Ummm…Xander? Can we talk?

Author: Illiandyandra <Illiandyanndra[at]>

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> Willow and Xander did a lot more than just kiss

> during the Fluke, and now Willow is beginning

> to notice the consequences. After a nerve

> wrecking visit to her doctor (accompanied by

> Buffy?), Willow calls Xander over to her house

> to tell him why she won't be trying to get back

> with Oz anymore:


> In about seven months Xander Harris is going to

> be a father.


> So, any takers?

Pairing: Willow/Xander mention of Willow/Oz and Xander/Cordelia

Rating: NC-17

Disclaimer: Of course we all know that anyone you recognize probably belongs to Joss and his gang, not to me cause I'm just a teenage dirt bag, baby.

Spoiler: Umm up to and a little past Lover's Walk. Probably will include some Dopplegangland references.

Chapter 1

Willow was bewildered, she just couldn't fathom, couldn't understand what the doctor was saying. The most coherent response she could manage was "HUH?"

"Miss Rosenburg, you are pregnant. About six to eight weeks along based on the date of your last period." The doctor said matter of factly.

Okay, I'm trying to get this. Really I'm trying so hard to get this, but I've had sex exactly one time in my entire life. And yeah okay it was legendary and like the stuff of romance novels and erotica. But still it was my first time…hymen and all. I've read the medical journals, its almost statistically unheard of for this to happen. Somehow I've gotta be the statistical abnormality that ends up pregnant after one sexual encounter. I mean that's, that's just not fair. And hey don't you need like regular periods, before you can get pregnant. Mine-mine is so messed up I have to carry supplies like 24/7 and all the time." Willow stammered. She had only made the appointment cause she had been feeling like hell for two weeks straight. Tired and cranky and sick at the oddest times. She had assumed that she was anemic, not this.

"Miss Rosen-Willow, look. Yes it is actually rare for one to get pregnant from ones first sexual encounter, that has to do with a lot of factors that were not in play according to what you, yourself just said. You are pregnant. Now I'd suggest that you let your parents know as soon as possible. You should also tell the baby's father sooner rather than later." Seeing the look on Willow's face and completely misinterpreting it the doctor sighed. Willow I cannot force you to tell the baby's father, or even your parents. But you felt enough for this boy to give him your most precious gift, you should be able to discuss this with him."

"Look…telling X--the baby's father is not a problem. As for my parents I doubt they will ever need to know. I doubt the will even notice should the come home anytime in the next 9 months. So tell me what do I need to do?" Willow said morosely.

The doctor nodded in affirmation, but began her usual shpeal anyway. "Well since you are over the age of 16 and this California, not Carolina you have three available options. You can choose to terminate the pregnancy, but should you choose to do so the procedure must be done in the next four to six weeks. Should you not choose this avenue, we do provide adoption counselors. There is of course the other option of keeping the child." The advisement was given by rote though the doctor already had a good idea of what his young patient 's decision would be.

"No abortion. No adoption. This baby is mine and I'm keeping it." Willow's resolve face was adamant.

The doctor again nodded, but he felt compelled to ask, " Miss Rosenburg, are you sure that you have to support its going to take to-" Willow cut the understanding doctor off. "Yes I don't have to worry about that I'll have all the support I'll need."

The doctor led willow through a few more tests, including an ultrasound. After this he gave her a large supply of prenatal vitamins, and sent her on her way, with an appointment to see him again in one months time. Willow reemerged into the lobby to find a now completely impatient, pacing Buffy. However the look on Willow's face convinced the blond slayer not to say a word. The girls walked to willow's house in silence.

When they reached the redhead's bedroom, she passed her blond friend a small white greeting card looking thing. "Baby's First Photo." Buffy read aloud. "You're…but how can you be. Well I know how but I didn't know you'd -I mean come on how could you, and not tell me. When are you---how are you gonna tell Oz. Buffy asked.

Willow squeaked, and shook her head. Her face was flame red. She was blushing over every inch of visual skin. She said quietly. "Not Oz."

"Not Oz." Buffy said incredulously. "Then who…well not who…cause I know who…but I thought all you guys did was kiss, and make with the footsies in science and the library. Oh my God-oh my God…this is great. I mean really I know bad, bad Buffy. But I can't help it. You guys are so destined. I mean completely meant to be. You and Xander go together like chocolate and nuts, like peanut butter and jelly. Like---okay I'm out of things that are meant to be together, but whatever they are that's you and Xander. So," Buffy sat next to Willow on the bed and hugged her close. "What are you going to do now?"

"Well, first I guess I need to be honest with everyone…and I need to do this right. Well as right as I can at this point. So I've gotta talk to Oz, first. I need to let him know that while I'd still like to earn his forgiveness, it can't be through us being a couple that way anymore." Willow sighed.

"Fine but you'll do this at the library or somewhere where I can't be there. -" Buffy began quietly.

"I'm sure that I'll be fine. Buffy I don't think the library is a good idea. We'll need quiet and solitude. I don't want to embarrass him, or anything." Willow returned sensitively.

Buffy stayed silent. The slayer was thinking. Uber-quiet Oz may be pushed too far by the news Willow was probably going to share with him and Buffy was damned if Willow would be alone when she told him. But the blond knew she was going to have to out sneak the very honest Willow.

The girls continued to talk about Willow's plans. What the redhead wanted to do. Neither girl even once considered the other two options the doctor had recommended. Eventually Buffy's need for gossip got the better of her. "Okay, I've been really good. I've waited an whole two and a half hours. I'm gonna pop if I don't get details. I mean the whole world knows about my first time. Please-please. Look you have a slayer on her knees begging. Please tell me. At least give me the other three Ws, oh an d how it was would be great." Buffy pleaded.

Willow rolled her eyes-though she had to be honest. She was proud of how long Buffy had held out. She thought back to that day. She and Xander had been studying. "Remember that chemistry test we had the week before Spike kidnapped Xander and I? Well he came over for the studying and-" Willow blushed. Her voice trailed off as she relived the wondrous experience.


They had managed to study for almost an hour before they gave into their desire for each other's kisses. Willow managed to get them back on track with a reward system. For every half hour of studying Xander got 2 kisses. And after 2 hours of studying she would give him a sample test of five questions and a bonus. If he got them all correct they could kiss for 30 whole minutes.

"30 minutes of uninterrupted Willow smoochies, guilt free?" Xander asked for clarification.

