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Summary: Buffy goes on one date with the great white bore (Riley). When Faith comes to she's confused, not evil. Making her way to Buffy's she resolved to fix things. You might ask why Buffy gives her a chance, I say "IT DOESN"T MATTER WHY SHE LISTENS" with a dead on impression of The Rock. :) Oh, and Oz is still around when Faith wakes up.

Rating: NC-17

Authors Notes: This is my first attempt at anything remotely sexual. Please R&R and tell me what you think, surprisingly there's more then smut to the story :) should I continue?

Chapter 1
Wolfsitting can lead to...

Xander was sitting in the back of the Magic Shop watching Oz; Willow was busy so he had been 'volunteered'. Flipping through the Playboy he adjusts his erection, cursing himself for not taking advantage of Anya's offer. Looking up he gasped in surprise when he saw Faith leering at him, then Xander noticed Buffy beside her. The two Slayers were dressed in raincoats, Xander was getting more confused by the second.

When Buffy came towards him it seemed like she was gliding across the room, her voice was smooth like velvet seductively low. "When Faith showed up in my dorm room this morning I was surprised that I wasn't angry. We spent thee morning talking then we got... reacquainted" Xander was shocked when Buffy open his fly and slowly eased his cock out of pants.

//?????????????????????????// Buffy slowly started stroking his raging hard on, cupping his balls with her other hand. Faith walked up behind Buffy and started to caress her ass "Buffy was telling me about the love spell so we decided to re-enact it, with a few more creative changes." All Xander could do was stare as Buffy and Faith took off there coats, underneath they were decked out in lingerie. His mind completely blanked, the sight in front of him was almost too much, and the two goddess in front of him were slowly exploring each other's bodies.

Looking over at the cage in the corner, Ozwolf had stopped moving. All of his attention was on the two women in front of him. Xander had to laugh; even the Big Bad Wolf was stunned. Xander turned back when he heard Faith moan, they had moved to the training area. Faith was knelt in front of Buffy, her head buried in Buffy's crotch. Buffy had her hands in Faith's hair encouraging her that was enough for Xander. Running towards the pair he gently caressed Buffy tits while he ravaged her mouth, he could feel her moaning into his mouth.

Xander gasped when Buffy started stroking him again, it was almost too much for him so he pulled away. He didn't want to cum until he was inside Buffy, her mouth, her ass, her pussy it didn't matter to him. He had fantasized about all of them, and today it looked like his day had finally "cum". Walking behind Buffy he took off her bra, and cupped her now naked breasts. With his fingertip he lightly brushed her nipples, smiling when he heard her moan.

Leaning forward began sucking lightly on her pulse point; with his hand he gently pinched her nipples. Alternating between licking sucking and kissing he slowly worshipped Buffy's body, kneeling down he gently squeezed her ass. Xander loved her ass, spent many hours staring at it now he explored it. Prying apart her ass apart, he licked from her anus up to her back. Buffy was caught in a web of pleasure, being explored by two mouths was too much. When Xander started to lick around her anus, she exploded she felt Xander stand up again. His long hard cock was probing her ass, not seeking entrance just making it presence known. Meanwhile Xander was kissing and sucking her neck, roughly fondling her breasts.

Again and again she could feel her body peaking, she couldn't talk yet she could her herself babbling. Xander help hey stay upright, slowly she felt herself recovering form the most intense experience in her life. Turning around she attack Xander's mouth, pulling Xander down she whispered in her ear

"That was the most intense orgasm I've ever had, when you were licking my ass I lost it. The way you worshipped my body, made me want you even more. I've seen you look at my ass, have you ever imagined slowly sticking your cock up my ass?" All Xander could do was nod, the way Buffy was talking was driving him mad with desire. "Angel wanted to fuck me there, but he was a lousy lover. I'm going to suck your cock in a minute, while I've you in my mouth your going to eat Faith's pussy.

Smiling when he saw Faith sitting pile of boxes, with his hand in Buffy's they walked over to Faith. Taking her legs he rested them on his shoulders and inhaled her scent, all he could do was stare as he felt Buffy's tongue exploring the area around his groin. Faith grabbed his head and thrust him towards he arching cunt, hooking his arms around her legs he slowly explored her exposed lips. Moving his hands he began licking, using his tongue he memorized every contour of her amazing pussy. Inserting a finger he starting sucking her clit.

