alex." Ander said as he rushed over. And some how manage to find more places to sitt.

"Hi" Lily said and -they look so cute i wish Ander would do that- she taught.

Ander blushed. Xander rolled his eyes and looked around nobody hade heard her transmit her taught telepaticly.

And if they did they probly just wonder what it was. He looked at her with a hard look in his eyes. "First Lily you must learn controll. and Secondly It would be much more esy for Ander to sin on you. He is shorter then you are"

To Anders blushing shame Lily nodded. "Yes.. It would be so sweet. Ander could you come over here"

Xander and tara rolled her eyes and then blinked seing who was standing behind the two younger mutants. "Oz. What are you doing.

And where is willow"

Oz shrugged "She is having a test."

Ander spoke up. "and he agreed on taking us out to have some fun if we wolf satt-himlater."

Lily nodded "yes and if he runs away i can shoot him." Oz frowned "With a stun gung remember only stun gun."

Xander "So what are you up to Oz" Oz "learning computer programing. and worshiping Willow"

Xander nodded "Thats great. I do wonder why willow is so distant" Oz "She burried you grived your death and she never ever got over it. Then your back dead and reborn in a new body."

Xander "ooo.. Would it be a good idea if me and Tara spend time with her"

Oz nodded "I think so."

Lily "Look chocklad and Cakes and Cola and"

Ander "Blueberry and cakes and coca cola and" The two said but was interupted by their sponsor.

Oz "My mony.. You get one icecreem and one cola not a mountain of food."

The two pouted but nodded.

Xander grinned "They talk mutch dont they"

Oz nodded sitting silently.

Xander "Dont worry they are not use to your kind of silent types"

Oz grinned nodding a bit more. Xander grinned "Tired of talking right"

Oz rolled his eyes "They get nervus if i dont talk" Tara laught "So you been Mr talking today"

Oz nodded looking like he was in misery.

Xander laught "Well we keep talking to the brats just sitt and be silently"

Oz nodded. and was silent and content.

Ander "And then in school we have to play dodgeball its so fun. I try to catch them with my head" he said from his place sitting on Lily.

Lily "I hate it. It hurts and its so hard to controll my abilty"

Xander "I know its Hard Lily. But you will learn and remember your ability as a telepath will grow as you get older and it will be more esy to read others as well as stop yourself from transmiting"

Lily nodded "I hope so" Tara frowned "You can if focus transmit long distant we could use you as a cominication center or as a group leader during a fight."

Lily frowned "OR as a healer psychologist you know" Xander nodded "And as a nurse your telepatich ability would make it more esy for you to find wounded."

Lily nodded looked happy then sad.. "I dont like the idea of wounded. Cant they be sick or earth quack victoms" she asked then frowned that was not good ither.

Xander keeped his grinn hiden as he could see the girl being serius. Oz rolled his eyes. "Im sure evrybody will survive"

Strangly Lily looked relived by that.

Sunnydale Hig school...

It was crepy and yet so mutch fun. Buffy taught as she satt in the chair listning to the other teens argu about simpler things.

Like who was the hottest. Spider-girl or Charger or Liv Tayler or som other famous star.

Argument about cutes kid Scarlet-Spider or one of the Olson kids. And argument about the two new heros that joined the spiders the flying heros.

The papper hade already namned them Nightingal and Owl..

If she could get her hands on THAT reporter she would string him up alive and let him die.

Owl in deed she hoped they where talking about Faith if not... Death would be to simple.

Buffy frowned it was great evrybody was talking about HER and her frinds.

But nobody KNEW that. It was incredible frustrating sadisfying and fun and awfull all roled in to one.

Al but Cordelia. Buffy grinned Cordy realy hated this.

Buffy was the center of the room even if knowbody knew about it. Like a cat she walked over "I think personly on a scale 10 to 1.

Spider-man SO is a 12.." Loots of the girls nodded.

But one or two rolled their eyes saying one of the superstars on MTV where mutch sexier.

Buffy frowned frozen stiff in chock she hade NO idea who that star was.

Absently she scratched her eyepatch ( She hade a red one today with small pink stones. It fitted with the rest of her outfitt )

Latly what have she done realy done. Mopping around feling ugly.

After Angelus hade carved out her eye and Xander hade him both hade falen inside the gate to hell.

All she hade live for was Dusting vampire like they would never be out of them. (And they never was out of them) First latly when Xander returned hade she begain to smile once agien life was not a burden but a actuly joy.

She once agien liked to live.

But she hade NOT done things she hade stayed away from boys.

She hade stay away from musik anything fun unless Neo-Xander and Willow hade forced her to the Brons.

She frowned as she walked out from class ignoring the teachers and the rest of the class as she walked to the phone and called a number she memorised.

Sure he was older then her five or six years but she was or would be in a month 18.

He hade asked her out on dinner once but she said no. "Hi its me Buffy" she said.

The answer came amidiatly. She giggeled actuly having fun "No no no problem i i just relised that.. Are you still inrested in going out with me"

It was silent so she hade to ask afraid of a no from him. "Reily are you their.. Reily"

Finaly he answered... Buffy grinned "Alright Dinner later then. Thanks." finaly she was ready to date agien. she screemed out in joy and rushed to find Giles and tell him.

Five minuts later in the library..

Giles sighted no kids free to read and relax. "Aaa finaly.."

Suddenly the door opend and Buffy rushed in screeming "Giles giles.. Im Alive alive agien" she screemed hugging him.

Giles blinked "i. What i see. Di.Did you have a a slayer dream" Buffy giggled as she hugged him closer "No silly im Alive.. Ooo i ask Reily if he want to go on a date.. Ooo'my good i have to tell Mom by Giles" She said putting him down and running out giggling.

Giles frowned "She finaly snappet. Americans." He shoke his head as he got another cup of tea and continu reading..

Then the door opend and Willow rushed in "Giles Giles i need your help"

Giles nodded "Of course with what.." Willow looked pale "i.If Xander and the rest is correct all my work in school is fornothing and and what will i do"

Giles rolled his eyes. "Well i" Willow "I should learn somthing practical right like make up fire or or. Hunt or"

Giles "Would you like a cupp of tea" Willow looked at him angry like he was a idiot. "Giles this is importaint."

American he realy could not understand them. Or was it girls.

Outside he could hear the angry sound of Ander Akara Aka Punchbag angry voice. "IM to Short to be in the Boxing team.. That stupid idiot of a coutch I could be the best fighter in School"

Lilys voice was heard as she tried to calm her higth challanged boyfrind. "Using your power would be a bit unfair right"

Giles sighted as he cleaned his glasses No it was american that he would never understand.

WIllow looked angry "Giles im talking to you" Giles "Right w,we could make up a plan write it down skills you need to know and from their we can work out who can teatch you"

Willow beamed her most happy smile to him "Thanks would you help me" Giles "Of course just get some papper and let me put on more tea i think i will need it."

Willow frowned "I use the computer" giles nodded and walked out sombody must have given her sugger this morning.

Good he hoped nobody gave Hope or the older Parker Coffe or cola..

School Yard.

"What are you doing" Hope asked her frinds. They where sitting around a old tree outside the school they hade a half day today school free direct after lunch.

Mary grinned "We are trying to see who can emty a bottle fastes." Hope "Sounds fun...." She said doubing.

Billy sighted "You cant drink fast thats why you dont like it" Hope frowned "I so can drink faster then you"

Mary grinned "Prove it" she said trowing Hope a bottle. Hope looked at the bottle it was a big dumbo botle almost a feet tall of Coca Cola the most wonderfull brew in the world. "Im on it." Billy grabbed his bottle and the two 14 year old started to drink Cola in hig speed.

Mary frowned "Alright Hope you kicked his butt.. Let see if you can outdrink the school champion ME." she said giving Hope another cola. Hope could feel it the power of Coca Cola supercharger her.. aa well she could always hang around Giles and help him sort his books or so "im so going to kick you butt" she said grinning.

As she was drinking she blinked was that a Knight riding a horse she saw.. Maby coca cola was bad for her after all.

The knight rode on not bothering to hide as most ignored him. He knew that the key was somwhere in this town and the beast would come. Before that they hade to destroy it or all would be lost.

Tara Maclay frowned "May.." she said nervesly "i.. im im a demon." May blinked "No your not. Your human"

Tara-M shoke her head looking afraid. " females in my family we turne demon on our 20 year old day. Thats why whe can do magik."

May blinked "I dont belive you. Do you have any profe" Tara-M "No but dad hade to kill my mom becuse s.she became evil"

May frowned "Did you see that yourself or did HE tell you that" Tara-m looked down "He told me."

May eyes narrowed "Look lets talk to the Rickard HE knows demons." Tara-M "a.Are you sure"

May nodded "Im sure"


Rickard smiled "Demon realy.. Miss Maclay i can ensure you that YOU are not demonic in anyway."

May "Told you their is no demon in your family" RIckard the 3 grinned now. "Now actly that is wrong. I read about the Maclay family the females dotters are born completly human. But the males have demonick blood in them. the demonic taint follow the male side"

May blinked and grinned "Realy" Tara-M "So if i have a boy he be demon"

Rickard "No if you brother have a boy THEN he become part demon just like your brother is."

May frowned "How do you know this"

Rickard grinned "Well i have done some work with the Maclay before. Fascinating boys those Maclay. They are halfdemon every boy in their blood are that. Go from father to son."

Tara-M "But they cant do magik" Rickard nodded "I know. Their powers is diffrent they can manipulat and dominat females specily witches are week to their ability to dominat a girl to submision."

May "I faugth them and did not sense anything" Rickard nodded "I know. But if you where hetrosexual you would probly think they where rugged and sexy. And after you hade haft sex with one of the boys they would be able to dominat you. Make you afraid to do anything agienst them exept run" He said smiling to Tara,.

Tara nodded weckly. May frowned "They did not did they rape you tara" she said hugging her girlfrind closer.

Rickarn dropped his smile and putt on his best 'frindly-father smile' even if this was quite fun for him. "I wold not be suprised if they did. Most Maclay consider females to be nothing but things to use and abuse toys for them"

May growled in fury. Rickard "Do not be angry at me.. I dont think girls are toys any more that i think males are toys." That was the truth he consider both MALE and FEMALES to be somthing to use and abuse if he felt like it.

Androgynist that felt one gender was weeker then the other wasted a loot of resorces by ignoring the other half of the gender.

May nodded "thanks.." Rickard "A dont worry. If you like i could call a Sucumpus to visit them"

May blinked "ee whats a Sucumpus" May "Female demon that use and abuse males."

Rickard nodded "Quite right the male Maclay are half blood version of Incabus a male sucumbus in a way."

May and Tara looked at eatch other "Why should we like a sucumpus to wisit them"

Rickard grinned "sucumpus and Incapus hate eatch other completly. A full blood Sucumpus would take great delight in completly destroy a half breed version of a Incapus"

Tara-M shoke her head "n,no i i dont think so.. i dont want anybody to die"

Rickard nodded "Alright i your famly your choise." Inside he frowned he knew a suscumpus wonderfull girl that needed some incapus blood for a sacrifice.

But that would make his allies angry. he then grinned no way that Tara would ask her family for ANYTHING he could still do it and nothing or nobody would come in his path.

He just hade to tell the demon girl that she needed to kill all the male Maclay or HE be in trouble.

The two girls walked out a short moment May looked at him her eyes suspices but she did not say anything and he just grinn his best im so frindly smile.

Being a bad guy helping the good guys where fun. Now all he needed was a way to awoid having to give his soul to a demon at the moment he died.

The end of the Weekend finaly was their.. jarod hade come back and they hade used the urn to lure Hank back they would break it so that HE could see it happen.

And then they would explain that magik existed and what the watcher did to him.

But now they would visit Angel agien and do some webb-swinging. Beside him Tara-F was finaly she was alright. Thanks to Jarod they hade manage to creat a re-genativ boster drugg that speed up her healing.

She must have felt that she knew that he was looking at her becuse she turned and smiled.. "Finaly i will fly agien"

Xander grinned "Did you equipet you suite with a flight cloack this time"

Tara-F nodded "i did. I realy dont need one a power-cable and i can fly but Faith is right using a flight cloack i can fly in other places and use the power cabels to speed up."

Xander grinned..

He hoped nothing would go wrong.

In La a sharp voice yelled "Miinions.." A frogglike freek of a demon rushed up "O glorius one what can i help you with"

Glory did not even look at her minion "When is the spiders arrawing i wish to see them"

the froglike demon sighted "O glorius one no one knows exept that they come during the week end."

Glory glared at it.. "I see. Anyother news about MY key" It nodded "yes o wonderfull glory. The profet say that the Spiders hide the key."

Glory frowned "Well i just have to take it from them then."

It nodded its frogglike head and walked out bowing manytimes.

In the caffe Hasiano smiled as she dranked the tea it was wonderfull mix. She hade been lucky to find sombody that knew how to make real tea in this land of barbarian filth.

The moment the spider arived they would learn the error of humiliat Japan agien.

In the Angel Hotell..

Doyl "Crapp."

Angel frowned "What a vision" Doyl "No look"

Angel looked out it was erly in the morning and he was planing on going to sleep after a long night fighting and reserching. "Crapp the sunnydale crew" he said.

outside Xander, Tara-F, May, Hope, Buffy, Faith, Even Wasp was their all the superpowered ones whas their. And even some of the NON superpowered ones.

Like Jocye and Tara-M and Willow and Giles.

Angel sighted "No rest for me today then"

Doyl nodded "or me.. i Hope no big fight happens."

At the same time Sunnydale..

Marci smiled as she walked out from the buss finaly she was back to her birth place.

She hade a mission to find out Spiderman. To find out who the Trio was.

But her main mission was to run away but that was only she that knew about that.

And of course make problem for Cordelia 'The Bitch' Chase.

The town was silent a moment she wonder why then she remember it was the weekend most kids stayed inside hoping that the spiders would be show up live on the TV.

And many of the adults hade gone to LA to see if they could do some spider-spotting.

It was crasy and it was fun but spider-spotting was the new hoppy. Birds watching was So yesterday.

Train spotting was so booring. But spider-spotting was the new favorit all American hoppy. And if you could not do it live you do it by TV.

Good bless America. Marci giggled as she walked around watching her old home town.

Later in LA...

"Are you ready" May asked.

Hope nodded "Ready to go.. Can i have a cup of coca cola first" May frowned "No.."

Hope sighted "Alright."

A perky Xander skipped in to the room "Yes im douped up on Coffe and ready to go.."

May groned "You stole doyles caffe right" Xander nodded "And feeling great. Dont worry Spider-girl I will burn up the extra energy by the time im back. here take one yourself and you Scarleet" he said trowing them a bottle of coca cola.

Tara-F sighted her boyfrind would never ever grow up. And that the way she liked him. "Lets go."

May looked at the bottle remembering how she and him used to drink and love it.. "Well it is warm outside. And we will be swinging and" Scarlet "aaaaaaa" she grinned whiping the of dripps of cola.

May blinked "You drank yours already" she hurried to drink her also.

Buffy swallowed as she stood in her Slayer heroin costum "One supercharged Spider is baad"

faith nodded "but all three of them.. Should we run" Tara-f putt forward her hand between them "No i suffer you suffer"

she said leting lighting play between her fingers.

Faith "Crapp"

Buffy "Crapp." the two slayers looked at eatch other "Well lets go" Buffy finaly said as she jumped of the roof leting her flight cloack catch the wind and she was flying away.

Carger jumped after her power catched the energy field around the powercabels pushing her away faster and higer then the wind alone could.

Xander could not waith anymore he grabbed Faith under his arm and started to webb-swing away like George in the djungle..

May and Hope followed helping to push Buffy higer up in the air by leting her hold on a webbline and be towed up.

And finaly the Spider-spoters started to screem.. "Its A bird. its a Plan Its the AMAZING SPIDERS... Yeey" and cameras started to flash pictures.

Police cars pulled out to be ready if somthing bad happend like the lizard insident.

Secret agents gritted their theath to many vitness for them to DO anything like kidnaped the spiders.

But if they got a change then all bets where of.

Gloryficus smiled the spiders now she knew where they where.. "MIINION get the car NOW" she screemed.

In the caffe Hasiano putt the radio down in her pocked now she would kill the spiders her own super powers far superior then any american could ever be and that would teatch the filty honorless dogs the error of humiliating Japan.

A far away a young wommen namned Charlie blinked it was time to find the spiders.

she walked out ready for anything the CIA where evrywhere and she would burn them alive if they tried to hurt the spiders.

In the Angel home Giles putt on the TV and looked around. "Alright i have A 1;2 ods that a small fight will happen.

A 1;5 that the Vultures five will attack. And 1;1 that some new super enemy will attack.

last a 2:5 that a battle royal will happen. Anybody intrested in taking a bett"

Angel blinked. Miss Parker grinned "Putt me in for a battle royal. A hundred dollar" Jocye nodded "I bet fifty on the vultures."

Doyle grinned glad that he keeped that vision secret. "Two hundred on Battle royal"

Angel frowned "I putt five on a small battle" he said No way that another big fight would happen.

Chapter 20

Hasiano walked out from the caffe to a small buss parked closed by. The mercenary inside grinned at her as she pulled up and opend suitcase.

Inside was her armor a moder version of a Ninja uniform. many layer of bullet proff kevlar and chock absorving pading to stop damage from blunt weapon as well as cuts or stabb.

It was dull-black couver her hole body. At its belt she putt her gun. It where huge comared to normal guns looked more like a Overzised 44.

It fired exposive rockets if she aimed five seconds they could lock on the termal image and follow the target.

On the back she hade her sword a real katana made by a imortal Vampire master forge. The katana was indestructible as long as she was alive.

It hade cost her loot to buy it. A price paied in the blood of americans.

If her boss knew even they would have killed her.

One of the mercenary sighted "Well my Lady. should you or we start the attack"

Hasiano frowned "I will start the attack as soon as our sniper have a lock on them."

They nodded "HAy" they said bowing.

She grinned "Lets drive.. Im here to kill spiders and drink tea and im all out of tea" she said.

The mercenary laugth politly as the buss speeded away..

Same time diffrent part of LA..

Small luxury aparmnent "Miinions is the car ready" glory screatch as she walked out the building.

Her froglike demons nodded paled as the showed her the luxurius limosion.

She sneared at the ugly thing. She wanted somthing that was pulled by slaves not by a machine.

Atleast it was comfortle inside and she hade champagn.

It was time to ask the spider where her Key was.

same time diffrent part of LA..

Charly smiled as she jumped up her small motor cycle it was a scooter she hade baught.

She took a moment to putt on her helmet check if her car jacking kit was with her her guns and other tools of survivel.

Also made sure the bullet profe west was was sitting on proberly Then she drived away.

She was sure the CIA or the NSA or some other of the evil goverment flunky would try to attack the spiders.

But she would teatch them a lessen oo yea she would. Burn puppy burn.

Same time Diffrent part of LA..

Agent Frank degalo grinned as he watchet the bikini babes waw hands at the spiders.

Five of them held a big sign where it stood -Spider-man V Luve Group sex- and a freeking contact number.

Looking at them blond, Brunet, redhead, Asian, Afraican american.. Al of them between 18 or 25.

He shoked his head wondering if they where real. And his opinions on the spiders moral incresed. But the chick Charger was a real looker and her eletric powers would probly able to chock him straight.

"Look his partner said" Frank turned and watched The spiders and the other hade stoped and baught some soft drinks and a burger.

Frank frowned "report this. We would use that to trapp them next time they are out and swinging."

His partner nodded. then screetch in fear "Aaaa"

Frank looked out just outside the car giggling like a child Scarlet spider was hanging a moment before she was swinging away..

Frank growled "Fucking mutants.."


They hade stoped to rest a moment. Buffy and faith hade smile in happyness. Flying ovius was somthing a Slayer liked.

Scarlet-spider/Hope Parker frowned "a. spider-man do you feel the same thing.. i think its the spider sense"

Spider-man/Alex frowned tunning in on his spider-sense. Their ability to sense danger was empatich as well as Precognativ in nature.

And they where not telepath or real empaths but they could tune in on eatch others danger sense.

Beside her May did the same thing.

Buffy and faith frowned.

Charger held her breath as she started to think about good areas to fight in.

After a moment Spider-man nodded "I sense it.. Somthing realy dangerus is comming directly for you Scarlet. I think its followed by other things.."

May nodded "If they could sense it so soon before the attack then it was somthing realy dangerus."

Charger new it to well as she been his girlfrind long enofe. "I think the Watercourst at the Plaza would be a good place to waith."

Spider-man/Xander frowned trying to remember the mapp.

Spider-girl/May took forward her mapp and looked it over "its good place the police can evacuat the civilans power kables and loots of water if acident happens."

Spider-man sighted as he took a hasty look on the mapp.. "Yes you right.."

Charger nodded "And this time of day its almost emty."

Faith "And this time of day i have NO idea what you are talking about"

Buffy "the same" Scarlet-spider rolled her eyes. "Did you not listen when we explained things"

The two slayer looked at eatch other before answering.

Buffy "Like No you where completly Giles.."

Faith shrugged her shoulder "I was tired." Charger almost grinned as she said "Somthing big is comming aiming after Scarlet.. Somthing big that can activat the spider sense in advance"

The two slayer swallowed nervusly "Glory" they asked. Spider-man nodded "yes... And we left the god slayer weapons in the hotel.."

scarlet grinned "exept this one." she said holding up a small but deadly looking dagger.

Spider-man frowned "I call the hotel and tell them to pack our weapon and bring them to us"

Buffy frowned "How." Spider-girl grinned "Mail Wasp."

Faith blinked "Can you realy trust her"

The spiders nodded they trusted her more or less. "yes. in our out Slayers"

the two looked "Were in.." With that they where swinging/gliding away.

Spider-girl grinned "I call the police and ask them to prepair the fighting arena"

Spider-man nodded grimly. "Do that."

In the hottel Wasp listen to Giles talking in the comunicator.

It looked like they trusted her a bit after all.

In the police house detectiv Riggs listen carfully to what was said. He then putt the phone down and rushed up "CHIFE" HE screemed as he rushed in to chifes office

The Police chife growled "What the Fuck Riggs. Do you want to be fire od what"

Riggs "The spiders called me. It looks like a super beging somthing strange have been following them in a non frindly way. Somthing they belive is A lokal super human"

His Chife sighted "Anything more."

Riggs "yea you going to love this. They are going to confront what ever it is at the water courts."

His boss blinked "Oo fuck.. emty it out. IF this is anything like the Lizard fight then"

Riggs nodded "ooyea. They said this time they have Wasp on THEIR Side. that that they manage to break true the brainwashing she hade that made her attack them"

His boss sighted "Tell the boys.. And this beter be selfdefens or we will arrast them"

Riggs grinned "But boss you know what the Mayor said. Dont arrest the spiders they are good turist atraction" He could see the blood pumping in his boss head as he tried NOT to screem or kill him.

That was fun.

The Police chif stod up "Go out NOW Riggs. Remember i have a gun"

Riggs grinned as he rushed out.. That was fun.

Moment later in diffrent place...

Frank grinned "Call all CIA agents their will be a fight and this time the moment the fight is over the spiders are ours"

Moment later in a diffent place...

Hasiano frowned "the police is geting involved how did they know... Well It doss not matter"

Her mercinary nodded they where fanaticly lojal Ninjas and Samurays serving her family for generations even if they now hide themself as mercinary they where true to their origen.

Moment later in a Diffrent place...

Charly frowned as she listen to the police radio. A bigg brawl what the hell.

Did the spiders hunt down enemys or hade the goverment made MORE super soldiers.

Consider that her mother and father got their powers from the goverment illigal activity it was not a far strench for her to imagening.

It ment that USA already hade super powerd slaves to use as murder. A moment she consider making a barbaque out of the white house but the president was nothing then a dummy the Men in power used to hide behind.

she grinned a moment some would probly say she was paranoid in the extrem but then evrybody was after her and they hade kidnaped and killed her family and tried to make her in to a weapon.

She pushed the taught away all she knew that today sombody would burn hopfully sombody working for the goverment.

Firestarter was geting ready to rumble.. Inside her mind the fury fire equel of a atomic bomb raged as she drived forward.

Around her the temperature was rising changing the afternooon in to a feberly hot afternoon..

The water placa was emty as they landed. Spider-man nodded to May and Charger.

"Charger go by the power lines. Keep ready" he said. Spider-girl "Slayer hide among the shadows and be ready to fight.

and Protect Scarlet spider" A moment the two was ready to object but nodded.

scarlet spider frowned "But i i can"

Spider-girl "Scarlet protech them as well. Beside they have more experince then you have"

Scarlet frowned "Alright" she was not happy but nodded.

Spider-man watched them go away before turning to May. "You ready to dance"

She nodded. They turned to Charger that was now gloowing with power as she hade cut a power line and held it in her hand supercharging herself.

"Im ready to rock and fry" she said grinning madly.

At Then they could hear cameras snapping pictures and and.. Their it was.

A engine stopped and fighting burst out then the police pulled back.

The two nodded now it would happend.

A butifull blond walked up around her stod strange frogglike demons "I am Glory an" Was all she could say when she was interupted.

A short japanees in a ninja unfiorm clearly female "Aaa i see more then one super human. It do not mater you are all American i will kill you all"

Glory blinked that was HER line.. "How dear you I AM The mighty" Hasiano rolled her eyes. "Attack." she screemed.

and the spidersense screemed its warning. as bullet started to fly.

Charger hide herself behind a energy shield she made. Spider man jumped away but the spidersens just keeped on screeming as he jumped agien. The bullet was following him.

Beside him Spider-girl did the same thing.

Like one both of them dived towards eatch other eatch aiming their webb at the others missiles trapping the small rocket in their webb making it explod.

Hasiano growled as she send a deadly bolt of energy from her eyes it looked like laser but was somthingels.

Her beam hid Glory direct in the head.

The goddew looked angry as she screemed "I AM Gloryficus the HELLGODDES fear ME" she jelled and powering up her goldedd power.

Buffy frowned "Crapp their are ninjas with guns and sword sneaking around."

Scarlet spider sighted "Pesky ninjas." Faith blinked "Pesky"

Scarlet blushed "Well thats what Spider-man calles them. But Logan calles them to stupid to live before he kills them"

Buffy grinned "Well lets take them out.. Not permanent just take them out."

they nodded and rushed away.

Charger sent bolts of lightning down striking the snipers from above taking two out then she attacked the frogglike demons making them demon run like Watchers from a vampire.

They where runing away not far away just gathering their curriges.

Hasiano growle as she shoot another eyebeam at spiderman that dodged and attacked Glory.

She hade to pullback as Spider-girl suddenly attacked her doing a jump kick.

Hasiano rolled away in the last second she saw that the spider hade dropped a greanaded and then it exploded.

It was a webbgreanade and she was stuck a moment before she shoot a wide energy beam from her eyes cutting herself loos.

But Spider-girl was to close she pulled out her Katana and attacked. May/Spider-girl dodged as the katana almost caught her the ninja-mutant-girl was good well trained.

But she was faster. Spider-girls spin kick hit Hasiano lifting and trowing her away sending her chrashing down.

On the side she could see Spider-man and Glory the hellgodded ducking it out.

His strongest hits and kicks did nothing but aggrevate her. And his speed was hard pressed to dodge the angry goddes.

He realy hoped help would come fast.

And like a angel from the sky Wasp dived down holding her bagg of weapons.

Scarlet spider leaped out grabbing the bagg in midle of the sky pulling the weapons free she landed next to spider-girl and gave her a long sword and the bagg.

With that she jumped the hellgoddes. "Go home Wasp you still hurt" The flying girl nodded and did fly away.

May nodded good tactik. "Spider-man pullback a moment" She said jumping towards him to give him his weapon.

meanwhile Faith and Buffy was in a batle royal their was hundreds of enemys both demonic and Ninjas and the Ninjas was more skilled and dangerus.

But the demons hade good fachion sense...

Outside Riggs looked in.. "Fucking Hell.. Ninjas. THey are ninjas what the hell is happening Roger"

His parnter sighted Roger Murthag sighted "Im to old for this fuck.."

Riggs frowned "I want to fight" The rest of the policemen looked at him like he was crazy..

Roger "We have guns why dont we shoot them" Riggs rolled his eyes. "IF we start shooting they will start shooting back. Thats bad. Their uniform are bullet profe couvering even the head."

Roger "Alright no shooting the ninja then. What about the blond girl" He said pointing at Glory..

The police all looked out at the fight.

Currently the Blond suddenly pulled up a lampost and started to swing around somthing over nine tons like it was a toy.

Roger swallowed "Alrigh no shooting the blond she might notice us" The police nodded. good choice. "Hey where did Riggs go.."

Roger looked around "he is right.. Oo hell no" out their side by side with the two girls the spiders called slayers where officer riggs holding his police batongs and fighting Ninjas grinning madly even giggling.

Hasiano frowned as she waked up floting head first inside a pool. "I will not lose" She said jumping up.

And started to attack with her head beams shooting at Spider-girl and Scarlet-spider.

Now the spiders where armed. with weapon. Spider-girl held a long sword it looked old brons sword.

Spider-man held a hammer a big and old one. Scarlet spider was holding a knife and a Wakashi.

The Wakashi she reconiced it was a legendary weapon that killed a evil Kami.

her memory of myths gave her the other namn. Came to her. The hammer of Grid the gigants. A troll weapon.

But the sword she frowned a bit wondering what that weapon was.

The spiders grinned as they dived towards Glory now going all out agienst the goddes.

Charger was attacking Glory sending bolts of lighting in the goddes. Glory matched them her lamppost parred and made them dodge for couver. "GIVE ME MY KEY" she screemed.

Hasiano stod up pulling her katana free. "Die spiders die" she said shooting a wide eye beam that would hit all of them.

Spider-man frowned as his spider-sense screemed if he jumped diveddodged he would be in worst danger.

This would hurt. Spider-girl jumped barly awoiding the beam.

Scarlet spider dived down in a pool awoyding the beam.

Spider-man just stod still and manage to awoid Glorys attack but not Hasiano.

The beam hit him hard in the back smoke was coming out from the suite as he was pushed flying forward crashing in to Glory,.

Glory scremed as the beam hit her agien this time it blinded her for a moment.

Then somthing knocked her down.

Blinking she saw Spiderman sitting on her.

She decided to ripp his face of. HE decided to smak her face in with the hammer.

Hasiano decided to attack agien. Charger changed her target from Glory to Hasiano.

Naturly somebody is slower.

Hasiano screemed as bolts after bolts of lightning strucked her frying the equpment in her armor making her gun fire randomly.

And Charger eyes glowed in fury "YOU Hurt MY BoYFRIND Fry Bitch fry fry fry"

Hasiano felt that this might have been a bad idea at that moment her suite normaly isolated from eletricty was wett and water made it conducting realy good right now.

Glory head smacked down agien from the weight of the Troll hammer as Spiderman started to pumble her with our mercy or remorse.

She groweld as she was fighting to stand up. "Miinions help me" she jelled.

Spider-man growled right back "Die bitch die" In panic the now hurt Hellgoddes manage to push the mortal aside using her magik power she send a chock wawe of air around her.

Spider-man gasped as the chock wawe trowed him up in the air and away from glory.

Luckly his spidesense hade warned him so he used his webb to swing down agien.

Spider-girl landed a bit away growling at the hellgoddes. The same did Scharlet spider. They slowly walked around the Hellgoddes like a pack of hungry wolfs.

It was food time.

Hasiano grinned thanks to the hellbitch she was alive. then she landed on the ground.

"crapp that hurt so mutch"

Charger blinked the air wawe hade pushed her away and up in the air she slowly turned around glide flying back.

Inside the building Buffy and Faith crawled up.. "What the hellwas that" Riggs said.

Buffy frowned helping a ninja up. Then blinked "Oo sorry wrong person" she said pushing him down agien.

"Hey" the ninja said

Faith helped Riggs up. "That was a Hellgoddes geting angry of."

Riggs blinked "Hellgoddes" Buffy nodded "jupp. Real hellgoddes. realy powerfull"

Riggs blinked "No fuck" Faith "No fuck"

Ninja "REaly a hell-kami-chan" Buffy "Yupp. IF a kami-chan is a godess"

The ninja nodded.

A demon "Do not mock the gloryes one"

But he hade no change to say anything more as a flying Glory landed on him smashing himflatt.

AFter a angry looking Spider-man and Spider-girl jumped after sword and hammers swinging.

Glory groned as she jumped of brushing of the blood and demon gore from her body. "YOU will die Apes"

she said sending wawe after wawe of lightning after them.

Spider-Man and Spider-girl dodged the best they could rolling away as Glory followed them But from the shadow a spring of Hope jumped in the form of Scarlet-spider her wakashi slashed down in the back of Glory striking blood from her back.

Glory screemed as she turned around sending bolts of lightning towards the Scarlet-spider.

her wound was deep but healing slowly compared to normal wounds.

but just as she ralised that turning was a bad idea the hammer smacked down on the topp of her head driving her on her knee.

And the sword of Zena strucked her over the neck cutting her deep in to the bones of her neck.

Riggs swallowed only the bone held the blonds head stuck on her shoulder she was a goner..

Then he noticed it. The wound in her neck was healing the troath was reparing her self..

"Holly mother of fucks" he said blushing when he noticed Scarlet-spider looking irritaded at him. "Dont say things like that"

Riggs "eh sorry kid" he said.

Both Buffy and Faith growled in fury as they dived in joining the fight agienst Glory.

And the grudge match continued.

In Angel Hotel..

Doyle grinned "well finaly it payed of being a seer." Angel looked angry "You knew and you did not say anything"

Doyle "I only knew moment before the fight started. And i have ONE warning DO not go their to help you are only in the way"

Giles nodded "I see. Well using your gift to win mony is not good of you Mr"

Doyle "Its doyle i said it before Rubert. ANd do i look like i give a daam. I work for free just to help others and i need mony rent food alchole is not free you know."

Jocye frowned "you have no work then" Doyle "Dont matter soon the civilication go BOOOM. And you and your frinds have the spiders hideaway. And i know im one of those with a free ticket."

ANgel grinned "You already tried to give that away"

Rubert frowned "Why do somthing like that mr Doyle"

Doyle "heir was a kid he deserve to live more then i do. Im a half demon after all"

Angel "Your a halfdemon that can see the future thats somthing we would need to survive and save the rest of the world staying and dying would only make sure we lose earth.

Beside May said he could come with us."

Doyle nodded "yes. But im afraid that he would only be a weapon."

Giles nodded "Unless the alien are removed we will all be nothing BUT weapons or dead"

Oz smiled "I bring pocorn" he said.. WIllow "Thanks look the comersails are over the fight start agien"

Return to the fight...

Rodger Murthow frowned as black carrs stoped and agents probly CIA, NSA or somthing equely baadtasting walked out.

Two of them They came directly to him he could see a small truck holding military stoped re-infocment.

