The Wrath of gods

Author: John "hatten" Carlsson. <hatten_jc[at]>

Disclaimer: I don’t own a thing except a _|^^|_ And a strange sense of humor.


Read. 'A Reason to be Atheist.' and 'Finding Faith'.


Buffy is the child of Thor.

Xander is the Child of Loki.

Xander have changed his name to: -

Alexander LaVelle Lokison Bur'Orin.

Lokison = child of Loki.

Bur'Orin = Godson of Orin.

They have just married with their parents consent.

Faith have been shot but is alive, Her sister Dawn is currently recovering after donating blood almost to much blood.

The mystic sworn of fire is in the hand of Duncan Macleod and the mystic weapon of air a crossbow is in the hand of Amanda.

Faith and Kendra have a pair of magic daggers that Xander and Buffy gave to them.

Faith and Kendra’s Daggers have a healing spell that make it hard for it to hurt anything alive NOT demons and heals wounds of those that hold it faster.

Healing Magic is dangerous for Vampires and Undead.

The Daggers also have room for extra magic Rune-stones that give them extra ability Faith and Kendra have equip theirs with and made them unique.

Faith Dagger is

Ice Cold: Active/Deactivate: Snowman

Curing: Heals sickness always active.

Shadow: Activate/Deactivate: GoNinja

Kendra Dagger is.

Flame: Activate/Deactivate: Flame

Endurance: Always active.

Shadow: Activate/Deactivate: Unseen/know me.

Glory is loose trying to find her Key.

Xander and Buffy is planning the downfall of the Watchers.

Jarod the pretender have taken as his student Cordelia that have Pre- Pretender ability.

Chapter 1
Planning our actions.

Glory sighed her tantrum had certainly cause some problem in her traveling but still not that bad.

Her power was still limited mostly to that of a half goddess as much of her power was forever or until she used the Key to her attempt to destroy the universe and recreate it in HER image.

That did gave her an advantage no God could track her only her person actions so burning and attacking with Hellfire could make them notice her.

The apes was far to stupid to notice her but she needed transportation and slaves.

Doing all by her self was undignified.

Using Vampire was out of the question.

Demons she detested them.

That would force her to make her own slaves.

Golems was useful but dumb as stones.

Glory blinked seeing a frog jump around on the ground. "But making my own life form infusing it with Ghost of disgruntled humans souls. Would make great slaves."

She said to herself. Frowning if she did THAT she would need the extra power and the only power she could use right now would be that from the curse she once put on the three animal people the seductive and artist Satyrs.

The Aggressive and protective Minotaurs and the noble and wise Centaurs forever locking and turning them in to humans.

She drank her cola good drink. Probably a half god that created it No way an APE could have done it. "Well if their IS any one of those three subspecies of the human ape left they do not bother and allowing them regain their true self after generation of being born human would be punish in it self."

Smiling she picked up the small frog in front of her drawing on powers she not used in millennia powers that no mere half god would be able to use normally she let her head closer and closer to the frog and kissed it. "Turn to my slave Ghost of humans evil and twisted come to me be my slaves and i release you from you punishment and give you vengeance."

Glory smiled recreating the universe would kill any one those fools consider enemies so she did not lie.

Already foolish apes Ghost was responding and the first frog shivering as it turn in to a human looking ugly man baldheaded with big mouth.

Glory raised her eyebrow. "So slave what is you name?"

The former frog slowly stood up in military salute. "I was Called Adolph, your My goddess." He said bowing to her.

Glory shiver something about that soul make even her feel disgusted.

London some times later

M "Glad you could co.... My good what has happened to you?"

The satyr that just took of his clothes. "That is what i like to know also." James said.

M nodded. "i have to call Q or R for help." Her favorite agent nodded looking depressed she could not help notice something about him felt extra sexy.


Xander put the paper down. "We are ready to go now."

Buffy growled, "finally."

Xander smiled. "I just like for us to really punish these guys.

Hurting and almost killing Faith."

Giles. "Bloody right."

Wesley. "Quite i personally looking forward to staking Travers myself. I think i begin in the foot and work my way up. What is the team?"

Xander smiled. "Amanda and you Giles, Jenny and Buffy and Garm and Kendra we are going after the Witches. Specially Cassandra but any one in leader position of the conclave Will be a target. Cassandra is the only one we WILL kill if any one of the other bitches surrender freely they will be taken prisoners. I think we could use their assistance."

Buffy nodded she really dislike the idea of killing humans but after they attack Faith she needed to see blood of those creep.

Giles frowned. "If Cassandra give up?"

Xander "She still die i will not have an immortal bitch witch that held a grudge on Adam for 4000 years after US. She would only wait until one of us was old and weak before striking."

Giles nodded. "Well you will not go old and weak Xander."

Xander. "Remember half god. I will go old and weak before i become a god and regain my youth."

Giles. "Right forgot about that."

Xander. "Then Reilly, Graham, Jarod, Duncan and Wesley you be going after the heads council of the Watchers. Travers is going down dead no second chances i like a confirmed kill. The rest give them a chance to surrender if you can other wise take them out."

Duncan nodded this was not the kind of dishonor way of fighting he liked but the kid played for keeps. "Are you sure they will not give up."

Xander smiled. "After the first incident with the Center i warned them IF they ever attacked me or ANY of our friends i would destroy them.

I send them a warning. 'To live give up you Identity you money and run away in exile from England'. To them five days ago if they don't listen its not my fault."

Duncan blinked. "If they listen to that warning they would have to run in panic with nothing."

Xander smiled. "Payback is a bitch."

Amanda smiled. "Cute."

Buffy. "But fair they never paid me a nickel even when they expected me to obey them and die young."

Xander nodded. "Right the council will be here in just two days a standard meeting only the boys so you will be able to attack them. I leave the attack planning to you Graham. But listen to Duncan he knows war."

Reilly nodded. "Make sense wolf boy is better them me in that."

Graham swallowed. "Crap serve the military a few years then retired that was my master plan now I'm a werewolf fighter on a track to become officer in the nine worlds traveling units of the Initiative."

Xander looked grim. "I feel for you my plans was becoming a drunk failure of a human like my 'dad Mr. Harris' then daddy Loki came around."

Buffy hugged him. "Lets go."

Xander nodded looking at Jarod.

Jarod smiled handing out ticket and false id to a love boat cruise. "Perfect disguise no one will suspect a thing. Cordy will be coming with me as she need more lesson. So will Joyce."

Graham looked at his ticket then at Reilly. "Why are WE in the same room." Jarod smiled evil.

Reilly look at his id. "And why do we have the same after name."

Graham groaned. "We are Joxer right Thus the legendary journey of Xander. In a time of petty gods humanity screamed out for a hero and they got Mr. X. Man we are a sideshow joke." He said with a smile.

Amanda smiled as she held up her hand. "I have an idea after the wet work we could visit the palace."

Suddenly the girls was smiling in a strangely greedy way.

Initiative HQ

Adam smiled. "Yes Mr. president they are invading England. Or at least a part of England."

Phone "------"

Adam. "No sir i will not stop them. You said i would use my own judgment. Xander power as a half god seem to be in the area of Tactical and human interaction individual interaction also seem to be a small power of chaos. This is confirmed by Loki. USA could learn a loot of tactical skill and use of strange methods by study his action."

Phone "------. --------------. IF YOU WRONG. -------------"

Adam swallowed the idea of punishment by guillotine made him nervous. "I'm sure sir but he need a chance to train and develop those ability Sir. And the English DID sent assassins to USA and Faith is under YOUR personal protection, with out response we would look Weak sir."

Phone "--------------------"

Adam smiled "Ha good joke sir."

Phone "-----------------

Adam blinked. "What the hell are you sniffing. You are saying Amanda and the girls DID steal the Mona Lisa and other treasure in Paris." Phone "I DID NOT INHALE... -----------------"

Adam. "Sorry sir i just lost it, IT was a party celebrating Buffy future wedding.

When did they have the time between drinking and stealing from the museum. And how could they even get the idea of robbing that place?"

Phone "-----------"

Adam nodded. "Then their are two of us that don't understand the female mind."

Adam sighed he would have to talk to Amanda hopefully they would not try the palace.

Chapter 2
Time of the drunken slayer.

Glory sighed her chief Minion sure irritated her something was seriously wrong with that soul she never seen a human soul that dark or evil. Thinking about it. He was like an ape version of herself.

Maybe that's why she detested him.

"Minion have you got money for us yet?" She said looking over her 'army' of one hundred minion all former frogs possessed by the most evil humans spirits she could rip away from hell.

Chief Minion. "My goddess do call me Adolph. And i have not been able to access any of my accounts from my prier life. But i have a backup plan."

Glory raised her beautiful eyebrow. "Do tell?" she asked.

Adolph sighed. "Their is a huge Jewish pawn bank we could make a secret withdraw from their."

The Minion nr 2. "What about security cameras computer."

Adolph blinked. "What are you talking about Kruger?"

The Second in command minion smiled. "Cameras do record ANY pawn bank have them."

Adolph nodded. "Things have change then sense my life time. Any idea Freddy."

Freddy nodded. "I do Kidnap a child and held it hostage. Beside we can have fun."

Adolph looked almost sick at the idea. "Are you crazy the police will make it their life work to hunt us down. Beside what if we attack drug dealers or criminals instead."

Freddy consider that. "Ya that's have potential they have money the cops don't care about them and some of them have children."

Gloryficus sighed this was exactly why she hated the apes. "You will NOT stop to have FUN Minion Freddy Kruger is this understood. Your life is dedicated TO my plans." Glory turned and look at Adolph that stood still 'pretending' to be loyal.

Freddy sighed. "Yes my goddess." But as soon as she was done he would once again be free for fun.

Adolph smiled bowing deep once she was done he would have a new chance to rule the world and destroy the lesser races.

The Pacific Princes

The captains table.

Captain Merrill smiled at his guest it sure was an odd gathering of persons. "Well i am surprised Xander its not often you see such a young man like you being married."

Xander nodded. "I be a fool NOT to married my Buffy."

Buffy smiled. "Ooh you say the cutest things."

"So how long have the two you been married?" The young girl Vicky asked.

Buffy smiled Merrill daughter was sure a happy girl. "About a month now," she said.

Vicky. "What did you mother say or you father."

Xander almost spit his drink over the table. "Well you can ask her mother over their," he said looking at the smiling Joyce. "My mother and step dad never cared about it or me."

Buffy nodded. "And our REAL dads boy that was a circus."

Vicky looked eager. "What did they try to stop you from marry or fall in love?"

Xander smiled. "No more like they did everything they could to MAKE us fall in love. Even doing stupid things like fake a kidnapping so i ran over to save perfectly safe Buffy that was talking to an old friend of the family. I look quite like the fool."

Vicky laughs that was so silly.

Jarod eyebrow went up so close to the truth and yet so far away.

Buffy giggled thinking as Utgards-loki had pretended to be a friend of the family so it was the truth. "Aaa i think you were so brave.

Specially how Uti lost his head in fury over your break-in."

Joyce hid her smile.

Xander. "Well that episode literally put us in hell but at least we met some friend of my half-brother."

Vicky frown. "Did he sent the police after you."

Xander nodded. "Yes but our dads cleared us but i don't think Uti will ever forgive us or let us visit again."

Buffy smiled that was sure having your body blown up by a rocket launcher and you castle destroy would be hard to forgive.

Reilly. "Well at least you are married now."

Graham. "And i do not think Buffy dad will ever come up with something stupid to help the two of you again after your wedding surprise."

The gang started to laugh as Buffy and Xander blushed.

Captain Merrill smiled. "Now that sounds like a story what did you do?"

Xander. "Kick him HARD in the groin. He tried to interrupt me when i was kissing Buffy."

The captain blinked remembering NEVER to come between those two young ones.

Vicky. "What?"

Buffy "We were perfectly fine kissing after saying WE Do and he came and interrupted."

Joyce "Honey your kiss was almost a hour most of us believed you were going to tear your clothes off right their IN the church. And usually they do kiss or hug the bride after the her husband have."

Xander blushed as he looked down at the table.

Most of the crew were smiling and laughing.

Reilly. "And then He just lifts Buffy up and carry her away. Not ONE of them came down for the wedding party and they stayed in the room for more then 24 hours."

Buffy blushed. "We had a lot of time to catch up you know."

Xander nodded. "Can we talk about something else?"

Captain Merrill smiled. "Of course so what do you do for living?" He said looking at one of the other sitting at the captains table. A lovely young Asian girl that was married to a nice kind of bubbly African American.

Alex Munday smiled time to test her alibi she sincerely hoped that Bosley would do the same. "I work for a talent agent" she lied.

"Fascinating." Merrill said and the talk was going continued.

On the side table Dylan nodded. "Its them. The France agency information was correct."

Nathalie "They don't look like multimillion dollar thief's."

Dylan "Well Blondie sure is. And so are that other girl Amanda Munroe."

Nathalie. "You think they work together with our target."

Dylan frowned. "I hope NOT any one capable of emptying the Museum of the Luovre is dangerous."


Garm was smiling as Buffy and Xander cut loose on their fighting skill trading some wild Kungfu moves they had learn.

They were ripping it loose in the Riviera decks Gymnasium.

Thanks to Garm some what sloppy security spells they were safe from interruption or spies.

Looking thru a hidden camera.

"Holly crap." Dylan said. "They are trying to kill each other."

Nathalie. "No no they are not look."

Dylan blinked. "You are right but that kick she sent him flying."

Nathalie. "What ever they are they cant be human."

Alex smiled. "Then maybe they have an idea of YOUR problem Dylan."

The wild girl frowned. "I i maybe," she said frowning.

Nathalie. "Well even Charlie don't know about it. They might HOLY." She said.

Alex mouth fell open as the two young males suddenly turned in to Werewolf's things.

Dylan. "They might know something," she said. Scratching her head hiding the secret change inside a hat the whole time was frustrating. And not talking about the tail.

At least she thought her breast had become bigger and more perky Gravity defying.

Nathalie. "You know that Xander looks like a hyena."

Alex frown. "Well i heard legend about Were-wolf so maybe their is were-hyenas."

The angels watch as two male were animals started to fight smiling and laughing as the hits was breaking bones in the other.

Alex, "well i think they can be helpful. We could need the help finding the hidden maps."

Dylan "Look his bone was broken its like it healed it self."

Nathalie. "Wonder if you need silver to fight those guys."


Larry sighed his girlfriend a Kitsune was hiding behind him and a company goon was standing in front of him holding a gun. "Dad Mom how could you?" he said.

His parents looked at each other before Dad responded. "Son she clearly is an alien or something SHE not even human. Now they paid a lots of money for her just step aside."

Larry sighed as he pressed the panic button General Adam had given him in case something like this would happen. "I cant believe this."

His mother. "Larry your NOT your self she must have brain washed you. She talk some alien language and you even know how Obviously some kind of brain control."

Larry. "Mom that's JAPANEESE and i have study it in school."

Technically he was not lying he did study it half a semester before giving up. But Loki magic made him talk it like a native.

The goon. "Well son step aside of i will shoot you this IS a stun gun so nothing bad will happen to your our doctors will make sure of that."

Larry frowned and suddenly stepped aside leaving a clear sight of the frighten Kitsune. His plan worked the goon stopped aiming at him.

As fast as he could he kicked the goon in his knee trying to grasp his hand.

Larry swore he missed but the goon nr 1 was on the ground now for goon nr 2. Larry Jumped up making sure he landed on the first goon backside probably breaking some of his ribs as he use the extra heights to throw him self on the remaining corporate muscle.

