X-Xander and... Scarlet Witch

Author: Lucinda Siverling <lucindasiverling[at]hotmail.com>

rating: pg/pg13

main characters: Xander Harris and Wanda Maximoff

Disclaimer: Xander is the creation of Joss Whedon for the series 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'. All X-Men characters are the creation of Stan Lee and/or Marvel comics, possibly reenvisioned by Marvel Entertainment (for the movies).

Distribution: Paula, Cat, Luba if she wants it, XanderZone, INeedAParrot, Twisting. Anyone else ask first.

dedicated to Dragonhulk, because when I did a series of BtVS/X-Men odd couple drabbles, he wondered why there were none featuring Xander. Now, Xander gets his own X-Men-Marvel crossover drabbles...

note: these will wander from season to season and/or series to story arc to movie, depending on what season's Xander I feel easiest to have encountering each particular X-person. There is no continuity from drabble to drabble.

Wanda cradled her child in her arms, seeking reassurance that Talia was unharmed. It was sweet, even if the little girl was surprisingly blue.

Weird how neither of us really got hurt. What are the odds? Then, Xander asked, So, daddy couldnt help save her?

Hes Her voice was soft. Being a hero can be dangerous. Hes gone.

Ouch. Single mom, huh? Xander sighed.

She nodded, and then looked at him. Would you like to have dinner with us?

Dinner? As in, thanks for the help dinner, or like a date? Xander blinked.

Wanda blushed. Maybe a date.

Xander reached out, touching her shoulder. That sounds pretty good. A date.

All this doesnt scare you? She asked.

I never could do normal.

The End