The agent walked up "Who is in charge here" Rodger walked up "I Am."

The agent "I am Agent Degalo i am in charged here. Pull your men away from this place now"

Rodger "one of them is down their fighting the ninjas" The agent Degalo looked down "Ninjas."

But just as he said a group of ninjas was fighting a police man and Scarlet spider.

The two 'slayers' and the older Spider-twins where fighting a bloond.

Charger was ducking it out agienst a jappanes ninja shooting laser with her eyes.

The agent rolled his eyes "Shoot evry ninja and evry frogglike thing exept the Ninja girl shooting laser with the eyes"

Rodger "No you cant.. Crapp" The agents moved to fast for him.

And rain of bullets came down on the ninjas and the demons.

Their bullet profe ninja armored made them survive some was hurt and bleed. They where angry and like one man the Ninja pulled up their guns.

The frogglike demons was down bleeding but slowly healing. Like one Frogg like demon they pulled up their swords and charged the police and the agents.

Agent Frank Degalo "Crapp we pissed them of" Then ninja started to shoot bullet at them.

Down stairs riggs was pised oF "HEY Come back here we where fighting."

One ninja actuly stayed bowing down "We are sorry honnored enemy we will remove the garbage then return to our fight"

Riggs sighted HE hated ninjas. Realy realy hated them.

Scarlet-spider blinked "NOW i understand why my brother hate ninjas" Riggs nodded "Spider-man is a smart guy."

Outside the battle was going wild agien. The slayer some how manage to strike more damage then the the stronger Spider-twins.

As they where magikal powered strikes. Finaly Spider-man/Xander grinned picking up the fallen Wasaki that Scarlet hade used trowing it to Buffy.

Spider-girl grinned and did the same thing to Faith.

Glory backed down as she sensed wawe after wawe of power coming from the two slayers.

Their weapons hade a worty user. Before she hade a change to strike them down with lighting balls and fire Spider-mans troll hammer slammed in her head from the back driving her staggering forward.

Unhurt but out of balans and no longer in contact with earth.

Spider-man/Xander took a deep breath "I slammed her with all my might" he said grinning.

The effect of a HUGE hammer weighing almost as mutch as a grown man weilded by Spider-man a man cable of lift/press 12 tons under ideal curcumstanses hiting the back of the head made the Hellgoddew airborn as she was sent flying towards the two slayers.

Buffy grinned dodged leting the flying goddes pass over her as she slashed her in the gutt.

Faith sidestepped the flying goddes a she slashed her in the head cutting a deep wound almost splitting her head.

Glory crased in the wall making it burst by the force of her impacked.

Then Bolts of lighting came down between her and the others as Charger attacked the now dodging and eye beam shooting ninja.

Charger "FRY FRY. Fry, Fry, Fry" she screemed as she was hovering and dodging as she was shooting bolts lightings towards the ninja bitch.

Hasiano "Die die die" she screemed as she dodged and attacked shooting her own energy beams at Charger.

Faith frowned "And they claimed to be Sapien superior" Buffy nodded "its a shame the next stepp on the evulutionary ladder and all they can say is simple die die. and fry fry."

Faith nodded wisly "Never understimate the ability to give a enemy a good one liner"

And then they saw it Glory was standing up drooling or growling they was not sure her head was almost splitt in half and her guts where hanging out.

"I will kill you.. Apes" she drooled out. Faith swallowed "Tuff chick"

Buffy "yea but the way she dress So 80.. Competly passe"

The hellgoddes growled "NO one mocks my fashion sense im a godees." Spider-girl looked over her brother "Are you allright"

Spider-man "I will be. I used the power blow trick Logan taught me.." Spider-girl nodded for a moment her brother would need to rest while his spider powers recuperated him.

"I attack then" she said grapping the hammer and jumping towards Glory.

Outside the Agents and the police where fighting a two way battle.. The military send to remove the camera teams was suddenly to ocupied fighting for their life to care about camera and live transmistion. They where winning but only becuse Riggs and scarlet-spider jumped the ninja and the demos attacking them from the rear.

Outside a small motercyckle stopped and Charly stepped of. her years hiding from the goverment ever sense she was 13 hade made taught her a loot about the real world.

And she knew demons when she saw them. And while she never realy trained mutch in magik she knew so mutch that she could sense the diffrents between magik energy and 'normal' energy.

The magik left a spirituel impacked in the surrounding area super charging it.

Somthing BIG that used magik was fighting the spiders. And the goverment agents and soldiers.

and... she blinked Ninjas what the hell..

Right now she was not sure who to fry. The police and the agents was oviuse but witch side was the ninjas on.

Oo wait Scarlet-spider was fighting ninjas. So they must be trying to enslave or murder they mutant.

Time to fry waith a moment. The eletric girl charger was fighting a mutant ninja.

So the ninja hade mutant among them and she did NOT look like a enslaved fighter to angry and welltrained.

Charly frowned. And side by side looking like a frind was with Scarlet was a police officer.

So their could be 'good' police among the evil goverment agents.

She sighted now she did not know who to fry.. Exept the agents and the military.

And then a blond in a cutt broken and ugly dress landed head first in a wall beside her.

she stood up growled Charly could see that the blond head was almost cutt in half and she growled out "ME Glory, ME kill. ME Goddes die Mortal"

Charly frowned "a goddes. Well her guts are hanging out. her head is almost splitt in half. And it looked like the head wound was healing"

then the spider-girl jumped forward her hammer slammed in the back of the goddes forcing her to fly back inside agien.

Two other girls dressed in dark cloades attacked the flying goddes slashing and stabbing her as she landed never giving her a moment time to rest.

she dodged a ninja that decided she was a esy prey. A simple kick in his balls ended that ninjas future change of children and he was walking with the sandman.

Charly stod up walked in to the shadow to waith.

Finaly she cold see spider-man jumped back in the fight wielding a broken part of a lampost.

Spider-man frowned "Alright Slayer one try to slash away her eyes." He said to buffy that nodded.

And as glory rose up angry as a hellgoddes he slamed the lamppost down in her head.

Spider-girl did the same and agien and agien they atacked. Slowly driving the hellgoddes down like a stake in the ground.

"NOW" Spider-girl said as she and Spider-man stepped aside taking a breather from the fight.

Buffy rushed forward slashing and stabbing Glory in the face.

Glory screemed her head was almost cutt in half and now "Im blind.

Im kill you am i "Faith "Hurt loosing ability to talk in normal sentence"

Spider-girl "Of with her head Slayer two"

Faith grinned as she ready her attack aiming between the neck bones. Glory growled "Will Mock you not me" crapp she noticed that she hade problem forming gramatic correct sentenced.

Just with untill my head is healed and i can think agien.

But then Faith sword came down and hit her in the neck.

It looked like slowmotion as her head felldown on the ground bouncing around a short number of times.

Then the body felldown.

Spider-man looked at the fallen enemy "I hope she is dead."

"Die die" Hasiano screamed as she shoot bolts of energy at Charger. "Fry fry" Charger said shooting bolts of lighting at her.

Spider-man jumped towards them landing behind Hasiano. "Knock knock" he said tapping her on the shoulder.

Hasiano paled and turned around only to come face to face with a fist knocking her out.

Charger landed beside them "Is the ninja bitch alive" Spider-man nodded. "She is"

Charger grinned as she tied the ninja bitch up like in a hogged tie. then Like one they attacked the remaining ninjas.

A short battle later.

Tired and bleeding they stod beside eatch other.

Scarlet-spider "Ooboy. that was ONE hell of a fight" Riggs "Well exept the special effects i seen worst"

Spider-man blinked "Realy" Rodger that manage to walk over "His wedding.. God help us all that was worst."

Buffy looked in chock at the two police officers trying to figer out if they where joking or not.

Faith grinned and wished she hade been their. she frowned "Waith a moment was it that wedding a gang of bikers crashed."

Riggs "They did not crash it they where invated. well actly they DID crash it when.. well long story.."

Faith grinned she hade frinds in that gang they hade told her evrything.

Then a tired bloody and dirty agent Frank walked forward "You spiders and chargers will surrender now or face us. Dead or alive you will come with us"

Spider-man "And if not" The agent "We shoot you"

Spider-girl frowned "What about the cameras. If they see you just treating us they will protest"

The agent grinned "Their are no cameras."

Scarlet spyder wawed "Hi Carloss" She said to her favorit reporter. The agent blinked. "What."

Spider man grinned as he walked up "The attack of the ninjas interupted your orders. They are still transmiting.

and some of them have directional microfpone they hear evrything you said."

The agent frank growled "No mater you will come with me. NOW"

around them soliders and agents rushed up aiming guns and even stunn rods.

The spiders ready them self for battle. SO did Riggs and Rodger aiming their guns at the agents.

The Agent Frank delagato growled "Dropp the gun detectiv or you carrier is over. The freeks are coming with me"

Suddenly a female voice interupted him "NO they will not" Agent Frank sneared out "Who are you"

It was a young wommen about 25 or so brown wigg that hide her hair "You Goverment agent experimented on MY dad and Mother. You murder them and tried to enslave me and kill me when that did not work. I burned my way free from You CIA bastards. I am Charleen McGee I am FIRESTARTER DIE."

Frank Delagato swallowed "Crapp" then suddenly he did not even feel any pain he exploded in fire and only ashes was left.

The Firestarter walked forward flame hade burned up her wigg her red hair was wippin in the wind as she looked around on the trucks and the cars.

And evry car and truck she looked at was suddenly burning.. "Run Slavers RUN ENSLAVERS. RUN murderers RUN OR FACE your DOOM Burn Puppy burn" she growled out.

The troopers and agents even the police ran for their life as cars where burning even a military helicopt burst in to flame making all the rest fly away.

Spider-man "I feel loots and loots of unresolved issues in her" Spider-girl nodded "Me to"

Buffy swallowed "Demon or human"

scarlet "Mutant human.." she looked around seing the incredible controll and speed and power firestarter hade.

She feared the worst. Spider-man grinned "Im not sure but i think she is a Omega class fire manipulater"

Faith blinked "A what" Spider-girl grinned "Think a Nuke on two leggs but sexy"

Firestarter stoped burning and looked over "A sexy NUKE... Thats that.. I am NOT gay"

And the camera recorded. Charly knew that was a golden opertunity to tell her side of the story.

Riggs walked forward and poke the ashes of agent frank "Sweet... If i give you a biff can you make it bloody"

Rodger "RIIGGS.. RUn away DO not stay and talk to angry fire controlling mutant"

Riggs "hey she cant be worst or more dangerus then my wife." Rodger blinked then nodded "You do know that she will hear you say that in tv."

Riggs blinked "he he.. Im only joking honny realy.." he said..

Spider-man walked forward "The police and military have runaway and they are not coming back.

Would you like to tell US and the news team your story"

Charly nodded as she told them about growing up and how the goverment murder her mother captured her father and her drugging him and forcing her to work with them doing experiment.

Finaly as her father saved her they killed him infront of her eyes. His last word was run make them pay And she did the hole goverment labb she burned down and evry agent she could see exept a female that she found outside.

A female that accepted murder and torture of children but still consider HER a monster.

Ever sense that time she hade been runing hunted by USA black ops goverment that wanted her as a slave and when she said NO im will not be used as a weapon they murder evrybody she loved.

And are still trying to murder her.

It was a long story and the camera recorded and transmited.

After Buffy frowned "Well you are coming with us.. we will help you. If we stay toghter nobody will hurt us"

Charly frowned then nodded "What about the japaness ninja" Charger "She can stay. Im sure she will runaway from any jail they can putt her inside"

Spider-man nodded. "Just look overtheir she is running right now" he said pointing back where they could see the ninja sneak away.

"BY BY NINJA GIRL" the girls screamed and wawed at the now running and humiliated Hasiano.

Charly sighted then blinked "Where is all the ninja" looking around only the dead ninja was their the rest even the sleeping one was gone.

Spider-man sighted "And thats why i hate ninjas. They are like cocroutches."

Scarlet-Spider grinned "But bigg brother YOU are a ninja" Spider-girl giggled.

Spider-man sighted "dont remind me... Beside im Trained BY a ninja and others.. Not my faulth he said i was fully trained."

They giggled as they slowly walked away from the crashed and buring area around water placa.

It would take time before they fixt that...

just before they webbswinged way carrying Charly. Scarlet noticed somthing..

"Spider-man why are do you have Glory head inside your backpack" Spider-man grinned "No way the bitch will rise from her grave im spliting up the body and the head far far away from eatch other"

Spider-girl nodded that was a good idea. Buffy nodded she rembember the judge. "Good thinking or she might pull a Judge on us.."

Two days later.

They hade finaly mange to sneak back in to Sunnydale.

For some reson

the goverment agents mostly avoided sunnydale the Mayor explained it as a memory charm.

most goverment employed in any law or military work would consider things happening in Sunnydale to be not importaint.

Only those working often inside or with a person from sunnydale would consider it.

mening that they might send a PAIR of agents to hunt them down. But not a army. As anything in sunnydale is not importaint or dangerus that would need a army to deal with.

The spell hade been the Mayors secret weapon to keep the goverment military away from stoping the vampires and demons fun.

That realy pissed Buffy and faith of. But the mayor said it. He was dying and right now he was helping them just to get payback agienst the alien.

They needed his help more then he needed their help.

So in Sunnydale they where safe as the goverment knew they hade agents that could handle it.

Jarod teorised that they might send a spy but no more then that.

It realy explained a loot of things..

And now they where waiting. Hank was on his way and it was time to relax.

Well evrybody relaxed exept Buffy and Jocye. Fear, Anger shame, love, and hate over what the Watcher did made the summer home a bad place to be inside right now.

So faith moved over to the mayor mansion.

Chapter 21

Jocye swallowed her fears and putt the phone back. "Buffy." She screemed.

a short moment later her dotter came running down "What moom" she said.

Jocye "It was Hank. Dady is coming home" she said nervusly. Buffy swallowed "oo.. I know that the spell is forcing him to. You meen is comming like now and th.. That he called you."

Jocye nodded "yes." Buffy swallowed and chewed on her lip nervusly. "What will he say.

Im im a slayer a superhero and one eyed. im A freek mom "Jocye swallowed as she hugged Buffy "Your my wonderfull dotter. I just wonder how he will act. Remeber the spell made him activly try to awoid us."

Buffy nodded "yea so he might be not nice.. And the spell effects may take time before its gone. Combined that with evrything we have to tellhim he might just run like hell anyway"

Jocye nodded finding out that your child was a magik powered superheroin and was dusting vampires and demons was hard.

Then finding out that magik wasreal and used to brainwash you was even worst.

Combined that with frinds being superhero mutants and genetic experiment and pretender children that coocked food right now.

Was weried.

A smiling Jarod Junior walked out from the kitchen "I made Breakfast you hungry" he said hoping they would like the albanian dish he made. It was meat and sliced potato baked in oven in mixt with other things to make it intresting and quite delicius.

Even if it looked a bit strange. And that may spook them from trying it. And hopfully it would distract them from their fears.

The Mayors mansion.

Charly groned as she walked towards the dinning room. She was scared and nervus and the place hade to fue fire-ectinuisher.

IT made her fel insecure. What if she hade a nightmare and started a fire ?.

Then the fact that it was own by a Mayor a goverment employed and the police often visitet to get orders from him did not make her relax.

Finaly in the dinning room she could see the others eating Spider-man no his namn was Xander or Alex. or Al or even X depending on who you ask.

He still hade some brusies and cuts from the fight but nicly bandaged. It did not look to serius.

His girlfrind Charger or Tara-F was sitting next to him she also hade a bandaged around her wrist But nowherels.

the strange girl Wasp satt next to them and helped them reatch food and other things.

His twin sister May the spider-girl where sitting next to a cute blond girl that oviusly spoon fedd her spoiling her rotten.

And the baby sister Hope the Scarlet spider. She was sittning next to two other kids in her age bandaged hide most of her bruises and cuts.

But she was complaning and looking week and hurt and they where spoiling her.

Charly was not sure but she belived it was Ander and Lily the two other kids namn was.

And she wonder where the dark haired Slayer was.. Faith, Fanny or somting.

On the topp of the table the Mayor satt Rickard willson the 3.

"Hi guys." Charly said a bit shy.

They wawed "Hi" they said.

Xander grinned "So how sittdown and join the fest."

She blushed "Well i can go out and eat" The Mayor "Nonsens sittdown and make yourself athome nobody will find you as long as you stay here you are safe"

May nodded "We will protect you as long as you try to protect us. Thats how simple things are." She grinned "Beside the News have transmited your talk to the agents and what you told them have made the president demand a explanation and the Hig court is screeming jail of civil rights wiloations"

Hope nodded "They even ask you to come and testeify but said it would be unlikly as they belive that you are to afraid of the goverment to ever come that close"

Charly nodded "I dont have mutch faith in the 'freedom' of America. Its a illusion a butifull one that hides a awfull backside where we humans are nothing but tools and weapons for those in power"

Xander blinked "now that is deppressing. In the other world their was times like that during when dad was young but nowdays Mutans have equel rights and all."

Charly sighted "Anyway how do you all fell the wounds are you going to get well"

May nodded "We have spider powers including a powerfull healing ability. In a day or two we are as good as new"

Scarlet nodded "yes we dont even get scaars. But we dont regenerate like Logan do""

Charly frowned "What about your Scaar then Alexander"

Xander grinned "Nobody calles me my full namn. make it a short for evrybody do. And The scaar i hade is becuse the wound got infected and it scaared normaly wounds dont scaar" He said paddin the scaar on his face and head the one Lady Magneto gave him so long ago.

May nodded "But we are stiff and sore today." Charly "So anyway.. What short form do you like ? So far i heard they call you: Alex, Al, X, Xander, Xan,"

Xander shrugged giving nothing away about his favorit version in his face. "Thats becuse i have three favorit versions two of them are used and i cant chose witch one of those i like the most."

The Mayor frowned "That would indicate that favorit Nr 3 is not used by the others. And that you may favor that version more then the ones in use"

Xander grinned as he continued eating. That would send the girls mind spinning.

Then Faith walked in grinning as she sattdown not one wound or bruises where seen on her..

Xander sighted. "Its so unfair." May nodded "Lucky slayer"

Hope "I hate you Faith" She said trying to look angry but failing as she was giggling.

Faith blinked "What the hell did I Do." Tara-F "we where talking about how sour and bruised we are. And you came in walking with out any wound or hurst.. We are quite jellus of you"

Faith grinned "Got to love slayer healing.." She then blinked "You Webb-boy.. The slayer is pure blooded human right."

Xander nodded. "yees right you have" Charly putt the namn Webb-boy in her memory.

Faith grinned "Then could a slayer be Mutant or mutated And still have her slayer powers."

Xander blinked "Actly me and Jarod checked that out. And yes a girl could be both mutant and slayer and have the power from both genetic and magik."

Faith grinned "Cool can you mutat me.. Like shooting laser from my eyes or fly or"

Xander "No i dont have the equipment or the skill and knowledg to do it with any safety"

No the equipment was expensive and Rickard did by it for him. After all it was also used to heal and fix up wounded.

But to mutate sombody he hade not the experince or skill to do. Even if he hade the knowledg stored in the computer and the backup he made.

Faith sighted "Crapp i so like to be able to fly or shoot laser or" Then the phone ranged and a butler carried it inside. "It for Master Lex. sir." the butler said.

Xander smiled "Tank you."

The Mayor blinked "Lex jeves that is a bit personal would you say"

Jeves "Yes sir it is. But the young master told me to use a short form instead of Alexander or his after namn Parker.

And well evrybody seem to have their own version of Alexander and Lex did seem proper sir."

THe Mayor frowned butt nodded "Yes it might.. Lex you said" Xander blinked wondering a moment should he putt his feet down and demand only ONE short form of Alexander to be used.

He also wonder why this is happening now. It sure did not happen when he was Harris. "Well Hank is flying in at Dinner today anybody feel like being moral suport to the Buffy"

A loot of yay and ney where heard.

Later in School...

The Proffesor of Medical Chemestry satt on his desk talking wiwed to the student. "Alright so what did you think about the fight then..

Mr Grudder "Arny D Grudder grinned "I loved it when Parker slamed the lamppost in the head of that bitch."

The Proffesor nodded "right right but Do use his secret ID sombody might be listning in."

The rest of the class fifteen of them nodded..

Arny "Oo sorry. Well one thing that trouble me Sir. The smash in his back by the energy shooting girl what kind of damage could he get from that. It did hid near the spinal right"

The profesor nodded "lets check our book page fourteen." the door opend as another student walked in.

The class started to giggled at Alexander parker.

"Sorry i hade a bit trouble geting up today.. Got robbed" Xander exused himself with.

the Proffesor nodded "Right right Mr Parker. Sitt down now we where trying to figer out what kind of damage Spider-man could have got by the energy blast.. Would you like to come with your own teory. Or did you miss the fight on the TV"

Xander blinked "i i saw the re-Runs." Arny D Grudder grinned and he almost laught "Robbed i bet you tripped and felldown the staires. You have to be more carfull or you missing all the good show on TV kid."

Xander sighted Grudder always messed with him just becuse he was youngest in class if that asshole knew that he was spiderman then boy would he use another tone of voice.

The proffesor nodded "Well stop messing with Mr Parker now. We cant all be like spider-man"

the class nodded but Xander could feel them giggling and looking at him. It would be a long day but atleast they where not freeking.

"Now the blast looked like a laser but was rubin red. We dont know its power or how hot it was. But considering how it ripped the spider-uniform sunder we could make guess" The proffesor continued. one Linda Rigwin raised her hand "But sir. Spider-man claimed HIS uniform hade armor capacity so unless we know how mutch we cant use that"

The proffesor smiled "Exelent conducting Miss Rigwin" Xander sighted it would be a long day and his back was in pain. It felt exacly like a Optisk Ray. Like the one Cycklopes could fire of. A big guy Bob Arnseen called 'Pip' by his frinds raised his hand "Sir one thing is bothering me why did spider-man take the head of that blond bitch with him."

The profesor smiled "Well thats one question we might never know. But i personly think that Spider-man did that to check her DNA. The Blond did fight with her head almost cutt in half so she was not human or a mutant.

I think spider-man removed and took the head with him inorder to find out what she was"

The group nodded some sneaked a peek on Xander but no more. In the back Marcia Ross currently invisible blinked she never belived it would be that esy to findout who spider-man was. IF the class was correct and 'Alexander Parker' was THE spider-man.

Looking at him she shivered he was almost a mirror image of Xander Harris spooky.

A bitt taller and leaner more gymnastic build then Xander hade been. THe face was identical exept the scaar it dominated his face.

Made him look rugged and scary like a pirat or a rouge hero. On a drool scale between 1-10 Marcie consider him a 6 dressed diffrently with no bandage he might be a nine.

Xander sighted and wiched he hade gone skipped school and checked Charly/Firestarter powers instead.

He But he bett the girls would go to the mall after the test or try to do somthing that would humiliate him agien.

His sisters where the most evil thing in the univers, But he loved them.

As he sighted he turned in and listen to the proffesor drone on teorying the diffrent biology a mutant might have from a normal human.

In the Spider-cave...

Charly frowned this braught back bad memorys but she DID trust them and it was kids not secret agnets scientist that did it.

Currently she hade sensor tapes on her head and arms and May was sitting behind a computer reading the result.

Finaly May looked up. "Alright as fast as you can. I like you to fire up and burn that wood that hangs on the wall.

Charly nodded and focused the wood exploded in a ball of fire and dust five seconds. "like that" she said.

May nodded "Alright... Now i like you to heat up that tube." She said pointing at a tube with water pumping inside of it The water came directly from the ocean and was relised back so it would have great cooling ability.

Charly nodded and started heating up she frowned it did not heat up as fast as it should time to poor in more energy..

May raised one eyebrown then she raised the other one.. "Holly fuck.. Stop stop stop"

Charly nodded and powered down the tube was glowing steam was leaking out from the inside.

May swallowed "Alright the last time i goot a good estimation on your powerlevel. It was less then 2 procent but rising fast"

Charly frowned then nodded. "Well im strong" May grinned "That you are. While the computer calculat you maximum could you try lightning as many diffrent and seperat fires as posible with out hurting US."

Charly nodded they hade explained that test the fires hade to be individuals and seperat she focused and suddenly over fifteen small fire started to burn. "That trick is one i trained in. Its imposible if they are moving but standing its esy"

May frowned "Why hard if they moving" Charly "I cant focuse my energy to a burst in to fire level of strenght"

May blinked "So you need to aim your powers and enemys can actuly dodge it"

Charly frowned "yes but if i trow fireballs i can use them as target seaking misiles"

The computer blinked and May rushed over. "Alright well. You remember us telling you about Lady Magneto a Omega class mutant."

Charly nodded "yes." May "Well Lady M dad. Lord Magneto he was Also a Omega and HE manage to make small changes in earths magnetic field milions of birds died becuse of that. And Long range telepathy was made more difficult.

He also build his Base a huge cassle like mansion and Lifted it in to orbit."

Charly blinked "He lifted a mansion to space" May "He lifted a specil build mansion in to space putting it ON a astroide and created a superfortres in space. By himself and with his own power"

Charlie "Oki thats power." May nodded "yes he was a Omega class in magnetic manipulation. YOU Charlie are a Omega class in heat and fire manipulation. If you are surrounded by fire are you hurt realy hurt"

Charlie swallowed "No latly fire and heat dont burn or hurt me i kind of become a living fire plasma or like a statue of magma but alive"

May nodded "I know. You DNA profile said so. You are a Omega probly more powerfull then the nukes they dropped on Hirosima and Nagasaki. Hard to tell exactly HOW powerfull but atleast that powerfull"

Charlie sattdown "Im a living weapon. That all i am" Hope that currenlty hade been silent spoke up. "Wrong. You could use you power to do good things. Like use it as a enging to drive a starship." Seeing her confused look she eleborated "Use water as a reaction mass and your fire as the heat to power it" she rolled her eyes.

"OR to heat up a powerplant. and you never ever need to heat your own home you can just do it by yourself"

May nodded "Your controll in creating fire make it possible that with some training you would be cool of a fire stopt it from burning"

Charlie frowned "I i tried but its hard.. But im geting good in forcing the fire away to another place"

Hope frowned "Sound like you need trainin in order to do it. We help you train in putting out fire"

Charli "Well next test then" Hope "Thats it."

May nodded "What we do next is start a training program to teach you all about your power so far you used a sledge hammer when a dagger would do the trick.

We teach you to use yourpower with finnes and style"

Junior jarod that been sitting on another computer grinned "Its ready"

Hope smiled "Already" She said grinning. May "I am afraid to ask but what IS ready"

Junior "When Tara was hurt Hope and me kind of made some songs and i just made the music video"

May blinked she new that Hope loved to sing but a musik video that sounded like fun.. "Realy tell me more"

Hope "I used the movie clipp on Alex as spider-man and Tara as Charger doing the macarena in the background of the song"

May frowned "Alex will kill you. He hated that clipp. I cant waith to see what happens"

Junior "realy. kill you" May "Its a figure of speace he will not hurt Hope. But the movie was from a crismas party in the X-men mansion. Sombody hade spiked the drinks and soon most of us mutants was dancing and doing silly things"

Hope grinned "Like dancing upside down toghter with Nocturn and her dad Nightcrawler"

May frose "You did not include that clipp on ME" Hope nodded happy "Yes."

May "You dead i kill you" She screemed and attacked her sister. Hope "Aaaa help help"

the two spiders rushed around untill finaly May hade Hope in a firm gripp and she gave no mercy.

Hope "No hahihihih hi. stopp hihihi" and tickle her to tears.

Junior shaked his head "im sure you can not die of laughter or is that diffrent for mutants. If not i sure like to test that" He said smiling.

May grinned looking down at Hope and wispering.. Junior jarod swallowed that was NOT what he meant.. it was time to run.

Charlie laught that was sure fun to see the kids.

later The 11 year old clone of Jarod dried the tears of laughter from his eyes. "That was So fun.. "

Hope nodded "And still awfull" Junior nodded "yes fun and awfull in the same time.. Strange experince"

May sighted "Well what did you do with the Musik video" Hope grinned "its hiden and i will go to LA and Post it to MTv and some other music channals. They where expecting it."

May groned "Alright But i like to do a musick video to." Junior nodded "Sound like fun any ideas."

May nodded then stoped "No actly no" Junior grinned "But i have" He said handing her a papper with some song writen on it.

May "I cant read notes" Hope Grinned "I can"

May sighted Hope always hade loots more musik intrest then her older brother and sister hade.

Junior pushed a button and a musik started to play in the backround. May grinned "I like it." she said after hearing the musik and reading the text.

Charlie "Could you help me make one. Im thinking punk with a returnign team in the bacground going -Burn the Agents, Is Freedom a dream- then around that a song of of freedom and family"

Junior frowned "I think.." he frowned "Do you have a text or notes" Charlie "If you have a guitare or a keybord i can play it for you." Junior nodded "Sure.." he said feeling dread.

And the spider-girls listens as their older frind Firestarter played her song.

Hope "burn the angent.. Me think she have loots and loots of issues" May nodded "I think you might be right"

Junior listen the song was actuly good a loot of family loove and compasion and the idea of putting the burning words in the bacround on reapat in harmony with the musik was intresting.

But it sure would make loots of secret agent nervuse as hell. A idea suddenly struked him "Why dont you go and get Faith and let her sing a bit. And can do a number after school Lily can do a record a song if she like"

Junior grinned most of the songs would have simple musik videos but that was not importaint it would go fast and using the computer they have inhere a STark Industrial and one modified Stark computer it would be esy.

Specily with all the movie clipps they hade inside the computer some recorded duing a webbswing.

Later at the Sunnydale Air-port..

The gang was standing their holding a huge bandalair with -Hank Summer Welcome- writen on it.

Jocye smile was a bit strained "Well its nice of you all to bee here" Xander grinned "Think of us like moral suport"

Faith grinned "Im just in it for the fun" Buffy glared at Faith "Realy.."

Faith nodded and grined evily to her sister slayer. Buffy rolled her eye she knew that faith would helpher and loved her but was a bit afraid of showing those softer emotions.

She swallowed what would dad think about the fact that she could only roll one eye nowdays..

She started to hyperventilate agien. Faith sighted "Buffy you look good the pink eyepatch looks good on you."

Willow "It realy do that you look cute and and and sexy and" Buffy smiled.

And Hope hugged her "Dont worry" she said wincing a bit as Buffy hugged her back normaly spiderstrenght would alow a full strenght Slayer hugg but not with out pain when your hurt from before..

May came back from the information disk "Well his plane is landing in" She looked at her clock then out to the landing area "Now" she said pointing at a big plane landing outside.

Xander nodded as he stod beside Tara-F the two holding hand her head resting on his shoulder.

The only thing removing the oo cute young love was the fact that both of them hade bandages on and looked like they hade been in a fight.

Jarod grinned as the stod back talking to Junior about what the kid hade been doing. "Are you kidding me. A musik video is greater idea then you ever can imagen. Teenagers will love it. And that will make them lose their fear from mutants"

Junior nodded "Well i taught it was a good idea but if you say so" Soon the two preteneders was completly lost to the world as they continued to imagening the impact the musik would have.

Charlie song would sure make a loot of goverments agents afraid realy realy afraid.

Finaly after fifteen minuts that for buffy and Jocye felt like months the passangers started to walk out from the airplain.

It was a huge number of strange individuals that meet Hank.

And the Father of Buffy a man that more or less abanden his daughter felt nervuse most would not understand his need to stay away from them they would judge him.

Somtimes he himself felt bad about doing that then the voice started to wisper inside of him agien making him walk away making it feel good to be away.

But most would not understand him they would judge him. And seing Jocye standin their surrounded by a small army of frinds and family all looking at him Some judging.

one shamfull. And most curiuse or and confused like they where stucked between dislike him and pity him.

He wonder what Jocye told them. And Buffy she was as butifull as ever he wonder why he ever left her and Jocye he loved them but the voice said diffrently.

Suddenly somthing strucked him as he realised that HIS child hade ONLY ONE EYE.. "Jocye What happend to buffy EYE" he screemed.

JOcye sneared out "I told you in the letter remember" Hank blinked right her writing the voice said it was not importaint to read them and he could not say no to the voice. "I i see well i think i would remember somthing like that. What happen to her" his rage was burning now in fury.

He wonder if he should talk direct to Buffy but the voice said it would only hurt him and her. Ignore her focus on the mother it said and he listen he hade no choice anymore it was to strong for him.

But he wold teatch Jocye to stopp keeping things secret from him.

Then a man interupted them. "Hi im Doctor Jarod Goodfellow why dont we talk about this some other place"

Hank blinked he wanted to screem to jell at Jocye to take out his anger the voice said it was alright to do that.

But the voice suddenly said listen to that man do what he say.

Jarod grinned as long as he hade the urn Hank would listen to him.

And tonight they would break the urn and free him from the magik they hade putt in him.

Jocye blinked Hank in a RAGE was like a twister you could NOT stopp him from screeming and raging at what pissed him of you could only deflect him turn his fury to somthingels.

While he never hit her or anybody not even other male in Rage. Hank in a fury was still somthing she and evrybody that seen it was afraid of.

No Hank as far as she remember never hurt anybody while in a Fury. But he sure looked impresiv and she hoped he never would go barbarian fury on any one among her frinds.

Right now she hoped that Hank would not hurt Giles to mutch after all Giles was innocent he did not know what the councill of watcher did but he was a watcher and Hank could be a unforgiving bastard if you hurt sombody he loved. or at least he used to be when they married..

Giles swallowed that man angry was scary it was like looking at a barbarian version of Ripper.

While he even as Riper was scarry he was that in a civlicased way. Hank was more like a barbarian ripp you apart and spitt you out.

Junior frowned he hade to tell Giles to go out of town for a couple of days untill they mange to make Hank understand that Giles was inocent.

If not one of them would be dead the next day. And he for one was not sure who would be the winner.

Giles the Ripper or Hank the barbarian.

Xander blinked study the two.

He hoped Giles would take time out of town. GIles might be bether trained in combat and in bether shape then Hank is.

But this close he could see that Hank hade former military training and probly did some wresling in school.

Buffy giggled nervusly "Could we go home now. Mom.... Dad.." Hank frowned the voice realy screemed at him right now to ignor the child but he cold not that would be bad but.. "Yes lets go" He said not realy acknoledge her but not ignoring her.

Buffy looked saden by her dads respons and the voice was silent.

Finaly they drove away to the Summer home.

Nobody spoke in the car exept that english man Riles or Giles that said he would go away LA or San fransisko he said it was somthing sudden.

Hank frowned wondering what hade spooked that guy. Inside he was wonering what hade hurt Buffy and the voice inside of him told him to ignore her she was not importaint.

His emotion to love her and the voice to ignor her was giving him a pain full headace.