That man was professional. He did a fast sidestep avoiding Larry and shooting a stun needle right at Larry.

Landing on the ground Larry could feel his head spin as the sleeping drug started to work. "YOU will NOT HURT MY GIRL," he yelled. "I WILL PROTECT HER." Suddenly he felt the bond between them grow as he acknowledge his duty as the Kitsune's defender and protector.

The drug effect slow down and Larry stood up. The Corporate man blinked in surprise that should have put a horse to sleep.

Larry ran right at him using his full football skill to tackle the man slamming them both in to the wall the goon first.

Grunting in pain Larry stood up watching the last enemy a shit head of a man looking like a doctor or a Scientist. "Get the hell away from here." He screamed.

The man raised an eyebrow. "I'm so sorry we have paid you mother and father almost five million dollar for that creature." He pulled out his gun. "And we will get her".

Larry paled he was to far away to do anything the Kitsune girl shiver in fear behind him.

Suddenly a cold voice interrupted them. "I do not think so." A man in USA military uniform said.

Behind him a whole troop of man stood including a Were-lynx in her cat-hybrid body. "We are USA Initiative Paranormal section. YOU and your company have no jurisdiction over that girl. Any information you have will be turned over to US."

The man paled. "I Who are you i never heard about your unit."

The officer walked forward. "That's because its it do not exist.

And unless YOU like that to happen to YOUR company you stay away from Sunnydale and the Kitsune. Understand?"

The man nodded. "But we paid."

The Cat girl walk forward grasping him and lifting him up. "She IS not a slave. Do you have silver on you?"

The man shook his head in confusion. "No."

The cat girl. "Then i can easy kill you and your men and NOT ONE of you can even hurt me. Life of a were-cat is great is it not. Do you understand leave the Kitsune alone. Are you alright Larry." Seeing him nod she asked, "your girl?"

Larry hugged the frightened Kitsune the mage in the unit raises an eyebrow obvious Larry had become her knight. Lucky bastard.

A Kitsune could give increased power strength to a human if they freely bonded becoming literally her bodyguard risking their own life rather then seeing the Kitsune hurt. Increased life length equal to that of the Kitsune over a millennia would be his as long as he was her Knight.

Of course the Kitsune would dedicate her life to make him happy it was kind of a magic symbiosis of the nicer kind.

Both the Kitsune and Larry had given up some of their freedom of will one to protect the Kitsune's life and the other to make the human happy.

The Pacific Princess

Xander look at the three young but older then him and Buffy girls. "So you claim that you are detectives working on a case involving some secret maps about a USA military installation in Sunnydale."

The Three nodded and Nathalie. "We cant tell you what installation sorry."

Xander grinned. "I understand General Adam will be angry if you did," he said as he held up an ID card.

The angels blinked. "You work for them?" They said in unison. Dylan looked a bit nervous.

Xander. "Yes i do and so do my wife when we not in school."

Buffy waved. "High school." She said with a perky voice.

Natalie. "Are you not a bit to young even with you ability?"

Xander smiled, "our choice."

Dylan "And do the USA know that your 'wife' stole the Mona Lisa?"

Xander blinked looking over at the now blushing Buffy. "ITS REAL?"

Buffy. "Sorry i was drunk and and Amanda."

Xander. "I'm not angry. But that explain why Adam held a long secret talk to Amanda." He smiled maybe visiting the Buckingham palace would be fun after all.

Buffy hugged him. "So i don't think that's all you help you like to ask of us?"

Alex frowned. "If we showed you something strange sure you wont tell the military."

Xander. "I promise as long as no innocent get hurt."

Buffy. "As long as its nothing dangerous to my family."

Garm. "I promise as long as none of the pack get hurt."

Dylan sighed well she felt like she could trust them. "Do any of you know anything about this?" She said as she took of her hat.

Showing them two small but clearly visible Cow horns growing from her head.

Buffy "That looks like horns."

Dylan nodded unhappy. "I have have a cow tail."

Xander blinked remembering things he read. "You are a Minotaur. But that's impossible they are all gone a hell goddess destroyed them turn them all to humans."

Dylan. "A minotaur I not a ugly minotaur they have cow claws and hairy and."

Xander. "NO Minotaur ARE a side species of humans they look exactly as humans except horns on their heads tail and a physical strength almost twice that of a normal human. They are all vegetarians except the males that can eat flesh."

Dylan frowned. "You seem to know lot of them?" She said suspiciously. Xander shook his head. "Only what i read and that about it. I have to call Dad he might know more."

Buffy raised her eyebrow. "Might?"

Xander "Right HE will know more about Minotaurs BUT why your ability came forward he might NOT know." Looking up at Dylan he told her. "According to the old facts not the myth Minotaur was Strong Protective and if anything threatening what they protected they were dangerous aggressive fighters. Its also said that they were a bit on the wild side loving a good fight or party."

The other angels smirked fit Dylan perfect.

Chapter 3
What shall we do with the Drunken Slayer?

Loki sat down Beside Xander. "Hi son. I came as soon as i could."

The angels blinked seeing a human just teleport inside was unusual. Xander. "Thanks dad." Xander smiled a beaming smile.

Loki raised his eyebrow. "And the ladies are?"

Xander blushed. "Sorry That's Alex, Nathalie," he said pointing out the girls. "And that Dylan she have a problem we like to ask you to help with. And girls this is my Dad Loki god of chaos and protector of humanity."

The girls blinked.

Beside them Graham started to talk. "In a time of injustice of petty gods and demons humanity cried out for a hero this is the Xander the legendary journey."

Xander. "That's so so old."

Buffy giggled. "I think its cute."

Loki smiled. "Petty right."

Graham, "he sorry you seen Hercules."

Loki. "No not in a millennia or more."

Graham blinked. "No I'm talking about the TV show."

Xander. "Guys could we keep on subject. Dylan have become a Minotaur." Loki. "Really that's strange only four things could be the reason for that to happened.

One if Dylan manage to get her hand on a Powerful. I'm talking divine anti magical object.

Two The Hell goddess Glory is dead.

Or Three The hell goddess remove the curse to get more power.

Four. "

Loki carefully walked over and remove her hat study her small horns. "May i see your tail please?"

Dylan blushed and pulled her Tail free from her pants.

Loki nodded. "you are a real female Minotaur. You are lucky that they have smaller horns then the males."

Loki blinked remembering something. "Dawn and Faith after can access Mana-energy and i test her for ANY existing magic school. She is not capable of learning any of them but yet."

Xander. "So she can a magic school that don't exist."

Loki. "Yes but that would mean." He paled "Xander once you are done in England you have to return to Sunnydale. A hell goddess is on her way. Only a half god could beat her permanent.

If a god would try the power that would be released by our fight would destroy EARTH it self."

Xander blinked. "Bummer. Sure we have time for England."

Loki nodded. "I think so. I will have to ask Adam for help tracking her Glory is invisible for my second sight."

Garm smiled. "Could you also give us more information on Minotaurs." Loki smiled. "Here he said giving the Angel a book."

Dylan read then re read. "Minotaurs for DUMMYS?" She screamed.

Loki smiled. "Who do YOU think really own that company?"

Then he teleported away.

Xander blinked. "Well that explain a lot."

Buffy. "Yeh like the secret 'for dummy's books that exist'.

Wiccan for dummies.

Vampire Hunting for dummy's. That is a great book by the way."

The angel blinked that was unusual.

Reilly nodded. "Lets find that map so we can go back resting.

Invading England will be tuff."

The angel blinked. "What?" Alex said.

Xander rolled his eyes. "You been to long near me boy." He said to the older man his bond son.

Reilly smiled falsely. "Sorry 'dad'." He said to his Alpha Were-hyena.

Xander looked at the Angels. "Long story short manipulating secret organization based in England have made some of ours life hell for most of our life.

A couple of months ago they tried to kill us. We retaliated causing an economical lost and some rebellion among the organization.

They tried again assassinate one of us almost succeeding she survived literally by blind luck."

Xander sighed. "We are not giving them a Third chance we are going to hunt them down kill the leaders and steal everything they have."

Alex frown. "That's wrong."

Xander. "Murdering is also wrong this guys are above the law. For our safety we have to face facts, its our life or theirs."

Buffy nodded grasping her Axe. "And my baby need some blood yes you do." Xander blinked looking shocked at Buffy Buffy. "Sorry Xander i could not help my self." She said while rolling in laughter at their faces.

The angels stood up. "See you later then."

Xander smiled. "Buffy lets find Vicky. The angels know who have the map but not where he hid it. Only he and his contact person knows that. Vicky works on the ship and are a child."

Buffy smiled. "And as a child she knows any good hiding place on the ship."

Xander nodded. "Exactly."


Dawn let her breath out as Loki let her hand go. "So what kind of magic can i do?" She asked.

Loki consider what he would say he was known as the Father of lies but that was pure slander he really did not like to Lie unless to help some one.

He stopped gave Thor a sharp look Thor notice and nodded that he understood.

Smiling Loki sat down. "This will take some time to explain.

Do sit down," he said to the rest of the gang that sat inside.

"Millennia ago an evil Hell goddess named Glory tried to end the universe by accessing the Gates binding her powers as a goddess trying to rip the universe apart.

The creator to stop this made the Key a magic lock and lock opening device to the gates.

This stopped Glory from destroying the universe and stole her powers essentially made her strong as a half god."

Loki cleared his voice. "Glory spend a lot of time trying to find the Key and eventually found out that it was on Earth a realm she hates because of you humans creatures she thinks as useless Apes.

A long battle later Hercules and a Greece's Mage manage to seal her away and stop her from getting her fingers on the key."

Loki took a deep breath. "A prophecy said that one times the Key will bring the Magic of Transportation to the humans with the blood of the key." He looked at them.

"The key is a ball of living energy no sentient ability at all."

Smiling bitterly he continue now to tell the lies. "About three months ago something happened her in Sunnydale. Belasco attacked and hurt badly Dawn."

Dawn. "No i hide under the table and i only got a short bruise from the falling debris."

Loki smiled and began to lie between his teeth no way that he would tell the girl that she was only a month old and give her and Faith an existential crisis. "Yes and No. I was not on Earth realm when it happened but some one used time changing magic powerful magic to save your life."

Dawn paled Giles cleaned his glasses. "How that would be impossible?" he said.

Loki rolled his eyes. "Not if you using the Key. And not if you are willing to sacrifice you OWN life." Looking at Dawn he continue in a friendly tone. "They saved your life had they been one second to late you would have died your soul would have continued to the next life."

Beside Dawn Faith paled and hugged Dawn arm almost painful in protection.

Dawn hugged Faith back calming her big sister.

Loki "At the moment i believed that they did it only to stop You Faith from going crazy of anger and lost. But now i think they did it to hide the Key. Its inside of you and part of you Dawn that's why you survived."

Dawn paled. "I'm not real."

Loki walked over and hugged her. "Of course you are one hundred percent human. But you are also capable of magic as you are also the Key. ANY child of yours or any one that YOU donate blood to will get the ability to use Transportation magic."

Faith blinked. "Cool any magic spell you can teach me?"

Loki "No Dawn and you have to learn by trial and error i could give you some tips that all." He said with a smile.

Beside him Thor nodded it was a good lie best remember it.

Loki. "Now to the Bad news. Glory IS free and is searching for the Key. You Dawn according to Adam she still is in Greece having problem adapting to our modern world."

Dawn sighed. "SO any tips on the magic."

Seeing the rest of them look surprise at her she rolled her eyes. "Come on their ALLWAYS some one trying to end the world or have me as a hostage I'm use to it. Beside YOU are then ones that have to fight her i cant do anything."

Loki giggled in a manly way. "Of course Dawn if you concentrate you should be able to summon small object that are yours."

Dawn nodded concentrated a short moment later a pair of jeans suddenly was their beside her.

Loki grinned. "Great. As you gain strength you will be able to teleport long and short distant in the same realm but that's difficult.

The shorter distant to teleport the MORE energy you need. But the shorter time it take to do it.

The LONGER distant you teleport less energy but longer time it take to do it."

Dawn blinked that was strange.

Loki smiled. "Their IS a reason i transform my self in to a bird instead of teleport short distance."

Dawn blinked that made sense.


"Curse you." Freddy said at his partner in crime.

Adolph sighed. "Well we got the money and its a beginning."

Freddy. "I don't care thanks to you i got shot."

Glory smiled they had lots of money she wondered how much more then needed.

Adolph. "This money will be used My Lady to buy us ID. For you and us minions. Then we can get more money to buy tickets."

Glory growled stupid apes to make everything complicated. "Fine remember fist class for me."

Adolph nodded. "Yes my goddess"

Beside him Freddy Kruger growled he was hurt could barely use his arm. Maybe he could build a protective glove or something maybe with claws on it. Slowly the reborn murderer started to smile.

Chapter 4
What shall we do with the Drunken Were-wolf.

Xander stood up together with the Captain Merrill and Garm on the stages.

And they were singing.

Badly Buffy shook her head wondering how in the world the calm order and civilized Captain could have joined their party.

He was so against them drinking then Graham had said something about Xander heroics and suddenly they were consider adults and now they were partying with the Captain.

And the room was filled with civilians for the first time sense the wedding Buffy almost felt like denying knowing Xander.

"--Xander, Merrill and Garm singing--Way, hay up she rises,
Way, hay, up she rises,
Way, hay, up she rises,
Earlye in the morning!

What will we do with the drunken sailor?
What will we do with the drunken sailor?
What will we do with the drunken sailor?
Earlye in the morning?

The room exploded in Laughter Giggle and applause.

Buffy groaned a whole room with bad tasted in music.

Joyce. "That was SO funny."

Xander. "Hi Buffy." He said as he hugged her and kissed her.

Vicky Giggled it was SO fun seeing her dad and her new friends having so much fun.

Buffy hugged Xander closer now she remember why she loved him. "Hmm Xander hugs," she said. "By the way you think the Angels can handle the rest them self?"

Xander nodded. "They are professionals of course they can."

Buffy smiled pulling Xander closer and kissing him deeply ignoring the catcalls and dog whistling and ignoring the rest of the world as they slowly started to dance to the music of their own hearts.

Other part of the ship

Alex sneaked forward quietly towards their goal one of the fire post. "We are clear," she said.

Nathalie. "Stay guard Dylan," as she ran forward to help Alex.

They carefully took out the fire extinguisher looking inside.

Alex "We have jackpot. I wonder how Xander knew they would be hiding things here."

Nathalie. "He asked a Vicky the 12 year old girl."

Dylan. "Strange that's that's brilliant a kid that age would know any good hiding place," she smiled. "So we got the map then." Alex Suddenly screamed. "Dodge," but it was to late.

The Spy large sledge hammer impacted on the top of Dylan's head with a soft *Thunk* and a smack Dylan fell motion less down.

Alex "NO you killed Dylan."

"YOU." Nathalie screamed and. "You Bastard." They both screamed.

And they attacked.

The man was almost six feet tall, strong welding a huge sledge like it was a toy. Every impacted left huge dents in the steel walls.

Dylan slowly shook her head clear she sure had one hell of a headache. Looking up she could see the Bad guy fighting and Alex suddenly getting hit in the Arm by a Sledge Hammer. Breaking it and sending her crashing in the floor.

Then Nathalie was knocked down by a kick. Dylan paled as the scumbag was raising the Sledge hammer to crush Nathalie. "NOO." She screamed and long forgotten instincts awoken inside of her.