"Yup. Not a single we should be studying. No but we shouldn't. Just pure kissage for an entire half hour." Xander told her to hush so she could concentrate. He took his time and when finished, Willow checked his work and was shocked to find that he had not missed a single one. "I guess you just needed the proper motivation to facilitate factual recall." Willow cheered as she and Xander met in a kiss. The two teens kissed deeply. Xander's hands found their way into Willow's hair tangling it in his fingers.

He reveled in Willow's unique taste and the silken feel of her skin and hair. He removed one hand and began to stroke her cheek and neck. Soon his free hand had moved down and was cupping Willow's firm breasts. Willow moaned into his mouth, and arched into his palm. Her hands moved from where they rested around his neck to float down over his chest and settle on his thighs.

The heat of her small hands that close to his burgeoning hardness made Xander shiver. He smiled against Willow's lips. He extricated his hands from their pleasurable endeavors to wrap around her trim waist and lift her into his lap. Sharing another smile. Xander and Willow returned to sharing kisses. Soon hands were inside cloths. Shirts were opened and removed. Xander stood and moved to the bed; never letting willow free from his grasp. The two youths cleaved to each other. Undressing themselves and each other in distracted fashion. When Xander's naked, rigid flesh settled against Willow's wet softness, the two friends realized the exact situation they had maneuvered themselves into.

"Umm-Wills-we should stop. Wwwwe should get dressed." Xander moaned and moved a little against her silken, moist labia.

"No. I want this. I want you. I kinda need you to be my first. I need it to be you. That's the way it's always been in my mind, you as my first. Me as yours. If we don't-well you know-continue…then Oz and Cordy will end up with what should belong to us…ya know?"

Xander rested his forehead against Willow's as he held his weight off her, their only other physical connection mocking the more intimate one they were discussing. "Yeah, I know. I always kinda figured you'd be my only too though. Besides I don't have anything."

"Xander even Sheila says that it is a statistical abnormality for a virgin to get pregnant on her first time. So we should be okay. Besides it-" Willow's voice trailed off.

"Just feels right to do this now. I do know." Xander smiled, and returned his attention to Willow. Rolling so that she was on top. Willow started kissing Xander again, smiling as she felt his hands roaming over her back and cupping her ass. He ground his pelvis into hers at their joining. Willow was loving the power seat. She leaned up and let her nipple graze Xander's kiss swollen lips. Xander teased her with taunting licks, and nips where she wanted his attention. Finally he latched onto one sensitive nubbin, suckling it gently.

Willow moaned and felt herself growing even wetter. She slid up and down against the rigid length of Xander's manhood, careful not to disturb his mouth on her breast. They rolled once again; Willow loved the feel of Xander's larger body surrounding her. Xander's questing hands found Willow's springy mat of cinnamon curls. Gently threading his fingers through the matted hairs, Xander accidentally brushed against Willow turgid clit. The redhead Cried out in pleasure, so Xander did it again.

When she gasped out his name Xander knew he had to hear that sound again. He alternated pressure, and played with the little nub until Willow flew apart in his arms. Before he could think about it, Xander slid a thick finger into Willow's clenching, climaxing tightness. Carefully he began to thrust with one finger until he heard willow breathlessly beg for more. H pulled away and licked his finger clean. Willow whimpered at the erotic sight. Xander smiled at her sweetness and returned his hand to her thrusting with two fingers this time.

Xander figured that as small and tight as Willow was he should help her out by opening her up a little with his fingers. But when she could take, Willow was through with his gentleness. "Xander I want you now. You not your fingers." She demanded. Xander, as usual, listened to Willow. He moved completely over her and guided her tiny hands to his erection. Willow guided him into her. The thick head was worked forward and butted against her now weakened hymen. The tight, wet heat and feel of her hands touching him where he'd only dreamed were simply too mush for Xander add in the fact of what was taking place and Xander came. He came quickly and fiercely.

He started to freak out and apologize, until he realized that his hard on had not diminished. Xander leaned down and kissed his Wills deeply as he pushed forward, past her maidenhead. He pushed onward. He finally bottomed out at her cervix and both friends moaned in satisfaction. Xander's hands found Willow's hips, and he began thrusting. Willow was completely unselfconscious with Xander. She allowed herself to enjoy the sensations and build on them. Her hands roamed over both their bodies, tweaking his nipples and her own. She leaned forward and licked his nipples, smiling at his growled encouragement to do it again.

Xander loved how responsive Willow was. He could feel her tightening and clenching around his penetrating and retreating member, as she had his fingers earlier. He hunched down and tugged at her nipples with his lips alternating back and forth until Willow screamed out in a more intense pleasure than any she had ever before known. Xander roared out as he thrust completely and forcefully into her and joined her in the maelstrom of sensation. Each throb and pulse of Xander's orgasm served to intensify Willow's and each sucking wet grasp of Willow's intensified his. Until both lovers collapsed in a heap of arms and legs, completely and gloriously spent.

***End Flashback***

This all replayed through Willow's mind as she decided how to answer Buffy's questions. "Well he came over here to study, so of course it happened here. And well it happened cause we knew we had to be each other's first and well it felt like then was the perfect time. And as for how it was…well lets just say I can see why it could be described as perfect happiness. And that is the reason I ended up well you know. First times are pretty much universally awkward, and uncomfortable. Very few female virgins, experience the level of preparedness it takes to make their body a hospitable environment for sperm." Willow had gone a bit into teacher mode.

"You mean like in biology when the teacher said that very few sperm survive the trip to the egg?" Buffy asked confused.

"Yeah that's it exactly. Well the main difference I think anyway is that they didn't have very far to swim and well I was really, really well prepared." Willow admitted Blushing hard.

"Way to go Xand." Buffy teased. The blond noticed the time. "I've gotta dip Wills. I've gotta patrol and then make it home before Mom freaks." The two girls said goodnight and Willow started the hard part.

The next morning Willow woke and after making sure she laid still for about fifteen extra minutes to allow her stomach to settle, she started her day with a warm shower that helped even more. Fortunately it was a Saturday, after starting her vitamins, Willow sat down with a pin and pad and started planning. Willow was determined to do several things, and for all of them she'd need something she had never before used. Willow went to the safe in her parents room and removed the document they had had drawn up for her several months before. At the time the emancipation documents had been like a knife to her heart…but now Willow was glad for them.

Quickly booting up her computer, Willow found several choices for her next step. She also e-mailed her parent's lawyer, he had been keeping several software brokerage agencies off her back for a while now and she decided that it was time to deal with those as well. She knew that she needed to take better care of herself, so she did something else she usually preferred to do with out.