Later. Hours later.

Hank gasped in chock stairing at the small broken urn that once held the magik that was used to manipulat him.

Inside of him emotions long denied was pooring out anger fear hate was boiling also but right now love fear and shame filled him as he realised that he hade dumped Jocye and abandon his own child that he loved with all of his heart.

He hade become a twisted mirror of his formerself. emotions of being abused having his hole selfimage his mind his body his soul being violated raged and shame over the things he done how he abandon those he loved.

Tears slowly started to flow as he collapesed on the floor. only a week studdering voice was heard from him "i,. i,. im sorry i, i,. im so,. sor,. sorry." as he collapes down on his knees crying in shame shivering in tears and shame as he hugged himself crying.

Buffy swallowed as she rushed over and hugged her dad "Ssshh Poppa it will be alright you see" she said carfully lifting the huge man and putting him in the soffa. "I love you dad"

Jocye dryed her own tears before she walked over and gave both of them a hugg "It not your fault Hank"

Only Buffy slayer strenght and speed manage to save them from being knocked down as Hank stod up and screemed his arm wawing wildy in blind fury "I FORGOT ABOUT BUFFY I FORGOT ABOUT YOU.. HOW CAN IT EVER BE FINE. I i even enjoyed it i enjoyed abandening you i liked it" Hank said trembling as shame over took his anger agien.

Jocye swallowed hugging him "Not your faulth" she said.

Jarod sighted his skill as a psychologist would be needed it vas ovius that Hank was a bit unstable right now.

Junior Jarod looked up "I think it best if the rest of us leave you and the Summers alone"

Jarod nodded "Thats a good idea."

Later Next Night outside Sunnydale..

Giles sighted as he sattdown on the motel room Bed and activated the TV and started to switch channals.

he rasies a eyebrown "David Leterman... Boring" He switched channal "Jay Leno.. no" And their he dropped the remote controll.

Behind DAvid Leterman a BIG-Screen was showing May in her Spider-girl bikine uniform dancing while Hope in her Scarlet-spider uniform was singing a rock song.

Webb swingers or somthing.

Giles "Ghargle.." he said as suddenly beside Spider-girl with a mask hiding her face and a bikini looking like a pair of strings where Faith and she was dancing in tact to with the musik.

He switched channal.

Suddenly Jay leno was talkin -Well i dont know. Personly i think the spiders are REAL Super-heros after all. Save the world, Fight evil villans, Go to school and do musik video. Is it Only ME or do anybody els have a hard time seeing Superman do that-Behind them a Cartoon of Superman in a bikini was standing beside a picture of Spider-girl in her spider uniform..

Jay smirked -Now one of those picture is somthing most of us would not like to see.-

Giles swallowed "Gurgle.. I think i have to call Xander this this is is.. Wonder if he knows"

La. Angels Hotel..

Angel grinned and laught and laught Boy David Leterman sure was funny.. And Hopes songs was NOT bad and the Video with Spider-man doing the Makarena upside down was FUN.


Hank blinked as he watched the strang young man that was helping him during this time hit his head agien and agien in the table.

"Calm down Xander your what ever made you that upseet." Xander only groned as the recorded shame of dancing the makarena was showned to all on the TV...

Beside him Hope and May, Faith and Buffy even Willow and Jocye was giggling so tears where falling.

Chapter 22

They where relaxing in the living room of the Rickard the 3 willson mansion.

Xander sighted as he watched the TV switching channals. The musik the girls hade maid was playing EVRYWHERE.

That Hope and May would do it was in aftertaught not that suprising he knew his sisters.

Knowing that they hade nothing to loos they would try to have fun. But that Charlie would play not ONE but fifteen she only made a Musik video of one of them.

But all of them was send all in to MTV and Radio statsions they was popular among the PUnk and anarcisth crowed.

MTV even created with her do it if you like. A simple Musik video fire burning while the musik playing.

And now Buffy demanded a change to sing a song and Ofcourse she will.

And Hope was teaming up with Tara-F planing on messing up his life more then before...

She frowned "Wake UP Alex... I said We have a song for you and Tara" Hope said.

Tara-f nodded "Aaalex i love you dont you love me" She said fake tears and puppy doggs eyes.

Xander groned "I love you" Tara-F sniffed "b,but why cant we do the song toghter or dont"

Xander groned "Alright I do it.. But on ONE condition"

The girls nodded like good girls they are.. (They pretended to be acording to Xander brain )

Xander frowned "I do a second song and that one will be a contry-blues song."

Hope groned not contry or blues they where so lame and pathetich.. "Alright.."

Tara-F smiled "Alright i do like some contry songs.." She did like some of them as they put her to sleep.

Hope grinned "We be SUPER-STARS and SUPER-HEROS Yay US.. YaY The Champions"

Xander looked at Hope. "Remember Hope our musik fame will last only a week or two. We are not singers or artist thats not our tallent." Hope nodded gravly "I know but its fun."

Xander grinned hugging his youngest sister "I know its fun kid. By the way whats the Champion"

Hope groned "our super hero namn. I put it on the webbpage. ME you May and Charger and the slayers. WE are the Amazing Champions."

Xander groned "Thats so lame.. Why not The Extrem as a super hero namn"

Tara-F nodded "Champions thats so lame.." Hope frowned "Well we are now the champions. Live with it"

Then the door bell ranged. The bulter smiled "Lex a young girl like to talk to you"

Xander nodded "Send her in. Whats her namn" The butler started to talk "She said it was."

A voice interputed him a female voice. "I am Marcie " she said as she walked in.

Xander swallowed "Marcie ross i i can see you" he blinked crapp Xander Parker never did meet her.

Now he wold have to explain How he not only survived being dead but got a new body.. Wonder if reincarnation would work.

Marcie blinked how could that guy now her namn. Alexander Parker aka: Alex, Xander, Al, X, And apparently Lex and she have never even seen etch other.

She frowned exept the scaar his face was a almost a mirror image of Xander Harris.

The body was to diffrent even a bitt taller she taught. "Who are you. And how do you know my namn"

Xander sighted "Long story sombody told me and i read the school photo books."

Marcie frowned "If you say so.. Mr Spider."

Xander swallowed he did not feel any danger singnals from the girl so. "What make you think that"

Marcie said grinning "i over heard sombody saying somthing. Now im trying to runaway from the organsiation that use US invisible ass Assasins and spies. They send me to find you and help the others to catch you.

I have not told them anyting about what i seen so far. Only miss informations."

Xander frowned "Lets take you to sombody that can question you more effectiv then i can. if what you say is the truht then we will do anything we can to protect you"

Xander sighted atleast the musik fame would fade away fast. Marcie nodded "By the way. Did you know evrybody in your medicin class know that you are Spider-man"

Xander blinked "THEY WHAT"

Marci shrugged "I over heard them they know.."

Xander blinked but but how would they how could they.. May over hearing frowned that was probly bad thing if so many knew. Then she blinked why was Lily trying to sneak out. "Lily do you have ANY thing to say bout this"

The young telepathic girl froze "No" her voice said. --Yes-- her mind transmited.

Xander sighted "Lily if its a acident i will not be angry with just tell me"

Lily nodded wekly "i i acidently leaked out that you and May was spider-man and Spider-girl when Tara was hurt"

Xander nodded "When got my homwork from class right"

Lily blushed "yes.. I kind of accidently stayed in and listen i i like to be a nurse and when they where talking about damaged in the spine i kind of transmited your identy and my power." she said in a weak voice.

Ander took her hand in his "Not her faulth. She did say it was a bad idea to let her go in a normal class"

Hope nodded "Totely you faulth that Xander and our class now know our secrets"

Xander blinked "Your class of 14 year olds also know" May "Crapp.. No wonder i have teen brats spying on me."

Tara-F "we are doomed doomed i say" Hope blushed Lily looked afraid and Ander stod in a deffensiv position.

Xander sighted "Dont worry Ander i would NOT hurt her or YOU. This might cause problem"

May "Might it will. just when is the question"


A tired hurt and wounded group of old men walked down and out from the airport.

The Watcher councill hade reaturned home.

Travers was in a foul mode and he was AFRAID realy realy afraid they hade let Hank Buffy dad play with him and the others.

And like the Bitch Buffy eatch of them hade only ONE eye right now. Hank sure liked poetic vengence as he used a spike to carv out one eye from eatch of them.

Then Agent Jarod hade helped them medical right now they where so spiked up on druggs that they could feel no pain.

But they where tired angry and afraid of the frinds Buffy the vampire slayer hade.

They did not even notice that their was no other passangers in that area of the airport.

But they saw a young man holding a sign Travis and Compani. Ovius a driver hired by the Watchers Travis pain filled mind filled in for him. "All of you get in the car and we can start" the driver said rather rude but right now they cared nothing about that.

Travis frowned "We" he asked. The driver nodded "Yes my Boss going to talk to you NOW"

Travis nodded to tired to screem right now. As he walked in the buss he paled.

It was Sir Rickard Wallsteed the fifth. A member of Mi5.

"Well i see the american is brutal and effeciv in their need of payback" Rickard the fift said.

Travis groned "Be carfull rickard you have political powers and quite the strenght of will. But remmeber we still can controll your mind using your urn. You may resist a bit but in the end we controll you"

Rickard nodded "You could. IF you hade the urn. But a frindly American manage to break evry one of them.

Right now a loot of us that you manipulated are gathering our forces of payback."

Travis swallowed looking around "What are you going to do Sir rickard." This was not good.

He smiled "The Pet Witches of the Watchers are nutrulised. their magik is gone. We manage to capture Five of nine. Sadly four of them was burned alive."

He looked angry at Travis "I hade some of the men you used mind-controll to teatch them the error of that. I am afraid that the rest that alive is quite traumatist." Rickard said as he grinned.

Travis blinked trying to find anything to say. "I see" Rickarn nodded "yes. We did find out who taught them. The conclav of druides freely offered to help us. They where kind of irritaded as they belived YOU the Watcher where the officaly responsible for magik user in england. That they could only teatch students YOU hade chosen"

He looked at the now one eye Travis. "Now they teach any one they like to teach as long as we can say no if we need to. And YOUR topp magik user the five surviving are being brainwatched just like they did to others they will be lojal witch pets of ours"

Travis sighted "So you here to bragg to further kick me while im down."

Rickard grinned "No i would never ever do that. What i am doing is recruting"

Travis frowned "You want ME to work for you" He asked.

Rickard shrugged "No not you Travis. I was thinking young Mr Wesley and Mr Baker and also Mr Farrel them but NOT you. They are younger and they know the inerworking of the watchers."

Mr Frankel one of the senior Watcher frowned "What make you think they will join you"

Rickard grinned "You Watchers managed to anger the Maffia and the goverment so mutch that we are willing to let them kill you. Hell i even saw a Priest out their with a rifle. The moment this buss move is the moment they will gang up on you all"

The Watcher swallowed as they noticed that the MI5 man hade bodyguards standing around him.

Rickard continued "But get out of my buss now and If you Wesley, Baker and Farrel like to live stay and work with US in the MI5." he said.

With that the boudyguards lower their guns aming at the watchers "Move now Gentlmen or we shoot."

Slowly they walked out only the 3 shoosen one remaind inside the buss that slowly started to drive out.

And their it came the mobb angry screeming surrounding them with no where to hide they where carried away to a messy end.

Rickard Wallsteed smiled at the 3 watchers he saved. "Your fellow leaders are now slowly killed. Its up to you to help re-organise the watchers. We have chosen young field watchers and even manage to find the REAL journal writen by Sir Rubert Giles not the eddited version Travis gave them but the real one."

Weasly frowned "What are you saying" Rickard looked at him "The watchers are to importaint to be under goverment controll. What we are doing is RE-Organise updating it.

You do know that Vampires can be killed by using exposiv bullets. Or Blesed Silver bullets.

And you do understand that a Slayer that have to work, Slay, go to school would be over worked she would burn out.

But give her somthing like payment for doing her duty. That way she would not have to work she could concentrait on slaying and living their by incresing her effectivity"

The Watchers swallowed that that was complety wrong becoming the slayer was the greatest of honnor you did not PAY sombody like that..


A Month and a half later.

3 months and a half month untill the atomic Bombs will hit the astroids.


The room was filled with generals, Admirals, Secret agents even some non military or agents was in their as they talked.

The head spook Mr Frindley frowned "The president is not a happy man right now. The press have started to digg inside our secret operations. And frankly what they are finding is Disturbing"

He looked around the tables "Coutrary to many belife WE are not above the president. And for the first time the president is ordering us to show our hands. If any one of you hide a dirty secret you will tell us." he said in a cold voice.

The officers and men around the table was nervuse.

Finaly one raised his hand.

"Mr Frindly sense 1960 we have hade ocastions when americans became invisible. And 1971 we started the Unseen program. We train secret agents that can become invisible as Assasins, Spies, curriers and messengers" he said.

Mr Frindley sighted. "I see. When where you planing on telling the rest of the military unit about that. We could have used those agienst Soviet and agienst orginased crim. And Its Frindley not frindly."

The agent swallowed "Well Mr Frindley. We have been using them to assasinat dangerus enemys of the goverment for years. And gater information.. Sir"

Mr Frindley "Alright from now one your invisble frinds are directly under NSA operation. We have to see if their is any bad things going on and stop it or hide it before the press finds out."

The agent nodded normaly they just assasinat non coperativ agents. That might have to change now. He made a mental note to errase all knowledg and information about the runaway agents and the order they hade to kill them.

Finaly another agent raised her hand. "Mr Frindley sir. im part of the orignal CIA operation that created Firestarter. Im one of the survivers of that catastrophy. When she deflected she burned down evrybody she could see. Only me and those not working that day survived"

Mr Frindley "Agent need i remind you about the duty of ANY one captured by a hostile enemy"

The agents blinked one finaly spoke "The duty of a soldier captured is to runaway by anymeans necesary"

Mr Frindley "Yes. Charlie of Firestarter have clearly told the press about US murdering her HOLE family infront of her eyes. She was 11 when CIA murder her mother and 13 when they murder her father and she burned down your CIA operation and ran away to freedom"

The CiA agent frowned she did not like his tone. "You sound like you deffending that that murdering freek"

Mr Frindley nodded "A freek that CIA created and tried to abuse and then tried to turn in to a weapon. Are you suprised that she turned on you. Beside the press is screeming murders and they like YOU and the hole CIA punshied for what you did to her"

The CIA stiffend "Their are no proffe"

Mr Frindley nodded "I know. I personly hade a loot of weekminded CIA fools that where trying to give Press proff assasinated."

THe CIA swallowed "i i see sir.." Mr Frindley grinned "Back of and leave Firestarter alone. Their are always future generations that could be used. Thanks to the press we cant toutch her with out becoming the Enemy."

Another agent raised his hand "Sir what about the Spiders." Mr Frindley "Between the popularity as fighter and song artist we cant do anything. Hell they even made the USA topp 10 in the song charts." He winched as his kids hade all the songs on CD and played them day and night.

But the contry-blues song Spider-man was singing was good he and his kids liked it.

Mr Frindley frowned "Now Profesor Walsh i belive it was." Margret Walsh nodded "Thats my namn Sir"

Mr Frindley "We will have a complet investigation in your work so far untill that is done the initiative is standing down an"

Walsh almost screetched interupted him "What i have FULL authority and imunity. You cant stopp me i have the right to explor"

Mr Frindley frowned "Your boss the man that YOU take order from. I say Jump HE Jumps. If i say the Initiativ is standing down It is standing down"

Walsh studdered "No no i i have to catch the spiders the things we would learn"

Mr Frindley "I see. Did you hear me say NO catching the spiders" Walsh nodded "yes yes but that do not include me."

Their was silens in the room.

Mr Frindley sighted "Alright Profesor Margret Walsh from this point on You are relived of duty. Mayor Higwall you will take controll over the Initiativ i like a complet investigation. If you agree then Walsh will comback as one of the scientist working UNDER you"

Walsh shivered in fury "You have no right no" But finaly her brain caught up with her smacked down on her pride and ego telling her Crapp HE do have the right. I will get my vengence it said after a short minuts of thinking. She hade a new hate object in her life Mr Frindley.

Then the door opend "Sir mam. You need to see this." A aid said as she activated the TV.

On the TV screen.

"Hi hi" Jay Leno said as he walked in. "La its a wonderfull town to guest evrybody say so but latly some is crawling the walls. Must be the trafic."

He looked around "Now we have big celebrities as we welcom Superheros"

Suddenly Scarlet spider glided down beside him hanging upside down on a webb line.

Spider-girl crawled down from the roof and Spider-man holding hand with charger walked in looking even with the mask shy.

Behind them Dean Cain and Tom Welling walked in. Both wearing a shirt with a Superman mark.

The crowed chaired in joy over seeing the favorit heros walking in. Xander groned he would kill Hope for tricking him in to doing this.. Charger grinned and kissed him "Thank you spider i love it. Its a dream come true" she said.

Xander raised a eyebrown glad nobody could see him blush under the mask maby being under live TV was NOT that baad.

Later.. They where sitting in the soffas as Jay was intervuing them.

The Movie star Dean Cain that played ( Clark Kent/Superman in Lois and clark supermans new advanture ) And the Tv Star Tom Welling (Clark kent from Smallville )

Hope/Scarlet-spider hade no idea about Dean exept that he was cute for a old guy.

But Tom made her smile and waw a bit shy.. "Hi.. I love you.. I mean i love Smallville"

May/spider-girl was not that intrested but she did like the girl that played Lana Lang she was cute.

Tara-F/charger hade seen both shows during her time recoperating but she hade other intrest then action on TV.

Xander/Spider-man new exacly his memory from being a harris made him remember Both shows. "Woow Superman in stereo thats thats"

Jay grinned "Well thats not nice revling their secret identity" Dean smiled "I think evrybody know. what do you say Tom."

Tom grinned "Its nice to see that you real super heros actuly watch TV."

Spider-man nodded weckly "yes.. Could i get your autografs"

Spider-girl "Snapp out of it brother.." she said.

Scarlet nodded "yea snapp out of it. Cold i get you Clark" They all stared and laught at the now blushing Scarlet.

Jay smiled "Well now one question we all like to know how old are you guys anyway."

Spider-man blinked "18 years old" Spider-girl nodded "he my twin so yea 18! Charger "im 18 in two months"

Hope "Im soon 15. Hi Guys" she wawed happy to the cameras.

Dean frowned "you kids all of you"

Tom frowned "18 and 15 thats a bit young to risk your life" Scarlet frowned "Im not a child."

Spider-girl "We belive that with powers come responsiblity. If you have a power ist your duty to protect others"

They nodded happy..

Jay smiled as he changed the subject "So is it normal for heros to become music stars in that other realty"

Spider-man sighted "Normaly a hero dont have 2 sisters that crazy" Spider-Girl "hey im not crazy its Scarlets idea. Beside what about Dazzler"

Scarlet "Hey im not crazy im impulsive.. Im young live with it. Beside you taught it would be fun Spider-girl"

Spider-man "Dazzler was a Musik star BEFORE she became a superhero.. And Scarlet You are Crazy"

charger sighted "And do think we live with that all the time" Spider-man nodded wisly "Its a heavy burden whine and whine they do all day long.."

the sisters glared at him "WE do not whine" they complained in a whining tone of voice.

Jay laught then ask a question "you said that you can find out IF a person is a mutant or if a person have non activ powers"

Spider-man nodded "Yes. Like we told you all that we need is a simple blood test. But it take about a hour for hour computer to find out if you are"

Jay turned around "And erly today we asked if they could test a number of voluntairs. And we gave the spiders bloodsample"

Spider-girl nodded "We have tested the blood and can now tell if the subjects are mutant or not"

Charger grinned "Subject 1-4 is normal humans." Scarlet giggled "Subject 5-6 are dogs real dogs like woff woof"

Jay "They are strange dogs.. We hade to be sure" hey all nodded. Spider-man "Subject 8-9 are normal humans. But"

Spider-girl continued "Subject 7 is a non activ mutant. It would be possible to activate his power."

Spider-man "And Subject 10 is a non mutant but with partial X-gen mening his children MIGHT become a mutant."

Beside them Tom blinked looking at his number.. "Im a Mutant. Could you activate my powers" he said blinking in chock.

They all stared at him. As he held up test object Nr 7.

Jay frowned he hade stolen that blood sample just for fun but should he tell him that Letermans kids might be mutants...

Charger "What did you say" Tom "I i am Nr 7 im a mutant. Whats my power"

Spider-man shrugged "it would take HOURs to find out." Tom frowned "you said it would possible to activate my powers."

Scarlet frowned "Don't activation can be dangerus it could be a physical power and that might make you look like a freek. Turn you in to a part animal."

Spider-man nodded "Its real dangerus. I can give you a papper on the danger of forced activation of mutant powers."

Spider-girl nodded looking gravly "We are willing to do it. After all If we do not crazy freeks of scientist might help you and they do not know what they are doing."

Jay frowned "And you know" Spider-man nodded "I studied Bio enginering as well as AI robot programing in that world. My sisters is not as big geek as i am but they are just as smart."

Spider-girl nodded "I studied chemistry and other things." she said.

Scarlet "And i go in higschool.. Just wanted to say somthing"

They all staried at her agien.

At that moment Mr Frindley turned the TV of..

"Alright" he said. "Now they are on TV. And offer to Mutat superman...

IF they tries to run for president we run"

The other agents nodded.

Super heros in Cartoons never acted that way.

And the worst part their was a new invitation to the 'Webb chat' All the other contry where teasing them about that.

Junior grinned as he prepaired the Chatt page.. "Alright this time i have prepaired it with chatt room so if you like privacy you can go in one. But only limited time in privat room before you will return to main chatt side."

They all nodded as they sattdown by the computers.

Xander = Spider-man.

May = Spider-girl Hope = Scarlet spider.

Tara-F = Charger. Tara-M = With Witch.

Willow = Reed Witch. Buffy = Slayer 1eye.

Faith = Slayer 2eye. Ander = Punchbag.

Lily = Mind-girl Charlie = Firestarter.


The Troika.

Warren = Nr 1. Jonothan = Nr 2.

Andrew = Nr 3.

Frinds of Jarod and the others.

(Some namn is keeped secret becuse the writer is a saidist)

English Noble she is a hige noble = Royal-Princes A male frind of Jarod that fights crime = Steel-Knight.

His car. = Knight-Stalion.

Goverment invited.

Cia representant agent = CIADude. nasa representant = Nasa worker.

A guy living in a Big white building in Wachington = Mr Bigg.


Carlos camera man and Reporter. = Latin-Eye.

Invited normal individiuals A loot of them.

Cool-dude = 15-16 horny guy.


Junior grinned "Ready and and chatt begines."

Spider-man -Quite in here-Spider-girl is on line.. -hi-Scarlet -i cant wait untill the fun guys come online-

Reed-witch -you can talk to her. She sitts only five feet from you-Slayer-1eye -thats so :( Reed. Mutch more :D to write it-Slayer-2eye. -you 1eye geek mutch.-Charger is on line.

Firestarter is on line.

Night-stalion is on line.

Steel-Knight is on line.

Cool-dude is on line.

Cola-Master is on line Geek-Freek is on line.

Spider-watcher is on line.

Mr Bigg is on line.

Cia/dude is on line. Nasa-worker is on line.

Camera-dude. is on line. Royal-Princes is on line.

With-witch is on line. Mind-girl is on line.

Punchbag is on line.

And one by one more and more logged on.

Cool-Dude. -You Spider-girl loved you Bikini pictures. Did you know that the Playboy magazin are trying to contact you. They like to make a Spider-girl special-Spider-girl -realy.. That be soo cool-

Nasa-worker -You Spider-man did you know that we found a metalic thats identical to what you said is Vibranium.-CIA/Dude -You do understand thats a goverment secret.-Big guy -Nasa tell me more :) I like to know now-

Charger -I dont think you brother would like that-Spider-man -no i would not.. But sister you are 18 its your choise..-

Slayer1eye -Are you realy going to do it Sp-girl ???-Spider-girl -I dont think so-Royal-Princes -Why not i think it would be cool. Super hero. Singer, and Playboy bunny-Charger -Spider-man calles me his Lucky bunny somtimes i dress up in a playboy bunny uniform. Maby i should contact them-

Fem-Pride -What dont you have ANY pride. Play boy only helps to Enslave us Female. As heros its your duty to stopp the oppresion.-Spider-man -No charger that for my eyes only-Charger -Your not funny Spider-man... Think about it evry man will know exacly how lucky you are and be envius-Spider-man -hmmm well i let me think abou it.-

Nasa-worker -We did find Vibranium in Alaska in a crater. And we did experiment on it trying to recreat the Adamantium alloy you mension. We created somthing that from your description must be Secondary Adamantium.-' Spider-man -This will sound stupid but we found the recepty of Adamantium in our computer-CIA/Dude -You said you did not have it. That it was a goverment secret in that world.-

Steel-Knight -Did you mutat Tom by the way.-Scarlet -he asked us and have started the chemical treatment. His power will activat soon. Why ?-Steel-Knight -just curius-Webb-lover -So what powers will he have-Scarlet -who knows.-

Spider-girl -Fem-Pride what the hell is eating you-Fem-Pride -play boy magazin is a enslaver. Your a real hero a lesbian you know the evil thats male. What Charger do it only a proff that she is enslaved by your brother-Charger -Fem-Pride we know evil can be male OR female-Spider-girl -Evil male are not evil female are not evil. Individiual male or femlas are evil.-

Spider-man "Chill out Cia.. It is a secret. But some terrorist organisation like Hydra have the knowleg and me and my sister have copy information from a hydra to help the goverment to take them down. And we copied a loot of information that we have not read yet. if you like to read it is online on our hompage right now complet with soom cool power armor- Cia/Dude -What are you crazy EVRYBODY in the fucking world is listning on this-CIA/Dude is warned no swearing or you will be banned.

Charger -And Spider-man Make me HAPPY is it wrong for me to return the favor and make HIM happy by wearing somthing sexy-Fem-pride -yes. All males are scum and should be putt do death.-

Cool-dude -It sound like Fem-pride is to ugly to get a boyfrind.-Fem-Pride -Ignors Cool-dude-Joy-to-the-world -Why do you hate males so mutch Fem-pride-Fem-pride invite Joy-to-the-world to a privat chattroom.

Nasa-worker -Incredible Thanks the information in here will be usefull.-Big guy -question the mandroids armor what is that-Spider-man -Its a primitiv armored original designed to destroy or captured superheros or supervillans. They where replaced by the Guardien armor-CIA/Dude -The mandroid armor how strong is it-

Spider-girl -A user in that armor could lift about 10 tons shoot energy blast and fly short distant but he is clumsy.- Night-stalion -It looks like the armor is using some kind of activ polarisation to increse its strenght is that correct.-Spider-watcher -i like to know what happend in La who was that blond bitch and why did you steal her head.-

Joy-to-the-world -Fem-pride is stupid... She have NO real reson to hate males-Fem-pride -I so do i told you..-Joy-to-the-world -your just a over aggresiv Femenist lespien.-

Spider-man -Sp-Watcher i stole her head to among other thing be able to investigate what she was. Why she attacked us is another question. one im not sure about.-Steel-knight -i have one. Why suddenly is more and more super powered individuls showing up.-Scarlet spider. -Simple they have been hiding and now as they see us the finaly stop hiding and show up.-

Charger -Where i come from im a member of Equalist gender movment.

So are Spider-girl and Spider-man-Royal-Princes -what is a Equalist ?.-Charger - a Equalist say that MALES or FEMALES are just as smart and capable even if we might have diffrent strenght and abilities. Like males are often stronger (Not always) but females are often more dexterius (Not always)-Royal-princes -that sounds like a great policy-Charger -I think so. I have the book that started to movment of Equalist in a electronik form.-

big-Guy -If you post it to me i can make them publish it. Give all of us a alternativ to aggresiv femenist-Charger Mail Big-guy..

Spider-man -You should be glad in the other world a man a mutant namned Dr Exxen or Mr Sinester hade experimented on human creating mutants for more then 300 years. So in that world their are a loot of mutants.-CIA/Dude -300 years-Spider-girl -yes sinester hade regenerativ ability made him almost imortal.-Spider-man -The Usa even hade their own super-hero team during WW2. The Invaders.-

Nasa-worker -Cool namn the invaders- Cool-Dude -what about it Play boy magazin anybody lets talk play boy..-Fem-pride -yes let talk about it. Its nothing but a shame full abuse of females.-

Charger -I do it. i let them take some playboy bunny pictures of me-

Spider-man -Yes suddenly i think i would be proude to see you do it.-Spider-girl "yea lets visit the Play boy mansion.-

Scarlet -Thats so unfair i never get to go anywhere cool-Nasa-worker -You could visit us Scarlet. It be fun-Firestarer -If you hurt Scarlet i will burn Nasa down to ash-Cia/Dude -Firestarter we have order from the president to back of not to hunt any one of you-

Firestarter -I dont belive you-Big guy - No its true i gave them order to back of.-Cool-dude -Your the President thats thats Soo coool.-Royal-princes -Big guy. Next time you have a diplomatic meeting in england i will contact you i like a copy of that book in papper-Big guy -Alright. its will go in print right now-

And they continued to talk hours after hours...

Chapter 23

Los Angeles.

Tom Welling sighted they hade Warned him about the danger of taking a Mutagenetic substance.

But IF he hade powers he wanted them. Not that he liked the idea of powers playing Clark/Superman hade made him think about the danger and bad part of powers.

No the reson he wanted it was he felt wrong his hole life like somthing was missing.

And this was it.

His back was acking not realy in pain but still powrfull irritating itch.

And somthing was growing back their he was begining to look like a camel or somthing.

If this continued he would look like Quasi modo. It looked like he would have to ask the Spiders and his doctor to investigate what it was.

He looked out from the window of the hotel room he was staying in and wiched he was back in New York.

At least it was weekend the spiders normaly did a webbswinging and Big game crime hunting.

Same time in japan....

Haisano was bowing down as her master was looking at her.

Finaly after almost fifteen minuts he talked. "Sitt up. Im displesed with you Haisano... Not only did you force you wish and need to attack the spiders. But what worst you faild wasted the life of skilled Ninjas IN LIVE TV "

Haisano flinched the Pesky Ninja joke was all over USA right now. The sail of Ninja toys like The turtles hade become almost nothing while Spider toys where incresing.

The humiliating thing was that a toy company in USA hade the adocity to make a TOY of her. A toy that could would screem -DIE DIE- and -Aaa Run away Ninja Wanish- it was humiliating sombody would die becuse of that..

At least a Japaness magazin hade made a hentai manga/cartoon involving the Spider-man and his sisters. She hoped it would be translated to english.

"Master what should i do" she said finaly humbled.

Her master looked at her. "You are strong but so is Charger-san and the spiders. But now they have a stronger powerblood among them.

FireStarter even you look helpless infront of her. "Haisano flinched "Im sure master that is just rumors"

Her master shaked his head "No.. She is stronger the power of the fire it self is inside of her."

Haisano "We should send ninjas and assasinat her." Her master looked down on her. "Do you know what the Slayer is"

Haisano frowned "A legendary warrior always female fights demons and vampires. I know that she is exist"

her master once agien nodded "The slayer is indeed real. our clan have a honor deapeth to her. She fights to save the world we will not attack her or her allied in anyway."

Haisano frowned "But that would meen the spiders are.. No they must be punished"

Her master nodded once agien. "yes... Of course If you would be a ronin then no disshonor would come down on US.

Haisano swallowed if she died on a mission then they would say she was a ronin to awoide shame.

But to cast her out while alive.. "No master i will." She swallowed "I like to be part of the clan. Give me a mission i need to reclaim my honor."

She did not like the calculating look in her master eyes.

He looked at her "our Scientist after reading the files spiderman put up on the webb estimate that their is a way to ensure that the child between two powerbloods would be a powerblood." he smiled. "Or a Mutant as they say. I like the term powerblood myself"

Haisano nodded "I see Master what are you saying." He looked at her "We have many powerbloods but not that many. Chose one of the males and have a child. If you chose the right one it will be powerfull indeed.

It is time a new generation is born."

Haisano swallowed they wanted to tame her to remov her from being a fighter. If she chose that path she would only be alowed to fight as a defender.

But did she have a choise realy. "I get to chose.." Her master smiled and spoke in frindly voice "yes Haisano and if you do not like you dont have to have sex we can do it artificaly."

Haisano nodded "I will do it. Master any suggestion"

He frowned "Kinji have a strong power. But he is uncleaned not Noble blood like you." he frowned "But then can a real powerblood be uncleaned maby thats a tradition we shold remove. Or we would wast resocorce by thinking like that"

Haisano frowned but nodded Kinji was among the uncleaned but he was impresiv non the less. I will think about it.

In her mind Kinji was dominant her master her lord hade spoken and honor demanded it and she was a ninja and a samuray her life was her masters afterall.


Hank looked at his daughter "I wish you would not do this." He still taught it was strange vampire hunting in the day light.

But it oviuse work a idea that the Parkers hade created find their lair and dust them then have the night mostly free.

Buffy smiled hugging him "Me to. But i cant i have the powers and i cant lett others die just"

Hank nodded "I know. Im sorry"

Buffy "Its not your faulth. Would you like to take me and faith out on a movie later"

Hank nodded "Sure its time i get to know my daughter and My new child right Faithy"

Faith swallowed "you think im a daughter" Hank smiled "Buffy is thinking of you as a sister. So yes i am and so are Jocye just ask her."

Faith walked out looking afraid or nervuse. Buffy "Well got to go now."

Hank nodded. "My own supderheros." he sighted who knew he father of batgirl or supergirl or what ever you might call a slayer.

Then suddenly Hope stuck in her head true the window "HI,are,Buffy,or,Faith,here,i,was,thinking,on,joining,them,on, a,slaying,and.,Waith,i,think,i,se,them,now,godby" she said and was gone.

Hank blinked it looked like she hade five or more cup of coffe.. Poor Buffy and Faith..


"are we their yet" Hope said for the 55th time..

Faith gritted her theath "No we will never get their.. Waith we their"

Buffy sighte finaly.. Hope grinned jumping up and down in her Scarlet spider uniform looking like a demanted red blue rabbit. "lets dust them Yay"

They kicked in the door to the cryped 19 vampires was sleeping like the dead.

Buffy and Faith hade discover the reson and bakground of that saying.

To wake a Vampire during the Daytime was extremly difficult normaly only master Vampires was esy to wake. Probly a survivle trait.

Their was two wake vampires probly guards. The slayer stormed in followed by Scarlet spider and the fight was joined.

Jump dodge kick slam-dunk stake stake. Buffy moved like a wind of deth left and right leving no change of escape.

At her blind side Faith was fighting the dark slayer kicked dodged staked jumped-kicked if Buffy was the wind of death then the dark slayer was the fire of doom.