Alex blinked and smiled in joy no way she is alive. Then Dylan screamed as she ran head first in a bull run against spies backside.

The spy was suddenly rammed hard in the spine small but pointy horns ripped up bleeding wounds and Dylan's speed send him flying crashing in the wall unconscious.

Nathalie. "Dylan you alive." She leaped up hugged her friend hard.

Dylan. "Ouch be careful i have a headache he must have hit me with his fist or something."

Alex carefully walked over pawning her head. "No Dylan he hit you with THAT sledge." She said pointing at the hammer and the dents in the steel wall.

Dylan, "no way."

Nathalie carefully touch her small horns. "So they are not for show then. Your really are bullheaded," she said with a smile.

Alex "More like bone headed."

Dylan rolled her eyes. "Lets get you to sickbay." Inside she was for the first time glad that she was a minotaur.

Secret meting place of the UN World council

"SO do anyone knows what happened?" An Englishmen said.

The American nodded. "Apparently a Hell goddess for about 3000 years ago curses the near humans species of Satyrs, Centaurs and Minotaurs denying them their correct body forcing them to become human. That curse was lifted. The information come directly from Asgard."

The Japanese nodded. "We have got the same information from realms of the Makai its true the Dark goddess Glory is free and she released her curse."

The American. "We know according to the legends ONLY a half gods have the power to permanent kill Glory we have 3 half gods preparing for battling her. And if that don't work we have nukes."

The individuals look happy.

"Well comrades," the Russian said. "Can we even PUT the genie back in the bottle. The Centaurs the Minotaurs the Satyrs HOW are we going to explain them or hide them."

The room started to talk. "I know we blame Coca cola," one said.

The room fell silent a moment before one. "No that would be stupid they don't have a reason to. No We blame the Tobacco company claim that they created a DNA changing virus that would would genetically change humans make them NEED smoke even if they got Cancer."

They were silent thinking over the plan.

"That's the most stupid thing i have ever heard." A Englishman said before he started to smile. "And it would work." He said taking a sip of cognac. "But ONLY IF we let the news leak out. The civilians believe stolen news more then anything WE give them.

Claim the lab was destroyed. Maybe Arrest and execute some High level politician in Each of our countries. I'm sure you all have one that's been a trouble or a criminal. Deny that they had ANY thing to do with the Tobacco Terror organization and everyone will believe that they did."

Mr. George smiled that would work individual humans was smart but as a group they were dumb. "We better let You Russian leak the information first. Claiming it was an Australian mistake. Then let information leak out that the lab was in Africa another claim it was in Bolivia at the same time. That way none of our country will be the bad guy.,"

The Australian nodded any PR would be good PR in his book beside it was their turn to look the failure.

And soon they started to plan the cover up and explanation of new types of humans.


Dawn sighed as she trained transporting object she know and had held in her hands was easy. But object she never held or touch was hard living things was equal hard. But she manage to teleport the neighbors cat inside the sickroom.

Dawn blinked looking out seeing the troopers still hunting that cat. A real angry cat.

Obviously it made havoc on their motion sensors and the large base was mostly empty. Lots of room to hide in air ducks to crawl in. It was like the movie Alien.

And the frighten cat had NO plans on getting capture living in Sunnydale being a tuff home/street kind of cat it knew how NOT to become captured.

Dawn blushed a bit. "So sorry about that."

Faith giggled. "Fun a normal cat driving the guards crazy."

Dawn smiled, "yea."

Chapter 5
And may god save us from the Wrath of the North-men.

(Old prayer from England to save them from the plundering Vikings)

"I always love and hate this." Vicky s i believe that vampires are demons."

A waitress walked up to their table soon Joyce had a real English beer and they started to talk again.

Joyce. "No no I'm not interested."

Tomas. "Sure you are you are just chicken," said mocking her.

Joyce. "That will hurt you. Lets play dart." Joyce walked up to the Dart board.

Joyce smiled in surprise the Target training she got sure paid off now as they gambled and had fun a voice suddenly interrupted.

"Hey dam Cows get the hell out of here." The big man said.

Joyce looked back sure it was that racist again and with friends.

Sighed she wonder what she would do wild Joyce indeed she sighed. "Hey Mr. Hitler, take you Nazi party and make like tree and leave."

The two minotaurs looked nervous but seeing Joyce command they remember that they were stronger then a normal human.

Smiling they stood straight. "You heard the lady Adolph get the hell out of here and take you friends with you."

One of the men a smaller but even more ugly man. "You regret saying that hamburger." He said as he attacked Tomas.

Tomas tried to dodge but to no avail. The mans fist impacted in Tomas stomach driving out the air.

The rest stared to surround Abdula then suddenly. Tomas attacker froze and started to scream in pain.

Tomas looked up and blinked Joyce stood their calm holding the mans hand in a twisting grip forcing his whole arm to bend in a painful manager threatening to tear it out of its shoulder.

"I believe the polite term is Get The Hell Out Of Here NOW." Joyce said. As she dropped the arm and pushed the man making him fall down on the floor.

The big man that spoken to her in the beginning. "Who the hell do you think you are Bitch. I'm going to carve you a new asshole." He said and started to pull forward a knife.

Joyce pulled forward a small gun from her pants. "I'm Joyce Summer Mother in law of Xander. The young hero that killed that racist and burn down the church. Never bring a knife to a gun fight. Still like to find out what kind of Bitch i am."

The man slowly backed down. "Holy fuck your."

Joyce smiled weakly holy fuck indeed that was what had started this she and Thor during her college years. "Well boys this Cow-girl have to go now. Before the cops come."

The two minotaur looked at each other.

Abdula. "Let us escort you lady."

Tomas. "Yea and then you can protect us."

Joyce giggled as the three walked out from a silent pub.

At least they were not playing depressing songs anymore Joyce was thinking.

Chapter 6
Have you seen the old man that walk the streets of London.

Xander carefully study the roof of the car before talking "Alright all of you Be careful specially YOU Buffy i i go crazy if you get hurt."

Buffy "You be careful to Xander."

"Thanks love. Now you all know our meeting points. The larger parts of our guns and ammo is on your map so don't lose it. I would like for you Amanda to be seen near the palace that would make the MI6 concentrate their effort away from our bloody business"

Amanda "That i can do" she said with a the cat that ate the canary smile.

Jarod "I would like to remind Rupert and Wesley to be careful they more then likely know about your return"

Xander smiled "Good advice. Move fast be careful and DO not Get Killed"

Joyce "And i use the time to see some of London." She said with a smile Jarod had made some make up change her hair and Garm had put up a glamour to hide her face. She barely recognize her self right now the watcher would not have a chance.

Buffy and Xander both hugged Joyce "Be careful" they said.

Then they hugged each other before walking away both taking different roads towards the Witches home in the Sherwood forest.

The rest of the gang nodded and started to walk away with out a word. It was time for the hunter to sneak.

Joyce smiled now for shopping.

London Hotel

"Hi Charley" the angels said in unions at the small speaker phone.

"Hello Angels how was the journey on the Princess" Charley said.

The angels giggled and Bosley smiled "It was interesting."

Dylan "You seen those new about the Neo-humans."

Charley "Yes Dylan has anything happened to one of you" he said trying not to sound worried.

Dylan "Eee yes Charlie I'm kind of a Minotaur now."

Charlie "I see. Bosley from what information i got See that a more vegetarian food is brought in, I would not let our Cow-girl starve," he said with a friendly tone.

Dylan smiled "Thanks Charlie things with meat just don't taste good anymore. I miss my burgers" she said unhappy. Sense becoming a Minotaur they tasted awful only fish, egg, And milk product tasted normal well Fish and milk actually tasted better then before so did anything green food.

Charlie "Angels be careful i seen a lot of racism and religious fanatics hurting Neo-humans You Dylan could become a target. Was it anything else/"

Alex smiled was grim "Yes you heard about Xander Harris from Sunnydale."

Charlie was quiet a moment probably reading some information or gathering his memories "Yes an impressive young man.

According to my information he never fought any terrorist he stole weapons and kidnapped some soldier so that he could saved his girl."

The Angels and Bosley looked at each other if Charlie knew the whole truth he be surprised.

Nathalie "Yes the X-man him self and his girl is in London some scumbags almost manage to murder one they both consider family. They are on the path of war now."

Charlie frowned "That awful but it really have nothing to do with us." Dylan "its just that. Charlie we like to help them."

Charlie "....Hrm....... I'm not sure that would be so Good angels. But elaborate how would you like to help them?"

Dylan "Escape after they done their bloody work they need to split up and take different roads out of England. We would like to help one or two of them. Smuggle them out of the country you know."

Alex Cough "Boyfriend" Cough "Boyfriend" cough

Charlie "if the four of you all agree i would NOT stop you Angels i trust your opinions. But i would rather you did not tell me anything more about this."

The angels nodded.

Xander in the street of London

"Dirt in his hair Hmm mmm hmmm.

Have you seen the old man that walks the streets of London lalaalaa" Xander was singing quietly as he walked the street forward getting dirty looks from the rich wealthy Englishmen.

A voice suddenly grasped his attention.

It sounded like it came from nearby a church tower.

It sounded like some one in pain.

Xander began to run "Curse you my conscious," he said irritated over his white knight complex.

As he came closer he could see a police car parked two English officers ignoring what ever was happening.

A TV truck with cameras was filming.

It was a huge crowed of humans standing in a ring throwing stones word of "Filthy Animal."

And "Abomination in the FACE of god."

Xander could even See a priest a Catholic Priest throwing stones.

Looking around Xander found an iron staff probably from the nearby building. Grasping it in his hand he jumped up on the TV-trucks roof to get a look at what happening in the Mob.

The Camera team jumped in shock as Xander landed and started to watch what happened down their.

The mob was stoning two small girls a Satyr and a Minotaur girls dressed in school uniforms barely 9 or 10 to their death.

And the priest was yelling about -Abomination demons and monster-

"STOP IT NOW" Xander yelled silence reined the streets.

And He jumped landing in front of the priest.

The Priest stumble back in surprised before gathering himself "Do not interfere with the word of god my son" He said.

Xander raised his eyebrow then turned to watch the Cops "Are the two of you going to do your work or do i have to go VIGLANTE on these guys"

The Cops moistened their lips and looked at another direction.

The Priest "Go a way young boy. They are demons we are d...."

Xander decided just to use his 'normal' half gods strength as he attacked not even bother transforming. As a normal half god his strength was about twice what a human his size and with his training would be.

Xander swung the Iron staff like a golf club up driving it in groin of the priest with all his strength and weight it impacted shattering bones and intestine and sending the Priest flying backwards in a rain of blood.

"I'm not a child you gutless assholes care to try an adult" Xander said to the Mob of fanatics.

In front of him the Camera man was fighting to stop from throwing up his lunch.

One of the cops was on the ground spraying to streets with his lunch.

The Priest look like he been ripped in half by the iron staff.

The mob was carefully backing away seeing the blood thirst in his eyes was scaring them.

And the way he held the staff like it was a natural part of his body told them a story of knowledge in using weapon.

"HOLD IT FREEZ" the still standing cop said. "Your under arrest for murder."

Xander blinked as he slowly looked at the cop. His knowledge of guns clearly told the story the cop gun had its safety on.

His arm moved like lightning as he pulled up his own gun and as the cop was trying put the safety on off.

One Guns shot echo in the street of London.

The Mob looked in fascination as the American Shot impacted on the police man gun.

Xander looked as the cops gun was flying and pulled a another shot sending the gun flying in a another direction.

It landed near the TV-Truck looking like a piece of junk.

Xander walked up to the two Police men "If you don't know how to use a gun. DO NOT USE IT.

You are Police men you suppose to protect CHILDREN." He said pointing at the two hurt kids.

Xander then aimed the gun at the police man that pulled a gun on him. "If the two of you are smart drop your weapons and just drive away and i let you live. Understand."

The two fast dropped their guns and jumped in the cars driving away. Xander looked at the camera team. "And you vultures Don't you have a princess or something to hunt down and kill. Get away from here now"

The camera team flinched at his anger but stayed.

He slowly started to raise his gun to the Mob. "And you any one that like to live RUN NOW" In second the streets was empty.

He walked up to the kids he leaned down "Are you allrigt" he said flinching at the stupid question. Of course they where not all right.

The two looked bruised and cut but nothing serious Xander notice.

He carefully activated a Rune stone of healing holding it towards the girls making cuts and bleeding go away.

"Where do the two young lady lives" He asked them.

They pointed at the Orphanage across the street of the church the doors and windows was filled of kids and in the door nuns stood watching in fear and chock "We don't have a mom and a dad and the priest and the nuns cast us out when this curse happened. And The other kids" They started to cry.

Xander flinched hugging them "I see he said looking angry. At the nuns.

He lifted them both up in one of his arms and walked over to a small Motorbike dragged it inside the old church. Outside they could hear two shoots and then Xander came walking out the two girls was crying and hugging him closely.

The TV team wondering what the two shots was then they could see it smoke was rising from the church the smell of gasoline.

Xander walked up to the nuns that looked in shock at him "I don't believe ANY god would like to even set his foot near a Church that like to hurt children. If you smart build a parking lot."

Xander walked away still carrying the two young crying girls in his arms He walked away disappearing as the smoke was rising form the church.

In the distance police sirens and fire alarms was howling.

The Reporter swallowed "Pulitzer prize we fucking going to win the Pulitzer prize."

Buffy The streets of London

The girl looked at Buffy with awe. "your Buffy SUMMER" she said.

Buffy blinked "eh No I'm I'm Beatrice Bufferian Summerian" she cursed her self way did i not remember my false ID.

The girl raised her eyebrow "Right. I'm Molly I'm a Slayer in waiting. And I'm you Greatest fan could i get your autograph" she said in a happy tone of voice.

Buffy "Eeh right." she said writing down a small note.

Molly sighed and hugged it. "This is SO cool Me and my Watcher well he is not a 'watcher' any more as he quit the council after the information you gave us"

Buffy "More like Xander gave you but close."

Molly ignored it "We been hiding over their" She said pointing at a old building.

Buffy raised an eyebrow "you are sure its wise to tell me?"

Molly ignored her again "And now you come and save us from the Watchers I'm so happy"

Buffy sighted "Close. That will do i guess. Well we are going to take out the council. Maybe if i can talk you Watcher we can find away to sneak you out of England afterwards."

Molly smiled that be great she said and grasped Buffy hand and pulled her inside with a strength only a hyperactive over joyed Teenager can use when coming face to face with her idol.

Buffy superhuman half god strength stronger then a Slayer was useless as she was pulled inside.

Buffy "Great just what I was planning" she sighted.

And Xander probably had a calm no misadventure walk in London some had all the luck. While she had to save others being a hero again.

Chapter 7
Let me take you by your hand and lead you thru the Streets of London.

Xander sat down beside the two young girls "Hi I'm Xander. What's your name?"

The Minotaur girl was bigger but Xander could see that she was younger "I'm Alena. And she is Hanna" She said pointing at the Satyr girl. "Are you going to hurt us?" Alena said.

Xander "No honey I'm not going to hurt you. Why do you believe that?"

Alena swallowed "Because we not normal and normals hurt those that not normal."

Xander swallowed so much pain and sadness in that belief. "I know some normal do Honey i know. But I'm not normal either."

Alena "I don't believe you" she said shaking in fear.

Xander smiled "I can prove it don't be afraid" he said hoping that they would not scream. Xander slowly turned in to a Were-Hyena. He smiled gently trying not to look dangerous.

