What if?

Author: Johan Blomgren <finesweboy[at]hotmail.com>

Rating: Don't know but I will but out a warning if it goes beyond R.

Summary: What would happen if Cordelia wasn't the only girl in pain.

Category: F/X romance - maybe other ship will show up in some way or Another.

Timeframe: Starts at season 3 - Concequences

Disclaimer: BtVS characters are not mine I just write the damn story so please don't sue me.

Distribution: Go ahead but mail me just so I know where.

This is an attempt to do some good F/X fic but don't expect it to just happen it will but might take some time and the characters are not exactly the same as in the show.


"Oh god what have I done," Faith repeated to herself as she was lying in her bed trying to watch TV "They don't even try to see if I am alright because Faith the bad ass slayer must be alright."

There was a knock on the door and when Faith opened the door, she saw Xander standing outside trying to look at everything but Faith's eyes.

"What are you doing here shouldn't you be worshipping Buffy like everyone else?" Faith spat out with ass much venom as possible

Xander didn't hear or more likely ignored the venom in Faith's voice and simply said, "No sorry tried that wasn't as much fun as it used to be, can I come in just came to talk that's it." He finished a bit faster when he saw Faith's eyes narrow.

"Why would you want to talk to me about shouldn't you be around Buffy trying to get in her pants by being supporting when she is breaking down because of her murdering that guy." Faith tried to sound as sincere as possible even she lied throw her teeth.

"Yeah I heard that version of what happened and frankly I don't buy it because even as you don't think so I sort of know you and from what I have seen, you fight a lot more furiously than Buffy does which isn't a bad thing if you fight just vamps but it has the downside of slowing down the time it takes to recognise that the guy might not be a vamp,"

Xander said in a low voice as he stepped inside of her room taking a look around.

"And please come in want a bear while you're at it and what are you saying that I am a liar" Faith said starting of sarcastic and gradually becoming angry.

"Look Faith I don't really know what happened to you before all this and I don't know what you are dealing with now but..." Xander spoke with a small amount of regret in his voice.

"NO, you don't do you. You live your life with the little white fences and have NO idea what it's like out in the real world where you can be swallowed like that and I would like nothing more than to show you how it really works." Practically screamed at him just to shut him up, he didn't know what it was like to have the life she had so how dare he pretend to understand how she felt.

"Faith lis..." Xander tried to intertwine but was quickly shut up by Faith continuing rant like she didn't hear even hear him.

I... I wish you would have lived my life and I would have lived yours and then we can see how sane you would have stayed." Faith finished in a low voice filled with sorrow.

"Wish granted," a voice from nowhere came filled with hate for what had happened to Faith and since she was a wish demon for scorned women she had no problem sending a male to face the same things that faith had faced since she was a child.

And so the faiths for everyone in the Scooby gang and Faith changed some like Faiths for the better while others like Xanders changed for the worse.