And the hyper activ scarlet was having fun kicking hiting and striking out vampires and webbing them stuck in the floor or walls she left the staking to the slayers.

Later. Buffy sighted "Well lets see if they have somthing intresting."

Faith grinned "Ye loothing is fun." Male Vampire stucked on the wall "Hey you you stealing from us"

Scarlet rolled her eyes as she plundered his wallet. "A girl need spending mony.."

Female vampire stucked to the floor nodded "She is right. Shoping malls are expensive"

Scarlet grinned as she plundered another vampire "You so right. And fun. Their are so many yumy hunks to watch"

The Female vampire grinned "Hmmm Hunks Yummy.." Buffy "Hmmm Hunks yummy."

Faith "Hmmm hunks yummy.." Scarlet narrowed her eyes. "I do hope by Yummy you are thinking let have swetty sex not lets drink you dry"

Buffy blinked "sex" Faith grinned "Sex.

Female Vampire "Blood and sex. Waith a moment YOU are to young for sex girl" she said in confusion.

Scarlet sighted "And i just started to like you.." She sighted as she plunder and staked the vampire female.

Buffy wispered to faith "You think its becuse the vamp reminded her that she is to young"

Faith nodded "Teenage hormons and no legal way to remove the itch" Poor girl. "Yo Buff what do you say about going to a bar and find us a pair of hunks."

Buffy grinned but stoped "No i i started to date Riley Fin"

Faith blinked "Captain cardbord.. I taught he is a bit stiff dont you"

Buffy giggled "he is stiff in all the right places." She said grinning.

Scarlet grinned "I wonder what daddy Hank wold say about that"

Buffy paled "No dont say anything Riley is scared of Hank."

Faith nodded she too was a bit intimitaded by a man that carved out one eye on the english Watchers.

She heard that he used a spoon to so it would take longer time.

Buffy nodded her dad was a pussycat findly but hurt her and he was Hank the barbarian she wonder why she never noticed that before.

Giles was terrifed by him. No wonder realy he always looked angry when ever Giles was in the same room and often played with sharped object while watching him.

She wiched they would get along bether after all she taught of both as fathers.

Maby she shold tell Hank that she taught of both him and Giles as a father.


The gang was wawing godby as they started their webbswinging turn to La.

On the street watching his dauther stod Hank beside Jocye. Inside he decided it was time he hade a talk with 'Daddy' Giles a pain full talk.

Not only hade that creep worked with the Watchers he tried to steal HIS place as father of Buffy.

It was time for the two of them to find out who was the Alpha male of sunnydale.

Giles wonder why he felt chills of fear down his spine as Ripper raged inside of him.

Mutch later.

Willies bar..

"Bloody hell you have a nasty right hand" Giles said he was bloody and looked like hell.

Hank grinned he to was just as beat up and felt pain all over. "Your speed punch was a nasty suprise real nasty"

Giles grinned "I call it the rabbit punch." They laught the rabbit punch was nasty indeed dirty fighting pure and simple loots of fast and stupid fist punch to the face and then a kick on the feet and a power in the gut.

Willy sighted and poor the two a more beer.

Hank "So are we Frinds. Asshole"

Giles "bloody right you wanker.." They leaned back grinning it was a dam fun fight the two of them hade.

They did not like each other yet but finaly they respected eatch other and and both now knew that both of them did anything to protect Buffy and Faith thats was all that was needed.

Hank sighted "Jocye or Jarod.." Giles frowned "Jarod if Jocye see us she kills us"

Hank nodded "We need medical help.. Jarod then" He took up his phone and called Jarod to ask him to drive them to the hosbital.

"Fucking english.." he said. Giles "Bloody yank."

Los Angeles Lunch time..

After a short call where Jarod hade explained that Hank and Giles manage to become frind and beat up a demon toghter and was now recouperating at home They hade where ready to go.

Finaly they where going. Los Angeles time for webbswinging and glide flying. Personly he longed to the colder streets of new York.

La was to hot.

And then they where of.

Spider-man and Spider-girl and Scarlet-spider swinging forward in a speed that made Tarzan look like a amature.

The slayers and Chargers where flying above using their glide flight clocks.

All in all the crowed watching cameras flashing. Tourist buss where parked in the most likly possitions to see them. Fans where trying to get them to sign autogafe.

It was fun. Spider-man wonder when the hammer of doom would dropp.

As they passed over the buisness street dark shadows passed above them darkening the sun.

And belov them the crowed started to run away and screem. Spider-man frowned the sun was in his eyes he could not see what it was.

Spider-girl was first to see who it was. "The Vultures five" she said in chock.

And like one they dived towards them on wings of steel mounted on the back they suddenly hovered nearby.

The leader Blacki moved slowly closer his black-green vulture armor gleemed in the sun.

"We come in peace spider-man and Spider-girl"

spider-girl frowned her spider sense did not sense any decite from him still a bit bacground danger was present.

Not suprising the vultures where afraid of the spiders and the spiders where well not afraid.

Spider-man "Join us on the roof and we talk" He activted the comunicator called the slayers and Charger.

Scarlet "I help the others up on the roof." she said jumping and webbswinging away to Buffy and Faith.


They where eatch standing on diffrent sides of the roof.

Beside Blacki Luke stod in his light green Vulture suit.

The other stod behind them face hiden under the helmet but they where dangerus armed and skilled fighters.

Spider-man walked up "This is a new world Blacki. I hope we do not need to fight."

Blacki to his suprise nodded "Me to. Lets talk about making peace." Spider-girl blinked that was NOT somthing she expected. The vultures hearing what spiderman hoped relaxed the small tingle of danger was silent now.

Scarlet spider frowned "That strange"

Buffy "What"

Faith made ready to fight in case. Charger frowned she heard a loot of things about the vulture nothing good.

Scarlet hissed "They seem serius they realy like to make peace with us"

Blacki frowned "I.. I am a mage. Not a strong one but i have great skills"

Spider-man frowned himself "Why have you not used magik then" blacki grinned "im skilled but my level of magik power is almost nothing."

Spider-man "So your skill is worsless unless your attacked by magik" Blacki clapped his hand toghter "You goot it in one kid. By the way i loved you in the Jay show it was fun to see. And the coury blues song you did was wonderfull i always loved contryblues."

Spider-man nodded "it a perfect mix.. But i dont think musik is the reson you told me your a mage"

Blacki laught "No no.. I wisited demon bars. many of the more powerfull one the type that only wanted humanity as slaves and food have left town or eath. Only the pure destructiv death to all kind is lefth."

Spider-man "And the vampires." Blacki frowned "And the vamps. What is happening."

Spider-man sighted "A deal with the Creator. A champion is needed to save humanity in this realty. I cant stop the destruction from happening but after i can make sure the humanity can fight back and survive"

Luke opend his mouth he was not a talking person but.. "What is the danger"

Spider-man "Alien invasion. I know nothing more and even that is mostly gueses based upone what a seer said."

Blacki nodded "Then it could be alien or demons.. But whith the astroids.."

The female Vulture sighted "Thats not realy likly is it.. Seer said so. deals with a creator thingy. How dangerus is the alien or demons S-Man"

Spider-man "We are talking about total destruction of the civilication that exist now. in best case"

the vultures sighted they realy hated Lady Magneto right now.. Blacki "We are in. You need help call us and let us talk in a more privet place." he said giving the spider a phone number.

Spider-man nodded "Thank you.." he said as the vultures lifted of and flied away.

Buffy frowned "that was strange... No fight" Faith nodded "im afraid that was to esy"

Spider-man turned around "hey What.. No waith you right this is scary"

Spider-girl nodded "We so are pesimist." Scarlet spider "lets drown our sorrows with icecream."

Scarlet sighted "You are silly.. Their is nothing be be sad about" Spider-girl "Then you will not get any icream"

Scarlet blinked "Oo wo is me.. I am so afraid.. And sad Poor me" Spider-man grinned as he grabbed his girlfrind and kissed her "Thats beter.. ice-creem. Then the doctor offics we have to wisit Tom"

Scarlet grinned "Sweet. If he take of his shirt and pants may i watch"

Spider-man growled "NO way you are to young" he would deffentivt tell the movie star the error if he ever made ONE sexual move towards his baby sister they would never find his body...

Spider-girl rolled her eyes. Faith grinned "I will take pictures"

Scarlet sighted "i so going to die a virgine" Spider-man nodded that was his plan.

Later inside a small doctor office..

Tom swallowed nervusly they hade soo far taken blood sample that the Spider-man and Spider-girl feed inside a computer and analysed.

They hade used a X-ray on him scaaning his hole body. And they hade taken a small bone sample from his arm.

And the hole time the doctor hade stod back listning and observing and asking question that was SO above him that he understod nothing. But the spiders did. Even the younger Scarlet seemed to understand. He wonder if it was a mutant thing.

And if so was he consider a idiots among mutants. he blinked then remember Charger hade said the spiders where genius both of them.

He relaxed it was a bit hard the lump on his back was to big and the doctor wanted to carve it open to see whats inside.

Finaly Spider-man relaxed. "Now we know what it is thats happening." Spider-girl smiled "You can relax you will not look like a future Quasimodo."

Tom grinned "Thanks but what is happening then. Why am i looking like a human version of a camel."

Spider-man "its a coocoon. Your body is thingling and you have pain all over your body right"

Tom nodded "yes. Not mutch pain but yes." Spider-girl patted him on the shoulder. "Right now you hole bone structures is re-aranging itself it becoming kind of hollowed making you weight less then you should"

Spider-man continued "Your muscler is also adapting but not that mutch. And i would expect you to feel a bit pain in the eye as they are aslo begining to change." he frowned "from my test a prodetiv lins inside your eyes are being created that will protect you eyes. You might be blind a day or two or a week or so when that realy start but dont worry when the lins is fully form you vision will return you be quite hawk eyed." He said grinning.

Tom swallowed "hawk eyed" Spider-girl "Your eyes are adapting itself to long range vision. And your Respitatory system is also changing to adaped to hig altitude." Tom blinked "What is happening."

Spider-man now grinned so mutch that they couls see it right true the mask. "You are growing WINGS. Real angel like wings. I seen many mutants with this mutation. The first i meet was old Warren warrington the III he hade bird like wings on the back like a angel. the other was Angela she hade insect wings like a fairy.

Then Beak but less said about him the bether "the doctor swallowed "Wings.. REal wings"

Spider-girl nodded "yes. Real wings if im correct the ability to FLY like a bird should be his with training.

I wonder if it the bat version or the bird/angel version. "Spider-man nodded "The bat version is a bit demonic in its nature but good. but the angel version is far superior as you can more esy move around. Of course it might be a insect version"

Tom swallowed flight would be his. He frowned "If their is a god he must have a sense of humor" he said sighting.

Spider-man blinked "Why" Tom "ME the actor playing SUPERMAN growing wings."

They laught.. Tom frowned "being a actor might be difficult now. Not mutch rolls for a guy with wings."

Scarlet spider hanging upside down from the roof "You can play angels on shows. Or demons or big fairys.."

Tom frowned the last did not sound fun. Spider-girl blinked "Or you could become a model agien."

Tom nodded... Atleast he would be finaly complet. the Doctor looked pale. "Flying flying human thats incredible"

Scarlet-spider grinned "Wonder what you secret agent boss will say"

The doctor nodded "Oo yes." Then he blinked. "Crapp your not suposed to know that"

Spider-man rolled his eyes. "Sure sure.. We know that the agency knows that we know about you. The only one that do not know that we know that the agentcy know that we know is you"

The doctor blinked "What." Tom blinked "Eeem thats what did you say"

Spider-man grinned another mind confused his work was done. Scarlet-spider giggled her big brother was so silly somtimes.

Spider-girl shoke her head that was to stupid thing to say. She wished she hade done that..

Spider-man "Well i exect the blindness to happen in a day or two and you will be blind between 24 hours to uptill a week. So see that you have sombody you trust nearby all the time."

Tom swallowed "I will." The doctor "I could help you the president did order us to stay away and NOT kidnapp you are a to public person after all. But i can if YOU say so give you a crew of dedicated medical and nurses to watch out and help you"

Tom looked at spider-man "What should i do" Spider-girl answer him. "Do it. We can dropp in and help you if anything happens. Beside we must do that anyway to ensure nothing baad is happening." She frowned "Look at the DNA match on the X-geen." she said to Spider-man..

SPider-man blinked "Alright thats impresiv more changes then."

Tom swallowed "What.."

Scarlet-spider blinked she hade no idea what that was about.

Spider-man looked up. "You X-gen the mutant ability come from is almost 99% identical to Warren Warrington from the other realty i mension him."

Tom and the doctor nodded. Spider-girl continued "Warren power made him turn Blue. So your skin might be turn a bit smurf-ish."

Tom blinked "blue.. if its 99% then crapp blue"

Spider-man "Or not remember a Chimpanze is almost 99% identical to us humans.."

The doctor blinked "Wait a moment IF human mutantions pop up during moment of incresed radiations What about Apes."

Spider-girl nodded "Their have been example of mutant animals specily apes. A criminal namned Red ghost used a team of four apes that hade diffrent mutations and some have incrised Inteligents."

Scarlet-spider nodded. "New york Zoo have one of those he is soo cute can change form and he is human IQ realy smart.."

Spider-man "The IQ is the result of manipulation a criminal incrised it to make a slave. But it did not work most of the super-apes are dies by stress the increse of Inteligent was not a genetic change but artifical stimulation cybertech it simply pushed their brain to far.

But in the wild their have been seen wild super-apes"

Tom blinked. "Thats realy intresting.. And scary and what has super apes do that have to do with my wings"

Spider-man groned "Doc you pushed us of the topic. Simple in genetic 1% is the diffrent between human and ape. And in the X-gen the diffrens in power and ability is just as big."

Tom nodded "Ooo. I see. Mening you have no idea whats going to happen"

They all nodded happy.. Tom sighted "I see."

In sunnydale 1½ day later..

Sunnydale University.

The proffesor smiled "Well Mr Parker how would diffrent mutants physology change the way first aid would be used."

Xander sighted now then HE knew they knew he hade confronted them and ass a class they hade started to realy learn he cheared his knowledge and the profesor taught them more.

The hole class was more focused the boring moment hade become more fun as the profesor hade him tellthem storys about diffrens chemical and medical problem a doctor could face while caring about a mutant. "Well first their is diffrent classes. The Physical mutated and the mental mutated. The mental is realy not effected. But us Physical is somtimes.

Specly if we have extra organs arms or wings. Some Mutant are changed have animal traites. The furrs or the ferals. Others have extrem strenght or skinn tuff as a bullet profe armor."

The profesor nodded "Right so in dealing with hurt mutant a doctor must be well verst in creativ thinking. If you face a mutant with four arms and he have a stabb wound in the cheast near the heart what whould you do. Andy"

Arny swallowed "I i would directly putt a first aid bandage. to stop the bleeding from emty the area around the heart"

The profesor frowned "Realy."

Bob Arnseen also called bip raised his hand "If the guy have four arms then his iner organs might be placed diffrently. So the first thing wold be to check how strong the bleeding are. OR witch way the blood is flowing.

It cold be a lung hit instead of a near heart "The Profesor smiled "Good thinking mr Arnseen. What do you say Mr Parker."

Xander nodded "Thats good... I also would be carfull a mutant with four arms and in pain might struggle more effectiv then normal human wounded like that"

The profesor smiled "Good remember that a wounded person MIGHT be in panic and a strong mutant could ripp you aparth"

Xander nodded "Remember be carfull."

The class nodded and toke notes.

Thanks to Lily mistake they knew perfecty well that sunnyD was filled with Vampires but Xander hade more luck then ever before most of the class where dedicated to keeping his secret.

And others realy liked to become mutant themself.

Xander sighted soon he would drive to La and check up on Tom. He wonder what the girls where up to..

At the Jocye summer home.. Hope grinned as she and May rushed in "we found it." they both said Buffy "Realy. Put it one."

Hope nodded as she conected the computer to the TV.

Jocye walked in not suprised in seing Buffy and Faith that moved back. But suprised in seeing May, Hope, Tara-F and Tara-m Lily and Ander all sitting waiting egerly.

"O'my" She said "What are you doing." Hope grinned "We have a copy of Lobsterman the moive that made gave our Mom Mary-Jane a movie star carrier"

Jocye blinked "Realy"

Hope nodded "We also have evry episod of the soap operas she stared in. And some movie clipp of Dad the FIRST Spider-man"

May nodded "yea but now we are going to see Mom in Lobsterman the movie. She play the girlfrind."

Jocye sighted she realy shold not.. "I like to see that move over girls" Work cold wait one day after all.

A Three day after the last medical check up..

Tom waked up it was dark inside pitch black. He blinked looking for the watch but did not find anything in the complet darkness around him.

He frowned he could sense the warmth of the sun on his face. He was blind "HELP ME" he screemed.

Moment later his nurse and doctor rushed in. "You called"

Tom nodded "I seem to have a small case of bliness." He joked but he was afraid.

The doctor "Im going to sitt next to you. if you see anything tell me" He said and sattdown. Tom could feel his body neaby and it made him calm. Sombody was their he was not alone in the dark.

Finaly the doctor spoke up. "You did not see anything" he asked.

Tom "No what did you do"

The doctor "I used a pen lamp on you but.." Tom nodded "Call the spiders.."

Later. It was night when they came knocking on the window it could only be them.

Tom satt listning to the radio sitting in a chair he feld helpless. Scarlet-spider frowned he looked so weak. "Hi.. Dont worry we help you"

Spider-man nodded then remmber "We will help you anyway we can"

The investigation was completed faster then he expected and they even messured his brain activity took blood and looked him in the eyes. Atleast he belived that they did that.

Finaly a more happy voice said "Well You will be able to see in about five to six days thats the good news."

Tom swallowed "Whats the bad news."

Spider-girl "We can't do anything to hurry up the proces you have to waith."

Tom sighted he felt like crying screeming demanding but all he could do was sittback afraid what if they where wrong.

"five to six days" he asked.

Spider-man "Yes." In realty they hade estimated it to be four to five days but telling him it this way would give him more hope and not make the last days of blindness to nerv wrecking.

Scarlet spider patted him on the shoulder. "you could always catch up on your readiding.. Or TV watch. I be quite now"

Strangly Tom laught "That was the worst way to make me calm that i have ever heard. Thank you strange but it did work." it realy did The kid did it now he cold laught about this. "I think i will ask some blind teatchers to teach me what a blind person need to know.

Even if its only temporarly it would be good right "Spider-man grinned "in that you are correct. Doctor" He asked.

The doctor smiled "We will see that he get the best tuturors right away"

Spider-girl "No that takes time. hire some lokal talant its faster and faster is bether that way."

The doctor nodded "you right quite its after all not permanent." Tom nodded "right.. And this will teatch me more about how other live their life."

In sunnydale...

"Cant toutch it" Spider-girl said teasing the angry vampire as she jumped around dodging it.

Scarlet spider blinked "Alright wait a moment" She said writing down her autografe "Here now can we fight"

The vampire looked at the autografe and nodded "yes i will make you my child and i will fuck evry hole in you i love you scarlet you be my sexslave"

"EEeeeUUUUUUU" Scarlet screemed she hated vampire fans they where all pervert and child abuser. she staked him realy fast.

Spider-man sighted "Now you know why I Dont write autografes to undead"

Scarlet-spider shivered "So so Icky. Sex with somthing dead uuuu like never ever"

Spider-girl nodded "Well now the big guy"

They looked up infront of them was a big demon that looked realy angry that its minion was dead. "Rargh i will kill you.. Folish super-humans im imortal only a slayer can destroy me. Or a god killer weapon"

Spider-man blinked "Would a Troll-hammer work" The demon frowned "yes why"

Spider-man grinned "And you girls said i was stupid for draging this with me"

He said taking the BIG hammer he hade tight on his back forward. It weight almost as mutch as he did.

The demon paled... "Thats thats"

The spiders all grinned as they spoke like one. "A troll hammer"

later. Buffy frowned "Hi guys did you find the demon"

Scarlet "jepp its dead" Faith frowned "How come giles said only a slayer could kill it"

Spider-girl and scarlet giggled "And the demon included god slayer weapon and troll weapon"

The slayers watched a grinning spider-man walking forward holding a slimy hammer over his shoulder. "Im da man" he said..

Spider-girl turned to Her family "You me and Charger are invited to the Play boy mansion tomorow. And we can bring guest. Im going to ask Tara-M if she like to come along as long as she agree on hiding her face. And identy..

And i know Charger will ask you but are you going "Spider-man sighted "yes my girlfrind is having her picture in the playboy magazin sure I Am going. But i realy am not happy that you my sister are doing it.."

Buffy "But your girlfrind is alright" Spider-man groned "yes no well. It will make the other boys know how lucky i am"

Four days after the last medical Check up.

The Doctor and Linn his teatcher in being a blind and also a blind girl was talking about the Big demands UN hade order the nations to during the atmoic colision when the astroides would come to face earths Nuke.

They hade order almost all Nukler plants to coold down on standby and most civilans building would be out of eletricty.

Just to stop the EMP puls that it wold result it.

Thats when he saw it. A small spring of light.

Tom blinked the light looked dusky dusty around him. He could not see anything just diffrent between light and dark.

He grinned "Guys. I i can see dark and light.."

They turned to him "Realy" Linn said Tom grinned "Realy just diffrens between light and dark nothingels." the doctor nodded "I will call the spiders."

A moment later he came back inside the spiders hade told him about the lie to stop Tom from becoming to stressed he agreed.

"They said it was suprising but not that mutch. You sight will return somtimes next morning. And no you need you sleep"

Tom grinned "I will not be able to sleep. Do you have any sleeping powder for tonight"

The doctor nodded "I have.. they are safe ackording to the spiders. But i like to test somthingels."

Tom frowned "What." The doctor "meditate. if that dont work we use medication"

Linn nodded to herself "Then i will not be needed anymore" Tom "NO i still like to learn brail so plese stay a while."

Linn smiled somthing the two blinds cold not see but she was happy she realy liked to hear how this story ended.

Next morning Tom woked up strangly the meditations hade put him to sleep. He hade to remember that metod it was great.

nervusly he slowly opend his eyes. And blinked.

The light blinded in a painfull moment then evrything was blury slowly it came in foucus he could see agien. "Mental reminder Do not look directly in to the sun" He hade open his eyes and looked directly in to the sun mistake nr 1.

But now he could see.. "YEES YES YES YES.. Finaly YAY" he took a deep breath jumped up and started to dance. "HAPPY days are here agien. I found my trill on bluebary hill on blue bary hill"

The door opend and a grinning faces of the doctor, the nurses, spider-girl, Spider-man and scarlet-spider rercording it all with a Video could see him dance away the morning in only a pair of shorts while singing bluebarry hill.

Later in the morning. They where sitting around the table eating food.

Linn was listning to evrything. Spider-girl and Spider-man and Scarlet-spider was eating the mask partly removed over their mouth and nose.

And he was looking on evrything even the food before eating it. And the smile he just cold not remove that.

Spider-girl grinned "The world have never been so butifull as it is right now"

Tom "No its so wonderfull." He blinked "Now thats a big scar" he said looking at Spider-man. That frowned.

Tom "Ops i i. Did not meant to but it looks like you have a big one in your face"

Spider-man frowned "you can only see my mouth and it starts just above the lipp what make you think its longer."

Tom frowned "The way you smile. A part of that side is constantly streatch up. In a grinn. And you kind of move you head diffrently like you are afraid that somthing painfull will happen on that side. Like you hade a old wound that took time to heal and it was painfull to move the head a long time afterwards"

The doctor frowned that he did not notice or still could noticed.

Spider-man nodded "You are right. During my last batle with Lady Magneto she used a rosty pice of steel and tried to carv my head in half. It left a big wound that was infected normaly i dont get scaar but that time the flesh in part of the wound actuly started to rutt." The Doctor frowned "What about Antibiotica."

Spider-girl "Would not work. Thanks to overuse mainly by americans like in this world incredible amounth of sickness hade become imune and well let just say death numbers becuse of sickness have incresed"

The doctor swallowed he heard about those teoris but.. "I see." he wold have to report that. Even if they could not officaly DO anything they still tried to track down the spiders.

Sunnydale was suspected but the agents inside ensure them it was no spiders intheir.

Beside evrybody knew nothing ever happend in Sunnydale. Tom "But you survived did you lose a eye or somthing"

Spider-man "No my spider-powers did beat of the sickness and it healed i will probly have a scaar the rest of my life but the smaller parts is healing and will be disiparing nut mutch but some of it"

Spider-girl shivered "IT was so scary they hade to carv away flesh from his face and skull and"

Spider-man "let us eat instead." she said she did look pale around the mouth.

Evrybody nodded and looked a bit green in the face.

The Doctor "What happend to Lady Magneto"

Spider-man grinned "She was send running by charger" Tom sighted "Well thats that.. Now what"

Spider-girl "Well now the doctor will do a check up on your eyes."


The doctor stood infront of a small eye chart "Alright read the next line"

Tom "A, C, F, 5, " The doctor interupted him "You have perfect long range vision atelast that was the most lower part of the bord. Impresiv"

Spider man "Long rang vision.. Like a bird of prey." Spider-girl gave him a papper she hade printed "Read this"

Tom nodded then blinked "I i cant see its to blury" he said trying to hold the papper a bit away from his body.

That did work "If i hold it like this i can read it." He frowned he hade to uses his arms fully stretched and hold the papper away from him.

Spider-girl nodded "Short range vision is bad" Spider-man "You need reading glasses."

Tom "Crapp.. Now i will even Look like Clark kent" They laught..

Tom "Well about the backback when will it burst open" Spider-man "I have no idea yet. But i think two weeks or so. It still growing biger and biger so you have problem sitting on a chair before that happens"

Tom sighted "Well so now" Spider-girl "we wait"

Tom nodded and smiling he walked out on the balcony he cold see so far away right now so incredible far away even see detail on ground and they where on the topp floor. "Guys i can see the ground. I mean realy see detail of the ground"

he blinked focusing he could almost read the papper topp line on a new papper a guy was holding. "I can alost read a papper that guy with the black costum is holding"

Spider-man grinned "eyes of a eagle" Scarlet nodded "And body of a hunk..."

they looked at her.. "Did i say that aloude." she said blushing. Tom laught "Thanks but your to young."

Sunnydale five days later.

Buffy sneaked forward the enemy was far worst then she ever could imagening.

her gun was held in a firm grasp. Their she saw one of them from her crawling position she jumped up shooting shoot after shoot from her painball gun.

Hank blinked as his daughter filled his face protection filled with paint. he grinned it worked.

As Buffy was shooting him full Giles and Jocye jumped up from the side shooting at Buffy..

Buffy "eeep.." crapp they got her to. NOW she understod what Faith hade said about sneaky old freeks of nature..

Giles sighted "Its your own faulth you are to sure of yourself. I mean Jocye and me have no gun training and yet we deffeted you the mighty Slayer. It a shame right"

Hank nodded. "Well you made the deal Buffy IF you and Faith lost then the two of you will train MORE and longer."

Buffy sighted "But daad thats so unfair" Hank nodded "Maby but IF training keeps you alive then Train you will."

Buffy sighted and walked out. Faith rushed forward "So did... You lost"

Buffy nodded reminding faith "So did you.." Faith nodded "I never expected them to use Jocye as a bait. They did the same to your"

Buffy "yes but they used dad. Sneaky old guys"

Faith groned "More training. Less party then"

Buffy nodded "More training and training we are going to die all traing and no fun"

Faith nodded life was just not fair.

Beside them a sad Hope in her Scarlet uniform walked up.. "They said and proved i need more training. You guys"

The two slayer nodded. "us to.. Well atleast we will train toghter" Buffy said Hope was a fun kid.

Faith sighted the older spiders and giles where slavedrivers specily during training.

Life realy was unfair but it felt good she knew they loved her and she was part of a strang and dysfunctional but loving and caring family.

one Week after the last medical check up....

It was raining outside realy pissing down cold wett rain.

Spider-man crawled alone inside "Hi whats happening" Tom held up his hands "This" he said looking down. His feet now hade claws sharp bird like talons he could grasp things with.

Spider-man blinked "Ooo.. Well lets see." He said packing up the computer and medical equipment.

Tom sighted "Well why are the others not with you" Spider-man "its raining and they asked me and im a sucker esy to fool"

Tom actuly laught "Well poor guy."

Later. "Well thats that" Spider-man said "I could see some strange energy spark inside of you. I like you to think about your hand thing claws think making them strong"

Tom frowned he realy wanted to make his feet normal but. He focused concentrated and to his chock his hands now ended in claw like talons. "What i i"

Spider-man "Calm down think about changing them agien turnd them in to normal hands"

Tom nodded focusing slowly his hands mealted and was normal soft human hands agien. "Good i was afraid i would end up with talons claws for hand. That would be clumsy to use"

Spider-man nodded "If im correct you can do that to your feet. Also but having them like that will make it esy for you to land and hold your self in place. And i think your grasping strenght is extremly strong in that form. Think bone crushing grasping strenght in the hand and the feet"

Tom swallowed "Lift capacty." spider-man "NO only extrem strenght in the hand and feet when you grasp and hold things in talon form"

Tom nodded "oo.. thats good then."

Spider man nodded "changing form and strenght would make it less likly that you crush sombody by accident but you still need to train using yor new strenght."

Tom nodded his hands in the talon form was scarry and vicius looking.

And the feet in talon form was just as nasty and difficult to walk in.

He would have to re-train himself a loot. Just lucky that he could change himself back them back to normal 'human' feet and hands.

Sunnydale about the same time.

dodge, Kick, Jump, spin-kick, slam dunk, Stake, stake, stake, stake. Buffy grinned now that the way to kill a vampire. she turned over and watched Faith wawing the old sword that was a god slayer.

her own Wasahi she hade left at home it was over kill but now she regreated that..

But she cold handle it.

Faith was having a ball attacking and dusting Vampire like they where going out of style.

Slash, Stabb, kick, cutt, slash, stabb, stake, stabb. She held the sword in one hand and a stake in the other and moved like a wirvlevind true the dust of fallen vampires.

her sword evry slash cut of a arm/legg or a head. Evry stabb or stake dusted a vampire.

Around her was a small mist of dust and the screem of wounded Vampire that Buffy took care about.

This was da life.

And beside them Spider-girl and Scarlet was webbing and staking just as mutch as they where and the number of vampires seemed endless all in all it was fun.

Arkeda the Mighty vampire Mage swallowed nervusly the Slayers cutt down his slaves like they where toys.

He himself was young for a master Vampire just five years. But his Mage skill while still week he hade ONE strong abiltiy.

And that was controlling the UNDEAD. Becoming a undead hade only incresed that ability.

So enslaving fifty vampire then go to Sunnydale become famous as the new Big Bad hade been his master plan.

WHo knew that the Slayer was not The SLAYERS. Who knew that the slayers hade body armor protecting them.

Who knew that the slayers used magik weapon. Who knew that the Slayers hade a Fire trowing mutant with them.

Who knew that the Spiders worked with the Slayers. Who knew that the mutant girl Charger worked with the slayers.

>From one side the slayer where fighting their way towards him. >From the other eletric lighting fried them and fire burned them.

And on the side of the Slayer the Spiders where shooting webb glued them stuck.

Arkeda swallowed the lighting using and the fire using Mutant where even toying with them more or less driving them towards the slayers and the spiders and their dusty and permanent death.

Unlife was just not fair.

La 1 week and four days after the last check up.

Tom satt still on the floor he hade difficult to move it was not painfull anymore but difficult the bag the coocoon growing on his back was as big as he was.

And it was pumping with fluied and other things. It hade become more and more grey and evrybody could see that it would burst at anytime.

The doctors where absolutly fasicnated by this.

The spiders finaly arrived.

And they said just waith. Spider-man grinned "It look like you will burst the coocon about the same time the astroides gets nuked."

Tom grinned the time of the darkness. Most civilian buildings wold have a short out to stop anything eletronic from becoming fried in the following EMP-puls.

Around the world 99% of the eletricity inside the citys wold be turned OF to stop that from happening.

It was scarry and they would be able to see the exposion some where out their in the deep of space.

He was glad they hade a big balkong. The Doctor frowned "The coocoon is it ready now"

Spider-man frowned "It i will open in a day or so but yes it fully growned."

Tom blinked "You are saying that you could burst the coocon NOW and i would not have to waith"

Spider-girl nodded "You could do that. But its like wrong why rush it."

The doctor sighted "Becuse the darkness i think he likes this to be over before then."

Spider-man frowned "Alright lets investigate the blood conection between the coocon and your body should be severed by now. If so then we poke a hole in it."

They managed to do that in less then a hour.

The coocon was now only dead flesh hiding loots of blood, water and his wings.

Spider-girl backed away "You can cut it open now." Spider-man nodded "you sure you dont want to wait and lets nature do it."

Tom nodded "im sure its only what 12 hours or so before it would happen"

Spider-man nodded then drew a sharp knife that he dipped in a fluid to stop infections. "Sittdown. This will not hurt"

Tom hade a hard time to belive that as the knife suddenly stabbed him in the coocon.

Fluid blood and other icky things floted out like a river. Spider-man jumped free from the small and icky floodwawe and Tom blinked "That did not hurt. I did not even feel anything.."

Spider-girl nodded "it was only dead leather now." She looked it was impresiv.

The wings was like a bird huge wings the fethers where white with blood-red spots on the tips They looked incredible.

Slowly water was dripping of them and they dryed fast in the hot sun. Tom flexed his new limbs the wings responded and stretched themself out his feet and hands turning in to vicius talons.

The doctor blinked "You look like a angel a real war-angel." The red spots made it look like the wings was dipped in blood a awsom and awe inspiring thing to see.

Scarlet nodded "Oo wooow talk about yber Hunk"

The nurst swallowed "Buying a clodes will be difficult."

Tom grinned "im ritch i can hire a tailor" he started to wawe the wings faster and faster a storm wind was blowing around him when spider-man jelled "Stop it. You can train flying later."

He stoped they where right. "Im sorry" He was hole now finaly evrything fitted the dreams he hade his hole life to fly free as a bird. Finaly he was HIMSELF HE was Tom.

He was Preybird. He giggled.

The others blinked.

Scarlet "Why are you giggling." Tom grinned "Stupid i just wondering what kind of namn i would have if i was a super-hero and well Preybird.. It sound silly right"

Spider-man grinned "No sounds good. A tradition in the world we come from HIS to have a extra mutant nanm that relates to your power.

Like Spider-man, Spider-girl, scarlet-spider, Charger. Even Firestarter have one and she is BORN in this realty."

The doctor nodded "Yes. preybird is a good code namn for you. Specily consider your mutation."

Spider-girl "The press will freek out when they learn that."

Spider-man nodded "Lets go home and watch the astroides at home"

They hade rigged loots of telescope up so that they could watch it. Now as they where done with Tom they could go home.