Alena eyes blinked "Hanna we are safe he is like us a freak,"

the two girl hugged each other crying of relief.

Xander felt clumsy uncertain what to do. He was just weeks from being 18 year old recently married on a secret mission to kill bad guys and now he was babysitting two small children.

Xander sighed transformed back to human "Lets get some food for the two of you and some new clothes."


Xander watch in amusement as the Satyr girl Hanna drank her chocolate milk in high speed eyes looking everywhere nervously like some one would try to steal it from her. Her hand firmly gripped on the glass so the knuckles paled.

Xander smile fades as he could see that Alena was drinking in the same way. The two kids probably had a hard time in the orphanage.

"So kids now What are we going to do?" Xander said.

The girls looked afraid.

Xander swallowed he wished Buffy was here she was so much better with these thing than he was.

"I meant what DO you want us to do?" He corrected him self hoping they would not start to cry.

Hanna pulled Alena over to her and whispered in the bigger but young girls ears something. Alena nodded and looked at Xander her eyes was full power Puppy-minotaur Eye attack "Could we stay with you?" She begged.

Xander felt his mouth go dry. What could he do.

Where would the girls be safe.

He did not know ANY English LIVING in England that was worthy of His trust.

All he knew was assholes like Travers.

"Yes you could do that. But" he wet his dried lips "I am just now doing a work you might say and its a bit dangerous."

Alana "more dangerous then being stoned to death" said with fear in her voice.

Xander dam child logic "no well almost."

Hanna smiled looking hopeful at Xander with teary eyes. "So we can stay with you then."

Xander flinched dam doubled Puppy dog attack.

Inside of him he could hear the spirit of the Hyena scream -Our Pups protect the Pups of the Pack-. Xander yelled inside of him self -Traitor- The hyena spirit just laughs -you think so to-.

Xander blinked did his hyena spirit actually respond. -yeh i did.

Possessing a Half god kind of made me evolve. Now swallow you stupid pride and fear and stop the girls from crying- It said.

Xander "You can come with me. I think my wife Buffy will love the two of you." He said inside he yelled at the spirit. -Why did you not say anything before.- The spirit -You did not have any pups to protect then.-

Xander blinked logic by a child beat the crap of him and logic by a animal. His life stinks. -And you love it.- the spirit said right back at him.

Alena "You have a wife," she smiled.

Xander "Yes but remember I'm in England to hunt down a group of powerful and evil men and females that tried to hurt our family many times. They even shoot one of us so now we are here to destroy them."

Hanna "Are they Police men or Priest and Nuns?"

Xander blinked well seeing police and nuns letting them be beaten to death by a mob led by a priest would make even him consider those three groups evil.

But Watchers DO a kind of police work. And Wiccan witches are kind of priest and a female priest are kind of like a Nun.

Xander "Exactly evil police and evil nuns." Inside he smiled that was a perfect explanation nothing wrong now or in the future. -He he what do you think the girls will do or say when they see a real police- the hyena spirit said.

Xander groaned –Crap.-


Molly "So what do you think about my room"

Buffy nodded "Great a bit cramped but its a hide out right."

Molly smiled "Yea but look" She said pointing at her pride and joy.

Buffy paled -Crap- she was thinking. Hanging on the wall was a huge poster of HER standing in a fighting pose she could see dusty from a dead vamp hanging in the air. "how who and why" she stammered Molly "The Watcher had a photo taken of you. I took it to a friend that scanned it with a computer did some graphic work and look."

Buffy looked at the poster again feeling a bit insecure the picture of HER was actually larger then she was.

Molly "Isn't it great could you sign it for me."

Buffy blinked her life sucks she desperately hoped that Xander would not have any more surprises for her.

Molly's Watcher Dudley Cogger was a stiff necked asshole. But once you got to know him he was actually a great person with a heart of gold.

Girls and unknown person just made him act more like an asshole.

Buffy knowing the curse of the watcher had not let her first impression rule her opinions of him.

---------------Side info for those that forgot.-------The Watcher curse is a magic spell they have. Give them a magical ability to find obscure facts and information and to learn new languages in short time. The down side is that they become clumsy in person to person activity.

---------------End of Side info for those that forgot.-------

A voice "If you girls are finished i did make some food and we could talk about something important that childish posters." Dudley said with a cold superior tone.

Buffy smiled she could see the fondness the man hade for his bubbly slayer in waiting.

Molly rolled her eyes "I'm sorry Buffy Dudley is just a being his stupid self."

Buffy giggled "let me tell you about the Watchers Secrets curse."

Dudley rolled his eyes "That would be a foolish waste of time. What use do she have of knowing that"

Buffy smiled "You bee surprised."

Later in the dinning room Also known as training room and garage.

Buffy "Don't worry i know Xander can get you out of here safe. I know one way i could but then you would have to visit Valhalla before coming back to earth."

Dudley blinked "Valhalla you said."

Buffy nodded.

Molly "Dud Why did you not tell me about the curse."

Buffy smiled she finally regain her brain.

Dudley "Don't call me Dud. And what different would it make by the way?" Molly "Argh I would have MORE tolerance with idiotic was you go around insulting my friend or make me cry with your stupid words."

Dudley "I see but Am sure it not that that hard much you suffered." He desperate started to clean his glasses trying to find something to say.

Buffy cool that the Watcher man number 3 she seen cleaning glasses while nervous. "Molly the curse stops them from realizing things like that"

Molly groaned "I see." she said thinking over all the stupid fights she had with him and all the misunderstandings she could hit her self if she only knew.

Buffy "Well i must go now. Have a train to catch."

Dudley "it would be much more practical i think if i drive you to the place tomorrow. After all we will be living together right?"

Buffy nodded "You could come to the gathering point not no longer from their its vengeance team only."

Molly frowned she knew how to fight.

Buffy could see Molly's ideas. Pulled forward her 44 magnum from her jacket. "I'm hunting down some evil witches that almost killed the current slayer a girl that's like a sister to me. Cassandra go BOOM," she said as she putt the gun away.

Molly flinched. "I I see."

Buffy "exactly I'm hunting down humans. We did warn them. And We tried to live in peace but they would NOT listen so now its war."

Dudley "lets watch the Telly right every body love to see the news."

Buffy giggled at Dudley smooth method of changing the discussion.

The old smithy. Demon Pub in London

"Ripper I would love to but what's in it for me?" The Vampire said. Giles smiled at the old Vampire one of the few that you could trust Cursed millennia ago he became extremely afraid of the Slayer and other human vampire hunters.

Even his children's was the same sadly his grandchildren was just as vicious as normal vamps.

"You get this" Giles said holding up a small belt buckle filled with rune stones.

The master vampire looked curious. "What is that then?"

Giles "its a magic buckle that will give ANY vampire using it and wearing it immunity to sunlight and holy object. It will ONLY work for 40 years then the magic ends. Remember that But it IS possible to recharge it."

The master Vampire almost drooled. "I will help you. You did say five Polgara did you not?"

Giles nodded "Five Polgara Demons as cannon fodder."

Wesley looked a bit uncomfortable that Master Vampire he read about was dangerous old really old one of the older ones.

He only in rare times hunted humans but it happened.

Wesley "lets just hurry up i like to end their get with the killing fast."

The demon bartender suddenly yelled "Quiet you scum And watch," he said turning the TV on louder.

Giles looked curious Seeing a reportage of Xander stopping a Mob beating.

Of Xander almost splitting a priest. The room was screaming in Joy over that.

Of Xander healing two young girls.

Of Xander Burning the church. Once again the room boomed in Demon and vampire laughter.

The Bartender smiled "That was fun. Now One on the house I buy it i chose it but its free."

Soon the demons and Giles and Wesley held a cheep but drinkable Whisky. "To the spiting of the priest and burning of the church." One Demon said. As he swallowed his drink.

"Hope he burn another one" A vampire said. And swallowed his drink.

Giles smiled wicked "To the young mans Father Loki God of mischief. May his son follow in you footsteps." And he swallowed the drink.

A short demon in the back a race knowned for their ability to only hear what was the truth "Its true His dad IS Loki" he paled and shivered.

Wesley "Right and let us follow in his path the path of the Viking and show the fools the error of their way" he said drinking his drink.

One huge old Demon could feel his hearts beat all five of them in remembering of the good old dark ages lots more fun then. "To Plunder burning and robbing. Lets the Dark ages begin again." One by one the vampire and demons stood up. Some screaming "I get some more guys."

Giles could see the beginning of a Demon Riot happening. "Crap"

Wesley looked confused. Then a huge demon "Here its yours by right of blood. I can smell it on you" it said handing Wesley a spear.

Wesley blinked at the huge demon a Grendel if he remember correctly. "Thanks Mr.? But what do you mean by blood?"

The Grendel smiled "That's Mr. Grudak. The Spear belong to your forefather A human that manage to kill a adult Grendel and a Matriarch. Mr. Beowulf him self."

The room fell silent as demons started to look in shock and awe at Wesley.

An old Vampire shivered in fear as his nose confirmed it that sure was of the Beowulf's blood and strong resemblance. "He is right remove the glasses give you a fur skin and you could be his twin."

Wesley slowly removed his glasses he could feel the blood pumping thinking of the pain in Faith eyes and the Fear in Dawn. A smile started to form "Any one who like to destroy the Watchers come with me" he laughs with a chilling tone and a bloodthirsty look in his eyes.

In the realms of the dead generations of forefathers finally cheered in joy as the Reborn Beowulf's once again found his fighting urge.

Demons after demons stood up joining Wesley and Ripper soon the carnage would begin.

Sherwood forest

"Do not worry. Alexander and Buffy are complete humans they might have been blessed by an evil god Loki but they are not half gods," Cassandra said. "I am quite able to feel the presence of a half god and their have been two in Sunnydale but they left."

Travers nodded feeling safe. "That's good. But he still is a formidable young man."

Cassandra nodded "But do not worry i have my Witches in a circle put a spell over the Watcher hq no modern fire arms working against the Watcher will hit their targets inside the yard."

Travers smiled "making them miss but us able to hit"

Cassandra nodded both forgetting that Giles and Wesley still are Watchers. "And in here we are safe only those invited by ME or that live here can find this place."

Travers nodded "it is remarkable." He said looking at the ancient stone building half buried under the earth. Woods was growing over them.

Cassandra nodded a bit "It was build by Robin in the Hood himself.

A protection spell made by Hern god of the forest make it impossible to find by enemies of those that live here."

Travers smiled he heard the story before and knew that Cassandra had spent time living side by side with the mortal hero and his wife.

Truly remarkable place. "By the way when did you get electricity installed?"

Cassandra "A year ago we have our own generator. Only some rooms mostly for heat."

Chapter 8
I show you something that may change your mind. So how can you tell me your lonely and say to me that no one cares.

Outside the Forest of Sherwood.

The Car was coming to a stop but Buffy did not wait screaming in joy she ran out jumping and hugging and kissing Xander like her life depended on it.

Dudley cleaned his glasses "She is rather spirited isn't she?"

Molly "I think its so romantic" she curiously wonders who the two small girls that was hugging and hiding behind Xander's legs were and what they were doing here on a combat mission.

Buffy "I miss," kiss fondle "you" kiss petting "SO" blink "Xander"

she said still hugging him.

Xander "Uuh what?"

Buffy "Why are two small girls hiding behind you and why are they hugging your legs?"

Xander blinked girls what girls yea those two -About time your hormones calm down- the spirit of a Hyena said to him. "Its a long story Buffy i had to save them from a mob trying to murder them by throwing stones.

They have no father or mother and kind of follow me."

Buffy sighed well she always wanted to be a big sister maybe Mom could adopt. Actually first after meeting the sister Faith and Dawn did she got that urge.

"Hi I'm Buffy Xander wife" Buffy said as she kneeled down to talk face to face with the girl.

The Minotaur girl "hi I'm Alena. She pointed at the Satyr girl that's Hanna."

Buffy smile even more "Are you shy?"

Hanna shook her head "No you are a normal you will hurt us."

Buffy blinked and lost her smile "I'm not normal. I only look normal promise."

Xander nodded to the two suspicious looking girls "She is not normal believe me she can lift a car."

Buffy "So do the two of you like to come with us and be my and Xander sisters?"

Alena shook her head furious "NO Xander will be our DAD."

Xander paled inside him -Don't say anything you hurt her- the Hyena said.

Buffy eyes got teary "But but IM TO YOUNG TO BE A MOTHER," feeling dizzy Buffy sat down blinking trying to find something to say that did not involved running around in a circle.

Xander blinked that was unusual.

Alena eyes shivered she new that Buffy must be a normal she hurt her after all.

Hanna pulled Alena behind Xander for more protection then hide her self behind Alena. "Don't hit us" she whispered.

Buffy slowly got her panic under control. "I will not hit you i promise." She said trying to stop feeling panic.

Garm finally at the right place triggered the transformation from a wolf carrying a back pack to a human slowly while ignoring the others he dressed himself. "So Brother i see you got your two first children. Congratulations."

The two girl beamed their strongest Ultra cuteness smile at him.

Garm flinched, "hi girls" he hoped that they would not do that during Christmas his economy was not THAT Good.

Molly smiled this was better then a TV soap.

outside of London

Jarod looked over the small army of demons and Jarod blinked "You two" he said to a pair of humans "Are you not runaways from jail."

The two inmates nodded "What you going to do about it."

Jarod "Nothing just wondering why you are here?"

The two look at each other "Look like fun demons evil organizations. Haven't got my self in a good brawl in years you know."

Jarod shook his head as Demons started to befriend the two thugs. "Well I'm sorry but Your mission will be to distract the Watchers troopers from this area. Reilly and Graham will be snipers taking out any stragglers."

The demons nodded most of them would probably die but a fun bloody way to die.

A Polgara one of those that got paid looked at them "What are you going to do?"

Jarod smiled "Cordy here will be sniper on the other side taking out any problem from afar. I will be following Giles and Wesley on a distant taking out any problem that come around.

And Giles and Wesley will enter the chamber to destroy the council it self."

The demons nodded the house was impossible for demons to even enter. One of them frowned "What they going to do" he said pointing at Amanda and Duncan.

Jarod smiled again "They are going to steal the library and the treasure vaults."

The demon blinked and a slow smile started to form this would be fun.


Garm concentrated himself "It is this way. Strong magic lives here still trying to stop me from finding the witches lair."

Xander nodded. "Okay Girls" he said looking at the two small girls. "And Watcher and Slayer in training. And you" He said pointing at a straggler a young man that got lost in the forest they found lost in the forest looking quite starved "You All wait here until we come back."

Dudley nodded "Right"

Molly Nodded "If Buffy say so."

Alena and Hanna nodded they gone over this and they would wait.

The young man "Bloody hell of course I'm staying far away as I can."

Xander nodded trigging his transformation to a Were-Hyena hybrid. And took forward his sword Gram from his pocket and his 44 magnum pistol. Garm trigger his Were-wolf hybrid. And took forward his HUGE sword. Xander looked at his Sword Gram and at Garm's sword "You just trying to overcompensate."

Garm smiled "Yes Brother Doctor Phil told me about that."

The young lost man blinked that was impossible monsters was saving him.

Buffy "lets go and kill some evil witches." She said in a cute smiling voice.

Xander nodded the ice cold fury once again hold his heart in a bondage. "Let the blood rain free."

And the three was running away in to the night.

Outside London

Bond looked thru his spy glasses. "This will be bloody."