In the grocery store, Willow quite honestly got overwhelmed. Fortunately, Joyce had decided that Saturday morning, before Buffy or Dawn woke was the perfect time to hit the store herself. The older woman ran into Willow in the produce section looking frazzled. "Willow…what's wrong?" The mother figure of the entire Scooby Gang asked concerned.

For some reason Willow burst into tears and found herself quietly blabbing the whole story to Mrs. Summers. Joyce smiled sympathetically. She had expected something like this. Willow and Xander just had that spark that one only sees in the most devoted couples, those destined to be. Perhaps this was quite simply fates way of punishing the teens for not adhering to her dictates. Joyce helped Willow pick out foods that would be good for her and the baby. Willow went home afterwards, though Joyce made her promise to come over for dinner. But first Willow had to talk to Oz.

Setting up the meeting was easy. They were going to meet in the park before Dingoes practice. It was a little after dark but not late enough for any of Sunnydale's more dangerous citizens to be out and about. After trading greetings, Willow began the heavy process of relating the change in their relationship. "Oz. I'm still very sorry about hurting you, and I doubt you will ever know exactly how much I need your forgiveness about all that happened. But I don't think that we can be a couple anymore." Willow said hurriedly. "Though I hope one day you'll feel comfortable calling me your friend."

Oz's cool exterior and usually laid-back demeanor warred with his inner wolf. While Oz's had been sure that he'd never be able to fully forget what had happened between Willow and Xander, he felt cheated by the fact that willow was robbing him of his revenge. She was supposed to grovel, and beg him to forgive her. Then he was supposed to graciously forgive her but always have this in his back pocket to use if ever really need a get out of jail free card.

The wolf sensed something that was only adding to his anger. He wasn't sure what it was feeling other than rage at being rejected by its chosen mate. The fact that the reason for her rejection was in fact a lesser, in the eyes of the wolf, being did nothing but increase the dangerously high sense of fury. "So what you are saying is that after all you've been doing to get me to take you back suddenly you think we'll be better off as friends. And what may I ask brought about this change of heart. Did Xander finally get the hint that Cordelia won't have anything to do with him? Did he decide since he can't have her, you'd do? And you're gonna just run to him? Be his second choice? My God how fucking stupid are you?" Oz roared.

Willow's eyes filled with tears. "Look I understand that you are upset. And you have a certain right to be but-"

"But Nothing. I'm right aren't I? You are going back to that bastard." Oz's voice was hard and cold. "I'll be damned. Yeah well know what. Fool me once shame on me fool me twice and shame on you, you fucking tease." Oz's eyes bled to the feral yellow of his wolf. He advanced on Willow, with murder on his mind. The wolf felt that since the human approach hadn't worked, the grab what was his and just keep it train of thought might succeed.

Oz's hand closed on her upper arms with bruising force. He pulled back and slapped Willow with enough force to knock her to the ground, had he not held her arm. Unfortunately the two actions combined to create more damage. Willow's shoulder popped out of joint, and her cheek started to swell and bruise immediately. The petite redhead had only one thought and that was to protect her child. She drew in a deep breath and forced her energy together, she used her inherent powers to push Oz back into the table. Before the werewolf could step back forward he was confronted by two creatures he never wanted to see: a completely undeniably enraged Master Vampire and a thoroughly pissed off Slayer.

Angel started to pound the smaller creature as Buffy went to check on Willow. After popping willow's shoulder back in place, the girls watched as angel dropped the boy with a snarl. "If Buffy or I catch you anywhere NEAR Willow, I'll impale every joint you have with silver nails. She doesn't want you. I told you when you started seeing her what I would do to you if you ever hurt her. Did you think just because the soul was returned I wouldn't keep my word? And know this I will do things to you for hurting her that even Angelus would revel at. You can take way more punishment than a regular human…I could play for months before I had to finally kill you."

On the way to Joyce's Angel took a moment to help Willow with the pain since she could take nothing for it. Angel focused on Willow's pain taking it into himself through the connection forged by the soul restoration spell. With the pain gone Willow was able to focus enough to do a glamour to hide the bruise springing forth on her cheek. She also returned to rational thought. "Oh My God! Guys what if Oz goes after Xander?"

Angel gave Buffy a look and smiled at Willow before disappearing. He made his was back to the mark to ensure that Oz hadn't headed anywhere near Xander's home. After that she set up a watch outside the boy's home until it was near dawn. While Angel was ensuring the safety of his friend's love, Buffy and Willow were enjoying dinner with Joyce and Dawn.

"So Willow what are your immediate plans?" Joyce asked. She was careful not to let Dawn in on Willow's secret. It wasn't her place to decide who knew, only Willow could make that decision.

"Well there is this program I developed a right after Buffy moved here to keep track of the demons we've come across and the best and quickest ways to kill them. It is the background software for the demon database I'm creating now. Anyway it has a lot of very practical applications too, and Microsoft has been trying to buy it since career day. So I figure I can probably wrangle a few hundred thousand out of them…though Mom and Dad's lawyer says I shouldn't settle for less than a million. But what do I need with all that money. Anyway this way I can still do college and not have to worry too much about well anything. My parent's file emancipation documents after my last hospital visit so that they wouldn't keep getting called when I get hurt in the line of duty. And oh of course tomorrow I've gotta have a talk with Xander…cause well he and I need to talk." Willow wasn't sure what Joyce wanted Dawn to know about her predicament, so she though she was babbling away, she was still careful to not make a direct reference to the fact that she was a little bit preggers.

"You really should have that talk with him as soon as possible Willow. It won't help to put it off. He loves you. I'm sure that he will be there for you no matter what. Now are you going to stay in your parent's house?" Buffy asked.

Willow smiled slightly. It amused her that everyone thought she was worried about telling Xander. Okay she was a little bit but that was just because she knew him. His first response would be to drop out of school and get a job. That was why she was making sure that she had to money problem taken care of first and foremost. This way they would both be able to finish school and take care of the baby. And attend college, and then get REAL careers, rather than work too many small pay jobs that would keep them from being the type of family neither of them had ever had.

"No, Buffy, I want out of that place. And Goddess knows that I'm gonna need to get Xander out of his once everything hit the fan. But I don't want to make that kind of decision alone…you know. So I'll just wait until after I talk to Xand." Willow smiled.

"So when's the baby due?" Dawn asked impishly.

"Dawn Andrea Summers!" Joyce said sternly.

