Traveling Furball

Author: Hatten_jc <hatten_jc[at]>

This Fiction is continuing story of 'A Furry Moon' and a Side story to 'A Shadow Moon'.

Disclaimer: Do i have to? Aah well i do NOT own anything in movie or TV form.

X-over. Mainly Gold-diggers but others will pop up during the Traveling story.




--"Translated to English"--

****** = swearwords like 'fuck, hell or something worse'

Chapter 1

The world of Jade. Tournament of arms

Xander flinched. "Could i get some drugs or something."

The doctor nodded. "We are going to put a spell on you to remove the pain."

Xander nodded as the spell removed his ability to feel pain. He watched with sick fascination as the doctor slowly cut off his left arm.

It was not the first time he had to cut of an arm or leg but it always fascinated him.

Thank to his Were-tiger, Were-wolf blood the arm WOULD grow back with in hours.

And heal a broken bone with in moment.

But when a bone had healed the wrong way like it had in his left arm it was sometimes more effective just to RE-GROW the whole arm then to break and put it back in one piece.

Julia smiled. "Is he fine now Doctor?"

The doctor grinned. "Sure i gave him a anti-sickness potion and anti pain spell on his arm. Just give him a lot of food and he be fine."

Julia nodded and smiled holding up a large bag. "Got the food. Horse meat and lots of it."

The doctor nodded. "Good. Fish give them weak and dull claws its a shame too many Were-cats are addicted to fish specially Tuna."

Xander grinned. "Tuna. Hmm Tuna."

Julia smiled. "Could you leave me and my student alone."

The doctor nodded. And left.

Xander felt the cold shivering hands of doom travel over him.

Julia smiled. "Start eating and then start talking Junior."

Xander blinked as he started to eat. His arm was itching as it re-grew. "About what?"

Julia. "About YOUR skills. They are Far better then they should be. I believe its had something to do with the dimensional journey you did. But it only lasted a DAY did it or did it not."

Xander gulped. "Eeeee. Well. Its like this. Gina was afraid that you would be angry at her for loosing me in an alternate reality so when i got back after a day her time i decided not to tell anybody how long I been gone."

Julia frowned. "So you were gone how long during A day."

Xander giggled. "Almost a year or two Im not sure."

Julia sighed sitting down. "I like you to tell me ALL that happened. Everything from the start."

Xander. "Do i have to?"

Julia nodded. "Or i break your other arm."

Xander sighed thinking it over.

Julia frowned stupid kid to use to pain for that to work. "Or i remove your Twinkies."

Xander paled. "Alright it started."

^^Flash back^^

The room slowly dissolved as his memory traveled back about a year ago.

Julia. "Woo nice flash back effects."

Xander "Yea a friend taught me how to make it during the journey. Now stop interrupting my memory."

^^Flash back^^

Brittany grinned. "So what have you and PeeWee been up to?"

Erwin Talon frowned HE hated the name PeeWee.

Gina "Brit stop it Erwin is a friend now days. Or i will tell HIM your secret nickname."

Brittany nodded. "Alright whats have the two of you been working on." Inside she was afraid her sister well BOTH of them were mad Scientist and Erwin well the 16 year old WAS a former evil genius.

Gina grinned. "We used my old time machine and IMPROVED IT. To a alternate realty traveling device."

Brittany groaned. "Ooo no."

Erwin. "OO yea. Dont worry we only scanned the realties so far. You be surprised how many of OUR fiction is real out their."

Brittany sighed. "So i."

But she was interrupted as the door opened and Xander came walking in.

Xander. "HI guys. Erwin did you fix the Mp3 player like you said."

Erwin nodded. "I made it look like a watch.

It fit you no matter what size you are changing in.

And in your animal form it will still sit firmly on your hand."

Xander grinned "So where is it. Cant wait to test it."

Erwin. "Its over on that table."

Xander walked over to the far side of the libratory.

Brittany smiled watching her sister Briannas boyfriend walk away. And continued her question. "So you only build a scanner not an alternate realty device."

Gina blushed. "Well not exactly."

Erwin grinned. "We build the gate device. Its draw energy battery last about 5000 years. It draw the energy it need to open the gates from the universe it self. A partial AI and its the size of a wrist watch. In fact i use the same design on Xanders Mp3 player"

Brittany blinked her Were-cheetah brain working on full super speed.

1 Xander in lab.

2 Mp 3 player looking like a Wrist watch.

3 Dimensional gate looking like a wrist watch.

That could only mean one thing.

She turned around and could see. "Xander."

Just a second before.

Xander. "Cool wonder witch one is mine. A well i try both." Slowly Xander put one of them on his arm and pressed the button.

"Travel program initiated. Do you wish to start dimensional travel yes or no."

Behind him he could hear a scream of, "Xander."

Xander turned around wondering what Brittany wanted. "Yes what do you?"

Then the world disappeared in a flash of light.

From his wrist he could hear the Mp3 player talk.

"Dimensional trip started good luck."

Xander blinked this would most likely turn out bad.


The red head scientist grinned as her computers suddenly burped out a high sound. "Dimensional gate opened and closed. Traveler detected on ground."

She giggled as ONLY a crazy Scientist looking like a 12 year old could. "My guinea pig."

Xander blinked he was just standing in the lab and now he was standing in a forest and two females girls looking his age were fighting.

One with green hair cat like eyes was flying.

The other purple eyes and glowing field of energy surrounded her.

Xander paled. "Ooh crap," as both girls suddenly turned and looked at him. "Uuh Hi. You would not happen to know where i am do you?"

Ryoko frowned suddenly a animal man popped up from NO WHERE. She frowned. "I dont know WHO you are but, YOU Will NOT hurt Tenchi-Sama."

Xander blinked. "Hurt Who." But he could say nothing as the purple haired girl suddenly send bolt of lighting on him knocking him out.

Katsuhito also know as Yosho frowned. "Ayeka why did you attack him." She blushed. "He he was going to hurt Tenchi."

Katsuhito. "No he said 'hurt who' i dont think he knows who Tenchi is."

Ayeka blushed. "Ooo. That monster women got me so angry that i. We have to get him back to the house and see if we can help him."

Ryoko grinned this would be fun. She teleported in advance to tell Tenchi ALL about how Ayeka attacked a innocent young animal man.

Katsuhito frowned. "That is strange. I wonder what species is he."


The head was dunking as Xander sat up. "My head. What hit me."

Ryoko grinned. "The princess over their attacked you."

Xander looked over "Why." He asked.

The girl blushed. "I i am sorry i was fighting and then She said you would hurt my Tenchi and i i just lost it."

Xander nodded. "Ooo. It happens. Well Hi Im Xander Tigris and you are?"

The girl with the purple hair smiled and bowed. "I am Ayeka Masaki." The green haired girl with cat eyes rolled her eyes. "Im Ryoko."

A young man in Xander age 18-19 smiled. "I am Tenchi Masaki. Happy to make your acquaintance."

A young girl probably 11 or 12 with extreme long hair said. "Hi Im Sasami."

After came the old guy a pries of some religion. "I am Katsuhito."

He said.

A red head girl sitting on a floating pillow grinned. "Im Washu the greatest Scientist in the UNIVERSE. And YOU Xander is from another dimension an alternate realty." She started to giggle like only a mad scientist could.

Xander blinked. "WHAT Im what?"

Washu the redhead slow down on her giggling/ "You dont know," she said disbelief in her voice.

Xander frowned. "No i was getting my Mp3 player and and. their was two Mp3 players i took one and pressed the start button and a strange voice said something and poof here i am."

Washu activated her holographic computer scanning Xander. "Hmm I see. Well the watch you have IS a gate device clever design i say.

Its currently charging it self for the next jump."

Xander paled. "I i like to go home."

Washu smiled. "Dont worry its will take you home after a round tour. It is programmed to do some exploring first."

Xander slumped. "So how long will i be gone?"

Washu smiled dampened. "Well not to long i think. I refuse to meddle in other scientist work. But i can help you with the return fiddle a bit and you will return only a day after the start of your journey."

Xander smiled. "You do that." He said a bit of disbelief in his voice but the kid DID smell strange not bad but Alien. And after seeing the things Erwin did as a 10 year old he would not disbelieve a child genius.

Washu smiled, "yes if you could help me with something."

Xander nodded carefully. "With."

Washu. "I need some of your DNA."

Katsuhito grinned. "Perhaps it would be best if our guest told us what species he is first."

Xander smiled. "Well. My world is a bit strange i think. My Dad was Were-wolf that had a one night affair with my mother that is a Were-tiger. And i am what called a Were-chimera.

I can be completely where-tiger." He said turning in to his were-tiger hybrid form.

"Or completely Were-wolf." He said turning in to his wolf hybrid form. "Or last completely human." He finally said turning in to his normal human Xander shaped body.

Sasami giggled. "That so cool do you eat humans."

Xander. "NO i do not eat humans. Not even with ketchup."

Sasami giggled. "Really?"

Xander nodded. "Yes. Really. But if your a fish then your in trouble. Or giant spiders." He said shivering as he remember the giant spider he accidentally ate after falling in to a hunger driven rage.

Katsuhito frowned. "I believe in our realty Were-wolfs are just legends Fascinating."

Xander. "Yea." He could see that the old priest had bokkens hanging on the wall. "You trained in fighting."

The Katsuhito grinned. "Bit mostly to teach my grandson the noble art of kendo."

Xander sighed. "Aah well if you like i could teach you one trick or two before i go away i need to find a place to stay.

I need the training my master Julia have sign me on a Tournament.

Its a bit fighting tournament in Jade. Julia My master she is the greatest fighter in Jade.

And She would string me up alive two or three times if i did not train."

Katsuhito smiled. "I would be happy to learn a bit more from you.

And you can stay as our guest right?"

Tenchi tried not to laugh as Katsuhito was Yosho the greatest swords man in more then ONE world. Poor Xander he recognized Grandfathers tone of voice that was the Im an evil trainer voice.

But he nodded Xander was more then welcome.

Washu grinned. "So a Were-chimera." She was drooling the things she could do with that DNA.

Sasami smiled. "Lets eat something."

Katsuhito smiled. "Washu could you see that a guest room is build." Washu nodded pressing a button on the holographic computer. "Its done the computer will have it build before we finished eating."

Xander blinked as he could see five small ball shaped robots roll out from under the stairs. And fly up the stairs. "Groovy."

A day Later...

Xander slowly stood up the bruises on his head and the rest of the body was almost healed now. "Mostly training my grandson. Yea right YOU Are a Grand master in swords."

Katsuhito rolled his eyes hiding behind the glasses. "Its not my fault that the young of today is lazy and cant even handle an old man like me."

Xander growled. "Yea lets see you parry this." He charged using his full Were-tiger strength he planed to send the old bugger flying in to the lake undamaged but in pain.

"Yaa." Splash.

Xander spit out the water. And blinked the old guy parried his attack and some how used a judo like throw with the sword sending HIM in the lake. "Crap i hate water specially when Im in furry body."

He stood up looking not like the Were-tiger he currently was but more like a Drowned Were-rat his furry dripping wet.

On the side lines the girls and Tenchi were laughing their heads of. Xander bowed down. "I never fought a fighter of your quality before master. Could you teach me more during my short stay here?"

Katsuhito nodded. "That would be fun." He could see that Tenchi sighted in relief. "But only if Tenchi joined us. Both of you could use a sparring partner."

Xander nodded. "Sure. It be great fun. "

Tenchi sighed. "You have no idea of the cruelty Granddad give you during training. The suffering."

Xander blinked. "Ooh do you have to walk a line with nails under it that would pierce you alive if you fell down.

Or do he force you to play dodge ball with real stones being thrown at you breaking your bones."

Tenchi blinked.

Katsuhito paled. "Your Julia do that to YOU." He said with anger in his voice the carelessness of hurting your student was unforgivable. Xander blinked. "Sure. Remember as long as my head is stuck on my head or no silver hits me bone will heal in moments cuts and even death is not permanent."

Katsuhito. "Ooh yea i forgot about that. Effective training then."

Xander nodded. "ooh yea. And painful so so painful but only during failure."

They walked in side soon Xander had promise Washu to help her by giving her some DNA sample from him.

According to her he would be staying for almost a month. Not bad place to stay in.

^^Flash back ends^^

Julia "Ooh. That was impressive."

Xander. "Yea. But that was ONLY the first of the places i visit. One of the friendliest but not the first.

A completed 8 places and i had to learn to fight in one way or the other in all of them."

Julia smiled. "Tell me more."

But Xander was busy eating a big rib so she had to wait.

Chapter 2

The world of Jade. Tournament of arms

As Xander licked of his hand clean of the barbeque juice from the rib he just eaten bone and all.

Julia grinned. "Finally could you start telling the next part of your travels."

Xander shrugged as he swallowed two big melons. "Alright, It started when."

^^Flash back^^

The room again disappeared turning in to a jungle as Xander started telling his story.

Julia "I do like the special effects."

Xander sighed. "Should i tell this OR NOT?"

Julia. "Sorry just impressed by the special effects."

Xander. "Right stop interrupting. It started."

^^Flash back^^

Slowly the world turned green around Xander as he looked around he could see trees and more trees.

Xander. "Holy. Its a jungle out here." Everywhere he looked he could see rainforest and the sound of animals. Bird, Apes, and others like the roar of predators.

But he could feel something was wrong.

Moment past as he ponder what was wrong.

Then it struck him, He could not feel the ethereal stream or Chi energy. Or Life Force as he could at home.

Xander sat down meditating trying to find the Stream of life force. Moments passed and he finally found a small tickle of energy barely noticeable and of no use for him.

He sighed fighter in this realm would be unable to use chi tricks to boost their speed and strength or tolerance.

He would not be able to do that as long as he was here either.

The worst part Xander realized was that as a Were-creature he draw energy from the ethereal stream to boost his transformation with no way to do that.

The energy he would use would come from HIM.

Meaning he would have to eat a lot of food and stay one shape as much as possible unless he had a lot of food nearby.

Looking around he could only think of ONE shape that would move safe in the jungle.

Xander sighed as he stripped down putting his clothes in a bag so he could carry them in his animal tiger shape.

His sense of smell was far more evolved in his animal form and he doubted that anybody would have the guts to attack a big Tiger.

Xander the Tiger ran and walked.

Thru the jungle searching after life intelligent life.

Two Month later a scruffy looking tiger finally found the first evidence of sentient life.

Xander stood up in his were-chimera form for the first time in almost a month and watched in front of him was a huge mountain shaped like a human head with a mask hiding its face. "Holy thats impressive." He turned around here he could smell humans he once again turned tiger and started to track.

In the distant the sound of drums was heard. -Bomb bomb bomb-.

As he ran down the forest its tree became strange golden trunks that looked like it had a death skull carved inside of it.

As the wind blow around he could hear the whisper around him -phaaantom phaaantom-.

Xander swallowed the wind made scary sound blowing thru this part of the forest.

It was then he could hear the first sound of humans big trucks engines that was starting.

Xander carefully sneaked towards the sound in his Tiger form.

Finding humans and a dead Elephant and humans that hunted the ivory. 'Poachers or not' Xander thought after all elephants could be an animal that was not endanger in this reality after all.

A sound interrupted his pondering -Phuuump.-

Xander blinked looking down in his rear end a tranquilizer arrow was and he could see a hunter coming walking forward.

"Ooh man not again," he said sounding like, "Groore."

And then the world was dark as Xander slept the sleep of the drugged.

Harry grinned. "Look guys i got a big one."

His gang of thiefs hunting elephant grinned. "Boss should i kill it" Harry frowned. "No no. He is a bit scruffy looking probably starving. We get a better price if we sell it alive.

Put it in the truck and lets move out of here."

A voice cold as ice interrupted them. "-Freeze criminals-."

And a tall man dressed in dark skintight clothes and a mask walk forward a death skull ring glittered in his hand and two big guns where aiming at the criminals the phantom had arrived.

At his side a huge wolf stood growling angry.

Harry grinned. "We will see Mr. Phantom. Take him boys."

From behind the phantom more criminals suddenly burst forward and the fight started.

And Xander slept.


Xander "Ooh man my head." Xander said growling in his tiger shape.

He looked up blinking around him five more tigers were sitting and walking around.

"Im in a tiger pit." Xander said sounding like an irritated cat.

Then he froze.

Behind him a man stood chained up he had a mask looking like a criminal and was dressed in a dark skintight body glow thing.

He was unconscious to the wall of the tiger pit a wolf was by his feet also chained to the wall.

A small electric fence separated the man from the tigers.

But Xander could see that the cage could be removed from above.

He had the feeling that the Bad guy planed on letting the tigers eat Mr. Mask and his wolf friend.

Xander sat down like a dog waiting.

Finally the mask man started to move and looked up.

Moment later the 'bad guy came in'.

"Phantom what do think about my pets." Harry said.

The Phantom growled. "You will not get away with this. I have you arrested."

Harry laughs. "That be the day. I actually disappointed 400 years old i thought you be more difficult to kill."

The Phantom was silent fuming in anger hoping the criminal forgot his dagger or escape tools.

Harry laughs. "Are you hoping i forgot about your equipment? No i had you strip searched."

Xander grinned now he knew who was the good guy and who was the bad guys.

He just hoped the bad guy would make the classic mistake of leaving the Phantom guy alone to his death not stay and watch.

Harry smiled. "Remove the fence and lets go out of here i hate the sight of a human being eaten alive. Dont worry Phantom the tigers will eat your dog first."

Xander rolled his eyes. Its a wolf fool.

Phantom. "Its a wolf."

Devil the wolf. "Grrrrrr."

Xander looked at the wolf. "I understand thinking you are dog what a looser." But all the humans were hearing was. "Grrrrr grrrrrr grrrr grrrrr."

Devil the wolf blinked.