Spider-girl "We will see you later."

It was back to sunnyD for them.

The doctor sattdown watching the actor walk around his wings twitching now and then as he trained himself in walking sitting even relaxing.

A fighter with those wings would be impresiv.

Finaly A-day was NOW. 3 month left untill the Meteoirs would rain down on earth.

The nukes finaly was their ony hours remainded before Earth joined try to stopit would happen.

And around Earth powerplants stoped working as they powered down to stop the EMP puls from destroying it.

And it happend at the same time in all the city around the world. Washignton, New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Stocholm, Berlin, Mosca, Bern, Peking, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Canberra.

The light was gone as eletricty was cut of.

Only in the military bunkers protected from EMP the eletric light was seen shining.

ANd the alien recorded.

In the city Bern the international Untied Nations deffens was sitting the rader statsions around the world was seen here moniter the situation.

Evry camera evry telescope was recording.

The world was watching.

In NASa headquarder it was silent the scientist satt down some praying others watching the monitors with almost febrish intenity.

In the White house the president bowed down and prayed. In the Vatican the pope held his crusifix.

In Japan Hasiana watched silently praying for the future. In France Jean watched drinking a cup of whine.

In New York the Vultures was waiting to see what would happen. They where ready to move out.

And on the street silent was ruling. Some gang used the darness to steal to rape to burn.

But mostly it was silens as fear suddenly held their gripp on the human heart.

Even the vampires where silent as the hour came closer and closer.

In Sunnydale..

"Yo Hurry up with the drinks" Faith screetched. They where sitting on topp of the Mayor mansion only the gang even the mayor now the final group was their.

Even one of the Mayor pet Vampires where they a bit afraid but a peach was held for now.

Jocye smiled "So any one like a beer. Hank, Giles, Faith, Buffy, Xander, Rickard, Hope,"

They all staried at her.

She shrugged "Its the begining of the end. A beer will not kill them" she said.

Lili blinked "Give me one thanks" she said trying her first beer. Ander blinked "I i dont think i would like one.. Do you have Jucie" Rickard nodded as he gave him jucie. "So how long time."

Xander looked at the watch "Fifteen minuts. DO NOT look directly at the first exposion with the telescope you might go blind then"

They all nodded moving away and looking up in the night sky.

Somewhere out their in the darkness of the sky thousend of atomic missiles where flying towards a rain of deadly astroides.

and the minuts moved like in slowmotions. Hope swallowed trying a as she tried a gin tonic.

And then the exposion happend the sky suddenly turned in to day when the nukes expoded.

Ander screemed in pain his 3 eye where blinded a moment. The vampire screemed in suprises and jumped down the pool to turn of fire that burned him.. the exposion hade felt like a short burst of sunlight and put him on fire.

Xander swallowed he watched the fire burning in the sky slower and slower it burned out. His watch hade died by EMP-puls.

They watched in the Telescope the burning slowly go out. Then it happen short burst of lightning in the sky flashed.

Xander sighted "They are firering back. Probly aiming at any place with Eletric power."

May nodded "With the city power turned down they can identify them. Military post"

Hope "Power-plants." Jocye "Atomic power ships"

Buffy "Disney land" Rickard "The end of our civilication is coming"

Giles frowned "But im sure disney land is not a target." They nodded disney would be a unlikly target...

Rickard frowned "Well i guess its time to start moving to our hide out then" he would miss old SunnyD.

Xander nodded "It is. Crapp i will miss this place." The rest where silent watching the burning flames burning in the deep of space.

One by one the powerstations was turned on light post suddenly activates around the world the city starded to come alive agien.

And now a new game of waiting would start.

In Nasa..

What the hell was that. The scientist was baffeled somthing was coming somthing fast in less then two days it would arrive.

"The astroides are shooting back.." A baffled geek said.

The city Bern.

"The shadows I like a new analys of them. NOW" The head of the organisation screetch.

Astroides DID not fire back. The shadows could not be space dust they must be somthingels.

A scientist swallowed "Sir. During the explosion our team in Sydney manage to take this recording of the shadow. In the light it.. Just watch sir" he said activating the movie that arrived in less then five minuts ago.

The comander watched fear and shock filled him. The Shadows was more then dust it was even more astroides and behind them they could space ships hiden and clocked but the light and the EMP-puls hade made them visible if only for a chorst second.

The comander swallowed "This is a alien invasion. Call evry military force in earth tell them to evacutat. YOU" He screemed Pointing at a computer operator.

The man shivered "yes sir." The comander "I want you to find out what they are aiming at. They are firering at us. But what are they aiming at."

The man stared to push button and computer and radar stations around the world suddenly started to move following his orders.

"Sir they are firing at us. and at every atomic power station they can find. The bombs or what ever will land in exacly 45 hours and conunting."

The commander satt silent a moment. "Call USA call russia and China tell them evrything tell them to evacuate spread out any military forces they can. and do it NOW"

The soldiers the operators started to move calls where made profe where posted screeming begain and some refused to belive others where already packing and going.

At the same time in The Marvel Univers.

Peter walked slowly forward with his cane by his side Logan walked. He hade returned from a short trip in space to talk to the Kimyirlians.

Finaly Logan said the question "So how did it go." Peter sighted. "Not good. They think about their ships as fellow sentinals part of a family no way that they where willing to let us take a young ship away from home. Old ships often take their own life by flying in to a sun when the last of their biological family is dead."

Logan sighted "So mutch for gratitude the Kyirlians is out then" Peter nodded "yes. What about you"

Logan "We could esy get a robot build but what good would it do. They need somthing other they need big time help somthing they can use to build to repair equipment. It would take a starship to do that"

Peter nodded. "And we cant open a gate THAT big."

Suddenly the birds in the park fell silent a strong wind blowed sending chills in to evrybody the civlians moved fast away sensing somthing strange was going on.

Then the lighting started in the sky.

Finaly only Logan and Peter was standing alone in the park as a gate open in the sky.

Logan frowned "Asgard" Peter nodded "Wonder who it is"

Then they saw him Thor it hade been years sense he been to earth the living god of thunder landed infront of them.

"Greatings frinds. My father told me about your quest of help Spider-man. we have a deapth of blood and honor to both you and the X-men. Find what ever craft you can then contact us and the gods will open the gate for you" Thor said while stuying the man that once been Spider-man.

Time hade age him not mutch but still. And he hade only one legg now a steel protes replaced his missing legg. That was a pity Spider-man hade been a true warrior.

Peter grinned "Thanks." he said. Logan smiled "Long time no seen Goldi locks."

Thor nodded frowning a bit over wolwerins dissrespectfull tone but the human was to old to learn and a great fighter and alied "I will go now i have frinds i have not seen i years. Be well and remember help will be yours." with that he flied away.

Logan sighted "Goldie locks is a real drama queen right" he said while lighting a ciggaret.

Peter "Yes. But you have to agree that was one hell of a entrence.. Should you smoke here if a cop see you can get a tiked atomosphair polutions, Risking others life by cancer and all."

Logan grinned "Lett them try." he showing his claws while he was puffing away on his cigg.

Peter shaked his head as they walked forwad side by side. "So the Shiiri then"

Logan "I think so... Our help might be a bit late but" Peter nodded "Beter late then never."

Chapter 24

Two days untill the first attack on earth.

Two days untill a rain of dead was coming down on them. Jarod and Junior managed to find out the missiles was aimed at nuckler plants and airports and huge military bases.

Areas that where protected by EMP-Pulse or plases that leacked huge amount of energy the Alien could dedect from space.

It was destructiv, effectiv and simple metod. The Nuckler lunch hade more or less relived where the missiles weapons where stored.

And during the forced black out even a biger gift was given. Only importaint areas hade protection agienst EMP-Puls and the Alien responded shooting misiles back to earth.

NASA even managed to get pictures of the astroides. It looked like black balls probly stones couver in steel or other material then accelerated and shoot to earth ass a missile.

The force of the impact would give it the power of a small atomic bomb.

The Space laster started to shoot but it hade no real change it was made to slowly shoot down astroides or a small number of nuckler missiles.

And the alien shoot back this time a energy ray that destroyed the Space laser.

Hard times wold come their where rumors of military forces planing on using nuke the moment the alien came down on earth.

Atomic vinter indeed. Alien invasion was far more of a worry in their mind.

The Sunnydale crew hade camly walked to the airport and used the privat helicopter Rickard the III hade baught them.

It was a huge old military thing and even packed filled with passanger and pakages it still hade room for many more.

Xander sighted as he sattdown next to the pilot he and May both hade learned to fly airplan and helicopters they where not good at it.

But still they knew how. Jarod smiled grimly where he satt as a pilot "Ready"

Xander nodded weakly they hade warned Their class mates showing secret military information.

Hopefully they would evacuat.

Rickard Wilson the mayor hade stayed his days where numbered the magik bonded him to Sunnydale and he was a dead man walking.

Jocye sighted "im going to miss this place." Hank nodded. "it crazy alien demons vampires. And now running"

Hope frowned "We are not running we are preparing for payback."

Xander nodded "Yes Hank. As long as they are in space we on earth cant do NOTHING. they can shoot down anything we have.

The only deffense we have now is hide and wait. the moment they land is the moment we can start investigating and find a weckness"

Hank nodded "Still fells wrong" Giles nodded "Bloody right it feels wrong. But bether run and live today and kick butt another day."

Faith stared "Giles you said butt"

Jarod grinned as the helicopter lifted. They where flying towards the secret base the mayor created for them.

Xander been their a short while. It looked good. And they would have a loot of work before it was opererational.

Lockated in the mountain areas it New England it was cold compared to Sunnydale.

But it was good from a strategisk outlook hiden by forest and by mountain and still near Big rivers that would give them ocean acces.

To higup for anyflood wawes to drowned them.

It hade been a old military bunker once build during the 60th.

Some how the mayor evil contacts manage to steal/buy it from the goverment it was protected from Nukler war hade room for a hole garrision of troopers.

It hade no eletricity but that would not be difficult. They hade Tara portable generator and deep down a small water powerplant existed that feed on a undergrowned river.

They just hade to activate it remove the old broken part and it would be bether then new.

They hade the parts. It would just take time.

He hade plans on creating a Cerbro to track down mutants.

But power, food, and computer would have to be build. But that wold take time a long time.

he wondered if they cold do even half what he needed under only 3 month time.

May frowned "yo Brother stop brooding you look like Angel" Xander shrugged "Im not brooding im thinking. Making a cunning plan to... yes take over the world" He said and giggled like a crazy man.. May grinned.

Hope rolled her eyes. Big brother silly guy.

Los angeles.

Tom staried at the files Spider-man hade send him. Alien invasion. His lips where dry.

Best way to survive would be to run and hide. Or fly and hide.

They did mension a pick up place if he liked to join them.

Tom Welling took a deep breath and before calling the car renting agency.

He would need a biger car or the wings would be in the way. It was time to move.

New York.

The vultures nodded their head as they lifted and flying away from the doomed town.

It was time to join the spiders it was time to fight for biger values then ritches and joy of the fight.

Silver city New Mexico.

the O'Conner clan the hole pack of them was moving.

Evelyn O'Conner watched her children and her childrens-Children packing down their things and moving out.

With help of Spider-girl they hade convinced them on a long time camping expidition in the wild.

Only she and the other 'oldies' would stay home. That if anything hade created protest.

But her oldest surviving child boy hade putt his fist down and said THEIR life was almost over.

IT was time for the young one to fight not let them self be dragged down in death by old times.

Evelyn nodded he was right. Life was never fair you just hade to live with it. And if you did then you would find the wonder and buty in life.

But never ever belive that life was fair and just. No life was somthing that was hard and difficult but also wonderfull in its buty and deadly in its bite. Like a cobra.

Evelyn smiled she loved her baby boy but calling himself a oldtimer he was not a day over..

She frowned she was 19 when she gave birth to him and was now 99 years old.

SHe blinked her baby was realy a old gezzer. Evelyn sighted looking over the rest of her children of five kids only three was alive. The oldes she gave birth to when she was 18 died in sickbed.

The youngest was weackling about 70 years now and already dying of age. It made her sad.

She hade beter helth then he had. But her oldes living boy he was like her strong and healty for a 80 year old.

Slowly the clan moved out she watch them her grandchildren and her greatgrandchildren.. So many so so many it was a hole carravan of cars moved out.

They watched them drive out in the sunrise. Most would probly sneak back the moment they belived she was not looking thinking it was only the imagination of a old fool.

But the smart ones like Steve would listen and they would stay away.

Smiling to her children "Well kids now its only you and me now.. so what would you me to coock"

Like one they grinned and started to make request of their old mother.

It was like oldtimes.


The helicopter landed unseen by evrybody. Even the military rader hade not noticed it.

They where their. The base looked decerted only a mountain hill was seen but hiden under it was a landing paad for a helicopter or airplan.

A hole hanger ready to be used.

Xander walked out pushing his hand in a crack he found the hiden controll panell and pushed some button.

The base hade only batery power right now. he opend the door and walked in.

May followed him their was a manual pump mekanism that could be used to open and close the big helicopter pads.

Normaly a team of nine soldiers would stand and pump untill the doors open the elevators came up.

But three superpowered teens would have to do it by themself. It would take two hours or more.

Outside the other waited. Jocye looked out the pine trees where blowing a bit.

She could see snow. Beside her Buffy shivered. "Its so cold up here"

Faith nodded "Remind me of Boston. cold frezing." Junior "We northwest of Boston Faith"

Faith sighted "Realy O'joy.." winters would be cold then. Speciy up the mountains in the inland.

Finaly after hours the pad opend and a elevator slowly was lowered down carrying the helicopter with it.

The spiders continued to work swetting as they closed the gates behind them.

Buffy swallowed this looked like a toom. She could see many jeeps and even a small number of airplanes.

Fighters even. Faith frowned "Crapp when the Mayor said he was going all out he was not kidding"

May grinned "Well most of those are rather useless agienst any normal alien i seen. But they can be used to pick up passangers."

Xander nodded "yes. we need to find guys that can build things. We need maintaince personal."

Buffy "But cant we do that" Hope shoke her head.

Xander "No we are fighters. Once a team of scientist and worker is found they will do the building. And we will be part of the fighting teams."

Marcie nodded she to would most likly be used to fight alien. Faith grinned "What about the others"

May frowned "We have things they will be doing Waren Johnotan and Andrew and willow will be starting with the computers and electric wires in here.

we also have the need of food. A plant house the part is ready to be puttogether..

their are animals sheeps and cows and pigs that need to be taken care of even a fish farm. Giles i think you and Hank would help organise the plants and the animals"

Hank frowned but nodded "I think it would be best to putt Jocye in comand of the food growing part"

Xander nodded "Good. Me and May will work with the generator we have to put that in order first. Faith and Buffy you be helping them with the animals. Hope and Waps the two of you will be working carrying things."

He frowned "And Wasp. You are still hurt and pregnant IF you need to rest YOU ARE going to rest. Understand NO risk hurting yourself or endangering the child"

Wasp smiled happy that he cared about her. She was finaly begining to understand the real mening of frinds.

Hope nodded looking a bit tired a boring work but still. "yes." Buffy frowned but nodded this was no time to be picky.

Faith shrugged she seen worst. "Cant waith untill we get some workers to do that for us"

May looked at her "No faith evrybody that lives in her will be part of the work team. No mather what."

Ander frowned "What about me then" Xander looked up. "You will help the others with the animals. Lily will be helping Jarod with the hosbital room." He looked around. "Anythingels Ask Jarod he be supervising evrything. Even Me and May"

Jarod nodded "I have a good operational plan and i know this place bether then Xander do" he said grinning.

Beside him Riley stod he frowned a bit after all he realy chould have contact his superior but after what he found out. The best change he hade to serve his contry was by helping thise guys. "Well i go and fixt the sleeping room."

Jocye nodded it was cold inside "By the way where are we sleeping its frezing."

Jarod "In that big container we have made sleeping inside that Untill we get the heater active in the base they will be our sleeping and living room."

Buffy sighted this just looked beter and beter. "Correct me if im wrong. We have NO TV or entertainment up here. And no warm showers" No one corrected her. They hade only radio up here. And the warm bath and showers where not repaired yet.

Warren sighted he hade a baad feling about this. "One question.. Must we nerds help with the animals. Cant we just build a robot or somthing"

Jarod frowned Warren was a border line sociopath but right now he was on the right side and balansed carfully he would remaind that way. "We geek will have to help. And no we cant just build a robot. We need evry part we have as spair parts if anything breaks"

Warren sighted.. "Crapp." Jarod grinned "I would not be surprised if you manage to figer out a more effectiv way of handling the animals Warren."

Warren frowned and nodded he was a genius how hard could it be this might even be intresting.

Buffy blinked as she looked inside the sleeping container "Its like ONE bigg room.."

May "Look up their blankets seperath the girls sleeping room from the boys. The toilet is just outside"

Jocye frowned "And the bath" Hope pointed "In their. We can bath in warm water if we wait a long time. But not shower."

it was a small barrack gas heated.

Faith staried "I hope you fix the generator real fast Webb-boy."

Xander nodded. Buffy whined "We are going to suffer.. And live like stone aged barbarian."

Hank nodded it would be primitivit but somhow he belived it would be good for them.

Hope grinned "lets investigate get to know this place" And the rest of the day was searching true the place.

The animal sleeped under magik sleep and could be sleeping for more then a year.

So they hade time to build them a home. They hade food to feed a army for more then a decad.

The armory was small but diverse and amunition they hade a loot of. Tools and gizmos where evrywhere and they hade so far loot of eqipment.

Warren suggested that they would start building plasma guns from the blueprints they hade.

After all as long as the gun hade power a plasma gun like that would re-charged itself and never be with out ammo.

And if they build a small number of Advanced plasma guns they would never have to worry about recharge those guns.

The power in the Advanced modle came from a small power cell and the gun would work for almost five years.

Then a new power cell would have to be build. A power cell would take time and they hade only limid material but five advanced gun would be build Andrew would see to that.

And loots of plasma guns.

Of course they decided that normal guns would also be used who knew the aliens might be imune to plasma and fire.

And finaly the night arrived a tired group when to beed that night to sleep.

Only the Parkers where up.

Xander sight "night like this i hate our powers"

May grinned "I know." Hope "I never realised how boring it is."

Xander "Now you understand how we can do the supergig and still keep our grades"

Hope nodded "Nothing mutch to do" Their spiders power made it imposible to sleep between two to four times evry week or so.

They still needed to rest their body but the mind was free to wander think and read.

Hope sighted as she turned on the radio and they started to listen. "We realy should pack up books or somthing"

May nodded it was boring.

Radio talking -The goverment is sending out a warning to all civilians in New York, In Los Angeles, washington-Xander sighted interupted the radios long list of city after city "They send the warning NOW thats silly"

Radio continued -Dallas, to evaquat as fast posible. the citys will be in danger from falling astroids. This transmition will repat it self evry fifteen minuts-May grinned "They putt it on repeat brother." She frowned "They still dont say that its missiles yet"

HOpe nodded. "If they do nobody will belive them"

They all sattback and relaxed even if they hade no need or ability to sleep their body needed the rest.

And in the radio Loise Armstrong was singing -what a wonder full world.- as the countown to the war hade started.

Next morning..

Jocye woked up first looking around she first could not recognice where she was. Then it come to her.

She was inside a big container in the secret base they hade hiden in. Stiff she stod up. The bedd was not as good as the one she hade home.

Going outside the curtain hiding the 'girls sleeping room' she walked out in the 'living room' area.

She was suprised to see the May, Hope and Xander awake and coocking breakfast. "Good morning" she said.

On the table the radio was transmiting a warning to evaquat citys around USA.

Xander nodded "Good morning if we can call it that. They are saying the same in Canada and other contrys. As i seen the alien are aming at powerstastions and huge military postings"

Jocye nodded "But if they bomb nukler plants that wold be realy baad right"

May smiled bitter as she putt down a plat infront of Jocye "Yes. realy bad. Lucky mutants have higer recistans to radiations. But loots of normals will die."

Hope look sad but she was a optimist born with a unbreakable belife that in the end evrything would end up in a good way.

They ate in silece nothing mutch was needed to say. One by one the others joined them at the table.

Finaly Giles asked what nobody wanted to know. "When are the astroide or missiles crashing."

Xander sighted as he gave Giles a ugly look. "I dont know" Warren frowned as he calculated it. "It depends The first missile will strike Los Angeles about noon time. IN four hours. The last will strike New York exacly 12 hour later.

Buffy blinked "Why that mutch diffrence" Johnothan "The rotation of earth."

Andrew nodded "I think the 'missiles' are natural hunks of stone and minerals they have shoot out in extreem speed. A mass acelerator.

Probly shielded it from burning up during impacked"

Jarod frowned that was what he concluded he was impresed. "What make you think that"

Andrew "Thats what the Centaury used when they attacked the Narn its only logical"

Jarod blinked "I never heard about that.." Faith rolled her eyes. "Its a SF serie on TV. Babylon Five"

Jarod gave Andrew a impresed look "Still impresiv. I also think its so. They have a loot of ammuntion using a massacelerator"

Jocye sighted "I see. Well the black out was their way of finding out where the targets where right"

Xander "yes simply said. And NO the black out was a mistake that helped the alien attack. But consider the number of astroids we hade no choise but to use nukes."

Junior Jarod nodded "The astroides where probly a decoy to trick us to revile the limits of our military powers."

They where silent then. Hank finaly broke the silent. "I dont know about you guys. But me.

Im planing a wake. A day of silens." Giles nodded it was fitting thing to do as the world burned.

Xander sighted "Well i will have to go out and guide the Vultures inside. They are joining us."

Hope frowned "Alex i think it be best if i do that. You and they have past history and that might cause problem."

May "Hope are you sure they are criminals"

Xander looked at Hope then at May. "I think Hope is correct. They have tried to kill both of us. and we did arrest them humiliated them. HOpe have done nothing to them. She can more esy make them listen to the rules of this place"

May nodded. "I understand." she sighted. They hade more 'frinds' comming the O'Connor family/clan.

Hope grinned. "Dont worry i be carfull." she realy hated to be inside listning to the radio as the destruction started.

As food was finished she dressed her self in the Scarlet spider-uniform and took some warmer jacked over it.

And some long pants under the uniform.

The rest relaxed a while untill Xander and May decided to start work a bit on the Generator.

The rest remained listning to the radio as the countdown continued.


Hope was silen as she jumped from tree to tree down the mountain the snow was hiding the ground up here.

And the sky was clear the sun shining nothing looked wrong with the world it was scary.

Becuse the animals where silense. Probly becuse of the winter and the cold but she did not belive that they where afraid but things would solve themself.

Deep inside the base.. They worked in silens lifting huge hydrogenerator in their place.

Both of them was straining themself this was heavy the generator weight tons and they needed their combined strenght to even lift it.

The end of the world was coming in a way. Even if it was only the end of the current civilisation fear of the future was dominant as they worked.

May sighted "Atleast it looks bether then we expeded." Xander nodded "yes. A week or two and we have this up and running.

Could you hand me the wrinch" and they continued.

Toop level of the base. Jocye sighted listning to the radio reporting.

Radio -Warning civilans in Califonia near Diablo Canyon, Avila Beach, San Onofree, San Clemente evaquate the citys or hide in nearest nukler bunker Warning to civilians in the State of Washington anybody near columbia and the city of Washington find neares bomb shealther-Hank "Thats all the nuclear plants in Califonia and Washington. If they are hit."

Jarod watched the clock fifteen minuts to impacked. A astroid no four astroided hits on nuklear plants in a area with a geological faulth line.

If they hit the right angle the hole Califonia would sink. Junior mind hade simlar taught as he calulated the effects. The earth quack would be felt around the world if that happen.

Part of Asia would eventuly feel huge tidle wawes.

Giles wonder if they shold open the bottle NOW or later..

Hank shivered as he grabbed the bottle and opend it. "As the end come lets us drink to the dead and for the future."

They nodded. A dirty Xander and May walked in looked around before nodding and sitting down with the other adult.

May looked at Ander and Lily and Wasp and wawed them over. "Right now we are all adult"

Tara-M hugged May crying freely in her shoulder. Tara-f sattdown hugging Xander closer.

Buffy sattdown and grabbed Wasp hand hugging it seeking comfort.. Giles looked at the bottle as he satt beside Miss Parker Holding her hand.

Jarod and junior sighted watching the radio. And the countdown continued.

They satt and waited.


Hope jumped between cliffs moving in full spider speed. Finaly she could see the camp the Vultures was in.

"HI guys" she screemed.

They jumped up ready for a fight.

They relaxed seeing it was the kid spider. Scarlet landed beside them she hade her spider-uniform on but removed the mask. "Hi im Hope Parker Scarlet-spider." she said grinning.

Blacki shaked her head. "Hi im Blacki Drago. And thats Luke Drago he said pointing at his brother"

Hope nodded and waked over and shaked his hand. "You a mutant like me right"

Luke nodded "I prefere the term superior or Powerhuman." HOpe nodded "Alright. Hi" Some consider the world mutant to be a insult.

Marvin frowned "Why are the others not comming and get us." Hope shrugged "I ask if i could go. They said no so i begged and whined and cryied and"

Change-oda grinned "I get it. You convinced them."

Hope nodded. "It was boring. Beside Both may and Alex I mean Spider-man and Spider-girl knows that you guys can be trusted."

Fanny frowned "Realy we tried to kill them you know" Hope nodded "I know. But thats was in a diffrent world. This a new world why not be frinds you are all guys and a girl of honor." more or less but she did not say that aloud.

Blacki nodded his gang was abit ruff but they where all lojal to him in a way. "So Hope right"

Hope nodded. "yes" Blacki grinned "So how long have you been a spiders."

Hope "Not long my powers is still not completly fully mature they waked when i hade my 14 years day like my sisters did. And im still in training."

Fanny blinked "14. that wold meen they kicked our butt when they where 16.."

chang-oda nodded impresed he was a fully trained Shield agent that gone renegad.

They suddenly felt silent as strikes of fire where seen in the sky flashing over them.

Hope wispered "The first astroids" Then in the far distans where Washington must be the sky suddenly exploded in fire.

Blacki swallowed "Thats a big one.." Hope nodded "We must move now." She said jumping up on the toop of a pine tree and started tree hoping back in hig speed.

The vultures lifted up on their wings.

The sky was turning pitch black by the dust.

As they moved back jumping and flying a storm wind blew pasthem almost crashing the vultures where forced to land.

Scarlet smaller body where send flying by the chock wawe. her webb saved her as she crawled back to earth.

They moved now faster then ever. A half hour later the earth shock vibrations like a earth quack.

Fanny "What the hell. This place is stable no earth quaks." They knew somthing big must have happend.

Inside the base.

Jocye lifted the glass "To the dead and to the future." she said lifting her glass the strong Tequila gleemed in the light as the musik played.

On a small computer they could see the satelit photo Califonia was gone a mega quack hade ripped it lose and send it sinking in the pacific.

Now vulcano was burning and earth quack. Los Angeles where gone.

Sunnydale gone.

Washington was mostly intact but Pentagon was a crater and most goverment buildings where damaged.

The power-plant in Columbia was damaged by the astroide that misted it. And was now having a full mealtdown the safty fetured where all gone and it burned poisening the evrything around it.

Frinds and loved one. Gone. Like one person they swallowed the strong Tequila shivering and coffing as tears where falling.

If this was not the end of the world is sure was a good imitation.

And soon Arizona wold follow and then Texas Kansas, Nebraska. as the world turned more and more targets would be hit.

Xander looked at the mapp. "The alien missed in Washington and it looked like they mised two of the Califonia targets. Thats good." he hade a hard time to feel happy that the alien hade that good targeting capacity.

Jarod nodded. "yes. That is good."

Then the door opend and Hope walked in followed by the Vulture five. Blacki watched the computer paling.. "o'fu. Crapp. Look"

the other watched Califonia was gone it was burning and drowning in the sea.

Andrew sighted "The Japanees are transmiting warning of HUGE tidle wawes coming their way"

They nodded not suprising. The fall of Califonia would probly drown many asien city.

Marvin sighted "Move over." He said sitting down beside Xander. "I need a drink"

Xander nodded "Here you go" He said pooring him a drink "Im spider-man"..

Marvin nodded. "yea see the linkes in Hope and you. You have a nasty kick" He said grinning remembering the kick spider-man gave him that send him sleeping in to jail.

Silently Hope satt down. taking a zipp from juice. "I think we will win. Sure it will be hard but Humanity and Mutans will win and kick alien butt."

THey smiled nodding. Xander "I think you are right Hope."

Charli nodded she also was one that did not drink In her case she was to afraid to do it.

Who knows what she would burn if she got drunk. "I hope so. With out the goverment evil humans might actuly start to work toghter."

Silently they watched astoides after astroides falling down. In Arizone it missed the nukear plant completly. But the Hoower dam was hit and burst open flooding the land under it.

Jocye cried remmebering weeping as they spend their honymoon up there in Las vegas.

Hank swallowed would nothing good happen this day.

Giles sighted it was worst then he ever expected or belived it would be.

But what scared him was the fact that Jarod, Junior, Xander, and May even HOpe did not look suprised sad deppresed a bit.

But not suprised. they only knew about this two days and under that time they must have calculated and understod what would happen.

And still they hade not given up still they found the strenght to continue fighting hoping for the future.

He hoped he would find that strenght in him right now he just wanted to crawl in bed with Miss Parker and cry.

Wasp study the bottle and wondering where Angel and that bitch Cordelia was.

She missed them specily Cordelia she always said bad thing about how she was dressed.

She liked that Cordelia even helped her dress in a good way. She wonder if they even where alive now.

America was destroyed and the war hade not begin yet.

Secret military base in Montana.

"Mr presiden" The Mayor said in suprised he and the other Military leaders hade been talking for hours with other national leaders finaly he was joining them.

He nodded "Attention." He said. The room filled with military personal looked at him.

He study them carfully. "From this point USA is no more. Only United Nation of Earth. UNE. And Former USA is now part of that nation.

Erly today the treaty have been signed evry nation is part of it. And evry military force is now joined as one."

The military swallowed wondering what would happen now. The president continued. "We may have lost the first battle but we will NOT lose the war."

One of the general one with five stars walked forward "I am not the Military leader of North america. Canada military forces we will have to work fast to co-ordinate our deffense. Tomorow a russion team will arive and help us with cleaning up nukler wast. China have borrowed us about one million trained warriors to help"

THe men blinked but nodding. Right now Ryssia and China was only states of UNE like Usa was.

But the alien would learn the error of attacking Earth.

James former chife of CIA nodded his genetic treatment hade worked and now his powers hade manifested themself.

He hade the ability to teleport short distants. Around him other soliders where training and waiting.

More and more hade voulentaired to go true with the geneict mutation treatment. Geting the power and the ability to kick alien butt was driving them.

USA was hurt and bleeding to death. But its spirit would be reborn in UNE...

Humanity hade come together as one.


In the Watchers headquarter Weasley sighted the pain in his missin eye made it feel even worst right now.

the end of the world as they knew it. "Alright lets evaquat..." He looked around they hade started erly that morning and now they where mostly done.

London hade a powerplant and would be destroed by the astroid. A short moment he watched the big world mapp and wondering if Giles and the bastard Hank was even alive.

It did not mater right now. Hank hade cut out his eye. But he now working under the thums of MI5 got a new perspectiv on things.

He wonder if England would even survive this. Their hade been rumors about a United Nation of Earth..

And alien rumors of aliens. With one last look the head of the Watcher councill left the old halls and walked away.

Another place..

Angel screemed "WHY did YOU NOT ASK THEM For direction."

Doyle flinched "I do not need that. Im know exacly where i am. I AM NOT LOST AND STOPP SCREEMING"

Angel "I AM NOT screeming.. And WE ARE LOST. Look sign say Ottawa. THATS CANADA"

Cordelia sighted why why did she decide to come with thise clowns. How the hell did you manage to drive to Cannada by mistake.

How the hell did she end up in here. Yes she remember she wanted to see USA before it was gone.

And angel driving to Xander secret base was a one in a life time change.

The last change even. And now they where lost somewhere in usa no not usa in Canada..

Stupid male pride.

Chapter 25

It was a week after the bombarment.

All over the world energy was low. Powerstastions gone in the north civilan froze to death in their home.

Radioactiv wased rained down poisening the sea and the land. Combined with the gigantic vulcanos outside the area where Califonia once was.

Atomic vinter was a fact of life.

That was the down side.

The upside

Thanks to the radioctiv dust cloude the it was imposible to scaan after powerstastions.

Somthing also was missing. The HUGE amount of background radiation was missing.

The Gama was higer then normal specialy after rain. Cancer would be the number 2 reson for erly death.

Number 1 would be starvation. But the radiation was not as hig as is should be.

The beta and Alpa particles where nutrulised by somthing. And Some of the the Gama radiation was absorved.

Still the level of radiation was higer then what would be healty for the long run.

And United States of Earth finaly was formely namned United Earth Goverment. or UEG.

Declared martial law. Military was activly working to save as many humans as posible new powerstastions where build hiden and scielded using cloacking techology the spiders hade given them from his homepage.

UEG declared its capital for now to be in Island the iland hade survived the bombarment completly as they deppenden on natural hot springs for heat.

Weapons where being build in a incresed tacked the spiders even gave more knowledg of weapon.

Plasma guns. Higg Impacked armor pircing rounds. Diffrent types of battle armors.

New super humans where found and some created by the goverment by activating dorment X-gens.

Mutants where enlisted in the army on sight.

Earth armed itself for war.

Fear was hig among the civlians. But the military hade plans no way the alien would be able to land the moment they tried they would face the power of UEG military force.

And in the secret HQ of the spiders more preparations where being made.

"I cant do that" Buffy complained and whined almost crying. Hank sighted "We need somthing fresh to eat. SO either YOU stabb that pigg or I will do it"

Buffys lipps trembled "But but Daad he is a frind. We cant eat him" The pigg in question continued to eat food with no understanding on its soon to come bloody death.

Hank sighted "Alright go out Buffy i promis i will not kill Mr Oink" Buffy nodded "You promise"

Hank nodded "I will not hurt him in anyway." Buffy walked out after hugging Mr Oink..

As she left the room Hank sighted petted the pig and walked out true the other door. "Hi Chang could you help me. I need a pig killed"

Change nodded civlians the former Vultur taught as he followed Hank out to kill a pig.

In the deep part of the base Xander and May dryed of their dirty hands and pushed a button.

under them water started to fleet and heavy turbines started to move.

The generator was working and they hade power. Agien. May and Xander grinned giggels like crazy "Its ALIVE ALIVE" they scremed before lauging in joy.

Their base finaly hade power.