"What? I hope you guys didn't think that code was unbreakable. I mean really the only reason Willow would need money and to move out of her parent's house, when they're never there in the first place, would be to set up house on her own. Reason for that is to strike before her parents come home and try to play 'we're oh so disappointed' Willow's never done anything the least bit disappointment worthy so hence she'd gotta be pregnant, cause you guys were trying just a little to hard not to say something, only time that happens anymore is about sex. Hence Willow must be pregnant. And since Buffy wants her to talk to Xander so bad, and we all know Willow wouldn't do that with anybody else, I know that Xan-man is the baby daddy. Simple. Gosh and ya'll are supposed to be so smart…well except Buffy." Dawn finished smugly.

"Dawn Stop thinking so much. Mom tell Dawnie to stop thinking so much?" Buffy whined.

"Nope, I told you that when you were in that questions all the time faze when you were three and I swear you never started again." Joyce teased. The four women laughed and teased until it as time for Buffy to go on patrol, despite much beseeching Willow decided not to spend the night so Buffy walked her home before her pre-patrol check-in with Giles.

Willow looked at the clock. If she called right now she could probably not only catch Xander awake, but also shock him silly. She dialed the number without having to even look at the phone.

"Hello?" Xander answered the hone with a question. No one called him anymore not since Willow had stopped after Oz and Cordelia caught them in the factory.

"Hey Xand. How are you doing?"

"Willow?" Xander asked incredulously.

"And who else would it be calling you at exactly 9:45 PM on a Saturday night? Just teasing I know you have full reason to be shocked…but here I am calling you. And hoping that you won't hang up on me; not that you don't have fully reason too. I mean no touching rule, and not calling you like I know I should all add up to a very bad Willow-Shaped friend. And I'm very, very sorry. But I'd like a chance to make it up to you. Com over tomorrow morning at 10:00 and I'll make you your favorite breakfast." Willow taunted.

"Does this offer include chocolate chip funny shaped pancakes?" Xander rejoined.

"With Chocolate syrup, fresh from Hershey." Willow added/

"Consider me there. But now for the 20 million dollar question, why?" Xander's voice was quiet, worried. He couldn't take anymore bad news.

"I need to talk to you and I want to do it over breakfast. But Xand, don't worry I think you are gonna like this breakfast more than any you've had in about a month." Willow smiled into the phone.

Xander sighed in relief and smiled. After saying good night he signed off and turned his radio on and for the first time in over three weeks, Xander changed the station from the country station it had been stuck on since the day Willow told him that all her parts had to be reserved for Oz.

The next morning Xander was up earlier than he can ever recall being up on a non school day morning. He was awake, showered and dressed by 8:30. With over an hour to kill Xander began to contemplate the other times in his life he could remember being so excited he couldn't sleep. Amazingly enough all said instances involved his redheaded best friend. The first that came to mind, and in fact the earliest was the second day of school. Xander had dreaded the first day of school and had overslept hoping his mommy wouldn't make him go. But after meeting a small little red head girl with purple Rainbow Brite overalls and the prettiest, sweet smile ever. Xander was awake before his parents the next day.

The next clear memory was of the first day of sixth grade. Willow had been gone the whole summer. First she was away at computer camp, and then with her parents at some conference for exceptional children. The Rosenburgs hadn't returned until late the night before, so Xander hadn't seen his best friend in three straight months. He was in serious Willow withdrawal. That morning he'd gotten over to the Rosenburg house so early that only Ira had been awake. Willow's dad had laughed at Xander for twenty straight minutes before making the boy help him fix breakfast, chocolate chip pancakes with chocolate syrup.

Those were just Xander's two favorites. By the time he'd catalog their entire friendship it was a quarter after 9 and he could reasonably leave for Willow's. Granted he was still half and hour early but Willow had anticipated this and was finishing up as he entered the back door. "Morning Will-o-mine." Xander greeted her snagging a piece of bacon, before settling himself at the breakfast counter. The two friends chatted seamlessly as they ate. Xander sensed something big was hovering but he knew Willow wasn't there yet. Not ready yet to discuss what was on her mind so he let her have most of breakfast…until he noticed that all she had to eat was a fruit salad, some toast and juice and a huge pill. "Um wills…what's up with the barely there meal…and why the horse pill?"

"Well that's part of why I wanted to talk to you…but first I need to ask you something, and I need you to think before you answer it. I need you to be completely honest with me Xand. No holding back. No half-truths. Do you really want Cordelia back and if so why?" Willow asked quietly.

"I wanted her back so that it wouldn't hurt so bad that you were with him. That you chose him. So that it wouldn't hurt so damn bad that I'm not what you need, not good enough. Plus I know that Cordy will help me punish myself for my sins. For being so sure that we'd end up together that I pushed you into his arms." Xander knew the reasons by heart. He'd been asking himself this question for weeks.

"I chose him because I was so sure that you wanted her. I chose him because I couldn't live with myself having hurt him. I had never caused anyone the type of pain I saw in his eyes that night. I didn't think I could just ask for forgiveness without going back to him, being with him. But I never truly loved him. If I had I could have never done what we did that night with you. You said then that you always though I'd be your only…did you mean that?" The honesty filling the room was shattering…but blessed.

"Yeah. I never really wanted anyone else. I mean of course I've looked but no one was ever going to mean to me what you mean. No one was going to be to me all that you are…so. Yeah I meant it." Xander smiled.

"Okay. Then we have tons to talk about." Willow made Xander help her clear the table and load the dishwasher before she led him to the living room to finish their talk. "Alright remember when I said that it was almost a statistical impossibility for a female to get pregnant from her hymen loss?" when Xander nodded Willow continued. "Apparently that is less to do with the physiological and more to do with the psychological." Willow knew that she wouldn't be able to make it through this if she didn't keep to technical terms. Her face would explode…she'd just have to translate after he get the point. "Well first of all there is the fact that very few young males care whether their partner has reached a point of readiness to make sure that the least amount of pain happened at full penetration. You see of the when the hymen is broken it can hurt so much that the female looses lubrication; the sperm die in an inhospitable environment. The other factor is usually that even with couples that have been married for years, and all is a go with the lubrication aspects, the sperm have to travel pretty far and they die or are killed off before they ever reach the cervix. So no babies…in our case neither of those factors were in place…hence baby." Willow finished breathlessly.

Xander sat completely still for several minutes…trying to wade through the whole babble, cause to him it sounded like Willow just said…but that would mean that and she was. "Umm are you trying to tell me what I think you just said?" Xander asked almost incoherently. "Yeah. And before you pass out listen." Willow went on to lay out all her plans and exactly what she wanted form him.