The large mansions was under heavy attack a perfect attack the demons more or les tricked the defenders out on the yard to stop them from destroying it and or throwing fire bombs inside.

Then two snipers started to shoot. Picking out Watchers guards one by one.

Bond smiled as he could see team two sneak inside. "Bloody brilliant. But should they not have a second back up."

Suddenly the ring formed end of a gun was pressed at his neck leaving him no room for movement.

"Who are you?" A young girl whose voice Bond manage to identify as Cordelia.

"Bond James Bond. I'm just an observer," he said.

Cordy "Like i care. Why should i not shoot you. I don't have the luxury of having a potential enemy behind me."

Bond blinked right saying that he was Mi6 might cause the girl to kill him in panic. "I'm order to watch you don't interfere."

Bond could hear that the girl took forward something new but he could not see what. Then a sharp pain struck him and the world become black.

Cordy put her stun gun away after checking that the Bond was alive. Looking inside of his jacket she took away his gun and phone and other things she could find. "Cool watch. Well finders keepers losers weepers" She said wondering if Jarod would like it.

At the mansion Giles and Wesley was soon personally entering the battle.


Faith Suddenly sat up screaming. "NO Not Dawn not my sister."

Dawn walked over "what?"

Faith looked at her "its Glory she is on her way. She is coming for you."

Dawn swallowed "it be allrigt Xander and gang will save us."

Faith nodded "She has a army. A army of frogs" Faith trembled the last part was strange foolish but terrifying.

Dawn blinked frogs why would Glory hire French soldiers.

Chapter 9
The General Idea... An Interruption.

Adam sighed what a month writing it down would be a pain.

Probably very entertaining for the guys upstairs but not writing it.

First the problem in the Gate area a whole area of villa and small middleclass home had to be evacuated.

And with out explanation and with out getting the News finding out the truth.

Adam sighted again this would make him old before his time the oldest man on earth smiled a bit at that joke.

Then the Larry incident. The poor boy hade found him in love with a Kitsune and it had chosen HIM as a defender.

Adam thought about it young Kitsune was smart as a brick wall they survived with the help of older Kitsune or by being so cute that others defended them.

Well Larry would become one hell of a sexual happy guy and live a long life. Adam smiled.

Then Larry family seeing that the girl was not human contacted a corporation that dealt in less then legal things. Trying to sell the poor girl to some crazy mad dog Scientist.

Luckily Larry had use the emergency call.

Then the Faith incident Shot straight thru the lung only hair breath away from the heart.

ONLY her dagger saved her life but the damage was so large that the dagger almost drained her body fat and muscles away.

Donating blood from Dawn had saved her life but cause more strange things to happen.

The Key Dawn was and IS the key. And now the potential of Transportation magic is given to humans with the Blood of the Key.

So far Dawn and Faith thanks to the blood donation.

According to Loki Faith power as a mage IS permanent she will be a weak transportation mage barely able to teleport a stake to her hand. And limited to personal Long distant teleportation's only.

Adam smiled that was unusual Long distant cost less energy in that type of magic but took longer time.

And short distant took more energy but less time to teleport.

According to Loki Faith could probably teleport to Boston once every day but every teleportation would take about five hours for her.

That of course if Dawn ever manage to figure out HOW to use and create the magic spells she needs.

Her experiments have been less then stellar.

Adam smiled The CAT.

It was still inside the Initiative creating havoc by setting off alarms and stealing food. NO one had manage to capture it and the latest result ended with one man breaking his arm after falling down the stairs.

Laughing slightly Adam Petted the Cat beneath him.

He given them order to capture it ALIVE and UNHARMED. Stating it was the perfect example of a survivor the cat and its forefathers have been living and hunting surrounded by demons and vampires and Survived.

So far his troopers had not realized that they would capture more fly with honey then vinegar.

As long as they hunted the cat it would run and fight.

Laughing a bit more he petted the cat then did a kicking motion with his feet missing the cat.

It got the idea and ran away to irritate the troops.

And Then Adam thought the Gang have gone to England to give the Watcher final payback.

Jarod manage to pick them a ride on a love cruse nice Xander and Buffy could get their honeymoon in a way.

And then Glory release the curse she put on the Satyrs, centaurs and Minotaurs for the first time sense about 3000 years they once again is walking on the face of earth.

Adam still remember them before they disappeared.

"I will always missed the Centaurs," he said. So far NO centaurs have been reborn or regain its real shape.

Adam smiled bitterly millennia of being humans probably made them extinct.

And so Xander and company is finally in England and of course moving silently not being seen in Xander's case means saving two small girls splitting a Catholic priest with an iron staff and burning a church while Reporters capture every part in live TV and later in INTERNATONIEL TV.

Xander Adam smiled would be famous again.

But Adam had a funny feeling that most priest be a bit angry of his burning down a church specially one from the 1400s.

The Minotaurs and the Satyrs would create more problem some how the numskulls of Illuminati's manage to put the blame on the Tobacco company.

Adams belief in humans IQ dropped as most actually believed the bull shit story of DNA changing virus going wild.

Politically it was a nightmare. Some countries like in India welcomed the Minotaur seeing them as divine being blessed by the cows or something.

MORE Indian's turning Minotaurs then any other group of humans.

Their were Blond Scandinavians minotaurs, Black African Minotaurs but the largest number of Minotaur was Indian.

Thinking about it Adam guest that after the curse the great minotaur nation had split up some going north some going south and most going to India. That would explain why Cow are sacred.

The Minotaurs was exactly as he remember them human but with tails. And small bovine horns on the females. And larger horns on the male. They had strong skull bones capable of surviving hard impacted.

Strength they were about twice that of a normal human.

But they had to rest and recuperate their Endurance more often then a human.

Minotaur where not made for running long-distance or working hard a long time.

Then the Satyrs.

Now they also were like Adam remembered the end of their legs was that of a goats hoofs and all.

They had a small horns on their forehead and pointy ears not elfs ears but close in shape.

Examination did show that their Arm strength was about 3/4 that of a human normal weaker indeed.

But their legs was stronger much stronger they could jump higher and their endurance is greater then a human.

It also made them capable of out drinking a human during party.

Or not falling asleep after sex.

Adam shook his head.

Already a Priest belonging to the Ku Klux Klan declared that the murder and racism of African American they have made is wrong.

They based it upon the word of the Bible but the Bible was talking about the Satyrs and Minotaurs instead.

The bible had predicted the coming of the Minotaurs and the Satyrs and THEY should be the new slaves of humans.

Adam let his head drop down a bit the scary thing was how many KKK that actually believed him.

The Terrifying part was that a group of KKK decided to make a friendly party inviting any one white or black to join them in the name of brotherhood.

And of course to start hunting and do bad things to the Minotaurs and Satyrs.

The really Depressing thing was that some blacks streets kids actually did go to the party and rumors say that their will soon be a black member of the KKK soon.

Adam wonder why humans always needed some one to hate or fear.

According To Loki it was a survival trait needed in bad times.

He did not believe that. It was probably a design fault and Loki being one of the gods refuse to admit it.

Adam took the Computer time to start to write the Monthly report.

-Hi Mr. President if you reading this-

Adam began in a friendly tone always would it irritate some one.

Chapter 10
So how can you tell me you lonely and say to me that now one cares.

"Sherwood forest and the price of vengeance." Xander said. As they stealthy sneaked forward to the legendary hide out of Robin in the hood.

Quite the legend a man that capture the whole worlds fascination once lived here.

Xander felt humility and respect seeing the area it was perfect a whole castle half buried behind the earth mostly invisible from above.

Old Oak Three was growing on the roof making the building it self part of the forest.

Buffy "Stop quoting Movies will you" inside she was smiling.

Garm not knowing who or what Robin was still felt impressed that building would be hard to find even by modern methods of satellites. "Look the pyre" he said pointing at a large bonfire. "They preparing a Wiccan ritual"

Xander nodded "Willow told me about it. Its a celebration of friendship and sisterhood."

Buffy frown "Feel kind of wrong to crash that party."

Xander "Faith, Friend, Family, sister slayer, Shot almost died by assassin hired by Cassandra and her Witches and by the Watcher."

Buffy "yea you right they hurt our family now then burn."

Xander nodded "Remember we are ONLY after Cassandra the rest may live if they surrender. Key witches that fight back one or two capture for interrogation I'm sure General Adam would like to talk to them find out their secrets."

Garm nodded "Indeed Wiccan Witches often know more about what happened in the realm of mystic then most mages." Garm actually knew very little as Wiccan magic was hard to learn in most of the realms Earth was the center of Wiccan magic even if they were hard to find it was from earth the strongest Wiccan witches came from.

Xander smiled "Prepare to activate your Anti magic charms as soon as we see Cassandra we attack. And remember shoot her bind her before she regain life and then we deal with the rest of the witches;"

Buffy and Garm nodded and they all did a second check that they hade cuffs Sleeping gas grenades the Antidotes for the sleeping gas and guns.

Garm looked at the watch "We better take the anti dose now so its active."

Xander nodded and as they took the anti dose.

Buffy "strange sleeping gas and antidotes."

"Buffy its military special forces sometimes gasmask is to unpractical," Xander said.

They sat down in comfort waiting. Beneath them the witches started to set the table full of food they were all dressed in simple grey robes. Old young ugly and beautiful. Strange most was beautiful.

Hours when the fire started to burn when the night came strangely the heat of the fire did not leak away making the cold air of spring feel like full summer heat around the party area.

"Probably magic to make the outside more comfortable" Xander said wondering why.

Then Cassandra walked out "Let the celebration begin," she said dropping her robes standing nude. Around her the Witches dropped their robes nude as a newly born baby they started to chant slowly dancing celebrating a new spring.

Ghostly light was showing images in the fire of memories.

Buffy nodded "So that's why they made it warm" hearing no response from her husband or brother in law. She turned and watch the two horn dogs drooling slightly. "Men" was all she said. Looking around she saw a disgusting look.

With a evil smile she force Xander's and Garm's head to turn to the disgusting thing.

Xander paled "Eee Nude Quentin Travers" he said fighting to keep from puking.

Garm swallowed that that was disgusting.

Buffy "So lets start the attack."

Garm swallowed nervous "Cant we wait a while?"

Buffy blinked "Why?"

Garm fondle his fingers nervous. "To see if they are going to have wild sex in the forest?"

Buffy eyes turned hard.

Xander looked nervous "that that would be a great by great i mean BAD idea we better attack soon. Right now by that" he corrected him self seeing Buffy face.

They grasped the sleeping gas grenade slowly counting down to five they cast them inside the circle.

As the gas spread out they jumped up activating the protection charms Xander shooting the gun aiming at Cassandra.

His bullet impacted with out effect on a magic shield.

Buffy stood up raised her hand holding her axe she screamed "FEAR ME IM SMALL CUTE AND CUDDLY" the Witches blinked. Buffy felt something strange a connection her half god was raging something connected with her power as a half goddess was beneath her.

Buffy poured down her energy trying to find out what her power was.

Suddenly the Bonfire raged in strength tendrils of fire suddenly burst up forming the shape of a huge arm holding an Axe of pure fire. Buffy smiled "Sweet fire walk with me" and the bonfire exploded towards her swallowed her in a warm loving embrace.

Xander "O man you are hot Buffy" he said hiding his fear that she would get hurt.

The witches looked nervous as the three suddenly stood among them.

Buffy surrounded and inside the Bonfire it self creating a huge fire version of her that stood towering above them like a dark angel of fire.

Garm Werewolf holding the biggest Sword they ever seen. And a big 44 magnum.

Xander holding his sword walking towards Cassandra growling angry in his Were-Hyena body. "YOU Cassandra Tried to assassinate FAITH THE SLAYER. We warned you and the Watchers THIS TIME YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE."

With that the fight was joined.

Cassandra pulled her sword forward.

Xander blinked "your Nude how did you do that?"

Cassandra ignored him "Die infidel" and she attacked.

Garm gathered his magic and started to attack the strongest of the witches.

Buffy "GIVE UP AND LIVE FIGHT US AND DIE" she screamed. As she let the fire version of her cut down Witches putting them on fire.

The Witches started to cast spells trying to fight of the fire from Buffy, The raging Werewolf and wake the sleeping witches.

Xander barely mange to dodge the sword "Give up Witch" but he did manage to kick her knee breaking it.

Cassandra dropped down focusing her magic voice "-SLEEP DOG SLEEP-"

Xander backed down feeling a bit sleepy the charm was protecting him as did his powers but she was strong.

Cassandra carefully pored more energy in her spell "-SLEEP SLEEP-"

Then suddenly a huge arm made of fire came crushing down on her.

Cassandra screamed in pain as she was suddenly burning like a torch.

Then she died.

Xander shook his head awake again. Seeing Cassandra dead he fast put the Cuffs on her binding her and driving a knife inside her heart to stop her from reviving.

Around them the witches had stopped fighting in fear.

Xander looked around them seeing Travers he smiled "You will come with us. Wesley himself like to kill you."

He then looked at the witches "WE are NOT your enemies. Cassandra and the Watchers Attacked us trying to kill Family. THAT IS AN ACT of WAR."

The witches swallowed.

Xander looked at them hard "IM Xander son of Loki. My wife is Buffy Daughter of Thor. You might have heard of those two. Thor defender of humans, Loki god of chaos. The two of us have Thor's blessing and protection" he said leaving his own dad out of it as he had bad reputation.

One Witch stood forward "Impossible Cassandra told us that Your where only blessed by Loki not half gods."

Garm looked at her "This place is protected by Hern god of the forest no mortal enemy could find this place. Right," They nodded "I'm Garm son of Fenrir adopted brother of Xander accepted friend of Thor and Odin. A wolf half god by blood, Hern Did power have NO dominion over me."

The witches swallowed this place is protected. No enemy of those that live here could find it and Cassandra being the oldest one that lived her the longest was literally its mistress. No mortal enemies could find it. And they clearly was not her friends.

Buffy walked out of the fire that was fun. She could see that Xander was smiling at her obviously he was thinking it was just as fun as she did. But why was it so drafty.

Xander tore his eyes from Buffy in the buff complexly nude as the fire had burned them away. "We are not your enemies we only want Cassandra, Travers and the other two leaders of you groups THEY tried to kill one of us AFTER we warned them not to do that.

Now we have no choice Blood vengeance before they try again. But if all of you give us Cassandra And Travers and swear a blood oath of peace and friendship we will let your leaders live"

The witches decided to swear the oath even that way they would still have two experience witches among them.

Garm "Let go" he said as he pulled Travers and Xander carried Cassandra in a firm man hold.

And they were gone with out a sound in the darkness of the night Then.

"Why did you not tell me that I'm NUDE?" Buffy voice screamed shattering the dramatic silence.

The Witches blinked that was a bit surreal.

Chapter 11
Time of Joy. Side story An American mother in London.

Joyce Calmly sat down at the pub she felt relaxes calm and not even worried. Some how she realize that she lost her fear of seeing Buffy or Xander dead, maybe it was the fact that she was a Half goddess/half god and would be reborn as a goddess the moment she died.

Or maybe it was the fact that SHE have been in Valhalla the home of the dead. Joyce was not sure why but the only thing she really was worried for where if Buffy or Xander would Suffer.

Joyce sighed this attitude probably made her a bad mother but the fact is that she was more worried about Jarod her new boyfriend or Cordelia his student and Giles and Wesley life. Then for Buffy's life.