Around Phantom the fence was slowly lifted to the roof leaving him standing like a dinner for the tigers.

Xander waited watching the hunters walking out before he slowly walked up and sat down.

The Phantom and his wolf Devil behind him as he watched the other Tigers slowly starting to move towards them. "Dont come here boys or i kick your ass." he growled challenge to the tigers.

Phantom looked down. "Well boy this is the end then."

Devil the wolf growled unhappy.

The Big Tiger in front of them just sat their waiting looking at the other tigers like he was guarding them.

Then a male Tiger charged him.

Xander jumped up turning to his Were-tiger hybrid shape he captured the Tiger head and wrestled it down. "Down boy. DOWN."

The tiger growled in fury but a sharp twist later and the Tiger was screaming in pain before giving up.

Xander let it go watching it walk away to the others tigers.

He then turned and watched the wolf and the human. "HI. Im Xander."

The Phantom blinked. As he watched the creature, It was obvious starved he could see the muscles and bones not much body fat left on its body. "What are you?"

Xander shrugged. "Long story. Im a Were-Chimera.

Papa Were-wolf mamma Were-tiger and here i am." He said shifting between his werewolf hybrid and weretiger body. "Now lets get the two of you out of here. By the way is your alias really Phantom?"

The Phantom. "Yes Im the Phantom. They have police cuffs if you could get my keys i."

Xander shrugged gripping the cuffs between his hand and slowly ripped them opened."

The Phantom. "Or you could just rip them open."

Xander grinned and sat in front of the wolf letting it smell him. "Now boy can i help you?" He slowly ripped the chain off the wolf.

Xander smiled in an evil way. "So to get you out of here. Would you mind doing a leap of faith."

The Phantom frowned. "What are you talking about."

Xander "This." He said gripping the wolf and his master in his arms And throwing them up on the top.

The Phantom swallowed. "Right a leap of faith."

Close after Xander jumped up landing beside the now standing Phantom. Xander grinned. "Now lets hunt down the criminals. Im itching for a fight. And some food."

The phantom grabbed his arm. "NO eating humans."

Xander blinked. "Uuh eating humans, Uh no way."

The Phantom nodded. "No killing then."

Xander grinned. "I try not to."

And the two sneaked away inside the mansion.

Harry laughs. "The one that see the face of the phantom will meet a gruesome death. Yea Right." He said rolling his eyes.

The girl a young African girl nodded. "Its true legend say so and YOU will die."

Harry smiled caressing her face. "So everybody will die sooner or later. But i still going to have fun with you."

"No no." The girl started to scream as the criminal started to strip her bound body.

Then the door suddenly burst opened and a Pissed off Tiger man stood their. "Groooowle I Will HURT YOU."

Harry paled and screamed like a girl. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Ooo My heart," and fell down dead.

Xander blinked and walked up. "Are you alright?" And poked the criminal with a stick. "I think he is dead Phantom."

The phantom nodded. "Yes a weak heart. Are you allrigt Misha?"

The girl nodded. "Yes what what is he?"

Xander grinned. "I am the King of the jungle."

Both looked at him with disbelief..

Xander. "Uuh would you believe the Arch Duke of the jungle."

Misha shook her head. "No."

Xander. "The Striped knight of the jungle?"

Misha started to giggle that was a funny monster. "No."

Phantom, "we have to go get out of here. They are to many."

Xander. "How many?"

Phantom. "About forty."

Xander grinned as he could see a pair of Baseball bats of steel hanging on the wall. "I take thirty you take the rest. I am a bit angry."

Phantom. "Dont kill"

Xander. "I will not kill but i will crush nuts and break bones."

Misha swallowed. "They have guns."

Xander smiled. "They dont have silver bullets." Then he walked out.

The Phantom rolled his eyes. "Devil guard her." And he rushed after only stopping to get his guns.

And with a roaring Xander jumped the first criminals making a short work of them leaving them broken up but alive shivering in pain and fear.

The phantom followed knocking criminal unconscious as he followed in the tracks of the Were-chimera.


The cook shiver in fear. As he was cooking food for all he was worth.

Xander grinned. "More now."

The cook shivered. "I its not done yet."

Xander leaned forward. "I dont care. Give me the food NOW and make MORE."

Phantom frowned. "I dont think its good for you to eat this much."

Xander grinned. "Im a Were-chimera changing body take energy lots of energy. I can store energy from food like a camel and i have not eating in a long time. So i desperately need it. You would NOT like to see me in a food frenzy its not a nice thing to see."

Misha. "Food frenzy?"

Xander sighed. "Its like when a big white shark smell blood they go crazy. I can do the same if the right stimuli is nearby."

Misha swallowed in fear.

Xander smiled. "Dont worry. I only attack Tuna, Horses, Cows." he sighed. "In theory it could happen against Were-rats. But i hope not. I really really hope not."

Phantom frowned. "Not humans."

Xander shake his head. "No My kind were once created to serve a human as his fighters.

I come from a world where REAL demons and REAL vampires walk the night. Those things are what my kind hunt down." Xander said decided to tell a half lie.

Misha blinked. "Your an alien?"

Xander. "No am not. Well actually i am in a way. I was born on Earth but not this earth. Do you know what alternate reality are?"

Misha shook her head.

Phantom frowned trying to remember where he heard that term before. The cook. "Its alternate version of Earth right. Like A version where the Phantom is a female or where I am a bird man or something."

Xander frowned, "eee. Yes thats about it. I am from an alternate version of earth and Im traveling home again.

The sad part is i have to stay in THIS realty for some months before i can continue traveling."

The Phantom frowned. "Why are you traveling?"

Xander "Now thats a real stupid reason. Lets just say that INSIDE a crazy but friendly mad scientist lab you should be really really careful with what you do and what you touch."

Xander stopped talking as the cook put a huge plate of food in front of him.

Much food later.

Xander grinned his were-chimera body had assimilated the food and he had finally got some body fat back. Phantom and Misha looked surprised and shocked at the speed that it came back after he had fed himself. "So i guess this is good by then?" He said grinning.

The Phantom frowned. "What are you going to do?"

Xander blinked. "Im going to try to find things to steal inside the bad guys home. Then find a place with food and relax until i can leave this realty. Why?"

Phantom growled. "Steal."

Xander. "I dont exist in this realty. Its from a bad guy and i do not plan on die of starvation or being trapped in a laboratory."

Phantom nodded. "Your right. If you like to you could come home with me and be my guest until you leave."

Xander "Alright."

Misha smiled. "But he dont have a horse how can he keep up with us." Xander. "Dont worry i keep up." He said switching to his were-tiger body.

Phantom nodded and started to ride his horse Hero followed by the wolf Devil and Xander the were-tiger.

Hours later as the dark begin to set they had arrived in the deep forests his friends the pygmy bandars greeted him as he road by them followed side by side by a mighty tiger and his old friend a wolf.

Xander shivered as they road under the waterfall wet fur was awful.


After a hour ride they arrived in a cave shaped like a skull Xander blinked as he turned human again. Nude but normal.

"My god Phantom what is that?" an old hairless pygmy in a shirt said. Phantom turned around. "That Guran is a friend from an other version of earth. His name is Xander and he is harmless."

Guran nodded looking suspicious at Xander direction.

Xander finally found got his brain reconnected and said the only thing he could. "A Skull shaped Cave thats SO cool... By the way Im hungry could we eat something."

Misha blinked. "You eat already. How can you be hungry again?"

Xander. "I ran the whole day. I shaped shifted.

And i have weeks of NO food to make up for.

And i only like a burger or something now its normal human hunger."

"Guran could you help give young Xander something to eat?" Phantom said.

Guran nodded. "Follow me."

Next day.

The door opened carefully but the sound woke him up.

Xander pretended to be asleep listening to who ever it was that was sneaking inside.

Xander could hear two child voices.

"You think he awake Kit," a girl said.

"No he sleeping," a boy said.

The girl sounded disappointed. "But Guran said he was strange. He look normal."

The boy answered. "I know Heloise wonder if he nice?"

Girl sounded irritated. "Dad is letting him stay here of course he nice. But i wonder whats so strange about him?"

Xander hide his grin and smile and triggered his transformation turning himself in to his Were-tiger hybrid body.

Fur grew and he become taller almost 7 feet tall.

His feet were now sticking out from the bed and so was his tail.

Kit and Heloise. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa," screamed in childish fear and ran away.

Xander sat up laughing. "Im so so sorry." He said before turning human again.

The door opened again and the phantom walked in now he was dressed like a normal man and Xander could see the kids hiding behind him.

They looked twelve years old or younger.

Phantom. "What happened?"

Xander. "Im sorry i turned in my hybrid body. You seen and your kids got scared." He could not stop himself from giggling. "Im really sorry."

Phantom shook his head. "You scared them on purpose did you not."

Xander. "Well no yes. But only for fun. By the way. Im Xander. And what are your names kids?"

The boy frowned. "Im Kit. And scaring us is not nice to do."

Xander nodded. "I know. Im so sorry."

The girl nodded happy. "Im Heloise. What are you?"

Xander sat down. "Sit down i mind as well tell you. Im from a different version of earth and i am a Were-chimera. Half Were-tiger and Half Were-wolf. And I do not eat humans."

They nodded watching in fascination as he transformed himself from were-tiger to were-wolf and back to human shape.

Xander. "I really like some food now. And dont worry Mr. Phantom Im not going to eat you from house and home. I keep the transformation down to a minimum. But you explain it to the kids why i cant transform more."

Phantom nodded. "Thanks."

A day later.

Xander watched. "So you train karate and kung Fu?"

Phantom nodded. "And some tai Chi and boxing. You?"

Xander smiled. "Some simple Tai Chi and Kat Fu. Also training in Digger style of martial arts.

Would you like to spar Im really need some work out and in my human body Im probably weaker then you are."

The phantom nodded and soon the two of them were fighting Xander slowly but steady losing as he was fighting against a champion of fights.

Two days later...

"NO. Take a deep breath clear your mind then FIND the target and shoot." Phantom said.

Xander calm himself before firing the gun at the target a small coconut hanging and swinging in a rope. "I hit it."

Phantom nodded. "Good work. You done that before."

Xander nodded. "But only with a Gatling in my hybrid body."

Phantom blinked. That was not normal.

Four month later.

Xander grinned as he hugged his friends goodbye. "I will miss you Farewell."

Heloise nodded. "Here i got you picture of us."

Xander. "Thanks looking at the picture it was of the whole family and the friends and the cave. I love it."

Kit. "Here i gave got you a dagger to keep you safe."

Xander smiled. "That something i need."

Phantom smiled. "Here some gold its most likely universal exchangeable and useful as money."

Xander "Thanks. Well farewell now." He said pressing the button and he was going away on his journey home.

^^Flash back ends^^

Julia blinked. "Impressive. You got some more jungle training and gun training and a chance to relax."

Xander. "yes but the experience also taught me that the power of the force the Chi or ether realm stream is different in different reality. And on my next pit stop that knowledge saved my life."

Julia "What do? Typical."

Xander had manage to find a more food and was completely devoted to eating that. "After i eaten just wait Julia."

Chapter 3

The world of Jade. Tournament of arms

Julia waited patiently as patiently a fighter like her could. Meaning that she was ready to KILL anybody if they made her wait longer then necessary.

Xander finished the steak watched his cut off arm it had grown back almost to the wrist now. It itched and scratched as it continuing to grow.

Julia. "So what happened next."

Xander. "Huh. Ooh yea. You remember what i told you?"

Julia nodded. "Yea but do pretend i forgot. It makes things more easy to understand." And she did tape/copy the conversation with a magic recording device so that Theo could listen in.

Xander grinned. "Of course. In the Phantoms reality using the Ether realm stream was almost impossible. To access it you had to meditate and as most you might be able to boost your healing a bit not much.

In OUR world using the Stream is like walking thru waist high mud hard to do but not impossible if you are in good shape.

In the Phantom realty it was like walking true solid steel." He looked at her.

"The next reality i came to was completely different in their it was easy like waking on dry land.

And the Ether realm stream flooded my powering me up more then i could handle and THAT almost killed me.

Only the training in control i gave me self while staying with Phantom and his family saved my life."

Julia nodded. "Go on."

Xander grinned. "It started like this."

^^Flash back^^

The room disappeared again leaving room for a dessert as Xander started to tell the story.

With a flash of light Xander dropped out in the new world but before he could even say anything something happened POWER energy life energy flooded him overpowered his body and he fell down screaming. "Aaaaaaaa stop stop Im burning." In pain as the energy was ripping him apart burning him from the inside out.

Flames of life energy surrounded the screaming body of Xander and smoke filed the air but Xander did not see anything he was busy screaming in pain and suffered as his body was overloaded deep inside he was fighting for his life trying to figure out what was happening.

The tall green man landed his antennas shivered in the air as he study the stranger the Kami Dante said was an alien from an another dimension.

He leaned down watching the stranger being burn alive from the overflow of Chi energy.

His name was Piccolo frowned it was a young man almost a kid.

He was not a stranger to suffering or cruelty but if the kids pain did not stop soon he would kill him just to stop the pain.

Almost as if the stranger heard him the chi flames died out as the stranger struggled to control the power raging inside of him now.

Piccolo snorted. "Typical he survived." He sighted lifting the stranger up and taking him to his 'friends'.


Xander woke groggy and in pain his whole body was bursting with energy even moving slow was hard as his body wanted to run to jump to move faster then his brain was ready to handle or accept.

"Who are you? And what do you want?" A hostile voice said.

Xander blinked. "Huh Im Im. Im Xander who are you?"

The man moved toward him. "I ask you a question. What DO YOU Want?" A beautiful green haired women suddenly interfered. "Quiet down Vegeta cant you see he is still groggy."

The man Vegeta snorted. "Women." As he turned around letting the others deal with this for now.

Xander blinked. "Thanks. Im Xander by the way."

The woman smiled. "Im Bulma thats my husband Vegeta, He is not a people person. Over their is Piccolo he found you and the old man is Master Roshi and the young one is Son Gohan." She said pointing at a Tall green THING standing next to a young kid and a old man.

Xander blinked. "Uuh Right Thank you Piccolo."

Piccolo stared at him. "Why are you here?"

Xander blinked. "Well its a long story but the short version is Im lost between alternate realities and are traveling between dimensions to get home."

Piccolo frowned he could tell the kid had said the truth. "I see.

So why to our reality."

Xander shrugged. "Dont know. The gate took me here its on my way home."

The young boy Gohan grinned. "So how do you travel natural ability or technology?"

Bulma grinned. "Its the wrist watch he have on him i knew i detected strange energy when i investigated it."

Xander paled and stood up gripping it with his hand. "Dont even think of stealing it." But the action was to much he lost control over the energy from the stream again.

Chi flames surrounded him as he fell down struggling to control it.

Vegeta growled. "You want to fight? Why and how could he loss control over his CHI."

Piccolo shook his head. "Its not possible as your connection and ability to draw chi power grows as you train. The more training you do the stronger you get. Loosing control like that is not possible."

Master Roshi frowned he was a pervert but also a master in the fighting even if his students and their friends now was far more skilled then he ever been he was a true master and experience.

"Not if he comes from a reality where the Chi energy is low."

The fighters blinked.

But then Gohan nodded. "I understand. In that realty you have to train like crazy to even do the smallest thing like flying or something. And here to much energy is flooding him and he have no training or experience to control it."

Vegeta suddenly glared at the young man he finally manage to control his energy burn mark was clearly seen but the man did something strange he shifted turned in to a tall tiger man.

Xander breathed hard controlling the energy was almost impossible. "No one steal my only way home. NO ONE."

Vegeta grinned and was going to challenge the young fighter but frowned right now he was no challenge. "Dont worry Fool we are not interested in stealing anything of yours."

Xander sighed. "Alright." He turned his eyes to the wrist watch the dimensional gate device. Growling a month he would have to wait a MONTH. "I i. Dont worry about me Im will be trapped here for a month before i leave again. "

He already been stuck in the Phantoms realty for more then six month and survived so being here a month was not that bad.

Piccolo. "You will not survive a Month with out training."

Xander growled as he spoke ironically. "Well i dont know any trainers if i did i would ask for help."

Vegeta laughs. "You sitting in the room with the worlds greatest fighter. ME and some others that almost have skills. They can help you."

Xander blinked. "Ooo. Really its like every time i stand up or try to walk the energy completely overpowers me."

Piccolo nodded. "I can sense that. Roshi any idea."

Roshi frowned before nodded. "Weighted dress and a heavy backpack.

That way some of the energy would be used for outside reason. Specially during sleep."

Piccolo nodded. "The Gravity gym. He could sleep inside their."

They nodded that would keep the kid alive.

Xander only stared.

Then the kid walked up. "I help you." He said helping Xander stand up. And escorting him inside a strange room.

Vegeta grinned. "Two G."

Seeing Xander standing up confused inside he grinned.

"Four G."

Xander shivered the Chi flames were back but not that painful.

He could almost control them.

Vegeta nodded. "Hrmmf Good idea. Some body teach the fool so he dont kill himself."

Piccolo snorted the stranger was interesting for him so he stayed so did Gohan and Roshi.

And the training began.

Two weeks later.

Xander grinned finally he could sleep OUTSIDE of the Gravity gym with out the energy burning him alive.

And he learned lots of new tricks.

It was so much more easy to learn things here as you had more energy to use then at home.

He had learned a lot. Sadly he suspected that most of it would be impossible to use at home.

But he did learn a lot.

Like moving faster or flying.

He also taught them a bit of martial arts from his home and even Vegeta was interested even if he consider him weakling from a universe of weaklings.

After getting control over the power flooding him he spend most of the time seeing the big cities and technology that was truly fascinating specify the HopPoi pods.

You could carry an airplane or car or even a house inside one small HopPoi pod.

They truly was a marvel.

