Unseen Forces

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>>>>>This part is taken from Vampire? Where? By timewisher<<<<<

Whistling a merry tune Xander drove down the highway out of Sunnydale.

He was only slightly worried about the gang, but since it was middle of April the chances, even on the Hellmouth, of an apocalypse from demons was slim to nil. Seeing the sign approaching Xander withdrew the katana that Giles had had him take for protection. Raising the sword out the window he swung hard, shattering the wooden post that supported the sign.

"Ouch! They never tell you how much that hurts in the movies!" Xander said, rubbing his hand and arm. He reached over to the passenger seat and grabbed the map. "Let's see.." Xander mumbled to himself. "Next stop LA, then who knows where." A few hours later

Xander pulled into a tiny motel on the outskirts of LA and shut off the engine.

'Great! Another little rundown hole in the wall.' he thought to himself as he got out of the car. Just before entering the building he heard the sounds of a struggle coming from an alley behind the motel. Pulling a stake from one of the holders he had built that attached to his arm, he took off down a side street towards the alley praying he wasn't to late. As he came around the corner he saw two vampires that looked like the could have been professional lineman in football, except for the fact that they looked dumber than rocks at the same time. Xander launched himself into the vampire that was about to drain a girl, and managed to get his stake up just before impact. The vampire just stared at the stake dumbfounded as he dusted while his companion came up and lifted Xander up in a hold that crushed more then a few ribs of the young man.

"You killed Cliff! I'm gonna turn you and then kill you painfully!." The Vampire roared in Xander's ear. With that said, and before Xander could make a decent quip he tore into Xander's neck and began draining him. Meanwhile the vampire took one wrist and slit it with a claw before placing it at Xander's mouth. "Drink." It told him. Xander's subconscious sensing fluid drank greedily, however the subconscious was not the only thing drinking. The Hyena as well as the soldier, both of which had never left just been suppressed when the magic ended, added to the force of Xander's sucking. The vamp, sensing it was time to let up, tried to move his wrist only to have Xander's hands grip his arms and hold the wrist there. "Wha...?" The Vamp said dumbly as Xander finished sucking and fell down dead. The vamp watched as the area around his wrist turned a light gray before disintegrating. The disintegration gained speed as it consumed more of the vampire's body. A full minute after Xander's heart had stopped a coating of ash covered his body.

A few minutes later dark blue electricity could be seen leaping around where the vampire had drained.

In Hell

A Blood demon, the ones that inhabit vampires, watched amazed as a portal opened in front of him. He was over 10,000 years old, the oldest Blood demon, and with the amount of power needed to bring him across it would take the whole amount of vampiric blood transferred to do so. Wondering who would make such a mistake he walked into the portal. He knew with the powers he had gained over his life that he could take out a slayer without flinching, not only that but he could completely disregard the memories of his host as well allowing him to keep his accumulated knowledge of demons and magic.

Back on Earth several hours later.

Inside Xander's body the demon was asserting itself. It found the Soldier and Hyena and, after taking their knowledge and powers threw them out of the body. It then began changing Xander's body, enhancing his senses as well as increasing the power of his muscles. The bones were made strong enough to survive even a skyscraper falling on him and the quirk in the boy's energy flow, that caused so many spells to go wrong with him, was corrected allowing the vampire to use magic in Xander's body. It was after it finished changing Xander's body and adding its knowledge to Xander's brain that it stumbled onto something unexpected. There in front of the demon was a giant ball of energy that was Xander's Quickening. The last thought as the Quickening consumed the helpless demon was 'OH SHIT!!!' . The Quickening, satisfied that the invader was gone, went to work. The Quickening was now much stronger due to its consumption of the Blood demon, this being in addition to the amount of power it had accumulated before Xander had left SunnyDale simply from the sheer energy put out by the hellmouth. It left the changes and knowledge the demon had left behind, with the exception of adding its own power to what was there, further adding onto Xander's physical abilities. It then set up its power of regeneration with the vampiric one, giving him the ability to come back to life from anything but decapitation. The Quickening, having finished sent the energy to restart Xander's body and mind then retreated to its own niche in Xander's body.

>>>>> My Story <<<<<

"Oh shit! That heart!" Xander mumbled as he started going over the memories of the night before and during this process found out that he had all of the knowledge of the soldier and of the demon.

So while reviewing them he found the information on different types of magic. He also found out that he had access to all of them, thanks to the Blood demon. However after some reviewing he found that he originally belong to the most basic and wekest of all of the magical users. However, this same group also produced the most powerful types of magic users Arch-Mages and War-Mages. Moreover, after some quick experiments he found out that he was an Arch/War-Mage, the combination so rare and dangerous that the last time, his memory supplied him, one walked on earth the slayer was created, and demons were driven off, from this dimension.