Meanwhile Buffy was doing her best to deep throat Xander, his cock was both thick and long. Relaxing her throat moved his cock into her mouth; licking the bottom of his shaft she could feel his entire body shake. Taking a breath through her nose she forced the rest of his cock down her throat, opening her mouth wider she licked his balls. Moving her head back about an inch she started jamming his cock in and out of her throat, caressing his shaft with her tongue she could feel him tense. Quickly she pulled him almost all of the way out she started sucking the crown hard; using both of her hand she stroked his cock fast.

Pulse after pulse of cum filled her mouth; she swallowed as much as she could. Dimly she could her Faith screaming Xander's name as his fluids flooded her mouth. When she could feel him start to soften Buffy took his entire penis back in her mouth. Sucking hard, fondling his balls she could feel him harden again almost instantly. Standing up she let Faith clean the cum off her face, she could feel Faith's tongue thrust into her mouth looking for more.

When Buffy stood up Xander let himself slide to the floor, he was stunned. Sitting, recovering finally after a few minutes he needed to know. His voice was shaky and a little hoarse. "Not that I'm complaining, but what did I do to deserve naked Slayer time?"

Faith and Buffy sat beside Xander, exploring his body with their hand. Caressing, fondling stroking they used their hand to make love to him as they talked. "Faith and I were talking, we realized we needed a man. After your little talk with me about Parker I began seeing you differently, I've been denying my self from my Xander-Shaped lover for too long."

Xander could feel Faith breath inches away from his cock as she spoke, the experience sent shiver up and down his spine. She was talking to his cock.... "We've decided to share you, Buffy and I thought this would be the best way to restart are relationship." When she was finished Faith took his balls into her mouth and starting sucking, her right hand pumping his shaft.

As Buffy took over the dialogue he took one of her breasts in his mouth, and fondled the other with his hand. "We thought we would see where the three of us could go, explore each other's fantasies. Lately I've been thinking about your long hard cock. You bending me over and slowly fucking my ass, in my dreams you gently make love to me. When I get used to the feeling, you begin to go faster thrusting in and out."

Jumping up Xander pulled Buffy up and pulled her towards the training horse. Bending her over he inserted his fingers into her dripping pussy gather the juices, slowly he put them one finger at a time into her ass. In one thrust he entered her ready pussy, letting his cock get used to her pulsing sex. "Do you want me to take you anal virginity, is that what you want Buffy?" He asked breathlessly

Breathing hard, anticipating the ass reaming Buffy just nodded. When she felt the head of his jutting cock slowly open he anus she gasped. Letting her adjust to the new presence, Xander sat with just the head of his cock inside. Holding his breath he knew that he could cum right now if he let himself, he could feel his testicles tightening. "God Buffy, it's soooooo tight. I've thought about this so many times, I never imagined you would be this beautiful naked. Your ass feels so good..."

Suddenly Buffy pushed herself back, impaling about two inches into her. All thought's scattered from his brain, leaning down he began kissing her back his left hand fondling Buffy's clit. After about five minutes he was ball deep in Buffy, gently fucking her asshole. Switching from fast to painfully slow, he willed himself not to cum. After about ten minutes he could feel Buffy's first orgasm hit her, yet he kept going.

Savoring the feel of himself enveloped by Buffy he was lost in a world of pleasure. Both of them had forgotten about Faith, she didn't mind she enjoying the show amazed by Xander's staying power. After about half an hour he felt himself about to explode, and then Faith tore him off Buffy and turned him around. Nibbling and licking his shaft she quickly cleaned it, roughly she pulled two inches of his ready to burst cock into her mouth.

When Faith started jerking his cock, sucking on his crown his world imploded. It felt like he was dying, his whole body felt on fire. Thrusting deeper into her mouth he let loose a flood of cum; almost overwhelmed she swallowed. After what felt like hours to Xander he finally came down, exhausted they fell on the floor together and fell asleep.

Chapter 2
The morning after...

When Oz woke up he could smell the sex, it permeated the air of the training area. Looking around it wasn't hard to figure out what had happened. Clothes was strewn all over, Buffy Faith and Xander were lying in a pile under some covers. He could hear the back door begin to open, yelling Oz told Willow not to come in yet. Confused Willow shut the door and said, "What's going on Oz, I've seen you naked before"

"We have a situation Willow, don't worry nothing deadly. Just extremely confusing, impressive and confusion." While they had been talking the trio of lover began waking up, slowly they got to their feet and gathered their clothes. Still rubbing the sleep out of the sleep out of his eyes Xander grinned as he unlocked the cage.