But a month passed fast with much to do and see.

Xander bow down. "Its been a honor for me. I cant tell you how grateful i am."

Vegeta nodded like the royal asshole Xander knew he was.

Piccolo just stared cold but a friendly guy according to Xander opinion.

Roshi. "Well its been fun good luck and if you like to visit do bring," Drool, "your girlfriend." Drool.

Xander sighed showing the old pervert his picture of Brianna had been a mistake.

Son Gohan grinned. "God luck Beastie boy."

Xander frowned. "You to Monkey-boy." Telling the kid about HIS nickname had been a mistake.

As the new friend backed away Xander pressed the button and the gate swallowed him he was on his way to a new world.

^^Flash back ends^^

Julia frowned. "That was not much."

Xander rolled his eyes. "No the overflow of energy made my gate device reload faster. But i did learn something important in their."

Julia grinned. "What?"

Xander "To sense a persons level how much energy he can use and draw from the Ether realm stream.

Combined that with the skill YOU have taught me about reading somebodys physical skill i am real good at guessing how skilled and powerful a fighter is."

Julia nodded. "Well that could be useful anything else."

Xander grinned. "I mastered the move fast trick they showed me how they did it and finally back here i did master it.

And the flying thing."

Julia leaned forward. "YOU master flying?"

Xander "No i did not master Flying. But i can levitate for a second or two."

Julia grinned. "Thats great."

Xander. "Well the next part of the trip was an interesting one. But first." He said gripping some Juice to drink.

Julia growled waiting again.

Chapter 4

"Aaaaaaa." Xander said after finishing off the juice. His cut off hand was almost grown back. "Lets see i left Vegeta, Piccolo, and friends and moved to the next world.

^^Flash back^^

Suddenly in the dark cave like corridors a light flashed a blinding light and Xander Tigris formerly Harris had arrived to yet a new world.

Xander frowned. "Hmm kind of dark in here." He said. To his human eyes it was pitch dark and he could see nothing.

He sighed as he turned in to his were-chimera hybrid form. A mix between his Were-tiger hybrid and Were-wolf hybrid form.

Not as Big and Strong as his the Were-tiger or as high endurance as his Were-wolf form.

But he had almost the full sensory abilities from his tiger and wolf form.

A were-wolf was the best tracker they could track by smell better then a blood hound and their hearing was among the best.

And their eyes had good night vision not on the Were-cat scale but still impressive.

And had almost magical endurance they could literally run for weeks with no rest or food.

A were-tiger was the strongest of the Were-cats and among the biggest. They could out lift almost anybody and they were dexterous and fast.

Their eyes had incredible night vision and they could smell almost as good as a dog.

And their hearing was impressive but not as good as the Were-wolfs.

As a Were-chimera he had almost a Were-tigers night vision and almost the senses of smell and hearing as a Were-wolf have.

And he had some of the strength and endurance not as much as he had in his pure Were-forms but still impressive.

Looking around Xander could not see any life but it was an impressive place.

Not a natural cave he could see that now but a cave that been built in a bridge could be seen further away.

And Sniff, Sniff. The smell of living creatures not human but not necessarily evil after all he seen lot of strange creatures that was friendly and not human.

Walking carefully but not sneaking towards the bridge Xander looked around in spellbound fascination labyrinths of tunnels bridges and corridors he could see underneath the bridge and above it.

This was an underground fortress or city he realizes but abandon or something.

"I wonder what happened in here?" Xander said to himself as he walked across the corridor.

In a big room he could see the sign of battle axes and sword litter the floor like garbage and skeletons of dead creatures.

"Holy crap. Looks like a big fight," he shivered remembering the secret city of Were-rats that he himself destroyed burning it to the ground.

A moment he wonder if THIS was how it would look after some years.

But no chance of that.

The Japanese government had taken over what was left of the rats city delighted in the big area that they could make rebuild to a new town.

Walking around Xander froze as he entered a nearby room.

Humans and humanoids skeletons where lying on the floor their bones cracked and broken and he could see the skulls of dead children.

Who ever it was that emptied this place killed children and hunted humans.

Xander looked at the big fire pit. It was empty now but small rings and other jewelry was proof that something liked to roast other intelligent alive.

And eat them.

The smell clearly proved that it was not that long ago.

A month or so this room had been used to barbeque humans.

Xander sighed obvious the creature living here were less then friendly. "Time to sneak not walk." Looking around Xander curled up in a corner hidden under a pair of filthy blankets for a sleep he was tired.

Later after three days of walking and sleeping in hiding.

He did not meet any of the neighbors but he found plenty of proof that they were living nearby.

And he had no lust of them finding him so he was sneaking forward.

Drums, Drums in the deep woke him up that Night or day? He was not sure in the darkness of the underground night or day meant nothing.

Xander frowned. "Something is happening." He remember the jungle Drums the natives used to talk to the Phantom.

A primitive but effective communication method.

"Their are intruders or a rock concert are playing." He said to himself.

Lately he had begun to talk to himself just to hear another voice.

The darkness was getting to him.

Sneaking again shivering he froze as he smelled the natives and some strangers.

He could see a small group of natives ugly black skinned pig faces brutes they looked like something out of a fantasy book.

And they were spying on the strangers.

Some had obvious run away to get their friends.

Xander sneaked closer listening to the strangers.

It was room filled with nine strangers four of them children with big feet.

Tall man with sword and staff and a funny hat was yelling at a one of the children.

"You fool of a Took next time you decide to throw something in a well do us all a Favor and throw yourself."

Xander frowned not really nice to say but if the kid had brought down the natives interest he could deserve some screaming.

A tall blond guy obvious some kind of elf. Xander could see that from the ears. "Gandalf i can hear movement in the dark the Orcs is nearby."

Xander watched as one of the kids draw his short sword it was glowing weekly.

The old guy obvious Gandalf. Did the same with his sword.

Xander sneaked away careful but the elf noticed and watched the darkness trying to find what and where the sound came from.

Carefully Xander manage to avoid being seen only heard. Stupid pointy eared Vulcan rejects.

Scouting out the 'natives' he found them preparing an attack. A big thing looking like Brod the troll weapon master and librarian a friend of Julia that lived in Jade.

But this troll was bigger more then 12 feet tall. Xander swallowed in his Were-tiger hybrid body he was a bit over 7 feet tall.

His Were-wolf hybrid was 6 feet. And the chimera hybrid was almost 7 feet tall.

But that troll thing was almost 7 feet wide from shoulder to shoulder.

And the other creatures the orcs as pointy ears had said held lots of weapons.

Shivering Xander sneaked back.

Behind him the army of orcs and the troll slowly started to move.

He found the intruders walking up a stair well. Xander hurried to jump up climbing the walls to hide himself.

Behind him he could hear the Orcs move some taken other paths trying to ambush the intruders.

Xander grinned he always liked playing hide and seek.

The nine companions.

Legolas frowned. "Gandalf i sense something strange is following us. Glittering cat eyes in the night."

Gandalf sighed. "I seen it also. It avoid the orcs also hopefully its not an enemy hopefully."

Aragon smiled from the side. "We find out in time lets hurry."

Hour later the strangers had barricaded them self in a room making a stand against the orcs.

Xander watched as the fight began ready to help if needed.

Then the troll burst forward smashing the door open the defenders backed down as the orc stormed inside.

Xander sighed. "No way they can handle that by them self." He Jumped down landing among the orcs his swords cut a path like as he jumped again this time landing on the shoulder of the troll.

He Swung the sword in a down wards cut splitting the head of the troll in two.

Aragon froze from his position dodging the trolls warhammer when suddenly a human a animal like human with tail and claws landed on the troll and killing it with a single powerful stroke of his sword.

The troll crashed down on the floor and send Xander rolling as a ball he limberly stood up just in front of one of the kids.

Seeing the kid fight an Orc and being hurt he growled gripping the orcs swords hand in a bone crunching grip.

"You filthy swine no body hurts children. NO BODY." He twisted the hand breaking bone before chopping the head off with his sword.

Not even looking down he clapped the kid on his shoulder "Its alright the big bad monster will not hurt you now. Run and hide i protect you."

Pippin growled irritated. "Im NOT A CHILD."

Xander ignored him for now. "Of course not but leave the fighting for us big guys allrigt" The kid was obvious sensitive about age.

Legolas blinked. The cat monster obvious was friendly but what was he. In his more then five hundred years he never seen anything like that. But for now he continued to fight.

Gimli eyes was the size of dinner plates. The cat guy was scary in the fight his swords cut down orc faster then he could see and the strength of that monster cat was terrifying.

But IT was driving the Orc back all by himself.

Xander groaned as he swung his swords cutting down orcs like grass.

He was beginning to get tired and the orcs just kept on pushing.

Finally one of the intruders hurried up and helped him fighting the orcs.

One by one the other nine even the children joined up and together they made the orcs run away.

Xander sighed tiredly. Leaning towards a wall. "Hi guys. I would like to buy some food if you have. I have some gold."

Legolas. "We can gladly give you food for free. Stranger." Xander smiled. "Hi Im Xander by the way."

The old guy walked forward. "Glad to make your acquaintance Xander. I am Gandalf. That is Legolas, Aragon, Gimli, Boromir," He said pointing at the strangers. HE then continued. "That is Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin."

Gimli. "Could you help us out of this place Xander."

Xander sighed. "Im completely lost have NO idea which way is out or in. What about you guys."

Gimli frowned. "I think i could find my way out but not easy."

Xander nodded. "Why ARE you in here this is hardly the place for children."

Frodo walked forward stopping the other from saying something. "Thanks for your rescue but we are hobbits, Halflings, Not children."

Xander blinked he heard and seen Halflings in Jade but they did not smell like this guys did. "Are you sure. You smell like human children do. And you are short."

Gandalf smiled a bit. "I am sure Master Xander. Young Frodo here celebrated his 30 years day not that many years ago."

Xander blinked. "Ooo. Sorry about calling you kids then. My race consider it a sacred duty to protect children. And you smell like kids do. And that make my instincts say PROTECT."

It was correct females Were-tiger in Jade often worked with children as nurses and teachers they had the friendly and protective nature as well as a natural ability to scare the brats if they became unruly.

Most males worked as hunters guards or builders. Go figure.

Merry nodded. "Ooo. Better then Instincts say dinner."

Pippin nodded. "Yes i like protect more then dinner."

Gimli laught. "So Xander what are you doing here."

Xander. "Thats a long story and the Orcs will be back soon. You guys are my ticket out of here."

Boromir the big guy. "Why should we trust you. You could be a spy an assassin."

Xander sighed. "You really have NO reason to trust me.

Im a stranger Im probably looking like a freak a strange animal man. Right.

But i bet the enemy dont have ANYTHING looking like me either."

Gandalf nodded. "He is right Melicor uses Were-wolfs during the first war but they looked nothing like he do. And he is not twisted by magic he feels pure. I say trust him for now."

Xander rolled his eyes. "Thanks. By the way the food."

Legolas smiled handling him a small portion. "For now while we run." Xander nodded the energy was more accessible in this realty then in the Phantom realty almost as much as home.

So he could handle being with out food a while now.

The old guy "Now lets move."

Xander "G-man if you like i could scout ahead. I can easy avoid the orcs and i move faster then any of you do."

Gandalf frowned. "Do not call me G-man and if you can do that."

Xander nodded. "Sure thing Top-hat." He said jumping high up bouncing from wall to wall as he rushed forward fast.

Pippin giggled. "Top hat." But Gandalfs eyes took away his giggling urge. "Eeep."

Aragon. "Interesting character."


They were running thru a huge hall orcs were surrounding them attacking from every direction then suddenly they froze and rushed away.

A strange fire rose from the far side of the halls.

"Durins Bane." Gimli said in fear.

Gandalf. "A balrog. Run."

Xander blinked. "Cool a big guy with fire wings. That cant be good." He rushed forward gripping the short guys Frodo, Pippin, Merry and Sam. "Jump up on my back and hold on tight as you ride." He said then he turned himself in to his Tiger shape.

The hobbits swallowed then hurried to jump up and Xander ran like only a scared tiger could.

Aragon blinked seeing that HUGE cat that now was Xander run in advanced now and then waiting for them.

Suddenly Xander stopped rushed to the Dwarf. And bowed his front legs.

Gimli "I am NOT riding you."

Xander. "Grrrrrrrrrrrr. Growled."

Legolas "I think he will be angry if you dont."

Muttering about stupid monster Gimli jumped up.

It was a tight fit the five riders were literally hugging each other for life as Xander rushed away. If they had been nude it would be group sex.

As the short legged ones suddenly was riding moving powered by the speed of a tiger the group soon ran like a bat out of hell away from the pits of Moria.

Inside the Balrog raged in fury that it prey had escaped it.

Gandalf sighed. "They will be attacking us at night fall we have to move."

Xander turned Were-tiger again. "Well i for one need new pants," he sighed. Luckily his swords were on the belt and it was stuck regardless of his shape.

Gandalf smiled. "Thank you that was impressive the way you helped us. I think Boromir have something that may fit you."

Xander nodded. "At least as short pants." He said grinning at the irritated face of the human fighter.

Gandalf frowned. "You can turn yourself animal can you turn yourself human?"

Xander nodded. "I can. Why?"

Gandalf smiled. "I think its best if we seek shelter among the elfs in Lothlorien. You looking human would make it far more easy to go their."

Xander nodded. "I understand the elf are afraid of anything they never seen before and shoot to kill and ask question after wards.

It is quite normal for primitive groups of beings to do that." He said trying to look innocent.

Legolas trigger finger twitched he so liked to put an arrow in Xander ass for that comment.

Gimli laughed.

So did the hobbits.

Even Boromir and Aragon grinned.

Gandalf sighed. "Well transform and lets move out."

Xander transformed and pulled on a pair of pants in his shorter human body Legolas had to donate a pair of pants.

They moved and fast.

Later two day later.

The orcs of Moria was plundering the neighborhoods and the Balrog were flying around scaring everybody and everything.

But they were safe the elf had escorted them even if they had to carry blinders.

And now they would see the queen of Lothlorien an old friend of Gandalf. She was beautiful stunning.

Xander paled he never seen a so perfect female before and suspected that he never would.

Later a week or so they were moving away from the forest on their journey.

Xander grinned as he was teaching the hobbits the basics of Tai Chi and a mixed version of Akido/judo that Julia had taught him to use against bigger enemies.

Strange even Gimli and Aragon had joined the lesson.

He explained the principle to use the enemies own strength against him.

And the Hobbits joined up.

Xander smiled desperately trying NOT to talk to them like kids but something in the smell of hobbits made him think of them as kids.

Gimli and Aragon had joined up after a fun demonstration he done.

"The four of you stand extremely solid good balance you could easy use that to throw a bigger enemy on the ground. Pippin could you come here." The hobbit nodded. Xander whispered "Demonstrate the shoulder throw i taught you. Boromir could you help me demonstrate a something."

The result of the big guy falling down had made them respect what he was teaching the hobbits.

That night as they passed the statues of kings Xander could feel decisions hanged in the air. The big guy Boromir had become more and more aggressive lately and he watched Frodo when ever he could.

Sensing the mage behind him Xander spoke up. "Their is something wrong with Frodo. OR he is carrying something bad.

An aura of evil that twisted the energy of his life.

I do not know what it is but its effecting Boromir luring him like a spider to the net."

Gandalf blinked. "You can sense that. And you are not effected."

Xander snorted. "Who said Im not effected. It tried to. But the animal inside of me rages and do not like the sense of evil and of corruption. I grew up in a town standing on the gate of hell Top-hat. I know evil when i sense it. I do hope what ever reason you have for letting Frodo carry that thing is a good one"

Gandalf nodded "I know. And it is. Unless IT is destroyed we are all doomed. Sadly it can only bee destroyed in mount doom. And do not call me Top-hat."

Xander nodded. "Then i will help."

Gandalf nodded. "I know you will. I do not know why but i do know that you will."

Xander "You are friends. I help friends and i protect them. An enemy once said i took my name to serious.

Xander is a short form of Alexander savior of man."

Then Boromir burst in screaming and that Frodo had runaway.

Xander frowned sniffing his way but his smell just disappeared.

Xander. "I i cant sense him his smell is gone."

Aragon frowned. "I can still see his foot prints so he did walk.

Impressive that the ring can hide him from your smell."

Xander blinked. "A ring. FRODO."

Aragon frowned. "We better spread out to find him."

Xander nodded rushing away but froze. Orcs he could smell them.

A moment he stood planed to rushed the orc when he heard Sam screaming 'master Frodo'.

"Crap." Xander was just planning on rushing their when he heard Boromirs horn blowing.

He rushed the orcs.

As he arrived Gimli, Legolas and Aragon was already their.

So was Gandalf.

"Gandalf. We need to talk." Xander said his tone of voice hard and focused.

Gandalf nodded. "Yes."

Xander began. "I can catch up to Frodo i know where they are going. And can track them water or land do not mater to me and help them.

OR i could track down Pippin and Merry and save them. But i could not do both."

Frowning Gandalf decided to take a leap of faith. "Go run after Frodo we will save the others."

Xander grinned removing his pants and putting them in his belt pocket Xander nodded. "Thanks i will help them and protect them. Top-hat." He then turned himself to his wolf body and Ran away.

Only the screaming of Gandalf. "DO NOT call me Top-hat." Was heard.

Later months later.

The Huge spider frowned as the grinning tiger man once again charged him. Screaming something about Dinner. That was NOT normal.

Frodo, Sam watched in disgusted shock as their friend eat the monster looking quite happy with himself.

From his hiding place Gollum shivered in fear.

Later a month later.

Xander grinned as he ripped the ring away from the crazy Frodo.

A short moment he watched it singing to him of power lust greed spoke in his mind but inside of him the wolf, the Tiger and his own willpower thru out the influence and he throw the ring to the volcano and the mountain shook as the ring melted.