"Alright so let me get some things straight in my own head. A, you are gonna me a Mommy and I'm gonna be a Daddy. B, you are selling some of your computer stuff so that we can continue in school and everything as planned. C, you want to move out of here and into your own place and you want me to move in with you. But would we I mean are we gonna be roommates, or family?" Xander was unsure and then an even worse thought hit him. "You aren't going to be with me just cause I knocked you up are you?" Xander's eyes took on a feral light.

"No! Alexander Lavelle Harris. I'm sitting here telling you I love you and we are gonna have a baby and all you can do is accuse me of -whatever it is you are accusing me of?" Willow just didn't have the words for it.

"Wills. I know you, you would never deny me my child or what I wanted but you sure was hell would deny yourself. So what I'm asking is are you putting my best friend and the woman I probably love more than is sane, last in this equation?" Xander returned testily.

"No I'm not. God I should have known you would be boneheaded about this. I was worried I was going to be shoving all of this down your throat and now you are trying to make me out to be some kind of martyr." Willow was exasperated.

"You are giving me everything I've ever wanted, granted a little early but still, pretty sure I'm set for life now. You know that I know how your mind works and you didn't expect me to worry that you are giving yourself the shaft. I know you too well. You have probably been thinking this in circles since you found out so give me a minute to get back to rational thought." Xander paled considerably as everything finally soaked past his feelings of unworthiness, "Willow," he sighed; his voice small, "we're gonna have a baby?" He asked and promptly passed out cold.

Chapter 2

The next few weeks were wonderful. Willow and Xander talked about everything and got it all straightened out. The Rosenburg lawyer managed to get Willow a very tidy sum for her software package, despite the fact that it took Buffy, Xander and Joyce two days to take offer she felt was much too high. The only blight was the fact that after her and Xander's first talk she'd fallen asleep, and her glamour had dropped. Xander saw the bruise on her cheek and quickly discovered the reason for it. He'd been secretly plotting something ever since the thing that had her really worried though was the fact that he seemed to have buried the hatchet with Angel in order to pursue this endeavor together.

Willow tried to get Buffy to help her dissuade the two allies from their course, only to find her completely on their side. "No Willow, I will not tell them not to do it. I don't know what they've got planned but the second the bastard laid a hand on you He became number one on my hit list…and that puts him above Spike and Druscilla, you are lucky I'm not helping." Buffy was adamant and supported by Joyce and Dawn.

Then came the time Willow was actually dreading. You see telling her own parents didn't faze her. She no longer cared what they thought. Yet the idea of seeing the disappointment on Giles face was enough to send her crying to the restroom. She had passed one half of the hurdle in a grocery store the morning after the doctor had given her the news. Joyce had been wonderful ever since, but telling Giles was bound to be less than pleasant. She found him alone before school one morning. "Giles, you know I think of you as, well as a dad; right?"

"Yes, Willow, and I think of you, Buffy, and Xander as my children." Giles smiled fondly. "Now what bad news do you have to tell me?"

"What, What do you mean?" Willow stammered.

"I know my children well. If Buffy has bad news she comes in yelling it at the top of her lungs. She rather thinks of it like taking off a Band-Aid…best done quickly and all at once. Xander, he will stammer out several bad jokes before finally coming to his point and you, my dear, you feel the need to pad, before you deliver the blow. The more crushing the blow the more sweet the sentiment." Giles cut her off before she could argue. "Now, now, I'm not saying that you don't think of me as a father figure. I know all of you do. But Willow, if you feel the need to say it then you are deathly afraid of what my reaction is going to be. Correct me if I'm wrong but does this have anything to do with why Angel and Xander are actually cooperating on something, or why they came and got my silver tea service, warning me that they'd have to replace it later, I'd never get that one back?"

"Giles, how could you…you know what they are planning?" Willow gasped.

"Oh yes. You see I'm the one who helped them devise most of it. Did you really think I'd not see the wolf punished for hurting you?" Giles tut-tutted, his eye gleaming in a very Ripper like fashion. "Now, what did you have to tell me…and I'd also like to know why did one of my daughters enter this library two weeks ago, with a bruise the size of the British Isles." Giles, the father, was back.

Willow confessed all, leaving the main reason for her visit for last. "And the reason I had to talk to Oz that night, the reason I had to break his heart is because…well, Xander and I are gonna make you a grandpa." She rushed when she came to the end of her explanation.

Giles sat flummoxed. He couldn't believe what he'd heard. His mouth worked furiously, but no words came out. "Well I must say that I'm surprised. I'd assumed that if I ever had to have this conversation it would be with Buffy. " Giles smiled. He could see the fear on Willow's face. "Don't worry my dear. I'm not angry. But I must admit I'm even happier with what Angel and Xander have planned for that damned wolf." Willow and Giles talked abut what plans she had made and how she planned to implement them.

Willow' hormones had begun to make a starling appearance. With them running rampant in her body the sweet shy hacker had become something much more menacing. That day Willow had the unfortunate luck to run into Cordelia in the crowed cafeteria. "Well, well if it isn't the boyfriend stealing little hacker-whore." Cordelia's voice was scornful, and full of malice. "I hear Oz finally came to his senses too. So how does it feel to always be second choice?"

"I don't know Cordy…how does it feel. I mean after all Xander was mine from kindergarten. So if anyone was second choice that would have been you." Willow turned to walk away, Cordelia grabbed her arm incensed. Unfortunately it was the same arm that still hurt form its earlier dislocation. "Touch me again and I will tell every one in this room the truth about you. I'll tell that about how you've all ways been so jealous of me that you've done everything in your power to take or break anything I ever had that you wanted. You stole my crayons cause I had the bigger box, you lead Jesse around by the nose just cause he was my friend and not yours.

"The only thing I ever had that you didn't get or break was Xander… but in the end you just had to have him too didn't you." As Willow was speaking her voice got steadily colder and louder. "You are a bitch Cordelia Chase. But this time I've got something you can't take or break. Something that is an always be mine. You may have had Xander's kisses, but you never had his heart. And you never had what has always and will always be mine. You see you may have been his girlfriend…but me I'm his Wills." And with that Willow turned and stalked away. She didn't even notice that Buffy had climbed up in her chair and started clapping. Loudly; all the Cordettes victims quickly joined her. They had been praying for years for someone to finally stand up to the Bitch Queen of Sunnydale High and Watching willow do so, was a legend that would be passed from nerd, to dork, to fringe outcast, to Goth for a very long time. For you see one thing everyone in that cafeteria, be they popular or outcast, was thinking was that Willow's words had a certain ring of truth to them.