Hope giggled "yes now we coocking"

Tara-f nodded "Exelent.." And around the base lamps where activated heaters become active and joy spread as they finaly could move out from the containers and tenth they where sleeping in.

during the week Angel and Doyle hade arrived with a extremly angry Cordelia and a teenaged female hitchicker they hade picked up.

the part of the clan O'coner hade arived the family that May and Tara-F originaly hitchhiked with.

And eleven others.

The rest of the O'conners clan where gone moved away some to military protection.

some decided to live like savages. Others hade runaway to mexico of all places.

Dr Harry Steelborn. The doctor that helped Tara in Los Angels hade called them.

And him and his family was now with them. His wife Britta. And the children Gina and Lina teenaged twins identical twins 17 years old.

And Lana and keneth. also twins but not identical 15 year old.

Others like Tom Welling hade arived toghter with other frinds.

about five frinds and his girlfrind.

The Vultures on one of their scout flight manage to see a buss that crashed down.

They hade gone out to save as many as possible. Some of them hade died and the survivers where among them.

Fiften survivers they where a team of all girls college basket player.

As their trainers where dead and the city they come from was one transformed in to a nuckler waste land they hade stayed.

Jarod hade a hard time making evrybody understand if you did not WORK you did not eat. But he managed with the help of the the Hole O'conner all of them was working hard and made others help all they could.

Charger and Wasp and Angel was activly training evrybody willing to learn in the art of fighting and hunting.

It was hard work.

finaly Xander and May could relax a bit.

"So. What now" Junior said looking up at the taller two. May frowned "Wait."

Xander nodded "yes. If we contact the goverment they most likly will try to take over correct"

Junior nodded. "Yes. That wold be baad"

Xander "It would. Their plan is to attack the alien stop them from landing. From the vision Doyle have our only change of winning IS when they land and start to breed."

Junior "And the goverment will try to stop them from doing that" May nodded "You understand"

Junior grinned "I understand. Its good that they try it lessen the number we have to fight." he frowned "No it will not. The alien most likly will use decoys to trick us to attack part of their fleet they can survive with out"

Xander smiled "Exactly. Witch meen we are to stay outside. By the way This came in the E-Mail today"

May read it and blinked. "Thats incredible." Junior frowned "What is it."

Xander "It looks like United earth Gov. Know this they have seer also. They still are going to try. and they officaly order us to show ourself. But they also order me to stay hiden and if i like i can use this order to get reinforcment from any nearby military base" Junior blinked "Do you trust them."

Xander nodded "yes. The order is given to evry military organisation. The press is order to keep this secret. Or be shoot as traitors. They take no change that this can leak out"

Junior grinned. "If you like i can go investigate any nearby military post after personal that would fitt."

Xander nodded. "I like smart guys more then muscler..." Junior nodded "Anythingels."

Xander and may nodded "One thing. strange crystals are growing in growes evrywhere. They belived that the seed was hiden among the astroides. They like us to investigate it."

Junior frowned "have they not done that themself" Xander "Almost evry scientist is doing that. But they like us as we have experince with strange things to do a double check. They allready posted us their result but ask us not to read it untill after our investigations are done"

May "Im going to rest and relax for 24 hours toghter with my girl. You are doing the same thing Brother.. AFter that we can go crystal hunting"

Xander frowned but nodded. Junior smiled "You have been working extremly hard and done what suposed to take two week in only ONE. As a pretender i say go to sleep or you be useless soon"

Xander sighted and nodded. "Alright. Your frind Timmy said the same thing" he said talking about the man formely known as Angelo.

Walking true the base was diffrent now. More life and movment even if it was almost completly emty their was children playing.

Cleaning was going one a team of five girls where cleaning the corridor they walked in.

Xander blinked "Who are they" he wondered having not seen the former basket playing girls before.

May shrugged "No idea..." she said.

Later 30 hour later.

A shaved cleaned up and wake Xander walked in to the command room. "HI guys." he said. He saw jarod he looked tired and worned out.

Xander frowned "Jarod. Im the boss right" jarod nodded "yes.. Why"

Xander "You my frind are TO tired. We need you i could NOT do anything with out your genius for a help.

But you look like you are faling aparth.. I order you to rest completly for the next 24 hours. And let us and Junior help you.

Dont be on a ready call 24 hours. Im not.. Exept for emergency "A short moment Jarod looked irritaded then taught full.. The pretender blinked and laught "My good. i completly overworked myself with out realsing it.. You right im going to bedd." The pretender laught silly of him.

He knew the symtoms butt still he forgoten he even refused to lisen to the others. But now when one of the humans he consider a hero said it then he listend and he could see how tired he was.

Xander shrugged. "Well. Now then.. Blacki how the reparing and arms making going"

Blacki frowned "Good not great but good. We are building five nurishment tubes they will be finished by the end of the week" he said shivering a bit.

Xander groned as he lied "Fine im looking forward to tasting the result" Nurishemnt tubes was created as a way to grow food in starships and spacestastions.

In a bath of bakteria and nurishment a syntetic 'meat like substance' was groing. It looked like a slimy goo. But hade evrything a human needed to live in health. (If it was growned the right way) You could grow huge amount in a small area and theirby feeding many others.

A skilled coock could make the goo tast like other things make it eatble but even goo shaped and remade in to beef would tast Almost but NOT exactly like beef with a bad after tast most often.

So it was somthing they needed but nobody was looking forward to tasting it.

Finaly May walked inside. "Hi X. I asked blacki to send out a scout after some of the crystals.." She turned to Blacki "Did you find any" Blacki nodded "The moment you asked i told Luke to find one. And he did more then one"

Xander grinned "Thanks. Now the military issue." he said and they started to plan contact with the military.


Luke did find more then one crystal.

He hade taken sample from one. And left the other un toutched where it grew only a mile from the base.

Xander hade manage to get May and Tara-M to investigate that one. while he and Junior was going over the other one.

He also told them the crystals where growing almost evrywhere.

It was fascinating.

It was a plant a mushrum in away but still to diffrent to be a real mushrum.

For one it hade leaf. And it grev air roots as well as underground roots that looked to be extremly long.

The plant grew a crystals above ground. So far he hade found NO reson why it existed.

But the crystal plant drew up minerals and even metalic particals from the deep of earth.

And used that to build crystals above it. Those crystals fell of if they grew to big and the proces started from the beginging.

He could only find one reson why the plant hade those crystal. Exept that it was eneginered it hade probly started its existans with small crystals grewed as protection like a cactus. Then the alien found out and changed the plant made it grew BIG crystals.

IT was not a real plant anymore but instead a esy way to harvest not MINE mineral and metals.

All you have to do was pick up crystal chards from the plants. It even clensed the air from a loot of the radioactiv garbage that was now spread out.

Xander frowned that might be why the alien where so aggresiv. The incresed radioactivity helped make the crystal plant grew faster.

Now they hade esy acces to minerals and metals. But then on the other hand.

so did he.

It was a tool both frinds and enemy would and could use.

But it told him a bit about the enemy. 1 They where rutless.

2 They liked to use organick soulution to a problem. 3 They would be likly to use Bio-weapon in form of mutated monster.

Frankly he was impresed. The crystal would make it extremly simple to collect raw-material.

Even simpler alloy would be possible to collect directly.

Xander sattback. "What do you think May"

May frowned "I think thats all that we can find out about it. Should we look over the papper they send us"

Xander nodded and started to read.

The other hade more or less the same exept the conclusion of the enemys nature..

They also teorised that it might be eneginered. Xander and May knew it hade. Bio enginering left fingerprints. The more locked the DNA was enginered the biger prints but less change the Bio-Enginered thing would Evolve to somthingels.

This hade BIG fingerprints. Spontainius mutation would be imposible for the plant to do for generations.

May "Well i post OUR conclusion and tacktical belife of what the Big-Bad will do"

Xander nodded. "SOunds good. Im taking the parts over to Frank O'Conner i heard he is a hobby smith and a Enginer."

May nodded "Yes. Good idea. HE might find away for us to use the crystal as a rawmaterial. I think you should ask Warren and his gang to help. They are rather crafty and sneaky"

Xander grinned as he walked out. May ignored him as she wrote a report to the military her brother would read it and put in any comment or improvment then they would go work over it togheter before sending it to the military.

At the same time..

Hope grinned as she lead the other children both younger and older in their work.

It was hard work Jocye was a tuff boss. But it was good to do somthing with her hands.

She frowned as she saw one of the older kids was bumming around doing nothing.

Hope sighted as she puttdown her tools and walked over. "To tired to work" she asked.

The teen blinked she was between 15 or 16 "Why the hell should i do this. Its it. Its not fair."

Hope sighted another one. "Whats you namn" She blinked "Why do you care miss junior boss"

Hope waited untill she finaly told her. "Im Carolin Aritty"

Hope nodded "Well im Hope Parker. And question where do you think food comefrom"

Carolin frowned and rolled her eyes "They can grow it" Hope "They who are they"

Carolin groned "They the boss and his men." Hope nodded seeing where this where going. "The boss is currently working building Power-Generator. You know to get us heat warm water."

Carolin sighted "Alright but why should we do this. We are kids. its not fair"

Hope nodded "Life is not fair but you and all of us have a choise. Live with it OR die.. This is no longer a land of fredom and prosperity."

Carolin growled "I know that. Usa is gone to hell"

Hope grinned in a evil way "Exactly SO do you wante to eat THEN WORK. Im not going to grew food just to see YOU and YOUR family eat it."

Carolin blinked "I i." Hope nodded "Exactly All of us is working toghter to Survive. IF you are TO fine to perfect to do that. You can go outside its cold animals like wolfs are hungry a teenaged buffe like you would be just what they order as food."

Carolin swallowed "You cant do that to me" Hope "You agreed USA is gone. What would stop me."

Carolin blinked. Hope nodded "Exactly nothing. We have offer you and EVRYBODY a safe home here with US all we aske is for HELP. We help you. and YOU help us. Evrybody is working even the hig and mighty one are working building reparing and grewing food."

she looked at the other teenager that now was looking chocked. "You where a ritch kid right. Probly a cheerleader or somthing. Do you think you are superior to us ?. Im a genius intelectual counting.

And im still working. "Hope suddenly lifted Carolin up and stod by her side standing in a sexy pose. "Evrybody Am i Sexy. Am i Butifull."

Evrybody nodded and wolf wissles came from the other boys.

Hope turned towards Carolin "And im sexy. Just like you are. Do you see me lazy around."

Carolin swallowed "Their are days you dont work" Hope "No their is not. I work scouting outside after others that need help. I work by carrying things like heavy machinery weighing tons. This working in here is the closes thing i have to being lazy. And i still work"

Carolin swallowed she was afraid. "i i" Hope nodded "You have a hard time adaped right. Its a HUGE diffrent from what you are used to. I understand but we dont have time to play nice. We need what is we will grow in this place."

Carolin nodded crying. "Im sorry i" Hope hugged her "Now im not angry just tired. Now lets start working." she said and gave the other girl a frindly hugg. "Evrything will be fine evently. Just hang tuff"

ON the side Jocye nodded she would have a talk to Carolin later. Their where many such persons.

Man and women that belived just becuse they where ritch/smart specialdrunks they did not need to work. That they hade the RIGHT to be lazy.

That the strong hade the right to steal from the poor.

She remember what they told her about the first real problem they hade it was only two days ago still dark in most areas.

Charger hade told her .......2 days ago flashback..

Charger was currently walking around testing the eletrical system in the base. She hade supercharged her self as mutch as she could using the portable generator and was now a living battery.

The corridoers where dark but she did not care her flash light gave her the light she needed.

Suddenly a smal cry of pain made her jump. That sounded like a human. Charger rushed towards the sound as silently as she could.

It came from a room on the side. The corridors where dark so she turned her flashlight of.

As she came closer to the door she took a sneak look inside. A older pair and a teenaged boy.

their was two criminals and three victoms.

the criminals where one male and a female.

the male where kicking a older man the father. He was saying they would kill them make them dissipair rule of the strong and all.

While the female where stealing gold rings and other values from the mother.

The female was drooling as she looked at the big gold ring and the dimand it hade. "Ye come to mamma."

It was then Charger attacked sending the two crimials in to the land of the sleeping.

....Flashback ends....

Jocye sighted the two criminals would be judge later.

They hade no real court or ability to keep them in a jail. So Exile would be what they most likly punish.

In the winter the atomic vinter that was a death senctence. She sighted as one of the elders she where suposed to one of the judge and jury they hade.

She and Giles. They hade already seen the evidence and they aggred that the two criminals would be dropped outside with what they hade on them when they got here nothing more.

It was not a fair system but for now it was their only one.

Sighting she walked back she hated this.

The hole world she knew was gone. But now they hade power things would start improve.

She hoped. Looking inside she envid Hope.

She never let anything crush her spirits always boucing back Hope new things where bad and would become worst.

But the child hade a unbreakble belife that in the end evrything would be fine they would survive.

Jarod hade explained it to her "Hope is one of the rare types of humans a natural born optimist i only teorised about them. While she can be deppresed and sad or Angry.

It will not last to long. Evently she snapp out of it Finds a new reson to find joy in life her namn is fitting."

Jocye sighted.

In the work shop Xander finaly cornered a man that seemed to be imposible to find. "YOu are Frank O'Conner right" he said.

The man blinked then nodded "yea im Frank.." he looked curius at Xander and staired "You Spider-man" He said. NO way that scaar would be missed from the description he taught it would be bigger.

Xander nodded normaly his description now day where Black hair big scaar in the face.. "Yes. I need you help"

Frank blinked then nodded "Sure.. with what" Xander putt a huge pice of crystal almost a feet long "This. A alien plant that absorve minerals and metals and creat thise crystals. I belive its a living mining tool. All we need to learn is how to USE it."

Frank nodded "I see. Are you sure"

Xander "Its geneticly design to do exacly this. And i can see no way that it could be a weapon so minion tool is probly what it is"

Frank nodded gently tapping the crystal with his finger. His hobby work as a smith gave him the knowledge to recognise metalic crystals.

And his work as a proffesor in engenering made it a intriging challange. "I think i can do this. But i need sombody that knows Chemestry."

Xander nodded "My sister May is a mayor in Chemestry." He himself was quite skilled in that but May she was a wizard in chemestry most of the special form of glue and potions they used was her creations.

Frank nodded "As long as she is good in alnalysing and can follow orders. But one question I have a loot of other dutys. Reparing and making new parts." He said pointing at diffrent things he was 'black-smithing' to replace broken stairs and doors on jeeps.

Xander rolled his eyes. "THis will be a priority. If we know how to use it we might get a wekness that we can use agienst the aliens."

Frank smiled "yes.. Fascinating its layerd like a sandwitch minerals metal minerals metal minerals layer after layer."

Xander blinked the man hade completly forgoten about him. But it looked like he knew what he was doing.

It hade taken him longer time to see what Frank now noticed.

A week later.

Xander smiled "Well take care. I be back soon" he was currently sitting inside the smaller helicopter.

His frinds nodded wawing good by to him. And Hope was sitting beside him bounching in eger to get a change to go.

May looked at him smiling a bit sad. She was needed far more then he was. Her skill in Chemestry forced her to stay.

His skills where right somthing they could survive with out. Tara-F his girl satt beside the over eager Hope trying to calm her down.

With one last look he lifted and the helicopter was flying away. It was work and a hollday all rolled in as one.

Hours later they where their. New york or what was left of it.

Even flood wawes from the katastropies in Europ hade drowned a big part of town.

Atomic exposion when lokal nuclear plant where destroyed hade hurt the town.

But the harbor was too good NOT to be used. And the radioactivty was mostly on the safe side.

The town was drowning in crystals.

And the military hade created a big army base their.

Their still was living civilians here the town was not destroyed. And Xander grinned the twin towers where both of them hole.

Dad told him about them they hade been extremly fun to webbswing around.

He could see Hope eyes where glued stucked towards the two towers. "Sweeet twin wonder of webb-fun" she wispered.

Tara grinned.

"Hellow this is Helicopter 19.19.20 calling army base. Come in army" Xander said.

Finaly they answered "Come in 19.19.20 you are order to follow my direction and land now. Privat flights are forbiden at this point"

Xander gritted his theath "Affarmativ. Im following order 0023/WC 1300zz."

It was silent. Hope blinked "That was a stupid namn on a file"

Xander nodded. The voice was back "Repeat the code."

Xander sighted and read it agien.

Then another voice interupted. "This is Admiral Dupier you will land in landing pad fifty one. Welcom sir."

Xander grinned as he followed the radio beakon down. Tara frowned "What is a admiral doing in charged of a land based tropp"

Xander shrugged "They probly chose who ever was best fitt to do it. Many hig officers might be dead"


he climed out dressed as a civlian a the admiral was meeting him.

Xander frowned a bit it was a english general. And loots of chinees soldiers where around the base.

Not suprising China hade huge but primtiv army. And they borowed the other contry re-enforcement. As did india if he remember corecktly.

Xander nodded "good day. Im Spider-man."

Admiral Dupier frowned "i taught you walked around in a pyamas."

Xander grinned "If you like i can prove it." The admiral nodded.

Xander grabbed a lamp post with his hand and climed up using the palm of his hand while holding his body out horizontel.

then he climed back. "Profe" Dubier nodded. "It is son. I have a question. We need to know have you given us all the techical information in your computer."

Xander "The short answer Yes. the long No."

Dubier blinked. "What."

Xander "We have a loot of information that we copied from big terrorist organisations in the other realty. Some of it have been Coded and we have not yet broken the codes."

The admiral Dubier nodded "You could let us have a hand in doing that."

Xander shrugged "Sure we can e-mail you it. Other then that their is only some musik groups and i dont think that will help you"

Dubier grinned "No. Well why dont you intreduce me you the two young ladies."

Xander "Well thats Charger and this is" Hope almost jumped forward "Scarlet spider Hi"

Xander continued in a dry tone of voice "My sister Scarlet spider."

Dubier smiled "Well Are you going to steal any soldiers from me"

Xander nodded "yes and supplies... If i can i will even try to find scientist and steal them"

Dubier nodded grimly "Lets talk about that in more privat place"

Xander nodded so far the guy seemed to be on the up and up.

Hope skipped around. Happy to be outside the dark mountain. Tara was also glad but it was deppresing how new york looked.

Xander "O right Call me Alexander. Or make a short version evrybody do that"

Hope nodded "yes. I call him Alex. or Al. My sister calles him X. Buffy and gang calles him Xander exept Oz.

Then some have started to call him Lex and.. "Tara putt her hand over Hopes mouth to silent her. "Im sorry she is a bit overcharged."

Dubier laught "Dont be i havent heard a happy child in months." Hope frowned she was NOT a child stupid adults. She was a young genius with a somwhat over optimistic belife in life. Nothing wrong in that.

The soldiers beside him also smiled and relaxed more.


They where sitting in a small dinnig room the admiral and other hig officers where sitting around him.

They where planing what kind of trooper and personal he would take with him.

Xander smiled a bit. "I would be intrested in taking any mutant you have with me. Specily mutants thats to young to be used as a fighter at this moment. I could trained them so in the future they would be able to fight."

Dubier nodded "We have found two mutant children. But thats about it. But we have a loot of young teengers that are eger to fight."

Xander frowned "I can take some of those. But our main mission right now is Waith and prepair ourself untill the right moment is here. TO many hotheads and we fail."

Admiral Dubier nodded "I see. Well i can balans that out with a number of old veterans soldiers that need time of.."

Xander studied his hands a moment. "Give me some school teatcher young and eger ones a team of scientist. Anything from physics to genetic. And a group of workers."

Dubier nodded "We have them. Voluntair only right" Xander grinned "If the civilans are forced to com along they will rebell. No i need voulentairs. Only. Can you find me them"

Dubier grinned "I can and i will."

Xander blinked "O yea. I forgot I seen that you are soliders removing the crystal plants"

Dubier frowned as he nodded "Yes i do. Why" Xander "the plant remove beta and alpha particals and lessen the gama radiation in the air. Specily during rain. I think that the next time HQ send you classifed information they will order you to let the plant be.

If you let the crystal-plant grow around areas where you have drinking water and where you grow food it will cleanse the area faster"

Dubier nodded carfully before asking the question "Why do it to that a alien plant. They attack us then send somthing that will help us" Xander "Its a mining tool The plant drain minerals and metalic subctance from the ground to creat its crystal. To harvest you only have to pick krystals no digging anymore."

Dubier frowned "So thats why they seeded earth with it" Xander "Yes but we have gain knowledg about it we can use it also.

And we are trying to find a way to use it the same way they do. "He frowned "My team is a still working on that. But i think UEG have it figured out. Beside it actuly remove radiation from the ground and that makes life safer"

Dubier grinned "I will change my order then."

Hope sighted this would take the hole day.. "Can i go and play Xander" she said.

Xander nodded absently "Yes but dont go to far.." A silent Swish was heard as Hope jumped out the window and Webb swinged away directly after he said -yes-..

Xander blinked "I dont think she heard the rest." Dubier nodded "Energick sister you have"

Tara sighted "You have NO idea. She is a born optimist no mather What she belives that it evrything will end in a good way."

Xander grinned "Well i like that about her. She Hope"

Dubier nodded "Well i have some aliedes that need you to answer some quesions. Its about Demons and Vampires. I know you knew about them" Xander blinked then remeber millions hade died that ment that vampires and demon must be starving. And they probly stop hiding. "Yes i do hunt the vamps"

Dubier wawed "Let him in"

A man in tweed walked in book in hand and tape recorder. "A well gooday. Its fachinating to see you mr Spider-man. Im sir Artur Forkworth. i Work with the Watchers im not sure you know about them." Xander sighted "I know about your kind. What is it you like to ask me Forkworth"

Sir Artur Forkworth frowned a bit about the dissrespectfull tone of voice the first suspecien about Spider-man was probly correct.

Carfully he sneaked up a small crystal and checked it.

Xander grinned "A scaaning crystal to see if their is any demons in the room. Correct."

Forkworth "Yes it is." Dubier blinked "What do it say"

Forkworth "Their is no demon or demonic creatsure in here.. I dont understand. Spider-mans power he realy should be"

Xander "This world did not begin in paradis but as a hell. Demons made it their home their hell. Then came normal humans and We kicked demon butt took over the hole world. The last pure blood demon blended HIS blood with humans and created Vampires."

Forkworth "Yes thats what happen i dont see why you are telling us this"

Xander "The slayer was created AFTER the first Vampire was created Correct"

Forkworth nodded "Yes. its commenly teorised that they needed a warrior caple of finding tracking and fighting vampires and demons on equel terms"

Xander Grinned "Finding the stelty demons and vampires they needed yes. But IF the big bad slayer the hunter of hunters where created AFTER the true demon said by by. Why and who kicked demons butt"

Forkworth blinked "I we teorised that angels and witches helped humans in doing that"

Dubier grinned "Super humans did it. Correct" Xander nodded "yes. Probly during that time a increse in radiation happen why who knows. The humans slaves suddenly hade powers equel or superior to demons and we took over.

After wards the radiation became less and only 'normal' humans was born"

Forkworth blinked that actuly made sense in a crazy way. The arcive did tell them that the Slayer well actuly the slayers where created somtimes after or near the end of the Human-Demon war.

But nobody knew what made the human so brave that they started to fight and actuly win agienst the demons.

Xander sighted "Well do ask what you suposed to ask" Forkworth "I we have a profecy said by one of our most skilled profets. The defender of man, the White knight will Suffering and die in hell. Reborn by the glory of god and returned will bring us the leader of the watcher."

Xander blinked "Oo. I see. So you need a leader correct" Forkworth "yes. it is said the new leader will make us Watcher greater then ever. If we are going to survive we need to find him.... Or her. And only the one namned 'Savior of man' and reborn can do that. If not the Watcher will be no more"

Xander sighted "What do you know about the re-born one." Forkworth "Nothing mutch realy. But he suposed to have spitt the devil in its eye."

Xander almost grinned he did what.. He frowned Oo yes big painfull mistake Never going to think about that agien. Who knew torture could be that painfull the ruler of hell sure was creativ.

"and you know nothing about who it is." He frowned he remember telling Travis and gang that he been in hell. Maby they forgoten after all questining of Jarod him kicking their butts.

Hank Buffy day carving out one of their eyes with a spoon might be things thats more esy to remember.

Forkworth sighted "No. YOu will give the slayer back to us. They will be able to track himdown"

Xander grinned as he stod up. "the one you are searching is namn in the first life was Alexander, Lavell Harris."

He could see the Watcher knew that. Forkworth nodded "That we are almost certain on. Rumors say the Dark knight, Angelus namned him before the two fell in to a gate to hell"

Dubius swallowed that would be bad place to be in.

Xander grinned. "He was reborn Alexander Parker son of Peter Parker the first Spider-man. I am Him."

Dubius blinked. "REaly" he said douping. Xander shrugged "It nothing i realy go around and tell guys. Who would belive me. if i did it would be like: Hi guys i fell in to hell and got tortured to death and then saved by angels and reborn by god becuse i taught my frinds would need help. Braging mutch"

Dubius nodded "Sound a bit farfetched." Xander "It is. I was their i remember most of it. And still somtimes i have hard time belive it. Lucky most of my memory from hell and heaven is blocked or i would most likly to nuts."

Forkworth was silent. "You cant be him its.." he was silent. "You realy ARE him. It make sense the rumors the.."

Xander nodded "I think i have the perfect guy to re-open the Watchers. I will ask him if he is intrested.." Inside he was grinning. Wondering if Miss Parker would like to re-organise things. She was rutless, impresiv and yet once you got to know her and started to digged deep you would find that she hade a heart of gold and was almost as smart as jarod or junior. And she was quite caring about children.

Dubius stod up "I expect No body in this rom to tell anybody about what the watcher and Mr Alexander said."

The other officers nodded. Dubius sattdown his bosses would of course hear about this. He hade a feling they already knew that the seer they used hade more information then the watchers did. But rumors hade it that the topp witches of the Watcher somhow lost their powers and some of them was burned alive by in vengence. "Well if we are done in here why dont i take you for a chort walk. let you see some of your gifts in action" Xander grinned. They hade build some of the things he told them about and copyd from the blueprints he gave them.


Xander was impresed they already managed to creat and build fifteen HUGE goo Tanks. And one was already operational.

The man incharged a Dr Howard. smiled "Gooday. As you can see we have started to work now. We are not fully operational yet. But will be soon. So far we are testdriving it and producing only about one ton food a day"

Xander blinked "Thats good result for a test." Tara nodded it realy was. Specily as they managed to do that so fast. It was more then impresiv it was briliant. "Its incredible how fast your team have manage to do it. Good work" she said.

Dr Howard "No it tast awfull." he said grinning. "But its healty food. And the Spiders information said preparied the right way you can make it tast like beef, pork, Even potato."

Xander "No you can make it tast ALmost not exactly like. no mater what it always have a nasty aftertast."

The doctor blinked his team hade manage to remove the after tast it was rather simple if you knew what you where doing. It still tasted dull almost but not exactly but the after tast was gone.

He frowned before he manage to solv that problem. "Exuse me. Xander was it. The company that make the goo. Did they do anyother food buiness. Or was goo it"

Xander blinked. "No they hade larg animal farms and made loot of other types of food. But they made goo simple and cheap. Also sold goo thanks for privat and goverment use"

Dr Howard smiled "We managed to remove the after tast. It still tast almost but not exacly like what its imitating. I think they keeped the after tast to stopp Goo manufactring to be a competition from their other buisness"

Xander sighted "realy... I see. Do give me the recept i am growing goo myself and will need it" Inside he was growning he hade spend a month onbord a ship only eating Goo and suffering the after tast.

Stupid greedy asshole.

dubier shivered. "Well it stinks right now"

Xander "Well it its the nurishment tanks they stink not the goo" The doctor nodded. "We also mange to creat some of the medication.

The Boster drugg and the adapter drugg"

Dubier blinked "What do they do"

Xander "In our world Antibiotica was useless to many mutation hade become imune. So the Boster drugg was created. it strenghten a humans imune system a bit. Give them a change to cure themself.

The Adapter on the other side is one wicked puppy. It actuly train the imune system help it find alternet ways of fighting a virus or bacteria. of course IF the Adapter are going to be effectiv you have to take it months before you get sick and the effect dissipair after a two years or so. I hade five diffrent version of the Adapter shoot inside of me. And will take a new dose next year"

Dubier "Why so many diffrent version" Dr Howard frowned "one dose of the Adapter only train your imune system only so many diffrent posible solutions. so Diffrent types of Adapter druggs will improve your immune system in diffrent ways. And the Adapter drugg effectivity is almost five years but a person could take one dose a year with out any danger.

You can even specise a dose of the Adapter to train a person agienst ONE type of sickness. Like AIDS in teory you could make a Adapter soulution that show the imunsystem how to deffet that sickness.

Correct "Xander nodded "Correct. But i think AIDS would be difficult to beat even after using the Adapter drugg.. One dose of adapter diffrent version incrise you change of surviving sickness. Now in this world Antibiotica still works. Combined that with the Adapter and specily the booster. And you have a incredible combination of treatments"

Dubier grinned "I see. Well let me show you somthing more intersting then medication and fod growing tanks."

Xander nodded as they walked away. Dubier was talking "The UEG have orded evry big software company to produce compatible programs and operating systems for military and civilans use. We have not time for any Window 95 crapp. So the computers ability both in hardware and software is rumored to sky rocked next month when the new prototypes are relesed fore our use."

Xander nodded "I see."

Dubier grinned "O yes. it will be a glory to see. Sadly for now it only military and it will be used in weapons. Some of the power armors you gave us blueprints on need a good operativ system and Microsoft Window-war is our chois."

Xander shivered "Realy you.. your trusting Bill Gate." Dubier "yes. He is warned mess with us and he betray the hole human race and if so we shoot him.."

Xander blinked maby then he might work for the forces of good...

Later in the armory.

Tara frowned as she poked the power armor. "Is this what i think it is"

Xander nodded "The Mandroid armor. Hydralic muscler that amplified strenght to up to 20 times. Aquatic abilty and limited flight. Laser gun head monted, Amunition fifty small chared laser-bolts or two big ones. Energy shield, Tractor/reppeler rays.

And Offensiv torch. Sonic Stunn gun, Neuro field generator. And this one have a gatling-gun mounted. And Its powered by a Radioissotop generator that re-charged is batery."

Admiral Dubier nodded "Almost a exact copy of the blue print you gave us. Exept the computer system. And we created the gatling its more effectiv then the guns it hade"

Xander grinned "Sweet. Dad told us about thise things. They where created to fight rough super-humans. And they did a good work a bit clumsy and slow but still good.

But the Guardien armor took over its far more effectiv and No i do not have the blueprints on them."

Dubier nodded "We only have one of those in this place the first prototype made they send it here in hope that you wold get a change to see it.

But im told that they have started to build more improved. This one have a prototyp. It have a prototype of Window-war in it. Its full of error but we despertly needed a operator system."

Xander "I can imagen. I realy like to see Window-war later. It from what you showed me it looks great." He looked at it carfully. "If its exactly as in the blueprints the pilot have to be Carfull if the armor is hurt. The feedback system would make the human pilot feel pain as if his body was hurt.

The feedback give the pilot incredbile flexibility and make it esy to harmonize themself with the armor"

Dubier nodded "They said that one of the pilot screamed in pain when the armor got damaged. How strong is the feedback"

Xander shrugged "In the erly version before they improved the computer program. Their was some cases of death becuse of feedback overload."

Dubier sighted "And in this" Xander shrugged. "We have to see how Windows War stand up to Stark international program"

Tara just staired the armor was impresiv. Big 7 feet tall and 4,5 feet width. She of course seen the bluprint. Even seen picture of one. And a old one in a museum.

But live it looked scary. "its so impresiv" Xander nodded "I like it."

Dubier grinned "I like it also but just think ONE of thise cost more then a F-18. And i think they will conscentrait more on flights then on battle armor. But they started to build a light infantrist armor.."

Xander smiled. "I hope politc and greed dont end up dooming us."

Dubier "What about the vulture armors."

Xander "I can ask them if they would agree on chearing them. But strenght bost come from a energy field supercharging the users body. The strenght endurance and toleranc of phycial trauma is all improved when it works"

Dubier blinked "Thats even bether then what we have" Xander shrugged "No not realy. If you use the energy field to many times you body will destroy it self with out it. The cell inside will fall apart and you die."

Dubier sighted "Aa drawbacks. But a small number of elit fighter using a version of the vulture armor would be usefull"

outside at the twin tower... Hope sighted she hade climed the toweres swinged true the city. Even wisited the place they lived in. But in THIS realty it was a park not a villa or building anywhere..

It was boring she wonder what the others where doing. Probly just talking and talking..

She sighted and it was cold New York winters where not warm specily not during atomic winters.

Maby she should return back she was frezing.

She realy should have done two things.

One keep on moving and keep up her body heat. And two put on her vinter uniform.

No mater how warm and uncomferty it was.

Thinking that Hope jumped from the tower and started to webb swing back.

It was deppresing not as fun as Webb-swinging normaly are seeing the town like this almost no eletricty larg part broken by the flood wawes.

But still humans lived and worked down their. Hope half smiled she new that the city would be reborn even greater then before and more butifull then before.

Maby not in her lifetime but eventuly and that if anything was somthing to smile about.

Life might be hard and unjust but in the end humanity always survived coming back stronger then before.

In space....

The Zerge fleet was removing some of the astroides. Most of them where not needed anymore.

And they did not want the planet destroyed or all life wanquisied. It would be their new home.

Still they keeped a small number their was parts of earth that held larg number of military forces.

Astroides would be a good way of destroying that. Things that looked like weapons or even industry that could creat weapons.

Astroides would take care about that. They hade experince with tool users.

The overmind was planing its sensors scaning the perfect nesting place to putt up the nest.

Earth would be theirs.. Nothing would stop the power of the hord the power of the overmind.

At the same time...

May frowned as she read the report. "Giles call Xander we have a emergency call from a frind. They are closes." Giles nodded as he walked over to the radio.

May studied the papper wondering what hade happen and why Knight-Stalion was calling for help. Not for him only for his partner.

Chapter 26

Xander nodded as he spoked with May over the radio. "I got it.. Yes yes. I will do that alright" he sighted. "One moment May we have to let Buffy and FAith out on slaying tours. The vampires are runing wild in the citys. Im going to bring in a small team of Watcher they say that Im the chosen that will give them the new leader of the Watchers."

He listen as May raved angry on the other side before interupted her. "May MAY LISTEN. Im sure Hank might try to kill them. But they have knowledge we need. And im planing on asking Miss Parker if she would like to be the leader of the Watchers."

He could here May laugh on the other side. Parker was a good choice. They objey her or she kill them. "Anyhow i have to get the others if im going to save anybody. Ask Jarod to coordinat the new teams that we are beging stastion with us."

May said somthing possitivt and then they turned the radio of.

Xander sighted A rescue mission to help the guys he knew as Knight-Stalion and Steel-Knight.