Carrying Frodo and Sam they ran for their life the earthquake challenged his balance to the maximum and fireballs made of lava splashed down beside them as he tried to outrun the flood of lava.

Hours he ran his bone was aching in pain and the flood kept on coming closer and closer when suddenly Sams voice was heard. "The eagles."

Xander watch up and correctly big eagles were flying down he could see Gandalf himself sitting on top of one.

Grinning Xander grabbed Frodo in one of his arms throwing him up in the air. "Catch Big bird." And the eagle did that. Then Up Sam was flying and another Bird catches him.

Xander stopped running waving to the eagles. And pressed the button with a flash of light he was gone traveled to another world hopefully a more friendly one.

^^Flash back ends^^

Julia blinked. "That that was incredible. But did not JRR Tolkien write something like that?"

Xander shrugged. "I think so never read it. But Anything is possible in alternate realities." He grabbed a piece of ham/tuna sandwich and started to eat. "In the next world i arrived in i had more fun."

Julia leaned forward waiting to hear that story.

Chapter 5

After finishing another sandwich Xander study his hands. The cut off arm was now grown back and looking good. "Well Lets see. I left the world of the Ring after throwing Frodo and Sam up in the air to be saved by the Eagles.

I pressed the button and ported away to a next world."

Julia frowned. "How long had the gate been charged."

Xander. "About a Week But i could not leave Frodo and Sam alone in Mordor it was awful their Orcs everywhere.

As i said i ported away in the last second before the river of lava burned me alive. And in the world i arrived i had loots of fun."

^^Flash back^^

With a Flash of light the Gate open and Xander came crashing down in the sea.

Lolando Zoro blinked. Seeing a BIG CAT man suddenly being arrived in a flash of light was unusual thing and he never seen anything like that in his time as a bounty hunter.

And now the cat man was floating head down in the sea.

"Brother Zoro who is that?" Josack said.

Johnny frowned. "Brothers better question what IS that?"

Zoro sighted his bounty hunting colleagues where not the smartest of humans. Not that he was that either but that was by choice life was so much more easy if you did not let your brain stop you from finding your goal. "What ever it is we will not know unless we save it."

Johnny and Josack blinked. "Brother you right its drowning." And they jumped down to save it.

Zoro sighed as they swimmed towards the ship dragging the cat person after them.

He easy gripped the cat-person or closer it looked a bit like a mix between tiger and wolf and human.

And lifted it and his two friends in the ship.


Xander spit out more water. "Im hungry." He complained running thru the wasteland of Mordor he had not eaten to much food.

"Who you? A voice said."

Xander blinked looking up. "Im Xander. Who are you?"

The man a young 19-20 year old man with three Katanas hanging from his belt frowned a bit. "Im Lolando Zoro. What are you by the way? Have you eaten of the devil fruits?"

Xander. "The what? No Im born like this Im a Were-chimera.

Dont worry i do not eat humans. And the moon do not make me crazy." He looked up.

Zoro nodded storing the information away. "Some of your kind do that?" Xander sighed. "I dont think you believe me. But did you see how i arrived here?"

Zoro nodded. "Yes a flash of light and suddenly you dropped in the sea."

Xander smiled. "That was a GATE between worlds alternate worlds. Im traveling different world in my way home.

I found out that in some world simpler barbaric animal version of MY kind exist they eat almost anything."

Zoro. "Aaaa That been a problem for you then."

Xander nodded. "I can handle it. So what do you do?"

"Brother Cat. Brother Zoro and us are Bounty hunter. Brother Zoro is training to become the greatest sword fighter in the world."

Xander grinned. "Really. I had the chance to learn sword tricks from different worlds in one of them a 800 year old eternal young guy was taught me a bit. He was good."

Zoro eyes gleamed. "Really?"

Xander nodded. "Yea i train to become a weapon master. If you teach me about the way YOU fight i can teach you about things i know. Like methods to focus your energy to be stronger or be faster or heal faster."

Zoro nodded. "The strength and speed i know. But healing faster sounds interesting. I know a bit about focusing your energy to make you tougher harder to hurt."

Xander blinked. "That is a trick i never seen before. Ooh By the way whats your name? Im Xander."

The two older Bounty hunters grinned. "Im Josack and thats Johnny Brother Xander."

Xander grinned. "Could i like get something to eat i have some gold not much but?"

Zoro nodded. "This dinner is on me.

But if you are going to stay you better make your self useful."


Xander was sitting on the deck of the ship slowly meditating the energy of this universe were similar to his own home in accessibility. But it was stronger.

Or maybe he just become more sensitive Xander shrugged he had no idea. Focusing the energy he slowly lifted himself up on the tail using the energy of life to balance himself and making his body weight only a fraction of its normal weight.

He then lifted the tail and hanged still in the air hovering carried by his willpower only.

Zoro raised an eyebrow. That was impressive not useful but impressive. "Brother your flying." Johnny screamed in happiness.

Xander blinked loosing his concentration and fell down hard. "Ouch. Crap My tail i broke it."

Later. Five days..

Their small ship sailed in the harbor of a small town.

Zoro. "This is the town Burrela. Their is a Pirate ship in town. They have a swords master i intend to challenge and capture."

Xander nodded he was among bounty hunters.

Later. A Week later.

They were standing in a weapon store.

"What do you think?" Zoro said.

Xander grinned. "Its a good combination. Long sword and two short sword. I like the quality."

Zoro nodded. "Then we can start cross train each other."

Three Month later.....

Xander had sailed out with Josack and Johnny Zorro was staying behind when a storm had surprised them.

The small ship was drifting up and down in the storm helpless in the fury of the wind hours of and days later it finally stopped and they could relax.

Josack. "Where do you think we are? Brother."

Johnny lighted a cig. "No idea Brother. Brother Xander you got any idea?"

Xander shrugged. "Nope. Wonder where Zoro is now and what he is doing."

In town miles away.

Zoro sighed. Crap a big bounty and the others were gone. Well they would find him if they wanted to. But now he would have to go he the prey were somewhere nearby the Navy base Morgan Axearm where the commander of.

Xander and gang.

Days passed with nothing happening when they finally something happened. A big ship sailed up to them filled with pirates.

Josack grinned. "Dinner ready Brothers."

Johnny. "Brothers thinks they going to give up if we ask them kindly?" Xander. "Naa what fun would THAT be."

And the pirate ship sailed up closer and closer to the small ship the three foolish bounty hunters were in.

"Give me your gold I am Rulek the whip master." A tall man with a big bullwhip and a chained mace said.

Johnny grinned. "He worth 200,000. Its like happy days Brothers Josack and Xander."

Josack dried a tear from his face. "And no hunting just to grab and cash in. Brother Johnny and Xander."

The pirates blinked.

Rulek the whip master. Whip frowned then paled. "Josack and Johnny. Zoro the demon. You work with Zoro the Pirates hunter."

Xander nodded. "We do."

Josack. "Yea but Sorry Brother pirate. Zoro is somewhere else just the three of us."

Rulek grinned his crew finally regained their bravery.

And the fight was joined.

Xander charged the Whip master his swords held like he trained by Zoro. One short sword in his mouth the other in his left hand and in his right hand was the long sword.

Dodged the whip, cut but he parried, stab and hit the criminal Parry the whip and cut it off.

Xander grinned almost loosing his short sword. "Rive up." He growled trying to speak with a sword in his mouth was hard.

Rulek shrugged. "Never." He swung the Chain mace striking faster and faster.

Xander dodged parried and attacked.

Around him his friends Josack and Johnny was fighting for their lifes and winning.

Rulek finally bashed with the mace as Xander dodged he cut with the long sword a deep cut over the chest of the criminal and a small stab with one of the short sword and Rulek fell down bleeding heavy.

Xander looked around Josack and Johnny manage to tied up the rest of the crew all fifteen of them in a neat bundle.

Josack grinned as he removed his cig. "Good work not Zoro in quality but good none the less."

Johnny. "Yea you dont have the drive he have."

Xander blinked. "What do you mean?"

Johnny "Zoro said that once you taken up the sword you forfeited your life. You are already dead just waiting to grow cold.

So win or lose do not really matter only doing your best. Live to do your best the whole time."

Xander blinked. Looking at the sword in way they were right.

The moment you decided to become a warrior is the moment you sign your own death warrant. Its only a mater of time.

So just live for doing your best the whole time.

Could he really do that.

Julia sure do in fighting.

Brianna sure do in making and creating strange invention.

Gina sure do as an archeologist and inventor.

And Dr Theodor sure do as a Mage.

Xander looked at the sword really watching them as a symbol of his own death.

Strangely it did not feel horrible.

"Just live to do your best."

They sailed way dragging the pirate ship behind them a big bounty would be theirs.

Month later.

"Brothers dont die." Johnny wailed tears falling.

They were currently sitting on a small stone in the middle of the sea.

Xander sighed he felt bad had he been thinking more carefully it would have been obvious the last month they had been eating only salt or dry pork.

No green food or vitamins. They had Scurvy. Teeth were loose and they bled easy.

Johnny was the only one that still moved but he was weak.

Xander was out only his Were-chimera strength kept him from dying.

And Josack could move but only for a short moment before collapsing.

Xander sighed so he would die of a strange sickness typical his luck.

Suddenly a cannon exploded and a pillar of water almost drowned them. Xander blinked. Somebody was shooting at them.

Then the stone they sat on was hit and they fell down in the sea.

Johnny growled in fury as he dragged his brother behind him.

Who ever it was that tried to murder them would pay.

Xander just relaxed he could do nothing else.

Josack was dripping blood from his mouth.

Johnny sneaked on the ship lifting Xander and Josack up. Vengeance would be his.

Moment later a smaller guy looking about 17 teen or so walked out a straw hat was on his head Johnny attacked time for payback.

Xander watched in interest as the battle began but the guy was to good he literally throw Johnny around like he was a toy then everything turned dark.

The last he heard was. "Brother Zoro?"


Xander felt something was forced inside of him. "Lemmon why?"

"Scurvy." A girl said.

Xander blinked. "Crap. I need Vitamin-C then."

She nodded. "You know. Why did you not take care about?"

Xander blushed. "Eep i forgot about that. Im Xander by the way."

She frowned. "Im Nami Josack and Johnny told us about you. They are outside with the rest of the crew. Our captain Ruffy the straw hat and gunner Usopp."

Xander nodded. "Just give me some lemons to eat and recover fast.

Part of my abilities."

She nodded handling him small lemons.

Hours later Xander walked out on the deck.

"Hi Zoro i missed you." Xander said.

Zoro nodded. "I missed you to."

Xander looked around. "You do know thats THIS is a pirate ship. You are a pirate hunter right."

Zoro grinned. "I switch work. Why did you and the others disappeared?" Xander sighed. "Storm we blew off course and had to ask directions. Or correctly Johnny and Josack sneaked around in a village trying to find out what the name was instead of just asking."

Zoro rolled his eyes. "To proud to ask direction."

Xander. "It was fun i think. Sneaking around its really makes the cat in me happy."

A voice interrupted them. "Hi Im Ruffy the captain." A short young man said he had a nasty scar in the face but looked friendly.

Xander smiled. "Hi Im Xander student of Zoro and Arms master Julia." Ruffy blinked. "So you are good at fighting. Well it dont matter you part of my crew."

Xander. "WHAT I am NOT part of your crew."

Ruffy grinned. "Sure you are i think its perfect a fearful Cat monster as part of my crew. Your in."

Xander "I AM not a pirate and i will not be one."

Ruffy walked. "Can you do anything else then fighting."

Xander started to grit his jaws together and were just about to scream.

Zoro. "Dont let him get to you. Just accept it your now part of his crew."

Xander blinked. "But but but."

Zoro. "Ooh i know your a white knight hero complex but dont worry SO is Ruffy in his own steal them blind kind of way."

Xander sighed so he was a pirate now. If Julia ever found out about this he would experience how many way she could skin a cat. HIM.

Month past and the crew grew.

Xander and the ship cook Sanji found a romantic interest in the beautiful Princes Viki but Xander knew it would not last. But she did teach him a thing or two about more then weapons.

Ruffy the captain was not a smart guy but he had instincts and guts he knew who to trust and who to ignore and he backed down from no fight. "Xander Whats do you want in life why do you want to be a great fighter."

Xander blinked. "To protect my friends."

Ruffy sighed. "It wont work."

Xander. "What?"

Ruffy looked up his rubber powers made him able to twist the head like something from a horror movie. "IF you truly want to protect others.

You must find WHAT YOU want in life.

And then fight TO get it.

It could be to be the best sword fighter. Like Zoro.

Or to be the King of pirates. Like me.

Or to be a proud warrior of the sea. Like Usopp.

But unless you find a selfish goal for YOU.

You will fail in protecting your friends. You will burn out like a candle and then your friends will die."

Xander swallowed it made so much sense but what goal could he have that he did not have already.

They were sailing on the pirate grave when it happened.

Finally Xander almost cried the Wrist watch blinked time to go away. "Usopp call the crew." Xander said.

Usopp nodded soon the crew were watching him.

Xander swallowed. "I hate to do this but i really must. I have a family children thats waiting for me. Its time for me to go home.

Thanks for helping me and for being a family away from family."

Zoro nodded. "Have fun Brother and teach them that your the best or i kick your but."

Xander nodded. "I will. Goodbye."

Ruffy dried his tears. "Goodbye."

And a flash of light and Xander was gone.

Moving finally to another world after almost a year as a pirate.

^^Flash back ends^^

Julia blinked as the world turned normal again. "A pirate. I should skin you alive." She sighed.

Xander looked pale..

She then frowned. "How old ARE you?"

Xander blinked. "i think Im actually 25 years old thanks to the travel not 20 as i SHOULD be. But Remember Washu she said that short moment in different dimension would not age a person as the individuals must harmonize himself with the universe first.

Something that takes time between a day or can take hundreds of years."

Julia blinked. "So you really can be 20 then."

Xander nodded. "I think so. Probably 21 or so. Does it matter Brianna is after all almost 25 years old." Julia. "Just curious what happened after That?"

Xander grinned. "I found a reason to love SF movies."

Chapter 6

Xander grinned. "I found a reason to love SF movies."

Julia frowned but Xander just sipped some Juice before he began talking about world Nr 6.

"It began like normal i arrived in a flash of light but this time i arrived in a stinking room. A toilet."

^^Flash back^^

The room they sat in faded away as the story began leaving room for a stinking room obvious a toilet.

Xander frowned and held his nose. "A toilet a stinking toilet." He sighed and sneaked out but froze in shock.

The exit door opened it was a bar outside and.

AND A real 100% real Minbari was entering the stinking room.

Xander froze and backed back in the corner.

As a Fiver a fan of Babylon 5 he giggled wondering if he could get an autograph or something.

He frowned trying to remember everything he knew about Babylon Five. Minbari, Narns were stronger then humans.

And the Minbari was more advanced then humans.

All except the humans had telepaths.

The rest was mostly historical facts something he had NO idea how authentic it was in this reality.

Taking a deep breath he walked up to the Minbari. Clearing his mouth he hoped the alien could understand English.

"Excuse me. But you ARE a Minbari right?" Xander said hoping.

The bone head turned around. "Of course. You are from earth and do not know about us."

Xander grinned. "I never seen one of your kind before in person."

The Minbari nodded and turned to wash his hands.

Grinning Xander walked out of the toilet in to the bar.

He froze again crap all he had was gold coin.

Xander walked up to the bartender it looked like a stinking joint.

Grabbing one of his smaller coins he got the bartenders attentions putting the coin on the table. "Could you exchange this its gold?"

The bartender froze studying the coin before grabbing a small scanner. A moment later. "I can you get Five hundred credits. Whats your bank?"

Xander swallowed. "Could i get it in cash i travel a lot."

The bartender nodded obvious suspecting something fishy but ignoring it for now.


After finish a beer Xander looked less then happy the money would only last him two days consider how much he ate and he had no ID-card and thus he would not get a place to live.

And walking around the town he found nothing but poor areas he was in the bad part of town.

And not even on earth.

A Week later.....

A more dirty looking Xander sneaked out from the garbage dump he had slept inside the future was not as fun as he imagining it.

It was in an abandon part of town only he was sleeping in their.

Big Toxic dump signs were everywhere but his nose conformed it was false clear and pure air.

As he sighed wondering what he would a group came running by him a human and a Minbari.

Seeing him the two almost panicked.

The human looked at him. "Sir do you understand English?"

The Minbari pulled out a gun aiming behind them.

Xander frowned. "I understand English. Do you?" The rumors of the rangers were that they where Good tuff guys AND law officers.

The human grinned. "We are Rangers. You have to run or hide criminals are coming they will try to kill you if they find you."

Xander shrugged. "Why?"

The Minbari. "Because you a witness in seeing two rangers being hunted to death."

Xander grinned. "Lets out run and out hide from them."

The two Rangers nodded grabbing his arms and started to run.

Xander followed as they saw that he keep the same speed as they did they let go of the arm.

His eyes scouting the neighborhood he could hear the sound of hover cars moving towards them.

Xander frowned. "They are coming. Its an ambush."

The two turned towards him. The Minbari rangers frowned. "How do you know."

Xander grinned. "I have good ears and hunting instincts.

"Or you working for the criminals?" The human rangers said.

Xander gritted his teeth. "I never work for crim cri. " He remember in the last world he DID become a pirate working as part of one of the most loved and hated pirate crew. "What Do the criminals do?" He asked.

The Minbari raised an eyebrow. "Dust smuggling and body parts harvest."

Xander. "I never work for guys like that."

Even the human raised an eyebrow. "But you work for criminals before?"

Xander. "Not on this world. But we must go. I can help you to escape IF you trust me."