Up until this point Xander has been to occupied to remember that he was supposed to have been turned. This changed….. "Oh shit, shit I have been turned!" ' Hmm, no pulse or breathing. Yup, super strong and fast. Heightened senses all vampire traits........... .... wait the sun is shining right into my eyes and" he looked at his chest' " my cross isn't burning me" Xander once again went into his memories and after searching himself thoroughly he found out that he had no demons present in his body. "Yep, still got my soul."


After that Xander just walked in silence for few moments until he reached his car "Aw hell my vacation is shot to hell might as well head back." So he got in to his car and started driving back towards SunnyDale.

While driving he decided the first thing he should do was go to Buffy's, and see how his favorite redhead was doing.

Cut to Buffy's Home

Buffy felt her slayer-sense go crazy right before the knocking. Looking through the peephole she saw Xander their smiling. She felt a hot rage envelop her as she thought of the demon inhabiting her friend. She grabbed a stake, and flinging the door open, shoved the stake into a surprised Xanders' chest.

"Buff.." Xander said. "That hurt! Please remove it." He gasped out.

"Xander? What the..? Oh no!" Buffy ripped the stake out, thinking she had just killed her best friend, not a soulless vampire. However what she didn't expect was for blue lightning and the vampire healing to start on the hole she had made. Xander, while healing, had fallen to his knees. "WILLOW!" Buffy screamed down the hall to their friend. Willow's door flung open and Willow came stumbling out. Seeing Xander she rushed towards him but 20 feet from him her head exploded in pain.

Seeing Willow collapse to her knees at the same time Xander groaned, she was torn between seeing to which first. The decision was made for her as Willow's and Xander's eyes met and the feeling both had felt faded.

"What the hell was that?" Willow asked. Suddenly the feeling returned.

The demons memories surfaced again providing an answer.

"Will this is know as a Quickening" Xander is over flown with information concerning Quickening, Immortality, Game, his eyes roll in and he faints.

Some time later when he wakes up to a very distraught Willow looking at him, he smiles tentively "A guy can get used to such treatment" he tells her.

Willow absentmindedly swats him and when he pretends to be heart she begins to mumble.

Half an Hour Later

Xander having proven to both Willow and Buffy that he was fit decides to explain. "Willow what you felt when you got near me was my Quickening. We feel it every time one of us gets near another of our kind."

"What do you mean another of our kind?"

"We are not human or to be more precise we are not like the rest of humanity we are immortal, as we can die but we will not stay dead for long. There is only one way to kill one of our kind permanently and that is beheading."

"What?" squealed Willow

"You heard me the only way for one of our kind to die permanently is if we are beheaded. That brings me to next part of what being immortal means. Almost all immortals no all of them play in what they call The Game. The Game is no laughing matter it has it's rules and one of those rules is that ones you have been challenged you have to options to run or fight, if you run the challenger will most likely hunt you down and some are sick enough to go after you mortal friends and family. Once you accepted the challenge nobody can interfere and they are always one on one those who break the rule are generally hunted down and destroyed by other immortals. Next rule is that you cannot fight on holly ground the last time that rule was broken was in 69AD"

"Pompeii" asked Willow

"Yes, and the final rule of the game is 'Their Can Only Be One'" Xander finished then took a breath "Now for the truth The Game is nothing else than a convocation created by demons to distract the immortals and keep them busy and away from their affairs. I know magic's that can help us keep our identity a secret. However, you will still need to learn sword play, so if you are interested lets spend the next month and half practicing that and magic, by the way I found that their was a spell lost three thousand years ago witch when cast negated the addictively of wican magic."

While nearing the door preparing to leave he suddenly stoped and turned around "Buffy I hope you haven't told Giles about my situation" "No, why do you ask?"

"I just don't want to explain it to him and I don't want him to know yet about me or Willow. Ah, I almost forgot the most important part about Immortals Willow."

"What is it?" Willow asked in fearful voice

"We are foundlings nobody know where we come from."

"So that means that you are adopted" Buffy piped in.


Over the next month Xander taught willow everything he new on about sword play and other martial arts stiles from around the world. As well as teaching her the magic so by the end of May Willow was a Wizardes as well as Master of all martial arts ever practiced on earth as well as Grand Master of about a third of them. They also practiced in how to block their buzz and after a quick excursion into L.A. where they observed aurous they created their own which hid that they were anything else other then normal humans from everyone.

End of May SunnyDale Haris Residence

It was the last day's of May when Xander while going through mail noticed that one of the envelops was from England, from somebody named Mr. Vernon Dursley. Ah, yes he remembered meeting them and their son, Dudley, during one of the family infrequent Christmas get together about four years ago. He also heard about, Petunia's sister child, what was his name, ah yes Harry Potter, who was supposed to be in St. Brutus's Secure Center for Incurably Criminal Boys, only allowed to return home during summer. With guardians like that it was a good thing the boy haven't run away yet.