So far they hade only talked to eatch other over Internet on the Webb-chatt he only now learned their real namn.

Mick and Kitt. He wonder why Kitt only asked them to help Mick not him.

Sighting he walked out to catch his frinds and family. He could see Tara standing beside a enlisted soldier talking.

It was oviuse the fool was flirting trying to get her to join him. Xander grinned he hade the spider-uniform but not the mask on him it made it more esy for other to recongise him. "Tara we have a mission. Im going to tell Dubier then we have to fly"

Tara nodded "Thanks love" She said sending a kiss his way. The trooper blinked watching HIM and HER and paling realising that he was flirting with SPIDER-MANS girl..

Xander just gave him his most evil grin making the poor guy pale even more.

Finding the good admiral was esy he was currently writing order going over files.

Xander knocked and waited a minut before Dubier let him inside.

"Hi. I have a mission im afraid" Xander said. They hade asked him to keep it a bit silent from any military unit. Why he did not know but he did.

Dubier nodded "Important then." Xander "Oyea. Im sorry to have to go. This i think is the closes thing i got for a vaucation in a long time.. Could i ask you one question"

Dubier smiled "i understand and do ask"

Xander took a deep breath "WHy are you a admiral in charge over this place and the Army"

Dubier laught a biter laught.. "Simple their is more Admiral alive then generals. Beside i have a fleet waiting to move out their about five hundred submarins most from old Russia, England, USA, And even some Chines submarin."

Xander blinked a fleet that big why did they.. "YOu are preparing to evaquat the city if you have to"

Dubier nodded "Only the military. The civilans have other ways to evacuat. We are not running we going to strike back agienst any alien troop landing nearby."

Xander smiled "Well i have to go now." Dubier stod up and shaked his hand. "I dont know if its true or not. But i hope we can do like you and spitt the alien-devil in his eye." Xander smile was a bit bitter as he suppresed the result of doing that. Spitting THE Devil in the eye and saying is that the worst you can do was a BIG mistake. "Well just hope the end result is not that painfull"

Dubier blinked a moment the boy eye where filed with sutch pain anger fear and experince of evil that he actuly belived the watchers claim. It was not a thousen yarn steer it was a bloody a light year. "i i Well good wee see you later then."

Hope was elusive but he finaly found her. Xander sighted as he watched his sister geting driving lessons in how to Drive a tank. M1A1 Abrams main battle tank of all things.

He hoped the soldiers that was sitting beside her and was cheering on the side did not load that cannon..

Xander shaked his head as he walked forward in the path of the Tank He could see Hope grinning as she drived straight at him not breaking for anything.

One larg jump later and he landed on the cannon and simply walked up to the smiling Hope.

"So you tried to runme over" He said smiling. Hope giggled slowly stoping the big machine. "Well you just jump away.. You big meany. Whats up"

Xander sighted "May called we have a mission" Hope nodded "Alright i come.." she blinked "Your helmet here" She said taking of the helmet visualy reluctant she liked that helmet.

The soldier grinned "You take it."

Hope smiled as she hugged "Thanks.. Xander i hade So fun they let me drive the jeeps and a moterbike and"

Xander nodded as he listen to Hope tell him evrything. "I hope she did not run you raggied."

One of the solider grinned "No worry i have a babysister.." He was silent "Most of us have hade a younger brother or sister. It was fun" he said not filling in the blanks that for a chort moment most of them hade pretended that Hope was family giving them mutch needed fun.

Xander nodded understanding how they missed their family and Hope did have a way to charm other in to thinking she was family.


The helicopter was flying low in his speed over the land.

Tara was sitting upfront watching the dark land filled with falling snow.

Grey black even brown snow. But almost no white snow. Atomic vinter to mutch garbage flying for clean snow to exist right now.

The geiger meeter was ticking away. So far it was well with in safty levels IF you where a mutant.

For A Normal human it was not. And evrywhere the crystal plant was growing sending flashes of light as the rising sun mirrored the crystal sides.

Hope evently talked where she satt cradling the helmet between her hands. "Alex why are you so silent" somthing was bothering her big brother.

Xander smiled "Nothing Hopi nothing." Hope frowned she did not like the nick namn Hopi. "What is it. Tell me or i ask Tara to force it out of you"

Tara sitting next to him smiled a evil grinn.

Xander sighted "Just a flashback just a flashback from hell."

Hope blinked "From england" she said remembering their childhood living kidnaped their.

Xander "No from my time in hell."

Nothing mutch was said after that. They could here the pain in his voice. Pain that send shiver down their spines.

But as they satt down the memory slowly backed away hiding it self as his mind supressed it.

They never did break him in hell. Kill him made him do all sort of demining things.

But they never did break him.

Outside they could see a small dot coming closer and closer.

A man with wings like a angel white with crimsom dotted fethers he looked like his wings where dipped in blood.

Feet and hands ended in claw like talons that could change in to human hands and feet.

But right now they looked like bird talons but biger and more dangerus.

It was Preybird May send him as re inforcscment his ability to see small things on long distans would be use full.

Xander hoped that nothing would go wrong Preybird hade never been on a real mission before and the now mutated Tom Welling was a actor not a real fighter.

It would be a triel by fire he just hoped nobody got their wings burned.

Hope grinned she lo.. No liked just liked the former actor. He was cute for a OLD guy.

Xander frowned it looked like Hope hade a case of puppy love. Just in case he beter have a talk with Tom after all he was a big hollowod actor and evrybody knows how they are.

Interlude the side-kicks advantures. Some Other place further north at the same time..

Luke Drago was currently flying north west. The vultures five main work was scouting around the base their vulture suite gave them flight ability simlar to a bird.

His mutant ability while not impresiv was still incredible. He hade super endurance and a healing factor.

He could not heal as fast as example Wolverin but still he healed even regenerated.

But his most powerfull ability was his endurance. If he needed he could stay awake a month or even more with out any serius mental or physical drawback.

And he could run non stopp full speed for a week with out food or water stops.

Som mutants could fly his mecanical wings gave him that ability so he was not impresed.

And som could shoot energy with their eyes. A laser gun could do that.

But almost no mutant could push himself as hard as he could. Luke was not a person that consider himself learned or smart. Or even a leader.

No he let his brother to those things. But one thing he hade pride in more then anythingels was his mutant ability and his brother.

Luke always smiled thinking about one of two times his big brother Blacki hade kicked his butt The first time was when he was 9 and Blacki was 13. The other kids hade teased him becuse he was stup.. SLOW not stupid in learing.

And he said that to Blacki told him that their was no idea for him to work hard trying to learn things a stupid person can not learn.

That was the first time his big brother hade beat him up. Literly leving his brother crying in fear on the floor telling him that HE was not stupid he was special he was a Drago.

Then Blacki hade a talk with his tormentor in class. And after that Blacki hade started to teatch him street fighting metods.

The other time was when he was 12 and Blacki was 16. His mutant ability hade just started rappid healing and almost no need to sleep.

He felt like a freek but said nothing. Then the neigbor FoH ( Frinds of Humanity ) Hade found out and they started to make problem for the Drago family.

Dad lost his work first then mom. Blacki was constantly in fights in school.

Thats when he decided to run away alone probly find a place to die alone after all he was only one a mutie.

He managed to runaway almost across out of the city when Blacki hade tracked him down.

Blacki hade asked him why he ran away. And he told him that he wanted the other to live after all he was a failur a freek a mutant they where bether of with out him.

Blacki hade almost killed him then. And he told him they where brothers and family.

Then he hade dragged him home agien. The FoH headquarter burned later that week strang fact was that a car hade parked infront of the door lots of FoH members hade burned alive.

The police suspected that it was a planed murder they never did find any evidence of that.

But evry one knew Blacki hade done it but nobody said anything.

A year later Blacki was arrested after beating up a priest belonging to the Purist churce of cristh.

(Purist = belive Mutant devil spawn) Blacki defens that it was selfdefens the Priest hade said that evry mutant should be killed and their killers would be revared in heaven and HE hade a Mutant brother.

The judge was not impresed Blacki was send in jail for six month. The priest walked away.

>From that point Blacki stoped searching after normal work he decided that he would be a criminal.

The law he consider to be unfair. Luke hade followed eventuly.

But as close as they where as frinds and brothers Luke loved time alone flying or walking.

Or spending time with other individuals. He always returned back they where family after al.

Right now he was flying hig above the treas scouting. He hade been flying to far away almost two days nonstop.

So he was outside the area he was suposed to fly but he hade said that he would investige new areas.

Ahead of him he saw a small mountain town, Acording to the mapp it was somewhere between USA and Canada.

Witch contry he was not sure.

Seing no movment in the snow couver streets Luke landed.

It was a ghost town. Emty abandon only the grey/black snow filled the streets.

He frowned seeing the home looking liveble like they all just hade vanished.

Walking the street forward he could see almost fifteen cars parked outside the church a thick layer of snow couver almost hide the cars.

Luke frowned wondering for himself "Why did they leve the cars. Or are they still here" he wondered as he walked to the church.

The Church was a moder building concreet and church tower made of steel pillars rising up to the sky.

Strange abstract art showed jesus life. LUke sighted walking up to the gate.

THe building hade so mutch snow on it that he could not even look inside the windows.

Finaly he pushed the door open and walked in. It was a sight from a nightmare inside.

More then a hundred. Adult, children, old, Teenagers.

All was inside they where frozen now cold dead on the floor resting under blanket.

He swallowed they must have died during sleep he wonder why or what made that happen.

Carfull not to step on anybody he walked around he cold see heaters gas heaters evrywhere.

Looking on one he could see it was active but the gas was emty. the church must be filled with gas good that he left the door open. Did they gas themself to death he wonder as he walked deeper inside counting almost five hundred the hole small-town.

Then he saw the reson. The SNOW. Filled with dust and garbage it must hade couver the air ventilation in the building and on the outside.

The air ducks was filled with black grey slime that now was frozen. It must have snowed inside then frosen and evrybody was sleeping on the floor the gasburners where burning away the fresh air and then one by one they burned out.

And nobody waked up they where dead or dying in their sleep long before the frezing cold or the gas killed them.

It realy was a ghost town. He sattdown looking at the dead mothers hugging their children a discarted papper telling about the bombarment that would come.

A radio attacthed to the speackers, They must have listen as city after city hade been destroyed then gone to sleep.

And death found them.

Luke sighted drying of tears.

Looking at the dead body of a child probly 4 or 5 years old he knew that he would do evrything he could to destroy the alien.

First save humanity then hunt the alien down from world to world and destroy them evry single one OF them would die.

With a his hand trembling in anger and sadness he picked up a small plastic jewlery it was a small neckles with a Unicorn made of plast with glas-jewel as eyes.

It was butifull in a simple way. Luke put the neckless on him as a reminder of what happen here.

Walking out he noticed large piles of food cans. stores of Water and beer.

Valued supplise to keep the living alive. Time to be a vulture agien.

He started to emty the Church from food storing it in a side building.

He lifted and flied away serching the nearby mountains after a skii resort.

Finding one he found a terrain going 'truck' it was made to carry stuff and roll above snow on its terain tracts Like a small tank.

It could handle the dirty snow he even found a slead he could use.

Driving back to town took almost two hours but if Luke was anything it was paitent unmoving and uncaring the cold was hurting him but his Mutant endurance and his Healing ability removed the frostbite as fast as they came.

All he needed was food.

Finaly he was their and could load the food in the truck and on the slead.

he even searched the rest of the town. They Probly would need two or five turnes back and forth.

To emty this place.

After one last look at the church Luke was driving away tears where gone for now leaving a small but burning fury inside of him.

Back to the main hero.. Later at a diffrent place...

Finding the place where Knight-stalion or Kitt was hiding where more difficult then expected.

The GPS information where untrustworty at best. Ever sence the EMP puls to many Satelits where down not working.

Or the computer inside of them where damaged. And the problem was growing day by day.

The estimated that the GPS navigational system would be working no longer then a month or two.

Then it would be down.

But they did find it.

Preybird glided above as Xander and Hope moved closer and closer. It was a huge black trailer that hade crashed of the road.

It was half buried by a landslide and rested in a strange angle almost 30 degree tilt on the side.

It Probly happen during the impact almost a month ago.

Tara walked behind him moving as a soldier her eletric powers where ready to light up anybody.

Hope blinked "horse.. On the trailer look" Xander nodded it was a pictur of a horse on it. Looked like the horse from a Check game. "I go first"

he said.

Hope nodded jumping back ready to suport her brother.

Tara moved in from the side charing her self.

Xander opend the door the trailer was stucked by a landslide but the doors could be opend.

Carfull he open the door. "Hellow. You called im here" he said.

Inside it was silent a black pontiac trans-Am was resting pushed up half on the side along the trailers wall.

Xander could smell that sombody was alive inside. It smelled of food and other things or atleast used to be alive. "Is sombody in here." He carfully awoided the dirty floor by walking on the wall.

Stinky bags with filt was tied up on the floor.

Kitt computer slowly activated itself.

To spare energy and keep Bonny alive he spend most time on standby. The cold and the damaged by the EMP damaged they yet managed to fix made re-start slower.

Finaly he could see and hear agien. A man. A man dressed like spider-man walked in standing on the wall.

He started to talk.

"Thank you. I despertly need your help." Spider-man/Xander flinched where hade the voice come from.

The car spoke once more "I am KITT. Knight Industri Twot thousend. But you know me as Knight-Stalion"

Xander blinked under the mask. "That why you where so intrested in AI computers. You are one" Xander removed the mask. "So whats the problem"

KITT "First Bonny needs help she is sleeping upahead. Malnurished we have not mutch food."

Xander "Dont worry.. HOPE, get some food. TARA i need you" Outside Hope nodded and radiod Preybird to get food.

Tara walked inside looking around. She frowned. "It stinks in here" It realy did stink who ever lived must have dumped garbage on the floor.

KITT spoke up. "Their are demonic lifeform hunting the woods. My driver is captured by them. From what he told me a week ago they have captured about fifty humans are are draining them on blood to sell it to vampires. Bonny is not a fighter se she been hiding in here ever sense she manage to expace.

It was then i found out that Mical my driver is alive. They realy do not alow any human to die. Just screem in pain"

Xander swallowed. "I see. Dont worry we will help you. And destroy the demons"

Tara nodded "Yes but let us help her now"

Like KITT said they found her sleeping tired they could see marks on her arms nedles probly to drain her of blood.

Her pants hade sign on them that the demon might hire out females to vampires for sexual fun.

Tara almost growled in anger. "Hi wake up" She said gently shaking the girl awak.

Xander backed down "I go and help KITT.." It would be best to let Tara deal with that.

Finaly Hope walked in with food she looked around gave Xander the food and started to clean up and let fresh air inside.

A tired week looking Bonny walked up. She saw the door open and the cleaning.

Xander calm her "Dont worry we have scouts that will see if any demon is nearby."

KITT finaly spoke agien "I noticed somthing flying above us."

Xander grinned "Thats A human Mutant that can fly One of us. Tom Welling."

Bonny blinked "Super man." Hope rolled her eyes. "No he only played Superman on TV but now he can fly for real"

Xander nodded "What do you know about the demon. And those captured." Bonny swallowed "They are five demon strong guys. The leader is a priest and he have lots of Vampires following him"

Tara frowned "A Prist. He is called Caleb. A human the vampires follow"

Xander blinked "That strange. Why would they do that." Hope nodded. "Wonder what they are up to."

Tara nodded. "We bether get the weapons its time to crush demons."

Xander nodded. "I think it would be best if Tom and Hope sneak inside and protect the humans captive. While i and Tara do the spring cleaning." he said to Tara.

Seing Hope frowned he held up his hands "Waith the moment i come rushing in is the moment they are will try to kill them. You Hope have the strenght and training. And Tom have some training butt less skill then you. But flying he is hard to hit and he is great with a crossbow.

And i have the Troll hammer it might not be a god-slayer tool. But it sure is caple of dusting vampire. And with Tara by my side she sure light up the day"

Yes he was thinking Axe might make the first impresion last. But Troll-hammers was the tool to make the first impackt the last.

The girls looked at eatch other finaly nodding He did have a point. Hope nodded "Alright we do it." she said.

Bonny blinked "Are you crazy they ripp you apart." Outside Tom swallowed his first real battle..

Inside Xander was slowly lifting KITT down helping the car to get all four weels on the ground. "I see that you get more fuel later.

Alright buddy "he said. KITT did the eletronic equlient of blinking. Buddy his partner called him that.. "Sure Spider-man"

Xander grinned "You can call me Xander or spider if you like" Kitt "Yes i will do that" it said. wishing he could help but he hade almost no gas anymore.

Interlude. Sidekicks story.. In the Headquarter.

Ander or Punshbag came out from training his body was couver in small wipp like cuts training today hade been hard.

But he hade sucked it up. They tried to stop him from standing still and taking the punch becuse you knewer knew IF the enemy would use and knife and gutt you.

The same thing Logan alway said to him.

He was determent to become sombody to be a real hero a fighter.. No not a fighter he realy did not LIKE to fight but he did like to PROTECT.

He was training to become a Protecter and a hero. Yes that sounded right in his mind.

Still today the short 14 year old boy that more looked like a 12 year old groned Training sure was painfull.

Entering his room he found Lily inside. Crying.

Ander walked over "How is it." She hugged him "Awfull we discover two more with cancer and and one was terminal.. She is dying.. And pregnant"

Ander sighted hugging his girl closer. "It be alright.. Why dont you sleep in my room tonight."

She backed away blushing and shaking her head "What about my nightmares i i cant do that to you"

Ander hugged her "I want you to. Just sleep if it to bad i wake you up promis" he lied. She needed her sleep and he could stay awak one night anyway.

Lily nodded crying why did they attack she hated the aliens. Realy hated them. If a alien was on fire she would not even piss on them. Unless it was a Shiiar but they where good alien not like the unknowned aliens that attacked them now.

Outside Charlie sighted as she walked away. She knew that Ander would never force his way on her and both of them felt they where to young for sex.

In Lily way you KNEW that she was thinking that she was to young.

Walking away she entered the sickbay.

Wasp was sitting in her beed talking to the nurse. the cloned mutated girl was currently reading a book Buffy was helping her with the big words. "Hi Charlie" She said.

Charlie smiled at her frinds. Buffy helping Wasp with the big words in a book Giles hade given her was a bit like a Blind leading sombody that was ALMoST blind.

She satt down "So what happen in here then"

Wasp blinked "The female over their thats pregnent have cancer and are going to die.. And i got a book from Giles"

Charlie groned "Tact is still somthing strange to you" Wasp nodded sure was.

Buffy smiled a bit. She liked the girl she hade a heart of gold but hade no real experince in human interaction. "Well i have news. me and Faith are going out hunting Vampires agien. they are going to fly us out to problem spotts and let us hunt. That will be So fun i never knew i could miss it thise mutch"

She frowned a bit "Ooo yes. Some watchers are coming over."

Charlie blinked "And what did you dad say"

Buffy groned "Nothing he just walked out trying to find a rusty spon. Saying somthing about no freeking Watcher would have two eyes if he could help it"

Charlie nodded "I see. Well i think they will have a bit of a problem making peace with your dad"

Buffy smiled a bit "Yes who knew that he would be like completly barbarian when angry."

Wasp nodded that did suprise her also. Charlie finaly stod up. "Well i be going now. But i be back with a lexicon to help you with the words"

Buffy frowned "But i can help her" Wasp blushed "You can help me find the words in the lexicon that way you might help me.." she said hoping Buffy would accept that.

Buffy "Hey im not that bad." she pouted knowing the other girl did not meant to insult her.

Wasp "yes you are.." she said. Buffy sighted so what english was not her nativ languish she spoke American with califonia dialect.

Back to the Main heros. Later still daylight but near the after noon.

Tom or Preybird was flying above the a building it was a former school gym now transformed in to a death camp. Used by demons to enslave humans.

Even bobwire fench was around the place. Hope/Scarlet spider was hanging from his claws as they looked down. His bird eyes finaly found a good landing place to sneak inside on. "I see a place to land."

Hope grinned as she reported it to her brother.

Xander nodded a grim look on his face. "Lets do it. How mutch are you charged" In his hand the mighty Troll hammer rested.

Its magik might not be able to kill a God. But the hammer weight almost as mutch as HE did.

And evry time he hit the target the magik flaired making the impact energy four time as powerfull/destructiv.

Tara or Charger smiled "As good as i can be. My portable generator is going on full power the last hour. I have loots of lightning stored away." she said turning the generator down to normal power.

No reson to risk a overheat during fight. Xander grinned a bit under the mask the generator a Shiiar created generator looked like small backpack and not that heavy.

Could generato as mutch eletricty as a big car battery. When it was going on full power it could provied almost twice that amount but it also could overheat and turn it self of for a cool down period.

All that and the inbuild powercell would last up to 200 years with gaurantie. (If used sparsly it could last longer mutch longer )

The two walked forward it was time to chew bubbelgum and kick ass.

And they where all out of bubblegum.

Like one they walked up towards the gate.

The demons standing guard frowned humans normaly never walked towards them. It started to grin sweet he would captured a pair of human by himself.

One thing DID bother him. Why was one of them dressed as Spider-man evrybody knew that Spider was ONLY a Myth a human fairy tail.

Or atleast evry SMART demon knew that. Most stupid humans and vampires claimed he was real.. Go figure so esy to fool by telivision.

As they came closer to the gate charger smiled "They have a power generator hocked up to the fence. It eletric charged."

Spider-man almost laught "Then go airborn over the fence and shoot lighting down on them."

Charger nodded. "Then my love let us charge." She wished they hade a eletrich chair in this place. Like the one she used to have at her old home.

It was a sweet old thing she manage to buy. It actuly been used to putt criminal to Death. She hade used it to charge her self up before a mission.

Mutch more effectiv and faster that slowly charging yourself by generator and static eletricty.

And the kids in school alway hade fun pulling the switch on her.

The demon smile was lost when the gilr suddenly started to glow and eletric lighting danced around her as she started to fly.

And then the spider-man attacked his hammer landed on the gate smashing it open.

HE growled and was just about to attack when spider-man jumped kicked him in the gut.

As the Demon fellover Xander ancored himself to ground and with ONE big smash by the Hammer the demon was geograficly smashed.

Tara grinned seing a group of vampires rushing out but then She frowned as she noticed that non of them was burning that was strang. Xander blinked "What the hell" He frowned somthing familar was in the area somthing he hated. "Lets get ready to rumble"

Tara nodded as her lighting strucked the vampires.

Some of them looked strange no eyes blind yet seeing.

Xander shrugged as he dived in among the monsters ancoring himself down so the hammer weight would not tripp him he started to swing it around him.

Dusting and completly dusting vampires with evry smash.

Inside Hope and Tom landed.

Tom the former actor was holding a crossbow in his hand. And a wooden version of police batong was hanging in his bealt.

Around them they could see small cells with humans evrywhere they looked tortured emty of hope and life.

And a pair of demons and five Vampires advanced towards them. Scarlet growled as she pulled up her sword. It was just a normal steel sword but still increcible sharp.

And then she jumped them attacking the demons in close combat.

Tom growned as he followed her in battle by flighing up in the air shooting the vampire with the crossbow.

OUtside the fight was wilder and more bloody. But the two super-humans was more welltrained and short time later. Only a big demon standing beside a priest was left.

Xander "you Caleb.." The priest nodded "I am my child. Join me give up your fake belife and join me in the glory that is the first."

Xander blinked "The BITCH." He looked around seing a ghostly aura. "YOU show yourself asshole."

The aura blinked he saw her.

Caleb blinked spider-man was crazy talkin to the emty air like he cold see somthing invicible. Or maby he cold not his Master as he was superior but somthingels.

The air shivered as a blood dripping man scaars bleeding wounds wipp marks and burnmakrs. Old new healed and not yet healed filled his body.

Tara gasped "He it looks like you" exept the other hurt person was shorter and more a wresler body then a gymnast version. And less trained.

Xander ignored the rest. "So Lightbringer i taught you where forbiden to even sett the feet of your illusion on earth"

The blood dripping mirror image spoke to him "So you are intefearing with my fun agien."

Xander sneared out. "You did not break me in Hell Bitch. God herself told me that."

Caleb frowned "You shall not talk to my master like that" Xander sneared out trowing the Troll-Hammer in the face of the priest.

The man felldown head smashed in. "Stupid Minion you got their Lucy" Xander growled.

The first shivered in anger the human once agien hade intefeared. And it was most likly the PTB that guided him here.

As the priest died the last reminding demon started to burn under the light of the sun.

Tara blinked that was unusual aggresiv of him. "Xander who IS that" Xander turned towards her. "Thats the fallen traitor the angel Lightbringer, Lucifer her self. She cant come to earth physicly but she can use the body of anybody dead. Like Alexander LaVell Harris" Tara swallowed so thats why the body was looking so familiar."

Beside them the last demon blinked the legend was true a human HADE Spitt the devil in her eyes.

The first smiled changing in to a body that would irritat him. "Why nothing mutch just having fun" First/Jessie said.

Xander growled "The day you are JUST having fun is the day hell is frezing over. I. Dont. Belive. You." he said.

The first shrugged its plan hade been to open the hellmouth using the humans in a HUGE sacrifice ritual.

Now its plan desperat as it where was destroyed. All becuse of that Human.

Becuse of the treaty it was limited to areas near a hellmouth activ or not active.

So his frinds where safe she could not toutch them. But she could mess with HIS mind right now. "Think what you like. I dont think you be able to stop me any way. Soon i will have your frinds and you family all of them will be happy in hell and i will play with their body and soul evryday. Just like you"

Xander growled "i. You know one day i will find a way to kill you. Probly not this life one day i will." HE said.

The first blinked he could feel that the boy realy would do evrything he could to fullfull that promise.

The first suddenly frowned one of the reson he hated humans was becuse they COULD kill his sort.

give them time and eventuly they would evolve.

Smiling the first faded away but inside she was screeming in fury.

It hade no change to attack the man that she realy hated in this life anyway.

And thanks to their inferfaring she would not be able to do the sacrifiece.

The Aliens hade realy realy messed up by attacking now they ended Its change to destroy humanity.

Evry plott she hade made was destroyed.

And no profecy hade warned her in time. The Alien hade arived her by Chaos simple random thing that happen somthing no God or demon could predict.

Evry profecy hade to be re-writen evry plott and plan she and the other demon hade made where gone.

Her only joy was the same thing happend to the god guys. The PTB was just as confused as she was.

Of course the aliens might be able to destroy humanity but that would be like chosing between pest and colera. Her conection to other demons that traveled further out in the univers hade told her about the Zerg and the Hord.

The only other option was the slayer axe and tricking a witch to call evry potential Slayer. But it was buried in Sunnydale and right now Sunnydale was somewhere in the sea.

Not even she knew where it was just that it was near a vulcano. The first sighted as it returned to hell, She would be back in the future to destroy the humans or the alien what ever lived their.

And the Human Xander she would destroy him probly not in this life but in the next she would make it hell.

It was time to plott and make plans for the distant future. If anything the first hade time to wait.

Xander growled as he watched the First bitch fade away. Only one demon remained alone watching him in fear.

Xander walked over to the hammer lifted it free from the caved in face of a evil priest.

The Demon noticed turned even more pale. Swallowing its fear he did the only thing he could. He remember a vampire telling other vampire that this worked.

Suddenly the demon pointed behind them "LOOK Clark Kent nude" Xander blinked looking back wondering why Tom Welling was nude. And if he was hurt. Then he groned how could he fall for that trick.

Tara turned around then sighted the second time she fell for that trick. She felt so stupid.

And the demon was gone..

Xander sighted "let us never tell anybody how the demon expaced us" inside he was plotting ways to investigate the first claim.

It was oviuse it would not give up so soon. Time for paranoia,, Unless paranoia was its petty but working plan. But could he what if it was not and the world would end.

Tara nodded. "Yes. let us keep that secret." She said.

Hope grinned as she watched from the window "I cant belive they fell for that." she said.

Tom nodded "yes. Its the oldes trick in the book." Hope smiled "But Clark nude was a new twist right"

Tom laught that sure was new version alright.

The captured looked in shock and worshiped at the two standing their wating.

A young girl only a teenager wearing scarlet skintight uniform and a jacket with the spider mark on it.

Beside her a angel of war stod. His wings was white as snow dipped in the blood of his enemys.

And the glory full being obviuse holy angel of god looked like Clark Kent from TV Show Smallwill exept clark did not have wings.

Later. The captured was free and was moving out their was a small military post a mile away and they send help the moment they called for it.

They did find Michael Knight he was in a baad way. Cuts and bruises evrywhere even wippmarks.

The demons and vampires hade order not to kill anybody not even a hero that made them angry.

But after he managed to kill one of them and send Bonny free. They got creativ in their torture.

Right now he was sitting inside the car trembling between anger, fear, hate, and other emtions.

KITT did it best to help him his human partner was extremly uppset blaming himself and others for the pain he suffered.

Strangly Michael never blamed HIM for not being their more erly. But then Michael knew that he was crippled by the EMP puls. Right now he could not even move.

The engine was not dead just did not work the conection between computer and drive system was broken he needed a human operator to drive right now.

Xander sighted it would take time if before he would fight agien. If ever. "We beter take him back to our base. Their we can help him and KITT."

Hope nodded but wondering how the small helicopter would be able to lift the car. "Are we going to call the big chopper to come down here" she asked.

Xander nodded "Yes. We have to they are to big to other wise"

Tara-F/Charger nodded. "I wonder if anybodyels have a crappy month" Xander sighted "Let us hope not"

Hope nodded she would not wish this on anybody.. "Alex could you tell me who that ghost that looked like you are."

Xander sighted that wold take a long explanation. "Well Its a long story"

Tara sighted "It was the devil. And he tried to mess with our minds" Hope "O'that explaines it."

Xander "or it could be a short one"


"NO No dont you cant do this to me. Im a Chaose mage NOoooo. aaaaargh noooo" Ethan Raines screemed but the two demons did not understand english.

They just enjoyed torturing their food before eating..

Chapter 27

Evrybody knows that time fly when you are having fun and like the moment to last longer.

But it also fly when you are working hard and deseperat need more time.

Realty can be a bitch that way.

It was now about one and a half month untill the astroids would chash on earth.

The aliens was content with moving just as slow as the stones they where hiding behind.

In the spiders Base work was going at full speed. More room where being build and caves where carved out.

Five secondar generators hade been instaled by hard work and a skilled Russian eneginer Pitter Kalisnov that consider safty messures to be a stupid idea.

Pitter explained it like this "Stupid people die and make the rest of us a favour by not having children. Its Evulotion."

The enginere was brush crude and way to hard to those that worked with him but he builed and instaled things in a miracle speed that would make the fictonal enginer Scotty blush in envy.

Pitter Kalisnov held a mix betwen hate and respect. Evrybody hated his way to motivate them.

And evrybody respected his skill and knowledge. Even Jarod and Junior was impresed by his ability to build faster then what suposed to be posible and still maintain hig quality on the finished work.

And evrybody was wondering how long it would take before sombody stabbed the vodka drinking asshole in the back.

The bett was so far between a month or a year at most.

They now hade eletric power more then they could use.

The energy shield was instaled hiding them permanent from any sensors.

Joyce garden was now fully planet and a short work on a fruite garden hade begain.

It was not a big garden but it would be used to enritch their choises of food.

And the Goo tanks was in full prodoction. Thanks to the team in New York it no longer hade that discusting after tast.

It still tasted blend boring dull compared to the real thing. But it was food.

So they hade a surplus of food. Not mutch as they exported as mutch as they could.

They hade started with the tech labbs and work place where weapons and armor where going to be produced.

Pitter Kalisnov was currently re-modling and plotting the fastes and best way to do that.

And the troops then got from the UEG was in full training. A suprise hade come as they got a loot of mutant mainly invisible assasins.

But also other found in diffrent contrys. Even a girl from Mongolia. So far nobody could understand a word she said.

And nobody could figer ut what her power was. If any.

The AI KITT and its driver Michael and mechanic Bonny was now living with them.

Michael was a wreck a month of tourture hade broken him but their was still strenght in him.

Jarod said he would recoperat stronger then before. So far Michael was isolating himself from his old frinds.

He spend time re-training himself in fighting and using guns. KITT and Bonny was sad but aggread to let him workit out by himself. Angelo or Timmy understod and helped him. He needed time alone.

KITT himself was being rebuild by the hard working trio. Warren, Johatan and Andrew hade teamed up with Bonny and other scientist from New York to rebuild KITT in to a mean lean Alien Butt Kicker.

SO far with the blue prints copied from the computers they manage to Update his Laser in to a hig frekvens Puls laser.

They hade on the underside installed a small cannon shooting concusion grenades.

Up on toop they hade installed a small Turett holding a automatic gun.

And a mine layer on the back.

The rest of the 'Improvment' hade jett to be finched and some they hade not yet manage to get to work.

The enging was replaced with a experiment repusor engien. That one worked but they did not have evry part completed so it was jury rigged.

The repulsor was a copy a working on the same teory that the IRON man repulsor Ray and flight ability came from.

The Repulsor shot up a focused Gravimetric puls that could let somting floot in the air OR push it back even crush it.

The version they hade blue print on was primitiv compared to the one IRON man used. A civilian version that the X-men hade in their computers.

But it would let the KITT fly with a maximum altitud of 50 feet. ( Up to 200 feet but only during short jump and with great instability ) And a speed close to MACH 1.

Focused it was posible to creat a Repulsor ray that could smash thing with KITT full weight.

It was not that focused but would be usefull to smash holes in walls. (Or make alien go splat )

The last improvment was a crystal power generator A french scientist hade manage to creat a eletrick powergenerator powered by Crystal from the alien Crystal-plants.

It broke down the crystals and used the radioactiv reaction to get power.

It was a incredible safe and powerfull atomic battery.. But you hade to refuel once a year or once evry two years depending on the crystal fragment size and how mutch energy you used.

They hade yet manage to get it to work. Around the world many other version of that generator was working perfectly.

So the only teory was that they made some kind of error when they build the generator.

The hole concept was orignal planed to be used for a Hover motorcyckle the vulture it was a light attack craft that used ONE big heavy cannon to destroy things a lot bigger then it was.

When KITT hade asked they hade looked around the files in Xanders MayHope computer hade loots of information and one smart guy (Andrew) Asked May "Hey whats a Repulsor anyway. Theirs a blueprint in here"

After May told them they told other scientist and military personals. And the vulture bike was turned from a normal hower bike in to a Anti-G bike.

When Kitt asked to be 'transformed' they decided to make the rest in the a simlar shape.

Like sport cars or jeeps but with out any wheels. The normal vulture attack craft would be smaller then KITT and less powerfull then KITT was and hade only the cannon and a smaller automatic gun in a turret.

It was still a improvment from the first design.

And the chosen team of watcher would arrive.

He hade talked to his chosen Miss Chaterin Parker. Jarod half sistercoussin.