The two looked at each other both of them could hear the hover cars now. They nodded. "We trust you for now."

Xander grinned. "Great. Now dont be afraid."

"Of what?" The Minbari said.

"Im not a a a." The human said.

As Xander suddenly triggered his transformation to a big Were-Tiger. "Tyger! Tyger! Burning Bright in the forest of the night,"

Xander joked before grabbing the two rangers in a fireman carriages.

And Jumped to a window on the first floor of the ally.

And from their he jumped again across the small street and landed on second floor.

Repeating that he finally landed on the roof. And began running boosting his speed with the energy he could draw from the ether realm stream.

And he moved as fast as he could Around 100 Mph or so.

The two rangers blinked as the cat human thing started to move in a speed only cars and motorbikes had any right to move in.

And jumping from roof to roof faster then they could blink.

Then both screamed in panic as Xander landed still carrying them on an electric cable.

And began running on the cable in full speed.

The human swallowed. "Why are we not fried?"

Xander sighed. "Its broken. Further back its cut off broken not working. No electricity in this cable anymore."

The two rangers sighed in relief.

Then Xander stopped moving slower as he jumped down landing on a street sign. And from their climbing down using his tail to hold himself steady as he still held the two rangers in his arms.

The two rangers swallowed as Xander put them down.

Behind them far away they could see the ambush searching and they were safe.

"Thank you. We are in your debt." The Minbari said.

The human nodded. "Thanks. Is their anything we cold do for you?"

Xander shook his head. "Na nothing. Well. Could you buy me breakfast? Transforming makes me hungry really hungry like two men hungry. And maybe a chance to clean myself."

The Minbari. "And you need new wardrobe the old is kind of broken." Xander nodded. "Yea. I have the money if you could give me some change its gold and."

The human frowned. "You do not have an ID-card. Do not worry we help you. But first what are you for kind of alien."

Xander sighed. "You never believe me."

The human frowned. "Try me."

Xander nodded. "Alright remember your fairy tails on earth about Monster. Humans that could transform in to hybrids of wolfs. Were-wolfs."

The Human rangers. "Yes. Why?"

Xander let his Were-tiger hybrid become his were-wolf form. "Because my dad was a were-wolf and mother is a were-tiger. I am a Were-chimera both tiger and wolf."

The Human ranger swallowed. "Cool. Can you turn completely animal?" Xander nodded. "Yea but my pants and shirt breaks if i do."

The Minbari frowned. "What is he?"

Xander. "Food and chance to clean me up first."


A cleaner version of Xander walked out from the room waiting the two rangers was sitting looking at him with a mountain of food between them and his place.

Xander grinned. "Food food." He said as he began eating.

"So where are your kind from?" The Minbari said.

Xander shrugged. "Alternate realty. Real freaky story about a young fighter lost in the dimensions slowly traveling home again."

The two blinked.

Xander. "Thats the story simply put and thats all you need to know. Im not from around here."

The Human ranger grinned. "IF you are a were-wolf can your bite turn Me in to a were-wolf."

Xander nodded. "Yea you get my invulnerability and all. But you also become MY thrall my Slave."

The Rangers blinked. "Why?" Disgust was heard.

Xander. "Its a control effect. Newly turned Were-wolfs or Were-tigers have a tendency to LOOSE their control essentially turning to a hungry confused and angry animal.

It take time to transform and keep the IQ and control.

By making an enslaving transformation bite we can keep that from happening."

Xander sighed. "Of course During the dark ages specially in the worst part of the Were-wolf and Were-cheetah hidden war it was of then the two races transformed normals and used them as enslaved fighters.

Now days turning somebody is against the laws.

Most have their ability to turn others de-activated removed.

Some like me have partial control over it." Xander sighed. "Its sometimes used on criminals."

The two rangers nodded. "So what are you going to do now?"

Xander watched them. In the TV the rangers had been good guys. "Wait two months or so. Then the gate will open and i will go home. I can easy find a street or something to sleep in."

The human ranger frowned before asking. "In your world what DID you do for a living? You said a fighter."

Xander nodded. "I was fighting things thats quite deadly. Just say that Were-wolfs and Were-tigers were not the only strange things that existed.

And Julia the greatest fighter in OUR world were training me as her prime student to compete in the Tournament of Arms.

Its a all out duels the winners may challenge the Arms master and try to become one himself.

Arms master is like a type of elite police force against things that normal police or military cant handle."

The two looked shocked and disgusted.

Xander sighed. "Remember different world and my world IS a dangerous place with out the arms master all humans and all were-individuals would have died out long ago."

The Minbari ranger. "I think we could get you a work. In the dojo.

We the rangers need a new sensei AND if you are good enough then we really could need your help."

Xander frowned "I see. Alright what about me ID problem."

The two grinned. "No worry. We talked to our boss and he said no wanted post exist on your and as long as it dont and we let a psychic scan you its alright."

Xander sighed. "Alright with pay and your help i could actually keep in shape and sleep and eat well. I accept."

A day later in the Ranger HQ.

The Ranger Boss looked at the Telepath. "So what did you find out." The Minbari telepath groaned in pain. "Its a snake nest in their.

He warned me but i did not believe him. Its like looking inside a human and at the same time in a mind of a animal an angry animal confusing.

But he is clean his strange story about being from an alternate realty looks to be true."

Outside Xander waited. Then the 'happy' news came. "You got the work start tomorrow."

Xander grinned "ooo could i get one of those Fighting Pike of my own" The Rangers frowned. "Maybe."

Next day.

An alert Xander walked in watching the student. "Hello class. To day i am going to teach you Tai-chi and some basic Judo. Its great when fighting an enemy thats stronger then you."

A sneering sound from a big Narn was heard. "Why should i waste my time. We Narns are among the strongest in the galaxy."

Xander nodded. "You are but you never know when you come face to face with something stronger bigger and tougher." He turned himself to his Were-tiger shape.

The student blinked in shock.

Xander walked to a big weight lifting bench. Grabbing it weight and all he lifted it up then slowly putting it down. "That was more then 1000 KG. A ton student."

The Rangers students swallowed.

Xander continued. "MY teacher. IS a HUMAN a Pureblood human she can Easy kick my butt and both HER Father and HER mother have kicked my butt literally humiliated me.

And i am a trained fighter. They are just so good that MY strength my endurance superior abilities dont matter to them skill is far more important then power. Now Anybody thinks the soft arts of fighting are useless?"

The students shook their heads. "No sir."

Xander grinned. "Right But remember also learn more then one style of fighting."

Hours later a tired but happy Xander walked out.

Who knew that teaching would be fun.

Days turned to months and finally.

Xander looked at the gate device it was time to go away to next world. If he was correct only two more worlds before he would be home again. "Good by guys. And keep learning."

The students blinked as Xander suddenly disappeared in a flash of light.

Then the door opened and an angry Ranger burst inside. "Xander you thieving bastard. Give back my PPG pistol. (Phased Phaser Gun) and Fighting Pike."

But Xander was already a dimension away grinning happy as he had his trophies.

^^Flash back ends^^

Julia laughs. "YOU stole his guns and pike."

Xander nodded. "Yea just watch." He said holding forward a small Less then a foot long rod. With a push the rod suddenly become a 2 meter long pike. Then press the button again and it turned to a small rod.

Julia nodded. "Good weapon easy to carry with you."

Xander grinned. "It was so sweet place. Alright i loved it with Ruffy and Zoro living the pirate life was great.

And i did learn something from them about getting a goal and enjoying life from them.

But among the Rangers i had a calm no problem life i was just glad it did not last To long or i would have gone bananas.

Sadly in the next world i did not get the same chance to relax."

Chapter 7

Julia "So what happened?"

Xander "Well i arrived in what i believed was a war zone. And become part of an old fight between two clans hating each others."

^^Flash back^^

The room faded away as the story began.

The explosion rocked the mountain hiding the sudden burst of light showing that a new player had arrived.

Blinking Xander sneaked closer to the explosion he could feel Warriors strong in the Chi or Ether realm manipulations.

Smirking Xander knew that as an American he probably should call it 'The Force' But so far he had not found a lightsaber.

Below him he could see a mighty fight.

A tall blond man.

A tall dark haired man with a baseball cap.

A Really tall red haired man with leather jacket.

And a dark haired above averaged but short consider the other.

They were fighting a small army of martial artist it looked like the army had some girls hostages.

And the four fighters were winging.

Xander pushed the Record button on the Camera he recently stolen from one of the Earth Rangers.

Moment seconds past feeling like hours before the fight was over.

Xander watched as they blasted the army using Pure Chi blast.

And something strange the Red haired used Fire purple fire that burned the enemies alive.

And the dark haired one used crimson fire equally hurting the enemy. The two Tall guys were remarkable they were moving like gods probably could give Julia a run for her money.

Grinning he continued watching recording and learning.

After the fight he watched the red head man go away on the side sitting down resting.

The other two the Tall blond and the Dark haired man with a Baseball cap walked away holding two girls close.

The only remaining was the redhead and the dark haired moved to the redhead.

Xander focused the camera's microphone.

The read head frowned. "What do you want Kusanagi?" Hate and anger could be felt thru the cameras microphone.

'Kyo' frowned. "We should fight now Iori.""

Iori the redhead laugh. "No way. I help the Wolf brothers AND you to save the girls.

They were YOUR friends We saved not mine so go away.

Im hurt and Im tired. The two of us will fight later and THEN i will kill you and end this blood feud with your blood."

With that he stood up staring the other in the eyes.

Kyo nodded. "You afraid to fight me then."

Iori grinned. "Im hurt saving your girls. We fight later. Im hurt and bleeding and give you the advantage."

Kyo sighed, "later then. Iori."

Iori frowned walking away limping slightly.

Xander frowned almost screamed but it was to late Kyo suddenly had a knife in his hand and stabbed Iori twice in the back.

And suddenly Kyo screamed as his fist burst in to Flames that he hit Iori with burning him.

Xander swallowed that asshole.

Putting the camera down recording Xander walked jumped down using his full speed as a Were-tiger.

Kyo grinned. "Not so tuff now are you." He said kicking the bleeding Iori.

Iori. "bastard you you chicken shit asshole.

Aaargh," he screamed as a yet another ball of Fire knocked him down and to sleep.

Kyo grinned. "And so ends the Yagami blood line." He said collecting a huge ball of fire it was hard he was also hurt and tired but not as hurt as Iori.

Suddenly something strong colliding with him sending him flying he twisted in the air landing in a roll before standing up and stare in shock of what he saw.

Xander roared in fury and pain knocking Kyo away from Iori had burned him a bit. He burned and in pain and angry.

Kyo saw a tall more then 7 feet male something walked out a cat like tail whipped the air behind it was holding a long sword and a short sword like a warrior would.

Xander roared out. "Back stabber. Run away now or fight me." He said flexing his jaws showing of the sharp fangs of his Were-tiger body. Internally he hoped the asshole would run or he might be have problem the guy was probably greater or equally good as a fighter.

Kyo flinched that was not a human but he was tired and all alone. "This is not over beast." He said walking not running.

Xander snorted grabbing his stolen PPG-gun. "Taste Plasma Asshole. Or run." He said shooting a shot beside Kyo.

Kyo flinched seeing a tree incinerated sure he could do that no problem but it would make HIM tired.

He started to run fuming in anger.

Xander grinned shooting a pair of extra shots near Kyo just in case he decide to come back.

Bending down he grabbed a first aid kit the Rangers given him. One of many things they given him.


Iori groaned in pain then blinked he was alive. "He he HE HEHEHE Cough. Im alive you fucking dipstick i will kill you."

"After you are well you might Iori. But right now Doctor Xander say Rest. And you will rest." A voice said Xanders.

Iori. "Who are you?" He asked turning his head and blinked.

In his room sat a strange guy dressed in short T-shirt almost painted on him he had furry arms orange and black stripes cat ears and a tail.

Big claws on the hands and he held HIS guitar.

Iori growled. "Put my Ax down." No body touched HIS Electric guitar it was HIS baby.

Xander nodded. "Im sorry. Im Xander Tigris i saved your life. The Guy Kyo i believe was going to smash your head in i stopped him."

Iori blinked. "Why?"

Xander frowned. "Why not?"

The hurt and bleeding man slowly sat up. "No body do anything for nothing. Specially for me."

Xander grinned. "Well i dont know anything about you except that you are honorable saving the friends of an enemy. You have MY respect."

Iori blinked. "How did you? Xander flexed his ears. "They are real good hearing."

Iori nodded. "Ooh. So why you heard me i will try to kill him later."

Xander frowned. "Why not? Respect is something important.

I bet that you will challenge him on a fight one on one honest battle to the death."

Iori nodded. "Yea. I hate him he and his clan have always stolen everything from me and my clan."

Xander nodded "Ooh."

Iori growled. "It started 800 years ago.

Three clans joined up to fight and seal away the demon god Orochi.

The clans sacrificed the best of their clans to fight the monster.

But after wards the Kusanagi stole the honor and the rewards. We our clan the Yagami got NOTHING when we protested they tried to murder us.

Our leader made a deal with the Orochi to gain power and we survived and ever sense then the fight has been going on.

Yagami against Kusanagi."

Xander nodded. "You will lose you know."

Iori blinked. "What no i will kill him and finally be free."

Xander sighed. "Here eat this." He said holding forward some food.

Iori frowned but started to eat.

Xander "As long as you hate the Kusanagi.

And as long as you believe that you will be free after you killed him. You will lose." He sighed. "Either by Kyo killing you.

Or you will find that victory will be empty noting inside no joy only hatred of others."

Iori grinned. "Nothing i already dont have. Everybody is hating me and my clan."

Xander. "If you like to win you have to fight with no hatred and be ready to die. Dont care about winning dont care about living.

The only thing thats should be inside of your mind is DOING your BEST and you will win."

Iori frowned. "Fight with nothing to win nothing to hope seems empty." Xander "It might be if thats all you have. But you should find a goal a reason to live also.

But when fighting your goal should be in making it the best fight and perfect fight. Take the pleasure in the perfection of the fight."

Iori blinked but nodded continuing eating. "So thats how you do right?"

Xander smiled. "Almost but not completely. Im not their yet the animal in me make it hard."

Iori nodded. "By the way WHAT are you."

Xander. "Your the first that almost forgot to ask that question. Im a Were-chimera."

Iori snorted. "Look more like a Were-tiger. But Were-tigers or Were-wolfs DO not exist."

Xander nodded. "Probably right Were-wolfs and Were-tigers do not exist in YOUR world. But Im traveling between alternate realty.

If Im correct i only have to visit ONE more world then i can finally go home. And in my world.

Were-rats, Were-Tigers, and Were-wolfs exist.

Im a Were-chimera a daddy a Were-wolf and Mother a Were-tiger.

Normally i would have been born pure Were-wolf but a genetic abnormality gave me the Chimera ability being Both Wolf and Tiger."

Xander demonstrated turning in to his Wolf hybrid and Tiger hybrid form and the Chimera hybrid.

"I can also go completely animal. You had a tuff life Iori do not let your past destroy you.

My real 'father' and i use the term loosely was the leader of THE Were-wolf clan in my world.

He hated the Were-cheetahs and almost manage to annihilate them only two Were-cheetahs survived.

Their are some that hates me just because of HIM.

My mother was drunken and married to a human that beat the crap out of me and called me unless my whole childhood."

Iori nodded thinking. "I see. Impressive that you can turn animal." Xander shrugged. "Not that impressive compared to the things i seen during my travels."

He looked at the wounded man before talking.

"Iori i have to stay for a couple of months almost a year.

I could demonstrate some of the skills i learned during MY travels if you give me some place to sleep. I have some gold to pay with."

Iori nodded. "Sure. But i owe you one and i pay my debts anyway."

Xander "In that case you might teach me something."

Iori nodded sure he could teach the were-chimera more about fighting it was obvious that Xander was a fighter.

"Sure i can teach you."

Xander grinned. "Great i always wanted to learn the guitar."

Iori spit out his food. "YOU Like ME to teach you the guitar"

Xander nodded. "Sure from the photo on the wall you played professionally in a band right."

Iori nodded. "Yea but but."

Xander "I never learned the guitar i like a chance."

Iori nodded. "Sure. Gold you say."

Xander "Yea. Two dimensions away i worked on a pirate ship."

Iori blinked. "Pirate. Why am i so tired suddenly?"

Xander grinned. "Medication an advanced healing drug i put in your food. Its also make you go to sleep YOU need sleep."

Iori "You bastard. zzzzzz zzz bastard zzzzzzzzzz," he said sleeping sitting up.

Xander sighed time to change the bandage and clean up the guy.

Then buy more food and other things.


Xander sighed where would he find a place to change gold to dollar. He turned around and grinned.

The two tall guys. Mr. Blond and Mr. Baseball cap.

He had the feeling the two of them were more honorable then Kyo was.

The two were sitting talking to a pair of girls when Xander walked up to them.

"Hi guys. Im Xander a friend of Iori." He presented himself.

The two nodded. "Yea Hello." The dark haired with a Baseball cap said. The other blond guy blinked. "Iori have friends."

Xander raised an eyebrow. "He do now. Whats your name?"

The two looked at each other suspicious. "Im Terry Bogart." The dark haired said.

The other blond guy said. "Im Andy Bogart."

Xander smiled. "Thanks your brothers. A question Iori helped the two of you correct?"

They nodded. "Yea we owe him. With out his life our friends would be dead."

Xander grinned he believed they were telling the truth. "I like you two to watch something."

He took forward the small camera pressing a pair of button the recording started to play.

The camera projected a picture a 2D screen in the air where the movie was played up.

With sound and all.

It was their fight.

Xander let them see the end but stopped just as Kyo was knocked away. "The rest is really bad recording but Kyo runs away."

Andy swore. "That fucking ungrateful asshole thats thats."

Terry. "What can we do?"

