What was my name again...?

Author: Malaskor <malaskor[at]t-online.de>

Rating: PG

Copyright: October 2004

Disclaimer: Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy own Buffy and all associated characters; the costume (revealed/namedat the end) belongs to Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman and Wizards of the Coast

Spoilers: Only if you don't know the Halloween episode, other than that none.

Category: Crossover, Double-Drabble (or something in that area)

Summary: Another Halloween short story - what a strange wizard to be found wandering through Sunnydale.

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Distribution: Xanderzone, Xanderhalloween, Twisting the Hellmouth and FF.net, all others please ask first, I'll probably say go ahead but it would be nice to know beforehand where my story ends up.

AN: This story is once again a bunny extermination action as the responsible bunny is getting in my way. In fact this one was spawned by the last one I exterminated with its last breath...

Chapter 1

The wave of chaos magic washed over Sunnydale and over Xander. When it had passed where Xander had been now someone else was in control and the costume had become reality.

The grey haired, bearded man was clad in mouse colored robes with a beat-up, pointy wizard's hat. He carried a plain wooden staff and several small pouches and a shabby looking, leather bound book hung from his belt.

His eyes were bright with interest as he looked around the street, inspecting the carnage that happened around him.

"Now that is interesting, I wonder which spell did that?" he pondered, tapping his chin with his index finger.

Before he could continue his musings about the magic he had detected a voice called out to him from behind, "Xander! Are you all right?"

He turned around with surprising agility for someone that old and looked at the ghostly redhead that approached him at a full run. "Why thank you, I am all right. But I don't believe that I'm a Xander."

After a short pause where he seemed lost in thought he continued, "Uh, I seem to have forgotten something. What was my name again?"

"Oh no, not you too," Willow muttered, then continued out loud, "You're Xander, don't you remember?"

Xander didn't pay any attention to her as he tried to remember his name, thinking loudly, "What was that name again? Fizbut? Furball?... Hah, now I know again, it's Fizban!"

Exhillarated from remembering his name he asked Willow, "Do you want to see a really wondrous spell? It's called fireball..."

The End
(this time for real...)

Oh and to spell it out: The costume was Fizban the Fabulous from the Dragonlance novels (War of the Lance etc. up to Dragons of Summer Flame - iirc)

The End