Welcome to hell

Or Why Headace and writing is a dangerus combination.

Author: John "Hatten" Carlsson <hatten_jc[at]hotmail.com>

This work of crapp pop up in my head after reading Bill comment about the mutch bether story Hell2/ if you like to see the insperation of this here the link.

I also stole some joke from Rowan Atkinson "Welcome to hell"

IF any one like to continue with this and do more joke and hellish punnishment on us readers feel free :)

Chapter 1
Welcome to hell.
Or Hi Angel

"Wellcome to hell i am you guide to eternal suffering. My namne is Lucifer but you may call me Lucy. Are there any custions ?"

Said the Dark man a man with a butifull but cruel eyes and large black wings.

Among the crowd a small bokish man manage to rise his and and ask a question. "Sir Lucifer"

Lucifer with a frindly smile. "I told you call me Lucy we try to keep thing Infernal but informal hear."

The man straigthen his up "Lucy i relly relly need to go to the toilet."

Lucy "You should have read the bibel this IS Damnation WITHOUT Relife"

The crow look a bit unessy at etach other with this relation. Lucy continue "Now if you could come this way i can lead you to you own Torment designer" Lucy said with a frindly tone

Angel look around he coulden belive it the lake of sulfor the Macdonals signs alaround and the flaming pits of doom. And worst Barny the purpul dinosaure dancing happely around singing songs.

Angel frown *Dam the bibel was right this IS Torture and pain*