Web of The Scooby Gang

Author: Joshua <extraconfused[at]hotmail.com>

Continuation of the Spider-Xand series.


Buffy and crew come from the mind of Joss Whedon. Spider-Man comes from the combined effort of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

After dispatching the vampires at Sunday's nest. The Scooby Gang left to Giles' house. They all talked about what happened over the summer.

When Xander told the others about 'The Fabulous Ladies Night Club', they were all in shock.

Willow's jaw dropped to the ground. Oz merely raised an eyebrow. Giles was coughing.

Buffy just smirked. She already heard the story at the Bronze. And some day she would hear the rest.

When they reached Giles' house, Xander spoke up. "Look, there is something very serious that happened to me over the summer. And I will tell you once inside." Xander said sternly.

This had come to a bit of a shock for the others, except Buffy. However, the others did comply.

Xander sighed. "What I am about to tell you, will be a shock to you. All of you might want to sit down." Xander instruced.

Giles, Willow and Oz did as he instructed.

"First off, I'm not exactly as normal as I was. Buffy, would get my change of clothes out?" He asked. She nodded and went to one of his boxes. She brought him his 'spidey-suit'. He shows it to the others. "See this? This is what I wear every night to fight crime. Sure, you guys fight the forces of darkness. But, I fight the darkness inside humans. When I put this on, I become Spider-Man." Xander revealed.

All three of showed signs of shock on their faces. It was Willow who spoke up first. "I picked up some rumours on the Internet. It about this crazy guy going out and defeating crime. Defending the innocent. I thought it was Angel at first. But he was also seen at night. And he could do things that vampires and demons could not. He basically has the proportinate abilities of a spider. Are you telling us that you act like this guy, Xander?" Willow asked.

Xander closed his eyes and groaned. "No, Willow. I AM that guy. If you don't believe that. How about a demonstration of my abilities?" He asked. With that he jumped to the celing and started to crawl on it. He then shot a line of webbing to the chandeler. He dropped from the celing and landed on his feet. "Well, now do you believe me?" Xander asked.

"Yes, Xander, we believe you. Now, would you mind telling us how you recieved these abilities?" Giles asked in 'watcher mode'.

Xander began his tale. "Well, it all started at UCLA." Then he went on about he got his powers. The first manifestation. Him saving Buffy and then admitting their love for each other. "And that is all about it. Oh, there is one more thing. I won't be able to battle vampires and demons anymore. I have my own crusade to deal with. The one against crime in Sunnydale." Xander stated.

Giles smiled at Xander. "I am very proud of you, Xander. Not only have you grown into a man, you will also take back the streets." He extends his hand. "Good luck, Xander. If you need any kind of advice or anything, you can talk to me."

Xander cries. With his speed, he runs to Giles and hugs him. "Thank you, Giles. You have always been like a father to me. And again, thank you 'dad'." Xander admitting.

"You're welcome, my 'son'." Giles said holding Xander.

A question had popped into Oz's head. "So, Xander. Why did you start to fight crime? What possesed you to do that? I mean, why do this when you could be making a fortune? I know, I would." Oz mentioned.

Xander's tears of joy had turned to sadness. "I did. That's what I was doing at the night club. I was displaying my powers for $100 dollars an hour. Then one night, there was a bergurlry. Someone made off with some cash. The bouncer told me to get him. I responded that it wasn't my job. Then I heard a shot outside. I ran to see what had happened. Apperently, my Uncle Rory had come to visit. He.." Xander sobbed. "He got in the way. Tried to stop him. He killed my uncle. I loved him so much. He was the only one who stepped into stop my dad from hurting my mom and me. If I had stopped that guy, my uncle would still be alive. And now he's dead." Xander was crying like there was no tomorrow. "That's when I realized that I had to have an even greater responsiblility. One that would surpass my powers. I tracked him down. I wanted to kill him. Then I knew that if I did, I wouldn't be any better than that murderer. So, I just covered him in webbing. The cops found him and charged him with murder and theft. After that, I came back home."

Giles rocked his protege in his arms. "I am so sorry, Xander. And it is a great travesty that you learned that particular lesson the hard way." Giles said with a great sadness.

Xander sobbed. "You know what really kills me? My mother had told me that my Uncle Rory was my real father. I was responsible for my father's death." He cried even harder. "I believed that for a long while. Then, I met someone. He took me under his wing. Tought me how to fight properly. He also said that I was not responsible. That as long as I fight, my father's memory will live on. Since then my father's memory and spirit will live on in my heart." Xander had finished.

Willow asked a question. "Who was this guy? What was his name?"

Xander looked at Willow. "Whistler, he said his name is Whistler." He answered. He knew they were about to ask the same question 'Demon guy Whistler?'. "Same name, different guy. He was older than Giles. Grey hair, beard to match, and he wore a brace. He was stern, yet kind at the same time. He reminded me of Giles and Un...my father."

Xander looks at his watch. "I have to go. Crime is around 24/7. See you around tomorrow." He grabs his costume and walks outside.

Oz had a peturbed look on his face. "Does that make us his weblings?" The guitarist asked.

The others just laughed at the statement.


˜Ready or not, Sunnydale. Here comes SPIDER-MAN.˜ He thinks. He shoots a line up and swings around Sunnydale, looking for crime.