Now the last thing Willow needed after her run in with Cordelia, was to have to deal with Oz. For the most part the werewolf had been adhering to Angel's edict that he stay the hell away from Willow, but today, he'd noticed that Xander was absent and seeing Willow without Buffy provided Him the opportunity he'd been hoping for. "Hello Willow, " Oz began amicably. Willow looked around. She knew Xand has gone over to Angel's to get ready for what ever they had planned for the wolf and she had left Buffy behind in the lunchroom.

"Ah, ah, ahhh no guard vamp. Its daytime. The idiot and the slayer are nowhere to be found, so it's just you and me." He growled.

Willow sighed internally. She had given this boy so much more credit than he deserved. She truly thought Buffy was being silly when she'd said Willow should meet with Oz where she could be there, but he'd proven the blond correct. "Oz, please don't cause a scene." She tried.

"Don't tell me not to cause a scene…you leave me to go to that loser and you expect me not to get upset about it. And now to find out that you gave him something that was rightfully mine!!!" Oz had finally figured out what the wolf had sensed that evening. Two distinct heartbeats coming from his girlfriend. Now since he'd never had sex with her, he knew the child had to belong to that bastard Xander. Oz's inner beast growled.

"Nothing that belongs to me is rightfully anybody's but my own." The red witch was starting to get angry, very angry. She could feel the anger coming off her ex, and knew he had something in mind that was going to hurt her child and she would be damned if he caused any harm to her baby. Her powers were starting to rise in her and were broadcasting throughout the school. "And as such if I decide to gift it to anyone I don't see where that is the least bit your business."

Oz drew himself to his full height and drew back. Only to have his arm caught in a punishing grip. "I'd suggest you rethink that action before you force me to do something you will most assuredly regret." Giles stormed. "Willow go to class." He directed the slight teen. "Mr. Osbourne and I are going to talk a nice enjoyable walk down to Principle Snyder's office. Well enjoyable for one of us." Thus saying Giles wrenched Oz's arm painfully behind his back, making sure that the boy's fingers were all the way up to his neck for optimal pain.

Willow tried to feel sorry for Oz, but could only feel sorry for Giles; the librarian hated Snyder, and knew he must really love her to force himself to have to deal with the little troll. Willow smiled despite everything, it was wonderful to know that she had so many people who loved her, and she knew she had told the doctor the truth. With or without her actual parent's involvement she had all the support she needed.

Willow had even more support than she had known. Jonathan had seen the interaction between Willow and Oz escalating, and run to the cafeteria and grabbed Buffy and dragged her down to where Giles was marching Oz down to the office. Buffy sighed, she could only think that she would be very glad when Angel and Xander finished with the werewolf. In fact the blond slayer smiled evilly. After making sure that Willow was okay and in class, Buffy dipped to the library and dialed Angel's cell number. She was unsurprised that Xander answered, Angel was probably still asleep. After relaying what had happened, she had to hotfoot it to make it to class herself.

As per her agreement with the all the male Scoobys, Buffy walked Willow to the summer's home after school, of course the two girls had to stop and an pick up dawn on the way. The sleep over was a huge success and managed to keep Willow's mind off what was taking place at the Crawford St mansion. However the same could not be said for Buffy…the slayer kept smiling at inopportune times, just thinking of what all Xander and Angel had planned.

The guys had decided the best way to get Oz alone was to lure him, and considering the hatred the wolf had begun showing the best bait would be Xander. The dark haired youth knew that Oz would underestimate him. The musician didn't know about the hyena possession, or the solider memories and no one knew that when he really needed it…he could call on them for a little boost. Xander stood outside The Bronze after Dingoes Practice. He smiled when the smaller boy came out. He saw the exact moment that Oz caught his scent. He kept just out of sight but made sure the wolf never lost his scent. And like a dog with a bone Oz took the bait.

When he realized how close they were to Angel's mansion Oz tried to back off only to find it was too late. Xander had doubled back behind him and when he say the doubt cross the wolf's face he decided to take matters into his own hands. He knocked the wolf out with a fist covered by silver plated knucks. Xander smiled as he hefted the boy up and took him into the Mansion where he and Angel went to work.

After stripping off his shirts and chaining him to the wall Angel woke Oz with a vicious slap to the face. "Well you certainly aren't the smartest wolf in the pack are you tossbag. I tell you that if you hurt Willow I'll joyfully drive silver nails into every joint in your body, and yet you have the gall to not only to hurt her, but to do so with impunity. I tell you not to go near my friend, and yet as soon as you can catch her alone what do you do? I gotta tell ya Oz seems to me you have something of a death wish." Angel said contemptuously.

"We've been made to promise that we won't leave you unable to walk, procreate or breathe…but I'm thinking that's not something you should be thankful for cause let me tell you it still leaves us a whole lot of room to play." Xander laughs balefully. He laid out his tool for the evening. The silver gleamed in the light.. Oz's gulp was audible.

"Xander I don't know about you but I think we need to make sore that he remembers that a real man never hits a woman." Angel snarled. 'Well unless its for their mutual enjoyment…but that's neither here nor there."

"And no body lays a hand on My WILLOW!!!" Xander roared. "She was mine first. And just because you finally came out of your pathetic stupor doesn't mean shit." Oz said defiantly.

"Willow has been my best friend since before either of us has a clear memory of it. She is my world. She is my everything. There are no words for how vital to my life she is, but you, you tried to take her away from me. I now you Oz. I'm probably the only one who really knows what it's like to share space with an animal. I know better than anyone what would have happened once she started to bleed. Your wolf would have kept hitting her until there was nothing left but meat. You would have robbed me of my reason to live. And you know what…I'd have had nothing left to loose. And let me tell you Oz. The only thing worse than a cornered animal…one with absolutely nothing left to fear, nothing to loose." Xander's laugh this time was manic, and chilling. Oz shivered in fear, and for the first time he realized exactly how much he'd underestimated the other man.

Xander picked up a long silver needle. He smirked at Angel and slowly slid the needle through the wolf's left nipple. Taking a ring form his tray as well, he slipped that through behind the needle and used a small soldering iron to fuse the silver ring through it. The wolf would be unable to remove it with out actual surgery. Angel repeated the process on the other side and completed the process by also piercing the boy's navel as well. The silver was a definite aggravator right now and ensured that the piercings would always be painful, especially as he neared the full moon.

