Trick and Treat

Author: B H Ramsay <drgonzo124[at]>

BTVS / Kill Bill

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my angst over not being rich and successful just like Tarantino and Whedon.

Setting: I will say Season Five for Buffy and just before the climatic battle in Kill Bill.

Author's Note: I had the idea in my head two minutes after leaving the theatre. And it would not go away.

I realize that with the differences in age Go-Go and Xander would be completely not right for each other but just picture the look Nick Breadon would have on his face when he saw Go-Go with that ball and chain.

It was Willow's idea, which was the excuse later. Dawn had been looking for a good costume for Halloween. In everyone's revised memories of the past Dawn had been with Joyce the night of the haunted Costumes so she had missed out on the fun of Buffy the pampered Princess and Willow the friendly Ghost. Thus when she showed up in full school girl mode claiming to have been inspired by the endless anime she had been watching of late, Buffy had signed off on it. The worse that could happen was She might start talking In Japanese.

Willow took one look at the petite moppet, decided immediately to darken her hair and clothes, and made an odd request. "Don't tell Xander what you're dressing as … at least not yet I want to see the reaction."

It was not long in coming. Xander showed up at the house, took one look at Dawn, and screamed, hitting the floor. Willow's peals of laughter echoed off the walls for a solid fifteen minutes while Xander rubbed his chest to get his heart started again.

Buffy was mystified. "Could you explain this one."

"Xander met a new friend the summer you were…away."

"Oh really?"

"She was staying with some family she had in California before heading back to Hong Kong. Naturally she met Xander and they hit it off like normal "

"Ah she was dangerous and Xander didn't notice."

"Even better she developed a passion for him."

"Ah did the widdle girl have a crush on Xander?" Buffy asked in a baby doll voice. "That is so cute."

"That little girl put a guy in hospital for laughing at the way I was dressed."


"She broke his arm in places I didn't think It could be broken."

"Well I'm sure you're perfectly safe now I mean what are the chances she even remembers your name "

"She sent me a postcard." Xander pulled it sadly from his wallet. "She talks about us being happy together, how she talked to her boss about me and that the boss just gave herself a big promotion. Willis did some checking the police suspect that the company she officially works for is connected to the Japanese Mafia -- the Yakuza."

"SO you are telling me that a psychotic school girl with connections to the Japanese Mafia has a crush on Xander. Willow you are so bad."

"Are you kidding me, he got her postcard and was asking for Getting Out of Town Money. How could I resist when I saw what Dawn wanted to do to herself."

Xander looked miserable which made Willow start giggling again. "She has a big party to attend then she ships out on the first plane out of Tokyo. She sent a picture of the place." He said nervously

"The House of the Blue Leaves; Sounds nice I wonder, what kind of party it will be? " Buffy asked while looking at the garden setting in the picture.

"Knowing Go-Go it will be killer."

The End