Xander. "I need money i have GOLD could you two help me exchange it to cash."

The two nodded thinking things thru Andy looked angry but was silent. Terry sighed. "I think an enemy of us could help you. Mr. Geese he is a rich crime lord.

And i think he would like to see the recording."

Xander "Ooh right." He frowned but nodded time to edit the recording so that no one found out about him being part cat.

Thinking it would be better if he just gave the projector away after all he had two more.


Mr. Geese Howard watched the recording in fascination the young man had given him. "Well Young Xander i will change your gold free of charge as a thank you. Do you have anymore technology like this?"

Xander. "Only the camera but its MINE." He growled.

Geese nodded. "Well would you mind i let a TV channel transmit the video recording?" Inside Geese was laughing he would humiliate Kyo and his family.

Xander shrugged. "What ever."

And gold was change to dollar.


Xander walked inside Iori apartment. "Im Home." He said before checking up on the still sleeping Iori.


Iori woke up smelling food from the kitchen. "Hungry." He carefully leaned on the end of the bed trying to stand up.

Pain whipped thru his body as he struggled to stand.

Holding a chair as a crutch he manage to limp to the kitchen.

Finding the strange guy Xander cooking up food lots of meat and juicy. "You should stay in bed Iori i bring you the food."

Iori snorted. "I eat here now. That way no drugs in my food you bastard."

Xander nodded grinning. "We can start the Guitar lesson after dinner. I got my self a guitar." He was grinning.

Iori nodded hoping he would be able to keep is bad temperament up as a music teacher.

Next morning.

Iori watched as Xander did a swords kata in a gym using three swords in a deadly dance his tail whipping around like a deadly Bull whip. It looked deadly and destructive the training dummies sure looked cut up and broken.

"HOLY FUCK." A voice interrupted Iori thinking.

Turning around he saw a sight for sore eyes Leona the beautiful Ikari warrior. And his sometimes girlfriend.

"Shut up. And hug me Leona Im watching the show." Iori said grinning.

Leona snorted hugging him careful he looked like a mummy right now and smelled of medication and healing potions.

"So how bad are you?"

Iori "I would have died but he saved my life. What are you doing here?"

Leona grinned. "A copy of a video tape got posted to us most of the fighter have got one. Tonight it will be transmitted."

Iori frowned. "Whats on the tape?"

Leona. "The ambush with perfect sound quality Kyo looks like the dishonorable idiot he IS."

Iori blinked. "XANDER What the hell did you DO?" He roared.

Xander sighed walking over. "WHAT?" he said. "Beautiful and Sexy. Hi Im Xander and you are?" He asked the girl ignoring Iori glaring at him.

Leona grinned. "Im Leona his girlfriend."

Xander "Crap." Sighed. "Aaa well Why do you look Angry Iori?" He leaned over to Leona whispering so both could hear him.

"I swear He always angry about that and this never a happy smile and a sunshine in his face."

Iori growled. "I fireball you if you dont stop ignoring me."

Xander. "See angry angry. What did i do?"

Iori "The Tape what TAPE?"

Xander blinked. "I think its the tape i gave Geese. But Im not sure." Iori sighed. "And whats ON the tape?"

Xander. "Your fight to save the girls. And Kyo's ambush.

His repeatedly attack on you while you were hurt unable to fight back."

Iori growled in fury. "Why the hell did you give THAT To Geese I be humiliated.

And HOW did you meet him?"

Xander. "Andy and Terry Bogart. Im meeting them later today. Leona could you take care of him until later.

Dont forget about my guitar lesson Iori."

With that he hurried to run away letting Leona smooth things over with the still smoking Iori.

His fire powers let him literally smoke in fury something that made Xander nervous.

Later that day.

Xander laughs, "Ooh thats a good one. I remember when Ruffy and me tried to out drink a team of sailors now that was a hangover."

Andy grinned as they continued talking. "Would you like to train a bit in fighting. I like to see what you know."

Xander "On ONE condition you show Me some of YOUR techniques and explain them and i teach and show you some of mine."

Andy looked at his big brother Terry. "What do you think?"

Terry "Why not?"

Xander grinned he liked the two and after talking to Iori he had told them even showed them that he really was a stranger from a strange world.

Of course the two fighters could not wait for the chance to learn fighting styles from a dimensional alien.

It was late at night when Xander finally arrived.

Leona grinned. "So back for your music lesson."

Xander nodded. "Ooh man Im sorry i got knocked out by Terry during our match."

Leona frowned." Training or real fight?" She said as they walked in to the kitchen.

Xander. "Training just goofing around not a real fight."

She nodded. "I saved some food for you. Thanks for saving Iori.

Tomorrow i must go back are you going to stay here or?"

Xander sat down eating testing the food before answering. "Yea Im staying Iori is a cool guy. If things had been different i might have ended as angry as he is."

Leona nodded. "You do know that he is not an innocent. He have loot of blood on his hands."

Xander snorted. "I have destroyed a whole city thousands almost half a million innocent lived their.

Now they live in exile hunted and afraid.

Im not innocent i have blood on my hand that never will be washed away."

Leona paled. "Why?"

Xander "It was the city of Were-rats. Their leader an old Were-rat wanted to murder my child and my family.

I gave him three warnings but he just kept on pressing so i got an army together a small army but strong and we ripped the city apart killing every soldier and ended the danger of the Were-rats for generations."

Leona swallowed. "Ooh."

Xander "It had to be done. I refuse to let my friends suffer."

In the bed room Iori listen destroy a whole city that was blood alright his hands suddenly felt clean from blood for the first in a long time.

Next week.....

"Kyo knock down a journalist crazy martial artist menace to society." Xander read from the paper. "I believe that the vultures are circling him now."

Iori gust shook in laughter. "mhre hihi hehe hehe ha ha ho ho HA HAHAHA HAHAHA hehe hehihi."

Xander grinned. "You hate the guy right."

Iori nodded. "Yea Im going to kill him."

Xander. "What do you think is more painful being a pariah or death?" Iori blinked. "Being a pariah."

Xander nodded. "Lets call a journalist i ask i even pay Geese to find us a good one. And then you can tell HIM your side of the story. The whole background."

Iori blinked. "Why what different do that make."

Xander. "A LOT. All you have to do is USE this opportunity and Kyo will be the criminal his clan will be mocked and YOUR clan will have its vengeance. Historically their IS proof that your clan DID fight right the Orochi."

Iori. "Its recorded yes. But only among certain shrine temples hold the true story."

Xander "Then what we are going to do is simple train you in deliver your tear stained story. This will be fun. Kyo is or was popular because he is a people person."

Xander frowned. "I think i going to need Terry help. You got to look hurt and in pain yes. But you also must look strong."

Iori frowned. "You sure it will hurt Kyo."

Xander nodded this would be fun.

Two days later.....

Iori looked pale bandage on his head made him look pathetic except that he sat up straight pride and strength in his hand. And the bandage on his chest were almost seen under the T-shirt as some blood had dripped thru it.

And arms were bandaged up.

Xander watched the four Journalist that would interview him. "Do not tire him out he is hurt more then he admit. Iori we could do this a another day."

Iori snorted. "I do it now. It have to be told. Just dont move so dam fast it make my head spin."

Xander looked at the journalists. "Concussion."

The journalist swallowed everything was recorded by the small TV camera boy that Iori was a tuff guy half dead he still was giving interviews.

Xander removed himself as they started to ask him question.

Iori. "Let me start from the beginning the record can be proven by reading the shrine archive of Kagura shrine. Chizuru Kagura have them and it can be read."

And he talked carefully keeping most of his anger and blood lust in control as he told his clans story of betray and a 800 year old blood feud.

Hours later...

The journalists walked out they had a story a Pure Pulitzer prize story it was sad and awful how dishonorably Kyos family behaved during the centuries.

Inside Iori and Xander were giggling like girls so nobody would hear them laughing.

In the Geese tower the crime lord had no such limits he laughs until he was crying in pain.

Next day...

Iori "Well what did the paper say?"

Xander "Its part of your story they are printing it as a series the whole week part of it will be printed.

The TV will transmit the whole thing in one show."

Somewhere else.....

"KYO Get in here NOW." Saisyu Kusanagi screamed.

A pale Kyo walked inside. "Hi dad."

Saisyu growled in anger "What is the meaning of this."

Kyo swallowed reading the paper. "Its nothing dad it will be forgotten Im sure."

Saisyu "They even printed copies from the shrine Archive. We be humiliated."

Then the phone ranged.

Saisyu grabbed the phone talking.

Then walked in.

"Kyo another student rang and cancelled classes in our dojo.

Clients from our security firm have been calling every morning. If this is kept up we will have NO clients soon."

Kyo. "But Dad Iori Have no friends how can he do this."

Saisyu. "Iori might not have friends But YOU do have enemies. I can smell Geeses influence. Have he ANY reason to be angry at you."

Kyo paled. "I might have insulted him sometimes."

Saisyu frowned. "You better go and talk to him i dont care how but FIX this or i will have NO son anymore." Forcing Kyo his son to beg in front of Geese would make a good lesson in humility.

Kyo nodded fearfully and rushed away he would beat the crap out of Geese that would teach him a lesson.

Two days later...

Iori. "hihihi HeHeHe HaHa HAHAHAHA HOHOHOHOHO HEhehehe hihi."

Xander laught. "That was so stupid."

They were watching on the news Geese had let them get a copy of the security tape where it was clearly seen how Kyo rushed in beating up the 'poor' Mr. Geese and threatening to kill him.

Iori giggled. "Geese can kick his butt. He is one sneaky bastard by letting Kyo beat him up he look innocent."

Xander grinned. "And his Im so afraid crying looking beat up was a Oscar worthy acting."

Iori nodded. "Who knew that Geese disliked Kyo."

Xander nodded. "Yea. You do understand that Kyo will hunt you now?"

Iori nodded. "yea and then i can chose the battle ground. Strange i really dont feel like killing him letting him live and suffer sounds more fun."

Xander grinned. "Yep. Now back to the Guitar lessons."

The Kusanagi home.

Saisyu looked at his son. "I blame your mother. My father always said Marry a smart girl not an airhead like your dead mother.

But did i listen no i married your mother a stupid airhead." He sighed. "You boy have destroyed us."

Kyo was pale and afraid. "Dad i i Im sure we can overcome this."

Saisyu. "No no we will not. Our only chance is publicly apologize to Iori and try to end the blood feud."

Kyo looked down afraid of his father. "So what are we going to do?"

Saisyu. "We going to do. Im going to find a new wife and have a son before i get to old."

Kyo "But but what about me Dad?"

Saisyu. "You are my son but not my heir anymore. I dont trust you."

Four months later.....

Xander grinned as he watched Iori walk around he had stayed inside retraining himself before going for a walk in the street.

Their was staring and waving hands in friendly greetings.

Iori was feeling happy and almost afraid that it would end to soon and had a goofy smile on his face.

Xander "They respect you now. And even pity the unfairness you suffer from. But respect you because you still behaved honorably."

Iori nodded. "It strange for the first time others do not flinch away after finding out WHO i am."

Xander just grinned. "Well lets go to the night club i cant wait to see you playing."

The music was playing high beat tempo as Xander watched listening and looking as his friend were playing.

"Excuse me you are Xander the friend of Iori right?" A female voice said.

Xander turned and looked eye to eye with a beautiful but short Japanese girl. "Yea and you are?"

"Kasumi Todo its a honor to meet you." She said.

Xander grinned. "Like a beer or a cup of wine?"

Kasumi nodded. "I love to. Your Ioris friend right?"

Xander. "Yes i am. You part of the All women team from King of Fighter tournament. Right?"

Kasumi nodded. "Yes i joined them when i was 16 more then two years ago. But it broken up right now Chizuru the shrine maiden got all angry over how the press bad mouth Kyo and the rest of the team are arguing some for and some against Iori."

Xander grinned. "Well. Thats life i hope you find a new team before the next tournament"

Kasumi nodded as the waiter came with for them to order.

Xander "A beer for me and anything the lady want the lady gets."

Kasumi giggled. "A Red whine thanks."

The waiter nodded as he walked away.

ON the stages Iori was playing pouring his emotion down in the songs feeling happy and peaceful for once. He grinned seeing Xander and Kasumi he wonder if Beastie-boy would get lucky or not he obvious were flirting.

Xander. "Ooh i see. Well if you concentrate you Chi in the END of your legs second before the kick you can get more strength."

Kasumi nodded. "Ooo yea i see that but focusing your chi during the whole movement you can get more speed during the kick and thats harder to dodge."

Xander nodded. "Yea but to do a proper power kick you must deliver maximum power."

It was always fun to talk business with a professional. And specially a cute one.

Later as the two walked their way home.

Iori sighed. "Why did you dump her?" He said a bit drunk.

Xander. "I have a girlfriend at home. And we are only friends. By the way Im seeing her tomorrow."

Suddenly fifteen teenagers walked forward armed with knives and chains.

The leader. "Alright Wimps time do die. We dont like intruders in our turf."

Iori. "Wimps. Hihihi hehehe HAHAHAHA HO HO HO HO HAHAHA hehehe hihihi." He laughs shaking in joy as he powered up flames of the Orochi surrounded him time to fight.

Beside him Xander growled as he turned to his HUGE Were-tiger body.

Hidden in the darkness two separate shadows watched the gang bangers going down hard and brutal.

As it ended the two walked away unseen by Iori or Xander and started to plot out their 'evil' plans.

Next day..

Iori frowned smelling the jacket. "Crap it smells like something died in their." Sighing he started to clean it up.

Xander frowned. "You had that jacket on when the gang attacked us."

Iori blinked trying to remember he had been a bit drunk. "Ooh yea then its probably blood."

Xander nodded. "Luckily no body died but i dont think the gang leader will have be able to father any children specially after the way YOU ripped him a now hole."

Iori giggled. "Now i remember. Idiots should not breed anyway."

Xander sighed. "Well i be going now."

Iori nodded. "To see Kasumi right?"

Xander. "Yea see you later."


Kasumi had been waiting almost half hour for Xander to arrived to the café Not that Xander was late in fact he was almost fifteen minutes early but she always arrived to early if she had anything to say about it gave her the time she needed to relax.

"Hi Kasumi." Xander said happy as he walked up to the table. "I hope Im not late or anything"

Kasumi shook her head. "No Im just being early. So what would you like to do."

Xander. "I not sure probably, coffee and something to eat here then go and watch the tivoli i heard they have a rollercoaster thats impressive. And after that maybe dinner."

Kasumi grinned. "Thats thats so so childish. I love to but only if you win me a fuzzy looking toy animal."

Xander nodded. "Your will is my law."

She giggled as the waiter carried forward something to eat and drink.

Later Kasumi being a fighter waited for the right moment.

Xander looked at her eyes so beautiful reminded him of Briannas and strangely Lydias eyes. He started to drink his Coffee when suddenly. Kasumi asked it was perfect timing. "So how DO you turn from human to a cat-boy?" She grinned her martial art timing was perfect Xander almost swallowed his coffee cup and sprayed the coffee over the table.

Lucky she dodged.

Xander gulped. "I i."

Kasumi grinned. "I followed you yester day and saw you and Iori kick the gangs butt. And you turned in to a Furry cat boy."

Xander sighed. "I Im. Crap. Dont tell anybody only Iori and Leona, Andy, and Terry knows."

Kasumi nodded. "I will keep your secret. No matter how strange it is." Xander. "The short story is that Im half a were-tiger and half a were-wolf. A Were-chimera from an alternate realty and Im traveling my way home."

Kasumi blinked. "Thats rather strange."

Xander nodded. "Sure is. But you saw my transformation and the rest i cant really prove to you except by showing you some photos and they are not really proof."

Kasumi nodded before shrugging. "Lets go to the tivoli i want a fuzzy furry looking Toy animal. And you are going to win it for me." Xander blinked. "Your not afraid of me are you?"

Kasumi blushed. "Eee no not really why? Iori Terry and the rest trust you so." She hoped that he would never find out that she had fetish painted picture of Cat-boys was sexy. So far they were only cartoons picture.

But now a live version no way she let him runaway with out having her ways with him.

Xander nodded. "Ooh Great. Lets go."

The tivoli was great and the roller coaster was even greater but Xander grinned as Kasumi pressed her body tight to him holding on for life.

And that was even greater.

They were walking around when they found the perfect place.

Tivoli man. "Walk right up any one manage to shoot any duck win a prize. Shoot five ducks win a prize of his or hers choice.

And Only a dollar a try."

Xander grinned. "The girl want a Fuzzy furry toy animal." He said putting five dollar on the table.

The man nodded. "And here is the gun. And the bullets."

Xander took the soft air gun. "Hmmm the sight is off line. Tricky tricky." Luckily Phantom had taught him to shoot with out using the targeting on the gun.

The ducks were moving fast on the band ducking in and out of sights Xander held the gun low in a gunslinger way then.

Pang kling no more duck.

Pang kling no more duck.

Pang kling no more duck.

Pang Kling no more duck.

Pang kling no more duck.

The tivoli man frowned. "Your a professional. All right girl just chose."

Kasumi grinned. "The Big Toy Tiger."

The man. "That one."

Kasumi. "NO The BIG ONE."

The tivoli man sighed that he looked over at the small five feet girl and back at the four and a half feet toy tiger.

"You sure?"

Kasumi nodded happy.

Xander looked skeptical.

Walking away Kasumi hugged her toy close. "Thanks i love it."

Then. "YOU." A voice said.

Xander looked around seeing a stranger point at him. "Me are you talking to me. Who are you?"

The man probably 19 or so a year older then Kasumi frowned "Im Shingo Yabuki student of the GREAT Kyo Kusanagi."

Xander. "Ooh. And what have that do to with me."