Angel laughed; he could hear the gears in oz's brain turn as he tried to figure out what else they had planned. He picked up a double-edged silver dagger. Moving behind the boy he began carving something into Oz's back. While the vampire worked on his art work, Xander picked up a small at of nine tails, that had embedded silver barbs at the end, and began his assault on Oz's chest and stomach, all the while berating the were wolf for daring to try to take away his world. Despite his care to keep the solider under control, the man inside, had lost his chance at love and was more pissed than Oz could ever have thought to become, at the thought of it happening to this boy who'd inadvertently given him a new chance to experience the life that he'd had cut so very short. The main reason Xander had tried so hard to keep the solider out of it is because, much like Angelus, the special ops solider had too much training at inflicting the most amount of pain for the least amount of action.

Xander popped his neck as he laid down the cat. Using his bare knuckles, he began to systematically beat the hell out of Oz. Once done he picked up a small hammer and systematically broke every bone in the last two fingers of Oz's pick hand. "There now you can still play your guitar, but I don't think you ever be happy on a cold or rainy day." The smile on Xander's face made Oz flinch…though he could only see it through the one eye that wasn't swollen shut.

Behind them Angel finished his portion of the evening's work. The delicate cuts hurt like a son of a bitch and were done in such a manner that they were sure to scar. The fact that the scars were created with the fine silver blade ensured that even shifting wouldn't heal the scarification. "Well Deadboy I think he has enough reminders…what do we do with him now."

"We take him to a well lit area and call him an ambulance. Or we can slather his back with salve bandage it up and drop him in his van… Vamps shouldn't be able to get to him there and by the time he'll come too and gets treatment it will be too late for them to do anything for his back…and probably those fingers." After sharing a telling glance they went with plan B. When Oz made it back to school he wouldn't even walk down a hallway if he caught Willow's scent on the air.

The next morning Willow and Xander had appointments with several apartment managers looking for a place that could be theirs. Unfortunately Xander was so picky about what he considered safe. It had to be third floor or higher to be safe from humans, he wanted a security system in place for the whole building, and on and on. Willow just wanted someplace nice with at least three bedrooms, and more than one bathroom.

By the time they found all that they needed It had taken three weekends, and visits to every apartment complex anywhere close to the right side of town. Willow had really gotten into the whole idea of having far more money than she needed, and after taking care of her larger projects like tuition for herself and Xander and furnishing the Apartment, she took a small chunk and bought Xander a used SUV. She knew he'd have killed her if she had bought him the decked out Forerunner she'd seen him drooling over on the TV so instead she got him an older model. That would serve their needs well.

It had taken Xander a whole lot of fast-talking to convince his parents to emancipate him. They may never have been happy with him but they sure didn't want him happy with out them either. By the time they got moved in completely, it had leaked out about Willow's condition. And Snyder became the new problem.

"Miss Rosenburg will have to transfer to the reformatory school. There is no way we can allow her to become a negative influence on the rest of the student body. She could very well corrupt more of the students." The self-righteous principal said, smiling snarkily. He'd have preferred it if it had been the Summers girl but striking at her best friend would have to do for now.

"You sanctimonious little bastard. Willow Rosenburg is a credit to this school. What do you think will happen if it leaked out that you pushed the girl slated to be her classes valedictorian, a full grade point above her closest competition, mind you, out of the school for something that every other school in the country finds quite normal." Giles was seething. "Not only that but if you don't think this will bring the Pro-Life lobby down on your smarmy little head think again. A young girl finds herself in this situation, and decided to give her child life, carry it fully to term and you feel the need to punish her for that despite the fact that she had the cleanest record this school has ever seen. Despite the fact that she is the best student in the entire school system. Oh yes. I can see it alright. Now only will you have the Pro-lifers here, but you'll have the National Organization of Women here as well. Seeing as how you plan to only send Willow and not the father of the baby as well."

"Good god man its not like we know who the father of the baby is. " Snyder said incredulously. "I doubt she even knows who the father is."

Giles stood slowly and walked out of the office. He slammed the door so hard that the glass pane in the door shattered. He walked down the hall to the library, calmly proceeded to grab up his favorite short sword, and returned to Snyder's office. The little ferengi was yelling about how he'd have Giles's head for the disrespect. When he spotted the librarian he began berating him for his actions. Snyder didn't see the sword…but the school secretary did. She grabbed the intercom and Asked that all members of the Library club report to the office immediately. The way she yelled it had all the Scoobies running down the hall at break neck speed, even Willow.

What they saw left them all speechless. Giles had Snyder backed against the wall one hand wrapped around the smaller man's throat. The short sword still pointed down, but Ripper was fully in play. The principal was turning blue.

"Yo G-man…why don't you let the troll go and remember that you are British…stiff upper lip and all…leave these crass displays of violence for us Americans." Xander tried.

"Xander do shut up." Giles said without turning around.

"Can you at least tell us why you are choking the man?" Willow asked calmly.

"He made a comment that should have never left his mouth." Ripper snarled.

"And from your reaction I'm going to guess that it was about me, Buffy, or Xander?" hoping the dialogue would get Giles back… unfortunately it simply reinforced why Ripper had come to town to begin with.

"Nasty little maggot, it's about time I did this…been wanting to since the night Kendra was killed." His grip did loosen, Snyder had started to pass out and Giles wanted him awake. "Now care to say that to the gels face?" he shook the smaller man a bit.

"Miss Rosenburg...get him off of me and I'll let you continue to go to school here with your friends." Snyder offered.

Willow smiled. "Oh I know I'm going to continue to go t school here with my friends. And Giles will continue to be the librarian as long as he decided he wants to. You see Snyder…I'm not called the smart one for kicks. I'm always thinking. Ever since I found out about the baby, my lawyers have been waiting for you to try to push me out of Sunnydale High. I don't think you will be at all successful."

Buffy had come up beside Giles. "Pissing off the British librarian with the misspent youth is just not a smart thing to do, gosh Mr. Snyder…I'd have thought you'd have figured that out by now."

Xander's face lost all of its obvious amusement as the principal threatened Willow. "And just what did you say about my Wills. That made the G-man all cranky." Something in Xander's stance visibly changed. The school secretary stepped back and silently begged Snyder to keep his big mouth shut for a change. Of course the little man was far too cocky for that.

"When Mr. Giles threatened to bring The NOW into the school should I seek to transfer Miss Rosenburg alone, without punishing the father of the child as well, I simply pointed out that I found it doubtful that the little slut even knew who the father was." He said defiantly. The secretary just hung her head at the man stupidity.

The room was silent for several tension heavy seconds. "God above you have to be to most astronomically stupid person on God's green earth." A new voice broke in from the doorway. "You have no idea how funny that statement is from you who thinks that the cheerleaders are here as nothing but an escort service for the football and basketball players. The very man that would turn a blind eye to sex in his office if it involved a student athlete." Cordelia's voice was scornful, and derisive. She had started helping with the slayage again when she found out that Willow was strictly on research. Things were still tense, but she did what she felt she had to do to survive life on the hellmouth.