"Your stuffs by the couch Oz" To the amazement of both of them the Slayers were still naked, naked and enjoying an importune 69. Turning away Oz got dressed and walked to the door; looking at Xander he raised an eyebrow "Breakfast?"

Laughing Xander slapped Oz's back and walked out. "Good thing the store's closed on Sunday's. Even better that Giles is out of town for the week" Looking over at Willow who was inching her way towards the door, here expression curious //What could the two of them be hiding?// Oz took her arm and started walking away, Xander following close behind.

"Somehow I don't think you're ready to see what's behind door number 3" Stopping at the mouth of the alley Oz took Willows hands and kissed her. "They're some things Xander gets to explain to us, Faith's awake and in they're with Buffy."

They all turned when they heard Faith's voice "Let's do this in my apartment, turns out I own the whole building." Hand in hand the two slayers's made their way towards the rest of the gang, when they got to Xander they both took a hand and pulled him along.

As they started out for Faith's apartment Buffy let Xander and Faith go ahead, linking her arm with Willow's she wasn't surprised to she her friend was angry. "You need to listen to me Willow, I know that you don't like Faith. I think the mayor was controlling her with magic, when she woke up she was scared lost completely unfaith like."

"When she first saw me she started crying, I've never seen her that open before. I just held on to her and let her cry; my mom brought us into the living room. When Faith started talking she sounded like Angel just after he got back from hell, I couldn't ignore her suffering Willow." As she was talking Willow could tell Buffy was close to tears. Stopping she grabbed her and held on to comforting her.

Willow was surprised by the amount of emotion brought on by Faith's return. Her anger had been replaced by curiosity; if Buffy was this sure of Faith then Willow knew she had to give her a chance. Willow and Buffy were like sisters, like always she would trust Buffy and follow her lead. As they pulled apart Willow looked into Buffy's eyes and asked.

"There's something else you're hiding, Oz wouldn't have told me not to come in for that. What's going on Buffy?" Buffy blushed a deep crimson and looked away. When she answered Willow couldn't hear, Buffy Had barely made a sound. Oz heard though, and he began laughing.

They walked the rest of the way to Faith's apartment in silence; Willow knew that explanations would be made in private. She was beginning to understand what might have happened, just not why. For the past few months she had watched Buffy's feeling towards Xander change. Far from being upset, she was excited that Buffy had finally seen her friend like she used to. What confused her was how Faith fit into it, part of her animosity forth other Slayer was her lust for Xander.

When they went into Faith's they saw Xander kissing the back of her neck, turning toward Buffy she accepted to see her pissed off. She was shocked to see the look of desire and lust in her friends eyes, Willow was sure if they were alone Buffy would be joining the two. Sitting on Oz's lap 1000 questions went through her mind; all she could do was stare when the trio sat on the couch. Oz began whispering in her ear, explaining how he woke up. Telling her what his sense told him, he spoke how the room had spelled of sex. He told her that he could smell the trio's desire, feel their love for each other.

Faith was the first to speak her voice was thick with desire. "Giles told us yesterday that when I was in the hospital a team of Watcher's were there. They were there to gather evidence for my trial; they were the first ones to notice the spells around me. According to Giles it took all of the Watcher's Witches to break the curses, that's why they didn't take me back, why there won't be a trial."

Buffy took up the explanation "Giles left a tape for you. He told me to give to the two of you to play in private. I know that doesn't explain last night, that's going to be harder." While she was talking Xander got up and went to the kitchen. Looking in the cupboards he quickly realized the place was empty of food, picking up the phone he called the store.

Willow got up from her Oz-Chair and walked over to Faith, sitting beside her she took her into her arms and hugged her "I'm sorry Faith, I never realized... welcome back to the white hats" Her friends had convinced her, Willow knew she hadn't given Faith a chance before. Silently she resolved to make sure that they would become as close as Buffy and her. More then a group of teenagers and a watcher, they were her chosen family.