She hade agread but only if they understod that SHE was the boss. Not them.

Xander hade grinning nodding giving her a tazer and a rusty spoon.

He even talked to Giles and asked him if he would help her.

Giles was smiling and informed him that they where plaing on geting married. And he asked him to be the best man.

That if anything hade suprised him. Giles married. Formely Mr Ripper demon summoner and chaose mage married To Miss Parker gun shooting pycho formely working for evil coperation.

he hoped they never would have kids becuse any kids of those two would have a serius karma bitching at them.

Or they would kick ass. Probly both.

Luke Drago from the Vultures hade returned loaded with extra suplies they hade to use the big helicopter to gather evrything up from the place he hade stored it.

He said he got it from a dead town and that nobody should go to that place.

Xander hade understod and ignored the place. But some hade not.

Faith returned crying shivering and refused to say what she saw. But most of them hade a idea. The cold winter could kill anybody.

And it hade the atomic winter and the destrucion of power stastion made hole towns in Alaska CanadaSweden and other cold places dead.

Finaly Hank Summer was waiting he hade a big rusty spone ready the MOMENT a Watcher said a stupid thing was the moment he would carve out a eye from the asshole.

Xander sighted he did not know if he should try to stop the man or help him.

After all they hade done to him and his family he hade the right to hurt them.

Finaly it was time.

They where waiting as the big helicopter slowly was lowered down by the elevator in to the hanger.

May hade pilot it to get the Watchers from new York.

Xander carfully grabbed Hank. "Dont do anything to aggresiv."

Tara Felicity nodded where she stod "We might needed their knowleg in the future"

Hank growled and nodded. Buffy hugged him calming her father down. Who knew that he could be so brutal once angered.

Finaly the helicopter stoped and May walked out "Hi X. Faith, Buffy and the rest of you" She said as she moved to the other side to help Tara Maclay out.

The door in the helicopter slowly opend.

A pale one eyed Wesley walked out. "Well its good to see you all agien" He lied as he looked at the man Hank Summer that carved out his left eye and Xander the man that hade held him down.

Hank grinned "You have guts coming anywhere NEAR my family agien." Xander nodded "Guts or stupidity i dont know what"

Giles sighted "A cutt it out. Wesley Wyndam Price good day to you. And welcome to our headquarter."

Wesley nodded correcting the eypatch. "Well not my choise onestly but the new profecy we read clearly stated that HIM" he said pointing at Xander. "Is the only one that have to chose our NEW leader if the Watcher is to survive the future..."

Xander raised a eyebrow "Biter mutch. He only lost one eye" Hank nodded "You hold him i remove the other"

Buffy "DADDY. And XANDER STOP It.. Im sorry mr Wussley they realy dont like you after the Crusentium crapp"

Wesley frowned Wussley. "Well im Sure we could get over that mistake real soon."

Hank steped forward "What about you english asshole Brainwashed me. As i see it you stole 3 years of my life.

If anyother of you Watcher is inside the helicopter im going to carve out their eye"

Inside the helicopter sevreal Watcher backed down one fainted seing the angry father wawing a rusty spoon around.

Wesley swallowed "Well i i im terrible sorry but i dont think torturing US would help you"

Hank grinned "No but it will teatch All of you a lesson that PAY BACK is a BITCH"

Giles rolled his eyes. "Why not just beat them up. This is a fight for survival we need evrybody that have good eyes and can use guns" Hank nodded slapping his fist toghter. "Alright IF any one of you make ONE mistake im going to putt you in sickbay for a month"

Growling angry he walked away. Buffy blushed "he realy have loots of issues about what you guys did. Lots and Lots of issues. Cant realy say i blame him.."

Faith nodded "Right you guys SO deserve anything you get. And Crusicium is not a Mistake is a fucking murder"

Wesley sighted. Xander grinned "As you noticed you guys screwed up and if you like to survive as persons and as organisation you have to change both attidude and metods"

Slowly the rest of the watcher steped out. All in all they where five.

Two Jarod reconiced as the now powerless witches. They did not even dare look at him.


Weasley watched the wommen she was butifull and hade a cold mess up and i kill you look in her eyes.

Xander grinned "This is Miss Catherin Parker. No realation To me. She is your new boss. Understod"

Weasley nodded "I let you know that the watcher even during the Dark ages hade female watcher even some in the hig council."

Miss parker raised a eyebrown "Equality between the gender so erly im impresed"

Weasley blushed. "Well we are a bit more cultured and civilaced then most."

Xander snored "Crusentium forcing the slayer to fight alone, Removing her from family and frinds by brainwashing and murder.

Need i go one. Culture right but not civiliced "One of the watcher almost growled "We only did what was needed for the survival of humanity. It was necerary and tradition."

Miss Parker frowned "Well i can understand removing the slayer from her family was needed during the dark ages. Witch burning and all.

But not during the moder time. Other metods would have been far more effectiv. But we will fix that."

Her voice said in a tone smoode as silk and sharp as a razor. And she hade her gun in her hand slowly loading it bullet by bullet. "I have plans to split the Watchers in to a fighting brance that will suport the Slayer in combat side by side.

The Guardiens that fight side by side with the Slayer but also train in reserch as a minor but obligatorisk skill.

And the schoolar section The Librarians that have fighting training but only as a minor but obligatorisk skill."

She looked at them. "Both sides will of course have some magik training depending on skill and knowledge. the councill that goverern them will consist of watchers that have field experince.

That been in field with a slayer or a demon hunting team."

Weasly blinked "The Librarian that namn its"

Miss Parker rolled her eyes. "We can find a bether namn later."

one of the watcher crocked out "But normal humans have no change agienst Demons."

Miss Parker grinned "I manage to dust both normal vampairs and demons and i only have NORMAL human powers. NO magik at all. Exept a gun and training"

Giles followed up "And in New York i watched military quite sucesfull destroy hole nest of Vampires and they hade no superpowers."

The rest of the watcher sattdown.

Weasly frowned a bit. "But if evrybody in the councill have to hade field experince then we will do to find watchers to fill the positions. After all their is only ONE Slayer or two like now and all of them can not hang around her"

Miss Parker smiled "No we will not have to. We can simple creat Vampire hunting team consist of trained human and mutant fighters.

And what they do will be equel to a field assigment. And i do intend that the 'librarian' and the 'guardien' will have a student by his side while they are helping the slayer."

Xander watched them talking on. It looked like she hade it under controll.

Probly the gun that made them compelled to obey her. After all you got mutch further with a frindly word and a 44 magnum then with only a frindly word.

Walking in to the war-room as they hade begun to call the plann and meeting room he could see Pitter standing their singing somthing in Russia and a vodka glass beside him as he wrote down plans on the computer.

Xander frowned "Hi. So Mr Pitter how far have you come in building the Labbs."

The russians shrugged. "Not long. Im plotting out how to build it right now. Look"

Xander walked over and looked down. "I dont understand. If im correct you going to leave maintence locks and pads open. And run the eletric light on the same cable as the mashines"

Pitter nodded "A Yes. That was a almost Two week can be cut down from building time.

We can use the labb during day and continue building during night. That way you bee operating building reparing faster"

Xander grinned "I see. Well it could work. It should work but accident might happen."

Pitter only grinned "Accident is natures way to remove the stupid so us pure humans survive."

Xander sighted. "I have will not talk survival with you." The russian enginer nodded not many liked his belife in a almost Social-Darwanistik socity.

Where the strong and the smart would feed of the poor. "Well i have you up and running in no time. After that whats to build then"

Xander "The work chops. Tech labb you building now will be able to build microchips and computer parts. The work shops that where the heavy stuff will be build and the guns"

Pitter nodded "I see. By the way are you going to join the slayer in their vampire hunt this weekend"

Xander frowned "Probly. Why" Pitter grinned "Im almost out of vodka. Buy me some"

Xander rolled his eyes. "I will." He sattback looking at the huge file of work that he hade to do.

Luckly Jarod and the others did most of the bossing thing. But he and May where among the officers in this place.

Reading a report he froze. The aliens their was a photo of them.

Xander stod up "They are here.." he said.

Pitter looked at the photo "Ugly Basters probly Americans." the Russian asshole said grinning.

Xander blinked frowning he so liked to kick the russian asshole back to sibiria. But for now he ignored the man calling the others over the intercome "May, Jarod, Have you read the report UEG send us today. If not DO it"

He did not have to waith long before May jumped climed and crawled in as fast as she could move.

"They are here" she said chocked. Xander nodded to his sister. "From the report i belive its scouting team."

The picture was of strange flying ships with wings flapping in the wind. Living starships.

All over the world small number hade been spoted before they flyed away agien.

May frowned "From the reading they are flying above the areas with heavy radiations. Why do you think that"

Jarods voice interupted Xander respons "In those areas their are loots of crystals"

Pitter "Resorses. They are scouting resorses. Clever bastards but ugly. Must be french then.."

They ignored him.

Xander "And no humans that could see them." he said frowning.

May blinked "You think they are putting down scouts or team on earth" Jarod nodded to himself that would make sense.

Xander "what do you think.."

May grinned "I think its time to hunt alien get our first knowledge on them"

Xander smiled "I think you have the right idea. Lets have a hunting team ready. or what do you say Jarod"

Jarod "Do hunt them down. But DO not take any of the bodys back to base they might have trackers or tracers in them."

They nodded "UEG military might analys the alien tools and body for us" May said.

Xander nodded "Yes. what do you think Jarod" Jarod smiled "Its a good plan. I think now we only have to find a good place to hunt them down in"

Later In Nebraska outside the town Fort Calhoun in Nebraska.

The Helicopter hade landed and they where their.

Xander in his Spider-man Uniform this time he hade more heavy armor on him.

And with heavy weapons. The Troll Hammer and a pair guns. One Plasma gun.

And one big 44 magnum. And two pair of Micro-UZI.

May in her Spider-girl uniform but with more heavy armor on her.

She hade a sword resently made incredible sharp. And a Ak4 and a plasma gun.

Hope was their in her Scarlet spider uniform more armor protected her now. By her side was a shortsword.

She hade only a rocket gun. But loots of rockets. She rather liked things that went boom so she also packed on her anti-troop mines.

Buffy and Faith was by their side the two slayer hade body armor and guns and looked a bit nervuse.

Tara Felicty was in her charger uniform with extra armor. She looked tensed ready for anything.

Her mission was to guard the helicopter if anything would find it.

Finaly they where ready.

Xander sighted as they sneaked closer. the town was gone emty streets radioactiv poisening evrything.

And the alien Crystal plants grew ewerywhere. It was a ghost town.

Nothing was alive or moving. or so it looked. Finaly after hours of search they found life.

May swallowed in chock they looked strange. Xander nodded they sure looked well Alien.

Hope frowned they looked awfull.

Their was more then one type of alien life.

A pair of short almost half the size of a human two leggs and the front 'arms' ended in claws huge sharp claws that looked more like swords.

The small aliens about four feet tall moved walked on their leggs almost human like exept they hade a tail.

When they moved fast they walked or jumped like big frogs and they moved fast. They looked like some kind of cross between a dwarf dinasour or a overgrowned frogg.

Couver with spikes and skinn that was brown reed.

Their was nine of those smaller ones.

Then the biger one almost 6 feet tal snake like body that ended in a huge head and two long arms that ended with claws.

Using the spy glass they could see that they could use the 'hands' as manipulators clumsy but almost on human level.

Their was only three of those.

Hope blinked "What are they doing"

Xander shrugged "it looks like it scouting out the area after natural resorses. Probly having problem becuse the town make the area look ritcher in resorses then it is."

Hope nodded. "So are we going to attack them."

May smiled "How are we going to do this then"

Xander frowned then he grinned "Hope you be our snipper. ME and may are going test the smaller ones."

Hope nodded. "Lets do it. Should i take out snake things first" Xander nodded "Yes. I think they are the brains."

Hope waited as her brother and sister moved closer. then one of the small DinoFrogg aliens suddenly jerked and looked straight at May.

It screetched and the hole pack started to move towards Xander and May.

Hope pulled the triger. -BooM- and on one of the snake was air born shoot by her rocket launcher.

"He he Boom go the alien" she snickered.

The remainder Snake alien twisted their head towards Hope and her spider-sense screemed a warning.

Hope blinked but jumped. From the Mouth of the Snake-alien deadly spikes shoot out fast as a gun and just as deadly.

They hade organick guns.

On the ground May and Xander where fighting.

The small Dino-frog-alien where fast incredible fast just as fast as they where.

But their Spider-webb and weapons made it a fair fight. Xander Jumped shooting his webb one a Dino-frogg seing it stucked he dodged a attack from two others the hammer smashed out crushing one. May on his side manage to webb two of the dino-frogg her sword cutt in hurting one alien but not killing it.

The natural armor hade protected it.

As the alien suddenly moved away Xander and May took a deep breath. "What are they doing" Xander said.

May "I dont think i like to know. It looks" And the spider sense screemed.

The smaller aliens attacked linke a pack of wolfs perfectly in harmony with eatch other.

On the side Hope was jumping around the two remanding snake heads where shooting at her.

But two could play that game Hope growled out rea-loading her rocket launcher agien.

As she landed she grinned "By by suckers" and she pulled the trigger.

The Snake-alien blinked one time in suprised wondering what she hade said or probly what the flying thing was.

Then -BOOOM- and another snake was biting the dust. Hope grinned but dodged as a rain of small spikes dripping with poisen was shoot from the last snake alien.

It was shooting fast as a automatic gun and just as deadly.

Xander Jump, Kick, Dodge but he was to slow the Troll-hammer weight made his jump unbalansed and he tripped.

The Dino-frogg jumped him their claws slashing down. Xander gritted in irritation as he dropped the hammer barly manage to catch the claws using his finger topps on their side.

Thanks to his webb-klining ability he could hold it. But the freek was trying to use his feet claws to stabb him.

Xander growled as he rolled back standing up. Still holding the slashing and stabbing alien by his finger Xander grinned he might have lost the hammer but he still hade one weapon.

May jumped the others trying to make them runaway from her brother so he could pick up the hammer agien.

But then she blinked X was standing and smashing aliens but what was he smashing them with and.. "Now thats evil" She said grinning realising that Xander was using one of the dino-Aliens to kill other dino-Aliens.

On the side Hope grinned as she trowe webbgrenades on the shooting alien, It jumped to awoide the webb-Grenade.. Hope grinned it made one mistake.

The alien blinked as it watched another of those webb-greanades landing by its snake-tail.

-WEBB-BOOM- and the alien was stuck.

"From the frying pan in to the fire" Hope said as she fired her rocket on the alien.

-Booom- "I saw a alien i did i did it wenth Splatt" Hope said grinning.

On the side a mutch more tired Xander and May walked over "And YOu are going to take samples on the messy aliens"

Hope frowned alien goo.. Uuuu..

Xander sighted thise alien was not THAT tuff. But still they where faster then a normal human atleast the small ones.

The bigg one seemed to be slow but it cold fire spikes. He watched around and could see holes in cars and even walls.

The spikes hade probly more impacted energy then a bullet.

No the alien if they hade a army of those where dangers but possible to fight.

But it wold cost a lot of human life. And if they hade children how many and how fast did the new generation grew up.

He hoped they where nothing like the Brood.


Proffesor Arnold Fizgerared. Frowned as he study the alien body. His years of beging a proffesor of Biologi and teoretical Xenobiologi hade given him verry lithel help in analysing the aliens body and behaviors.

The Biologi-Chemestry was so strange yet familar that he hade no idea what was going on.

His Skills as a Xenobiologi was as said only teoretical no alien hade even been on earth before now as far as he knew.

His love of SF movies he watched anything from Star Wars, Babylon 5, Star Trek, Farscaap, Buck Rodgers, Space 1999. And he loved it to watch it even made a hompage discusing the diffrent aliens biology. That love of SF-fiction actuly helped him.

The reson the alien biology was so extremly weired was NOT becuse it was alien, Well not complety becuse its alien nature.

But the reson the aliens body chemestry was so strange was that it was addapting it self. Changing its body chemestry to survive on earth.

That did give him some ideas the smaller ones the alien Dino-froggs hade a brain the size of a dog. But still moved rather fast.

They did discover that the dino-froggs hade brothers/Sister almost identical DNA the group of 9 dino-froggs was consisted of 3 groups of siblings eatch consist of 3 brother/sisters.

The biger ones the snake alien was more difficult to analyse as they hade been blown to pices.

But they where probly smart almost human level of IQ. That was the Teori.

The way the small ones moved they belived that eatch siblings group hade telepatich conection between eatch others.

Proby even a group mind.

A radio stastion in Australia manage a short talk with the alien.

Asking them what they wanted their answer was 'Join the Overmind resistans is futal we are the Zergs' So they hade a namn. The Alien where the Zerge.

And their ruling system was the Overmind probly a groupmind Arnold teori.

So they hade namned the small Dino-froggs the Zerglings. And the bigg one the Zergs.

Arnold sighted "They are impresiv. their body chemistry is actuly changing adapting to earth biology. Soon they will be like nativs." The officer frowned "And what do that means"

Arnold "That they dont terrashape a planet to make it posible to live on it. They change themself to addapt to the planet. Any virus and bacteria that can hurt them will hurt US more.."

Beside him Spider-man or Alex as his sister hade called him nodded. "Impresiv. Any more" Xander said.

Arnold nodded "yes but. Im not sure..." He was silent a while "It looked like the chemical change inside of them was guided by somthing. Probly a group mind"

The officer frowned "Like the Borg on TV." he asked. Arnold shaked his head "No not completly the Borg is cybernetic they are completly Biology think more the Shadow or Vorlons from B5.

Using super biology to adaped "The officer shaked his head. "Never seen B5. If it not Trek then its crapp"

Xander and Arnold looked like they where planing on beating him up. Xander growled "You take that back. B5 is So mutch greater. Well exept the 7 movie."

Arnold blinked "sevent movie. B5 is a TV show no movies" he already started to drool

Xander looked at him "Their is a B5 TV show." he blinked as he tried to remember if he hade seen that in his life as Xander Harris.

For his life he could not remember but the Movies realy Ruled they was the NEW Star wars.

Exept Nr 7 that part sucked. worst then Jar Jar Binks.. Arnold "Yes i have all the episodes on CD if you like"

Xander grinned "oo yes. I love a copy. If you like i can give you a copy of the movies. I have all 9 parts. And the short TV spin off tail of the rangers."

The officer sighted geeks. "Could we ignore the alien from hollywood we have the real deal in their" he said pointing the pictur of the dead Zergs (Snake-alien) and the Zerglings, the smaller dino-froggs. Xander nodded "Alright.. Lets talk. We have to find out what they where doing down here right now"

Arnold "They might be testing our world. Putting them down here to adaped to our biology then as the rest comedown the group mind already know how to adaped the rest of them. or they could be scouting out areas with resorses"

And they continued talking.

Earth was preparing itself weapons where building soldiers where traning no alien would take them with out a fight.

But they all knew it they where drifting down the shitt creak with no paddle.

At the same time in the base.....

She took a deep breath calming herself.

This was it her mission. The young 14 year old green haired girl took controll over her fears and walked inside.

They where over 31 individuals about half male the other females. Most soldiers some younger like the teenage girl from Mongolia.

And they looked tuff.

Lily smiled a bit nervus what if she faild. What if they hated her.. What if one of them hade a gun and hated her.

She looked around seeing more then five of them hade guns Not good. She focused and started to transmit her taughts *Hi my namn Is Lily. And yes i am using telepaty. But do not worry* she could see that they did worry. *I am A one way telepath I can send YOU my taughts but not read YOUR taughts. Unless you activly help me to do that* That made them calm down.

So taking a deep breath she continued. *I will be teatching eatch of you how to talk and read English. They belived that my telepathich ability would help you understand what im saying*

They nodded and smiled not ONE of them knew a word english..

Lily smiled nervused *So Lets open the Book on page 1 and i help you understand the world. If any one is unable to read do raise you hand* Five of them raised her hand the rest opend the book on Page 1.

Lily sighted well they respected her so far. *You that can not read will join me in reading classes after normal class mean while you can realax and try to follow*

And the class started.

Outside Junior and Ander grinned finaly they found somthing Lily would be able to do.

Working as a nurse or a doctor would NOT work as she alwasy was afraid that sombody would die and somtimes accidently transmited things like -You could die/You are dying- to sombody sick. Or to the wrong sick person.

But as a teatcher in english she was perfect.

The marvel Univers.

The place was impresiv a warm wind was blowing true the corridor fresh air refreshed them it felt more like walking on a balcony inside a building near a forest then inside a space station.

But it was a Space stastion a Shiiar build stastion. Peter Parker was impresed and irritaded the alien staried a loot on him the cane and the clumsy falsk legg of him was unusual.

Already more then five Shiiar hade asked him why he hade not a cybernetic legg replacment pusseled them.

His spider-powers made it difficult and earth techology was simply not up to the task yet.

Mary-Jane hide her amusment Peter was irritaded by the constant question of his legg. "Its impresiv" She said.

Their host Cria smiled "Yes i think so myself. Mayestrix Lilandra spared nothing when she hade this build. Its the fift largest in our empire"

Logan grinned "And MRS Webb-Head the shiiar empire is a hole freeking galaxy"

Mary-Jane swallowed not only in a alien world but a diffrent Galaxy. Her life sure was strange. "I know you said it but"

Cria putt a frindly hand on her "You just realised it" she was carfull as it was a normal-Human not mutant and one that would son give birth. She was a Shiiar and average Shiiar could bench press about 1 ton and hade twenty times the endurance of a human.

Still human mutants and even normal humans hade manage to imprese them as fighter of increcible power. She her self hade spend five years on earth and knew that compared to the frindly and older man Peter that cold bench press about 10-12 ton she was a wimph.

Mary-Jane nodded "yes. Im not use to this" No she frowned to her self she was used to wait at home or to waith untill sombody saved her. Not walking around in alien space stastions.

Peter nodded "Well how mutch longer" he asked. Logan "Their it is." He said pointing at one of the docs. "Its a Starjammer class long range scout ship."

Peter blinked "Its HUGE" Cria looked at him "Not realy. its a long range starship it have to be huge or the crew go nuts. The Starjamer is planed to be used by a Crew of 12 Shiiar"

Logan sighted. "Remember Webb head. the Shiiar came from flying mamels the cramped areas We live in drives them nuts. So they build things with loot of room inside of it"

Peter "I see. Thats great. Loots of extra space that can be used. For crew and other things"

Cria smiled "The Starjammer have ability to creat replacment parts for anything inside of it. But its not as advanced as our other ships as its made to be esy to repair.

It is a military craft but we dont putt our most advanced thing inside in case one get stolen."

Peter nodded "it still more advanced then anything earth have officaly right"

Cria smiled "Officaly And un-officaly its more advanced. The X-men have many frinds among us shiiar most importaint our ruler the queen is a frind of the X-men. And tara was a X-men.

The Starjammer dont have that many weapon and dont have that powerfull shield as its more a stealth and sneak craft but its ability to repair it self and repair make it posible to use as a space dock to repair other ships if you have loot of time you could even build a new Starjammer.

All you need is the raw material to build of and hard work." Peter blinked that was incredible.

Logan nodded "yes. We called in some favors after all we manage to save Lillandra life more then once. Remember when she was living among us helping to cook breakfast she made the most wonderfull baked potato"

Cria looked almost offended by the idea of her Queen coocking but it was true.

Mary-Jane just watched the wonder full starship. More then 200 meter long shining orange and green armor big windows with balkony it was wonderfull she hoped they would not be to late to help her family.

"Peter. We are going after our children" Peter blinked and slowly started to smile. "Yes we are.." They hade been talking about this. Or rather Mary-Jane hade been 'bitching'that they where bad parents and that the kids needed them and they could not go anywhere but they should or not..

She finly made up her mind.

Logan grinned so far they hade planned on using a robot forged hade build to pilot the space-craft but if the parkers would go themself. "i think Alex and May will be surpised." Inside he was grinning.

Mary-jane nodded "I like our family to be toghter. On that my new child have a change and i.. I can see my baby agien" she said thinking about May and Alexander.

Chapter 28

a month and a half is short time when you have a loot to do and it ends to fast.

Finaly it was only a week untill the last of the astroides would impaced on earth.

The alien hade adapted the stones path to strike agienst big military units and power plants.

They also aimed two huge stones on the polar region north pole and south pole.

That was terrifying the stones would melt away ALL the ice in the north pole and most of the ice in the south pole.

Huge areas of earth would be flooded but the atomic vinter made it less awfull as a loot of water was already bonded away in form of snow and ice.

And it would be catasropich for the Navy as the flood wawes would drench and crush even the strongest of ships.

Humanity realy hated the Zerges now. A form of No surrender no retreat hade becom part of human mentality.

The GPS-naviagional system and the Mobilephone and many other comunication system was down for good now. The satelites needed was gone destroyed by EMP puls and astroides fragment alien attacks.

And the military was troubled as to many troopers where dependen on satelite navigations and radio comunications.

But their was good parts also. small but good.

The goverment hade build up small but super strong fighters using Repulsor engiens laser charged Plasma guns and micro nukes.

They would strike the alien as they came close to earth. Xander hade no hope that they would suceed as the proffety said the alien would only be beaten After they hade landed.

But proffecy was made to be broken so he hoped.

Loots of power armor and huge battle tanks and fast moving attack vultures repulsor cars.

Hade been build the sights of the 'zerges' and their pets the 'Zerglings' showed the danger the elien was.

In the Base Willow hade actuly married Oz that did chock evrybody. But she wanted the safty of Oz. May just sighted that girl was a represed BiSexual she hoped that they would be happy toghter.

But the most chocking was not a world shaking event but a strang news from the south of USA.

The KKK hade invaited the Afrikan-Americans as brothers and sisters the Alien was a real danger and Scientist hade said for years that both black/white YellowRed humans where equels.

So the KKK decided to stop being racised instead start a Anti Alien policy.

Other racist groups followed it made sense after all humans VS Zerges was the natural order of things.

Hope respons was a mad giggle and "Be afraid be werry werry afraid." Xander frowned "i Wonder if they will start burning crosses outside alien nest"

Willow frowned she did not know if she would be angry/glad/sad afraidinsulted that New-Nazy asked the remainding Jews for frindship even join them to anilliat the Zerges.

Jarod blinked he DID not see that comming. But it felt good and even logical in a strang twisted way.

Racist needed somthing to hate somthing to put the blame on just to feel good.

Now they hade a biger target one that was completly alien the Zerges. And old hate was forgiven not forgoten but forgiven.

Lily as a english teatcher hade been a raging succes her one way telepatich skills made it posible for her to 'explain' what diffrent words realy ment with telepaty.

The student lerned in incredible speed and only after a month most of her 31 student could now read with help and understand most what was said.

And the older student loved her she was frindly, cute, and as they all understod her her mind was a open book they knew how nice and frindly the younger girl/teatcher was and all of the older soldiers and workers more or less adopted her.

And evrybody in the class grinned and joked when Ander walked in making him blush.

Lily was not good keeping strong emotion hiden so evrybody in class knew that she loved him.

Wasp the alternat mutated 'clone' sister of May spend most of her time inside sickbay she was 7 month pregnent and big as a house.

Her mutant powers gave her strenght to help but she did not go verry far as her child was a strang mixed of mutants.

She hade powers that mimiked insekts and the dead father hade powers that mimiked lizards.

The Enginere Pitter hade the first atempted murder. The Ryssian asshole promtly kicked the failed murderer ass and put the guy in sickpay with broken bones and crushed ego.

He also asked them to forgive the guy after all he faild his atempted murder so no crime was done.

He was a good worker almost smart why wast somthing like that.

Every body was suprised as Pitter even insisted that the guy would come back to work no hard feling.

And after showing other that he realy hade a heart the asshole continued driving the rest crazy.

Jocye hade asked the Pitter why he forgive the guy that tried to murder him.

Pitter answer was as irritating as he was. He said the guy was smart insight full and carfull not creating accident for himself or others.

In the fight he almost manage to kill him. Theirfor the guy was a survival a real human worthy of living.

So in his Social Darwanistik way of thinking he was a brother.

Jocye was not realy happy with the answer but agreed not to punich the guy.

she realy felt like killing Pitter herself.

Michael Knight hade finaly snapped out of his funk and returned to talk to KITT and Bonny.

They hade loots of things to talk about and they finaly started forgive eatch other.

Then the time hade arived.

the astroides was crashing down on earth the alien fleet was waiting in orbit leting the deadly stones to their dirty work in advanced.

And once agien the world was burning as the polar ice was crushed and burned away dark storm cloude hide the sun.

As thicker smoke and dust filed the air.

And they could do nothing.

They could see nothing. The radio was reciving extremly poor reports of what happened.

But flood wawes was crashing around big astroied hade made a ocean crash in both the atlantick and the pacific.

Xander watched the radio listen trying to find out anything. But mostly he hade to guese what was happening.

The state of New York.

>From a hiden air place fifty SF-1 started to fly.

The Super Fighter 1 was one UEG attack fighters using Repulsor and molecular bonded armor it was almost indestructibe.

Exept agienst energy weapons and acid. After them older planes F-16 and F18 and many others lifted.

The alien was flying down and they hade a party to join.

Around the world from other secret possition new air planes was lifted.

In Germany the Ybber 1 started. In Sweden the Mjolner heavy Superior fighters (build by SAAB ) lifted from ground.

In Ryssia the Alexander air fighters lifted. In Canada the Freedom fast attack fighters lifted and by their side the Invinicible 1 and 2 superior air fighter lifted their hull was made of Secondary Adamantium and molecular bound.

and in china in Australia.

In france.

Evrywhere new super fighters lifted to fight the alien.

In the base Xander and May was listning. But on the topp of the mountian Hope and the Vulture five was sitting watching the night sky.

Small burst of fire was seen now and then as small scearmish begain. Then suddenly the night litt up as the dog fight realy started and for a hour the sky was shining as the dog fighting was going on.

No surrender and no retreat.

Hope blinked "We are loosing right now"

Chang nodded "Yes. But thats not all we have back up forces waiting." Blacki sighted "I fore one wished i know how our forces where messuring them self agienst the aliens."

They nodded it was a importaint thing to know.

In the sky the dog figthing was crazy earth fighters evrywhere missiles and airplanes flying and expolding evrywhere.

Alien fighters living shooting dodging and exploding. And above them a huge living cassle like living-starship was was flying shooting anything under it.

The alien air force was shooting and they hade suport from above. But for almost 15 minuts the earth airforce manage to push the alien back before they used orbit bombs to destroy the earth air force.

And the fight was slowly lost. then the order was given and the remainding air planes retreated for now.

It hade been a heavy fight almost 50% loost before they reatreated.

And the alien landed huge building like ships living decended from the sky snake and balone and even bat like starships flying around them.

The Zerg Hatchery hade arrived. It roots greved down and around it the moss like creep started to grow.

Small vorm like larva was being growned inside of it. The other buildings landed five spore collonys living Arial defens cannons.

Like the Hatchery they grew roots drawing its food and life from the Hatchery it self.

The Zerge now hade lost their ability to fly between the stars. But they soon would have the ability to grow New air force units.

New life was groing inside the Hatcery larvas that would become drones to harvest crystal and gas, Zerges, Zerglings for deffens.

And in the sky the flying Overlords the living brains and troop carriers was scouthing the area for enemy forces.

Their living sensors sweeping the ground after anything hostiles. And around them the Reminding Mutalisk the snake like winged flyer was Buzzing around.

And beside them the slower Guardien was flying. They only hade a small number of them left.

They where bombers living bombers terrifying in their precision. but they where slow and Earth air force hade manage to destroy to many of them.

As the hatchery grew roots the Zerges was already moving following orders.

The planet was infacted by demonic anti-lifeform. That was not accepble they cold not enslave or even feed of demons. So they hade to destroy them completly and close the dimension rift they came from.

Overlords escorted by Mutalisk and Guardiens returned from their mission.

Carried inside of them was human civlians million of them stolen from small island and towns across the world.

The Huge Snake like Zerge waited as the other zerges and Zerglings horded the humans outside.

The voice of the overmind told it to spair some humans for experimental reson.

The rest would be sacrificed to close the hellmouths. But they hade to wait a week untill they hade atleast a million humans to sacrfice.

At the same time in the United earth Goverment.

The military was scramling around papper reports where coming in as they prepared their deffenses.

The first batle was lost but not the war. And in the sky small hiden satelites in orbite and on the moon was activated and humanity once agien regained communication and GPS navigation ability.

But most importaint spy cameras was watching the Zerges analying tryning to find a weeknes.

Mages/witches where cursing the zerges. Even some pissed of Vampires and demons started to fight the aliens. After all Humans where THEIR food and toys.

In the base Xander sighted as the radio and computer blinked and transmition started airborn photo of the aliens.

It was time to analyse.

Jarod, Junior, Xander, May, Margret Walsh, Andrew, Warren, and other over the world scientist watched and made teories.

A weaknes hade to be found. Sights from nighmares where seen millions of human was murdered in camps by the aliens.

Mages could feel the effect they where sacrifiad to close the hellmouths on earth.

Civilans could only watched in horror as the military could do nothing and they died.

After a week the first larvas was seen crawling out from the Hatchery.

And they started to mutate in to Zerges, Zerglings and drones. The fist drone mutated is self in to a strange building.

A weekness was found the Zerge could only reproduce by using the Hatchery.

Now how to use it. And they did not have a loot of time. They where protected from air attacks.

And ground attack would be difficult. Huge Zerges army stod in the way.

Every trooper and every drone and Larva hade to be destroy or else one might become a Hatchery.

In the base Xander May nodded it was time to organise the fight. It was time to show other what mutant could do.

At the same time in a diffrent part of the base.

Lily smiled to the older teenaged girl from mongolia she hade finaly learned so mutch english that she could explain herself "They claim you hade some kind of Mutant power. Could you show me what you can do"

The girl blushed as she strugeld to explain. "They said. At Home power evil i no like to use them. But i will use to explain"

Lily nodded "Its safe right"

The girl nodded a popping sound was heard and Lily blinked as she watch the girl copying/cloning her self.

Soon their was fifteen girls identical standing around her. Evrybody exept the orignal was nude.

Lily "Cool can you absorve them"

The girl nodded "I controll them mostly. They not real completly. If killed dust they become. I also get memory of what they done when i re-absorv them" she explained one by one the clones became part of her as she toutched them. Exept one that sneaked away to get some food.

Stupid clone. "-Get back here you stupid copy. Me First one you obey me-" she screemed in mongolien. The clone version made a run it was hungry.

she sighted and explained "Copy version of me. May have diffrent personality somtimes.. Stupid clone"

Lily blinked she hade heard about a version of this mutation. "Thats so impresiv."

The girl frowned "Impresed later nude clone version of me must be captured." her english still needed some work. But she was improving fast and the two started to run after the nude giggling clone version.