He opened the letter using magic and quickly skimmed through it. Ah yes they were complaining that in few weeks their nephew, that intorible and incorrigible boy, Harry Potter will be coming back to live with them for the summer. And on and on and on.

After resealing of the letter he decided that a brief excursion would be good for him and Willow as well as allow them to see how their defenses would stand up under close scrutiny of the real world.

Latter that same day Willow's Room

"Let me get it right, you want to go to England to see how well we will do in the real world" asked Willow "Yep that right, as well as I would like to see if I can find anything new to expand into"

"Xander during the last month you went from having just ten grand in your pocket to having an economic empire worth how much at the last count, was it five billion or was it six billion dollars" asked flashed Willow

"More in the region of about fifty billion" answered Xander sheepishly

"And it is completely 100% yours, so what else do you want" Xander blushed And looked at her with the puppy dog eyes.

"Xander stop it I want fall for those puppy eyes"

"Willow I would also like to visit my distant relatives that leave their"

"Weren't it you who said that immortals don't have biological parents so how can you have relatives if you don't have parents" Xander looked even more sheepish

"Willow Please!"

"Oh all right, and if I know you, and I do say I know you, you would have our tickets ready. So when are we leaving?"

"In about two weeks, but we will have to stop by, in New York and Paris, I need to check on some of my businesses. Lets say about a week in each city."

"Oh, okay"

Two weeks latter New York, New York

New York was a breeze they found one immortal, he ran an antique store "Nash Antiques", but he did not recognize them for who they were so after sightseeing they packed and left at the end of the week.

Paris, France

Here their was many immortals, however they were undisturbed for the most part as nobody could sense their buzz.

London, England N.4 Privet Drive

They arrived around 9PM at that address and before they went up the drive to knock on the door they looked to make sure that this was the correct address. Therefore, they noticed the fine magical weave that surrounded the house.

"Do you see it" Willow asked Xander

"Yes I do, let me see why is it their and if it can detect us" Xander concentrated for a moment and then his futures relaxed "Ah, I see" was his only response.


"It is a protective net so that nobody can harm somebody who lives in that house and if I am not mistaken the occupants don't know about it. And I think it is better that way."

When they knocked at the door the door was opened and a very angry Mr. Dursley said "It past time you got he….." the rest of the sentence was lost

"Who are you?" he asked as soon as he regain his equilibrium

"I am Alexander Haris, sir, and this is my friend Willow"

"Ah yes, the Haris boy, what do you want. "

"Just came to say hello, is it a bad time, I can come back latter if it is inconvenient for you now" Xander blubbered loosing some of the self confidence he gained during the last two month

"Eh, come on in my boy, come on in"

They just sat down for a cup of tee when two boys come in, one of them matched the description Xander gave of Dudley and the other one had to be Harry "What's wrong Dudley, what happened?" his mother asked him

"He po po pointed th that th th thing a at m…me" Dudley stuttered

It was quit obvious that they had forgot about me and Xander when they started berating Harry who was trying to explain that it was not his fault when an owl flew in through the kitchen window with a letter tied to it's leg. Mr. Dursley started screaming that no owls were allowed in his kitchen. In all that was happening nobody noticed me read that or the other letters that owl had delivered that night.

After all had quieted down Xander playing dumb asked why did owl's deliver mail or something. You could have heard a pin drop it became so silent in that kitchen. After that they started telling the story that Harry was not going to St. Brutus's Secure Center for Incurably Criminal Boys but rather to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry even showed us his wand. The next day with the Dursley permission We, Xander and I, have taken Harry to Diagon Alley, actually he took us their. Xander was like a child in a candy store, in the end we ended up buying two Firebolts 2000. And a lot of different candy. However on the more seriouse note Xander asked about if he could open an account in that bank and after talking to the goblin in the bank he transferred one and a half million US Dollars, which is approximately one million British Pounds, into each of our account.

We were constantly in the Dursley's house with Harry, looking over his books and other ingredients. On another hand I hadn't stopped practicing my own magic and had reached War-Mage lever few days after our trip to Diagon Alley, while Xander, as he put, reached Warp-Mage level, at that level he could and did create his own magic, a day after that.

It was a few days latter wile we were visiting the Dursley's that they had to leave for some thing or other and we were left alone with Harry in his room when we herd something breaking on the bottom floor, so we went to investigate. What we saw was people who were dressed in the same attire as the wizards that we saw in the Diagon Alley. When we asked Harry who they were he pointed to one of them and said that that one was Profesor Lupin, he had taught them "Defense Against the Dark Arts" few years ago, and that he also was a friend of his parents.

When they asked him about us he had to explain and they said that it might be difficult with us in tow, so they asked us to leave, we said to them that Harry was a relative and that we couldn't leave him

"Who are you" asked Xander

"We are the Order of Phoenix" answered the one introduced as Mad Eye.