Looking at Buffy over Faith's shoulder she asked curiously "Is it true, did the three of you...?" Blushing her face almost as read as her hair she couldn't finish "Are you going to keep...?" Willow asked as she turned away in embarrassment.

When Buffy, Faith and Xander answered at the same time "As soon as we're alone again." All five of them started laughing, Willow didn't understand what had happened to make the strange trio of lovers, she accepted it though. She and Oz had done some pretty kinky things; talk about including Buffy was a common subject.

Chapter 3
Bedroom Olympics

By the time the groceries arrived the gang was in full form, Xander was teasing Faith, tickling her without mercy. Her laughter was light and music to his ears, it seemed to fill the apartment. Buffy was exploring the different rooms; the apartment was huge. The floor was made into four apartment connected in the center by the elevator. While Xander made brunch Faith explained her plans. The mayor had left her a sizable fortune; during his years planning his Ascension he had amassed a surprising amount of money.

Faith's plan was simple; she would split the money with them. She divides the fortune into seven bank accounts one for each of the Scoobies, and the seventh would hold the most. Giles had come up with the second part of the plan; using the Mayor's money and his contacts they would build a base in Sunnydale. Within a month all the tenants would be evicted, then the construction could begin. As they ate breakfast in silence, they all thought about the fact Faith never told them how much money. The question was in all they're minds, but none of them asked.

With a curious grin walked to one of the bedrooms, stopping a the doorway she said "The Mayor had all my rooms soundproofed" Pointing across the hall she looked at Willow "That's my guest room, extra sheets are in the closet." With that she walked into the room, minutes later her clothes came flying out into the hall. In seconds Buffy and Xander were gone, the door closed and locked.

Willow and Oz were shocked; they both knew they were lovers. The lust that they had seen shocked the two lovers. Willow grabbed Oz kissing him deeply, dragging her fingernails across his back. With on head he cupped the back of her head; the other grabbed her ass and rubbed her against his hardening cock. Growling deep in his throat Oz let Willow take control of the encounter, hoping she would let Mistress Willow out to play.

It had come out to play the first time in the summer; they had gotten into a strange fight. While they were arguing Oz had know it was a stupid fight but he couldn't stop it. They realized that they were making a scene, so they left for Oz's apartment. When they got there both had cooled, but Willow was in a strange mood. Almost ignoring Oz she went into his bedroom and locked the door, when she came out a few minutes later Oz was stunned.


Willow walked towards Oz; she was holding a small whip in both hands. When Oz had moved in she had hid a surprise, on a trip to LA she had seen a costume similar to Vamp Willows. She bought it immediately, wearing it now she left Oz drooling. Roughly she grabbed Oz pulling him into a kiss, with a passion Oz had never seen she mauled him with her tongue. Pushing him backwards into the couch, Willow straddle him grinding against him.

"Your mine Wolf, I'm Mistress Willow and your my Wolf" Reaching into Oz's pants she began squeezing his cock. "Your mine, when I tell you to kiss me you will. When I tell you to move, you move." Willow's voice had changed gone was her soft, mellow side; in it's place was her demanding side, filled with desire it was both louder and more compelling.

Oz was excited; his lover continually surprised him. Into the 'scenario' he understood his role. "Yes Mistress Willow, I am yours to order." He forced himself to relax, let Mistress Willow dominate the whole situation. Their argument changed into a long session of fucking.

*End Flashback*

"That's a good idea my pet, I always enjoy our playtime" Mistress Willow pushed Oz back and stood, pointing to the rooms she said "Go and find something to tie your up with, we'll have to improvise a bit. Sitting back down she waited with a small smile; Willow enjoyed dominating Oz.

When Oz came back he was hold several long silk scarves, lifting them in the air he asked "Are these what you had in mind Mistress Willow." Oz knew he was in for something special, Mistress Willow enjoyed... playing games. Whenever they had played this game, Willow came up with something new her magic often coming into play.

Walking into the spare room, she pushed Oz towards the bed. "Get naked and lay down and spread them, we'll do this with you tied down." While she tied his hands and feet she continued. "Your going to eat my pussy, I'm going to grind myself into your mouth. If you're lucky I might suck on your cock instead of just look at it."

Quickly stripping Willow mounted Oz pushing her dripping cunt into his face. Supporting herself by her elbows Willow face his hard on, more moaning then talking she said "I can see Little Wolf begging for attention." Grinding herself into Oz's tongue she felt herself approaching her first orgasm, taking his cock into her mouth he gently nibbled his crown. Pumping his shaft once she backed her mouth away from him and started moaning almost breathless she ordered him to continue.