Beside them a old Beatles song started to play making her depressed mood stronger


Have you seen the old man in the closed down market, kicking up the paper with worn out shoes? In his eyes you see no pride, and held loosely at his side, Yesterday's paper telling yesterday's news.


"Ey Lady what you looking so sad fore" A burly looking man said poking Joyce shoulder.

He had a friendly smile and the strong arms of some one that worked with his body his whole life lifting heavy things and only recently started to relax a bit more gaining some weight.

Maybe promoted to a more easy work or an early retirement.


Refrain: So how can you tell me you're lonely, and say, for you that the sun don't shine? Let me take you by the hand and lead you though the streets of London,

I'll show you something to make you change your mind.


Joyce smiled thinly "Nothing nothing at all."

The man nodded "Das right then Girl, We human must stick together you know" he said pointing in disgust at the two minotaurs that walked inside and sat down at the table.


Have you seen the old girl who walks to the streets of London, dirt in her hair and her clothes just in rags? She's no time for talking, she just keeps right on walking, Carrying here home in two carrier bags


Joyce blinked moving away from him a bit. She thought a moment before deciding what to do. "Hi here i am" She said waving to the two Minotaurs strangers.

Joyce hoped that she did not do a mistake now, Sure during her college days she had been wild girl Joyce.


I'll show you something to make you change your mind.

In the all-night cafe at a quarter past eleven, same old man sitting there on his own. Looking at the world over the rim of him tea-cup, Each tea lasts an hour, then he wanders home alone.


They blinked in confusing as the American lady that sat down beside them.

Joyce smiled a bit "I'm sorry it just that man is so Racist and i have friends that are Minotaurs and well stranger things," she said with a smile.

The two nodded the latest weeks have sure given real lesson in the terror of Racism.

The Minotaur nodded he was a big one with freckles and Blond hair his horn was huge and sharp. "You are welcome. My name is Tomas Smith," he said.

Joyce smiled "I'm Joyce Summer." she said smiling

The other Minotaur finish his drink before speaking he was a huge of Arabian origin with Big mustache "I'm Abdula, May the prophet protect you." He said.

Joyce raised her eyebrow "You Sir Abdula are NOT a Muslim."

The man looked shocked "And what may you think that."

Joyce pointed at the beer "You drink alcohol, And if I'm not wrong that Burger you are eating have Pork in it."

Abdula laughs "Crap i was SO sure you would fall for my Muslim man act."

Tomas "You are good Joyce. Study religion or something"

Joyce "No i have friends that are Muslims."

Abdula "So have I a hole family that refuse to talk to the unclean Barbarian that I am."

Joyce "I'm sorry"

Abdula "Not your fault."

Tomas "So what are you doing in the old country Joyce?"

Joyce smiled a bit "well you could say I'm following my boyfriend and children during a business they are doing in England."

Abdula "You could say. Their is more to this Joyce."

Joyce nodded "yes but it private business and Xander my son in law, would like to keep it private."

Abdula nodded "I big business right."

Tomas paled and dropped his drink. "Xander" he said.

Joyce wondered what that was about then she remember and slapped her face. Xander episode splitting a priest and burning a church.

Joyce smiled weakly "Yes, Xander the same young man that was in the TV news."

Abdula frown "you are saying that YOU are the mother in law to the same Californian young man that have according to the BBC saved USA town from Terrorist by attacking and stealing weapon from a military base.

And killed a priest by crushing him then destroy police men's weapons by shooting them.

And burning a church. That Xander?"

Joyce paled "YES that Xander he is a bit overprotective when it comes to children and my Daughter his wife."

Abdula smiled "I'm not angry lady I'm impressed. Fuck that's one hell of a hero a real American Lone ranger" Tomas "Lone Ranger. Dirty Harry or one of those Clint Eastwood wild west heroes."

Abdula frowned "Yes you right The lone ranger don't kill even when he should. I know John MacLean, you know from Deadly weapon or something."

Tomas frown "Your nuts. The Punisher. That's fits"

Abdula "Na if you going comic i think Captain America."

Joyce Swallowed a giggle Xander would love to hear this. "Personally i think Xander believes he is Shaggy except when he gets angry then he believes he is Rambo."

Tomas "Rambo well that would fit."

Abdula nodded "maybe you know him best Mrs. Joyce."

Joyce "If only. That boy drives you crazy. I found out that he have been saving my and Buffy life uncountable times with out even telling us or letting any one know about it.

I believed he was a charming a bit stupid young man that don't have a mean bone in his whole body.

Then i find out that he more then once put the bad guys down."

Abdula frown "Down he killed."

Joyce smiled "You probably will not believe this or maybe you would" she said looking at his horns. "Vampire IS real and we live in a town that are Vampire capital of the world."

The two minotaurs frowned a bit before Tomas spoke "i never seen vampire before but My grandfather told me that he and his friends others where hunted by a vampire with the name of spike during the war. Only three of them survived."

Joyce nodded "Spike is dusted now gone. But he was one of the most evil vampire in record."

Abdula "I seen one last night i got attacked by one. It was strange but i manage to drive my horn in its chest and the monster Poof turned to dust."

Joyce nodded "Vampires turn to dust if killed. They are demons possessing a dead human body. The soul of the human is still captured inside tormented by the demon. By killing it you freed the soul captured."

Abdula looked relived "You sure?"

Joyce "I spoken with expert and seen real REAL strange things. So I'm sure their is a vampire in Sunnydale that got cursed by gypsies real curse. It made his human soul so strong that it took over again He stills hunts Vampires and protect humans."

Joyce looked down "I spoke to him and during his sleep the demon inside of him make his rest filled with nightmares and during the day it whisper to do bad things. So i believe that vampires are demons."

A waitress walked up to their table soon Joyce had a real English beer and they started to talk again.

Joyce "No no I'm not interested."

Tomas "Sure you are you are just chicken," said mocking her.

Joyce "That will hurt you. Lets play dart" Joyce walked up to the Dart board.

Joyce smiled in surprise the Target training she got sure paid off now as they gambled and had fun a voice suddenly interrupted.

"Hey dam Cows get the hell out of here." The big man said.

Joyce looked back sure it was that racist again and with friends.

Sighed she wonder what she would do wild Joyce indeed she sighted. "Hey Mr. Hitler, take you Nazi party and make like tree and leave."

The two minotaurs looked nervous but seeing Joyce command they remember that they were stronger then a normal human.

Smiling they stood straight "You heard the lady Adolph get the hell out of here and take you friends with you."

One of the men a smaller but even more ugly man "You regret saying that hamburger" He said as he attacked Tomas.

Tomas tried to dodge but to no avail The mans fist impacted in Tomas stomach driving out the air.

The rest stared to surround Abdula then suddenly Tomas attacker froze and started to scream in pain.

Tomas looked up and blinked Joyce stood their calm holding the mans hand in a twisting grip forcing his whole arm to bend in a painful manager threatening to tear it out of its shoulder.

"I believe the polite term is Get The Hell Out Of Heir NOW." Joyce said. As she dropped the arm and pushed the man making him fall down on the floor.

The big man that spoken to her in the beginning. "Who the hell do you think you are Bitch. I'm going to carve you a new asshole." He said and started to pull forward a knife.

Joyce pulled forward a small gun from her pants. "I'm Joyce Summer Mother in law of Xander. The young hero that killed that racist and burn down the church. Never bring a knife to a gun fight. Still like to find out what kind of Bitch i am"

The man slowly backed down "Holy fuck your."

Joyce smiled weakly holy fuck indeed that was what had started this she and Thor during her college years. "Well boys this Cow-girl have to go now. Before the cops come."

The two minotaur looked at each other.

Abdula "Let us escort you lady."

Tomas "Yea and then you can protect us."

Joyce giggled as the three walked out from a silent pub.

At least they were not playing depressing songs anymore Joyce was thinking.

Chapter 12
In his eyes you see no pride, and held loosely at his side, Yesterday's paper telling yesterday's news.

Cordy straighten up the strange Satyr would be safe for now not getting in to any problem or creating them.

She hurried back to her position as a sniper.

She detested the work but luckily she could always aim for arms and legs no reason to kill when not needed.

Inside front of the yard the Guards was fighting for their life in a loosing battle. The Demons had snipers that shot them down and if they hide the demons drove them out.

Backside. "After you." Giles said with a smile as he opened the gate. Wesley. "No really age before beauty." Giles gave him a pure Ripper look before going in first.

"You really should learn to respect your betters boy." Giles said with a hidden smile.

Wesley nodded. "But Giles i do respect my betters," he was also smiling.

Behind them Jarod rolled his eyes he activated the microphone. "Mission don't forget the mission."

Giles and Wesley straighten up and started to walk more silently towards the building.

They silently sneaked across the yard sneaking a look at the battle on the front side. "That's a shame," Giles said. "I always love that fountain now its only mormor gravel." He said watching as a large mormor fountain got broken in a brawl.

Wesley nodded watching old apple trees getting hurt and the park.

It would take decades before it was even remotely as beautiful again if ever.

Behind them a shot went of and a sniper on the roof suddenly fell down. Giles, "i believe a Thank you Cordy is needed."

Wesley nodded. "I believe a quick run is in order." He said starting to run towards the building.

Giles close behind and Jarod watching their back shooting now and then.

Finally they were at the building Giles opened a lock pick then closed it again aiming his gun at the lock.

"Splendid," Wesley said. "Must be American stile of break in."

Giles nodded. "And some say you cant learn a thing in USA."

The door swung open Giles dodged behind the wall just in time as a crossbow arrow fly past him. "Bloody hell" he said. Swallowing he looked inside seeing two Watcher and a young girl trying to reload. "Hands up NOW." He said aiming his gun.

The Three looked up in fear and surprised.

"G Giles," one said.

Wesley walked in. "Yes Martin the council trying to assassinate MY slayer Faith is really bad sport."

Giles growled. "We warn you Poufs before. Try assassination once again and we WOULD destroy you. But did you listen NO Thanks to Travers Faith almost died," he held the gun aiming at the two men but kept an eye on the young girl obviously a slayer in waiting.

Wesley. "Down Ripper. We are after the big fish not these two. I say shoot them in the leg."

Giles nodded. "I think this will do," he said holding up a dart gun. "Its sleeping drugs. Its your choice death or the Sandman."

Giles quickly shot them with the darts seeing them slowly falling down in sleep he ignored them as he walked by.

The corridors was mostly empty as they walked towards the top floor and the councils halls of meeting.


"Now this is more like it." She said looking around in the huge library.

Outside the gunfight was heard.

Duncan "Lets just get on with it."

Jenny nodded. "Its over their," and she quickly walked over to a small vault.

Amanda kneeled down to open it. "What's inside." Duncan asked.

Jenny smiled. "One of three existing copy of the library." She said waving her arms pointing at the HUGE library holding thousands of books.

Duncan blinked. "Inside their," wondering what kind of magic it would be.

Amanda smiled opening the vault Microfilm after microfilm even CD was stored in easy to carry small packages. About two packages.

Duncan blinked. "Technology well it works."

Jenny looked confused. "What are you talking about."

Duncan, "just wondering how that many books could fit inside that small vault."

Jenny nodded. "Its not all they have the REAL secrets books and their copies inside the treasure vaults. And that's number two on the visit list."

Amanda smiled as they sneaked out from the Library. Carrying almost 90% of the books with them in small micro film and CD version.

Giles and Wesley and Jarod

"Boom." Giles said as he shot a new door opened gun fire immediately started to rain down at them.

Wesley growled. "They are to many," he said.

Giles nodded. "Cordy get our location send a big hello to the boys next door."

Outside Cordy nodded talking forward a special weapon she carefully aimed towards the building. Her computer told exactly where Giles and Wesley were hiding so she aimed where the fun fire where coming from.

Finding a window she slowly let her breath out as she pulled the trigger.

The rocket was flying perfect the Anti troop head filled with shrapnel impacted inside the corridor and the explosion sent deadly shrapnel flying around making mincemeat out of any one inside.

Giles dodging behind the Door post flinched as shrapnel ripped the remainder of the door sunder.

Wesley swallowed. "I'm not sure that weapon is Geneva accepted."

Giles smiled. "It is not that's why USA military don't have them. Or plan on using them. This one came from the Center they have been selling them to some terrorist or something."

Wesley slowly walked inside the other room the Watchers and guards was lying bleeding rivers guts flesh was ripped loose from their bodies. The whole corridor look like a slaughter house.

"Lets go." Wesley said they had a council to find inside he was screaming that this was wrong.

Ripper inside of Giles even flinched. "Wesley They tried to murder Faith and will try again unless stopped. WE warned them."

Wesley. "I know sometimes you have to choice between doing something WRONG or letting something even Worst happen."

Ripper Giles smiled in disgust. "I feel the same way believe me."

Outside Cordy was crying knowing exactly what she did and why. She cursed her self being a Pretender. She cursed Jarod her teacher and she cursed Xander. But mostly she cursed her self for refusing to let her friends suffer.

Even as she was crying her gun never stopped aiming and shooting at gun carrying Watchers. Any one fleeing she let escape but those staying and fighting lost their use of arms and legs.

Inside Giles and Wesley stood outside the councils halls door.

They were locked but sounds of movement made it cleared that they were home and scared.

Wesley put a small package of C4 on the door and they walked back for protection. "Knock knock." He said as he pushed the button.

-BOOOOOM- and the large wooden and steel doors from the 1800th was blown sunder.


"Hmmm diamonds are a girl best friends," she said looking hungry at a huge looking diamond that looked like a sister of the African star.

Jenny frowned. "Not that diamond its a mind trap. Any one touching it become trapped inside until a mage free them they have to remember everything Bad and Good that happened to them nothing of the boring parts of life and it repeat it self with out rest until they go crazy or become saved."

Amanda swallowed. "And if a immortal do it."

Jenny, "they once tried with a Vampire it took him a year before the mind trap let him loose he dusted him self just to get away from the memory."

Duncan, "let be careful about what we steal in here." Amanda nodded as they walked to the secret books inside the vaults.

Amanda. "Look what's that," she said pointing at a Sword hanging on the wall.

Jenny. "The sword of Damocles. Any one using it is unbeatable in theory but sooner or later the sword betray you. And kills its user. Now that's the stash." She said pointing at a lock box inside the vault.

Duncan blinked that was not a good sword.

Amanda carefully started to open the box as Jenny chanted dissipating magic spells.

Inside was books and CD copy of secrets.

Duncan blinked. "The journal of Dr Jekyll now that's a surprise."

Jenny looked confused. "Who that?"

Duncan. "You may know him better as Mr. Hyde. As Doc Jekyll he invented a drug that gave him almost super strength but also separated his good side and bad side. As Mr. Hyde he cause lots of problems."

Jenny nodded he heard about the monster. Mr. Hyde half a villain half the hero. Any way a brutal and dangerous person. "We take them maybe Walsh may be able to make something from it."

Duncan nodded but did feel a bit nervous about that idea.

Giles and Wesley

As the door exploded Giles and Wesley shoot two Tear gas and one Flash and bang inside.

Wearing the gasmask they walked inside.

The guards was out and the council was crying or puking.

Giles shoot the guards one by one with sleeping darts Wesley just watch as the Council slowly came thru. "Where IS Travers?" He yelled. A Senior Watcher slowly stood up his eyes was filled with tears but he spoke in anger. "You are nothing but a traitor. Why should we tell you?"

Wesley. "Because you order Faith killed." He spoke sending a bullet inside the man head. "Now i ask again. Where is TRAVERS?"