"Every body in this whole school knows whose baby that is. Hell you probably know, and were just trying to provoke Giles into doing something you felt you could fire him for… well congratulations. You're seeing something very few people get to see and live; a pissed off Buffy and Xander and a resurrected Ripper. Hope your life insurance is caught up cause now the only people who could have talked him out of killing you right here are really, really pissed off at you." Cordelia saw Buffy and Xander calm back down to where there was some hope of them talking Giles down, so she threw one last parting shot. "Oh and Principal Snyder; if you were of firing Giles. Don't. Or I'll have the entire squad before the school board about your thoughts on proper team motivation, before you can say pimp." Cordy left as suddenly as she had arrived. Anything else she could say would only hurt Snyder's case more.

"Ah, yet another strike against you. Eh Snyder? I think its time that the parents find out exactly how you think your little dictatorship should be run here at Sunnydale High." Giles let the little man slide to the floor. He turned and grabbed Xander before the boy could do anything to get himself expelled.

Oh and by the way in case it hasn't dawned on you, I'm the baby's daddy and if I ever hear you say anything that derogatory about my Wills again. They will never find all the pieces." Xander was livid. His usually rigid control on his temper had been fading as more and more people took it upon themselves to judge Willow, when truth be told she was one of the few girls in their class who hadn't been giving out their wares to every Tom, Dick, and Harry that smiled at them twice. But also part of it was that Xander seemed to be experiencing the more emotional responses of the pregnancy

Buffy took care to accidentally kick the coughing man on her way out of the office. She staged a trip over him that ended with a well-placed kick that cracked one of his ribs. Gathering Willow, she walked the saddened girl back to class. Giles still had a fierce hold on Xander to make sure that the boy didn't return to the front office. Once he'd seen them safely back to class, he watched smiling as Xander took over comforting his pregnant partner.

The next few months for the Scooby Gang were actually rather quiet. Demons were avoiding the hellmouth and even all the resident vamps had hushed up. News had gotten out that the slayer was, while not exactly on the warpath, she wasn't pulling any punches, and with the arrival of Faith there were two highly trained, very deadly women patrolling Sunnydale. Buffy had decided that she could no longer play with her slaying she needed to be a bit more focus, and not let any baddies that came across her path get way from her. She feared that the demons would go after one of the Scoobies, and hurt Willow. So she cut out all but the most basic bantering and for a change seemed to take her training more seriously.

The newly arrived Faith was such a help to Willow, the dark slayer had known so many teenage mothers, and was a big help to Willow especially after the redhead's parents finally found out. The Rosenburgs made a special trip to the hellmouth to berate, and deride their daughter. Faith was over helping Willow and Xander decorate the baby's room while Buffy had dragged Giles, Joyce and Dawn shopping for things she wanted in the room…including a Mr. Gordo Jr.; when the Sheila and Ira arrived. Sheila seemed to take it as a personal affront that Willow had dared allowed such a thing to happen. Faith took great pleasure in ensuring the woman that it was in fact all her fault, just by being an absentee, lackadaisical parent. This endeared faith to Willow and Xander, cause out of respect for the parents Ira and Sheila had been when they were growing up, neither of the, had had the heart to say what was in the back of all of their minds.

Xander had been working on Willow for months. He desperately wanted to be married before the baby was born, the only problem was that Willow just couldn't seem to find the belief in the Judeo-Christian ideal of marriage. In the end Willow and Xander decided on a simply hand fasting ceremony, that ended with the signing of a marriage certificate. So they both got what they wanted.

Willow had managed to get Faith into a one bedroom two doors down from them and the slayer had settled in wonderfully. The gang still did all their research in the Sunnydale high Library, and not surprisingly it was there that Willow's water broke. Everyone accompanied the parent-to-be to the hospital, well; accompanied Willow, and carried Xander. The flood of water that signaled the arrival of his child kind of made the expectant father pass out. But fortunately, once they were in the birthing suite he fell easily into his roll as coach.

After the first few hours, marked by lots of pacing and harassment of the hospital staff, the Scooby Gang settled in to wait. After five Hours Buffy and Faith Left to patrol, and after seventeen hours everybody went home to get some sleep. Joyce dropped by the next morning, she just chuckled when Xander stuck his head out after being told he had a guest, he looked at the woman who had become more of a mom to him then the one had labored for twenty-nine hours to bring him into the world. Well she's beaten my momma's record. She just hit hour thirty. But she's crowned so they are thinking she will be done in the next little while. I'll call when we can have visitors."

Thirty-one hours after labor began, thirty-two and a half weeks after they had learned of her imminent arrival, and twelve years after their first meeting, Willow and Xander welcomed Jessica Verity Harris into their lives.


Faith was a great nanny taking care of Jessie, while Willow and Xander attended school. With the love and support of her friends, when the accident with Alan from the mayor's office occurred she found her way back quickly and never joined up with the Mayor. She and Buffy, along with the entire Scooby gang, defeated the mayor at graduation, and when Angel moved to LA, Faith went with him. She continued to be Jessie's nanny as Willow and Xander attended and graduated UCLA. She was retired as the slayer at 25, and met and married an architect from Xander's firm two years later. Like Buffy though the line no longer ran through her after the ceremony, Faith retained her strength and desire to help those who had no real defense against those things that went bump in the night.

Willow, Xander gave Jessie a little brother when she was five, Liam Rupert, and a little sister when she was eight, Alejandrina Hope. Willow became one of the foremost software designers in the world before she was 25 and Xander became a renowned architect. The couple continued to work with Angel Investigations, and the Sunnydale Scoobies and eventually they became the advisors for the next generation.

Joyce and Giles married when Buffy was eighteen, and had another daughter, Fidelity Antoinette. Toni was spoiled rotten but beloved by everyone. Buffy remained the hellmouth's slayer until she was 26, and Faith's ceremony activated Rona who took over allowing Buffy to settle down and have children of her own, Buffy took over training the new slayers as they came, at first helping Giles and then taking over for him. Dawn went on to become a fashion designer and a Fashion week regular on E.

Cordelia became Angel's seer after Doyle's Death and eventually his mate when Willow secured his soul. She gave birth to Conner Angelus Kieran, the miracle child and eventual Destroyer. Angel turned her when she was 28, and Willow ensouled her.

Between The Scoobies and the Fang Gang, the war between good and evil remained balanced for a very, very long time.

The End!