Shingo frowned. "YOU i know that you are the evil monster that helped spread the lies against Kyo. I saw you MONSTER animal man."

Xander shrugged. "And dont forget Bastard, Pirate. Telling somebody the truth is not an insult." Shingo forgot what he would say to insult Xander. "......"

Kasumi frowned. "Your a Pirate."

Xander grinned "long story they saved my life and well i kind of joined them for a time"

Kasumi nodded "Cool."

And the two started to walk away..

Shingo finally found his brain again. "HEY Im going to kick your butt." He made a lighting fast move sending a pair of paper on Xander.

Xander blinked looking down on a pair of sticky papers that were now stuck on his shirt. "What the." He said surprised.

Shingo "Thats shrine blessing a prayer no demon can move it will disrupted you powers Demon."

Xander carefully grabbing everyone ripping them loose. "WHAT. ARE.

YOU. SMOKING?" And throwing it down on the ground.

Shingo blinked. "So your not a demon then." Luckily he was prepared for that. Gripping an old knife dipped in silver in case it was an evil creature from myths.

Xander swallowed the blue shine from the dagger told him it was silver something that burned his body and soul.

And Shingo attacked. "Shingo Kick."

Xander dodged the attack. "Power kick." He screamed sending one of the smaller power kicks to wards the crazy but dangerous fool.

Shingo jumped over the kick. "Ha you missed." He said preparing to slash Xander with the knife.

Xander grinned. "I was not aiming at you. TIMBER." He screamed as the flagpole behind Shingo suddenly fell down crashing down on Shingo.

"Hurts it hurts." Shingo whined from under the pole it was crushing his legs..

Xander grinned. "Could you call the police and take away the crazy student of Kyo Kusanagi."

A voice suddenly. "Hold it we are Police. You obvious taken care of it. Any witness."

Around him more then one told the police who the attacker was and how Xander had beating him.

Xander nodded. "So officer would you mind if i and my girl walked way now."

The officer. "No you go. We have to figure our a way to lift the flagpole away from his legs."

Xander nodded. "Well you already cuffed him so."

Carefully he took a hold of the flagpole charging his body with the ether realm stream or chi powering himself up stronger then his normal human body would be almost as strong as his Were-wolf body is.

And lifted the flagpole freeing the now captured Shingo. "Their you go Officers." He said putting the pole down and walking away hand in hand with Kasumi.

Police officer 1. "Holy that flagpole must weigh half a ton or something."

Police officer 2. "No its not that heavy but still thats incredible."

Kasumi grinned. "So what about the dagger you looked afraid."

Xander. "Yea. Cut off my hands they regrow as a were-chimera Im incredible hard and difficult to hurt.

But nature loves balance so it gave us a weakness Silver. It burns my body and soul. I been burned by silver before and it hurt me mentally and physically."

He shivered lucky the burn mark was in his hand.

Kasumi swallowed slowly dropping her silver necklace in the purse so Xander would not hurt himself. "Lets go and have a drink."

Later next day...

Xander waked feeling heavy opening his eyes he blinked something hairy was over his face he looked.

Sleeping on his chest was Kasumi.

She was nude.

He was nude.

He was in his Were-tiger body.

Sniff yes they both smelled like sex.

Last thing he remember was Kasumi taking him to a bar and they talked about his life and.

Oh shit he forgot about the dangers in having sex with a were-person. He hoped she was alright.

And he really hoped Brianna would never find out.

Kasumi. "No dont want to fuzzy warmth sleeping." She mumbled.

Xander sighed. "Kasumi waky waky."

"Huh." Kasumi said. "O hi Xander." She said in her a happy tone of voice having her furry fetish satisfied was making her horny again. "Lets have wake up sex."

Xander blinked almost nodding before he turned serious. "NO we have to talk." He took a deep breath. "Im sorry i should never have."

Kasumi "It was not your fault when i found out how far away from home you where i tried to cheer you up and i wanted it just as much as YOU DID."

Xander sighed. "Well first of all i have a girlfriend at home. Second their are dangers in having sex with a were-chimera."

Kasumi blinked. "What dangers its not like you are a STD."

Xander grim look made her freeze. "Biting or forcing somebody to drink blood our IS one way to turn a normal human to a Were-wolf or Were-tiger.

But having SEX might turn you just as sure."

Kasumi swallowed. "So so Im a were cat now."

Xander shrugged. "No i dont think so. Its harder to turn somebody while having sex but it can happen."

Kasumi nodded. "I must think about it."

Xander nodded. "I just go an."

"NO no dont go i like it here." She said letting her head drop down he was like a big strong fuzzy warm blanket to sleep on.

Xander blinked. "But." He fell silent after she gave him an angry look.

After fifteen minutes Kasumi started to talk. "We did use condoms they should protect even against being turned right."

Xander nodded. "Yes."

Kasumi grinned. "Then lets put on a condom i want more sex and want it now fuzzy."

Xander blinked. "No my girlfriend is."

Kasumi. "In another world you have not seen her in years right. You said that you would only be gone for a day in your world while you traveled for years now?"

Xander nodded. "Yes but."

Kasumi. "Would she really force you to be faithful not have sex for years."

Xander swallowed. "No." He said slowly kissing the girl.

Brianna was many things. Genius, crazy about explosions, Kind gentle and a nymphomaniac.


Xander walked home. "HI Iori."

Iori nodded. "You were in the news. Great kick you have do you think you are going to stay until the next King of Fighter tournament?"

Xander sighed. "No i think three more months then Im going away."

Iori nodded. "I see. Bad i would have loved having you on MY team." Xander. "I would have loved to but Im GOING HOME."

Iori just sighed. "Aaa crap Im not good at this but look i decided to give you a gift before you leaved but i cant keep it secret.

So here you go." He said throwing Xander a big packaged.

Xander blinked. "What is it?" He said opening the packaged.

Inside was a leather jacket the arms it was beautiful black with a Ying and yang sign on the back in form of a tiger and a wolf.

The jacket would fit him in any form in his human shape it would look big almost like a short trench coat And in his were-tiger shape it would be a bit tight.

"Its it i Thank you its wonderful." Finally something that would hold Xander was thinking.

Iori grinned. "I was thinking of giving you a guitar but they have a tendency to break so.

The jacket is made by the same material that my jacket is made of literally indestructible by fire.

And really durable during a fight."

Xander nodded Iori jacket was cut open in many places repaired and stitched together but it did not burn.

"Its must have cost you a fortune."

Iori "You a friend i dont have many of those. In fact its thanks to you i actually HAVE friends."

Xander blushed. "Aaa man its nothing."

Iori growled. "For me its something. Thank you Xander thank you brother."

Xander grinned. "Well Im to tired to party but what would you say about watching a movie and eating some bad food we invite Terry and Andy over and have a boys movie night. I really missed that."

Iori frowned. "I never have one of those before."

Xander grinned. "They are great just movies talking about girls drinking beer and having fun relaxing."


Terry. "The Princes bride. HOW COULD YOU? Sissy its NOT a GUY Movie"

Andy. "I LIKE IT Go and die."

Xander. "Your Brother is correct Andy. You a shame of the male species."

Iori growled. "I LIKE That movie. You better say your sorry Xander, Terry."

Terry and Xander. "SISSY. Well lets watch the movie then."

Growling in anger both Andy and Iori sat down.


"Ooh man. Your a complete Sissy Xander Crying like a baby." Iori mocked him.

Xander Sniff. "I cant help it. She looks like Princes Vivian i meet her on the ship Going Merry."

Sniff. "She was so great to me." Sometimes the animal inside of him made it hard to hide emotions.

Terry. "Ooh Im surrounded by girly boys."

Andy. "That can kick you butt."

Iori. "Just hold it. Whats the next movie?"

Xander took forward the movie.

Andy. "Thats a child movie. Or what ever."

Xander. "NO its a Cartoon an anime, called Dragonball Z. I just like to see what the difference is from the version i met during my journey."

Iori froze. "YOU met the Z-warriors."

Xander nodded. "yea Vegeta was a really cool guy. But he was really pissed off that i could not fight him."

Terry frowned. "Why could you not fight him."

Xander "The Chi in that realty was so strong that it almost fried me alive. I barely survived walking the first month. Fighting would have killed me. Now shut up and lets see the movie.

Here you can look at my photo of the Z-warriors." He said handing over his photo book.

And grabbing the popcorn bucket.

As the movie started Xander was the only one watching it the others were to busy watching the photo from his book.

Month later his friends waved their good buys as Xander pushed the button and was gone to the next world.

^^Flash back ends^^

Julia frowned. "So you cheated on my baby girl and what was that about NOT relaxing."

Xander. "I did not well I DID cheat but remember I had not seen her in years and i i."

Julia. "Im not angry. Truly Im not even disappointed you were gone for years. But i will on the principle still kick your but. What about not relaxing that you claimed."

Xander "Well between the guitar lessons from Iori and the fighting lesson Terry and Andy gave me i did not relax much. And then Kasumi came along and i relaxed even less." He said in a grin.

Julia rolled her eyes. "I Hope you are NOT unfaithful with Brianna anymore."

Xander "No that was only in that world and i was tired Julia so tired she gave me back my strength and my hope of coming home again."

Julia. "Well where did you end up?"

Xander. "To my last world before i went home. And this was hell or a close copy."

Chapter 8

Julia. "Well where did you end up?"

Xander. "The last world before i went home. And this was hell or a close copy."

Julia paled. "You ended up in a hell dimension?"

Xander shook his head. "No NOT a hell dimension. But a man made hell if anything a proof how technology can be as dangerous and evil as magic at its worst."

^^Flash back^^

The room faded away as the story began.

Then came back as Julia interrupted him. "You must tell me how you DO that."

Xander sighed. "Its a trick Piccolo taught me. Would you like to hear the story or NOT?"

Julia. "Sorry keep telling."

^^Flash back^^

The room faded away as the story began.

It was a wasteland broken cars wrecked buildings and skeletons of humans dogs and dead palm trees littered the street.

Xander blinked as he watched the area around him in the distance he could see the broken and burned left over that once was the White House.

He was in Washington.

Xander swallowed looking at the burned leftover that was the presidents former home and the destroyed city. "Well CRAP." For a moment he was going to say a stupid joke like 'the repair will cost a fortune' or something. But the sign of HIS capital burned and humans slaughter like cattle was to much for him.

Reaching out he could feel that the Ether realm stream the Chi power in this universe where easy to USE but not powerful.

So his smaller less powerful chi skills would be easy but draining to do. But it also meant that he would have to stay here a while as the dimensional gate uploaded the energy it would need to get him home.

Turning himself to his Were-chimera body Xander started to walk sniffing only the smell of the dead litter the air making him sick. Shivering by the power of the stench he turned backed down his equipment in the backpack and turned to his wolf animal form.

The backpack was still on his back in this form and unlike the Tiger a wolf could move in a city with out looking to strange.

Hours later.

Xander watched as hover like tanks drove by him armed with fire throwers and robots skeleton like automats walked around.

It looked like something from a movie.

Something tickled his memory something he seen before.

But why did some of the robots looked like Arnold the actor.

A day later Xander could hear the sign of gunfire.

Bursting out in a full run he came in to a battle scene.

A robot camouflaged like a human but now its metallic skeleton were seen.

It was fighting a team of humans their guns were useless as the robots internal armor were far to tuff for them.

Obvious at the start of the fight the humans manage to kill ONE of those Robots but now they were out of real heavy guns and the last robot refuse to die.

Xander swallowed a child the humans had children among them and the robots had killed one.

"Sometimes i wish i could turn a blind eye to things like this."

"Humans resistance is futile i will terminate you." The robot said to the humans as it came closer and closer.

One of the men a soldier growled as he tried to reload his last mag with more ammunition. "I die before i let you kill anyone of us."

The robot just stare at him. "So may it be none of you have the guns or ability to destroy or hurt me."

Suddenly to its surprise and the humans.

A BIG wolf like dog not a small dog one but a FREEKING Big one came running and IT Grew in size bigger and bigger jumping up in the air it transformed in to a Tiger that suddenly slammed in to the surprised Robot throwing him away from the humans.

The robot landed in a crash sending parts of a broken car flying.

Xander the were-tiger in his animal form growled in fury as he turned to his Were-tiger Hybrid form.

Standing up more then 7 feet of muscular and claws with the tail whipping behind him Xander growled out. "Well junk-yard If you going to hurt anybody you have to walk thru ME." As he charged the robot.

The Robot barely manage to stand when the now Tiger man charged him claws and swords cutting in to him making no real damage but cutting away his false flesh.

The soldier in charge swallowed. "What the hell IS that thing?"

A female soldier. "I dont know but he sure is giving the terminator a run for its money."

A Spanish soldier growled. "Money those junkyards get paid i dont." The soldier in charge laughs. "Hondo if we win this war we live thats a good money in my book."

Hondo the Spanish grinned.

And they watched the fight in shock and surprise.

Xander growled. "I WILL destroy you."

His fist hit the armor hull of the robots hydraulic arms with no effects other that he broken his fist twice now.

The robot just spoke in is calm voice. "All human is to be terminated."

Xander growled putting the robot in a judo throw. "Cut that off Junkyard."

The robot did not answer as its head were driven face first in the concrete.

Xander growled. "WHAT THE HELL DIE DIE DIE." He scream gripping one of the leg of the robot as he stood up on the robots back he started to pull with all his Were-tiger strength. "Graaaaargh."

Slowly Xander the leg twisted as the connection between body and leg were broken and Xander fell backwards holding the now freed leg.

Grinning Xander stood up. "Well i cant break your armor but it looks like i can pull you apart junk-yard."

And the soldiers watched in shock as the tiger man jumped to now stumpy looking Terminator and started to pull off its head.

Soon the arms were joined in the growing pile of Terminator junk.

The commander of the unit a former Lieutenant swallowed as the tiger man walked up to him grabbing its backpack on the way.

It sighed. "Hi Im Xander. You would not know a place where i could repair this would you."

The guy. "I no it would not be safe you a robot."

Xander blinked. "No Im not." He sighed. "Im something else alright just as alive as you are. Crap all i want is rest repair my stuff and find someplace to hide out in."

Hondo. "Yo captain man he saved us."

The Lieutenant. "I know but how do we know that HE is not a terminator one of the new shape shifting one."

Xander just stared as he started to walk away. "Well have a good life guys i be going now."

The Lieutenant blinked. "Wait i. I think we can trust you IF you let us do a check up on you."

Xander rolled his eyes. "What ever. Just do the check up i have things to repair."

The Lieutenant nodded. "Tracy if you could."

The girl soldier nodded walking up to Xander with a test kit in her hands.

She swallowed infiltration units rarely acted in a good way if they were found out. And testing them you would be the first to die when they go nuts.

The pushed the small needle in his body testing its blood.

According to the box he was NOT one of the shape shifting metal robots.

They had no blood.

And according to the box he was not human and not terminator the box said unknown.

Tracy backed back. "Sir i i dont know. He is not a shifter and the box said he not a known terminator OR a human."

Xander snorted. "I would be surprised if you Box said i was human girl. Im a Were-chimera half Were-wolf and half Were-tiger." He sniffed in the air then swore. "Girl why ARE you fighting your pregnant and how old are you."

The girl Tracy swallowed. "16. Sir."

Xander turned and look at the soldiers. "You should be in a safe place protecting YOUR child. If any one of you old guys are made her dad Im seriously consider ripping you ALL new asshole. Sending HER with a child to a potential hostile i should rip you one on the principle."

The soldiers swallowed. And the Lieutenant spoke. "We did not know that she was pregnant. ARE you sure and how did you know."

Xander snorted. "My nose is not just a funny thing i can smell things as good as a wolf can. She is pregnant." Focusing his senses on the Ether realm stream he ponder. "I i think its two month or more. Im not sure."

The soldiers swallowed as they saw a spooky light gleam around the cat person a moment surrounding him like a aura of glory.

The Lieutenant nodded. "Well i think we can take to the safe house for now and do a better security analysis of you. Their you could rest and repair your stuff.

Xander nodded slowly pulling his pants and jacket from the backpack turning human he put them up and then turned to his Were-chimera hybrid form. "Lets move out. Now Soldiers."

The soldier blinked before they even notice it they were moving.

Lieutenant growled. "Im Clark Hamok. You can call me Clark if you like. What was your name now again?"

Xander. "Xander its short for Alexander. Can the kids move as fast i we do or should i carry them."

Clark the Lieutenant swallowed. "I i think its best if we carry them." Xander sighed. "I can lift a CAR two kids i would not even notice them. And i never ever hurts children i promise you that."

Clark frowned. "Well we would move faster then and more terminators might be moving OUR way just to find out what happened to Mr. Junk over their."

Nodding Xander picked up the kids holding them with his arms as the soldiers and him started to run away.


Xander was meditating currently balancing on his tail in the room or jail they put him and his equipment inside.

The lock suddenly started to open one by one and the door opened.

Xander grinned putting his feet back on the ground the tail hurt after carrying his weight for so long but it was dam good training.

A pale looking Scientist. "I i investigated your blood and bone sample your not a machine so i would say that your not with the machine then."

Xander nodded. "Could you explain what happened here?"

The scientist frowned. "Why dont you know."

Xander grinned. "Im from an alternate version of earth long story."

The scientist nodded. "Well long story short the central computer of Cyberdyne sold to the army defense become sentient and decided that humans were a danger to Its life and it started to terminate us."

Xander. "Go figures. So what now?"

The Scientist. "I dont understand."

Xander sighed best to tell part of the truth not all. "Well Im stuck in YOUR world for who knows how long. Eventually the effect that sends me spiraling thru different reality WILL be coming to get me.

Normally i stay a month or a year.

Lately the pit stops have been longer.

A Scientist in one of the dimension i visit said the effect dimensional chaos vortex or something were probably loosing its power so soon i will be permanent stuck somewhere.