The remainder of the Council swallowed. "He is at Cassandra's."

Giles "Well then we will get him for sure." He said with a smile.

"Now lets begin talking lads. We warned you attack us again and we would kill you."

The first of the council broke down crying. "NO no don't we promise."

Wesley growled. "Why would be believe you. Keeping the truth about the Slayer origins. Killing any slayer that don't obey you blindly and trying to murder me and my Slayer Faith a Girl i think of as MY DAUGHTER." He screamed.

Giles continued. "Not to forget that the Watchers council and its company the Center have had the Pretender the champion of HUMANITY enslaved for generations."

Wesley nodded. "That if anything would be a crime against humanity. The pretender is CHOSEN by the sprit of mankind it self as ITS PERSONAL champion. OUR champion to fight evil humans."

Giles nodded. "Enslaving the pretender would be a crime against humanity as a species."

The Watchers was nervous. "We we can explain," one said.

Giles "That you used magic to limit the pretenders powers that you use him to earn money."

Giles. "I don't think so you guys are worm food."

Wesley smiled. "Unless," he said smiling evil.

Giles, "yes unless you sign these paper claiming you surrender everything you own to us and our friends. And that you leave England and never come back again."

The conical members was nodding. "Of course just give us a pen."

Giles "No just let a drop of you blood fall on the paper we had a master in Blood Magic create this."

The member swallowed they would be bound by blood and magic finding some one to beat that would be hard almost impossible unless they had sign it with out full knowledge. Or if sign with out their consent.

Giles smiled seeing them thinking things over. "Now it say," he begin explaining everything on the paper forcing them to repeat it just so they know what was their.

Wesley grinned. "Now its YOUR Own Free choice Die or sign the paper we will NOT force you to chose."

Slowly the council started to let their blood fall on the paper.

Finding some one that could beat this contract would be hard almost impossible. They did sign it by their own free will.

"You know others will just take our place," one said as he spoke. "And it may take time but for information YOU need our help so they will control you sooner or later. And then the Watcher will be back."

Wesley nodded. "Sure sure if we only could have stolen the library." Giles. "But its to heavy. If only backups copies existed."

Wesley grinned. "Like CD copies and small photo copies. Easy to carry."

The member looked nervous wondering the library had been stolen.


"You are kidding," she said looking in awe at the purse.

Jenny "No its a purse of infinite wealth."

Duncan looked surprised. "Why don't they use it?"

Jenny smiled. "Three fold law. It don't make money its steals them and the problem the purse gets you in are three time the problem you can use it to buy your self free from."

Amanda. "Crap." But it would be a great thing to have in emergency. Smiling she put it inside her backpack reminding her self only emergency or shopping.

Giles and Wesley and Jarod

"Lets get out of here." Giles said in the microphone.

And he and Wesley started to walk out carefully guarding their backs.

Cordy hearing the word. "Team Robin hood time to lose the sheriff."

Inside Amanda nodded remembering her meeting with Robin hood not that he been that noble or faithful to Marion but what a man.

Cordy called the rest. "Team Brawler time to run."

Outside Reilly and Graham nodded the last demons was slowly being killed as they send a fire signal to the sky ordering the demon to run.

On the yard a huge Polgara growled. "That's our signal to escape." He blinked the fight had slowly turning to the favor of the Watchers but it was great fight even if he would be doomed to die if he would stay.

The Warrior demon smiled. "Its a good time to die lets stay and fight."

Remarkable many demons decided to stay and fight to their death side by side with the Polgara.

But many chose to run.


Giles cleaned a small bullet wound. "Cant believe they manage to hit me. Well it's only a cut."

Jarod. "This clock is remarkable," he said to Cordy.

She nodded. "It belong to that guy over their," she said pointing at the still sleeping Satyr. "It have a laser and other strange thing. Including a booby-trap to stop others then him to use it."

Jarod raised an eyebrow. "And you manage to disable the booby-trap." Cordy "I i think so."

Jarod smile. "I trust you," he said putting the watch on him.

Wesley, "well i for one think we should just dump him in a pub and leave."

Giles "I say lets question him. Maybe their is more watches like that one. And we might find out who he belongs to. I'm thinking secret service my self but."

They nodded it would be wise to know what or who Mr. Bond work for.

Amanda smiled thinking about their first meting well Mr. 007 she would keep his secret.

She was sure Giles and the other would manage to force it out of him.

Chapter 13
Leaving the anger behind.

Sherwood forest.

"So what's your name?" Xander asked the lost camper they found in the forest.

"Billy Weiss sir." The man said.

Xander. "So how come you got lost in the forest?"

Billy laughs. "Stupidity i forgot to take extra battery with me."

Xander. "Huh. What do that have to do with getting lost."

Billy smiled pulling forward a GPS navigator and then showing Xander his head a large scar was visible beneath the hair.

"Brain damage took a hit in the head. Ever sense then i get lost with out the GPS navigator or a map when I'm in town i literally walk around in circles. I was lucky I'm still alive and nothing except that part was hurt."

Billy smiled to him self. "I Even got my self a nickname my brother and his kids they call me Ryoga."

Buffy. "Huh what's a Ryoga?"

Billy smiled. "Its from a Japanese comic Ryoga is a strong young man that is always lost never can find his way. Like me."

Xander. "Well we will take you to town with us or to closest place for you to buy battery."

Billy nodded happy that they were not laughing at his disability.

But one werewolf, A were hyena two small girls one looking like a minotaur and one like a Satyr with goat feet's and secondary backbend knee cap.

Xander rested back hugging Buffy. Hanna and Alena was still looking a bit suspicious at Buffy but they had begun to talk to her.

Currently they were talking to Molly the slayer in Waiting.

Buffy poked him in the rib. "Time for our self now the forest snuggle time," she said.

Xander blinked. "We are going for a walk and watch the birds and bees," he mumbled Billy, Molly and Garm grinned understanding.

The girls blinked trying to figure out what he was saying.

Alena looked. "Can we come with you?"

Xander "Eee no Buffy and me like to watch by our self and its late you should sleep."

Hanna's eyes narrowed a bit before she poked Alena arm. "Let go to our tents and sleeping bags," she said. Her eyes glittering mischievous.

Dudley the watcher smiled. "You two go ahead i see that their is some warm tea for later."

Later in the forest.

"FINALY." Xander said as he started to kiss Buffy as the two danced to the music.

His mobile phone was on the ground playing music from the radio.

Xander carefully took off Buffy shirts and pants and started slowly to kiss her over her whole body sending shiver of joy as he came closer to her pleasure center .

"Ooo good Xander not the dog tongue," she said with a trembling voice. Xander turned human again as he look off his clothes.

Blind to the world nothing matter only Buffy, Xander decided to see how many time she would scream in joy.

"Ooo no no yes NO don't." Giggle. "Aaa that's NO." Giggle. "Buffy was rolling shivers of pleasure and laughter came as Xander tickled her and massaged her body at the same time. Slowly playing with her body.


Wise men say - Only fools rush in, But I can't help falling in love with you.


They were sitting in a bush.

Alena "What are they doing," said as she holding her eyes close.

Hanna "Tickling each other their are no bees or birds to see."

Alena blinked behind her finger talking a peek but closing them fast. Hanna. "Why are you not watching."

Alena. "Sister May said its a against the will of god to see a nude man because they are preparing for sex."

Hanna, "none of the other Nuns say that. Only that Sex is dirty thing that only married do and that its painful for the female."

Alena nodded, "yes Do you think Xander and Buffy is having Sex?"

Hanna the older girl frowned. "No i don't think so Buffy don't seem to be in pain."

Alena "But why are they nude then. And why do Xander stick his thing in Buffy?"

Hanna. "Yes lets sneak back and Ask Dudley." Alena nodded and they silently sneaked away.


Shall I stay - Would it be a sin,
If I can't help falling in love with you.


Outside Xander and Buffy continued making slow love as the night become darker.


Like a river flows
Surely to the sea
Darling so it goes
Some things are meant to be

Take my hand - Take my whole life too,
For I can't help falling in love with you.


Xander took a deep breath. "Wow that was Great. Want to play more," he asked.

Buffy smiled. "This time its MY turn to drive you nuts," she said as she started to play with his body.

Xander swallowed. "Ooh Shit." Before a huge smile and groaning sound of pleasure came from him.


Joyce smiled as she happy hugged Jarod. "Finally i missed you," she said.

Jarod smiled. "Me to. So how was London."

Joyce blushed, "peaceful and friendly," she said avoiding to tell about the pub incident.

Jarod laughs lets go for something to eat i think Cordy like a moment alone.

Cordy blinked. "You don't mean the TWO of you like a moment alone." Jarod nodded. "That to but turn around Cordy."

Cordelia rolled her eyes what ever reason would SHE have to be alone in this place. "Melody, Harmony Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa." She screamed happy as she ran over hugging her two lovers. "What are you doing here?"

Soon the room was filled of teen girl babble as they started to tell each other almost everything in seconds. Something ONLY a female can understand and the writer is a male so sorry.


Faith sat down to read Garm note again she missed him so much.

Even if she looked like a starving freak something about Garm told her that he did not care about that only cared about her and loved her.

She smiled as she looked down seeing Dawn and Lisa on their Double date.

Two Identical MALE Twins their ages. The four 14 year old was so cute Faith couldn't help but think.

Danny "So like would you?"

Dave "See a movie?"

Dawn nodded, "i love to Danny."

Her date frown, "its Dave."

Dawn, "o sorry."

Lisa, "its not her fault your name is so easy to mix up," she said hoping that their dates would believe them.

Dawn nodded thanks to her reason lesson in magic their Aura was clearly different.


Boy listen to me careful now
Cause this is something every man should know
Oh this is a lesson about how
You treat your girl right just let it show
That you love her that you need her say
That you want her in every way
You gotta show your girl a little respect
Or you won't get nothing back but hate
It's those little things that mean so much
You gotta treat her right
Or get out of her sight


Dave nodded. "I believe Dawn Lisa. She is the only one that not mistake me for my brother. Even if she sometime call me Dane or Dak or."

Dawn "SOORY its just I'm," she said blushing crimson.

Dave "I i think its cute," he said.

Lisa rolled her eyes. "What are we going to see Danny?"

Her date smiled as they walked away to the movie.


Do you really want me am I really special
Taking is so easy boys giving is unusual
If you really want me don't make we wait too long
Respect and love is the key just listen to my song


Faith giggled Teenager in love. She blinked when did she start to think like that. She was only 3 and a half year older then Dawn but it felt like hundreds so far only Garm had given her any respect and made her feel special.


Safe is how she wants to feel
Protect her with all you've got
Oh she wants to know your love's for real
And be a good lover make her hot
Then she'll do everything love you day and night
She'll do anything just do her right
It's those little things that mean so much
You gotta treat her right
Or get out of her sight

The Home of General Adam Pierson

"Glad you could make it Dr Walsh," Adam said.

Walsh nodded, "thanks general," she said.

As they walked inside the door Adam held up a door. "Inside here and during our time off. Do call me Adam and would i get the honor of calling you Margaret."

Walsh smiled. "A bit old fashion."

Adam "You know I'm an Immortal a 5000 year old one. So of course I'm old fashioned." Margaret Walsh. "Do call me Margaret. But why did you invite me over. And why did you that you asked as a civilian not as a military."

Adam open the dinner room a magnificent dinner wine living candle the work a real tribute to +5000 or knowledge in seducing a female. "I like for us two to become friends for now maybe more later." He said looking at her with his eyes showing her his emotion and the truth in that statement.

Margaret swallowed. "Why me their are many more beautiful and wonderful then me I'm old almost 40 years. You you still look like late 20 something."

Adam carefully took her hand. "You are beautiful and you have captured my interest and that is a hard thing to do Margaret."

Slowly talking they sat down eating and getting to know one another.

World of Exiles...Or Xander alternative to killing

"Why why did i not?" Miss Parker said as she suddenly fell down on her knees crying, All her pride and anger was finally dissipated and she realized that Jarod had abandoned her forget her no more pretender riding in like a White Knight to save her. "I Why Why me?"

"SHUT THE HELL UP." Broots said making her look up in shock at the normally timid and nervous computer agent. "I have A CHILD A DAUGHTER that i NEVER GOING TO see Again. YOU HAD ONE EXTRA chance TO STAY ON EARTH. BUT YOU let your fucking Pride stop you."

Broots took a deep breath "Don't you Dare come and cry Poor me MISS PARKER. Its YOUR Dads and the Fucking Centers fault we Are exiled in this world.

YOU COULD HAVE STAYED BUT NO your fucking Pride sent you to us. And unlike YOU they never gave US a second chance."

Broots shook his head.

"I'm going fishing," he said walking away.

Miss Parker stood up anger and pride and self pity rages inside of her but for the first time shame of her own action stomped down on the rage and the self pity.

Broots was a city man no training on living of the land. She did have training she did know a lot if any one of them would survived she would have to be the hunter until Broots know how. "You are right.

I'm sorry Broots i will not do it again."

Broots stopped in surprise over her word. He had expected her to hit him maybe kill him.

This time a different pride filled Miss Parker she would make sure the two of them survived or kill anyone that hurt Broots.

"See it as a second chance that Xander kid said. Well Broots lets both of us make a second chance of this. Call me Cathy," she said smiling he was not Jarod but a friend she was one of almost no other human female on this world better him then a rapist.

UB 40 Falling In Love With You

ROBYN "Do You Really Want Me (Show Respect)"

Chapter 14
To go home.

"Explain again Mr. Bond." M said her face was neutral no one could see if she was angry or happy for all to know she could have been a statue with out emotion except she talked.

Bond nodded as he begin again. "The young girl Cordy sneaked up on me and shot me with a knock out dart. She then captured me stole my watch and other special equipment the belt with its climbing claws and the belt knife." He sighed. "After a short interrogation later they released me after finding out that i was Mi6."

M "I see a young 18 year old school girl sneak up on you a man Great Brittan have spend millions on in training and equipment. They even got you to tell them that you were working for us," her voice was still with no hint of emotion.

Bond "I believe that my transformation in to a Satyr have shocked me more then i believed possible. I lost my edge simply." He looked the very image of calm and relaxes but for those that know him M and R he was visible depressed. "And you said to keep them as friends.

Telling them my mission would make them more friendly towards us. And only by telling them that i am a agent i could do that."

M started to laugh a short moment she almost fell from her desk. "O do not look that depressed. Cordelia is what we found out a Pretender simply put she IS the new defender chosen by the Spirit of humanity it self. Its HER Sacred duty to punish the evil humans and the demons that hurt humans."

Bond "I see she is like the slayer then."

M nodded "In a way. Her only power is learning she can literally learn things like martial art, shooting, Surgery operations in days or months. If a human can learn it then she can literally absorbed the skill she only need to get her body up and trained."

Bond nodded. "Do you think we could recruit her M?"

M shook her head ."She is already under the protection of USA military. And what's worst the Illuminati have declared her off limit." Bond paled. "Illuminati don't care about small thing like this do they."

M "No they care only about defending humanity stop any government from destroying it by stupid wars. But Cordy IS the chosen defender of humanity and chosen by the spirit of human it self. She is a natural Illuminati."

Bond frowned. "I see. We stay away from her then."

M smiled. "Exactly unless you like her to see and copy everything you do."

Bond "At least they were not hostile towards us then."

M "Yes. James Thanks to the promise Mr. Giles forced the council of watchers to make their will be a huge number of Englishmen selling everything they have donating it to Giles and his family.