Turning her attention back to 'Little Wolf' she quickly swallowed him to the hilt, teasing his shaft with her tongue ring. As she erupted into her first orgasm she gently squeezed his balls, taking Oz's cock out of her mouth she slowly licked the head. Turning around she impaled herself on his throbbing cock, she began riding him hard. "Imagine the three of them in there, are three friends are fucking in the next room."

As she rode Oz, she pinched his nipples painfully bringing tears to his face. Willow racked her fingernails across his chest, drawing blood. "Imagine the five of us, can you see yourself thrusting your cock into Faith's dripping cunt?" Riding Oz faster and harder she looked him in the eyes. He realized he was supposed to answer.

"Yes Mistress Faith, I want to fuck Faith hard. I can see you controlling Xander and Buffy." Oz had learned to obey her quickly, Mistress Willow liked to punish. "I can imagine you grinding your pussy into Xander's face, Buffy sucking his cock" They both could see the picture he had painted with his words, screaming they both came hard. Willow lay done on his chest, recovering and resting. They lay there for few minutes before Willow got up, opened the door and knocked on the other door.

Chapter 4
And the gold goes to...

Faith was standing by the door when Willow knocked; she was watching Buffy and Xander. Curious she opened the door, she was shocked when she saw Willow naked. Taking a closer look at her she noticed the change, Willow's whole attitude had changed, and she stood taller and looked determined. Pointing across the room Willow leaned towards Faith and whispered in her ear.

"I was playing with Wolf, riding his cock hard he can be such an animal. He's being a naughty pet, so I tied him up." Taking Faith's ass in both her hands, she gently massaged both cheeks. "Do you want to play with my Wolf, maybe punish him for having naughty thoughts about you?" Willow had everyone's undivided attention by then, no one had seen this side of her. Shocked beyond belief they all just nodded.

While Faith went and joined Oz, Willow sat on the bed between her two best friends. With her left hand she began stroking Xander's cock, with her other hand she started finger fucking Buffy rubbing her clit with her thumb. "You'll have to follow my instructions" Looking at Xander she said, "You'll be Lex and Buffy will be our pet Slayer. Lie down Buffy, you're going to let Lex fuck your tits."

Buffy lay down on the bed and cupped her breasts around Xander's throbbing cock, gasping with pleasure as he slowly fucked her tits. His cock was still coated in her juices, letting them slide easily between her tits. Every time the head emerged Buffy licked the crown of his penis, they were both shocked yet they followed every order. Looking around Willow say the strap-on sitting on Faith's dresser, in an instant she had it on.

"I've found a very interesting toy Pet, while Lex is busy up there. I'm going to stick my new cock deep into your throbbing pussy." With a quick thrust she entered Buffy, burying the dildo hilt deep she rolled her hips and growled. Hearing Buffy's cry of pleasure she began fucking her pussy, the dildo was rubbing into Willow's clit. Every time she thrust into Buffy she could feel it, grinding hard into Buffy she felt insane with lust.

Between strokes Willow put her hands on Xander's shoulder and dug her fingernails into his flesh, using him to pull herself she began ram her plastic cock into Buffy. She fucked Buffy's pussy hard and fast, not stopping as they both succumbed to orgasm after orgasm. Suddenly she heard Xander scream out in furious abandon, shooting his sperm covering Buffy's face and falling to the side. Motioning Buffy to sit towards her, Willow drew her into a passionate kiss. Licking the cum off Buffy's face she collected in her mouth, coating her tongue, finally swallowing.

Exhausted they collapsed on the bed, with the doors open they could hear into the other room. By the sounds of it Oz was fucking Faith hard, the bed was being driven in to the wall. Her screams of pleasure could be heard echoing in the apartment, around gasps and moans she was chanting 'Fuck me harder Wolf faster deeper harder' Minutes later they heard Oz cry out, he practically howled Faith's name.

After resting for a few minutes Willow and Faith switched rooms, grinning at each other as they passed in the hall. Oz was sitting in front of the TV/VCR combo putting in Giles tape, pushing play he laid done on the bed and asked, "Tape?" Willow nodded and lay down beside him.