But according to the calculations it probably the next world i bet teleported to." Xander hide his grin the Geek were falling for it.

The Scientist frowned. "I think he meant a Vortex. And from what you said its sounded like it was a natural effects."

Xander shrugged Washu did tell him about natural dimensional rifts that could force a person to be flung from world to world until its power were gone. "It is. She said it like supercharged me and when the charge become to strong Poof Im gone to next world.

Luckily it not permanent it will be gone soon.

I cant really explain more as i DONT understand what she said science is not my area of expertise."

He looked at the scientist. "But until then what can i do. Hide out yes. I could do that. Fight with you guys probably but most of you would try to shoot me just because Im different."

A voice that of Clark ended his glum. "I dont think so. After what i overheard we might have a place for you to stay in IF you work with us."

Xander nodded. "Why not. I am trained as a warrior. I can use pistols or gatling guns really good. But Im an expert in knifes, swords, axes, staffs and many more short range weapons."

Clark blinked. "Why train in that useless crap."

Xander. "In my world their are lot of things that can ONLY be killed by decapitations. And some of those buggers tougher then I am." He said grinning.

Clark swallowed. "Ooh."

Xander nodded "Yup. You should see some of the weapon a hunter in my world have. Swords, guns, knifes, a Stake if you hunting a vampire, bottle of holy water. And other strange things."

The scientist frowned. "You said Hunter not soldiers."

Xander grinned. "You are a smart one.

Hunters fight the things that go bump in the knights.

The demons, the vampires, most humans most soldiers dont even know that we exist.

Only Section M in USA knows i think."

He looked up.

"Then their are the Watcher semi independent English units that work the whole world using a Slayer as their weapon against vampire.

A slayer is a female suddenly chosen by nature she have the strength of five man and speed more then five times.

They even have a United nation protocol on HOW supercharged defender of humans should be treated and cared for.

Kind of fun how the Watchers got disbanded for mistreating and unnecessary endanger the life of the slayer as well as refusal to pay her money for her work."

The two watched him in shock not knowing if he was crazy or not.

Shrugging Clark spoke. "Well kid like to eat something?"

Xander growled. "I could eat a horse. Or a giant spider. Dont ask." The two blinked but nodded as they escorted Xander to the dinner room.

It was gloomy ghost like only one small lamp gave some light.

For Xander cat eyes it was perfect but still depressing dark for the humans.

He could hear them whisper in shock and fear as he was escorted inside.

Sighing Xander took food a lot of food and started to eat.


Exploring the area he was allowed inside were depressing only the library and inside he got home sick longing to see Giles.

The gym where he got home sick longing to see Julia kick his butt.

The dinner where the save place but even in their he just expected to see Angel mucking around brooding.

Walking around he grinned finding an electric guitar it was connected but no one had played it for months.

Pushing the button on the speaker he confirmed it was active.

He grabbed the guitar as he started to play poured his depression he played for fun.

-Linkin Park. Somewhere I Belong- Version made of Xander in the world of the Terminator.


When this began
I had nothing to say
And Id get lost in the nothingness inside of me
I was confused
And Id let it all out to find
That im not the only person with these things in mind
Inside of me
When all the vacancy the words revealed
Is the only real thing that Ive got left to feel
Nothing to loose
Just stuck, hollow and alone
And the fault is my own and the fault is my own


The chef suddenly froze as the music played got him to freeze.

The singer where not the best player but the pain in his voice made the chef feel like crying.


I wanna heal
I wanna feel
What I thought was never real
I want to let go of the pain I felt so long
Erase all the pain til its gone
I wanna heal
I wanna feel
Like Im close to something real
I want to find something Ive wanted all along
Somewhere I belong


More and more soldiers walked in silent watching the strange cat man playing his back turned to the wall as he was singing and playing for himself forgetting about anybody but the music.


And Ive got nothing to say
I cant believe I didnt fall right down on my face
I was confused
Looking everwhere only to find
That its not the way I had imagined it all in my mind
So what am I
What do I have but negativity
Cause I cant justify the way everyone is looking at me
Nothing to loose
Nothing to gain, hollow and alone
And the fault is my own and the fault is my own


Clark felt shock the pain was obvious their he was a stranger in a strange land always the weird cat/wolf man.

Poor guy.


I wanna heal
I wanna feel
What I thought was never real
I want to let go of the pain I felt so long
Erase all the pain til its gone
I wanna heal
I wanna feel
Like Im close to something real
I want to find something Ive wanted all along
Somewhere I belong


Xander were to busy playing to even hear them now he was playing pouring his soul in the music of his heart. Nothing matter then what he was playing just as Iori said only the power of the music powered by his emotion send shiver along his spine removing his pain and suffering.


I will never know
Myself until I do this on my own
And I will never feel
Anything else, until my wounds are healed
I will never be anything
Until I break away from me
I will break away
I'll find myself today


Tracy dried a tear as her boyfriend and soon husband the older Hondo hugged her from behind. "Remember before the war. I dreamed of being a doctor." She cried.

Hondo just nodded hugging his girl closer. He dreamed of a career as a singer but that was in another world before the dooms day and the machines started their terminations of humanity.


I wanna heal
I wanna feel
What I thought was never real
I want to let go of the pain I felt so long
Erase all the pain til its gone
I wanna heal
I wanna feel
Like Im close to something real
I want to find something Ive wanted all along
Somewhere I belong

I wanna heal
I wanna feel
I wanna feel like Im somewhere I belong

I wanna heal
I wanna feel
I wanna feel like Im somewhere I belong

Somewhere I belong


As the music started suddenly it ended Xander took a deep breath he felt calm again. Moving from world to world had made him more tired then he realized.

The applauses and cheers from behind made him jump as he turned around. "What who why? Ooh. Sorry i i forgot my self. I Im sorry."

Clark. "Dont worry we are happy that you played kid. Would you mind playing another song for us."

Xander blushed. "Im not that good really."

Hondo grinned. "But your the only ONE that Can even play Anything here What about Hotel California"

Xander grinned as he started to play the song it was fitting you may enter but you may never leave.

Later next day after many sing songs.

Xander where surprised the soldiers behaved differently around him like he was one of them. "Obvious the music do know how to sooth the savage beast."

Clark grinned. "Are you calling Us savage or yourself?"

Xander. "Well a bit of both. Humans can be really dangerous if you push them. And the machines have pushed all of you to far."

More then one of the solders nodded battle fatigue suspicion and paranoia was a normal reason for sudden murder now days.

Every one were suspects of others that been gone to long or strangers.

But so far not one of the robots played music specially not played guitar like a beginner a good beginner but still a beginner.

Xander noticed the silence that followed after what he said. "Im sorry if i offended anybody."

Clark grinned. "We are not offended its just what you said is so close to the truth that it scary.

Most of us would kill with out remorse anybody we believe to be a Terminator.

They used robots shaped like dogs sometimes children.

And the worst time is when they use bombs humans or animals with hidden bombs inside of them.

I killed children that had bombs in them i knew it was only two of the four kids that were walking time bombs but i had not the time or guts to risk any of my doctors to find out who the two was.

So i killed the four of them.

I was correct two of them were bombs."

He looked pale and sounded disgusted with himself.

Xander waited.

And Clark continued. "No body here thinks i made a wrong decision do they." Inside many shook their heads they would do the same things themselves after all a doctors life was more worth then a child.

Clark continued. "We all become monster anything for survival even murder.

Before i would have rather killed a doctor my self then to hurt a child.

But now days."

Xander nodded. "Its a balance. One Doctor can save hundreds of children but it would only take one child with a bomb to kill him.

You sometimes have to do whats wrong in other to make it right in the end. But never forget that its wrong."

Clark frowned. "I almost forgotten about that. The bad part i cant feel guilty about murdering the kids anymore. Im just feeling glad that no one got hurt by the bombs. O God i hate the war."

Xander nodded. "I dont really understand and i hope that i never do that." But inside he remember the burning of a were-rat city and he had a ghost of understanding and it frighten him.

Hondo nodded. "Beastie we all have ghost i can see that you have yours."

Xander nodded. "Gothwrain an Adolph Hitler wanna be. A Were-rat and leader of the hidden city of were rats almost a million follower worship him.

He orchestrated by manipulating Brendan my father a were-wolf to arrange the termination of the Were-cheetahs only two survived of hundred thousand. And he almost made the Were-wolf turned on them self in a civil war that would have destroy them.

In the end he started to attack my family just because we were were-cats and were-wolfs i gave him an ultimatum warned his follower but they would not listen.

In the end i arranged a small army Were-tigers and master fighters and we destroy the city burned it to ground i killed the bastard Gothwrain with my own hands ripped his head of.

The were rats are now living hunted with out the safe home they had."

Clark nodded. "Heavy."

Tracy. "But they were bad guys Xander."

Hondo. "Honey. The leader were bad guys. In the city children lived but not anymore."

Tracy paled. "Ooh."

Xander nodded. "I rather see my family safe then their. I have three daughters Were-chimeras like me but one wolf/rat the other two Rat/tiger. The idea of seeing them dead is awful."

Tracy giggled. "Do you have a picture."

Xander nodded. "Yes," he said picking up the small photo album.

"Thats Dawn she is my oldest."

Tracy eyes boggled. "But but she is to old to be your kid."

Xander sighed. "Its the result of a cloning device. It took sample from me and two girls and Boom Dawn were born.

And suddenly i had a 14 year old baby girl complete with skills and memory from my childhood and faith and Lydia.

Not easy i was 17 then."

Tracy blinked. "Ooh well her eyes look like yours."

Xander grinned. "Yup And thats Xaria she is a were-chimera Rat/wolf a year old in the picture and thats Luna a were-chimera Rat/tiger.

Also a year old twins."

The crew stared at the pictured as they traveled from hands to hands. "Ooh man who is the babe?" One said.

Xander blinked. "Ooh thats Princess Ayeka she was great girl as long as you treated her like the royal she is."

Soon Xander were busy talking about the journey to care about anything else.

When a hand suddenly clapped together and the room fell silent Xander blinked surprised.

Behind him a man brown hair scarred face stood somebody behind him made Xander growled. "Thats a Terminator." He said pointing at the tall man.

The man nodded. "He is my body guard Im John Conner leader of the rebellion. I heard the report and decided to come and talk to you in person."

Xander blinked. Suddenly his memory worked.

Terminators + John Conners = Terminator the movie just that he was in the present not the past.

Sighting Xander looked up. "Why Im just a stranger."

John nodded. "Yes but you tore a robot apart with your hands. That would indicate that your stronger then most Terminators. We need help in a dangerous mission.

A heavy gunner a fighter like you would be an important to give us a chance to win."

Xander sighed looking around he could see the other were looking at John Conner as he was the second coming of Jesus Christ.

"Crap. Stupid conscience its not even my world i still feel like helping. Im In i do it on one condition."

John nodded looking curious. "What?"

Xander "Tracy over their is a stupid kid with a child.

Put her and her lover boy in a safer place. They both feel the need to help but surly you have a safer place to relocate them to."

John nodded. "I have some places where a child would be safer not safe their are no such animals.

And they would be doing an important work."

Xander nodded. "The other trust you so i do. Put them their i like to know that she and the baby will survive."

John nodded. "We need to go now. I see that they are moved with the next transport."

Xander nodded. "Well lets hit the road jack."


Xander looked in surprised the transport was a hover tank the camouflage was an illusion making it invisible for cameras and human eyes. "Impressive." He said as they walked inside.

John nodded to him. "Lets move." He said to the crew. "It will take almost 24 hours before we are their in LA."

Xander nodded. "Well i sleep then." He said drifting off to sleep.

Two days later.

Xander grinned picking up a gatling gun. "Now thats more like it." He told them about the 30 mm Vulcan Gatling Cannon Brianna had built for him at home.

And the technician had rebuild one in less then nine hours.

Putting on the harness he lifted the gun that most humans would not be able to carry.

"Sweet lets try this baby."

Standing in the fire ranges Xander the Claws on his feet cut in the ground underneath him as he fought the recoil of the gun sending a never ending rain of bullets cutting off the targets one by one with a surgeons precision.

T1 nodded. "He is good."

John grinned. "Thinks he could take out your brothers T1.!"

T1 nodded. "Affirmative he can."

Xander walked back. "I love it. A bit more push then the baby i have at home. But dam its good work."

John nodded. "Then you and the team will cross train in one month we are going against the mainframe of the Cyberdyne computer.

Its the most heavy guarded place in earth."

Xander nodded. "I understand." One month would be short of time he thought as he walked out to meet the team.

Later one month later...

Xander watched the crew as they charged the compound his gun were taking out the big tanks and guns emplacements.

The units knew about his healing ability and used it shamefully by hiding behind him.

Xander growled irritated over that but really in war situation they did the right thing.

The big Terminator a tank version stopped when bullets after bullets impacted in its hull hurting its guns.

As it turned a rocket slammed in exploding up a big hole and more bullets and a missile landed inside blowing it up.

John Conner waved from his position in the rear with the rest of the hackers. "We their in five four three two one. Black out." And the defense computers died. "Lets hurry they will wake soon!"

The soldiers nodded putting explosions on the standing still weapon emplacements as they continued shooting at the moving robots and death machines.

Finally they stood in front of Cyberdyne the gate opened carefully as they walked inside an army of terminators started to shoot at them.

Small EMP grenades were pushed inside temporary blinding the Terminator and knocking out less powerful technology.

And Xander and the crews opened the door again shooting with everything at the still standing still robots.

Hours later Xander grinned the gate device were reloading really really fast now. "Sir is their a time machine or something."

John frowned. "Why are you saying that?"

Xander. "You know how i got here something is recharging the vortex. And ONLY the present of a time machine have done that before."

John growled. "So once its recharged you be going."

Xander nodded. "Dont have much choice as it look now it might be a month or so not a year or more unless it speeds up if Im get closer."

John nodded. "Lets move out IF they have a time machine i like it in ONE piece understand."

They nodded and started to hunt for the time traveling machine.

Hours later Xander watched the computer being put down as John Cut open it memory core reading its last act of desperation.

Frowning he looked around after his men. "I like a volunteer to go back in time to stop a Terminator to assassinate my mother."

A man walked up. "Sir i do it. I keep her safe."

John study the man before nodding. "Her name is Sarah Conner here is her photo take it. ONLY living mater or things surrounded by living tissue might survive the transport so memorize her and the address."

The soldier nodded looking at the beautiful innocent face.

John watched in fascination he finally found his own father and now he would send him to an early grave life was not fair.

ON the side Xander watched in fascination the mans smell it was obvious father and son standing their.

Moment later the time machine powered up sending the man back in time.

Xander frowned. "Cyberdyne exist in that area right. So do many others company involving in computers. If they find a robot dead would they not try to investigate maybe use the knowledge the technology inside?"

John frowned thinking. "Crap you right. We must send a second team just to clean away the evidence and keep my mother safe away from the madhouse."

He looked around a short moment later more volunteers got up. He chose one. And the Time machine powered up.

And the future were changed again the circle broken.

Around them the world blinked and shivered.

Xander watched how the ruin building again looked intact.

Then broken then intact.

John shifted looking like a war tired man then like a happy almost fat father then a broken man with crutches.

And it shifted again and again then suddenly it become solid.

Xander blinked John stood their he had an uniform on him but the building look intact.

John frowned. "I know you." He looked around. "It must have been a dream like the one mother told me about. But that future we stopped it. We stopped the Cyberdyne computer.

USA stopped it the war of the machine was only a year and it never manage to start a Nuclear war why do i remember a nuclear war?"

Xander swallowed. "You changed it. By sending an extra team back in time to stop it. But you obvious have the memory of both timelines. Or part of the memory."

John nodded. "And you?"

Xander. "Im not from this world." He could see the traveling device were active and loaded. Just a push on the button.

A man Harry came towards them carrying a gun. "Sir thats an intruder. Back away or face the consequences."

Xander sighed.

HE could see that John backed away not stopping the guard after all he really did not know Xander and the flimsy memory were obvious not enough to prove anything.

Xander pushed the button and in a flash of light he was gone.

^^Flash back ends^^

"And i arrived home in the same place i started from.

Gina, Erwin, and Brittany was surprised when i hugged them all crying.

I made them promise NOT to tell anybody and they kept it.

I hate to get everybody all misty eyed and i taught it would be fun to surprise you all with what i now know."

Xander sighed. "Gina used her medical equipment and said i was probably only a year older then i should be consider the time i was traveling. So i really did not lose anything."

Julia "But you gained nightmares right."

Xander nodded "Its part of our life." He flexed his two arms both back and strong again. "Time for me to relax and cuddle with my girl Brianna." He said standing up then frowned. "Crap. Gen asked if she/he could feed from us tonight. Aah well time to cuddle up with Brianna and Gen."

Julia grinned as he walked out.

Writers side note.

World 1 was from the Tenchi Muyo Anime.

World 2 was from the cartoon The Phantom.

World 3 was from the anime Dragonball

World 4 was from the book Lord of the ring.

World 5 was from the Anime One Piece.

World 6 was from the TV-show Babylon 5.

World 7 was from the Anime computer game 'King of Fighters' and 'fatal fury'

World 8 was from the Movie Terminator 1-2.

The last part was a bit of a joke.

Among the Diggers lived a Rakshasa a shape shifter that feed from ambient energy that exist in most humans and other life forms.

Removing That energy dont hurt a human but for it to steal it.

The Rakshasa needs to make the human tired by fighting or by SEX.

Brianna being a nymphomaniac prefer the last method while Julia like the fighting version a good sparing partner is hard to find.

Gen looks like many different both male or female depending on the interest of the human surrounding it.

But its normal shape the neutral it looks like this.

In the cartoon Brianna have great fun helping the poor Gen feed from her. Its hard to make a were-cheetah tired.

The End