They will not be able to live or stay in England we cant have them running loose."

Bond "Should i kill them Mam?" He said sounding a bit disappointed. M "No You shall try to capture five of them so we can send them to this place." She said pointing at a map. "This small island is still belonging to us a perfect place where they can share their demonic knowledge with us and live in some form of luxury."


They had moved to Sunnydale Buffy Joyce, Xander and Jarod by the use of Bifrost they had a hell goddess to welcome.

Cordelia decided to take a scenic road as her friends had joined her. Giles and the rest had lift with the Angels home. Reilly was really happy as his girlfriend Dylan was probably making him member of the mile high club.

"I'm afraid." Xander said.

Buffy "Huh what?"

"They will know about me burning the church." Xander complained.

And soon as they walked up the stairs of Sunnydale high school a huge. "X man X man," echoed around them.

Buffy giggled. "So their fame again."

Xander "It not my fault."

Other place in Sunnydale

Alena looked suspicious at Joyce. "Thanks" she said staring at the cookie like it would be poisons this Normals was TO friendly to her a freak. Then she blinked an Old probably 20 year old girl with fox tail and fox ears walked by her hand in hand with a human male. "Try to look more human darling," he said as they walked out.

Then suddenly Dawn Joyce younger girl walked by with wings on her back small useless wings but wings.

Dawn frowned. "You have NOT seen wings on my back allrigt." She said running away to hide her new pet wings.

-Wings A living symbiote used in Valhalla give you the ability to fly-

Alena frowned and ate her cake if those freak walked around then being a Minotaur girl would not bother them at all. So maybe Xander told the truth Joyce and Buffy would not hurt them. She ran upstairs to tell Hanna the news.

Training hall of the Initiative.

"IT hurts." Faith complained as she let the weight fall down.

The trainer nodded. "Of course it hurts you have to rebuild your body again. Good food your healing dagger and slayer body will speed it up but it still will hurt."

The trainer look at her. "And Hurt is good Hurt make you a winner." He sat down. "I remember. When our School wrestling team was wrestling a New York schools wrestlers.

Our Wrestler William a tuff guy but only half the size of the other guy.

Our William got slammed in the ground time and time again. Finally the New Yorker started to fold him up in half."

He smiled a bit seeing that he got Faith attention.

"When that happened to William our trainer literally closed his eyes refusing to see the carnage as the New Yorker decided to hurt William before winning.

Then suddenly our cheerleaders and the rest started to cry in joy William had suddenly ripped of the Yorker and slammed in down and out of the game."

Faith frowned. "So."

Her trainer smiled. "Well Our Trainer asked William after the match how it come that he win the game.

And William said. -After the second body slam i was seeing stars and then he folded me and started to crush me with his body. Suddenly i saw his nuts hanging in front of me. SO i open my mouth and BIT as hard as i could.-Our Trainer then said. -So that's how you manage to win-.

And William said. -Yes you be surprised how strong you become after biting you self in your nuts-."

Faith blinked before starting to giggle like crazy. "Sir your Name is it not William. So did you bite you self?"

Her trainer smiled. "Yes extremely painful. But some pain is good for you it make you a winner."

Faith giggled. "Or nutless."

William laughs. "I was lucky but i still have a scar according to my wife."

Garm smiled seeing Faith giggle and happy. "Hi Faith would you like to do something later this night."

Faith smiled and screamed. "GARM," and she jumped him hugging with all her strength which currently was normal human girl.

Garm smiled hugging her she felt so weak and thin right now but she was Faith and the wolf inside of him felt home again.

"Sorry to interrupt." Adam said. "But we have confirmation about the French men Glory hired."

Faith looked interested. "What do you have," she asked.

Adam smiled. "Glory did not end the curse on the Minotaur and Satyr's she simply moved them to something else turning a large number of Frogs to humans."

Faith blinked. "So she will be coming to town with Kermit then."

Adam nodded. "Yes about five hundred Kermit's each have a human soul. A ghost that refuse to die and is willing to kill in by her order just to live again.

Faith. "Bummer," she said.

Adam smiled. "Don't worry We know that she and her army IS on a ship sailing over we are planning on sending some torpedoes to drown some of them."

Faith smiled. "Great."

"By the way." Adam said. "We found a Life-demon the one Angel need to become human again. Even if we lose his strength the chance that Glory may manage to put the demon in control is to great he will either become human or move away."

Faith nodded. "You like me to help capture the monster."

Adam. "No i like you to talk to the capture team and give them some input and suggestion. The Blood of the demon is deadly for males females survive it and Vampires turns human."

Faith nodded. "I see what i can do."

Chapter 15
Finding life...

Duncan looked at the team five females soldiers and one male. And then Angel. "Your team will be the Blood angels and set the radio on channel five code 3597." He said seeing them nodding making no comment as they did so. One walked over with out being asked or order to help Angel that looked totally confused.

Duncan smiled. "So you understand your orders. The blood of a Mohra according to our information it is dangerous for Males it might kill you. A Female will be sick probably sickbay kind of sick for about nine days, But its harmless according to our information, But be careful. We need the Mohra demon alive."

Angel nodded. "Yeh the blood is for me."

Duncan smiled. "And that will leave us to the second part the demon must live so Angel here can drain its blood and become HUMAN again. That's the good part the bad part is that it WILL split him in to one human and one pure Blood demon. That one you will stake as soon as possible. Understood."

The Troops of five girls and man nodded. "Sir why is he with us?" One of the girl said.

Duncan. "He have experience fighting demons and know some effective Wiccan spells of tracking. His mission is finding it and leave the fighting for you ladies and for Mr. sunshine challenged." Duncan blinked then groaned. "Dam Sorry about the sunshine comment it was out of line Angel, Xander and Amanda is effecting me."

Angel nodded with a grim look but had to hide his smile by looking at the floor. "I forgive you." He said as broody as he could.

Duncan looked at him. "Well lets move out their is a helicopter waiting for you. And be fast the sun is soon up."

Summer Mansion

Alena looked afraid. "WHY Xander WHY?"

Xander smiled. "Its the law Alena you must go to school."

Hanna shrunk down and whispered something to Alena.

Alena looked angry. "But what if they hurt us?"

Xander smiled. "They know about ME and BUFFY girls so i don't think any one is crazy enough to hurt you," he said giving the two a small hug.

Hanna brighten a bit. "You sure," she said.

Xander nodded. "I think so. If not ask me for help in any way and i help if i can."

Alena smiled as she itch her horn foundation on the skull. "You help us with anything?" She said eyes burning with cuteness.

Buffy hid a smile wondering how bad Xander would fall in that trap. Joyce quickly hide her face behind the tea mug.

Wesley did not notice a thing.

Dawn raised an eyebrow. No way Xander falls for that.

Lisa, "five dollar that he falls for it."

Dawn nodded. "Your on girl."

Jarod smiled this would be fun.

Xander did not notice a thing maybe the strange feeling of foreboding like some one was dancing the Macarena on his grave.

"Sure i help you with anything as long is its nothing evil or wrong."

Alena swallowed gripping Hanna hand for support their faces was filled with tears and you could see the fear. "Could could You be our dad unless you don't like us or think we are freak." Alena said. Hanna sat beside her looking at Xander with pure fear of being denied.

Xander twitch sneaking a peak at Buffy that was calmly eating a donut and looking at the paper with false interest. Traitor he married Judas.

No one was helping him swept was falling down he could see the girls eyes getting more and more misty HE was hurting them. -God dam it punk just become their Dad the Cubs need it. If you don't i will hound you in the dreams with worm eating dreams AGIEN- the Hyena screamed inside of him.

Xander flinched. "Sure I'm I'm i can be you dad if you like but i I'm a bit young."

The girl looked happy then afraid when he said that about being young. "And your not young you are old almost 20. We are to freaky to be your children is that it?" Alena said.

Buffy grinned hidden behind her paper going straight for the kill those girls is good if they only stopped treating her like Miss evil.

Xander. "No YOU ARE NOT Freaky, And i promise i do anything to adopt the two of you. Alright," he said to the girl before looking at Buffy with hope of understanding.

The girls was hugging him as hard as they could crying in happiness.

Buffy thought a moment to be cruel but smiled. "I love to be your mom," she said beaming a smile to the girl. That flinched and looked in fear at her. Buffy face fell in sadness. "I'm not evil i promise," she said.

The girl just looked at her. "You are normal." Alena said.

Buffy "But But you you talk with Dawn and she is normal," she said. The girls rolled their eyes. "Right." They said both of them.

Buffy "I'm not evil why cant the four of us go out and celebrate this with ice cream that be fun right."

The two girls looked at her with suspicion but. "YEY Ice Scream." Alena said.

Dawn smiled remembering they had seen her with her wings on.

Jarod notice that the girls was actually over their fear of Buffy they just used it to get presents and bribes from Buffy. Joyce and him they were still in fear of that was sad.

Joyce giggled. "I will help the two of you." She said to Buffy and Xander.


Adam raised an eyebrow. "Adoption. I see." He said. Sighing he put the phone down. "Margaret Wake up now honey time for work."

The women beside him groan. "Work already." She complained for the first time in her adult life going to work was more boring then spending her time relaxing she finally had some one that understood the darkness and fear inside of her.

And finally she would have her Adam immortal a never ending legacy to carry her memory forward in to the future.

Adam smiled. "Yes Doctor Walsh. Work and the sooner you and me are their the sooner we can go back to be Margaret and Adam again."

Dr Margaret Walsh nodded. "Yes must keep the discipline during work," she said.

Adam nodded. "I wish we did not have to. But we do, On the other hand thanks to the rather unique way of the Initiative interaction between members are not wrong so we don't need to keep it secret. We just have to keep it professional during work."

Margaret let the Dr Walsh sleep awhile as she purred up. "Really that sounds nice."

Adam smiled. "Yes we can have some more fun before going to work."

Margaret stopped hugging him. "A question Why me a mortals is it because of the headhunting?" Adam "No i just find more life more fun together with a mortal then with an Immortal they grow boring."

Margaret nodded as she snuggle up beside him. "Lets order some food."

Team Blood Angels.

"Their it is." Angel said. Pointing at the huge Mohra demon that walked out from the mansion.

The girls nodded charging their blaster on full they sneaked out.

Behind them angel pouted he so liked to play the hero but no they were protecting him.

The mage smiled. "Don't worry overbite we can protect ourselves." Angel "I know its just," he said.

The mage nodded. "I know you don't want any of us getting hurt."

Angel blinked. "Actually i don't mind that you are doing your work part of being in the army.

But its getting hurt because of ME that i don't like and females getting hurt that's just wrong." The mage blinked that he did not expect. "Well new times," he said.

Angel nodded, "yes better times i think but still its hard for me I'm old fashion." He then become silent the girls had surrounded the demon that looked surprised at the small humans females dressed in camouflage.

Then the Stun blasters erupted and electricity lighten up the night as the Mohra demon magic body faced modern technology and got a charge out of it.

With a load *Crunch" the demon fell downed. "Yes we got him" Alexa summer said with a huge smile on her short extremely Cute Buffy look alike face.

The commander nodded. "Miss Summer the binders if you please."

The former police officer smiled as she walked forward putting the binders on the demon.

As she grasped his arm its eyes suddenly opened and the demons fist grasped her head. "Humans i will kill you," it growled.

Alexa quickly pulled out her gun. "I don't think so," she said firing shot after shot in the demons arms and legs.

Blood was splashing over the ground and in her face she could feel the copper taste of demon blood. "Oh fuck," she said. As a strange pain started to grow inside of her.

"The binders and watch out for the blood." The officer said as she shot it with the stun blaster again.

Alexa "I'm hurting," she said whimpering.

The officer. "Get her to sickbay NOW." She looked at Angel. "And you Angel Help us carrying the body you can feed later.

Angel nodded lifting the huge Mohra demons that was still alive growing stronger with minutes.


"Impressive." Walsh said study the demon that was bound and gagged at the table.

Angel nodded. "So when do i feed."

Adam. "With in a hour or two."

Angel smiled he could not wait to become human again. "Is Alexa summer allrigt?" He asked.

Adam nodded. "She is pregnant first month apparently."

Angel. "What she was on a mission pregnant," he was shocked the irresponsibility.

Adam smiled grim. "NO she became Pregnant after the demon blood splatted on her. Some how she is going thru an accelerated pregnancy nine month in less then nine days.

Angel some how the demon blood stops her from being ripped apart by the speed.

Its actually looks like a complete normal pregnancy except the speed. And the pain."

Dr Walsh "The child will be female complete clone of HER with maybe we don't know yet some demonic abilities."

Angel blinked. "Oboy. So that what Loki meant."

Adam nodded. "Yes the bastard should have given us more warning about the bad effects and consequences."

Angel smiled. "I don't think he consider a child to be a bad consequence."

Adam nodded. "Well she is married to Garry so I'm going to inform him about the 'happy' news he is a daddy kind of."

Angel, "yes. I Call Joyce."

Summers Mansion

Joyce put the phone down "Well its look like I'm an aunt and a Grandma the same time." She smiled finally some grandchildren to spoil.


Dawn smiled at her boyfriend, "So Dan what are we going to do during summer break?"

Dave smiled. "I don't know its still about three week."

Dawn, "yea i hoping to travel."

His identical brother Danny sat down beside Lisa they were still not boyfriend and girlfriend but getting closer. "Hi Lisa what's up?" Lisa shrugged, "just wondering what to do during summer."

Danny nodded. "Yeh maybe we could go to the beach the four of us. Or our families together i mean."

Dawn grinned. "That be So fun. What do you think?" Inside she was freaking she had the strangest kind of family EVER most was not even related to each other.

Dave and Danny grinned inside they were afraid if the girl found out about their dad being a slightly crazy but friendly scientist that made a younger clone of him self a clone that actually split in two making them.

Dawn and Lisa would dump them it was just SO freaky and strange.

Nearby the Teacher sat eating his food contemplating this year it had been STRANGE extremely strange. But the number of dead student was less then a quarter of the normal numbers, and that was great more teacher then ever felt joy in teaching as they felt hope that the students would LIVE and graduate for first time in a long time.

He sighed as he sat down it was just one thing that irritated him that was his legs after becoming a Satyr standing still hurts.

Running jumping and climbing was easy they were made for that.

But standing still to long and he was hurt.

Well nothing in life is easy.

He started to read the paper again a huge pamphlet calling out for any one to help protesting against the tobacco industry and burning another fabric.

Well if it was they who did it they deserved it but the teacher felt it was more likely magic he finally realized what was wrong with the town was Magic it was demons and vampires that hunted during the night.


"I will Kill those Apes.........." She rages as she floated in the sea.

Her army of frogmen nodded as they swimmed along her. They knew some would drowned or being eaten by sharks but they were frogs strong frogs.

Adolph frowned. "Glory o goddess cant you use your magic to tame a beast of the sea to carry us forward?"

Glory smiled. "I can do that I'm just releasing a bit of anger."

Inside she was irritated that she forgotten about that option in her rage.

Pointing at a Frogman with broken arm. "You we will sacrifice." She said as she summon a giant octopus from the bottom of the sea the perfect monster to carry them to the American land.

The Frogman. "Eeep. No not me why don't you take Adolph he."

Glory smiled "He is actually useful for now."

Soon the sea was bubbling in rage as a monster suddenly came to the surface.

Glory smiled as her magic bound the monster for the price of one useless trooper. Soon she would have her Key and Soon the universe would be hers completely.

The End

Continues in 'The price of Glory'